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  1. Poor management. And under investment. The bankers angle is right - BMC was a public quoted company on the stock exchange - they were over confident and paid big share dividends instead of reinvesting in the business. Then Donald Stokes came along who was unable to sort things out. Over £3billion in subsidies by Government.
  2. There was not much enthusiasm coming from the visitors to the showroom. They are worse in the metal. But it's a good place to visit for the sports cars. I was given a warm welcome even though I was upfront about not being a buyer. I did not get to sit in one. The 2.5M car is very beautiful. I get the impression they are trying to rebuild the brand - and we had a long chat about British design DNA. They do factory tours I understand and you can pick up a new sports from the factory. Jaguar should be doing this - it's all such a pity.
  3. Every helpful mister @LightBulbFun thanks! 🙏 Under 40 anything would need a MoT - which would be interesting. You know one of these is coming up the street as you can hear the chug chug chug...and smell the smoke. Large dog in passenger seat is not obligatory but recommended... Lots about...many modern ones. The Nissan on the right is the one I bought in France last year. It's a Cedric Diesel. I can't remember the brand of the VSP - but they tend to follow latest styling trends.
  4. With these - in the 'Carte Grise' they have a specific registration class- if it is indeed registered and has number plates. CG will read: "J1 de la carte grise QM pour 'quadricycle à moteur.'" [ Section J1 of the registration document will indicate QM for 'motorized quadricycle']. I'd check carefully that these can be registered in the UK as they won't be 'type approved' or will require individual inspection by the DVLA. Really old ones might be exempt as Historic Vehicles over 40 - but useful to check before bring something home. These are very basic indeed. @LightBulbFun might have more info here on registration of unusual vehicles.
  5. Is it maybe a legislation requirement for Italian MoT?
  6. Sochaux - NE France not too far - city also houses a big Peugeot Museum worth visiting. https://laventure-association.com/laventure-peugeot/le-musee-de-laventure-peugeot/
  7. That 2-dr shape was crying out for a hatch. Don't bother with the Allagro - just put a hatch on the 1300 and tidy up the styling...
  8. Researching foreign holidays?
  9. Department 13 sounds like a 60's Lew Grade TV Series - it's actually Provence... So 'Toujours less rust en Provence'. Gael looks like the young hipster who owns this kind of stuff these days.
  10. Winner winner paella dinner... Don't mess about you want this: British for repatriation.* LHD. Diesel. Cheap flight to Malaga. 70,000 km. Fashionable grey. Being sold by Johnny Depp. 4199€ You'll need two weeks to drive back though...top speed 66mph. ¡Echa un vistazo a lo que he encontrado en Milanuncios! No te lo vas a creer: https://www.milanuncios.com/austin-de-segunda-mano/austin-maestro-509068854.htm?stc=sm-whatsapp-send_friend-android Ole. *actually sold to Spain as a CKD kit as part of some BMC deal.
  11. Triumph 2000 - better than an open wagon without the horse. Triumph 2000 - more advanced than a traction engine.
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