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  1. Could be on. Sounds like a good reason for one of our train trips to Torquay and a trip on the Brixham ferry. Should be easy to spot me with a small frying pan in my hand
  2. Shitely probably required for Krujoe's frying pan: 1. SF19 (or generally Exeter area) to FOU 2. FOU to Chumley and then possibly more onwards until delivered I may get to FOD for FOU but my wife is having an operation the week before so I may be needed at home for delivery of tlc
  3. Anyone leave a small frying pan? Krujoe?
  4. good to see that those who suffered an FTP didn't have to wait hours for collection/got back on the road. Roy and I cleared the rubbish and recycling from the club and the dustvan has just gone by. If anyone left anything, although it didn't look like it, let me know. Whilst SF19 wasn't really aimed at being a club fundraising event there was over £300 in the collecting glass, and I think the bar did well on Friday night, so there is a fair bit left after expenses. This is good as we have been hit with a £300+ extra cost towards the night landing lights in the village for the air ambulance, someone not in the club "forgot" about dealing with VAT, so a fund surplus turned into a shortfall. The club started the ball rolling on fundraising for the lights and has ended up as piggy in the middle. Thanks to all Kirton ps: and thanks for the donations for our club member who is representing England in the five nations ploughing championship in Ireland in September.
  5. Having missed all the heavy rain in the area over the weekend we've just had at least 20 minutes of 3 inches an hour rain with hail and lightning; with SF19 vacated the force field has evaporated and left us to our fate. The rainfall radar showed the precipitation increasing in a narrow band just before it got here to hit Cheriton. M'Coli got under his car in the comfort of my garage and departed leaving a delicate chip aroma; we had a discussion about Brora and we identified that we liked the same area of the camp site there. I got to the pub in time for a quick pint and Roy continued to enthuse about you lot. Hope everyone gets home safely (bodywise) even if their car is less well.
  6. I was asked where to get fuel; as most will be going North so if no satnav: Left out of site, right at cross roads to Tiverton, past Esso in Tivvy, straight over 1st r/a, 50m to right at next, 200m straight on, 300m left, 50m right, 200m and you arrive at Tesco
  7. Williton, home of the Bakelite museum, on a par with the Pencil museum in Keswick
  8. It 's going really well; my thanks to the Club Committee for agreeing to have SF19 descend on them and the club members who have helped, and not least to the Shiters. I've just looked at the Met Office forecast and we should have better weather for most of the day: the rainfall radar shows that over the last two hours most of the rain has avoided Shitefest, some kind of force field being generated?
  9. roasties and sausages in ovens, expected ready by 7. More can go in if needed. Bar open 6'ish
  10. Kitchen laid out for tea and coffee; milk in fridge. Cups in cupboard under window. keep hot water urn topped up water heaters on and beer cooler cooling Zumba ladies probably there at 10 so kitchen and toilets available when they unlock. Gents downstairs, ladies upstairs. Club room available when they leave, arrange chairs and tables as you want. I'll be over later. Bucketeer is right about the lanes, caution is advised Rain is now raining, wind isn't properly blowing
  11. Wind and rain not that hard at the moment
  12. Mr 6C introduced to my local and I had my first ride in a DS, not my first proper Citroen as I had a BX diesel and a BX 4x4 A3072 reported clear at Bickleigh so hopefully no diversions needed tomorrow. Scottish contingent - tea, coffee, milk (10l) and sugar provided in Club so no need to purchase I'm off to bed now so safe journeys tomorrow
  13. Free now. Give a toot when you arrive
  14. Beko: use Exeter road out of Tiverton but be prepared for the blockage on A3072 at Bickleigh and take Cadeleigh or Thorverton alternatives as described. Best look at a book of maps BEFORE
  15. Yes, and Bucketeer. I'll introduce you to the Half Moon, a local Pub for local people: there is a local who is a spitting image of Tubbs from League of Gentlemen. You may get to see the Crediton Ferrari
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