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  1. Pricey but interesting. But definitely pricey. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINCOLN-1977-V12-27000-MILES-ONE-OWNER-LAST-40-YEARS-CAR-WITH-HISTORY-BEHIND/273447474142?hash=item3faabd53de:g:lssAAOSwp7RbkjBS
  2. Thanks! I haven't been far, just loitering in the background but I'm trying to get myself back in the swing of things.
  3. I've known Charlie for a few years, he's a complete dick but quite useful/amusing at the same time. He does have a wife, Bev, and she's not very tall. But she is recently confined to a wheelchair so the chances of her getting to drive this went from slim to none.
  4. Pop up headlights make me reevaluate my life choices.
  5. I could do it at a pinch. Let me know an address and I'll see if I can get up this weekend.
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-CORONA-RESTORATION-PROJECT-/152291469218?hash=item23754767a2:g:8uEAAOSwo4pYDNhi
  7. If anybody wants I can let Hirst know you are all thinking of him. I'll drop him a text this afternoon. I'm full of grumps at the moment. 1) My Grandad is in hospital with his breathing as he's unable to get enough oxygen due to silicosis. We know this and the NHS professionals know this but he's still been in since his Dr sent him to A&E on the 26th! That in itself is not the grump, dementia is what I really want to rail on as while my Grandad is in my Nana is completely lost. They have both always been fairly dependent on each other but over the last few months my Nana has been getti
  8. Nice to see you again over the weekend Will! Top tat-age with the Regata purchase, it looked beautifully shonky parked across from us all weekend. I need to get on with processing yet another superb weekend.
  9. You know, that was my first thought. I spoke to the owner (a serial shite-ist, he has multiple bits of tat under cover in his yard just out of shot and many lockups) and he said he's had 5 Panhards over the years, i told him about Barretts but couldn't remember the details. He said he's got a lockup full of parts too. Full interiors, running gear, the lot. To be honest he seemed somewhat taken aback that I knew what it was in the first place.
  10. A bump back from the dead. But I think this most recent spot is worth it. I pull onto my street coming home from work and this is what I found.
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