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  1. It means it was close enough to pop over and pick it up! Don't mind the Brittains one but at least the roof can't go missing off the Dinky. Just realised there's a Corgi too Seen a few of those, Asda and B+M seem to be the best places while Entertainer is shut
  2. For once, overpaint doesn't matter on this locally sourced Dinky Kubelwagen
  3. Had some phat rimz on it but couldn't get them in shot
  4. I had all of the Max Power/REVS stuff but sold them with the mags. Got one of those useless Street Machine bottle opener ones somewhere
  5. Yep There's a red one visible for a moment too Probably this one from Robocop White one briefly seen in LA Story
  6. I did have similar thoughts about re-painting the camper, but the glass budget was used to make the opening side so I won't bother. The Barbie Corvettes found their way into my stash, but not that thing
  7. Found the keys to my MK2 Escort Ghia the other day. I still have them because someone (and I'm 99% sure who) removed it without my permission. Anyway, it still has both fobs, siren key and code number for the Laserline alarm, an Autosprint head gasket keyring and a REVS magazine condom holder. I was young...
  8. Specimen one; good stickers, bit of paint and chrome wear, lots of base corrosion strangely Specimen two; good paint but stickers not so great. Broken rear bumper corner Three; sold Four; sold Five; white interior, no stickers Colours vary a bit Haven't found a copper one yet
  9. I think I have three at least - two are the same as I can't decide which one's better, and I have one with the rare white interior
  10. Correct - both mine have semi-broken towbars
  11. I found two or three Barbie campers today. Managed to resist...
  12. The Autoshite calender has competition. Quite tempted for a couple of quid
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