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  1. I have a ebay alert for all things Westminster because I own a real one and those Westie estates are popping up all the time. Cheap as chips.
  2. I have had an MGB, a roaster, well two. And every one one has one of those. An ADO16 like this is never going to be so common place. B's are easily to find spares for. ADO apart for mechanicals are harder. I liked both Bs great to drive the latter chrome bumper I had was tuned and surprised many at just how much torque it had and how fast it could go. But I sold that and purchased a Westminster. I much prefer this underdog. i would hope that you may feel the same about that underdog in your collection.
  3. HubNut is this forum? or this forum is HubNut?
  4. I had a black 420 GSi way back. great car. I never liked the 1.4 it was just that but to noisy for a Rover IMHO
  5. I too have a black cat. Well had two brothers but one passed away at an early age. I don't have a ADO16. I am very impressed at the work going on and the detail of reporting.
  6. How did they get that? MOTs are on a computer base the reg could not be entered. Besides it is of no legal value. KMs?
  7. By that photo it is mini, a BMC one at that!
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