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  1. Depends on which propaganda you want to believe. Renault sells or the Russians nationals the car factory. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-61463874 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/16/business/renault-russia-avtovaz.html
  2. When you are there visit the old city centre. It is beautiful and a surprise. All you ever read about is the 24 hour race. I never knew this existed. http://emilyandjim.info/Le Mans France.htm Shame you will not be thee during the La Nuit des chimères, which the video ends with.
  3. Corgi Commers: 3/4 ton pick up 5 ton Dropside Lorry with loads. I also had a trailer for this, but as I am discovering a lot of my collection is missing.
  4. The first editions which were not superfast wheeled were a metallic brown, if I recall correctly.
  5. This has not made me grin. It has made me happy. All this rubbish in the press about Dutch cycle lanes is a myth and this video helps to expose that. It has taken a Romanian, living in The Netherlands, to do this.
  6. Great mix of British, German and American tin. Oddly not one DAF. Above.... Politie In Actie
  7. Advert for a Escritorio(Desk). States... in Spanish... Siento el desorden pero estoy demontando la habitacion y necesito deshacerme de los muebles. Escritorio translated that is.... Sorry for the mess but I am decluttering the room and need to get rid of the furniture.
  8. Spot On MG PB. I had a number of Spot Ons. Including a milk float, Sunbeam Alpine, Ford Zephyr and bubble car. I recall a I had an old shop which could have also been Spot made. All of these have disappeared. The range were my favourites. The detail and eh weight of each model was better than those offered by the other two manufactures of the day. They were more expensive so I was not gifted so many. They will let anyone one into the club.😁
  9. Taken out of context quote....Very Sky news of you.
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