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  1. Starwars : D.V. invades earth
  2. An American Hubnut/ @dollywobbler? Not a patch.
  3. What is in a name? 🤔 Vehicle make: XIPHISTERNUM ATHAME
  4. Location is Amsterdam, so I am lead to believe. Thought it would be hard to guess because of the different reg. plates.
  5. MMM in this case a Spaniard. 🤣 But have seen other cluck nations do the same.
  6. From twitter, In Spain, this lorry has an accident. Under the first video is the second one where the recovery crane does this. 🤣
  7. here 🤦 from here https://emojipedia.org/search/?q=Facepalming
  8. There has been issues with this. From this message on the Welcome to the new forum! Here's some tips and tricks section you will see who to contact . So far I have not heard if this issue has been resolved.
  9. Well at least the top one is. The secrets lie hidden under that mag. 😁
  10. Hurtan, made in Andalusia, Spain. Several models made. The Grand Albaycín is a copy of a British car. A mix of Jag and Morgan. The Author, which for me has elements of a Fiat 500 Gamine, but ugly chunky. The Vintage. A people carrier version of a Asquith Shire? Lastly there is Route 44. Aimed at the food truck market. Look at the panel gap. 😁
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