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  1. Looks identical to my £11.99 ebay rewind kit, bar the casing is red and all the tools are very surface rusty from being rained on mid job 😂
  2. There's 3 Extras with the same layout. Peterborough, Brampton Hut and Beaconsfield. Maybe others. I've used all 3 frequently, Peterborough isn't too bad when you know what Lane you need, going for a quick slash before getting to my granny's is easy as I can turn left and nip through Elton. Brampton Hut is where I need to ask the kids if they need a wee on the way to dad's. Otherwise I carry on past although slow down a tad as there's a camera somewhere on that bit
  3. Still don't think I've ever seen one in the flesh that wasn't at a car show and surrounded by boring looking men and their wives... And none look as nice as this one! Lucky find there, plus the shit load of time and effort since then 😂
  4. Ouch, glad the fire was nothing more serious. Is there good voltage on the battery? I ran my 2.2 with a fucked battery for months and if it was too low the dash did nothing or would click a load of relays and sweep the dials. I'd then go fetch the other half at the times car and jump it an ditd be fine as long as I didn't leave it parked for more than 24/48h without driving it again...
  5. Rules 4, 5 and 7 are a bit defunct now 😂😢 (Thame branch closed a while ago)
  6. Assuming it doesn't need much other than your time and labour it should be a nice little motor when done! Good luck
  7. Sounds like a job for spring then once the salt and wet is gone! Pending sudden decline etc
  8. That cleaned up very well! Some thin bolts, nuts and wide washers through the front lip of the dash to stick the peel down with?
  9. Probably no worse than they got as school run buses when new 😂
  10. Why do you never bring me any of these dubious looking delicious sounding snacks? A plop is nice with a morning coffee, although I don't usually have a toffee filled plop in the morning 🤔
  11. Every generation of tub after the vax 2000 had a pump. Can tell by the black connector that sits up top in roughly the same place it sits on the 121. Doesnt help if you don't know what one looks like I admit but their cheap and plentiful. You still near Spalding/Boston ? I'll have a look
  12. That's crap. If it helps a vax 121 will be shit for upholstery unless you can stand the machine up above the level your shampooing at... Its gravity fed, and anything higher than the level of the water and the water won't flow!
  13. A small battery storage solution and solar panels with led lights sounds the sensible solution for just some lights/big phone power bank. There's probably DIY kits nowadays
  14. Ha I scrolled past that post earlier 😂 all looked a bit modern though I think You want to ask him if he's got any old racking shelves going to waste if he's moving...
  15. I remember @ruffgeezerhaving one of those
  16. I can make odd noises if I get stuk anywhere though 🤔
  17. Spray the foam black before fitting the mats incase a perspective buyer has the audacity to lift them up 😂
  18. Sounds like you sorted the undertray though? Not a total loss
  19. This has been a few streets from my house for years, we walk pask to to and from the park! All tyres are as flat as the bonnet
  20. Yey the vax worked! How did you find it? Did it leak much? I found another 2 packs of bags for it too if you wanted them? Can tuck them in the barn at the FoD for you when next there
  21. Using the oil they've just taken out of your car to do it? 😂🛢️
  22. I still class my 6 speed manual 1.9dci early basic lag 2 as one of the better cars I've had. Was just bloody nice to get up the road in! Then they go all French...
  23. Just the bloody esso is open in Thame. Obviously I walked into town first, realised nothing was open so walked a mile to esso, deciding a walk would do me good rather than save 5 minutes and walk home to the car. Get there and their bloody cashing up. Still open, but can I wait 5 minutes... 9 minutes later and with now a huge queue behind me I finally get served, 30g of gv yellow please... "only got gv original" Ffs fine thanks. Beep £20.45 😡 I paid with 2 £20s just to piss the guy off rather than blip my phone and stomped the walk home a sweaty horrible mess!
  24. Will there be anyone there today? Should be there by 11...
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