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  1. I found a lump hammer, and it made the process about 420% easier. Taking a break now, then I have to move some stuff to put the first one in place, then I can put the second one together. Though having just looked at the time I should probably do it tomorrow since I doubt my neighbours would appreciate loud hammering at 9pm.
  2. All of my tools are at my unit and I can't get there until probably saturday (maybe even not until next saturday) and I need/want to get these sorted by the weekend. I think I maybe have a normal hammer somewhere, which would be both better and worse at the same time. I can only assume the Halfords and other "proper" brands that sell what look to be identical shelving must actually be a bit better made
  3. Some of it needed a good few taps of the mallet to seat things home. I will admit that it would probably be going slightly more smoothly if my "mallet" wasn't an old thermos flask.
  4. The part that has gone the worst so far is the couplers between the halves of the legs. The first 3 have gone in ok (well, there's about a 2mm gap that looks like it shouldn't be there, but I'm sure it'll be fine if they're all like that) but the last one has got stuck with a 2cm gap. Not to mention that when I was fitting them to the tops of the bottom halves of the leg I followed exactly what it said to do, and yet they still got all fucked up and bent!
  5. Was yours made of tinfoil? It arrived today, and christ is the metal flimsy. I've had to take a break from assembling the first one because I'm getting so pissed off with things bending in ways they're not supposed to. I know I'm a ham-fisted orangutan but this is ridiculous!
  6. Nothing much to report, except that I bought the cheapest garage racking on Amazon (£44 for two units) to use to store computershite and other gubbins. It had generally good reviews, except for one that said it just falls apart. Only one way to find out, I suppose.
  7. Not mine, belongs to the guy I share the unit with now. That's him doing prep work to remove the engine from his Grandeur
  8. This needs to come out I'm really rather glad it's not my problem.
  9. I have an interview in an hour, one which will allow me to buy my DVDs 25% cheaper. (Volunteering at BHF)
  10. I'm on the second bus of the day! No, I'm not collecting anything. Just bored. With any luck I'll be able to get this silly gold watch adjusted so it looks less like I nicked it from a gorilla.
  11. To be fair that's about as close to a plate actually saying something as you'll get. Perfect 4 Edinburgh sauna owner?
  12. Go to new-ish coffee chain. Get there just as it's opening. Do you take cash says I No says barista I only have cash says I Free coffee? Says the barista Why yes, that would be lovely says I
  13. He moved out 3 years ago, so that might be a bit of an impossibility!
  14. If you look out of my kitchen window there's a lone tree pretty much exactly a mile away on top of a hill. About five years ago my old neighbour told me I should walk there and "see who's name is below it" in a way that suggested it would be personally relevant to me. I always intended to, but never got round to it. Yesterday I found myself feeling the need to escape for a while, so I set off along the footpath that would lead me there. Most of the journey there was fine, it was along an official ancient right of way that sees a reasonable amount of traffic, though I didn't see any other people. The next stretch was along a single track road with basically no traffic. I took a slight detour to sit by the reservoir for a moment, then trundled on. Eventually I reached the edge of the fields the tree sits above, at this point there seemed to be no way of reaching it but walking up the margins of the fields and climbing a fence, which I duly did. I reached the tree and inspected it thoroughly, no names to be seen. Just a couple of initials carved a long long time ago. At this point I decided my neighbour was winding me up, and sat on a log to have a cigarette and take in the view. Then I spotted a cross made of cut timber lying face down in the undergrowth, so I flipped it over... It was a cross for a dog named Gillie who died in 2019. I'm not really sure what significance, if any, this has. At least I got a good walk out of it.
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