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  1. I'll spend a bit more than that, but I walk a lot with my dog. Here's a pair of my boots at exactly a year old with their identical, same sized replacements:
  2. I treat cars exactly like shoes. I can afford quite nice ones and like them to start off comfy but I don't feel the need to go and spend every penny I have on a pair of shoes, still less get into debt for them. I tend not to bin them until they are unserviceable or upgrade them to impress people I don't know and whose opinions I couldn't give a fuck about. I'll fix things like a broken shoelace but unless it's a really special shoe it's going in the bin when it needs new soles and heels. Why would a car be much different?
  3. If someone was cheeky enough to offer me advice of that type, I'd ask them whether they think it might be a better plan to use up their whole ISA allowance with stuff like index trackers before putting money into a diminishing asset like a car.
  4. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned! Is all that going to be done on a lift in a nice warm workshop, or rolling around on the drive in the cold?
  5. I'd be more tempted to fit a low profile LED roof bar than anything on the front, although those can have the disadvantage of illuminating the bonnet so it might need a 'lip' underneath it to stop that. I'd definitely want rear, and probably side illumination if I was doing that kind of thing now. LED has to be the way forward for power consumption and robustness. Recently I've noticed that rock crawling enthusiasts fit lights inside their wheel arches so they can see what their wheels are sitting on. I thought that was an intriguing idea, although I doubt they'd work too well when the wheel arch is rammed full of clay.
  6. I did exactly that with a RRC, as I figured I could do more than its value in damage to my 110 in one afternoon just by resting the sides of it against trees, as tends to happen in slippery clayey woods. As it turned out that was a good decision because by the time I scrapped it the body was absolutely fucked and had adopted a broken backed appearance due to the knackered body mounts getting squashed. It still had the quietest V8 I've ever heard, with not a hint of timing chain or lifter noise. Pity I didn't have time to take the engine out before it went, but circumstances prevented that. I'd take that bull bar off fairly early in proceedings, btw. They weigh a ton, get in the way if maintenance and don't do a lot to save panel damage because they get pushed into the wings much too easily.
  7. I have heard I'm on Santa's 'passive aggressive' list, so I have asked him for a lump of coal.
  8. My mother had a Collie-Retriever cross rescue dog that the vet reckoned was 21 when she was eventually put to sleep, based on him estimating her age as 6 when he first saw her and the dog living another 15 years. Mum had been told the dog was 3, so even if the vet's estimate was wrong the dog wasn't any younger than 18.
  9. Green Flag cover my 1992 Defender as my main vehicle, but it would not be covered if I was driving it on my Personal (i.e. driving other vehicles) cover.
  10. The ones on the M25 only seem to enforce the variable speed limits (e.g. 40 or 50 mph) rather than being on all the time.
  11. I would be teaching that Alexa that I 'like' bands like Alien Sex Fiend, Crass, The Cramps, The Pine Box Boys and so on.
  12. Some tips for hanging onto a Defender: Use multiple layers of security. Whatever other security you've fitted, I'd recommend a Disk-lok on the steering wheel because they're highly visible and crooks know they're a pain to deal with. Also, park with the steering on full lock to make it difficult to winch onto a trailer. Wherever possible, I park mine very close to a wall or behind a height restriction to make it difficult to steal with a hi-ab, and I use some kind of immobilizer every time I step out of it even if it's just walking to the kiosk in a petrol station. Another tip is to leave the transfer box in neutral; that'll baffle most casual theives for long enough that they abandon the effort.
  13. That Mary Berry will never get rich making cakes if she bakes them one at a time. She needs a big commercial oven so she can do hundreds at once. It's almost as if she was more interested in making programmes for the telly than in profitable baking. I bet they don't even eat them all. Ridiculous!
  14. I was recently outraged to discover that the moon is not peopled by knitted mice that live on soup made from string. What a lot of old nonsense the Clangers is. Makes me wonder if any other TV programmes are full of complete shit they've made up to make them seem more entertaining. Turn it off!
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