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  1. Mine typically last 1-3 years, on 2-3 hours a day max, not much over 1-3000 hrs.
  2. I also caught the 19A home from school but not going as far as Hoo. As far as I remember , there were no school contracted buses in Medway, you got a free season ticket for the normal service bus. I think route 19A started at Gillingham depot and went through all the Medway towns en route. There was also a 19 that only went as far as Hoo village and a 19B that went to Lodge Hill barracks.
  3. I doubt if mine lasted until 97. I got rid in 91, it wasn’t in the best shape then.
  4. So wrong ! Where do you start.? Can’t even get Reliant Robin in the right order. I can only assume Ferrari’s legal bids are too busy laughing to actually stop them calling it a Ferrari.
  5. I’m not sure that’s penny pinching rather than a clever bit of engineering.
  6. Having owned an Impreza WRX for nearly 20 years, I haven’t had the experience of many knobheads wanting a race etc .Boy racers in Corsas or Civics with fart can exhausts know they’ll be embarrassed and avoid. BMW diesels on the other hand…..
  7. Dam! Now that f***ing Eastbenders theme’s in my head.
  8. Single reversing light (almost universal) annoys me. I know it’s as much to warn someone you are reversing ,and they’d probably claim it was a styling rather than financial decision, but when backing into a dark space, two would be very useful.
  9. The brakes were worse than the engine .
  10. I had a very early Orion 1.6GL in bright red (sunburst?). Bought new in March 84 ran it for 170 000 miles until Sept 91. I was trading up from a Fiesta and thought it looked a lot nicer than an Escort.
  11. That would explain why it kept jamming on my Dads car.
  12. You missed the best example of penny pinching on the 107 , ( and possibly of all time), there was only one piece of “string” to raise the parcel shelf , instead of one on both sides. Did it actually save a whole penny?
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