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  1. That reminded me of a film I saw many years ago. Wife was raped. Soon after they were driving along a street and wife pointed to a man on the footpath and said, "that's him, that's the man who raped me". Husband got out and tracked the man down through the city, eventually cornered him and exterminated the creep. Back to the car where wife was sitting and drove on. A few minutes later wife pointed to a man on the footpath and said, "that's him, that's the man who raped me" The film ended there as the husband slowly realised what he had done and the reality of wif
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/other/other/listing/2820082359?bof=Adfvg39d To put the price in local perspective, the only 2CV advertised is at $18,000 and looks average so this at $15,000 is a bargain.
  3. I too had one, but it was badged as a Humber so was much better than a Hillman. We got them as both because import licencing. "Dear Government " said Mr Rootes, "can we import 5000 Hillman Minxes in boxes ?". "No Mr Rootes, you can only afford 2500. Mr Rootes went away for a think and soon asked this. "can we import 2500 Humber 10's in boxes and an extra box of badges and grilles ?". "Yes Mr Rootes (actually a Mr Todd), You can Afford them , we must let some of each makers products in". So Todd Motors got the 5000 cars it wanted !
  4. It must be rewarding to be fixing the little things which "just make me satisfied". Somewhere there is a dark shed with a box full if new chief's heads. All you need to do is find it !!
  5. I see one every day with mum doing the school run, and yes, it is the 6 litre V8 SS with big-bore exhausts so you can hear it coming.
  6. I tried this link and it works even from the Southern Pacific Ocean Thanks !!
  7. Thanks for 2 years of interesting reading, looking and jealousy. I admire what you have achieved.
  8. It seems you might have killed it …….. https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=sl2715
  9. This has appeared in the street outside work. It has been in a shed somewhere for a long time but a check on the plate shows it passed a test in 2015. A 1972 local built car.
  10. They didn't even try to use "indicators"
  11. No photo as no camera. I saw an elderly couple walking towards one of these, they looked and were dressed just like the owners should, right down to his flat cap. But they walked past and got into the car in front, one of these I had to smile just a wee bit.
  12. Just came across this little gem of a video, I think it fits in here nicely.
  13. As mentioned elsewhere this little gem came as a bit of a shock to me, but it was obviously just a bit uncared for. But everything seems to work as it should and a short drive showed the AWD to be undetectable round town, there is no badging on the car so the AWD fact is unseen. It will look much, much better when the white headlights are cleaned up, it was a surprise to me that they passed a WOF inspection, the test is probably that they work and not if you can actually use them to see things! Just enjoy a trouble free JDM4WDVITZ for a while.
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