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  1. Just found a new channel, lots of old (well new at the time) tat here. How many Ford lorries? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q86iVpJLMJY
  2. Well I'm kinda late to this thread, but I collect Hot Wheels, and lately I've been picking up a lot of older Matchbox/Corgi/Majorette etc too. I'll upload some pics when Flickr stops messing about.
  3. So much better looking than the saloon. Got a pic of a trailer made out of one of those somewhere, but Flickr is down currently.
  4. A few more, both on drives and seemingly abandoned on the road; 20190521_132849 by RS, on Flickr 20190521_132715 by RS, on Flickr 20190521_133100 by RS, on Flickr Shit through the windscreen shot of overgrown Jaaag 20190522_140750 by RS, on Flickr Slightly less shit pic of dented, flat tyred ovLov that hasn't moved in weeks; 20190522_130643 by RS, on Flickr I'll have to get one of the Audi cabrio near here, never seems to move, has rusty discs and lots of bird shit - noticed the other day the discs were clean from driving - checked and it's SORN but has just been MoT'd. Now back collecting bird shit again 😐
  5. That Pop in Strangeangel's post reminds me of my grandad's, OGU792. Didn't even make it past the swap to the V5 from the old logbooks, so probably long gone. Might live on as a hot rod somewhere I suppose. My mum has a few B+W pics of it, don't think any of the Bond it replaced exist though. My dad had a 1600E MK2 Cortina, something like VKJ529H? Was always in the garage awaiting resto so I don't really remember it. MKCortina by RS, on Flickr Here's a partial of my dad's 2.0S after someone keyed it all over, rust claimed this at less than 10 years old; Image 43_zpsv5o7s928 by RS, on Flickr The Cortina was replaced by this; Likefather by RS, on Flickr Which was replaced by this, which I still own; P1010003_zpsbf0b9dc3 by RS, on Flickr My dad now shares various newish Hondas with his wife, so has owned four cars in his life. My mum's '66 Super Minx. There's a chance this is still out there as a pic of one in the light blue it was resprayed in (after she sold it in '85) appeared in Rust in Peace, somewhere in Essex. Never found out exactly where though. 20170821213707_01 by RS, on Flickr Don't appear to have scanned a pic of SBT546T, the 1500HL Dolomite that replaced the Super Minx. This replaced the Dolomite; Mum Astra 001 by RS, on Flickr Which was replaced by this; Photo0461_zpsple9jvwj by RS, on Flickr So my mum has owned 4 cars in her life. This was my grandad's until he died; 1stFiesta by RS, on Flickr Became my 1st car Fiesta3 by RS, on Flickr
  6. Bonus Crayford Cortina in the background! I'll find pics of the Super Minx, Cortinas, Dolomite and Sierra if I can...
  7. Seen 49 WOW on a McLaren WEB1E WH06 HOT FES 1T
  8. Ended but worth posting https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-vitesse-SD1-1979-V8-3-5-manual-white-barn-find-good-registration/233224370987?hash=item364d417b2b:g:Aa4AAOSwh~5c1v-F
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mk1-escort-estate/223514490095?hash=item340a8074ef:g:jO4AAOSwizRc2abv
  10. Two door Passats VW_Passat_grey_vr_2door_TCE by RS, on Flickr images.jpeg by RS, on Flickr
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