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  1. Whichever you choose, for period correctness the cassette door needs to have a mixture of fag ash and pastry crumbs perched on it
  2. The runout 280 Brooklands Capri is another one that is supposed to command a premium. I was always intrigued by the depressing 'dealer specials' that used to cross my friend's car lot. Usually musty-smelling base model Fords with a pin stripe and a stained headlining due to the leaky aftermarket sunroof that had sweetened the original deal.
  3. A decisive moment for the 5 year old future designer of the Nissan Cube captured there!
  4. An MG Sherpa would have been strangely appropriate.
  5. I'm surprised that review doesn't mention just how comfy the Scorpio 2.9i would have been. I remember driving one at the time and not wanting to get out of it at my destination. I also don't remember the 2.9 being especially coarse or noisy - it was way better than the 2.8 that preceded it. The E34 5 series was probably a better car overall, but some of the seats they used to fit in BMWs of that era were like sitting on a park bench.
  6. Sounds about right then - I reckon he had the Imp sometime around 1975-6.
  7. I think my brother had a 'Harry Moss' cassette player that looked similar to that installed under the dash in his Hillman Imp, but it was completely independent of the radio. Sounded rubbish, but that was par for the course with Harry Moss gear. When was this Philips player made? The graphics look late 60s to me, so it presumably 'inspired' the Harry Moss one.
  8. It's because interest rates are low. If they were 10% again, people would keep their money in the bank, but as the interest they receive doesn't even match inflation they go out shopping fo Ford Escorts and 80s hot hatches instead.
  9. I remember getting in one of these with my Mum as a fairly young child (it was probably a taxi) and feeling a sense of bewilderment that what appeared to be a big luxurious car on the outside was rather uncomfortable inside. Were these available with quite hard, slippery vinyl upholstery?
  10. Find out what the VIN is and have a look at this list or this one to check it shouldn't be an 80" Series 1 or something like that. Land Rovers frequently get cobbled together with bits of other models and (depending on when it was done) that's fine, but if the VIN/chassis number wasn't right for the wheelbase I would want to know what the story was and that there was supporting documentation before parting with very much money.
  11. If you had to select the ideal peripatetic accomodation for a drizzly autumn weekend for two in Leysdown-on-Sea, which would it be?: Cortina StarCraft Citroen C15 Romahome Bedford Bambi (with line dancing stickers)
  12. You'd get treated like a VIP at Screwfix if you bought that. Do it! They might even include the 40 foot container as a deal sweetener. I think it sets the place off nicely.
  13. Are you a confident DIYer with £400k burning a hole in your pocket? This place is for sale. You can even explore inside with the virtual viewing function: https://www.struttandparker.com/properties/blackborough
  14. Feels like Jim Litchfield engineering has been there for ages - at least since the early 80s. Is the original Jim still running it or is there a 'Jim the second'?
  15. The main problem with rot in Discos and RRCs is that when you measure up, a surprising amount of the floor comes within 30cm of a seat belt mount. I initially welded my Range Rover's floor and sills up to pass, then when the rear arches went I binned the rear seats and belts and it went through at least another couple of MOTs like that. Body mounts only become a problem MOT-wise when the body becomes unstable, i.e likely to shift about or part company with the chassis. My rear body mounts eventually collapsed entirely due to off-road use causing the car to adopt a broken-backed appearance;
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