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  1. I've only had 4 estate cars, we currently still have 3 of them and I think I'd always have at least 1 now. The first was an '89 E30 320i Auto in 2010, it was a lovely car, in a good colour and a decent spec. It was slow though, but it made a good noise. I've had the 945 Turbo since 2012, it's probably a keeper but hasn't been on the road since 2018. 2001 V70 I saved from the scrapman with a slipping clutch, cost me what he would've got for the cat stuck and now 3 years later it really does need that clutch, I think this is a keeper too as it does everything I'd ever want a car to do even if it's a bit thirsty. And the 2003 Z11 Cube, not sure if it's really an estate but it does all of the estate car things.
  2. This is a mk2/Z11, I do like the more conventional Z10 though. No thread on here (or anywhere) yet, I'll get into that when I get into working on it this summer.
  3. Every car I've ever owned has been at the bottom of it's depreciation curve, I spend whatever I can afford at the time and run it until it's not viable to fix due to shitting something expensive. The problem is at the moment any old chod is worth at least a grand which is more than I've spent on all but one previous car purchase, so I'll probably have to put a clutch in the V70, an MOT on the 940 and a timing chain in the Cube and hold onto them all for now.
  4. Again from last summer, this is at the side of a busy road so I'm surprised it still has all of its glass.
  5. I took these back last June on the drive of a dedicated shiter/Citroen owner. About 10mins before, I'd stopped the XM Estate from burning to the ground when the blower motor stuck and started fry the loom behind the dash rather than blow the fuse. The guy also has a W124 in the garage for when he actually needs to get somewhere.
  6. This was the first one I'd seen, so bland and forgettable. Probably a decent car but the guy wants too much money for it.
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