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  1. It turns out I wasn't done, somehow I'd managed to completely ignore a patch of surface rust on each rear arch which when rubbed back left a bit of a mess that needed filler and then paint. Paint is slow, and it's what I've spent most of the past week of warm evenings finishing off after work. This morning it got polished and its is now nearly the same colour as the rest of the car! Huge success. Then I put the rest of the back end together again. The electrics aren't really working properly back here so I guess I've got a load of paint in my earthing points, but that's a prob
  2. The windscreen is back in! Horrible job, would not recommend, get another person in to do it.
  3. This weekend I finally got round to doing the job I've been putting off for months, taking the screen out and fixing the galloping rot in the scuttle. With some soapy water in a spray bottle and a set of plastic trim tools the screen popped out surprisingly easily. This was nowhere near as frightening as expected. The rot was even worse on the inside of the scuttle than it appeared on top, so the hole ended up being quite large after preparing it for a welded patch. This had been repaired before, the other side had rotted much less but had a hole leading into the scu
  4. Another vote for the cap here, easy and cheap to rule out. I remember you did the timing belt, but wasn't there something weird about the water pump? I had a very slowly leaking water pump on a Mk4 Golf and it took me ages to track it down, slowly leaking away behind the timing belt cover and evaporating before it was visible. It was only after taking the belt cover off and finding the side of the block covered in that crystallized shizzle from evaporated coolant.
  5. This weekend I set to a couple of easy jobs. First was the pollen filter which was genuinely easy and requires no further discussion. Second was the oil change which once I'd got the sump plug undone was also easy, had my perfectly positioned bowl not been actually completely incorrectly positioned so that the oil went all over the drive AGAIN. Third was the upper wishbone on the driver's side which was clonking away merrily over every pump and undulation. I'd read online that this was an easy 30 minute job. I can tell you now that it fucking isn't. Here's the offending art
  6. I have a feeling it will be a right old war, hopefully the hear of migging on a new bolt head will be enough to break the corrosion that has seized it in place. Even if I just have a new head welded onto the bolt, thats got to be better than nothing for the time being, not that I think the subframe is in any danger of falling off, more that i'm not sure how an MOT tester will feel about it in October. Plus i'd prefer the peace of mind that it's held on by all the bolts it was designed to be held on with. Unfortunately I also expect I'll have to dig out the inlet manifold at some point. Th
  7. I miss being furloughed, where is the time going? It's basically August already and I have made precisely zero progress on the Fiesta and am making slow progress on the Alfa Romeo. I've been nipping about in the Golf and now that it's issues are resolved it's a jolly nice thing to blat about in, fast, comfortable and all the switchgear just feels right. So obviously I'm toying with the idea of selling it, anyone interested? The Alfa Romeo is being kept for the time being, obviously this is a car where all the switchgear feels almost right, but is quite obviously a bit wrong. I found
  8. There could be hope for it yet! It was looking like this, last I knew of it after some scrote bent the door back and it was replaced with the white one. Look familiar?
  9. I do suspect it will be snug, we've previously slept in the back of a 96 and a 99 Subaru Legacy wagon without any major complaints and this feels about the same size. If this really doesn't work then I might just have to go back to my number one choice of estate car: a Saab 9-5 Aero, and just grin and bear the extra fuel consumption. This was just the closest I could find in overall character with acceptable fuel slurping.
  10. Sadly not, the Y10 got sold along with all the spares when it seemed that I wouldn't be returning from New Zealand. It was sold to For Fiats Sake on these brown pages, but he hasn't been on since September 19 and I don't know what happened to it after that. It hasn't had an MOT since 2017 so it's not looking hopeful that it's still with us sadly. That is unless anyone else knows any better of the whereabouts of G250BVT
  11. Mini is fixed. It was the aux belt tensioner, which was a bit of a fiddle to remove. The other half set to pulling the front clip into the service position to make it a bit easier to remove. A bit of juggling the engine and struggling with a crap eBay detensioning tool which didn't work and it was off. The new one turned up today, bolted in place and it's back to being fairly quiet again. It seems like a stupidly over complicated piece of design to me but there we go. While he was taking it apart, I set to the whipping off the Golfs rear bumper and changing the parking se
  12. Bit of an update, the Golfs wheels have been refurbed and now it looks much snazzier if you don't look at them too hard and see that my efforts at 'diamond cutting' them look more like they have been attacked with a very sharp cheese grater. Oh well, my work mate who knows fuck all about cars commented that they look much better completely unprompted when I turned up at work on Monday, so they must be better than before. I've also fixed the cruise control by changing the indicator stalk - which also houses all the switches for the cruise control. This involved taking the air bag of
  13. Since the last update, nothing has happened to the Fiesta other than its had it's wheel put back on and it's been pushed to the side of the driveway, waiting for me to have a smidge more time for it because I'm back at work. However, the Volvo has sold, and the Golf has been pressed into daily duties after a last bit of fettling. Firstly the rear brake shield had broken free on the drivers side and was clattering around like a right noisy bastard. I'm pretty certain it does mostly nothing and replacing it properly would require taking off the wheel bearing and hub, so fuck that for a lau
  14. I'm back to work on Monday, which is a shame. I think I could retire now at the ripe old age of 28 and just see out my days pottering about mending crap old cars. But alas, the world's economy doesn't run on mending worthless old tat, so I must go back to grafting. As such I've been doing jobs to finish up decent sections of the cars so that they can all be mobile and shifted about while I'm not at home with moderate ease. Firstly, the Volvo has been employed to take a heap of stuff to the tip, including a big oven which it swallowed with ease, I've also taken the plate off of it, wh
  15. I made a good amount of money selling to backpackers in Auckland between September and January. Buy any old wagon, lob a mattress in the back, if the WOF isn't recent then slap a new one on and double your purchase price, then find a German. Job done.
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