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  1. @tobyd - can you help? @spartacus - have you tried changing the 'Theme' to another one, to see if it looks any better? You'll find a few different themes in a drop down menu, at the foot of the main AS index page. There are different display layout options also, at the top RHS of the same page.
  2. I think home-made conversions were popular for the earlier cars - there are a few about - but there was a factory made pick-up called a Bantam in South Africa, from the Mk3 Escort onwards... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Bantam
  3. It's quite well equipped and even looks comfortable to use, also has a nice colour scheme of that 'eau de Nile' bodywork and red seats with the jaunty white piping. Interesting to see the body construction, of the tubular frame and aluminium panelling with plywood lining for the door/s.
  4. Yes! We twiddle its acupuncture pins in the driver's door card every now and then, which seems to keep it good health and it continues to proceed in its steady, solid, three-pointed-star kind of way and do whatever is asked of it.
  5. The good news is that this fine creature is a hare... The bads news is that the rabbits at the FoD are that size as well!
  6. I drove my ZX diesel today... its seats are like a pair of comfy slippers and it eats miles and not fuel. Didn't you have a ZX, once?
  7. Now there are three Enfield 8000s on the Beige Forum! Most excellent!
  8. Oh go on then & I'll donate you the containers back! I still have four of them from last year!
  9. Just go buy more tasty treats from Waitrose! Those clear plastic containers are a perfect fit for a 6" plant pot!
  10. Ah, I can send you home with Winter Squash seeds!
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