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  1. Jolly well done! As @Six-cylinder says, get photos of the car you drive in lessons and the one in which you take your test, if it's not the same one. You'll want to remember it later. Even better, get your instructor to take a photo of you with the car and your Pass certificate when you get it!
  2. This post in the Greeves-Riders forum mentions it as "Greeves used wet layup for the bodies and AC sprayed chopped mat on theirs." https://www.greeves-riders.org.uk/forums/forum/general-forums/general-greeves-chat/6573-invacars I can't remember now which way round was described to me...
  3. Some re-education is needed at the Science Museum! That web page states: "The Invacar is now banned from British roads for safety reasons. However, models are still held by museums and collectors."
  4. Excellent news! Hope you have a great time in your first lesson. Look forward to the photos! In other news, @Six-cylinder took Dolly's paperwork off to the Post Office today and got her tax class changed. The new V5C that I've had only since Monday has now gone off back to the DVLA to have the details updated..
  5. You'll be pleased to hear that I have received Dolly's V5C at last. It was issued on 03-Oct-19, so it took eleven weeks and a day to be issued and another four days after that for it to arrive. The most interesting detail is that it states 5 previous Keepers!!! She is classed as a 'DISABLED' for Taxation Class and has a Body Type of 'INVALID VEHICLE', with a Wheelplan of '3-WHEEL' The chassis number has a full stop '.' between the leading letter and the number. You might like to check that format for other similar numbers when you do your DVLA chassis number checks, in case it reveals a few more recorded with the same method. I didn't put it in the application like that, so assume it was like that in the DVLA record already... The engine number already recorded is correct in both number and format.
  6. Mrs6C

    Fuel gauge arrow

    The arrow on the dashboard bit was the case for various American cars from the 1990s onwards, possibly earlier as well. I seem to remember that older British cars tended to have their filler caps on the lefthand side, as one would expect if filling up at a roadside pump, while continental cars had theirs on the right for the same reason. Some cars like Mercedes and earlier American makes had their fillers at the back, hidden under numberplates etc. Triumph Spitfires have their filler caps central in the top of the rear deck. Jaguar and Daimler saloons of several types from the 1960s through to the 1990s had twin tanks with a filler neck on each side at the rear. My 1958 Ferguson FE35 tractor has the filler in the front and middle, hidden away under its own long access hatch in the hinge-forward bonnet.
  7. ^^^ Both rear shock absorber spring mountings let go on our Sportwagon too, a few months apart, on one side carving a neat slice through the inner sidewall of the tyre as it did so (this was the second loud bang after the first had indicated that the rear suspension may have become somewhat compromised) so worth checking the minute dabs of weld used for these things... It wasn't a huge drama with ours as it was at low speed in both cases, but it could have been interesting* had it happened when cornering enthusiatically...
  8. The cafe is good for that, of course... and there are lots of sheds and the old farmhouse full of interesting old stuff to explore. There is a theremin in the music room and if you ask one of the staff nicely, they will switch it on so you can play it...
  9. The cafe serves very nice food and their bread pudding is provided in huge portions, as well as being delicious. The whole museum is great. Think 'Rural Life Museum' and then add trains and telephones.
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