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  1. You say Ford only had four models in the 70s, but the range was huge. Cortinas had a 1.3 base, then 1.6,2.0 and 2.3. L, XL,GL, GXL, GT, GTXLR, E, S, GLS, Ghia, Ghia X, probably a few more I forgot. 2 door, 4 door and estate. Some car “ranges” these days are choice of two engines and two trim levels. One body.
  2. Rejected plot for the Italian job. Instead of gold bars , it’s all coins.
  3. Supermarket meat has improved immensely over the last 10 years and tbh my local butcher’s prices are just too high, (fillet steak £50/kg?) even though I try to support local shops. I use Asda more than most of the others, and can’t say , I’ve had many problems with their fresh meat. Of course if you buy Just Essentials sausages or burgers, yes they are shite but you’d be pretty naive to expect any decent meat in them , given the price.
  4. Noel Edmonds doesn’t seem to be doing much these days.
  5. Well I don’t really want anyone getting their hands on my car keys.
  6. Where do you think the eBay ones come from?
  7. Back seat looks a bit of a squeeze but I’d prefer that to a Traveller.
  8. “Ye olden times”. 1990??? Fuck off, I feel old enough as it is!
  9. It must have raised more than when they asked for milk bottle tops. How many millions of them to raise £5, back inthe 60s when £5 was a weeks wages. Even aged 8, I was sceptical how they could get enough money from the stuff they asked for.
  10. How does it work if you’re towing a trailer carrying a car that isn’t ULEZ exempt? Does the camera pick it up and send you a bill?
  11. We get 1500 times the amount of rainfall we need in the U.K. I know it’s not practical to collect it all but that’s an incredible amount, so just shows how incompetent the water companies are. (For incompetent , read greedy. Just interested in profits rather than improving things.)
  12. There were guided buses in Edinburgh using some of the tram infrastructure before the trams were ready and the whole system finished. They also ran as normal buses where the guided way stopped.They’ve been discontinued since the trans have been running properly.
  13. I’ve had Pampas grass in my front garden for 30 years and never held or been to that sort of party.
  14. First pic, I thought someone had reversed a Citroen DS into a Moggie Traveller.
  15. I saw a video on YouTube ( American I think), saying Subarus were the easiest cars to work on. I thought “you must be joking”, but his reasoning was , they are all the same. Know one model , you know them all. Nothing has changed fundamentally for 25 years whereas , a Ford might have 3 different versions of the same part within the same model year.
  16. I’d rather have someone with a pre-Millenium map than those morons who blindly follow sat Navs and end up driving into a river.
  17. What faster than Last of the Summer Wine hurtling down a hillside?
  18. I’ve had a flight back from Spain (Gerona), to Manchester stopping at Birmingham. It’s 12 minutes flying from Birmingham to Manchester but it added a hour to the flight (already 3 hours late), by the time you land , taxi , people get off etc. We didn’t have to get off but every item left on the plane had to be claimed by a passenger. Took ages.
  19. I flew from Edinburgh to Oslo a few years ago just when the 737Max crisis started and Norwegian Air had a load of them so flights were changed and cancelled. Ryanair offered a flight via Krakow.
  20. With all respect to Kwik Fit and other guys who work at similar places, they not mechanics. They are fitters doing a limited range of mechanical jobs. (And before anyone asks, no I can’t fit a tyre , or exhaust although I can manage batteries and oil changes.)
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