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  1. Some more information on the Nelco Solocar for you... https://www.guildford-dragon.com/2019/03/09/piecing-together-the-story-of-shalford-engineering-firm-nelco/ https://www.guildford-dragon.com/2016/04/03/vintage-electric-car-made-shalford-nelco-new-owner/ It seems the early models (1930s) started life under the name of 'Murphy Electric Carriage' and were built in Aberystwyth.
  2. Try this link and search for Invacar (correct terminology!) in the document. An interesting snippet or three to be had... :-) https://apps.castlepoint.gov.uk/cpapps/view/planning/Planning%20Applications%20Decision%20Notices/1948/PLANNING%20REGISTER%20BENFLEET%201948%201%20-%201281949%202%20-%203401950%201%20-%20274.pdf
  3. 'Invacar' is used as a colloquial term in this instance, so quite likely to involve ACs as well as or instead of Invacars Sadly no further information was provided on this front, only that there was one (or some kind) there.
  4. I am informed by reliable sources that Invacars were loaded at Surbiton onto Wembley to Feltham trains, also that was an Invacar maintenance depot at Guildford where vehicles were sent/collected by rail...
  5. How about you just message the seller via Facebook and say you'd like them and that you can get them collected on Sunday afternoon. If that's OK for him and he'd happy to sell them to you on that basis, get his Paypal details and pay him for them that way. Then Skizzer could collect them. Don't think it needs to be any more complicated than that.
  6. Fantastic! @Six-cylinder will be along shortly to place an order for ours...
  7. The 3rd photo shows a whole new look for cars: polished at the front and gradually less polished towards the back until finally the completely unpolished tailgate is reached! It could catch on...
  8. Mrs6C

    Car Clubs

    @Six-cylinder and I belong to the Allegro Club International, which has just turned 30 years old. The 30th anniversary edition of the pleasant magazine arrived last week. We have found the club and members to be friendly, helpful and down-to-earth. My super-scruffy VP1500 was put back on the road with their help and has been welcomed at their events. Up to you if you want to join a club or not, but our experience of this one has been good so far.
  9. Give the Visa its horn back! It'll need it for the MOT!
  10. Enthusiam for Dad's Army and Airfix models qualifies him for threads in the AS Open Forum, surely?
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