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  1. Hook up to the steering box wd be interesting.
  2. I hate the modern world. A lot of the things I like have been watered down and used as a veneer to promote other things. Everybody is a hippy these days as long as it pays, everybody like an 'alternative 'lifestyle'. Poor old van... It makes me sad...this should be running along a road in Provance not nourishing the hip ones. 😂 £16,000 and it doesn't drive.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333661582542 Sigh...rant over.
  3. Ah yea - the dealer special - Citroen 'Le Serialkiller'.
  4. "Wherever we went people took pictures of us."before mailing them to social services...
  5. And on sax we have Mr Essclass playing 'That Ol Rusty Merc Blues'... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402343328565 Only £500 and a welder...
  6. Go slowly but nicely...not expensive and lots of space. This is the sidevalve version for those that dislike OHV and speed. With Gert and Daisy in the back you could hold up holiday traffic for miles and have lots of fun. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224097424633 Designed by Raymond Loewy Studios. Just look at the dashboard. Column change gearbox to wrestle with while you smoke a pipe. Rare survivor - most of these were scrapped in the 1960's because of rust and sloth. This is quite an early one and appears to be running its original trafficators which could make changing lanes on the M25 tricky but deeply rewarding. Nice old thing that has clearly been loved over the years. Repainted but I think that subtle gold is an original Humber colour. Humbers have a difficult time surviving overall given their lumber characteristics, RUST and lack of image as well as spares dearth. Probably more left in Australia and New Zealand of this type than here? A heavy and over-bodied car but charming. And you can spend your leisure hours decoking the side valve engine. As viable transport deeply dynamically flawed - but as an expression of eccentric independence fantastic - and now immune to bothersome bureaucracy.
  7. Be like Elon Musk. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392882477560 Launderette...😄 Less Tesla...more Tizer..
  8. I used this: I had the CD player - and connector and modern coloured wiring out the back and then spliced it in to a 30yo Mercedes. Was helpful. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connectors_for_car_audio
  9. I fitted one recently. The only advice I can give is there will be 2 live feeds - 1 a constant to maintain memory and aux setting and 1 for ignition on. Not getting both live means the head unit won't power up . That's all I can add.
  10. The photo flatters it. That particular 90's colour has shed its lacquer in places - seems to plague all marques with it. Shows all 13 glass panels in the car. Gets quite hot in summer.
  11. Van looks nice - worth the spend? I mean what can you get for £600 odd. Meanwhile some Citroen porn. My XM having tyres today for a MoT. Finally has the manufactures recommended 205 60 R15's on - previous tyres were too skinny, new ones fill the arches very nicely. Continental on the front - forgot what on the rear -good newish used from my mate in the tyre business. For those interested this is a 2.5 turbo-diesel manual. Almost 200,000 miles but you'd never know really.
  12. 35 in a 30. Sorry to see. Without turning this thread into a speeding rant here in London we have 20 and 30 MPH zones. Hardly anybody complies except me and my little Citroen AX (yes there is Citroen content here) gets a fair amount of abuse for sticking to the limit. A crazy old world. Nice car nice posts 👏- the carb is a lovely old bodge 🖼. I will be in France this summer I hope - if you are stuck for a carb let me know - gives me an excuse to hang about French scrap yards. 😁
  13. Yes for the 'leaks' a good wiping before MoT can do wonders.
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