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  1. Think I sold mine. The Tango man was missing anyway
  2. And then it gets confusing where previously Speed Kings vehicles become Super Kings
  3. Berlin? Bits of that aren't so nice. Lots of old cars though!
  4. Edit - there's no gore but some of these crashes gave me the ick, be warned
  5. I'll have a Funny Foot please
  6. https://www.thedrive.com/news/chop-top-1997-saab-ex-prototype-is-the-ultimate-900-aero-and-its-for-sale?utm_term=The Drive_Wire_09.20.23&utm_campaign=The Drive_Wire_Actives_Dynamic&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email
  7. It is. Just wish I wasn't so awful at learning other languages! Despite silly stereotypes, I've generally found most people friendly and helpful, and English is spoken by the majority of people much to my embarrassment.
  8. It can be a bit hard to tell what's out if use here but removed plates are a fairly good indicator. Sebring definitely isn't going anywhere
  9. It's not nice to admit, but a lot of stuff is just better here. Housing, roads, general upkeep of everything, standards of driving and public transport etc. Prices aren't exactly bargainous, with odd exceptions like beer being cheaper than soft drinks generally. There are some things missing, no charity shops to speak of but also no weed smoke or shitty Fiestas with pop-bang remaps either.
  10. Plenty of older German stuff still trundling around Fore sail Modded Lupo Nice late 70s Bug But not as nice as this 63/4 Big old Bird was just around the corner to my apartment, they like a Yank out here In complete contrast there are also a surprising number of Apes, but most seem to be on static display Not much bigger, seen a few Amis about too
  11. Yes - 55 Euromonopolies worth!
  12. Mrs just sent me a link to a job lot on FB sales including one I didn't recognise - anyone got an Iron Fairy crane? Came in both regular wheels and Superfast but only 69-71
  13. I think so, I've been in bigger branches where they have huge displays full of the tiny ones for model railways, prices aren't tiny though. My 1:24 scale T3 wasn't much more than that!
  14. I bought a couple of Matchbox from a mix I don't think we saw I have a spare Ranchero if anyone wants it A Maisto Trabant Plus a bus and a Charger It's a shame about the black windows, as the detail is pretty good otherwise Matchbox Beetle Hot Wheels Sunny truck Quite a spectacular error car And this - not my normal type of thing, being firmly in the "model" area of the hobby, but I couldn't resist this Motor Max T3, especially as it represents one of the early air-cooled ones Tempted to dismantle it when I get home, just so I can photograph the interior properly
  15. Spent a fun* few hours persuading my boss's knacked old Raleigh that it wanted to work, then rode into Langenfeld town centre. As usual, the choice is somewhat better than your average UK town. This is a Tedi, one of many discount chains Mustang was one I didn't remember seeing, but I didn't find anything else especially interesting here Moving onto Woolworth (another discount chain, don't think there's any link to the old UK stores) Several here I wasn't familiar with, bought a few which I'll show in a bit... Last but definitely best - Müller. I always try and find a branch when I'm here as they have a large toy department As you might imagine, this is a bit overwhelming! I think I was quite restrained...
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