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  1. Mrs6C

    Budget X Type

    That is a lovely looking car with a great colour combination. EZJ = Eazy Jag?
  2. That is horrible. It looks like someone started off with a perfectly acceptable cream interior, started to change the colour to 'caramel' by using brown shoe polish and then gave up...
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, personally. It'll come back in its own time. Dolly's took weeks. REV is taxed and insured and is declared MOT exempt so you don't need to worry about anything until March 2021. You don't need to prove keepership to anyone and can't be penalised for not having the V5 if the DVLA is in possession of it. With regard to Molly, I left the taxation class blank when I did the V62 because I didn't know what it would be. I have found it is always best to keep things simple and just put down the details you know to be a match to the DVLA data record. That way there is no inadvertent data discrepency to get the application shunted off to the Data team sidings for investigation, which could add weeks to the end-to-end process. Molly turns out to have a tax class of ELECTRIC, a body type of FLOAT and a wheelplan of 3-WHEEL. No Revenue weight is mentioned. When I speak next to the previous but one Keeper, I will ask if they got the DVLA letter.
  4. The V5C for Molly has arrived. It has the correct November date on it and says 4 former keepers.
  5. It's OK, it's not actually for sale!!! This is just a bit of fun - a Virtual Roffle - no money nor car changes hands - although there is a 1:43 scale model as a gift for the lucky number holder come Wednesday... What was the story behind your friend Chris having it? Would he be happy to advise? I'd love to find out its history and see how far back I can go.
  6. So sorry to see that What an awful thing to do.
  7. Well spotted! Yes, it was on the 'to do' list for a while, then finally I got around to it! The DVLA sent a letter a week or so back to say that it was being processed, but the actual V5 hasn't arrived yet. Our local postal service is now caching mail and delivering it every so often, rather than every day, so I would think it will be in a bundle of letters to be delivered next week. How many previous keepers are there? I got in touch with the previous-but-one owner a few weeks ago. She was pleased to hear that Molly was intended for restoration and use on the road again. I gather she and her husband bought Molly from Unigate in the late 1980s or early 1990s to use with their own farm-based dairy business. They had a float each and hers was Molly. She said they used to race them against each other and Molly was the fastest! The chap from whom I bought Molly got it directly from her. He didn't register it with the DVLA as far as I know, so I'd expect to be the third keeper, unless W&E registered it before Unigate. I have also been in touch with the Manager at the Unigate depot at which Molly worked, so with luck I have contact with the full set of keepers and can get a proper history put together in due course.
  8. Blimey! Leave him alone for five minutes and he's (virtually) roffling your car! As you were...
  9. Never let the facts get in the way of a great story! Top car, well done!
  10. That lot has brightened up the day!
  11. It's at home, all nice and clean and and put back together ( @Zelandeth - thank you! ) as is the inlet manifold on which @Andyrew very kindly mended the broken bracket that holds ther air cleaner stay. It will be good to be able to put it all back together in due course.
  12. It has the remains of a GB badge on the back also... so possibly it had travelled abroad at some point...
  13. ^^^ an ideal candidate for the 'Y Tho?' thread...
  14. @GBJ Oi! Leave my leg alone! @LightBulbFun Interestingly, I received a letter from the DVLA yesterday enclosing my V5 for the Visa cabriolet... with the same Disabled tax class on it and a paragraph or two to say they had received the V5 but didn't know why and so were sending it to me as my name was on it! Methinks the Post Office forgot to do something... Despite the current V5 still stating the car is Disabled tax class, it has been taxed as a PLG vehicle and I have the receipt to prove it. I guess I will be writing to the DVLA shortly...
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