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  1. I have the cheapest sunglasses I could find at Specsavers (made even cheaper with friends and family discount) and they live loose in the door pocket of the Volvo, somehow they've never got scratched. I need new ones soon though because they're an older prescription than my normal glasses and my normal glasses aren't strong enough. I'm expecting the bill for two pairs of glasses to be £LOL because I'm a wanker and only buy raybans now.
  2. We've looked at the times and the 17.000 was actually @Ghosty, he did a better time than me. Mine were a few tenths slower.
  3. We may have a slight problem here. It was close to done before but then I did a burnout like all the cool kids. Slow drive home it is.
  4. Luckily I don't need to go on either road to get to Crail! I barely need to go on an A road.
  5. One last minute bump couldn't hurt could it? I'll be there with @Ghostywho's currently driving up in his Civic Sedan, but we'll likely both be there in the Volvo.
  6. I've owned my Volvo for 6 months now and never washed it. I don't do many miles so it never really got that bad. Today after work I took it to a jet wash. It's been so long since I washed a car I did a pretty shite job, would have been better paying an extra £4 and getting it done at the hand car wash. Oh well.
  7. If all the nerds were indeed to FRO you'd be without a forum to tell them to FRO on.
  8. I run Kubuntu on my desktop and my work laptop is quite locked down. What does it do? Kubuntu lets you snap to a quarter of the screen, is it like that?
  9. I wish I'd done it ages ago! There's two of them so I could have 8 sensibly sized browser windows open at any one time. The only issue is if I maximise one them they're not hugely readable, entire paragraphs end up on one line! It's going to take a little bit of getting used to I think. The reason I did the upgrade now is I've got so used to having a 4K screen attached to my work laptop (I bought the screen myself) that the 1080p ones just weren't comfortable to use anymore. It's amazing how a resolution and screen size that felt impossibly roomy when I got it can feel so cramped now. 100% scaling is nice for fitting as much as possible on the screen, but it's maybe a bit small for extended use, I'll try 125% and see how I get on. I think we've reached the peak resolution of sensibly sized monitors now though, 8K might be a bit of an improvement, but I can't see anything past that actually being any more useable at sensible distances. Maybe one day once the prices come down a bit I'll get a couple of 40" 8K monitors!
  10. My new monitors mean I can browse the entire forum at once. All are perfectly readable, each window is roughly the resolution of a normal 1080p screen.
  11. I bought a "2 cup" French press. Well. It has markings for 2 cups. It in fact holds exactly the same amount of coffee as my mug.
  12. I will see if I can get time off for this. If I can I'll be sleeping in my car, both nights.
  13. The engine code is BLF I think.
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