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  1. "Parking on field, weather dependent,4x4 recommended". A boat may be a better transport option. Possibly only for veterans of a wet FoD? That eliminates me then
  2. I waited to see what the weather forecast was as I didn't fancy bad rain and freezing conditions; looks ok for travel and standing around at the auction, so room at Cannock South booked. Mrs K for some reason supports my attendance at AS events, probably just pandering to an old man's whims.
  3. kirton

    Austin Maxi

    Morrisons Exeter yesterday. Looked in fine condition
  4. Just remember that after the last gathering we are marked men and women - be prepared for incoming piss taking by the auctioneer, and maybe an opportunity to play pass the frying pan "I think I must have been the only one who heard a guy who come over when the auction had finished and we were standing by the exit doors - "the auctioneer would like a word with one of you" or words to that effect; once the dust had settled I found myself looking a the backs of the departing AS Community. Oh well I thought, here I go; the auctioneer was leaning out of his window so quoth I - "you were in good voice today". I then explained the gathering and the quiz; what does the winner? get he asks; just appearing as the winner in the internet forum says I. Maybe he spotted a commercial opportunity. I asked if we were causing him any bother; not at all said he, so I reckon Cannock meets should be good for the future but there could be a bit of merry banter from him. KrueJoe's frying pan has been passed to Mr Fowler for speedy transfer to Glasgow; who will be the next lucky recipient?"
  5. Chris, I'm going to have to miss the Tavistock gathering; I don't feel I've recovered enough from surgery and Mrs K's night driving confidence isn't getting any better. If you want a break on the way down/back or need a refuge you know where I live. If M5/A30/A38 blocked the Tiverton/Crediton/Okehanpton route will get you past some of the closures that regularly happen. It is wet down here and getting wetter and staying wet into Sunday so I'm expecting roads being closed because of floods - A35 already closed. Mike
  6. Mrs K wants to visit East Anglia so that's almost settled. She met some shiters last year so she has an idea of what to expect
  7. Very tempting. Steps to be taken: persuade Mrs K it's a good idea: find reasons why M5 need not be sold before then.. and ....ad infinitum
  8. I thought this thread was the place rather than News. Just got my Friends of Beamish magazine; They are opening their new Bus Depot on 24th October and "Members of the Invalid Carriage Register will present their first ever working demonstration of invalid carriages...........driving four extremely rare examples around the museum" but presumably not demonstrating their top speed if Dollywobbler isn't there.
  9. Realoem I think lists airbag steering wheels but they must have been a rare late option for the samerican market
  10. The suspension on that car is quite high compared to mine where you can only just get your hand in flat between tyre and wheel arch which ties in with the tale of the film cars being fitted with e34 suspension parts. Someone knew what they were doing. The wheels are correct and what I want for mine, not quite unobtainium but close, and unobtainium money. There are varieties of style 5 wheels that look the same but aren't. I got quite excited about the wheels on the brown Senator, correct to look at, correct pcd and width but wildly wrong offset, and that is before I got to centre bore
  11. I have been told that in the latest Mission Impossible film a number of e28 m5s are totalled, and that these are real m5s not lesser models tarted up; apparently the director insisted on real m5s being used (insert an appropriate term) and in a multi million dollar film the cost was immaterial; furthermore due to insurance liability the remains were crushed not parted out for their valuable spares. I am weeping but also anticipating the increase in value due to the fall in numbers - possibly 1% of the 587 lhd built for Europe - there are about 1,400 USA spec with strangled engines and forget car bumpers
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