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  1. Scole Engineering , near Diss, Norfolk - are excellent, not just TVR, very knowledgeable - excellent guys It's rather annoying that I've moved further south now...
  2. tapir


    I've got the poor mans version of that https://www.amazon.co.uk/Screwdriver-Assortment-Restricted-Confined-ENGINEER/dp/B00B4TECTQ It's actually very good but I've not tried the Wera!
  3. tapir


    Just look like a generic importer the torches etc they list on their website look like just rebranded from silverline, no details of warranty on the ratchets
  4. A real shame to see this go, I never read the old format but found on the Readly app a few months back and really enjoyed it. I rarely buy paper magazines anymore just read on Readly or other online platforms -not sure how much publishers receive from the online and if this is contributing to their demise?
  5. Nice work on the Zaf - is this the ceramic coating you used? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anti-scratch-Detailing-Glasscoat-Motocycle-Hydrophobic/dp/B075GFYZQQ
  6. The early yaris's seem to rot pretty well? Not sure if there's a correlation on where built and amount of grot
  7. Thanks for the video's really enjoying them, Paint on the bulkhead looked cracking
  8. Lotus Espirit and a metro sounds like a fantastic combo - would like now!
  9. Anyone else noticed how much the supermarket's have jacked up food prices in addition to removing all the deals. I worry about the pensioners and people on low incomes actually affording food and essentials. The supermarkets really are the only winners in this horrible situation.
  10. If you sign up with a local library, many have access to RB digital and have a great selection FOC. Need the app on your phone/tablet but works fine. You can sign up with more than one library too. I'm also rocking Audible at the moment as got a pre-xmas deal, there's more stuff and the podcasts (west cork etc) are worth a listen and can be accessed for free with the 1 month trial/3 months discounted access.
  11. Hi @richardthestag just seen your core plug video, Not sure if you subscribe to Britannica Restorations Ltd (in Canada) - reminded me he's mentioned issues with Bripart parts previously (there's a few videos)
  12. i use bilt hamber soft clay bar with their auto-qd as lube (super cheap as is very concentrated), much prefer to clay mit
  13. looking forward to seeing progress Kiltox, great project. The RR thread from a few back back was great, worth noting the hassle he had with eBay selling - perhaps you could mitigate some of this with roffles? Anyhow, HNY and good luck!
  14. I've not used cash for months, last time was for a taxi journey, can't remember before that
  15. tapir

    Ford timelord

    bit late to the party here, fantastic research and it's been really enjoyable reading through all the posts. I'm too young (just) to remember the KLF but have read Bill Drummond's books and followed his art "career", his book 45 is well worth a read
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