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  1. I used an ancient road atlas for years until I spotted Aldi selling up to date ones for £1.99. Now I get a new one every two years or so.
  2. Oh , I’m not sure. Had a Carisma for a week as a hire car in 1999.
  3. Yes it is! My wife bought some the other day. I thought she’d got a new brand of cat litter.
  4. I’ve had my car since new in 2004. I changed the garage where I get it serviced this year , and found out, it actually has a pollen filter. It had never been done , and doesn’t actually appear on the service schedule. It was completely black and the Natural History Museum are interested in the bugs collected in it.
  5. Not had this problem often, if I do, it’s mostly DPD.
  6. Sad what happened to Dreamland though it was dated and couldn’t compete with the likes of Thorpe Park and Chessington.
  7. Avenger there too, introduced 1970 as well, but nothing else dates it later .
  8. Who said Germans don’t have a sense of humour? Build a big(ish) car, call it a mini and the Englanders will buy as many as we can make. Make it progressively uglier, and they still buy! Laughing all the way to the Bundesbank!
  9. I vaguely remember the three piece gun outfit, my brother got it one Xmas , probably around 69/70. All Dinky I think , came as a set.
  10. £2 / litre can’t be far away at rip off services somewhere on the motorways.
  11. What Mr Bean got after the Mini.
  12. I hate the PT Cruiser anyway but that definitely takes the prize for the worst one ever. Even the convertible is better than that. The way the windows don’t line up is so amateur looking, suggests it will just fold up in a crash.
  13. Margate in the early 80s. Dreamland was sold to Bembom Brothers in 1981, so can’t be before that although cars look like the 70s. I remember going to Dreamland many times in the 70s when it still opened at night .
  14. I bought a BMW Mini ( for the wife) and I do know who John Cooper was. Incidentally, a Google search throws up John Cooper , serial killer before John Cooper , car maker.
  15. Is that super unleaded ( v power etc)? I noticed Shell are selling Regular E5 along side E10 for 1p extra. Don’t know if this is just using up stocks or if it will be a permanent thing.
  16. Was it for a Tango ad? You know when you’ve been Tangoed!
  17. She’s going to have someone's eyes out!
  18. Isn’t there two Ford Pops ( light colour between the lorries on the right and a van with ladders on the left), which would make it 1953 or later.
  19. Paid for it from his betting winnings!
  20. MR2 is pronounced in French as Merde which means Shit, so presumably not many were sold there.
  21. No one says Scooby Doo, it’s just a Scooby ( or Subie if you’re American) and big exhausts are compulsory on WRX and STi models.
  22. Could never understand the notion that VW were more up market than Ford. These days, they’re not even more upmarket than their own supposedly inferior cousins from Seat and Skoda.
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