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  1. Looks more like an idler pulley if that's it in the first picture.
  2. Based on what's happened in London you can be fairly confident that this zone is going to expand over time, both geographically and to include other types of vehicle, and will require progressively tighter emissions standards. Due to the expansion of the London LEZ to the North Circular in October, I intend to scrap a perfectly serviceable but scruffy Mondeo which easily has another 100k of life in it upon the expiry of its MOT a month later, and I expect there'll be thousands of older cars with a similar fate.
  3. Also, the banks hate cash because it is heavy and bulky and generally a pain in the ass to deal with what with counting it, all the security, having to physically transport it etc. A friend in the banking industry is involved in the move to getting rid of cash and says cash is even worse than cheques in terms of cost to process. That surprised me too.
  4. Definitely not - it would be more descriptive of the way a taxi steering wheel gets shiny after 250,000 miles, assuming you were a particularly contemplative taxi driver. Here's what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.
  5. In Japanese aesthetics, that quality is known wabi-sabi
  6. The tread in the central 3/4 of the tyre looks ok to me.
  7. Land Rover transmission brakes are pretty shit too, not least you have to undo the rear propshaft to get the drum off and that's a right fiddle even with the special skinny socket because you have to chock the front wheels and jack the rear so you can rotate the universal joint to get at the nuts . The brake is applied by an expander which works like folding wedges and is prone to seizing 'on' unless you take it to bits from time to time and fill it with copperslip, and if you ever drive in deep ruts (like you might, with a 4x4) the way the drum is fitted it directs mud inside itself so the job needs doing more often. As if that wasn't shit enough, the springs the hold the shoes are tremendously strong and you'll most likely have to work on them laying on your back. Finally, if youre changing a back wheel you have to remember to apply the centre difflock before jacking the rear wheels else the rear differential will let the vehicle roll.
  8. A good quality pair of longnose Molegrip type pliers (e.g. Teng) are a game changer for working on drum brake springs.
  9. That Big Boy metal filler is great stuff. I slathered a load of it onto a rotted out silencer box because I couldn't be bothered fitting the replacement I've bought just yet, and was impressed by how hard it dries. It remains to be seen whether the MOT man is equally enamoured with it, but so far so good.
  10. Does that comparison take account of the quality of the area though? Anything 2 beds within London for £850pcm is likely to be in a rough area, yet a quick look on Rightmove shows the same amount gives a choice of flats in St Albans or Tunbridge Wells (but not Sevenoaks, unsurprisingly)
  11. I have one of those shit B&Q mowers which I bought cheaply as a non-runner mainly because it was in the next road. It only needed a woodruff key, but whilst I was pondering whether it might need a carb (it didn't) I found this place here sells bits for them: https://coreservice.co.uk/shop/bq-own-brand/petrol-products-bq-own-brand/lawnmowers-petrol-products-bq-own-brand/bq-own-brand-40cm-petrol-lawnmower-with-se475-engine/
  12. Lockheed Galaxy. I wonder why military hardware, which you would not imagine to be an emotional purchase, tends to be given such brilliant names?
  13. The serial killers' Minette looks like a prototype Smart car!
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