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  1. In other news, @quicksilver and @Slowsilver came over to the FoD today and together we completed Part 1 of the Model 70 tyre change project. With an assortment of jacks, a long bit of wood and axle stands, we elevated the rear ends (ooh err Missus!) of both of them and removed their rear wheels. The long bit of wood was needed because both of Dolly's rear tyres were as flat as pancakes and there wasn't enough room to get the jack underneath the chassis rail, so a bit of leverage was applied, using an old fencepost stub as a fulcrum, to gain clearance. Leaving both cars up on axle stands, @Slowsilver has taken the four wheels off to the local tyre depot to get nice new tyres put on them. We left the front wheels for Part 2 of the venture, as it was easier to deal with one end of the cars at a time and it also started to rain just as we retrieved the fourth wheel! Part 2 is planned for tomorrow morning. Sadly, one of Dolly's rear wheel studs was found to have snapped off inside the hub. The corroded surface shows this is an old break, so could have been like that for the last 20 years! Unwinding the wheelnut had the effect of unwinding the wheel stud until it came off with the wheel. So far the combination has resisted attempts to part the two components with a stud extractor, so we'll have a go with heat next. The stud threads are probably saveable. Hopefully the bit left in the hub can also be extracted and that tapped out as well. I'm not sure if these are the same studs as @Zelandeth's Model 70, given his has the 12" wheels, but no doubt we can compare notes shortly!
  2. A handsaw will be perfect. We have a sawhorse. We have bundles of well-seasoned coppiced ash poles also, which will just snap into the appropriate sizes.
  3. Mrs6C

    Sea tractor

    Not quite a sea tractor, but almost! Unique ferryboat 'Glansteffan' came into service in 2019 on the Towy estuary between Llansteffan and Ferryside in Carmarthenshire, operated by a Community Interest Company: https://www.carmarthenbayferries.co.uk/about/the-boat/ One for @Squirrel2 to try, perhaps?
  4. It's nether 'wrong' nor 'right' at the end of the day, just personal choice as to what you want the result to be. I have some cars with original factory installations and some have aftermarket units. I don't mind. It's whatever suits my requirements for the car, really. The 1979 GT4 has its factory radio cassette and speakers that I would not want to change because the rest of the car is original and I want to keep it that way. It also maintains the 'period sound', if you like. The Sky4 'Forthcoming' album on tape sounds just great in there. The 1973 Sovereign has an eight track that I want to keep for the same reason. I must get round to changing the rubber drive band though because Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass are sounding a bit distorted these days... The 1965 Spitfire didn't have a radio when new and had some 1970s mono. speaker unit fitted in the 1980s, with MW and LW only. It has long push-buttons to change channels. One of these gets pushed in by the gearstick in 1st gear as it has a long throw, so it's not very useful! I would be happy to swap that out for a more modern unit if it can cope with + earth, as I don't plan to change the car over to - earth!
  5. You could cobble it on to the trailer... like in the Johnny Cash song... Is this of interest to you? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RUM-CAR-NEWS-61-MICROCAR-MAGAZINE-COMET-AC-PETITE-INVACAR-KOVER-BRUTSCH/33363463006
  6. Yes, of course. You can have a look around the vegetable garden as well!
  7. Yes! It involves Invacars, a tractor and a small dumper truck...
  8. There is a Password reset function on the AS login screen. Click on that and follow the instructions sent by email to the address used for siging up to AS.
  9. If you squint a bit, that rainbow photograph is pretty much the Astra's rear wheel, tyre and wheelarch...
  10. That's great news! To celebrate, how about some online spottings of early invalid carriages and trikes... no Model 70s but a fair sprinkling of others with which you will be familiar... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-derbyshire-49452936/derby-war-memorial-village-opens-to-new-residents OPJ422 - invalid carriage (convertible!) https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/object/lc_168/ TPC205 https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/wp-content/uploads/assets/cheshiresmiles/Volume - 05_11.pdf Page 15 - read the article: ' 'Possum's First Car' Page 25 - there is mention in the article on boating of a resident having an Invacar and travelling to the boat in it https://www.theguardian.com/news/2004/sep/01/guardianobituaries.socialcare No invalid cars here, but the obituary of Lewis Carter-Jones, labour MP and champion of rights for the disabled, who was the Chairman of the Possum Research Foundation that produced the car mentioned in 'Possum's First Car'. https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/object/lc_170/ OPL478 and four other trikes https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/object/uk_24_009/ An Invalid car in the background! https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/object/lc_197/ A man in an adapted motorcycle...
  11. Oh well done! Congratulations! What lovely news to hear. No calling the new arrival Dyane, eh?
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