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Found 2 results

  1. First time I've owned a Volvo, let's see how this goes. I'd write about the collection, but as @SRi05 is about 20 minutes from here on the M80, I would've had to swim or paraglide to make the journey interesting. I didn't go to the toilet either. I didn't shirk my duties entirely though (once I'd embarassed myself finding the fuel cap lever). Next to the daily modern. First impressions. - Goes like fuck - Burbly, grumpy 5 cylinder pleasantness, but not loud. - I could open and shut the doors all day. What a sound. - It's heavy. It might be heavier than the van above. I might have made some potholes worse. - Thor himself appears to have hand crafted this from a solid block of unobtanium. - Wafty. In fact, it's quite floaty for a coupe and takes a little bit of getting used to after lighter, stiffer cars. It may need bushes, though. - Turning circle can be measured in miles. - It has a CD milky changer with the chunky cartridges. Lovely. I was a little concerned about this emptying my bank account quicker than a night in vegas, but after a few nips to Glasgow and back it has returned low 30s muggings per gallon, which I can probably live with. As many have mentioned the sound system in these is quite something. Even scabby old tapes sound rather decent. Swedish power metal was created for this car, though, and I think I've worn this CD out. That is all for now.
  2. Old car - check Full of rust - check Siezed engine - check Cheapest on the internet - check Bought sight unseen - check No space for it - check Poo count - 1.5
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