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  1. Is the door from Steve Flowers? They're closed but I'm pondering on ordering a few bits but their website is a bit archaic. Couldn't find anything about postage costs
  2. No work and a very understanding Mrs. Haven't done a lot in the last year but since the lockdown I've spent about 5-7 hours a day playing with toy cars working on die casts
  3. Still, a 64 bug! Worthless at the time but
  4. Nice looking motor. Can't really go wrong for £250!
  5. Might attempt some crazy chequer paint on the roof of this one if I feel brave tomorrow 20200409_174358 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_174304 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_174407 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_174423 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_163057 by RS, on Flickr Wheels are off this with a dab of silver - look like slot mags to me 20200319_185840 by RS, on Flickr This one came out looking like it should be on a Christmas tree but I like it 20200409_184847 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_184743 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_184752 by RS, on Flickr "Moon" wagon is getting there. 20200218_152523 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_185205 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_185230 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_185213 by RS, on Flickr Clear tailgate is odd but I'm keeping it for now. Needs a yellow base and black pillars, and lowering ideally download by RS, on Flickr
  6. Matchbox camper please! Shame most are modernz and not on my radar
  7. They are the b*ll*cks! Kits or based on some release of an Aus Falcon I've not seen?
  8. Took a Matchbox Boss Mustang apart, when I stripped the chrome off the interior I found lilac plastic. This inspired me to do a purple version 20200409_142613 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_142737 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_142640 by RS, on Flickr 20200409_142657 by RS, on Flickr Of course you can't see the lilac interior through the orange windows...
  9. Not easily, if it's recorded as scrapped probably not. They used to randomly ask to inspect the vehicle the plate was coming off of but you might get away with it. Used to be the case that it had to be MoT'd too but I believe that was relaxed *edit* probably not https://www.gov.uk/personalised-vehicle-registration-numbers/take-private-number-off
  10. They're amazingly accurate. With the right background I reckon you could take really convincing pictures of them
  11. Either a small flat blade screwdriver to ease the tabs apart, or carefully cut the tabs with a dremel. Alternative is to cut through the axle with side cutters if you're not keeping the old ones (I like having spares). You can use glue to keep the new axle in place, just keep it in the middle, jel superglue and baking soda is good as it sets hard instantly. Good luck!
  12. I found this while sorting out yesterday, another one that Roadkill fans might recognise 20200408_131905 by RS, on Flickr 20200408_131848 by Rich Secker, on Flickr 20200408_131853 by Rich Secker, on Flickr 20200408_131834 by Rich Secker, on Flickr Screenshot_20190325-073809_MotorTrend by Rich Secker, on Flickr
  13. Always hearing about buried cars, 100E behind a council house and a motorbike in my girlfriend's dad's back garden for a start. Must be an easier way to get rid of them?
  14. That Guisval is very cool, only ever seen stock models from them before
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