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  1. Quote originally from Dan's sales thread - just looking at the two Tonkas, I thought the above ID was spot on - but on closer inspection at least one if not both are different. Here's the black and red car from Dan; And my Frantic Flivver; Bonnet Louvres, grille, lights and number plate are different, as well as the wheels. Looking underneath; I don't have a Scorcher but I suspect it's the same story. Anyone know what they're officially named? Tonka are a pain sometimes!
  2. The redline version with opening hatches at the back is lovely 1971: Called AMX/2 1973: Called Xploder 1975: Called Warpath 1985: Called Redliner, now without the opening covers, only released once as an Ultra Hot in Spectraflame gold 1987: Called Road Torch - again only released once, in red as found today And the "real" car
  3. Reminds me of the bonkers Andy Saunders Reliant based creation "Runaground"
  4. Yes I was going to say the same - I suspect now they've lost the exclusive contract, Metal Machines will replace Matchbox
  5. Well I already have the BP one And this one And this one And this And
  6. More charity shop rummagings As yet unidentified Hot Wheels Ultra Hots Road Torch - quite a mission to ID as there have been several castings under multiple names, based on the AMX/2 concept going back to 1971. This one dates from 1987 High Speed Capri Yet another Corgi Sierra And Transit I managed to resist the hookless BP version and a blue Super GT Datsun 126X - and this
  7. Yeah and logbook issued about the time it all expired, so probably no owner. Seems odd in this age of high scrap prices
  8. KaK still lurking in the same spot Doesn't look too bad other than this bit
  9. Still can't find one! Asda have Majorette 5 packs, and Hot Wheels are priced at £1.90
  10. Bedford TM lurking in the charity shop, price unknown. Children's Society so probably a tenner
  11. I do get frustrated with Mattel's blindness to their being anyone outside of America that might possibly want Hot Wheels and Matchbox, especially when they release a store exclusive that I really want! Was rather a lot more than a regular Hot Wheels but considering the recent supermarket price hikes, not that much more...
  12. It's those wheels again - no name on this one
  13. Can't remember if I've posted the purple Merc before - so here's the purple Merc
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