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  1. I never knew that I have always thought it was 666.
  2. Sunday ended bad. Working on eh Westminster late PM and the thing would not start. Had the battery on charge earlier in the week and it did not drop much over the following days. Battery is dated 2008! Today, Monday, I took a look at the dizzy. The carbon brush from the cap to the rotor arm was a bit mushie. Cleaned that up. The points were not opening enough, reset them. Fired up quickly. Video below. Sunday non start and Monday engine running. Sorry for crappy editing I had to use a programme new to me and the compression for this website makes it look like potato cam. BTW the temp today reached 27 cent. Way too hot to work outside But I needed to do something. Westminster.mp4
  3. Advertise it everywhere and get the bids in.
  4. I am worried about you. You have a box full (around 10000) latex examination gloves. 😉
  5. Fan can be bench tested and use a bit of bog roll held in front to determine which way the fan works the most efficiently. What is the cannister type of thing on the timing chain cover? Why doe it look as if it has been cut and welded at home?
  6. Sorry but that football analogy is lost on me. Along with Drug Doug and footballisters. 😁 And the world of dash cams would agree with you. I prefer this sort of review of a Russian vehicle.
  7. I tried to watch his review on the Fiat Miltipla. I like the car and it's boldness, just like the C6 and a few others. However, I could not do more than when he started laughing at the interior quirks. It is as if he does not understand what the use of any part of a car is.
  8. Your last ride in an Airstream https://www.airstream.com/blog/history-spotlight-the-airstream-funeral-coach/
  9. I along with a lot of followers did not see this coming. Should have imported some service parts lenses etc inside the boot when shipping over. Could have saved a fortune.
  10. I really do not like this guy. His "fake" laughing at things. Very irritating. His Remspoor score is zero. Here is an answer to a car review DdeM done on the Volga.
  11. That will be the Bezos space rocket prick flying towards you. Nice ride if you can afford it so it seems.
  12. Forgot to post the last image of the tank installed. I just reused the old 2" grommet for the drain plug. Gluing a bit of old inner tube around the hole to protect the plus a bit. I then sealed up the slightly cracked grommet with a small bit of windscreen sealant.
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