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  1. Got a few here in Spain. This one is not cheap. https://www.milanuncios.com/venta-de-coches-clasicos/dkw-f89-351074142.htm
  2. An American, in Germany, can not believe how hard it is to pass the annual vehicle inspection. I find it incredible it passed.
  3. Theirs Is The Glory. The original film of Market Garden upon which A Bridge Too Far was based. Shot in actual locations with no actors, mainly men who took part in the battle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theirs_Is_the_Glory
  4. I removed the link to the video in my post.
  5. Nobe 100 Coming to you from Estonia. https://mynobe.com/ If a "start-up" like this can make something like this. I ask the question why could not Dyson produce a EV car? He gave all sorts of excuses why not.
  6. Controversial post. There maybe be more.
  7. 1970s Bristol me lovers.
  8. There is so much wrong with that concept. Brush seals on the paintwork. Drive the car away and there is a a hole. Remove the boat and the roof is a reserve water tank when it rains.
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