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  1. That red Citroen Ami looks really annoyed at the other cars.
  2. Just says “I can’t afford a real Enzo”.
  3. It looks like the damage to the Herald has just been done although the pole isn’t bent.
  4. Marginally better than the Top Gear Espace.
  5. I think that’s a Fiat UNO in the left. They were introduced in 1983 as well.
  6. Well they are all old British cars at the back and I thought the one on the left had British plates ( didn’t look close enough), anyway there are always loads of tourists in the Lake District.
  7. Ive only once had to change the clutch in a car and that had done 160 000 miles., but I’ve heard if supercars that can only do about half a dozen full power launches without getting through a clutch. Can’t imagine anyone would pay a warranty claim for a clutch on a driving school car though.
  8. I know what the figures mean, but is there really any practical real world difference between 0W-30 and 5W-30? Re services oil prices, garages especially main dealers charge at least £60 for 5 litres during a service.
  9. Question is , is it Century or Sentry that they had in mind?
  10. I stopped going to classic car shows when I stopped saying “my Dad had one of those” and started saying “I had one of those”.
  11. My Dad had Granada MkII 2.3GL estate. It was black and looked like a hearse.
  12. What a load of bull! Well mooving on…..
  13. Don’t know where I’ll get the collapsible palm trees from though.
  14. Even worse is the abuse you get for pointing out their dog is shitting in the middle of a football pitch.
  15. Sorry to upset you by posting the same thing twice.
  16. I’d have to build a ramp in the garden if I had that.
  17. I’d have to build a ramp in the garden if I had that.
  18. Wonder why a ballerina would drive a transit?
  19. I’d have spent the money that plate cost on a better car.
  20. Back in the 70s my parents were getting an extension built and had chosen a local cowboy builder. Towards completion, they were a few bricks short but not enough to get another pallet delivered, so one of them goes off in a rusty old Mini to collect them. On returning , as he stopped outside our house, the entire floor fell out onto the road. It kind of spoils the Italian job for me as I can’t help watching it thinking “ you’d never be able to put that weight in a Mini.”
  21. Well I had a Mondeo 1.8TD and a Laguna 1.9 dti. at the time. Both were much better than the Montego.
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