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  1. Was picking mum up from the airport, where the hotel is located, didn't even leave the car! I've heard lots of conflicting information about whether you can safely ignore them or not. Mum has said she'll pay it because she's the one that said to wait in that car park, I think if I was to suggest not paying it she'd disagree.
  2. Fucksticks. I've parked in this car park without a problem before, there must be a threshold for how long you can be there before it issues a charge.
  3. I think if there's two numberplate lights you're allowed one out.
  4. Had to Google that one! I can see the resemblance!
  5. This is my most recent one: (shit photo because it's the inside of my upper arm) It's not all that recent now though, I'd planned for one last year (a turbo, an actual turbo rather than an alternator lol) but then covid happened. Probably for the best actually because I think I might have regretted that one. Next one will probably be a dagger/knife running between the two on my arm already. I lack the patience and funds for bigger pieces, and actually prefer to have a collection of smaller ones. I have a voucher for a palm sized piece from a local-ish place, it doesn't have an expiry date on it but it's a few years old now so I'll have to get in touch and see if they'll still honour it. If they will I might get something somewhere other than my arm, as I have lanky arms and something palm sized probably wouldn't fit. As for talking while it's being done, the only thing I talked to the guy that did the Lego skeleton about was the DIY tattoos. I showed him them and he just said they could be worse! I'm quite tempted to break out the machine and fix the dodgy lines on them, though I'll have to do a bit of practice on fake skin first because it's been years since I used a tattoo machine.
  6. I have a few, including a couple of (terrible) DIY ones, I've avoided hands so far because I'm not sure we're at a point in society yet where they're generally acceptable in professional jobs. I want to get more but have been skint for a while. The last one I got was a Halloween special, picked the design off the wall about 15 seconds before booking it for later in the day, still think it's quite cool. It's a Lego skeleton. First was a line art bike in Copenhagen, which remains the most expensive one because I went to quite a high end place at the insistence of my girlfriend at the time, artist was great and I've genuinely considered visiting again just to get another from him. Plan is to continue gradually filling up my right arm until I run out of space.
  7. 850 convertible made by Nilsson Special Vehicles. I want it.
  8. Seems kind of expensive to record customer service training, it's not exactly intense lol
  9. The browser is locked down and can only go to approved websites, turns out if you try to go to anything you're not meant to it just comes up with an error. Most of the actual learning is being done on a learning portal though, which will presumably remain accessible.
  10. Can't use a screen recorder as the profile is locked down and can't run any other software unfortunately
  11. It's not too bad really as it's running in Windows which I don't really use for very much, most of my time on the computer I'm running Kubuntu, I actually prefer it to whatever shitey laptop a company would provide because it means I get to use my clicky clacky keyboard and dual 27" monitors. Another company I applied for supplied a desktop but if I'd got that it'd have involved massive upheaval of my desk to make it fit, and I only have so many plugs!
  12. Don't worry, it was absolutely loaded with sugar, for energy see? It seems like the first week of training involves sitting on Teams calls all week then the second involves shadowing other team members. I'll be interested to see how that works over teh interwebs. I set up the remote working software the other day, it seems to be missing the softphone and it buggered up my Firefox profile, but it seems to be a reasonably intuitive bit of software. It logs you in to a separate windows profile with everything locked down except a web browser that can only go to certain websites, though I've already figured out how to get it to go to Google. Not that I think I'll have time to fanny about on the internet!
  13. Decided I'd try this so called "breakfast" thing for a change.
  14. I start training for my new job in just over an hour. It's been so quick going from interview to offer to start date I've not really had a chance to worry about it. I visited a couple of friends who've worked in call centres on Saturday and they assured me I'm going to love* it. How bad can it be?
  15. I wake up at 8 every morning anyway, I'll be setting it a bit earlier because sign on for training is 8:45. Once the 2 weeks training is done I won't start until 11am!
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