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  1. Sometimes You Tube throws something totally unexpected at me. This is one of then. A 4X4 Race of a Suzuki Escudo/Vitara (also known by other names) + Toyota Rav4 +Mitsubishi Delica
  2. The question is, is that better than having a footballist as a rear wiper?
  3. Welcome to the beige. I would have thought the SEAT would have been a good contender for Klokje Rond.
  4. Maybe a comment on your last video on the football Fiat.
  5. May I show you the Dauphine Alfa Romeo? https://drivetribe.com/p/dauphine-alfa-romeo-1959-1964-KsrsnUMwQhujfq5vtWf0RQ?iid=SgbN7hBeSxagTVAATWq1Ww
  6. For your free public message call 555.999.000

  7. Bought a TDsystems. It turns out to be a Spanish brand. Never hear of them before. Only a LCD of 32". Sound is crap and that is to be expected. It is a "smart TV". However, there is no keyboard and you ave to enter logon details for apps using the remote arrows and on screen pointer. That is so flipping hard. The prices was good 179€ looking around found that what appears to be the same TV has a slightly different model number. But the differences in the set are not so great or clear. I do not like that. Somehow feel as if there are not very trustworthy.
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