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  1. Oooh very nice, watch out for it puking it's head gasket all over you regularly, TADTS πŸ‘
  2. Get some griffin's printed on some nice white vinyl and apply them as stickers? Saying that knowing your parts sourcing history you've probably found some nos ones πŸ˜‚ Would a clear wrap be beneficial to the car as a whole? Stop the road rash after all your hard work
  3. Might be the first race series ever where being a competitor in an invacar is the safer, more sensible option πŸ˜‚
  4. I never really saw this era of Vauxhall, the few kicking around during my earliest car memories (1995) would have been utter nails and not worth a second glance. It's lovely seeing one this close and looking brand new, their very good looking things! My earliest memory was granny's D reg nova 3 door. Remember getting my finger trapped in the rear ashtray lid a few times and my entire hand shut in the boot once
  5. First start of the car since boxing day and oooh, was a slow crank! Fired off though, seems 14ish days is the batteries limit in winter πŸ˜‚ Bloody washer jets froze up on the m40 too, that was fun*. They worked at home. Not worth caring about for the handful of times I drive at 7am though nowadays
  6. I thought it was a filing cabinet at first... Eva saw under the thich bush and said it was a car! The painted door has all the frame smashed down as well and looked rust free even on the bends, the rest of the car would crumble with a light touch I think!
  7. About half a mile from my house is an old quarry. Said old quarry was abandoned for years (dodgy owner, bailed the country, debts owing etc) and I'd take the kids there often to play (safely of course, they mostly enjoyed hurling massive rocks into the water pools. Then the site got bought and we got told (nicely tbh, they were a nice bunch of lads) to clear off. So we did. Fast forward a year or so and the new owners have stripped out the overgrown footpath that ran down the side of it, so we went and had a walk today and found a 205 Ffs Charlie get out of it... Then he stood up from a mild squat and hadn't gone anywhere near it so good boy Then we stepped on some slightly crunch ground and found the remains of another car... I then spotted something lying in a culvert exit and pulled an escort van back door out πŸ˜‚ Was a fun day! Posted the pictures on the local litter picking group and they all wet themselves. Might go join a working party there if it happens, I do enjoy cleaning up woodlands in a strange calming way...
  8. That's always my pre mot handbrake test. Can I pull away with some force on the handbrake or does it stall/go to stall. Usually enough to tell Or drive sub 30/40 and lightly pull the handbrake up to clean off the shoes/pads/cables etc. Plus gas fired up the ends of the handbrake cables help too but equally if that does help then their a bit fucked and might need replacing/more squirty magic fix
  9. Walked past my car this morning for the first time this year and there's a new scrape on the back drivers door... Doesn't look too bad, and the heavy frost is exaggerating it but I don't know if I'm more grumpy that it got swiped softly or I might have done it somewhere πŸ˜‚ It blends in nicely with the other dents and scuffs though
  10. We could set the bar high in the 'how many shitters can you fit in a polo' game at the fod in the summer πŸ˜‚ My parents tarted up their old house prior to selling. Re-wallpapered and painted the rooms, new cheap carpet, other odds and sods. It hid the 80+ year old fucked plaster and other many reasons why they wanted out of the place before they got too old to manage it and they got decent money for it... New owners took the entire place back to the bare shell within a month and stuck a massive extension on the side. Also compacted the front garden so much it stopped acting as the soakaway (fucking high water table) and they flooded out the winter they moved in πŸ˜‚
  11. That does look like a perfect 'van'. Feels like a car, probably drives like a car but space! Wheelchair lift conversion but for dogs?
  12. Tried smacking the caliper with a long bar and big hammer? When I had the burning smoke from a seized caliper on an old car I pulled over, brayed it to fuck for a minute then heard a crunchy pop and all was well*! (I got to work and back with no more sticking then re-looked at it. That was when I took a car with perfectly working brakes and thought "ah, I've got a spare afternoon, let's clean and check all the calipers..." 2 of the ungrateful bastards stuck on after that. Never again.
  13. Somewhere I have my old Nationwide child account book... I remember using it at the Werrington branch they had to feed it into the machine and type away at the terminal. Last line is 1999ish and there was Β£2.80 in there. Not sure I can be arsed to send the book off never to be seen again to retrieve my Β£2.95...
  14. Whereas on autoshite and what I would call normality I bought my current car based on it being advertised with no working remote locking, no working boot release but it runs really well... And it was true! Buying a car in the real world must be shit...
  15. Probably barely 5,000 miles. I used to do 12/13k a year pre lockdowns
  16. Around me I don't have many scrapyard. We have ASM who are an auto recycle and tbh were handy when we had the Zafira (a whole set of vectra alloys with good tyres were cheaper than finding a new 18" penta and a tyre for it) but I've had zero luck with anything I've ever owned. They have a cutoff of 2010ish too I've noticed, anything older and the parts never appear on the website.
  17. I've not checked the fluids in the car for a fair while, and have done a fair few trips recently. The coolant was slowly going down... All spot on πŸ˜‚ Might have to donate one of my 5l bottles of ready mix (the free one) to the FOD emergency spares stash if this carries on, not touched a drop of the 2l squash bottle full I've been keeping in the car just incase. Hopefully the old pink goo I saw on the subframe is historic and it just had a small air bubble which it's worked through. Meh Burnt zero oil over many many cold starts and cold journeys either which is good
  18. Crikey you'll not be used to the reliability after the disco πŸ˜‚ Looks like a comfy place to sit though
  19. Can't live without my pihole! Browsing the net anywhere else fucking sucks!
  20. It's the pre test banter that works. Because I went at lunchtime I'd sit and wait and when people came in with horrific issues that denoted horrific quotes I'd have a chuckle with the lads behind the desk about it. When I took the last zx I had the tester marvelled at the keypad and when I went to star to tell him how it works he already knew! Sure that helped it... Not been for a year or so now though. Found a local garage who has passed the Xsara twice. First time pinged the brake pipes up and he did tell me he noticed it and saw they'd been changed so I'm hoping that's me remembered now πŸ˜‚ Should probably man up and replace the indicator stalk before September so he notes another fix of the only advisory the car had
  21. My cordless floor washer, one of my cordless vacuums and my hairdryer all have WiFi and an app... Bar filming it I've never ever used it πŸ˜‚ Of course their all offline, I'm sat on the sofa πŸ˜‚ The hairdryer is even more bad as you cna turn it on/off, min max speed and hot or cold. To do the fancy settings you've got to be in the app. Which involves keeping the hairdryer turned on... Even Eva says its fucking* stupid *not the exact words. I think I even said so in the review videos I did after they were all given to me. They still send more though and it is funky in its own way. Nowadays I've got an android x86 vm on my unraid server I fire up if I need some footage of it, saves dicking around with a phone
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