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  1. I drove the discourtesy car a few times and recall that the gearstick was angled backwards and was much too long, which placed the gearknob uncomfortably far back in the car and the clutch pedal was such a long way from the floor that you couldn't pivot your foot from the heel. It was a shit thing to drive.
  2. FSO were imported by a company in the same offices that did Mazda in Tunbridge Wells, and Weller Wheels were based a couple of miles away on the town's industrial estate.
  3. I was friends with a car dealer who had one in stock for months that he just couldn't shift. He eventually started lending it to customers whose cars were in for warranty work, where it had the advantage of making them super keen to come and get their own car back. We used to call it the 'discourtesy car'.
  4. It's got nothing to do with the environment or any nonsense about air quality. It's all about funding TfL.
  5. Yeah, I bet the average end user would have the permissions to edit fields like the manufacturer name in the DVLA database so that it updates all the records. That sounds really likely.
  6. I think they put scrubbers in the chimney to catch all the nastiness and paint the building a modern colour to make people imagine that what goes on inside is all unicorns and kittens. Is your drill a fancy variable speed job, or one of the single speed on/off variety? They were pretty wank, and because they were so expensive I remember there being a whole family of attachments to 'turn your drill into an xyz' that fundamentally didn't work. My dad had a B&D hedge trimmer, which although purpose made, was very obviously based on a drill and it was both tiny and shit. I have a gigantic petrol thing that I got in Aldi and probably paid about the same number of pounds for, fourty years later, and it's a beast.
  7. I read somewhere that it's actually more effective to recover the energy from recyclables by incinerating them than it is to recycle them in the conventional sense. There's a lot of bullshit around recycling anyway. The preferred solution is 'source reduction', which is newspeak for going without. People have become so accustomed to having abundant cheap shit that 'source reduction' isn't a particularly palatable option. I was just thinking earlier about how affordable power tools have become compared to when I grew up and any kind of tools were fucking expensive. I wouldn't fancy going back to that!
  8. In the late '80s I watched an Alfa 6 go through Shoreham car auction and make £50. I was a skint student and didn't have a spare £50. I haven't seen another before or since.
  9. Keyless entry seems to be a pretty pointless feature; from what I see on the hilarious Nextdoor app it means you have to use a Disklok or your car will inevitably be stolen. I'm surprised insurance companies will even cover keyless cars.
  10. I find it rather amusing to speak to unsolicited callers in a somewhat disrespectful manner and then make them end the call. Here's how one went recently: *ring ring*. "Hello?" "Oh hello, it's about your recent accident". "You fucking stupid cunt! You made me stand up!" "I beg your pardon? That's very rude" "I was in the middle of something, you cocksucker. If you don't like the way the call is going I suggest you hang up".
  11. I will nip back to 2013 and tell myself to try that. You can see where I'd attempted to split the swivelly ring thing off using a new, sharp chisel that got completely chewed up.
  12. This was quite deeply recessed into an alloy wheel so I'm not sure there would have been room. I suspect that was also the reason why I didn't weld a nut onto it.
  13. I had to remove a McGard wheelbolt by drilling the head off it because the key was too soft to turn it. Turns out they are hardened, so it wasn't easy to do.
  14. I'd bin those mcGard locking nuts whilst the key made of chocolate will still undo them.
  15. The junction for the M62 from the A1 at Castleford is like that, as is the entrance to the M6 Toll from the M6 westbound.
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