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  1. I'm pretty sure some of them have been there as long as I can remember, given dad got work done there since I was very small that's quite a long time. There's a 2007(?) estate that was mums, then it shat its turbo and got replaced with a Duster, now it lives there.
  2. Didn't get a chance to get a photo today, will try and get one when I'm back tomorrow!
  3. From where I am sitting right now I can see upwards of 15 Saabs of various vintages. I'm feeling like my Volvo sticks out a bit.
  4. Yesterday marked a year since dad passed away, we went for a walk with Mum as some sort of memorial. What a year it's been, I often wonder what he'd have made of it all. I don't really know what to say without it extending to several paragraphs, which I'll spare for somewhere that's not News 24. I just hope he's happy I'm pouring inheritance money into keeping my (his old) Volvo a going concern.
  5. Yes, it's only got a tiny little battery and alternator though so it struggled. Got there in the end though!
  6. Volvo is refusing to start to take it to the workshop to fit a new starter. Funnily enough the starter is turning, but the (brand new) battery was flat as a pancake after only sitting a week. The fiesta doesn't have the power to jump it properly so now I'm sitting in the cold waiting for it to charge the battery enough to start the car.
  7. I would like to formally retract this grump as DHL just texted me with the tracking number.
  8. Would it kill EuroCarParts to give me a tracking number for the £300+ worth of stuff I've ordered from them? I'm sure they always did in the past.
  9. Bouncing on the bonnet while MrsREB pulled the lever got it open and closer inspection revealed the cable that goes between the two catches has stretched, so I'll rob the one off the spares car and see if that fixes it. I can't quite figure out if the problem with the starter is a loose connection or if the connection post for the battery line to it is damaged. I do know it made lots of pretty sparks and fired when I poked it with a breaker bar while turning the key. Stupidly I closed the bonnet before checking to see if it'd start a second time, which it didn't, and it's nearly dinner ti
  10. It's good to see this continuing to get the loving attention it deserves. I am slightly confused by the spark plugs, I'm sure I saw a new set floating about the car (a long time ago now admittedly) but they quite possibly ended up in the shed. Unlike usual where branded service items are found it's not an indication they're ancient, dad just liked fitting Volvo supplied items, a habit I have to admit I haven't inherited!
  11. For what its worth on the text chat front, there is still the Autoshite Discord server, albeit most of the regular contributors have left but it is still there. If anyone would like an invite link for it I'm happy to provide one.
  12. Went to go for a drive in the Volvo to celebrate it being back on the road. Turn the key and all the dash lights come on as normal, turn it to start it and... nothing. This isn't the grump as it just does that sometimes, a prod of the starter with a pry bar generally sees it right. The grump is the fact that the left hand bonnet catch won't un-catch. It's like it's not doing anything at all when you pull the lever, even pulling it while gently* pulling up on the bonnet did nothing. Will have to investigate further in daylight but it's put somewhat of a damper on my evenings plans. Bastard thin
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