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  1. About midday Monday I ordered some parts at the local BMW main agent; 09:05 Wednesday I get a call - your parts are in. Not bad for a 35 year old car, let alone some of the parts being very low production model specific. The grump will I fear come when I attempt to fit them, blood is likely.
  2. how you getthrough to a real human on a Nat West phone line - seriously tiresome if you aren't on digital banking. "It is a bit of a challenge but basically you have just got to hang on the phone when it is asking for digital ID. After about 3 goes of you saying nothing it gives up and puts you through to person". No listen to a long message and select a number Fortunately a Trustee of the Charity I Clerk for managed to do the above and get through when I had given up in frustration, all this just to order a new cheque book. We are still in the era of pen, paper and two phys
  3. I was the third at the Panhard/Xtriple meet . Doesn't seem like 6 years ago. Can recommend the Museum (when open)
  4. I came across Captain Tolley a good few years ago on a yachting forum when trying to stop a windscreen leak. Someone used it on their boat after several other products failed at sea; it worked there and it did on my car; I'm hoping it has worked as well on my camper
  5. Why do most of our visitors park on our large parking area such as to make it at a minmum awkard for us to get one of our vehicles out? My suspected reasons for the behaviour are not at all flattering to the visitor's general reasoning skills,or more precisely the lack of such skills. Grumpy - check old- check man - check
  6. Just looked at the Auction's website; usual masks and spacing but £200 up front for a bidding card to be allowed in. I think that's a NO
  7. I can collect and store if you'll otherwise lose it;  so far I've had not mouse danage in my garage

    Delivery by myself is unlikely at least until sometime next year when I hope to do a trip to Scotland again;  maybe there will be a Cannock Austions weeked when I could get it that far;  As I am close to the route to Cornwall maybe a shiter could pick it up from me - or a courier? 

    1. warninglight


      Thank you for the offer! I'm trying to work out a possible trip down that far in the new year myself, will keep you in mind!


  8. kirton

    Austin Maxi

    From a few days ago in Crediton. 29k miles on the clock; owned by an old giffer (ie, he is even older than I am) and his wife. This is his show car, he has an everyday Maxi. I think he said he has had and btoken art least 10.
  9. HOW DID THIS SLIP BY UNNOTICED? Cannock Motor Auctions Ltd are pleased to announce that we will be reopening on Thursday 13th August for entries, with the first auction being held on Saturday 15th August. We look forward to seeing you. NEW SITE RULES Due to present conditions we have to implement strict measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Cannock Motor Auctions Ltd reserves the right to implement any further measures that may be necessary. We will appreciate your cooperation in these difficult times and reiterate that these measures MUST be followed
  10. I got brownie points for arriving home before 6pm but thereby missed the resurrection of the FoD Invacars and the gilding of the lily on the arrival of a road legal one which should be in consideration for the motoring event of the year. Apart from that disappointment a good weekend out thanks to our hosts Mr & Mrs 6C and fellow shiters. Fortunately the heavy rain I drove through on the way up didn't follow me.
  11. trip abandoned for today; M5 northbound chokka and traffic diverting to old A30.
  12. forgot wallet so somewhat delayed - probably won't be at FoD until 7'ish
  13. All being well I should be at FoD for about 6 tomorrow afternoon. Van has stove and kettle and fresh gas cylinder Terrible bad news Bub, I'm sure many Shiters will be thinking of you
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