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  1. They have one Zoe and a small fleet of ex-deliveroo cyclists. It's always the guy listed as the company director driving the Zoe so I think he got it for his birthday and he decided to start a delivery company.
  2. As I pointed out to said "tree hugger" my carbon footprint for the last 5 years is definitely less than his for the last 6 months and outside of milk bottles my household produces basically no plastic waste and I don't even heat the house. So he can FRO. I dislike the attitude held by much of my own generation to the world. It's so far off my own lifestyle it's unbelievable.
  3. Definitely not here https://www.facebook.com/yumecoeats/ In their defense after blocking me they unblocked me and someone with a different manner of typing sent a message that they'd removed all of the adverts and they'd be "reconsidering" their advertising ethics in future. I think they'll fail on their own fairly quickly.
  4. They're using a photo they took, it's a local company, it's a small town so the car is known anyway. It's been used because I've written "abusive" comments on their Facebook page. Actually just questions about their business model. He's had a go at my mate a few times in person. I knew it was coming. Edit to clarify: they're a local "green" alternative to deliveroo, they currently offer two restaurants, one of which is a burger restaurant that serves almost exclusively beef and has a Nissan Navara they use for their own deliveries. They've been posting photos of deliveroo car drivers in adverts for a little while now, calling them poluteroo, they seem to have decided because I have a sign for Dominos on my roof it's fair game to use a photo of my car. The real grin is they've been stuck at 24 page likes for as long as I've been aware of them, so their marketing techniques obviously pay off. Their business is fundamentally flawed unfortunately, they charge less for delivery and pay the riders more, we worked out the maths and there's no way they can be profitable.
  5. The fuss he's making you'd think I already was. I'm very tempted to work out the lifetime emissions of a Zoe versus a high mileage Volvo...
  6. They blocked me for pointing out that they're virtue signalling scumbags, as the emissions caused by the delivery of the food is nothing compared to that caused by the production of meat or indeed the manufacturing of their shiny new Renault Zoe. It's obvious I'm being directly targeted, a friend who works for another company and drives a TDI V70 has been hassled in person by them too, perhaps it's time to wind my fuel pump up...
  7. Some eco warriors have targeted my car! Odd because there's much worse polluters being used...
  8. One feature I really liked with the C2 is being able to turn off the dashboard bar the speedo and tach. I found driving without even a clock to be a much more relaxed experience and the only other actually useful thing on the dash is the fuel gauge and that's a bit crap anyway.
  9. reb

    The grumpy thread

    Just finished work having started at 9. First half of the day involved giving leaflets to people who didn't want them and avoiding telling middle management to fuck off. Second half involved cutting and boxing something in the order of 600 pizzas. Now away to drive home and my dash is lit up like a Christmas tree. Lambda light, TRACS light, ABS light and bulb warning light. Though in fairness the last one is always there.
  10. reb

    The grumpy thread

    The house is absolutely full of spiders, that one was evading the cup and card method of capture by crawling up into an awkward corner of the bath. I can see 3 more, admittedly smaller, spiders from where I'm sitting right now. I think the spider population of my house is safe.
  11. That looks very similar to my SGS one but with plastic tyres on the front wheel. Absolutely fantastic things, can lift a side of the Volvo frighteningly high off the ground very quickly!
  12. Going by the second hand information I got last night, it's very likely he'll be getting done for dangerous driving. If he comes out of the other side of this with a licence I'll be very surprised. When he first passed his test he had a habit of sitting about a foot off the back of me when we were leaving town after a shift because he thought it was funny. I thought he'd got better since then, but obviously not. He's meant to be working tonight, I wonder how he's going to get in...
  13. One of my managers got clocked at 80 in a 30 last night. Then when he saw blue lights behind him decided the thing to do was put his foot down on his brand new 1.4 Corsa. It took an impressive amount of distance for them to catch him so I can only assume they weren't really trying very hard. He's been driving for exactly two years and a day, I suspect possibly not for much longer. By the time I'd been driving that long I'd settled comfortably into Volvo ownership, none of this evading police nonsense. I wanted to put this in the grin thread, but it felt a bit cruel even though 80 in a 30 is the sort of thing that absolutely deserves removal of driving rights.
  14. reb

    The grumpy thread

    My approach to big spiders is fairly unkind, but it's only a spider...
  15. Does the butcher's counter have SVM shaped sausage? If not, hard pass.
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