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  1. tapir

    Fuel gauge arrow

    Mazda have the arrow!
  2. @richardthestag Found your youtube channel, not sure how I missed the it and the thread before, anyhow really enjoying it and looking forward to seeing Southpaw take shape. One important question after the tyre peril video: Is the horse called Tiny or Tony (seems the horse is not too sure either...!)?
  3. We had one of these for a couple of years ('53 Design). It was reliable but leaked like a sieve, BCM cover into passenger footwell, Brake Servo into drivers footwell, rear light cluster gaskets into the boot...
  4. Is there anyway to make pictures appear bigger than a postage stamp in threads without having to click each one? Hoping there's an easy setting i've missed?
  5. try AntennaPod - it's free, open source and works great you can search itunes catalogue even though it's on android https://antennapod.org/
  6. tapir

    Copart Seat Ibiza

    fantastic - love the "system porsche" on the rocker cover + spare under the bonnet! hope someone on here gets it
  7. firstly sorry to hear this, sound like a nightmare, second - is it likely to have finance given the age of it?
  8. again a bit late but a hair dryer also really helps removing glue residue, Also this Wonder Wipes spray (cheaper than paper towel version) is excellent too - it's very potent though so don't breath too much near it... https://www.toolstation.com/wonder-wipes-spray/p16085
  9. anyone else seen this? clarkson in 1991 about these newfangled diesels bx, 205, nova, golf action
  10. Here's Dave's thread - http://autoshite.com/topic/25835-daves-roffle-mgf-thread-emissions-pass-finally/page-1
  11. sorry can't help with locating but the MOT history is interesting - kangaroo'ing mileage... Quite a fail list in 2017 too, but was MOT'd until April 2018 https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ Good luck in your search!
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