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  1. You feel wheel imbalance quite noticeably through the steering wheel more than anything else, so it's probably not that. If it's an engine mount you can try putting the handbrake on and letting the clutch in and out a bit aggressively to try and get it to do it
  2. Yep both front wheels off the ground, check for play top to bottom and side to side. Does it shake the steering wheel or do you just feel it through the car? Wheel imbalance will be felt at about 50MPH
  3. Give me a shout if you're stuck. I'm no expert but sometimes just having someone to bounce ideas off helps
  4. You've also got the Majorette Range Rover that is always a different colour in photos to real life
  5. Nothing interesting in my charity shop, but some interesting things waiting for me at home. Corgi 205 group B makes for a good comparison to the Hot Wheels from the other week Fire Chief version of the B1600 with the Playart - clearly the same casting but with less detail, plastic gun rack, number cast into the tailgate and interestingly only two rivets, so there must be some internal changes too lastly a couple more blackwalls
  6. Just keep driving it, might as well enjoy the weather
  7. What has happened to car design - is it to make us feel better as more people get fat? Referring to the post below that I magically commented on before it was posted...
  8. Didn't realise how different they are. Bonnet is a different pressing too. Wing rather than door mirrors, hub caps on the wheels etc
  9. I'm going to have to pop into Queens Park Tyres and see of the still have the Yokohama tyre from years ago, it had the blurb from this wheel advert written on the sidewall. Can't find any images of one online
  10. I like getting decent MPG out of my cars, I get about 55MPG on average out of the Passat, which equates to 600+ miles out of a full tank, and I fill it every single time. I see driving economically as a way to "pay" for the old blat around the lanes or quick getaway from traffic lights if neccessary. I did manage to squeeze 50MPG over one full tank from my 1.4 Renault 5 being very careful, usually well in the the 40's in any case. Worst I've had was my Cosworth Scorpio, refused to crack 20MPG no matter what I did, and I was using it as a daily. Fun factor made up for it though.
  11. They'll have the Mini done at the same time Covid is eradicated
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