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  1. reb

    Citreon c1.

    I am taking notes.
  2. Shockingly there are a number of eastern european countries not in the EU. And at least one prominent western european country...
  3. reb

    Citreon c1.

    Back when I worked at Numbertile Roundbread we had one of these as a company car (basically for drivers to use when their own car FTPd) and it was fucking hilarious to drive, and surprisingly brisk. I once took it on a run out into the country, flinging it about like I'd stolen it, looked down at the speedo and saw an indicated 80! Oops! I didn't think I was pushing it that hard, and it certainly didn't feel it!
  4. Building analogue guitar effects and synthesizer bollocks. I have my own designs I'm working on but initially I'll be doing clones. It's theoretically viable with the right marketing. As long as it pays for itself I'm not too arsed.
  5. It's not quite as big as the ultra wide shot makes it look, but there's enough space for a good few cars if hoarding is your thing. I'll be sacraficing some of the space for business purposes if all goes well though.
  6. Spent an hour tidying the unit with MsReb. I know it's still an absolute tip, but it was *really* bad before. The amount of shite I swept off the floor is astounding, especially since we only really did a quarter of it.
  7. Surely a print on demand service could be used to have calendars sent direct to buyers rather than faffing about with having to collate addresses and whatnot?
  8. Well aware, your point? The only thing there that wasn't publically available already is the address. So I suppose some weirdo might turn up, but they wouldn't achieve much.
  9. Application to form a limited company has been put in. All being well (proposed name is accidentally one word off a much larger company) I'll be a powerfully built company director by the end of the week. Next step is convincing someone to fund me/it. My plan for the rest of the evening is to transfer the business plan from my cranium to a PDF. Wish me luck.
  10. My resolution is to learn to ride two wheeled shite of the engined variety without turning myself into jam.
  11. I wouldn't quite say that yet... yet.
  12. If you do ever want to sell R96OCK... I was born in 96 and am a rock musician...
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