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  1. I was a behind a Hyundai Ioniq 5 earlier. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I appreciate the very 80s concept car style lights and flush handles. The future is now
  2. That ^ is a 96 year old Bentley. Fair play to the bloke giving it the beans in lane 3 Also saw a gold DB6 going round the M25. Is it Drive it Day?
  3. I don't really like R4s as the wonky gutters annoy me. However this one is very clean Then there's whatever this is, bombing along the M1 at 70+ Lastly - a Lupo
  4. I'll have to find one, and the buggy thing that started off as a Kenner and somehow ended up in the range . This one. Dirk Diggler or something As I mentioned before, that's where the funny looking Mustang came from
  5. Dinky Datsun too. I have one in nice shape Is the #12 car Matchbox? I have a fuzzy memory of a childhood one
  6. I don't have the skills/patience/space etc but Danny's Diecast Disasters does some good ones https://www.youtube.com/c/DannysDiecastDisasters And Sideways King 75 makes and I believe sells garages, as well as decals. He's also amazingly skilled at making tiny parts for his cars https://www.youtube.com/c/SidewaysKing75
  7. Cool, not a version I'm familiar with - I take it that's got a fixed front axle?
  8. Bendix 510853 brake pads VW Passat Audi A6 etc Just the cost of postage, had these kicking about for ages but they are for a later Passat than mine. About 1.5 kilos so should be around £3 - 3.50 to post
  9. Funny innit. I had a McLaren P1 pass me earlier - If I saw that parked next to the Fiat or FSO, I know what I'd be checking out
  10. Still slim pickings in the world of Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Smyths turned this up Poundland appeared to have restocked as they had none last week, but there weren't many left. They were quite a recent case too (white Worldwide Optimism Camaro etc), unlike days of old when you got a second chance at cases from a year ago. Off on missions tomorrow and should get time to go hunting
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