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  1. !!!!s parking on your drive many of the suggestions could end up with you having a conviction for criminal damage that wouldn't look good on your CV (and would probably bar you from travelling the the USA, maybe not a bad thing?). Just remember the 11th Commandment if you do take action, and that these days must include CCTV in the locality and the possibility of a CCTV system in the car itself. From reading the many postings on this subject in Speeed, Plod and the Law in Pistonheads it seems to me that there is nothing legal you can do if someone parks on your drive but doesn't block you in. Just ensure you have a vehicle that is blocked in so the police have something to act on. If you do crack a legal way to deal with the problem do let us all know. Could Zelandeth park on the local school's drive whilst not blocking anyone in? Sideways across the drive if neccessary. He might think himself lucky that the parking is only short term around school arriving/departing and that he's not close to an airport and has someone leave their car for weeks.
  2. I've got to duck out of this weekend; after 2 years Mrs K and I finally copped a dose of Covid, not that unexpected having spend a week in a coach with 40 others. Fortunately we got the current low strength version but we are left feeling weary even after a good night's sleep; not a good basis for a 300 mile drive each way in high temperatures. Being old I had qualified for the fourth booster, and as with the first three suffered no ill effects. Mrs K not being quite as geriatric doesn't qualify for the fourth booster but having been classed as vulnerable got isssued with a special set of tests, got ill, tested positive and has been issued with anti viral tablets - couriered out from the big Exeter hospital as neither of us were fit to drive to collect them. Hope everyone has a good weekend and NO FTPs
  3. Colour is about right although I would have called it Cirrus Blue; the car had a blck bootlip spoiler which this doesn't appear to have. The car I saw is at Argyl Pottery 01631 720503, no website or email. Reviews say the owner is very pleasant and that's what I recall from a visit years ago.
  4. Mrs K and I had a coach trip to Fort William; two notable possible AS spots - Friday 24th a Marbil coach that looked like the one CMS206 posted about recently heading east alongthe A82 about 2:30 as we headed for the Erskine Bridge; was it you Andy? at the pottery on the A828 between Ferlochan and Barcaldine - saw it on Sunday on the ay up and on Friday coming bac; just a glimpse of the rear and it looked much like 6C's Trevi- could it have been? it looked well cared for. So if anyone is passing that way....... In Fort William a black LHD D reg DS and he back end of a foreign 2cv or Dyane - can't mistake that engine sound And the midges didn't spot me. edited to correct - thanks Mrs C, car is either a silver of a pale metallic blue
  5. being a fool I got press ganged into this weekend's village Drama Group production; will keep my fingers crossed for my availability for the next FoD - the camper is now MoT'd which is a good start Best wishes to all, not at all envious
  6. 'how much do you want to bet that my PIP tribunal will be scheduled right on the Friday' Hope that goes well on the hearing; from what I read I think how lucky I am not to be stuck in that morass
  7. Mr Fowler looks grim, are you on his totally least favourite train class?
  8. Seems not. Missing vital information already (breakfast photo, poo count)
  9. Following on from BrownNova's post: on Saturday I went to Camborne for Trevithick Day, the first for two years. The Trevithick Society were running their replica of Trevithick's 1801 Puffing Devil up a street in the old fashioned way; no barriers with pedestrians walking on the road and cars parked on one side. The replica looks like the only change from 1801 spec is a better pressure gauge and I would imagine a modern safety valve - just as well at 100psi and the redline at 120psi. Boy did it shift; you'd neeed an Olympic sprinter in front of it with the red flag, made some wonderfull noises as well. I had a big grin on my face. Beats a sedate trundle by of traction engines.
  10. Van Mot'd, serviced, new tyres . I'm all set Texted my man Friday =- can he sort out the van?, Sunday I texted that cambelt is a bit old - van delivered back this afternoon all done - made a bit of a dent in the kids' inheritance. I've already paid him which is probably different to farming practices - pay on Lady day?
  11. Current plan is arrive Friday, leave Monday morning, campervan - not a large one
  12. Forthe site owner's comfort factor; My experience is that Shitefest isn't a bunch of hooligans, if required there is a bit of peer pressure. Drinking, but not rowdy I stayed after all had left the Bubble Car Museum; I went around the site and all I found was two very small scraps of paper; the site woners weren't 100% happy but they had only cut the site a day beforehand and there was long cut grass tramped into the toilet block, not our fault. Quite likely the site will be tidier after our visit that it started. When we hosted at the village football club visitors kept off the playing pitch as requested although there is no barrier to stop them. Just prior to the SF we had had a new and rather fine kitchen installed, the pride and joy of the club ladies who were rather apprehensive about what state it would be left in after being used by unsupervised males - they would have us back again It's looking good for me; the van should be serviced and Motd this week, just needs step son not to prang it when he borrows it in a couple of weeks time
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