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  1. I think that's why you now supposedly have to be a registered vehicle dismantler to sell on there. Pain in the arse if you just want to get rid of that Yugo alternator that's been kicking around the shed for decades
  2. That's so annoying, I thought Kinsmart too but Google only brought up larger scale ones. Just #26 left now
  3. I think it's a GMC rather than a Chevy - I'm sure I've seen the casting before but can't ID it
  4. I've been playing with this 1 Matchbox Beach Buggy 2 Kinsmart Chevy pickup - Jon 3 Matchbox Mercury Cougar 4 Lone Star Foden Tilt Cab - junkyarddog 5 Matchbox Baja Buggy 6 Corgi Sunbeam Imp 7 Matchbox Ford G.T. 8 Matchbox Safari Land Rover 8a Majorette Alfa Romeo 75 - Junkyarddog 9 Matchbox Stake Truck 10 Cararama MGB 11 Corgi 345 MGBGT 12 Matchbox Mack Dump Truck 13 Matchbox Mack Dump Truck - Jon 14 Matchbox DAF Tipper Container Truck 15 Matchbox Volkswagen 1500 Saloon 16 Matchbox Dodge Wreck Truck 17 Matchbox (Ford) Grit-Spreading Truck 18 Matchbox (GMC) Refrigerator Truck 19 Matchbox Lotus Super Seven 20 Matchbox Volkswagen 1600 TL 21 Corgi Land Rover 109 WB 22 Matchbox 8 Wheel Crane 23 Corgi Juniors Leyland Terrier 24 Matchbox Commer Bottle Float 25 Matchbox Mercedes Scaffold Truck 26 The rest I'm struggling with, 4 and 13 are especially annoying as I recognise them (and 2 which is fairly modern). 26 is a right stinker that might be Hot Wheels but I can't see enough of it to work it out
  5. Hot Wheels do a modern 500 and an old one Matchbox do a modern too None are listed as an Abarth as such Found this 1:24 Motor Max which doesn't look stupidly expensive https://diecastmodelcentre.co.uk/products/fiat-500-abarth-r3t-diecast-toy-car-2009-white-1-24-scale
  6. That's lovely, I'd like one of those. I too lusted after a SuperSport as a lad a few years older than me who lived up the road had a couple at the time I passed my test and was buzzing around in my lowly 950 base model MK1
  7. Had a surprise birthday party for the Mrs today, just tidying up and found a slightly soggy parcel in the garden rubbish pile Obviously it was a GS Rather than a DS, the 1303S was my main target. Postman is usually very good so I take it this happened on his day off. Other deliveries made it into the house unscathed, first of all a Dinky Alfa in better shape than my current version And then a couple of still-boxed beauties, a Mazda B1600 in a slightly worn box The pickup is perfect though I think I'm the 1st person to open that tailgate No box damage on this Polistil MK3 Escort though Going to have such fun applying the stickers
  8. These seem to be the no.1 choice to leave festering on your drive
  9. More bits spotted on our little weekend break
  10. This one came up on FB - apparently made on the final day of production
  11. Two tone Jaaag Not vintage Merc is 15 years older than that POS above And yet another Volvo hiding
  12. I find everything from 50p tubs to how much? At toy fairs. Worth a look I reckon. Had a mooch around some charity shops, found there two Hot Wheels with blackwalls but obviously modern versions, possibly from a set And this jigsaw puzzle - who fancies IDing all the models? That Entertainer visit netted me a few spares and some new ones
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