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  1. A quick glance at the word 'Average' on the MPG readout and I thought it said 'Awesome'... which it is, rather, considering the size and weight of the car! Hope the rest of the journey home goes just as well and just as frugal!
  2. Great to see the MOT pass and congratulations on getting it back on the road! Why not try it out for the summer and bring it to a few Citroen shows, also come to the FoD! if you haven't bonded with it by the early Autumn, then it will have been 'out and about' and both it and you will have become more visible in the XM enthusiasts' circles and will be more of a 'known quantity' should you then want to sell it. It is a lovely colour, by the way.
  3. Is this the kind of thing you want? If so, it looks like it is sold in a standard 8' length and then you can have it cut to size for shipping. As such, you could measure what you need and have the overall length cut into multiple sections of the right length or multiple sections of twice the required length etc. Given that there are a few other Model 70s about that may need the same item, then the overall length of 8' may cover two or three vehicles and the owners of these could chip in to assist with the overall cost... https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/852-sliding-window-wipe-strip
  4. If you keep heading south, you can call in at the FoD when you have collected it!
  5. I had an errand to run this morning, 40 miles away and I took the XM because I wanted to drive a car that looked like a spaceship and rode like a magic carpet... They are well worth the time and effort to look after them. The items on the MOT list don't look bad and once they are done, you won't have to worry about them again...
  6. Auto and plush XM seats are for winners! You'll love driving it. Our petrol auto XM has been out and about this past week on trailer towing duty and it just rides and tows like a dream. @Andyrew gave it a valet and it now looks like a million Euros of car... from10 feet away!
  7. Reckon you could contact AVO UK and let them know they can add a new Make and Model to their list of vehicle applications... their online Fast Part Finder tool could then be updated to suit... https://www.avouk.com/
  8. May I suggest you drop the Black Country Living Museum an email, introducing yourself and the ICR and offering to point them to information resources they may find useful in restoring and getting the history correct for their new purchase?
  9. Have you seen this one? https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-prince-charles-meets-disabled-drivers-1981-online See towards the end of it, at 2:48... There are several films in this particular BFI collection that feature our favourite three wheelers... https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/collection/body-politic
  10. There are another two Citroen Car Club events at the same venue this year, including the National D Rally (aimed at DS and ID) and the Chevrons (aimed at all models). All models of Citroen are welcomed to attend both events. @Six-cylinder and I usually manage to sneak in a Visa or two, along with the XM, ZX, C15 and whatever else is road-legal and on the drive at the time. D Rally: 10-12 June 2022 https://citroencarclub.org.uk/club-events/d-rally-2/ Chevrons Rally: 9-11 September 2022 https://citroencarclub.org.uk/club-events/chevrons-rally-2/
  11. That happened to our tractor a few years ago, though that was Mr and Mrs Thrush and family making themselves a cosy home in the battery tray under the bonnet. Have seen a nest made just behind the radiator also, inside the loop of the fanbelt, supported by the pulley at the bottom and the belt up each side! Had to leave everything well alone until they all moved out...
  12. Yes! We can change the old email address for your previous account scruff to your preferred email, if you would prefer to re-use that one instead of MR SCRUFF. You'll not be able to keep multiple accounts open though, so will need to choose which one you want to use and which to retire. Just let one of the Mods know what you want to do here (by PM is ideal)and we'll make the necessary changes for you.
  13. To where would you like it moved and what title do you want to give this thread?
  14. OK, good to have confirmed it. Are either the passenger or driver's side carpets damp and/or smelling of anti-freeze? A seeping heater matrix can often account for slow water loss, especially over the winter months when the heating circuit is used more often.
  15. Silly question, but have you confirmed via a visual check whether or not the coolant is going down? Some Citroens like to tell you they have low coolant for giggles and/or when about two drops have disappeared from the system...
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