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  1. The manual I have only covers the Princess 2 (so the 1.7 and 2.0, so potentially not a huge lot of use too you, although I don't think much that wasn't superficial changed in them other than the engines over the years unless anyone else knows better.
  2. Great buying there Lihp! You still up in Barnstaple? If so I'll have a fossick about, see if there are Princess parts still hanging about (I think the Haynes manual might still be here if nothing else) and wizz them up to you - while having a perv over the car of course.
  3. Just took it out to get a kebab and it ran with only a minor miss there but ran horribly on the way back, low on power and jolty and anything. I forgot to mention that it's an auto if that makes any difference. On another note, does anyone have the Haynes manual for a Citroen Xsara? I'm about to do the timing belt on a 1.6 8v and want to have info on timing marks and the tensioner to hand.
  4. I'm having a bit of a war trying to get a VW Golf MK4 1.6 8v to run nicely. It keeps running very slightly lumpy at a slow constant speed (eg 30mph) but is fine accelerating, idling or cruising at 60mph it will sometimes throw an eml with the code P0130 which is for the pre-cat oxygen sensor. I've been working on the assumption that this is a symptom of the problem rather than the cause as it's also previously given a code for running too rich. It was running really badly but changing the crank sensor got it running reasonably and got rid of a code. More often than not I just get the code for the O2 sensor and not the one for running rich. So far as well as the crank sensor it's had the timing belt changed as it was due for replacement and timed up correctly with new tensioner and water pump, all 4 spark plugs and the injector rail and coil pack as I had spares sat around but to no avail. I'm going to take the MAF out and clean it but does anyone else have any other ideas? Should I just change the O2 sensor?
  5. Where in the world is that taken? That's the spot of the one I owned last year, but in New Zealand.
  6. I amso pleased that I started this thread. This one post has made the cost of my broadband connection this month more than worth while.
  7. I can confirm that the actual car ferry is now called Blue Bridge, or the Inter-Islander. I used Blue Bridge late last year to ship me and my Rover SD1 south for a big road trip and then back north again. They are pretty average and didn't have anywhere near the exciting levels of G-Wagens that your jumped up ferry has. On a side note, I came across a W8 front badge in the back of my wardrobe yesterday if you're still after one.
  8. Many of the above can be discovered by playing Gran Turismo 4 or visiting New Zealand
  9. Anyone know the brake bleeding order on a p10 primera?
  10. Saab 95 ABS module failure, I believe its fairly common and all the internet wisdom says to send it away to be rebuilt. Not the easiest thing to do from New Zealand. I know that they are programmed to the car, but if I got one from another 2.3 auto then would that negate the need for programming it?
  11. I can confirm that (in manual form anyway) that these are a right hoot to blast around in. I had use of one for a short while in Australia. It was my bosses spare car and I hated the guy so drove it like I stole it. Surprisingly direct steering and a suspension setup that's predictable yet still a heap of fun and yet still manages to survive the fall to earth after getting a smidgen of air time. The seats are less comfortable in that situation.
  12. All good for a couple of weeks wait. I've let the current custodian know that I'm going to be unable to follow this up with any urgency on account of being in Vietnam for a couple of weeks but it will need to be gone in the vaguely near future.
  13. This is now available for further shiters to borrow or buy permanently and is in the much easier to get to location of Durham! Its with a mate of mine who likes it a great deal, just sadly the other occupants of his house do not. Currently it will need an MOT end of next month which is a bit of a crapper but it's all taxed and ready to go for the moment and as it's still done fairly minimal milage i don't expect it will need much, if anything. Apparently it's still in much the same condition as it was in Skuts last posts. So options are, if you want to borrow it then make your way to Durham with £120 (which you'll then get back from.the next person who has it) and i'll put you in touch with Phil who currently has it. Alternatively turn up to Durham with £120 and take it off Phil's hands, then bank transfer me a further £480 and it's all yours to keep. I'll then get the V5c sorted in your name and everyone is a winner. To conclude up for loan again (£120 deposit) or for sale at £600.
  14. VW door locks, yeh i know, possibly the flimsiest and most troublesome door locks known to man. A 2001 Polo 6N2, has had intermittent working central locking and the gubbins inside the drivers lock barrel were busted. I've rebuilt the drivers lock barrel and all seems to be working smoothly and changed the drivers door lock for a second hand unit. Put it back together and it was all working fine yesterday. Today it isn't. I can't get the central locking working at all now and when the key is moved in the barrel it just seems to open the front electric windows and not much else. Using a flat blade i can manually lock and unlock the doors from the slot that the barrel usually sits in but i cant get it to work from key/barrel itself.
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