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  1. The inspiration for the Beach Boys “wooden it be nice”.
  2. All burgers are of indeterminate origin. Same as sausages .
  3. But it’s not a Disco. Obviously upgraded , had one before.
  4. It looks like they’ve just filled the door gap without welding. Pedant alert! That is (was) a Clubman.
  5. I’m colour blind but have never had a problem with traffic lights, and no I don’t just whizz through oblivious.
  6. 18 yo Edward obviously has rich parents.
  7. I bet the time clock doesn’t actually start until those in ambulances actually enter the hospital.
  8. Can’t find any record of Argosys being used by Silver City out of Lydd, just Frieighters. I used to watch them when we went on holiday to Camber Sands but 7yo me, wouldn’t have known the difference.
  9. Metal Guru

    Rozzer Shite

    Where’s that? I’d love to see our police entertain motorists with magic tricks.
  10. Yes but is it safe? I could “repair” that myself with a bicycle repair kit, but I wouldn’t want to drive above 10mph on it.
  11. So is that a safe repair or not? My local tyre company refuses to repair that on safety grounds. I normally trust what they say, whereas if Kwikfit told me that. I’d assume it was just to sell me a new tyre.
  12. Who? Jimmy Hill?
  13. They are probably designed to be a bit feeble so you don’t do too much damage with it.
  14. The person about to get a ticket for an illegal plate?
  15. Watched a Toyota Hilux and trailer driving very slowly over some speed humps today which is usual for such vehicles, they normally ignore them. Then I noticed it had a big tank on the back marked “Bordaloo”, a big tank of shit, think I’d go carefully. Anyway, what amused me was its Eurovision week.
  16. Bit like an original Mini parked next to a current Bini Countryman.
  17. I don’t know whose logo the PL is but Bristol freighter “car ferries” were most famously operated by Silver City Airways from Lydd in Kent over to Le Touquet in France.. The car carrying ones were probably Super Freighters.
  18. TBF While the 500x sport doesn’t look like a sports car compared to the 850 Sport, it has considerably more performance.
  19. Surely Scotland had a people’s car - the Imp. Interesting that A.I has decided the people’s car would be unveiled at Gala Fairydean football club.
  20. Oh, you’re cracking me up!
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