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  1. Except it doesn't have auto wipers as far as I know and it used to work perfectly on every 1/2/3 seconds or whatever I set it to
  2. It'll be the pivot on the shoe expander seized up, I can almost guarantee you. (Above is a BMW part, I assume it's probably identical to an E46 but I'm only guessing) It's a bit of a pain but if you take the disc off and get someone to apply and release the handbrake while you look at the lever you will see it's barely moving if at all hence the excess handbrake lever travel with very little parking brake action. You'd "just" need to strip the shoes off, free off the expander with WD40 and it will transform it, and most importantly it will work properly. Adjusting it might just be acceptable for MOT (or maybe not, time will tell) It maybe a case of TADTS, they do, but here's the solution for it because it's not right
  3. I've done the bodge before for customers at least as a temporary measure while we either wait for a new one or they wait for their appointment to be fitted, a bodged mirror is better than nothing. Sometimes it becomes a bit more permanent
  4. Focus has decided that it's wipers want to go on the fritz I think. They've started malfunctioning on the intermittent setting. This is a lot more annoying than you might think, I can't get them working properly no matter how much I adjust the intermittent speed setting on the stalk They'll work fine on intermittent, then they'll switch themselves to speed 1 and keep going until they decide to either go back to intermittent, or a few sweeps on speed 2 then back to speed 1 The intermittent setting might then wipe every second, or wipe ever 5 seconds, no matter what I set the scroll wheel to In a light mist of rain this is annoying because it just drags the blades across a nearly dry screen. It will seemingly behave itself if I switch them off and then reselect intermittent, then a minute or two later they start malfunctioning Since they park ok I'm inclined to think it's not a motor fault. I don't know how I'm supposed to test it when it's so intermittent. Helpfully, the wipers automatically reduce frequency below 5mph or so anyway which is normal behaviour I'm thinking it must be the switch itself that's playing up, a dodgy contact around the intermittent setting perhaps? But it seems to be absolutely fine when setting 1 or 2 is selected I'm really hoping it's not the beginning of a BCM fault
  5. I'll let you decide if it's a fix, but I'm going to say drill some self tappers upwards... If you don't mind not being able to fold them in. Other than that, no, replace. Shirley must be plenty around? You could try to salvage the red cap to swap onto a replacement if needed. Can't imagine it being particularly expensive. Maybe £30 or so? Famous last words!
  6. I get your gist, as Mr pastry says it would be good to know for certain whether or not it does have an immobiliser from factory (Well, if it's got an aftermarket immobiliser that could be a different kettle of fish but let's assume not unless you've found any traces of one!?) I do believe the VIN based EKA is a bit of an urban myth. It might be prudent to contact the company who hold the data obtained from Rover when they went under who should know for sure. I'm pretty sure they'll sell you the code for tuppence if you prove your right to it. Fully appreciate this is a lot more hassle than you'd like but hopefully we can all help you get somewhere with it if a sale is to no avail so far 🤞
  7. This is a really shit situation. It's servicing stop. A bunch of absolute shitehawks. I have plenty of information about how they operate, I've seen it first hand, I would absolutely support any efforts to have them put out of business. The garage in Enfield is the head office of servicing stop. Servicing stop take a booking from the customer for a ridiculously cheap service. Typically £100-150. Servicing stop then book the car in with a garage nearby to the customer and ask them to collect and deliver it Servicing stop ask the garage for a list of additional work.. if the garage refuse, then they will make it up as they go along and sell whatever they can anyway. Servicing stop will then phone the customer up at some point throughout the day and sell all of the above additional work. They will use scare tactics Crap marketing. Customer pays £85 (+vat!?) For a single fuel treatment, and then every service they book with them in the future they get one included. What gets put in the tank? A bottle of redex or similar. I'm being dead serious. Obviously 90% of customers probably never use the company again, so they've paid £100 for a lifetime subscription of fuel additives if you like when it's only 1 bottle on 1 service. They also do exactly the same thing with engine flush. As much as I would encourage this, their response will be "we gained authority from the customer to carry out to the works at the quoted price" We have done work for servicing stop in the past and I know exactly how they operate. A customer got stung to a similar degree as above, we confronted servicing stop about it and the above was their response They are absolute scum and I would encourage whatever recourse may be possible. See above as I wrote to horriblemercedes.. £100 labour refers to the initial total service that was booked. A "full service" which includes labour, the oil and the filter. The way they work is that they hook the customer in with a cheap full service. Then once the garage have picked the car up, they phone the customer and pressure sell the additional items. I can speak from a garage point of view here- They pay the garage just £7 for the fuel treatment which they charge £85 for (+vat) They pay the garage about £30 for the brake fluid change which they charge £165 for above(!) We do not see a single penny from the fluid too up charge or environmental charge. They are both complete SCAM additional surcharges! They do NOT contribute to fluid top ups or environmental disposal. Oil in included in the £100. They then pay the garage £3/litre for oil surcharge. The customer still pays £24.99 even if their car only takes 3 litres ... Oil is capped at £7/litre, which means it's virtually impossible for the garage to use the correct oil in some cases. It's not out of the blue. They have booked a service with servicing stop who are a middle man. Servicing stop are the shitehawks based in Enfield, they are merely a call centre. The garage is an innocent entity. They get booked to collect the car, service it, and deliver it. Servicing stop does all the pressure selling at extortionate figures, instructs the garage to do said extra work, pays them peanuts for doing it, and blackmails the customer into paying before they get the car back. It's crafty that they pose as a garage because they are not, they are a call centre. The garage will be based near the customer and will be completely innocent in all of this
  8. @St.Jude I've returned here so as not to clutter up the for sale thread. Did you get anywhere with an EKA code? That's definitely worth a try I think, project nigel *seemed* to get that red one running after entering the code using the door lock barrel, and then unplugged a control module afterwards to permanently disable it (?) - a bit like old Citroens with their keypad immobilisers..
  9. Neat idea. Yes it would spin over, wouldn't run unless you got creative with the fuel pump relay (not difficult) - the Achilles heel could be spark, depends how it's all set up and what criteria the car wants met to give sparky action. Again, there's probably not much to it in order to facilitate some capacity of running
  10. This is pretty alarming, I identified it as a deep fake pretty quickly but I think plenty of people would think this is real. I'll share the video for context: But incase it gets deleted, it basically consists of someone asking Elon for investing advice. Elon then directs them to a website to claim a free $10k... Ai is getting pretty scary
  11. When stuck on the hard shoulder? 🙂🤣 Better than some modern street furniture I suppose!
  12. Well, absolutely yes, it's got 4 wheels and an engine! But, I don't think we would be any better equipped than anywhere else! With that being said, I think we have the fastcheck kit for the Rover 800 but don't quote me on that..! But I do know many garages would flat out refuse it. You're right, no idea at all on costs! It's very much a case of 'how long is a piece of string' and needs to be approached in the mindset as follows - "here is our hourly rate, we will have to go through everything to establish facts. Do we have power here, is it sending power here, is this working, etc etc. Only once we've done that, we will know where to start" I would anticipate something like this would end up consuming upto 6-12 hours labour just to go through everything if that's what ends up being needed. That may sound extortionate, but getting relevant technical/service information can be extremely tricky and time consuming, and as such it needs to be factored into the job and charged for accordingly. Obviously if we found the problem in the first hour or two then great, but you have to assume the worst case scenario and quite literally accept an open chequebook approach, or a ceiling price to then potentially be no further forwards. In the first instance I would be confirming that the starter isn't receiving any feed, once that's the case then I would go straight to the ignition switch to confirm whether it is receiving a feed and sending one when desired. Once that's established, it's a case of unpicking the wiring diagram and checking absolutely everything. Find where the feed starts, trace along every single component that has something to do with it, until you get to the point it is lost where you find said faulty component, connection or circuit. Like I say, that could quite easily take all day if it involves stripping things apart for access. Let's say you find one fault, the ignition switch for example. That might take a week to arrive, after you've spent half an hour tracking one down and then buying it. (Remember , that time gets charged for) - - then you fit it, and you then work your way along and find a second fault further along. Then deal with that. This all consumes valuable time, and takes up a space on what is probably a busy forecourt. This car definitely has hope, it would just need someone to either own it as a labour of love, or work on it as a labour of love. Part of me feels an intense urge to find a way of rescuing it and go right through everything to find the fault just for the satisfaction. It's not going to be cheap to transport it down to my neck of the woods though is it? Again, if I had my own flatbed then it would make more sense to do it myself but I don't, so I would have to pay someone to get it down here after buying it, by that point I've swallowed up a lot of cost, I'm then going to sink a lot of time in it with no guarantee of ever seeing any of that money back by the end of it. Or it could end up being a total lost cause - I'm not willing to take that risk. If I wanted a Rover 800 that badly then I would just go and find a nice one to buy. They aren't worth that much! But the other thing that needs to be considered - once you've gone to all that trouble of getting it running, then what ever next?! The welding? It's not going to make sense to pay a garage a grand just to get it running and then find it's going to need another 1/2/3 grand spent on it to get it safe and usable. In summary I would say there is definitely hope for this car, but trying to get it repaired commercially just won't be viable. As with any vehicle that has, realistically speaking, been preserved for longer than it's average intended useful lifespan of 13 years, it's never going to make sense from an economic point of view. It "just" needs someone who has the means and inclination to sink a lot of time and effort into it. I would say the actual material cost would probably be quite minimal! It's all in the labour.
  13. With all jokes set aside, I wish I did have the time and space to dedicate to a car like this. Because if I did then I would gladly take it on. But I simply do not have any space to keep it and work on it simultaneously. I could probably find space to keep it, OR work on it, but not both. Then there's the elephant in the room being the fact that I have very little time outside of work that I can dedicate to something like this, which means it would just end up parked up somewhere being ignored, ultimately delaying the inevitable. Anyway, with that aside, remind me where you're at with it. It doesn't crank, right? Have we ruled out the obvious such as the park interlock, ensuring the car actually knows it's in park before cranking? Immobiliser faults will *normally* allow it to crank..
  14. Oh yeah m8!! Just shutting the doors(!) to prevent the barrage of people behind me who are also up for it from getting in front! 😅
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