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  1. It is indeed pronounced Cooper, I can't possibly imagine any other way of pronouncing it!
  2. That's my local Tesco! I've seen the Escort around a couple of times and always get slightly excited by it, dad had one back when they were a lot more common! Don't think I've seen the Jaaaag about though
  3. If you don't mind, that'd be handy, my mind is to all over the place at the moment to manage. I'm unfortunately not in a financial position to buy anything right now, soon I should be though.
  4. If you can find me an engine without a multiplexed ECU and someone to trailer it there, maybe! I'm not allowed to drive for health reasons right now so attending shows with any car is unfortunately not really possible. ☹️
  5. A big personal grin in that I found the key for mavisnotmavis! All of my other keys were locked inside, it's been too long since I got along to the unit! Weekend goals!
  6. I just found this photo of dad's van from a few years ago, no explanation needed;
  7. Potentially got a trailer next week funds allowing.
  8. It's going from my house to my unit, less than 10 miles.
  9. I don't fancy A-framing an untaxed/insured car with no MOT, not with the amount of police I've seen about recently.
  10. When the crank pulley shat itself and dad fitted the new one, he did the pump timing as the pump belt was scarily loose, he taught me how adjust it all both with and without the software. Of course, I can't remember now! Hopefully I will when it comes to do it.
  11. Dad has a copy of Vol-FCR, once lockdown is over I'll be able to find it, unfortunately not really feasible right now to access his computer.
  12. As I said last night, in so many words, being right and doing the right thing aren't the same. Time to do the right thing and crack on with what matters in the world, getting on with addressing the chod backlog we all seem to have. Old broken cars won't fix themselves! I for one am watching with interest, as I've been toying with building a microcamper for years and MrsREB is keen on the idea so I have to do it now!
  13. I'm going to bump this to give people a chance to catch up on the (lack of) progress, I know that I need to! The next few days I'm going to put in the time it needs to move to the next stage. If anyone has a trailer and would be able to help me move it and the donor car across to the unit once I've bolted everything back together enough to roll around it'd be much appreciated. I have access to a suitable towing vehicle and suitably licensed driver, but neither of us have a car trailer! I say that's my plan, knowing me I'll get distracted and end up trying to fire the bastard thing up!
  14. I don't know, I shall try and find out, I think likely a Saab. Perhaps my Grandads TD 940?
  15. The main downside to kerosene seems to be slow starting, so I've observed through others using it in off road applications of course. I've also personally experienced the fun of an autumn cold start on far too much veg, clagtastic once it eventually fired!
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