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  1. Others might, but not you, or a number of other shiters
  2. In Sidmouth today a bright red car reg G12 CVS. Was the plate correctly spaced, no, was it correct, yes.
  3. the rain is coming your way we had it all night. I chickened out of 5 hours plodding up in the camper in poor weather. I've found some CF2 spares; I don't think top and bottom hoses for a petrol engined CF2 will be much help although a distributor cap may fit the Manta? I know I bought a CF2 specific lower ball joint and it must be be somewhere in the garage. I was told that CF2s were being scrapped from want of the lower ball joint. I don't think I managed to find a second one.
  4. Well I was right, I was mistaken again. I plead it was a fleeting view on a programme I wasn't really watching. I'll keep at it and maybe one day I'll hit a jackpot for LBF.
  5. Probably another miss spot by me: about 5 minutes in to the documentary shown tonight on the history of crisps a shot of the Smiths factory - a 3 wheel car in that particular shade of blue. Might be good enough to see the number. Mrs K was not impressed with my cry of "an Invcar!" prog is Secret world of crisps
  6. I have some cf2 spares, any use?
  7. Some may have noticed it's gone a bit scorchio so having extolled the benefits of an air to air heat pump heating system in the heating thread in the Open Forum I thought I had better check the reverse - the cooling. IT WORKS. Previously it has only been on cooling at installation and at servicing for short periods, and it's back off. I don't do hashtags but #smugoldgit possibly hits the spot. Unless of couse running in reverse so to speak means 4kw of electricity in for 1kw of cooling, never checked that end of the equation.
  8. Big sorrow to miss this yet again, I've got to practice my tlc delivery skills.
  9. About midday Monday I ordered some parts at the local BMW main agent; 09:05 Wednesday I get a call - your parts are in. Not bad for a 35 year old car, let alone some of the parts being very low production model specific. The grump will I fear come when I attempt to fit them, blood is likely.
  10. how you getthrough to a real human on a Nat West phone line - seriously tiresome if you aren't on digital banking. "It is a bit of a challenge but basically you have just got to hang on the phone when it is asking for digital ID. After about 3 goes of you saying nothing it gives up and puts you through to person". No listen to a long message and select a number Fortunately a Trustee of the Charity I Clerk for managed to do the above and get through when I had given up in frustration, all this just to order a new cheque book. We are still in the era of pen, paper and two physical signatures which fits with out 1717 Almshouse.
  11. I was the third at the Panhard/Xtriple meet . Doesn't seem like 6 years ago. Can recommend the Museum (when open)
  12. I came across Captain Tolley a good few years ago on a yachting forum when trying to stop a windscreen leak. Someone used it on their boat after several other products failed at sea; it worked there and it did on my car; I'm hoping it has worked as well on my camper
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