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  1. Anyway, delivery from @eddyramrod. I'd forgotten he had this put aside for me with a couple of bonuses the Hot Rocker is near mint so I need to track down an engine nice. I have inadvertently accepted @Datsuncog's estate challenge, and as I rather like a shooting brake, I'll find some more. BRB
  2. I remember that. He had the choice of buying it with or without the engine and could only afford without. Said he was looking forward to doing 80 in second or something ridiculous?
  3. EML came back on the other day, coupled with a slight hesitation/misfire. Fearing the worst, got a code reader plugged in - which suggested an EGR fault. This is in some ways good news, as the EGR is leaking coolant anyway so was on my list of bits to replace I will fit a new thermostat (doesn't get past abot 75/80 degrees) and temp sensor (reading drops to zero intermittantly) at the same time as I'll be disturbing the cooling system anyway. Interestingly while we had the bonnet open, a tell-tale TICK coupled with a brief engine miss reveals that the sparks are escaping somewhere
  4. Volvo XD-1 diesel speed record car And 363CS V6
  5. I think it's missing the driver's side
  6. I've obviously got my tat-spotting eye well focused this week. Fuzzy pics with a few interesting/unidentified vehicles. Funny enough the 1st turned out to be a 1:64 Polistil, but not the 928 - Toyota Celica Majorette Alfa 75 with very Zylmex looking wheels I've seen these before, but this one's different - I think it's Summer High Speed Zakspeed Capri... ....but this one has a pullback motor and does wheelies Another Summer we've seen before (in blue) but always worth a giggle as it's marked BNW underneath Pretty good nick Lone Star Impy M
  7. And a £900 Monza https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/745069936439841/
  8. Decent looking Panda for £1500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3759627607450365/
  9. I particularly like the antipodean Opel
  10. Nice, the collector case and Capri are quite sought-after
  11. Johnny Smith's latest video just dropped, he's offering the boot floor and fuel tank if you need them?
  12. Glad to be of service. While I was trolling the sold listings to check out the one you bought (nice) I found another anomaly
  13. If anyone else wants one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DINKY-TOYS-122-VOLVO-265-DL-ESTATE-RARE-ORANGE-VERSION-ITALIAN-MADE-PLAY-WORN/254879982224?hash=item3b5807e290:g:iioAAOSwcGtgN4rc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dinky-Volvo-265-DL-Estate-Car-180-Orange-Vintage-Diecast-1979/274383258172?hash=item3fe284423c:g:c3IAAOSwBuVe08Km Bit more than I paid though
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