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  1. Is that a Mustang? Fifth row next to a black moggie behind anAustin Cambridge.
  2. You’re right I’d forgotten about those.
  3. No , it was take the day after he drove the Ariel Atom around the Top Gear track.
  4. Not sure the Escort Cossie wing works on a Capri.
  5. Same here. I had a Ford Orion that did 175000 and a couple of others near to 100 00, but with working at home , mileages are much lower. My 18 year old Subaru is only on 75000.
  6. Unless it’s an HGV with Polish or Lithuanian plates which have priority over everything else.
  7. I’d rather go on a Sweeney or Professionals experience day, driving round disused industrial sites in 70s fast Fords would be brilliant.
  8. That could be so much fun pissing off boy racers in their Corsas with horrible exhausts.
  9. Wow! Why did no one think of that before. An electric car with a petrol engine. Genius! What could we call it? Mongrel?
  10. Bet he said “ no way, these things don’t go fast enough!”
  11. The windows look like an original Range Rover.
  12. I thought I had a problem with slugs but was surprised they’d eaten through the woody runner bean stalks. Plants are normally safe from them once the stems get woody. However just caught the cat chewing through them , so I’ve been blaming the wrong culprit.
  13. Best parking I’ve seen by a BMW for ages.
  14. Perhaps they thought people might treat them better than a big standard white van.
  15. I suppose you could chuck the scooters in the back. Beats riding them.
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