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  1. STUNO

    Coolant woes

    Can't see for sure but it looks like it did a pretty good job of stirring up all the rusty shit in the cooling system and actually did you a favour .
  2. I needed two ink cartridges for my Canon Pixma printer. It cost $30.00 a year or two ago. So into the shop where I bought it as they will have cartridges. Looked about the shop and they had new Pixmas out for sale just the same as I had. So over to the counter and asked for the Cartridges I wanted, Price for Black is $30.00 and Colour is $42.00 . Price of a new printer with cartridges is now $18.00 YES eighteen dollars. Anyone want a brand new printer with no cartridges ! Thought not.... It really should be a grump. https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/shop/computers-tablets/printers/printer/canon-pixma-mg2560-multifunction-printer/prod144653.html
  3. Properly back on the school bus run this week. My transport is a 1996 Optare Excel, Haven't counted the seats or checked what powers it yet. All I know is that the previous driver left it filthy inside. That is being sorted ! They also have a couple of Isuzus which are trucks with a bus body behind the cab with a hole cut between the two. Also a rear overhang of about 3 metres. Photo from the innerned.
  4. Today I drive a 25 year old Mazda Lantis as daily In 1979 my daily was a 1969 Holden Special station Wagon with dreams of something Jaguarish which became a Daimler v8 a year or so later. So 25 years before that was 1954 so it would have been something with 2 wheels and 2 pedals 1954 family car was a 1953 Vauxhall Velox and in 1979 it had turned Japanese with a 1979 Toyota Cressida which replaced a Datsun 180B
  5. Facel Vega Excellence. Only once. only for a few hours, but did a few miles in it.
  6. ME..... retired 5 years ago. Starting new job next week WHOOFUKHINGHOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. And in further news Stuno has revived his bus licence and is hoping to be on the local school run soon.
  8. I believe it was the same body tub as a Morris 12 Morris 12 MG Y type
  9. I just had to, not bricking it , just a corner. They recovered it !
  10. This was quite a surprise today. Can anyone name it ? The answer will appear here in just a few hours after I have a snooze ! The answer......Unfortunately that Barret chappie has got it right. It is exactly what he says, a 2001 Toyota Origin 3.0 Litre.. One of 1027 built to celebrate Toyota selling 50 million cars. Yours in NZ for only $27,650.00.
  11. My car insurance policy reads....Under the "what we don't cover" section.. If your vehicle is being used by certain drivers : There is no cover when your vehicle is being used or driven by any person who at the time of the event: Was not legally licensed to drive in New Zealand. Was not complying with the conditions of their drivers licence. Had been advised, directed or instructed not to drive by a medical or other professional person. -------------------------------------- This means that a car's insurance is valid for for any legal driver to drive it, no "permission" is needed from the insurance co. It is also quite legal to not insure a car and drive it on the streets. BUT you pay if the accident caused by you happens.
  12. STUNO

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Or you could buy 3 of these.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/auction-1924105010.htm?rsqid=65cdc5cdad134eadb1db455686127c41
  13. STUNO

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Triumph Spitfire for only NZ$100,000.00 or GBP 50,190.00 A bit special too. It should get interesting if the swing axle is still used. I am not brave enough to even read the ad. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/auction-1965359655.htm?rsqid=8e46c25b2cd94bbebc9887747b896e20
  14. Correct. An Aussie Valiant Regal or VIP. Somebody had a fairly unsucsessful try at selling them in UK
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