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  1. I asked Kia for a flasher relay recently Their helpful answer - "Nope, it's obsolete, infinite back order and it's highly unlikely it will come back in to stock. You probably won't find one anywhere else m8 either because I know what they're like to get bits for" 🤦 He must have been having a bad day, or just being a typical parts advisor. One was duly found and bought from eBay 5 minutes later!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1359670874799543/ This looks like a cool little thing. And it's actually got an engine so might be useful unlike an electric Aixam or G-wiz paperweight "can be driven on a motorcycle license" erm...? The fact it's 505kg, registered as 2 door saloon, has 4 wheels and says "passenger light vehicle" tells me that's not the case 😆
  3. They seem to just sail through MOTs, I very rarely see them fail miserably. Mine has passed all but one MOT first time in its lifespan, and all but three being advisory free. Just something about them, they're a modern old car, that just does well at being "an car"
  4. I've been searching up 90s instrument clusters for the past 15 minutes 🤣 If only I found that picture. An E50 elgrand indeed. Well boughted Hopefully not too crispy!?
  5. It must be a Nissan because of the rev counter and temp gauge on the right..
  6. I second that £150 is extremely cheap. On a 30 + year old car with things bound to be seized up as well...What's the hourly rate out of interest? £60 + VAT is cheap here in Sussex. £65-80 + VAT being the going rate. Here you'd expect a gearbox in/out to be £300 + VAT + parts as a baseline. For the more complex ones, it's even more, as an example, in the case of a Citroen C4 Picasso with the 10.9 hour book time.. you do the maths! I can say there's no shortage of work at the moment either. Which is very unusual for this time of year.
  7. Ah right yes, I now remember that the technical info I found at the time said to measure the flow rate of the pump However the "case study" was a P0171 code, accompanied with difficult engine starting and poor performance Let's assume for the minute you have neither of the latter, and as above if the code is signifying extra fuel, (proved by excessive fuel consumption) then the issue likely lies elsewhere. The purge valve is a good shout
  8. Sorry, I know I've asked you this multiple times now but quelle surprise, I've forgotten. 🤣 Any loss of power? Any occasions of difficulty starting?
  9. In theory the fuel trim is measured by the ECU, it's just telling you how much it's over or under compensating. Whereas the lambda readings could be affected by an exhaust leak. I know what @SiC means above about the lean code being a failed attempt at richening the mixture or whether it's detecting the lean condition and constantly actually correcting it. That's the confusing thing that's always got me, you're getting poor economy but a lean code. So that would indeed suggest it's dumping more fuel in. Then you couldn't say it's fuel starvation. So yeah, bloody confusing!
  10. Those 2.0 TDCI engines are actually brilliant when looked after, that car is living (or rather not now!) proof of it
  11. I think you sent me the fuel trims before and they looked ok 🤔 Actually looking back - short term 2.3% (you said it fluctuated between 2.3% and -2.3% or thereabouts) and long term was 7.3% An up to date reading would be good, because I think those might have been before you replaced the o2 sensors. I remember the old pre-cat one had slightly damaged wiring
  12. A service won't touch anything to do with it. Also, incorrect cable adjustment will destroy the release bearing It will need a new clutch kit, no two ways about it sadly
  13. Have you had the tame mechanic smoke test the intake? By this point it must either be an intake leak, even something as simple as a split vacuum pipe or breather, or fuel starvation caused by a dicky lift pump A fuel pressure and intake leak test would be my next points of order. Shouldn't take more than an hour's labour or so to do both.
  14. A very clean looking Rover 400 HH-R saloon, in Nightfire red. Unmistakable even from a distance. I saw it coming from a mile off (not literally, but you know!)
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