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  1. Let's hope the cap fixes it. I haven't got as far as doing the head gasket on a D5, but I did do the valve stem oil seals with the head in-situ and that was a lot of work. The head bolts are underneath the camshafts, and you have to remove all the injector pipework, injectors, high pressure pump, cambelt etc. to get at them. Removing the head would additionally involve getting the turbo out, which looked a right pain in the ass when I was considering doing it. ETA: here they are, along with my home made in-situ valve spring compressor:
  2. I would choose a Rolls Royce Camargue and smoke about in it looking like a disgraced light entertainer.
  3. I recently saw (somewhere, possibly here) that 'missing heatshield' was a fail. That was a new one to me - is it a recent one?
  4. Dead_E23

    Shite Trailers

    It does, but I backed them off to move it around. I've since freed the sticky pivot in the actuating rod mechanism, so I reckon it wouldn't take much to get them working again.
  5. Dead_E23

    Shite Trailers

    That is still true, and what's more, the missing light lens turned up in the end. Last time I saw it, it was looking a bit better due to the rain washing all that dirt off.
  6. Volvo estates used to be a big car, but look dainty next to a Corsa (even at night)
  7. Whilst you have engine and gearbox apart, consider getting a replacement concentric clutch slave cylinder for it, They leak and eventually fail completely, and replacing them is a big job unless you have everything in bits already.
  8. In adjacent cylinders too. I wonder if a bit of oil or water got into the cylinder and hydraulic-ed them, then subsequently got pumped out so there's nothing to see. Maybe there was a bit of oil sitting in the pipes from the turbo or something. Feasible?
  9. What has actually happened there? I can see a couple of the followers appear chewed up, but can't see what caused it. Would be interesting to see if those valves are bent - maybe the engine ingested something.
  10. I reckon the pictures might not be showing due to permissions. Are they in your Google photos? I don't remember seeing a way of making those public. I'd have a think about whether it'll be easier to swap heads rather than engines. I researched doing an engine swap on my V70 and it seems the way to do it is by unbolting the whole front subframe and lifting the body off, which probably wouldn't be too bad with a lift but I think you may still need to pair the injectors with your ECU before it'll run. Whichever route you choose I'd imagine you'll want to fit a fresh cam belt, which makes the head swap sound less onerous, although I suspect there would be a lot of dismantling involved either way.
  11. I'm seeing grey 'no entry sign' icons instead of catastrophic engine malady pics, so whatever that engine has might be contagious.
  12. Anyone know what happened to the site? Covered in 'little boxes made of ticky tacky'?
  13. My eponymous BMW's 35 year old ZF4HP22 gearbox has the same wonderful feature - you must not rev in engine in Park or neutral else the front clutch pack wears out. The E23 was years ahead of its time.
  14. Dead_E23

    Sao Penza

    That publicity shot was taken 5 minutes walk from the importer's offices. The green cupolas behind now mark a Wetherspoon's - hurrah! (When the picture was taken they marked a derelict building that was home to 1000000 pigeons)
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