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  1. I can't believe that's brand new! The history page is pretty interesting http://www.saipacorp.com/en/saipagroup/history Tells us they've been knocking those pickups out since '83
  2. Just going through my spares box, anyone recognise this guy?
  3. Excellent explanation thank you - so in theory any 4 cyl would do it with the right exhaust design - but you wouldn't because it's not efficient. So with the VW/Subaru you're hearing blub-bulb...blub-blub rather than blub-blub-blub-blub if that makes sense?
  4. I didn't bother with the boot sale today despite fine weather, partly as I expected attendance to be down due to yesterday's downpours, partly cos we're both stressed out and knackered this week. Charity shop basket hasn't had any Treasure lately but I did retrieve this no-name Corgi Transit. Back up to 50p, the robbing bastards
  5. Better quality temp sensor arrived (Febi/Bilstein). Chucked it on, now showing no reading when cold a run up the bypass and to Halfords for fresh coolant saw it doing what I'd expect with no thermostat fitted fitted the Febi thermostat, changed the coolant as I'd lost plenty taking it apart 74 times, now runs up to 90 nicely and stays there, fan kicks in etc. Win bloody cheap shite sensor has had me chasing my tail for weeks!
  6. £10 in the charity shop if anyone fancies it
  7. Fair enough - doesn't explain why the VW flat 4 does it too though. I haven't heard an Alfa flat four but I'd be interested to know if they do the same
  8. Can you sit the rim on a bench and the centre on a flat block of steel or wood, and carefully measure the height all round from the centre to the rim? I've seen this fixed by welding steel rod to the edge then grinding back to get an even gap. Will need a skim of filler obvs
  9. Here's one I've yet to understand - why does a flat 4 cylinder engine (VW/Subaru) sound so distinctively different to an inline 4? Same number of cylinders and especially with the Scooby all exiting through a long single exhaust. 4 cylinders, common crank, why does the physical layout of the engine make it sound different?
  10. Some of you might be interested - popped up on my Facebook https://www.fazsdiecast.co.uk/collections/schabak-ford-dealer-models Says buy one get one half price on Ford dealer models
  11. All of those last assuming the Fords aren't those tiny Trackside ones
  12. The wheels look like VW GT steels But painted like Sprint Stars
  13. There's only one answer - Molotow
  14. Entertainer have the moving parts Divco truck etc if anyone wants?
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