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  1. What like this guy? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1842968/man-who-collected-fifty-vintage-cars-and-left-them-to-rot-in-a-forest-is-now-worth-over-700000/
  2. I came home in this '66 Super Minx (that's me in red) 20170821213033_01 by RS, on Flickr My eldest came home in this - actually took this in the hospital car park Macktwo001_zps1c6ad6db by RS, on Flickr
  3. Pug and Renault both very late registered? 20200124_124014 by RS, on Flickr 20200124_093210 by RS, on Flickr 20200124_105202 by RS, on Flickr Doppelganger of my Passat - same year, colour and spec 20200124_104658 by RS, on Flickr 20200124_103546 by RS, on Flickr 20200122_112218 by RS, on Flickr
  4. New Hot Wheels Car Meet set has a couple of nice cars in it 20200124_142936 by RS, on Flickr Found some stuff in charity shops in Windsor, nothing took my fancy though, especially at £5 for tatty Superfasts 20200123_114717 by RS, on Flickr 20200123_113738 by RS, on Flickr 20200123_113710 by RS, on Flickr 20200123_113657 by RS, on Flickr
  5. Going back to the Golf registrations, my green one appears to have JBV145D(?) on the back 20190604_121417 by RS, on Flickr
  6. I missed out on Tat Friday™ due to a very long day at work - just wondering what the TAA van is? The Sand Cat is a rarity as it's only in those colours at park of the set with a car transporter. I have a really nice one but it is also missing the sticker that covers the holes - orange versions of the casting have a cat's head mounted there! 20200112_151054 by RS, on Flickr 20171209_145404 by RS, on Flickr
  7. I can't see it being very strong once the roof is removed - the doors very much "clang" instead of "thud" when you shut them. Not much in the way of actual chassis either, like most 1970's onwards hatchbacks
  8. This Genius ideas marred with unexceptional engines and silly faults like the doors not staying open, plus the financial farce and legal cases that dulled its shine. Still want one.
  9. Bought these for 99p each off eBay but local to me. Guy says he has a lot of MB/HW to sell so will send me pics if I want to buy. If it comes together I'll put them up on here and send them on for cost + postage 20200121_161427 by RS, on Flickr 20200121_161302 by RS, on Flickr 20200121_161307 by RS, on Flickr Also found a 2014 H/W in Tesco. Strange 20200121_161638 by RS, on Flickr
  10. When Ford launched the MK2 in 1975 they did a fuel economy stunt with a two door, much lightened and with only one gear (3rd?). They'd accelerate then switch off and coast, re-starting at a low speed over and over. Don't remember the outcome but I do know the body ended up with Barry Lee as an oval circuit hot rod. I'd love to know what happened to that car, I suspect it was at least one of the very first if not a pre-pro test car.
  11. I agree, I've got some Corgis but have always felt they're one step removed from the cheap Chinese stuff. The older metal base ones are better but Matchbox has always been higher quality, even the Super GT series with plastic bases feel nicer although the black windows are naff. Were Corgi much different price wise? I only really bought Matchbox as a kid, and the occasional Hot Wheels if I could find them
  12. I loved my R5 but I can't think of many cars less appropriate to chop the roof off of - especially the turbo!
  13. Oops 20200120_125418 by RS, on Flickr
  14. 20200117_163005 by RS, on Flickr 20200117_163016 by RS, on Flickr 20200120_123118(0) by RS, on Flickr 20200120_123128 by RS, on Flickr This has light front damage and hasn't moved in ages. Too many fire exits or I'd have made enquiries 20200120_131511 by RS, on Flickr
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