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  1. Fortunately I won't be requiring translation services from @AnnoyingPentium as this is pretty mild Scot speak that I can understand! 😂 0052b0844ead7b4f39407cc06172c20b.mp4
  2. Not YouTube... But an "interesting" build... 🤮 ed4047ea766bc2443cbfa61af64646ac.mp4
  3. I think the ones I had were a first gen Moto G, (so not really a fair comparison, that must be 10 years ago now!) And about 5-6 years ago the X Play and X Style, so pretty old models regardless. I expect they have improved since then. I recall the X Play's battery used to die at 30% or so at no warning, which was annoying. Only used to get 2-2.5 hrs screen time out of them. For comparison, I currently have a Nokia 7 Plus which got about 7 hours screen time when new, but that's more like 4-4.5 hours now
  4. Photos look suspiciously not recent, but that fail doesn't sound awful. Is the sexy coupe styling and V6 noise worth £675 and a welding marathon to me... Hmmmm....
  5. Something that's just sprung to mind, despite how annoying it is I've just got used to it over the last few years. The MK2 Focus handbrake positioning... It's situated perfectly for LHD but not RHD. You have to lean over, which was hard to get used to at first. Really annoys me when manufacturers don't make adaptations properly for RHD cars, no consideration for where things are placed, or the wipers not clearing the driver's view properly because they sweep differently for LHD. A real bugbear... Its not impossible, for example the Citroen Xsara Picasso, despite being from a LHD market, they actually moved the handbrake lever closer to the right hand side to make it more convenient. Thanks Citroen! A bit of design that actually makes sense
  6. I've had it once actually where I agreed to drop something off to someone, parked in the (public) car park, was a block of flats. Sent a message, no response, then an aggressive bloke came down asking who I was and why I was there. It was clearly him as there was no reason for anyone to bother me since I was in a public car park and not in anyone's parking space etc... Nothing lost and no time wasted as I was actually heading his way anyway, just very bizarre!
  7. Oh that's great, I'm currently with Three anyway who ID piggyback off. That's just what I was thinking of, thanks! Will go with that once I've used up the remaining credit I have
  8. Oh for sure it's definitely a risk that my time would get wasted, and it probably will eventually inevitably, but on the times I have done it I've stressed in advance it's the agreed amount in cash only and I only set off once they acknowledge that. It's worked up until now. Amusingly, after 2 hours of radio silence, the fucker has just messaged me. First message is to the tune of - his girlfriend has just bought one brand-new online unbeknownst to him while he was out, then 2 minutes later another message comes through saying his partner doesn't like the colour after all so they will keep searching. 🤦 So it seems he's collectively messaged/called as many people as possible, asked for delivery, wasted their time and now is making up multiple lies and sending them around to those people as excuses without realising he's already told a different lie to me already 😂 I absolutely agree it seems logical to go to the seller and pick something up if you want to buy something from them. Not too sure why he couldn't/wouldn't just want to pick it up but tbh I'd rather just drop it round then there's no hassle if they decide they don't like it then try to say it's faulty and all that crap. Edit to add - he never did send the address for delivery, and went silent after I asked despite replying every few minutes beforehand. Clearly wasn't a genuine change of heart
  9. I love it! Just discussed above, and I caused a lot of upset by calling the Vauxhall version hideous 😂
  10. No, but it's generally ok in my experience. I only ever accept cash on Gumtree, using PayPal or giving your bank details is too open to fraud. PayPal can be charged back, PayPal F+F can also be if they charge back their credit card, bank transfer can also be if they flag it as fraudulent, which is easy for organised criminals. Whilst it's a pain, cold hard cash can't be recalled
  11. Nice enough car, but.... Wooly bullshit translator: "Has only done 10k miles since 2007" Meaning: "Hasn't had a service since 2007" - isn't due for one m8 At least they're upfront about the cambelt. And £280 from ECP for a cambelt kit. 'kinell!
  12. Why is it that people on Gumtree and the likes feel they can phone you at any time they like? As if we're going to jump to their demands? Don't they think some people might be at work or with family and that it may be an inappropriate time to talk? I've got a couple of items up on Gumtree at the moment and just had a sodding phone call asking how far I am from them (how the fuck am I supposed to know that?!) Then asked me if I could deliver. I asked where they were, as it turns out only 10 miles or so. He seemed very miffed that the earliest I could take it to him is tomorrow lunchtime.... so to begin with these people are phoning up on a Saturday at nearly 8pm then expect me to hop out in the car and take this sodding item to them at this time of evening? In the end he seemed fine with me taking it tomorrow, we then exchanged text messages arranging a time, then I asked his address for delivery... Radio silence. Utter fucking timewaster
  13. I'd ought to catch up with what phones are currently going, haven't been in the market for one for years. That looks good although I wasn't previously a fan of phones with amoled screens (hopefully that's not just complete jargon to you!) - they always get screen burn and look yellowish which is why I steered away from Samsung a few years ago. I've had a few Motorola's, they were ok but found battery life quite poor. Though fully realize they may have improved that in recent years
  14. Oh yeah, OHV as well, can imagine that sounds lovely at high revs!
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