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  1. Dominos stuff crops up on eBay quite often, wouldn't be hard to pretend! When I worked there though we did have all sorts of cars, never anything as flash as a Range Rover though. I can't see minimum wage making much of a dent in the running costs and in my experience the fuel money starts to get a bit tight around 30mpg.
  2. Volvo battery replaced and it fired up absolutely no problem! The grump? ABS light is now on and didn't clear driving it home. Just what I need.
  3. Finally got a response out of Carparts4less, the basic gist of it being their courier won't ship the battery because it's hazardous goods? Quite why they're selling them then I don't know since they're delivery only? Incompetent monkeys. A friend is going to get me one through Dingbro, which will likely be cheaper and turn up quite a bit faster. Should have just done that in the first place.
  4. I'm thinking about doing the NC500 or something similar with MrsREB when she's over, she studied here for 5 years and hardly left St Andrews! In an ideal world I'd be doing it in the pug, I've driven around the Highlands in it a couple of times and it's a surprisingly pleasant experience and it's got a decent sized boot for camping tat. I like the sound of C70 too though!
  5. I ordered a new battery for the Volvo a week past friday, it's still not been dispatched! It'd be less annoying if it wasn't sitting exactly where I need the 205 to go! I also haven't driven since May or June-ish, which is something I'd really like to fix as soon as possible! It'd be nice to see something that isn't my living room!
  6. Have had to buy a new battery for the Volvo as the old one has gone flat as a pancake from sitting so long and the charger won't touch it. This has got me thinking about how much work and money the C2 is likely to need for a test, as its battery wasn't particularly great even before it was put in storage and it'll need a decent battery to diagnose the ABS fault in order to get it tested. In all honesty I don't feel like even trying with it, but at the same time trying to sell an immobile car with no MOT is a pain at the best of times let alone right now. I want it out of the way so I have
  7. Only when the other 10 lighters in the car run out of gas. That's actually one of the strangest things about quitting for me, no longer the need to stash lighters everywhere I spend time.
  8. Seat back pockets are for carrying massively out of date AA Road Atlases and nothing else.
  9. That looks like exactly my sort of place, 500+ miles away though so not exactly round the corner!
  10. Today the 205 got put back on its wheels for the first time in well over a year in preparation for getting shifted to my unit. The HDI plan is in the bin because various goings on this year have led to everything related to it being thrown into complete disarray, I'm sure it's still doable but I'm not the one to do it. The plan now is to put it back to standard-ish and get it as well sorted as I can while I have the time to work on it. There will still be turbots involved, but in a more factory intended manner. MrsREB will be arriving in just over a month, we'll see how long her promise t
  11. What else have you got in that box of goodies? I renewed the front suspension on my 850 with bits from Polar Parts last year, they seem decent quality and very reasonable prices!
  12. That layby is on one of my favourite roads around here
  13. I currently have: - 1996 Volvo 850 TDI - 1994 Peugeot 205 D -1994 Volvo 850 2.5 10v (deceased) - 2004 Citroen C2 GT - 2003 Peugeot 307 (also deceased) With any luck I'll be down to just the 850 and 205 within a few months
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