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  1. I had 3 sets of exhaust rubbers snap on my blue laguna 2! Thought it was cheap parts at first and the 2nd more expensive set did it too... 2nd time one snapped and the 2nd one stretched, so I looped some cable ties a round them and pulled them not mega tight, but enough to hold the slop and that pair outlasted the car πŸ‘ My backbox hangs quite low on my Xsara but is rock solid, fully mounted and not banging (I got concerned and checked) and is fairly* recent so I put it down to some just don't sit right πŸ˜‚
  2. Would the same sort of resistor bodge people use to get fucked air bagged seats to keep the light off for an mot work? Being psa someone probably makes some dodgy plug in module so you don't have to bodge the loom about too much! Cant say I disagree with deleting them, I've had more cars without seat airbags than with...
  3. Well yes, I can't say I don't agree with you, but I'd have thought this would have some oldschoolford tax about it... Hopefully not tbh, more likely to be saved I guess.
  4. Surely that's worth mega mega Β£ even like that?
  5. That clock picture gives me flashbacks! I was driving around Heathrow in my 206 with my then fucking new and shiny and fully relevant Nokia E63 laid in that little bowl bit, on a non slip map. Streaming mp3's to my cheap head unit. Was a hot day and my shite 206 had no air con so both windows were down (3 door). Was honing it around, took a roundabout quite fast and watched the phone slide across, into that equally fucking useless passenger dash tray, slide across that gathering speed and straight out of the window... Music cut out 😑 Pulled over into a bus stop and ran back, picked the phone, battery and back cover up dodging cars and ran back to the car. Being a Nokia E63 I put the battery back in and the cover back on and it was fine but the shell ruined. Be careful with what you place in it with the windows down... Once it booted it resumed playing too. Fucking miss old phones 😒
  6. Looks awfully the same part as used in the zafira B... The one the ex had did a melt around that area and got unplugged forever. We did wonder if it was causing them to burnt down (was back when that all first hit the news) but it then went in for its recall twice in 2 seperate occasions and wasn't picked up on and I'd left the melted holder fitted. I've only known one zafira B to burn down a d that was set on fire by my car at the time being set on fire so it gets a pass there! (it still drove onto the flatbed too)
  7. I agree with you more now you've said it πŸ‘
  8. Should be in the lexicon somewhere. Autoshite Recovery Service Etc
  9. ARSE in action one again, nice job guys πŸ‘
  10. Perfect weather for bringing small bits in and tinkering with them in the warm! Those caps don't look a bad job, seen worse on pc YouTube videos! Good luck! I once fixed a cracked joint in a laguna 2 heater screen panel and the back light worked again and thats about the extent of my car pcb tales πŸ˜‚
  11. Me, last night, 7.10pm "fuck me I hope this works 🀞🀞🀞🀞" πŸ˜‚ It'll be a monthly occurance with the forum software updates and their release cycle but I'm hoping to hone and refine the process down. Was a training session last night hence it took the full hour...
  12. Evening. All completed, forum up to date for another month πŸ‘
  13. Was it cheap parts doing cheap parts or alright parts being smashed to fuck over the roads though?
  14. Morning! The forum is due it's winter servicing which will happen tonight. Just a small maintenance update to be applied so 7-8pm is the window, the forum will go offline, hopefully not for long.
  15. I'd fit it now or at least check the old brushes. Once they wear and the inner metal bits contact the comm it then causes damage. Experience through seeing it on hundreds of vacuum motors, same probably applies here too to a lesser degree. Even if their fine and you put the old one back after cleaning it up you then know how to do it when on the hard shoulder somewhere. Align any clips or fasteners to be perfectly accessible from the engine bay whilst in a mild panic etc, you'll thank yourself later! (is this something I should think about for mine? It might be 29 years old now... πŸ€”)
  16. I know, I've known a few on here who have had them and liked them and I trust their opinions. I'd rather have a Fiat multipla I think... Runs before @maxxo hears someone bad mouthing a pickarsehole
  17. My Xsara (proper Xsara, these blobby stupid twats make finding parts so damn hard 20+ years later 😑) is the same age... I don't class it as old 🀣
  18. My mum did that a decade or so ago and it was quite fun driving round and unearthing long forgotten gravestones in some long abandoned graveyard. You'll need tools!
  19. I went through a phase of liking the aero wipers, and did always try and buy genuine bosch ones but it became hard to dodge the fakes. Then because of where I park my car, on a dusty gravel parking area they get ruined just as quickly as the cheapo blades regardless, especially when it's parked for a week at a time. Then winter where I'm wiping a frozen screen/pulling them off the glass etc I also found that when they did wear, as said above they scraped really fucking loudly. Misty damp drive up the motorway? Fucking awful! I just buy cheap boggo @Andyrewspecial blades now and budget to change them every year/when they go shitty. They squeak and scrape less when they go crappy too. Lifting them and running a finger/baby wipe down the blade every so often/when the shit falls from the trees helps no end too
  20. One of the better moves I made at my work was away from customer facing roles and into back office/techy ones! Far more fun! Hope it goes well for you, enjoy the overtime πŸ‘Œ
  21. If they re-used the ancient clip because 'it looks alright m8' hopefully that's the simple fix 🀞 All this xantia content recently is making me want one again...
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