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  1. The F reg blue sports is a Kougar - it's a kit car - I think they also sold made up versions based on Jaguar parts. Very well regarded and an accepted conversion in Jag circles - if you ever see one cheap..buy it. Obviously very quick with a 4.2 under the bonnet.
  2. This is a very nice sequence. Lovely car. No music this time:
  3. Ads a classic. I love this bit "The interior lights are old but i Have found some replacements". You ever been to look at a complete basket car and have some owner explain very carefully to you that he has a new very minor part when the whole of the car is a wreck - or been told a bootful of spares when in fact it comprises a box of used brake pads/shoes, some bent trim, a couple of half empty oil bottles and a broken jack? I have.
  4. You live in a lovely spot though? Makes up for a lot? Yes funny story. When I buy anything I always also get the owner to show me how to get the bonnet open and to open the fuel filler. Been caught out on both of those - at least one vehicle I have bought had no fuel filler key - bit of problem at the petrol station miles from home! The other pitfall is central locking - new purchase I always take the key out to avoid one of those situations where the locking fires of its own accord locking keys in car on a petrol station forecourt for example.
  5. That should surely be set out in the catalogue...or maybe not. Both as a buyer and seller at these kind of things I think they are a circus IMHO and would never get involved again. Unless incredibly rare or cheap surely better to buy off an owner and have a good look or test drive etc. I anyway lost interest in 'collectors' cars - our kind of cars are much more fun - spend the balance taking the car somewhere more interesting on a roadtrip. Lots of fantastic cars are still super value, Citroens from the 80/90's, similarly Mercedes from the same era unless sports etc etc. And lots of these established 'collectors' drive like sheds IMHO. And their owners are ****** best avoided too!😀. Grump over.
  6. This looks like North Yorkshire - possibly Richmond... but I may be way out. KNL 652 unknown to DVLA.
  7. And this is another VW Brazilian mash-up. A Puma - Karman Ghia underpinnings I believe with a new fibreglass body. Not a VW product.
  8. I had a K70 in 1987 - one of 800 rhd. Again a car, like the 411/412, which has all but disappeared from view in the UK. Very smooth revvy engine I recall. All NSU developed. About 210,000 produced. Drove alright but a bit bland - not particularly comfortable inside either. Not a car I miss. Very quickly disowned by VW specialists. I bet parts are hell these days?
  9. American designer Raymond Loewy's studio was involved with both companies for a time. There are a lot of styling similarities - he styled the Rootes Arrow range - which were a bit like shrunken Studebakers of the era etc.
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