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  1. Try Adrian Flux, Hagerty, Footman James etc. It's old enough to be considered a 'classic' for insurance purposes, so you might get a better reception for it by looking for a classic car policy.
  2. Another blue, single seat three-wheeler with odd hand controls and a convertible roof!
  3. Have you seen this little film: 'Elegy for the Elswick Envoy'? The lady concerned used to have a Tippen Delta and then an Invacar, which she said that she took to the Alps...
  4. Sadly not, though it is a very nice car. Worth an advert on Car and Classic, I''d have thought?
  5. Did you manage to fix that broken window? I like that series of Crown Victoria very much. I hired one once when I was working in New Orleans. It was triple green, with pale metallic green paintwork, mid-green leather seats and darker green for all the rest of the interior, plastics, carpets, seatbelts and all. It was a lovely thing to waft around the bayous and the sound of that V8 up front was very pleasing.
  6. There's a third Argson about also... it is being converted from having its original Villiers engine to electric and the engine is up for sale... or so the seller claims... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265615210427
  7. It seems to me like it could be an air leak around the base of the carburettor and/or its spacer block, so that it is drawing in more air than it should, giving a mixture that is far too weak unless the choke is on fully. The lower gasket below the spacer looks rather suspect, given the amount of liquid that has appeared around it. Might the nuts that hold on the carburettor have vibrated loose over time? You could do worse than take off the carb. and its spacer, then check/clean/replace the gaskets as needed and refit them. See if that makes any difference. @Six-cylinder adds that squirting some brake cleaner or Easy-start around the base of the carburettor at idle will help to identify any air leaks, as this will get sucked in and raise the idle speed.
  8. According to the Belgian registration database: The license plate is deregistered. Date of last change in our database: 07-07-1997 Numberplates with the A NNN A format were issued from 1971 to 1973.
  9. First picture - ummm... Second picture - eeek! Third picture - errk... Fourth picture - actually, that turned out rather well!
  10. Hmm, looks like it needs your services first!
  11. Bump... Will there be more exciting outside broadcasts from tonight's attendees? Tune in from 8pm tonight, to find out...
  12. Imported to the UK from elsewhere in 2006? I'm guessing from Europe, as it has factory European/Japanese rear lights and numberplate aperture, but doesn't appear to have the dark tinted glass of the Japanese market).
  13. Are these back sections the right kind? if so, you could do worse than buy them and refurbish a pair, then put on your original lenses... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255635272783 ... or not... just seen your previous post...
  14. It shows up still on the DVLA Vehicle Check and MOT Check websites here. Looks like the last V5C was issued on 02-Oct-20 and its last MOT was on 23-Jul-10. Has it been 'on holiday' in France all that time, with its owner not having filled out the 'permanent export' bit of the document? @LightBulbFun - anything you can add to the above?
  15. I have a 1994 model with the later 4.6L Northstar V8. It is a Japanese export model, so has factory tinted glass and a few other features peculiar to that market. It goes well and it's a nice place to be. I have had it ten years and it has been reliable in service so far. Minor things have needed doing, but nothing has been exclusive to this model: I had to replace the plastic grommet in the gearshift cable end, where it links to the gearbox switch, as the original perished. The cable end wouldn't then push the gearbox switch far enough in 'Park' to tell the car it was out of gear. The result was that it wouldn't start in 'Park' or let me close the trunk lid! A new grommet was the fix for that. One of the temperature sensors in the AC pipe died, but I got a couple of new items from the USA via eBay. Fitting them is a job for this year, so the car can come out to play again. Six-cylinder took it to Shitefest '14.
  16. Wow! Did you wave? Interesting that this one has the full length roof rack attached.
  17. Done! Kept it in its own thread so folk can find it more easily.
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