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  1. This has appeared in the street outside work. It has been in a shed somewhere for a long time but a check on the plate shows it passed a test in 2015. A 1972 local built car.
  2. No photo as no camera. I saw an elderly couple walking towards one of these, they looked and were dressed just like the owners should, right down to his flat cap. But they walked past and got into the car in front, one of these I had to smile just a wee bit.
  3. Just came across this little gem of a video, I think it fits in here nicely.
  4. As mentioned elsewhere this little gem came as a bit of a shock to me, but it was obviously just a bit uncared for. But everything seems to work as it should and a short drive showed the AWD to be undetectable round town, there is no badging on the car so the AWD fact is unseen. It will look much, much better when the white headlights are cleaned up, it was a surprise to me that they passed a WOF inspection, the test is probably that they work and not if you can actually use them to see things! Just enjoy a trouble free JDM4WDVITZ for a while.
  5. The rust and grey Chevrolet is a Plymouth ! Thanks for the drive in your new car too Jon, After I got over the shock I approve very much.
  6. A Honda I have never heard of ! No photo so click the ad listing. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/honda/other/listing/2554895397
  7. A bit of a side issue. Trade Me , the local site that caused E Bay to close down here has revamped it's site and now has a classic car listing. just a list, not in any particular order, but worth a look if you are slightly interested in what is available and for how much. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/search?year_max=1980&bof=cCLee6pV Take a look.
  8. A small update The car has run perfectly on two long trips since purchase. 2 new tyres have been fitted which should last for years and the oil and filter have been changed. That is all !!
  9. STUNO is NOT a sheep farmer, There are only cows and Lumberjacks round these parts. And I don't even know any lumberjacks.
  10. That lady is the spitting image of my maternal grandmother. A dress exactly like that is what she often wore, and the Hat, Hair Handbag and gloves were just like that. They also had a 1939 Plymouth very similar to that.
  11. STUNO

    Home made pick ups.

    1964 RE-registered MM592 Jan 1986 Prob. when built. Changed to V8 UTE Jan 1990
  12. Glad I didn't call into Jon's for a coffee the other day while he was doing the Clio washers. The welcome may have been subdued. Jon, maybe the Cavalier is down on power for the same reason I am, we are both old. Renault type problems and parts supply were exactly the reason I unloaded the Citroen and bought a local Nissan. I can get anything I need locally and every garageman has already worked on a few hundred.
  13. Close plate to my 1970 Mini, it was YCM 793
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