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  1. My ex @Kiltox free Laguna 2. Was a wonderful car, but far beyond saving. Got a year out of it blowing various fluids out of itself before throwing in the towel before it threw it in on me 😂
  2. My smugness is short lived as I've realised that to get to mums tomorrow I'm going to have the road blocked by people queuing to get fuel in at least one place 😂 I could go another way but that'll use more fuel as its shitty B roads which need 3rd gear and slow speeds... Dilemma
  3. My mum replied to my last message very smugly with their Zoe. She piped down when I (in jest and plenty of smily faces so she didnt read the message incorrectly) asked how much the new electricity fuse box and car charger cost them (thousands apparently and they needed it to connect the charger up) I mean theyll be fine when there is no fuel, but once there is I'll be able to fill up many many MANY times before spending the cost of the work they had done for their £11,000 EV
  4. Yup, no end of tiny cars doing it! Which made the vans have to wait because they dont have a choice. Once I got to the pump I was under 4 minutes in and out
  5. 4 sail - diesel car, some mot, full tank of deisel £4000 ovno... Fucking jokers! Red light was on so I waited until it was less busy to go and become one of the panic buying* sheeple so I can get to work next week Once I got onto the forecourt though I went straight to an empty pump. Fucking idiots in fiestas and golf's blocking the joint up waiting for a nozzle on the filler side... Fucked past all of them, used the convenient hose that's attached to the nozzle to fill up (and yes I adjusted my behavior and brimmed the tank as it should last me until this blows over/the bloody media stop causing panic and alarm) I'm grumpy now as I feel part of the problem but don't have much choice!
  6. Was both tbh, now you mention that yes the wing mirrors both went foggy in an instant! Screenwash and keeping the wipers on low helped on the outside, aircon on full whack on the windscreen did the inside
  7. Flipping car! Was out the door before 7am this morning, cleared the morning most off the windows and set off, everything clearing nicely. 6 miles up the road, with the fans still in the entire car suddenly fogged right up instantly. Windows down, air con on full tilt and it eventually cleared, I've not had that happen before! Was watching the temp needle like a hawk, I even felt around the carpets incase the matrix had gone pop. Popped the bonnet when I got to work and all was fine. Was very strange, I guess leaving it parked for 5 days in cooling weather than driving it made the air inside flip out
  8. I don't kmow what my plan is really... Charlie's not been too well but is a bit better now, and now mum isn't very well but might be OK tomorrow... I've been out all night and just got in so I'm 0 prepared... Was meant to go shopping on the way home but it got far too late and I drove a few people back so just came home. I've got a sofa to move tomorrow too if things carry on as per the original plan (sofa is at mums in Winslow) ... I'll know what I'm doing when it's time to do something I think,
  9. It's a game I like to play on facebook marketplace, when some idiot lists a shit heap as 'perfect condition long mot"etc but the actual mot history is tragic. Either get ignored, the seller scrabbling to damage control or the ad gets pulled and re-listed.
  10. Amazing! The uk version of Tavarish's pimp my ride van
  11. If the policy is cancelled in writing stick it to the chassis of a hermes or DPD van... After a couple of days the stats will flag something up to the ins Co 😂 (that sounds like a harsh prank to play on someone with a current policy/non obd black box tbh...) Or they've already removed the log line for that units serial and their not monitoring it
  12. Gosh that looks posh! Is the beige on the interior the same shade of beige as the paint?
  13. That must have been when that Ford arrived to a citroen show @Slowsilver Or the maserati that vanished fairly quickly
  14. Shame you couldn't make it, was a good day!
  15. Nice! What time is general admittance from?
  16. I've got a smile on my face for you after reading the tales of woe further back then seeing all it took* was removing the engine! I've never had the balls to take an engine out... Or do a clutch
  17. Very kind, thank you! Happy to pony up if you want to pm me details?
  18. Ah I'm happy enough! The £25 came from a dyson v6 that went home Tuesday after just needing a strip and wash so I'm still up on the week! When they start to go again I'll look at doing it myself as I won't have to be as aggressive for a top up
  19. Bloody expensive too, £250+ a side is the cheapest new I've found 😢 Part of the reason I had them done now before they got so bad they were too far gone to do
  20. Another job done! The headlights, whilst not getting a mention on the mot were looking shit I'd seen a guy post about doing headlights before on fb and indeed earlier this week he posted again, so I sent him a message, and he came this morning Their still yellowed but shiny as fuck now, sadly I think that's as good as they'll come, hopefully they last a bit longer now. I may even be able to see better too. The drivers side is worse. Pleased with it for £25 though, and he worked through the pissing rain. Annoyingly he wiped his work down and dulled the beading slightly
  21. No, not done anything about rhe fuel filter. Need to look at that. Anyone need/want the incorrect 3 fuel filters for free? Can bring to the chevron show on Sat or the fod?
  22. The Bedford cf must be ripe for restoration then film work?
  23. Ha, the postman left a box in the garden yesterday which was my 5l of coolant as ordered from here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5L-Antifreeze-Coolant-Fluid-AF12-Red-Ready-To-Use-Mixed-40-C-Longlife-Mannol-/293211042774?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Except I've just bought the box in because I cba last night and mmm that's a bit heavy Ha, oops! Looks like I don't have to investigate the tiny coolant leak for a while now! Topped it up yesterday morning before leaving mums and after about 300 miles it needed half a 500ml bottle of water I filled up. 2 x 5l of readymix is going to last years 😂
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