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  1. 115 mile range...🦃 and that's when the batteries were new.
  2. The good Dr Gonzo would definitely have bought this car - he's have then gone to Las Vegas in it...with a bag of drugs and a hooker... Here we can't so try Skegness...and snorting Tizer. If you have never read a Hunter book do...'Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas' is one of the funniest books written (ignore the stupid film).
  3. Somebody better be careful to stay the right side of the law.... So if the body and reg are Alpine...what is Tiger...the engine...well not really because that is US Ford anyway. Nothing wrong with a 'recreation' at all but calling it the real thing...hmmm
  4. Difficult one to answer that. Try slowing it by jet washing out the mud traps and cleaning off the worst rust and Vatcan/ waxing the areas. If it's not structural/MoT-able I tend to treat & leave it.
  5. A judicious oil change and some really good oil initially? I'm not sure of the engine life on these - my diesel has 185,000 on the clock! But the petrols may be a bit more fragile. Loads of these breaking in France so when the current Armageddon ends not too difficult to get a motor. On the rust... all the AX go there eventually...get up underneath with the jet-wash and a good wax? I saw one in the wild this week in London. A rare sighting - was a 1.5D - same colour as mine, same no hubcaps and same giffer in glasses at the wheel as me...🤣😂
  6. Would an alternative be to mount it in the glove box and then remake a glove box door with a speaker hole in it? A lot of Nuffield cars had these oval arrangements.
  7. If you are running the blower and the rest of the kit you will be loading up the alternator that may impact MPG...also take a look at tire pressures. These are 32ps if I recall but I run mine at about 36*. *other tire pressures are available. Jetwash underneath - particularly the 'trumpets' each side of the boot and front under the lamps to get rid of the salt. Lovely little cars...
  8. lesapandre

    RR P38

    The only one I have seen in London recently was parked with the bonnet up... But hey it's not really about that... Cheap-ish to buy so you are not in deep if it all goes wrong and they are great things. As you have a second car and don't need to depend on it - I'd say try one. T'interweb makes owning stuff a lot less frightening there days and there seems plenty of advice. And just think you can write about it here...🙄 and keep us amused.
  9. Was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in Italy.
  10. Red sky in the morning Audi's warning...red sky at night yes it's shite.
  11. Toyota Classic...lot of 1949 Ford Prefect there...
  12. 1958 - such a great foward-looking design.
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