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  1. Immigrates from the UK cannot do that there are different health regimes.
  2. Looks legit to me. https://trophycars.co.uk/
  3. Some of the cars made in Iran by the Sapia company. Like the Saipa Tiba. Or Or the Saipa 151, which the interwebs says is a Kia Pride, which in turn was a Ford. Then there is the Z24 Pickup. Website for the company. http://www.saipacorp.com/en
  4. 21 years ago today (9 May) BMW sold Rover to the Phoenix Consortium. Not so much grumpy more of sad.
  5. Look at the statistics for Gibraltar. They have done the impossible. 😉
  6. I am not a fan of theses Tigra. However, this thing is is such good condition that it deserves a image placed here.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. @tobyd I was not on a time scale either I just did not have a the heater to keep hot air blowing on it for four days. The old electric bill must have shot up. @goosey Unfortunately the holes for both the filler and level float are small. on this tank.I could not even get my hand in side. @Asimo Thanks for the tip about the strap. I have been giving some thought to the tee thread. Maybe I will attempt to make one from a rod to form the head and weld a thread to that. I wonder if the weld would be strong enough. I may have to butcher (more than the o
  8. That sounds like a small tank. How did you cover the top section?
  9. After a break in the work, I picked up with by “washing” the surfaces with the metal prep. This was quite easy. Just poor from the bottle and swash around the tank as per the instructions. Obviously you have to seal off any openings before doing this. I used duct tape. Even so leaks occurred. Just wipe off any fluid which escapes. The instructions on reverse side of metal prep bottle. This is where the instructions and reality go in different directions, part 1. They say that any bubbles forming in the rusted areas can be smoothed down using a sponge. I do not think the
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