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  1. PM me with his proposed user name and/or email address and I'll look through the 'pending' list for him.
  2. It looks to me as if there is another one, also facing away from the viewer, parked to the rear of the first one. The other one, to me, is reminiscent of a Tippen Delta convertible.
  3. A post in this topic has been hidden by the Mods, pending review of its content.
  4. Van de Pomme was actually loaded like this... ... with lots of goodies from a farm in Lincolnshire, that used to have a mile long narrow gauge railway to haul potatoes. 14 x wooden railway sleepers (two foot gauge) 10 x wooden railway sleepers (18" gauge) 1 x concrete railway sleeper (two foot gauge) from 1914 10 x vintage potato chitting trays 1 x bundle of vintage tools (pitchfork, draw hoe, trenching shovel) 2 x new garden forks 2 x new spade handles 1 x roll of carpet 1 x can of wood preserver All the items were weighed before loading and the total was well within a C15's payload. All items were strapped and secured in case of emergency stops. Van de Pomme drove very nicely on the way back and turned 214k miles just before I got home. As always, I am very pleased with its capacity, capability and frugality.
  5. I think @Talbot is entitled to some rest after completing this masterpiece! A huge thanks to him for all his hard work this summer, to make AS HQ weathertight from above. The capstones, bargeboards and gutters come next, then attention can turn to finishing off the cowshed. Thanks also to all the other AS folk who helped, including but not limited to: @Puglet, @davidfowler2000, @catsinthewelder, @juularand @chaseracer.
  6. I can't remember either, but Six-cylinder did manage to get a pack of them, as Dolly has a snapped stud also. IIRC they are Land Rover exhaust manifold studs. I'll ask him...
  7. His Flickr name is a breed of duck, it seems... @LightBulbFun - as he is on Flickr, why not join it yourself and message him to ask where he took the photo and if by any chance he found out any more information about it? https://www.flickr.com/people/welshharlequin/
  8. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are and feel much better, very soon. There was good progress made at the FoD, on both the Saab and the barn roof. Also, much tea and many biscuits were consumed. All in all, it was a very nice weekend. Hope you will be able to join us for another one in due course.
  9. Talbot and I will be there of course, though we'll be working on the barn roof. @chaseracer, you are welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, if you're passing.
  10. Totting up the prices they are asking, for all the parts they have for sale from poor Cedric, it comes to £5215. Not sure what the car is worth as a complete unit.
  11. Very sad to see, I agree. Totting up the prices they are asking, for all the parts they have for sale from poor Cedric, it comes to £5215. Not sure what the car is worth as a complete unit.
  12. Four - if you count the one full of anti-freeze weighting down the black plastic sheet...
  13. You might start by setting up your own thread about your cars on this main forum, to introduce them and yourself in more detail. Post up some photos etc. and I'm sure you'll find a keen following.
  14. Welcome! You might pop up an enquiry in the 'Ask a Shiter' section of this forum. It may be that someone on here knows a decent welder in your local area or could even do the work for you at an agreeable rate. Alternatively, buy yourself a MIG welder and have a go yourself. Others on here have done just that, with good results.
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