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  1. A bit more internet sleuthing revealed a Swiss motor factors selling OE tie rod ends for AC and Invacar Model 70s, which were listed as Quinton Hazell (QH) part number QR1072. A look on eBay suggests these are used in a variety of models including Austin, Rover, Innocenti, Vauxhall, Morris and Talbot. Doesn't mention Triumph, but never mind!
  2. Balljoints, I haven't looked at them in detail, but a passing glance at the photo suggests they could be the same as for a Triumph Herald/Spitfire. The Herald suspension and steering components were beloved of all kinds of car builders, both 'factory' and kit, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is what they turned out to be.
  3. Mrs6C

    Ford timelord

    Might FT be heading off on an adventure in a different direction? https://ironmanrecords.net/2020/11/ford-timelord-returns-to-work-on-the-project-to-uncover-ancient-hill-figures-111-lithographic-prints-by-flinton-chalk/?fbclid=IwAR0qHfuLvTwWJHe2uec_IrJdH4iY2nKuzRfTqNG_6bg2rBX38HZeehYP7wE Also read the blog post on the same website entitled "Ancient Hill Figures on Wandlebury Hill"... the KLF connection is in there... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10159054065395953&set=a.10150983325790953 https://www.reverbnation.com/tclethbridge/ Also, check out recent news a
  4. They did a 4x4 version of the C15 as well... http://www.citroenet.org.uk/utilities/specialists/dangel.html
  5. Mrs6C

    My Spots

    Welcome! Would you like to introduce yourself to everyone, on our New Members' thread, here?
  6. For the first time ever, a Citroen C15 gets hydraulic suspension...
  7. Sorry to see and hear this. Hope you and MrsBub are OK, the young lady's insurance pays up quickly and the van gets away with it. Rotten thing to happen.
  8. That angle makes it look remarkably like a Maxi...
  9. Frisking done and raffle ticket issued. Please ask him to try logging in. As with all new members, the first ten posts will be hidden until a Moderater approves them.
  10. Umm, no... it's still there, unless there really is a light out somewhere?
  11. If you get on well with your instructor then I'd suggest going privately with her. Negotiate a rate you both find acceptable and crack on when lockdown rules allow.
  12. Also, household gloss paint for exterior metalwork and woodwork isn't a bad way to paint an old car that has to live out in all weathers. It can go on very smoothly if you use a decent brush and take your time. Prepare the old paint with a good wash and scrub with Flash liquid in warm water and a scrim, then rinse and let dry. Lightly sand old paintwork for a key to the surface. Paint on your gloss paint working from the top down and middle to outside edges. Boat enamel for narrowboats is also a good choice for brush paint and can be cheaper.
  13. Finnegan's No.1 Rust Primer, every time. Rub down to as bare and smooth a metal surface as you can get and then brush on this primer. You can paint over it with anything.
  14. Lovely 12/50! Do you have any photos of your 'S'? They are rare beasts these days. Did yours have a heater and has it still got its rubber mats instead of the carpet?
  15. Ah yes, with the spring loaded brush, looking like someone made it out of a brass pencil and the stem of a biro...
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