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  1. Oh i do like to be beside the sea side.
  2. I had the Wolseley version of this for a few years . Wolseley 24/80. traded at larke Hoskins in Canberra for a new Mini K Deluxe 1100 (radio and heater optional extras in the Deluxe ), but it went well.
  3. Spring is well and truly sprung, sunshine and clear skies. The three central volcanoes from near home. Google says 72 miles or 115 km away EDIT....Well spring lasted 2 days, now back to normal, heavy rain, wind and cold for the week.
  4. STUNO

    ebay 'BARGAINS'

    2003 Fiat Stilo for only 200 pounds, that's way below its usual value. Just one thing wrong ! New battery new starter motor Everything else is great Cam belt broken, just needs a mechanic or selling for parts https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/fiat/auction-2307468003.htm?rsqid=4e8ea13685b14f949ac1f24f983db6b5-002
  5. My father also had Zephyrs, '56, '58, '61 mk 2s and '63 Mk 3. they were big cars then.
  6. You are making it sound like you reassemble 1951 GM hydromatics for a living and you suddenly got one wrong !
  7. What's the betting that AutoZone have a warehouse full of unsold Dexron IIe somewhere ! Also you have the magic touch with all sorts of mysterious things automotive, loving this thread.
  8. Paulplom.......... I'm coming to UK soon for a while, Can I borrow it for a few weeks ? The other question is How far can you go before the fuzz stop you for speeding ? Even just a little bit !
  9. Mr too many, born and bred Northerner, although my father was from Caversham, Do have a cousin in Mosgiel. Tried Baldwin st in a Corolla 1300 Auto but not even half way before the struggle was beyond it ! The Welsh claim must be dodgy . That Camry is stuck at a bid of about $1000.00 so there is not much to lose when it dies.
  10. Parky ! Why not buy a used one, like this, 450,000 km's, it's even a Hybrid ! https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/toyota/auction-2264680513.htm?rsqid=7104a909794644b0aa18bac8951edd14-002 Mr Peoplemovers, welcome to the place for odd ones and misfits from North Island
  11. You have been missed. The garage of many leaks is but a bad memory now and hopefully the XJS of huge thirst will be gone for ever soon. Things can only get better and from your post seem to be, remember you have many helpful and caring friends in Shiteland. I'm a bit far away to pop round for a cuppa and completely carless for a while which is proving to be a good thing !
  12. Car insurance I finally got round to cancelling the insurance on the Mazda. It took all of 3 minutes to cancel and arrange a refund of the unused portion. The ins. co. used caller id to identify me and had my details ready as soon as I was connected to the call centre approx 45 seconds after I dialled. That is what not having compulsory insurance is all about, your custom is appreciated and service levels are high as they need your business. Getting insurance for whatever is bought next will be just as easy.
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