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  1. I’m surprised Citroen missed using that name, maybe for a 2CV van.
  2. I’m surprised Citroen missed using that name, maybe for a 2CV van.
  3. That should feature in the McDonalds “ like to get your money’s worth” ads.
  4. That’s way better than a Cullinan.
  5. That’s the Woolwich ferry so it wouldn’t be going to a dock yard. Must have been driver error or brake failure, don’t think it gets rough enough on that part of the Thames to move lorries around.
  6. Thanks for that! I’ve now got “Apache” in my head for the rest of the day.
  7. I had one of those driving experiences for a present a few years back , a couple of laps in 5 supercars. One was a Lamborghini Gallardo , bright yellow with matching interior. Well it had obviously had quite a hard life , so the yellow leather was really quite dirty, not very pretty. Black may be boring, but after a few years , you’d be pleased you ticked the right option.
  8. Now that is good. Hope those bonnet scoops means there’s a big turbo under there.
  9. Having used up all the budget on wages for Curtis and Moore, there was no money to cover damages during car chases in the Persuaders, so they rehearsed them on a Scalextric track.
  10. Not really a laughing matter, I know but just watched a police traffic car programme. Women driving a Range Rover reported for erratic driving and eventually stopped by police. They open the car, small bottle bank’s worth of empties in the back and a bottle of wine in the front cup holder. That’s taking drink driving a bit too literally. Officer says “anything over 35 , and you’ll be arrested . Oh , it’s 145” FFS. Thing is , she’s sounds completely ok. speech not even slightly slurred. Got a bit angry that she only got fined £300, ( she’d nearly drunk that much judging by the empties), although banned for 24 months and sent on a rehab course.
  11. I was suspicious though a Mk1 Capri prototype crossed my mind.
  12. Just looks like a giant slipper.
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