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  1. Yep, set up, just PM @Six-cylinder for the details if you don't have them already...
  2. It's still about... courtesy of @Zelandeth of this parish...
  3. Glad you got back safely and that the slight wobble in perefct runnig ended up resolved without too much drama. Did you realise you and @LightBulbFun now have cars with the same number in the registration?
  4. Safe journey! Go steady and it'll be fine. The weather is great here this week, so not too much of a difference there. You'll be here in time to come up to the Field of Dreams on July 31st if you like. Come over and meet some of the AS crew in person to welcome you back to Blighty.
  5. That green 2CV E715 WLG.... we have a Visa E697 WLG...
  6. Steyr Puch Pinzgauer, I think. I saw it as well! Overtook it on the motorway on Friday, in fact...
  7. The rear end is bizarre! Perhaps the designer couldn't get a decent photo of one to use for reference. The rest of the model is rather good, I think.
  8. ^^^ So sorry to see poor Cedric like that. Hope you and Sonic are OK and the other driver escaped unscathed too.
  9. Hidden it, on account of such imagery not being allowed on the forum. It was funny, though!
  10. SWB for the win!!! Here's mine, Coventry-built but lived in Scotland for much of its life. The Webasto sunroof is original and was an official Jaguar/Daimler option but I gather these were fitted by the dealer rather than the factory. The 8-track player was also an original option and fitted via the same approach. It's a lovely old thing.
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