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  1. There was no sign of fire in the engine bay, the brigade opened the bonnet but shut it again to work in the interior.
  2. Saw this from my front door a couple of hours ago. Was a lovely and immaculate 1956 Chev Bel Aire coupe
  3. Tidy up the engine and reassemble, do the gearbox seals, then drive it. That engine will last for years even if it isn't perfect. Gears '(auto???) will not leak and if they are ok should last too ! Unless you want perfection .
  4. Buyer Does it have a buck Seller ???? B Puck S ???? B Does it have Bluetooth? It is a 1958 Borgward And next on a 1962 Humber S Snipe in very nice condition for sale in Timaru on South Island B Could have been interested if you weren't so far away as the car looks quite good. S Where do you want it delivered to ? B I live in Huntly, North Island , have bought cars before without seeing them and it has cost me so not a good idea. S Public tra
  5. One for sale here, I don't have enough spare cash to buy it though 🐊 😭 1967 Chrysler Other Plymouth fury 111 | Trade Me Motors
  6. Go for 1 , and while you have time during the body repairs get the engine checked and running . See Hoovies channel and what he and mechanics have done to his latest, a lovely Corvette which had sat half done for approx 5 years, It was much more complete but the same principle applies. The Corvette Barn Find of a Lifetime! Buying a Rare 427 Coupe in Cuba? - YouTube
  7. like these! Toyota Voxy for sale | Trade Me Motors
  8. Should have kept it, i'm sure road folders must be pretty rare nowadays.
  9. Film of the Ford assembly plant in Wiri, South Auckland. This shows the reason why car assembly was deemed to be too slow and much too expensive for a small market. Xa Ford Falcon Assembly New Zealand 1972 73 - YouTube Also a pic if the assembly line at BLMC in Nelson. This plant did the Triumph, Rover and Jaguar cars and assumedly other BL cars and commercials. The jigs as in this pic were pushed from one station to the next. I always maintained that my SD1 was hand built and this proves it. Triumphs outside the factory
  10. Some people just know these things!
  11. Another BLMC ute, I like this, done well. I cannot lift any photos from this site so a link to the ad. 1965 Morris Other 1100 | Trade Me Motors
  12. Jon mentioned how few were imported and even more incredibly it seems that most were given away by a bank. Hairnet, I never sleep on the back seat of a bus, only the front one.
  13. The recurring story of a bus drivers life ! Oh bugger.........
  14. I had hoped to see you passing by Jon's today, but suspect he led you astray. Had a good catchup with him anyway.
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