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  1. Did you rescue all the maintenance workers though?
  2. Same here! Utter doom and gloom forecast. It did go grey and sprinkle down for 10 minutes in the morning. BBC weather would have you building noahs ark fucking ASAP Was sports day at school yesterday... 10.20am they bottled it and cancelled. Brightened right up at about 10.45am but by then they'd sent the email πŸ˜‚
  3. I had the boot up once with a sofa in the back with my Xantia estate and every time I sat idled the car filled with veg exhaust πŸ˜‚ wondered what was going on at first, thank goodness it was in hybrid mode or it could have been dangerous.
  4. Use the hoover to suck away your tears as they fall πŸ‘ Ditto for a quick nostril unblock if no ones looking but be careful doing that...
  5. Β° bring tools and cut down the racking to fit in the container I'm not sure of my movements yet, there might be something work related on the Friday, although my buddy has dropped out now s if I go ill be driving so I'll probably be there on Saturday at some point. Sans kids too πŸŽ‰ I need to cable tie my inner boot trim back together too! driving with it up/Charlie trying to close it from inside has pulled it all really loose. I've fixed it thus far by not opening the boot or really driving it at all but it'll want looking at πŸ€”
  6. I have the same logic and method about staying away from lorries and trucks and anything bigger than me in the car and I've never had a horrifying crash j volvo g any of those things yet πŸ€” Must be the common sense πŸ˜‚
  7. You need to make another 6, one for every day of the week then πŸ‘
  8. Fuck me that's a posh veg slosher! Mine was a small orangina botthe with the base cut off. Fitted perfectly into the zx's filler neck The dry crusty veg was a cm thick in places when I finally threw it away after the xantia
  9. That's true, when we drove to Shephards Bush you see loads of much older cars and I guess it's either run those or brand new ones to get around the ulez.
  10. Ours was sound. It had a good service and was fine forever. Even had a load of black shit in it from its prior life with Amy's sister and it didn't bat an eyelid. Was electrical issues outweighing it's value and the exhaust falling off that had it scrapped eventually. 1.6 in the meriva was excellent too. I'd not have a meriva again so I'd say that engine in an astra would be fine. It'd do its mpg but do it however you drove it. They need a good thrash anyway. I remember taking the meriva for its mot, and leaving. 30 into an nsl putting my foot down. It was a slow hateful turf anyway but even more so. Dropped to 2nd at 40 and kept going and it blew out shit that put my old xud's to shame! Picked right back up after that, Amy drives her cars cold and below 2k everywhere bar when the speed puts it above that... Her current octavia sounds awful but I don't care now, not my problemoπŸ‘Œ So yea, all vauxhalls r shit but the basic pez ones are reliably shit...
  11. That's why we ran the 1.8 pez zafira with the ex. Yes it only did 30mpg, but it did that wether she drove to work (4 miles), took the kids about (sub 3 miles), I borrowed it and drove very fast etc, which was worth it over another 10mpg but in the 6 speed derv which have loads of issues in the Zafira B. Never went wrong engine wise bar the murmer of the cat light towards the end of our ownership of the Meriva (a good long trip did cure that though and we got rid for other reasons, but it was always in my mind that here we go, too many short cold trips at low revs...)
  12. You mean will we all judge you as you tip a bottle of kseal in?
  13. Warning, it's very addictive! Don't go chasing a flawless perfect finish at the expense of the thickness of the paint!
  14. Be a right laugh driving that thing round London I bet! Is it ulez compliant?
  15. That's get it perfect! The kids do keep asking when we can drive on the field proper again. Somewhere out there is Charlie's tiny torch from when we camped πŸ˜‚ Dickhead took it with him then promptly dropped it. Lu kilt it's made of the finest cheapest amazon chinesium so shouldnt damage anything if it gets mowed over
  16. That's what didn't work on my Xsara, and when I decided it was easier and safer all round to just leave it be and never care about it again! Was after I'd stitched the boot loom back together and got that working so I didn't jinx it and a year later it's all still fine* I'm worried now, something else is going to fail now. Your fixing too much 😬
  17. I have fond early 2000s astra memories, as my grandparents moved from 20 years of Nova ownership, with Grandad having a G reg astra for a spell as a work shitter into an new Astra! (current shape at this point in time) X reg 1.6 club. I remember going with them to pick it up and trade Granny's J reg saloon Nova Luxe against it. Coming back Grandad got it up to a ton and declared it very fast. Probably the last time it ever did a ton in their ownership, one of the reasons they moved to Hyundai after 5 years was the fuel economy and they 'don't need such a fast car' Cant imagine the astra had more than 30k on it when they got rid. The Nova was on less then 45k and granny owned that from under a year old, she used to drive more then though, I remember her blazzing about in it and the Green nova with carbs they had before that. It's a shame all vauxhalls are shit really as I have had them alot in my life πŸ˜‚ I'd not kick a cheap one out of bed either, as you say @Ghosty they must cost pennies to run and maintain ad are comfy and fast enough to be a good An Car There's a tidy looking metallic aqua green one I see around the office too, it's quite nice in that specific colour
  18. Removing those bolts will probably stop some annoying rattles!
  19. You get used to it though I guess. The headlights in the Xsara are shit but I've still not done a thing about it. Can see well enough, rarely drive at night anyway. The next time I'll remember will be driving at night somewhere I'm sure πŸ˜…
  20. Knowing the NHS and my stepdads cancelled eye appointments just as I was sat in their front room after rearranging an entire day TWICE to take him I'd keep plan B open πŸ˜… I'd leave mine at 10amish Thursday to get you if it wasn't cancelled, so you have until 10.30am to change your mind.
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