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  1. They sit down a bit into circular dips in the bases of the seat runners... you need a fairly slim-sided socket to remove them...
  2. You should be able to remove the seats quite easily by undoing the two nut & bolt combinations connecting the front corners of the seat to brackets on the seat runners, on which the seat pivots. With the physical seats out of the way, the seat runners are easy to reach. The seat runners have four bolts that go into captive nuts welded to the floor. They usually respond well to a few soakings in WD40 or similar. They are 7/16" or 1/2" from memory. The runners can be slid back and forth to get at the bolts holding them down, for a few overnight applications of the penetrating fluid. If you cut them off, they'll all need to be drilled out and then either new captive nuts welded on or much work with a tap to get the threads back. Two of the bolts per seat may actally go into little brackets raised above the floor. Can't remember if that is Herald/Vitesse or Spitfire/GT6 arrangement... I recommend the 'Gold Book' as essential reading when renovating one of these cars. It will make life a lot easier to have it to had for reference. Here's a secondhand copy: https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/lindsay-porter/triumph-spitfire-gt6-herald-vitesse/9780854295838
  3. Huzzah! Well done. Really glad this one lives to fight another day. They have loads of character and are really comfortable. My folks had a few and they were great.
  4. I think it started and ran for a bit at one point, then stopped and after that, didn't appear to want to get going again...
  5. If you'd like to bring some sweet treats for collective consumption then please do. My vote would be for chocolate mini-rolls and Rocky Road bites!!! The can be picked out one at a time with WD-40 covered fingers... We do have biscuits, crisps, a few pasties and nibbles etc. as well, also tea and coffee and cider. Bring whatever you would like for your lunch. Supper will be fish & chips / kebab / pizza or whatever else gets collected on the fish & chip shop run. It will be good to see you. has it really been 18 months? Wow!
  6. Did they make my track panels as well? It's multi-gauge of late 1970s vintage, with 3.5", 5" and 7.25 gauges with steel bar rails and steel tie bars for bolting down to sleepers or concrete, typically used in older Model Engineering Society layouts around the country. Mine is the ex Hastings Model Engineers' layout from Alexandra Park, Hastings, which was set out there in around 1980.
  7. Yes! The track has 5" and 3.5" gauges as well, but the 7.25" is the one we're using.
  8. Crikey! Hope she is and feels much better soon and that none of the rest of you catch it...
  9. Bring a mug for your tea/coffee and whatever you'd like to eat for your lunch/breakfast/etc. We have plenty of chairs and provide fresh water and the means to make hot drinks, also there are usually some snacks like crisps and biscuits. On the Saturday evening, dinner is usually a take-out from the fish and chip shop and/or the kebab/pizza shop. You are welcome to bring your own food for dinner too, if you prefer. Some folk like to bring a BBQ and do sausages, burgers etc.
  10. @dean36014's lovely ZX estate! I use my ZX TD estate as a daily driver and it's excellent. Comfortable, frugal and very practical.
  11. I would do that, yes. The worst that can happen is that he isn't interested or that he says 'No'.
  12. As far as I know, it's a very early Triumph 2500 S (twin carbs not PI) engine that has had Standard-Triumph recondition it and provide it as an exchange unit. You'll find their little metal plate for that work somewhere on the engine block, next to the fuel filter glass bowl IIRC...
  13. I love it! The missing door is in the back of one of the other cars, so a useful group activity at the next FoD could be refitting it? That and a good clean inside and out would see this old workhorse looking much better.
  14. Huzzah! Huzzah! HUZZAH!!! Well done! Glad that all the hard work has paid off with this one. It's a lovely car.
  15. Fantastic! Quite a few Visa and C15 owners on here...
  16. I'd be inclined to let in patches where required and do the minimum needed to make it safe to drive and up to MOT standard, then give it an oil service and enjoy driving it around...
  17. Yes, there will be a few folk. What's your ETA?
  18. May I suggest that for the likely sum involved in painting that quite small area, you ask Mark to paint it for you after all, ideally before the car goes out on the road again? With the quality of his work so far and his ability to do the job indoors in a fairly controlled environment, with the right kit, I'm sure he will make a great job of it. That will finish off the bodywork on the car for you, so that you don't have any further jobs to do on it. You can then enjoy driving it without thinking 'I need to do that paintwork'.
  19. Yep, set up, just PM @Six-cylinder for the details if you don't have them already...
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