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  1. STUNO

    eBay tat volume 3.

    A wee bit out of our league 2018 aston Rapide for $179,500 BUT........................https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=mlh12
  2. Why do they have a Shark cage in Barrow park ??
  3. Fairlane. Here is a project that will cost you less. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/ford/auction-2478340847.htm?rsqid=1488e2ee74d641e19dca7ca6d40f4470-002 At your first show "where'd ya git that crazy car, look where them put tha steerin wheel, Was it a Friday afternoon Ford fella ? And all the rest on sale in these parts, Some would be completely unknown to people there. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/CategoryAttributeSearchResults.aspx?search=1&cid=268&sidebar=1&rsqid=fe6775c1097d4ea68de9332c3b4c4d91-001&sidebarSearch_keypresses=0&sidebarSearch_suggested=0&14=Ford&15=Fairlane&21=&1=&minPrice=&maxPrice=&13=0&13=0&24=0&24=0&309=0&309=0&54=&searchRegion=100
  4. Electronic ignition ............acceptable Fuel injection...........madness, will you ever use it enough to warrant that. And then there is the cost of whatever good it will do. why not a turbo while you are at it ? Do I sound at all like your wife ?
  5. Another month has gone by, completely without disaster. But don't let that fool you.....it is French Nothing more has been fixed yet, but two things have stopped working. The central lock has ceased to operate from the driver's door. It still operates perfectlyif the key is used in the passengers door, so I am assuming a minor wiring problem . Dollywobbler predicted that was going to happen as any movement of the door had the system making a few electrical clicks which he seemed to know predicted doom. The window washers have ceased to dribble too, not yet investigated, but the bottles are both full. There has not been any bad weather for some weeks so the fix can wait until just after they are needed. A visit to this area by dollywobbler hubnut yesterday was enough reason to visit parishioner jon for tea and talk and a bit of driving. He also pronounced the BX gearchange to be much improved, so that's me happy ! Jon was also happy to leave Mrs jon to continue painting the house on her own for a few hours as it was a very hot day. Some pictures were made Dollywobbler being obsessive about windscreen wipers, Cavalier was coated in Australian wood ash, Cavalier off for a hubnut test run, two random views of the hobbiton hills from chez Jon, the jon cats and Fairmont meets BX again.
  6. The Crowther, another failed NZ car to beat the world. 1974 Two were built, a utility ( the Toiler) and a two door saloon. The saloon has disappeared, but the Ute exists but not in running order. Bodies were fibreglass, engines apparently Renault and transmission Daf variomatic The car to the right may be an earlier attempt by Crowther, a rotary powered car from 1969 Details are pretty minimal, so I may be wrong about anything except the word Crowther !!!
  7. A Volkswagen I have never heard of. Assumed it was a South American only model, but it seems to be German. The seller has probably sealed it's fate by using a chain round the roof to lift it. 1979 VW Derby. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/volkswagen/auction-2413183945.htm?rsqid=7e62066be3fd4bfa8e2c0906764b1657-003
  8. Hairnet,,,, the wheels are alloys but i am not sure of the 16v alloy, still learning. Carlo... yes the same engine, this is pre-fuel injection so has a twin throat carb. It does have plenty of torque and loves hills.. not educated re the gearing !
  9. No, I open the rear window a bit for airflow !
  10. I retrieved the BX from the garage in. Hamilton today. The gears are now much easier to find. I had not realised just how bad it was. Now all is well and the change is easier and very slick. The drive home reinforced just how good a long distance drive is with it, there is a superb ride, very comfy seats and plenty of power to make very good progress on our crumbling highways. Only 124 more jobs required now ! But 1 more added, flush the radiator.
  11. That looks like it did not end well !
  12. I don't have the car at home so just guessed at Stromberg, but may well be Solex. I also have not investigated how much of the aircon is still in place. It has had the radiator replaced by a bespoke Aluminium one so there may be a lot missing ! With everything working it would be a very pleasant place to be.
  13. I just about agree with you Ian, the carb may be a generic Stromberg ? problem, but coupled with the hot start fuel starvation nuisance I will get it looked at. I agree it pulls very well on the hills although my paranoia can still detect something amiss. I will probably get it to Auto France in Auckland to check that and do the windows as they know that problem well.
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