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  1. reb

    The grumpy thread

    I'll have to see what happens then. It's complicated by it being through my work insurance rather than my own
  2. reb

    The grumpy thread

    Everything I can find online plus the insurance companies advice points to it being the case
  3. reb

    The grumpy thread

    Big grump time! 850 is a Cat N, so needs an MOT early, very likely needs the top spring seats renewed before this can happen. I can neither afford nor be arsed with that right now. My current plan is bung it into the same kwikshit as last time and hope they don't notice. I wonder if the half tank of veg it's got in will help or hinder the emmissions test...
  4. reb

    The grumpy thread

    It fucks me right off, got another on the same thread. It's about the only bloody thing I get excited about, but obviously I've not done my research!
  5. I've got the 200 piece set, the "black edition" otherwise known as the "lose all your bastarding tools edition", that I bought when I passed my test 3 years ago. Every problem I've ever had with it has been my own doing rather than a problem with the set itself. It has at least one 6 sided socket for every size I need. I'm thinking about treating myself to something a bit nicer as a "workshop" set and retiring it to living in the boot duties but honestly I'd just as soon get a second Halfords set!
  6. Some wank in a 116D reversed into me while I was basically stationary. Insurance say "beyond economical repair". Lets see about that, shall we? Job jobbed. That was pretty economical I'd say, given I had the tcut anyway and the pry bar was nicked from Keith. Not perfect by any means, but more than good enough for a workhorse, and at least the door opens properly again.
  7. Some slightly grim paint, T-Cut, a lot of swearing and a lot of time results in: I can't imagine much other than a Volvo looking like that on 240k no matter what you do to it!
  8. Bulgaria keeps popping up in my pipe dream future plans. One day.
  9. It's all gone a bit two bucket wrong 'un at the farm today. Rather it did, until I discovered the manky veg/derv stain behind the filler neck wouldn't shift. I never thought I'd see the day I'd unflinchingly rub down a panel on my own car with a rag soaked in unleaded. It works though!
  10. I can't remember what state the brakes are in on this but I may have a full front set of discs and pads with less than 100 miles on them available for cheapness if you or the loaner need!
  11. reb

    The grumpy thread

    Me: "Hey look at this thing I'm doing that I think is cool" Anonymous Owners Club tosser: "That won't work because of this problem you solved about 6 months ago but I know more about the engine than you even though I've never touched one and you've spent the last two months worth of days off shoulder deep in it" FRO!
  12. Coincidentally it's also how my brain feels when I think about how I'm going to make it work.
  13. In my mind, that's an HDi in a 205! Success! Now just to make it work...
  14. Some amount of success has been had!
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