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  1. being a fool I got press ganged into this weekend's village Drama Group production; will keep my fingers crossed for my availability for the next FoD - the camper is now MoT'd which is a good start Best wishes to all, not at all envious
  2. 'how much do you want to bet that my PIP tribunal will be scheduled right on the Friday' Hope that goes well on the hearing; from what I read I think how lucky I am not to be stuck in that morass
  3. Mr Fowler looks grim, are you on his totally least favourite train class?
  4. Seems not. Missing vital information already (breakfast photo, poo count)
  5. Following on from BrownNova's post: on Saturday I went to Camborne for Trevithick Day, the first for two years. The Trevithick Society were running their replica of Trevithick's 1801 Puffing Devil up a street in the old fashioned way; no barriers with pedestrians walking on the road and cars parked on one side. The replica looks like the only change from 1801 spec is a better pressure gauge and I would imagine a modern safety valve - just as well at 100psi and the redline at 120psi. Boy did it shift; you'd neeed an Olympic sprinter in front of it with the red flag, made some wonderfull noises as well. I had a big grin on my face. Beats a sedate trundle by of traction engines.
  6. Van Mot'd, serviced, new tyres . I'm all set Texted my man Friday =- can he sort out the van?, Sunday I texted that cambelt is a bit old - van delivered back this afternoon all done - made a bit of a dent in the kids' inheritance. I've already paid him which is probably different to farming practices - pay on Lady day?
  7. Current plan is arrive Friday, leave Monday morning, campervan - not a large one
  8. Forthe site owner's comfort factor; My experience is that Shitefest isn't a bunch of hooligans, if required there is a bit of peer pressure. Drinking, but not rowdy I stayed after all had left the Bubble Car Museum; I went around the site and all I found was two very small scraps of paper; the site woners weren't 100% happy but they had only cut the site a day beforehand and there was long cut grass tramped into the toilet block, not our fault. Quite likely the site will be tidier after our visit that it started. When we hosted at the village football club visitors kept off the playing pitch as requested although there is no barrier to stop them. Just prior to the SF we had had a new and rather fine kitchen installed, the pride and joy of the club ladies who were rather apprehensive about what state it would be left in after being used by unsupervised males - they would have us back again It's looking good for me; the van should be serviced and Motd this week, just needs step son not to prang it when he borrows it in a couple of weeks time
  9. Mrs K knows that there is likely to be a Shitfest this year and I reckon I have clearance to attend; any date should be ok for me. All I've got to do is get the campervan Mot', hopefully not a problem with only 41k on the clock and no adverse comments so far from the guy who does an annual check and MoT. I've been up to Beddgelert a few couple of times so I know the choice of routes to the area, quick it isn't
  10. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/169605-3-wheeled-vehicles-on-carflats/ who knows the answer to the questions raised here? Some will say bloody Invcars, you can't get away from them
  11. It must be me getting old and a semi techno cripple but doing Mrs K's tax self assessment (SA) has driven me towards gnashing teeth and tearing hair out this afternoon. (domestic abuse by both of us on the other was avoided by a hair's breadth) I spent a long time trying to verify her identity; 2 required; Northern Ireland driving licence -that's a NO , what's so special about NI? Phone contract - hers renewed this July - When did you get a credit card -over 6 years ago Current passport - hooray - YES What was last years tax due? found the SA return but no trace of what was due. Searched high and low for HMRC hard copy, searched bank statements; domestic tension brewing up looks like we scored only one out of 5 Look at contact HMRC online- can do but contact contains warning - don't ask us to help verify your identity, not much* help there Then found you can get identity GOV accepted verification by the Post Office or a firm, I chose the PO, went round in circles entering full name and dob at least three times on different pages, but got there, with a direct link to Self Assessment - a WINNER! Grumpyness much reduced. Also got to copy of last year's tax statement - they owed Mrs K £25, so no wonder we went around the circle of what did they dun her for. SA form is pretty straightforward (I think they shouldn't quibble too much) nice to skip past the optional declarations that would provide details Then I get to the SUBMIT; sign off in blood that it's all true, press submit - system now says you've changed it so Fuck OFF; time for hair tearing; I give up after some go back, repeat, fail again ,again ; exit and get taken straight to the PO site (WTF!). Oh well, sign in so I can log out I thinks; straight back to SA SUBMIT, press SUBMIT - only bloody works Having got that off my chest I feel a lot better; Mrs K hates me a bit less for putting her through the annual trauma again, time for beer. and a belated Happy New Year to shiters
  12. At last managed to put some money in
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