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  1. Here is the very moment I realised how much work I actually have ahead of me before I can even think about putting this back together.
  2. You know what, I've had 850s for a while now and had completely forgotten about the built in child seat. Long may I not need it!
  3. I suppose that'll happen when you spend 3 hours playing a Spotify playlist of copyrighted music lol The edited version will have a lot less dead air so less chance of content ID blocking the video. Nobody needs 3 hours of me fannying around anyway!
  4. Thank you to anyone that joined in for what was ultimately a fruitless stream. Back home now, taking the frame to someone more experienced in the art of seized thing removal in the morning. I'm going to have my dinner and try and put a coherent video together out of 3+ hours of incoherent babbling/dead air. I will be back again at ????hrs tomorrow, hopefully with something more interesting to watch! I really need a better way of staying aware of the chat, I couldn't really move my phone away from the laptop as it was tethered for interwebs using USB. As for the multi-camera thing, I've some ideas about how to best utilize the capability, as I don't really have a practical limit to the number of cameras and a proper two camera setup would make things a lot easier!
  5. I have to admit I've not ridden one in anger in a number of years! I used to be quite quick though, I was very good at quite rapidly getting myself further away from home than I was capable of riding back.
  6. I've decided I'm going to run a stream so people can watch me be a terrible mechanic. The current project is a somewhat crispy Raleigh Equipe. It'll be here: I've set the schedule for 12:30 but honestly I don't know if I'll be at the unit and ready by then, we'll see. It will become a regular thing, I think. I will be logged into the Discord server in "The Workshop" voice channel, if you'd like to join in/listen along, I'm sure either I or @Supernaut will be able to help get you connected. Edit; it's actually here:
  7. I was going to go to the workshop today and finish off that bike, but it's got a bit more in depth than anticipated, so i need to step back and regroup I think. Also, it's fucking Sunday!
  8. reb

    The grumpy thread

    Not officially, no. I've never fully respoked a motorcycle wheel, but I've done partial rebuilds on the moped wheels used on the rickshaws I used to ride. I wouldn't be trusting anything too irreplaceable with me mind!
  9. Rust removal done* Need to find a more precise wire wheel to get at the bits at the top of the bracket shell, but that went far better than expected. I'm going to cover it in some alloy wheel lacquer I have lying around because the owner likes the "lived in" look. Fine by me. Makes me thankful for always having had Reynolds stainless frames, none of this nonsense to deal with. Absolutely not worth it from any sane man's perspective, but that's why I'm here.
  10. All the essentials in. No bench yet, so had to improvise for mounting the truing stand Shimmed with a lump of the free kindling I got the other day.
  11. There will hopefully be a big update on it tomorrow
  12. The only lead piping in this unit is this godawful Raleigh Equipe, thank you.
  13. It seems to still be attached, I'm not sure I have the tools to take it off with me.
  14. Oh of course, I have no intent of blatantly flaunting the rules. Certainly not going near any people, nor anywhere I don't need to be. Can you tell what it is yet?
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