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  1. Tonight? Gate is locked but on usual code. Let yourself in and lock up behind you...
  2. You know you are supposed to look out of the front window?
  3. I hope you didn't leave a wheel of Camembert under the driver's seat like you did with my C15...
  4. Are you bringing this over at the weekend? If so, the AS collective can get to work on it. If you spray WD40 inside all the allen key housings in advance, they will have the best chance to move in the right direction when the time comes...
  5. Strangely colour-matched with the MKCentral logo...
  6. Good to have you aboard and many thanks for sharing the news about your Dad. I hope that he will continue to recover and gain more pleasure and interest in motoring and all other aspects of his life, as the days go by. Please give him best regards from all at AS and let him know that there are many, many of us on here who wish him well.
  7. No. There is nothing in the actual legislation about 'two households only'. We are within the law.
  8. Shouldn't be a problem if we can do around 10.30am as last time...
  9. Six of us remaining there will be OK! ?
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