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  1. Zaragoza Spain 1954. Trolley buses.
  2. No wonder you can never find a parking space in London - disgraceful use of a car park.
  3. That is probably the launch in 1970 given the crowd. Its Swan Hunter's Yard at Wallsend. Ship was scrapped in 1983.
  4. Not at all - the more the better. I have amended the title accordingly. 😁
  5. Not that particular bit that I recall - the red light cruising used to take place on the other side around the side streets by King's Cross Station where there was more opportunity to stop. Midland Road here is right next to the British Library - also worth a visit.
  6. Yes you are right - the whole area has been 'scrubbed' beyond recognition really and has certainly lost some character. In terms of access to the vaults - about 40% are accessible but they now constitute the inevitable shopping mall before you get to the Eurostar gateline. You can get out to platform level at the S. end of the station - but the rest is restricted as its within the passport zone. Restaurants at the station - it's all the usual suspects - I always bring food when I travel to avoid overpriced rubbish.
  7. It's the vaults to St. Pancras Station on Midland Road - a tour-de-force example of Victorian engineering - the railway terminus was set 6m above street level supported on cast-iron piers and the underneath was warehousing accessed from platform level and out through these arches. The refurbished station now uses the vaults for access to the platforms - hence they are blocked-off. The train-shed and railway is 1868 - the Gothic brick arches as seen are slightly later - 1873 designed by George Gilbert Scott and added as a skin to the station at the same time as the big hotel out front. If you have not been it is all worth a visit.
  8. Well folks my other car is a 'plane. He ends the brief journey. I like to bring something home from trips. I managed to score a vintage Hemingway paperback on the way back - in English - a lot to learn from this prose stylist - though I have little interest bullfighting. I also picked up a book of vintage Spanish photographs from the 1950's - I will feature a few in 'Eye-catching Black and Whites' sometime. This one is taken in 1950 - but the cars are all 30's. Hasta Luego Amigos
  9. Yes - all part of the musical chairs by European manufacturers. Opel seem to be clinging on in Spain - but the dealership I passed today looked pretty desolate compared to it's swish DS neighbour- part of the same group.
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