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  1. They do 3 models...the Rita, the Ki and the top of the range L-SX.
  2. The key section there is: 'I didn't know until this evening I'd be free'. So if he hadn't been free...you would not have had him as a buyer at the time. All this 'you promised to sell it to me stuff'...you'd not ring the supermarket and ask them to hang on to something because you might come in... Personally I'd not engage further. Just block the number.
  3. Reminds me of school coach trips...a favourite was cutting out page 3 models from the Sun and putting them up in the back window of the coach on the motorway...happy days. Quite a few cars do have the rear seats, old Citroen DS I think and Mercedes certainly...but you don't often see them in use.
  4. Popular place for filming. The Dirty Dozen had scenes there - also Crossplot which was a low budget 1969 Bond-esque vehicle for Roger Moore before 007. I saw Crossplot being made there and even have some autographs of the cast. It also turned up more recently in Killing Eve. It's photogenic and nearish to the film studios so is in lots of stuff.
  5. These are quite a lightweight car. So the 1.3 is not so bad. Here is the spec off the web: In comparison ADO16 the Austin 1300 was about 830kg.
  6. Wow...something unusual maybe. The other alternative is a jazzed-up dealer special...they would call it something like the Grosvenor or Balmoral.
  7. Needs a Montego expert to unravel it maybe. The rear door insert and trim matches the seats. Is the rouched panel leather too? Ritzy.
  8. I make that about 14,000 per annum - so that means a 'working' car or a long communte? That is quite a lot of services. If its a local Norfolk car that means a local AR dealer? Interesting history - all these old cars have a story to tell.
  9. Or an eccentric landed-gentry type owner...being local this was not off the Sandringham estate...you may own the Queen's runabout shooting-break or some such? This car may have an unusual past. Worth some research. 😁
  10. If anybody is keen for a Monty...he is a very low mileage one in Amiens France Not too far to collect... https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1964917739.htm
  11. The Montego was a great driving car when new. The estates were are really good bit of kit and popular. A real AR hit at the time. The web says 68 bhp for the 1.3. The earlier Marina estate and these were popular with farming folk so for collecting eggs and going shopping etc would have been just fine with a very good mpg. Nice find and a nice car...good luck - certainly worth some love.
  12. Yes I think so. The NSU RO80 had a similar system. Anyway they took quite a lot of getting used to if you were jumping out of a 'normal' car.
  13. Even more confusing was the Citroen C-Matic gearbox as on the GS. It was clutch-less - with a push down on the gear knob but you still changed gear as usual. Now that did take some getting used to with the clutch foot hitting the brake..
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