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  1. It does look like a time capsule that was misplaced, that's for sure... one that has been buried for a long time! I think it's lovely, though and very glad we have it.
  2. The S1 was received well. My friend's younger daughter exclaimed 'Your car is COOL!' so I gave her a ride in it after delivering her elder sister and her best friend at their Prom venue. Their classic Daimler entrance may have been upstaged by the immaculate tractor in front that was carrying two beautifully dressed young ladies, perched happily on seats in the back transport box. The tractor was driven by another student in a dinner suit! He jumped down from the cab, assisted the young ladies to alight and escorted them into the Prom marquee, while his Dad popped out from the audience to take the tractor away! We were followed in by a lovely maroon Mk10 Jaguar, driven by a chauffeur in a peaked cap. I didn't get any photos, sadly, but hopefully might be able to get a few off the girls or their parents later. All in all, a nice way to spend an evening.
  3. Some more info. here: https://www.joc.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24500
  4. The head has been skimmed nicely but the manifold mating surface hasn't been cleaned nor the remains of the old gasket removed. See the upper-facing surface in the photo. It is a little surprising, to be honest.
  5. The remains of the manifold gasket were left in situ! Out with the soft scraper...
  6. By the way, my parents had a Marina 1.8 Super estate in bright blue with beige velour cloth. It was a very nice car. IMHO the estate is the most pleasing of the body styles, but any Marina is worthwhile. Hope the Stateside purchasing goes well!
  7. My Daimler Sovereign is PLA 94L! Photo here... https://autoshite.com/topic/19386-six-cylinders-motoring-notes-what-a-pleasant-change-i-enjoyed-a-54-mile-drive-out-this-evening-going-nowhere/?do=findComment&comment=1826257
  8. I'd be tempted to change its fluids, plugs and belts as well, before any real driving commences. Five years of standing around and an unknown service history don't bode well for everything being fit for use! Top job on rescuing it! :-)
  9. Huzzah! Well done! Hope it responds well to a bit of TLC and some fresh fuel.
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