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  • 27 year old JDM Mitsubishi bus ready for scrap. Never fails.

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  1. No photo...... saw a Tesla come through our town today. towing a caravan and with a large carrier on the car roof. I did wonder how far he was planning to go !!
  2. That makes me want a third BX , it's bloody lovely.
  3. Happy family's BSA returned. Stolen motorbike reunited with family after 17 years and a trip halfway around the world | Stuff.co.nz
  4. STUNO

    Bus Shite

    A list of all the buses in the fleet of my employer. My regular daily school bus is no. 128, with 155 as backup. 3517 is what I use for charter work. Enjoy the variety and age of some. Australian Bus Fleet Lists - New Zealand Fleet Lists (busaustralia.com)
  5. Can't be a VDP, they were big cars, look how small this is !
  6. must be a fairly recent model as it's FWD and we all know that was invented by issigonis.
  7. STUNO

    Bus Shite

    Locals said they heard the car "absolutely screaming ", it had flown through the air for a considerable distance , landed and then bounced up into the bus. The car driver was found nearby apparently uninjured.
  8. STUNO

    Bus Shite

    A bump in the night, Fortunately parked for the night, it happened at 5:30 am.
  9. Mitsubishi Debonaire ! One for sale for $1500 just about next door to @Parky home. This is a 1986 Debonair ROYAL 1986 Mitsubishi V3000 Debonair V Royal | Trade Me Motors
  10. AAH the Maxima, 2 years on and I haven't even had to top up the radiator. Passed it's test with no advisories a week ago now on only 270,000 km. Only done 7000 k's in the last year though. Oh yeah, I had to buy a new battery 6 months ago.
  11. A very nice, well looked after E30 BMW 325i. Also expensive at $25,000. only a few questions, but one wants to know if he will sell the seats, read it ! 1987 BMW 325i | Trade Me Motors
  12. Wellington man's 1993 Toyota Corolla racks up 2 million kilometres (msn.com) There's not much to add to that story, just the power of regular servicing and no salt on the roads !
  13. we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS , but the air fares just might stop you
  14. STUNO

    Bus Shite

    A temporary bus for me for a few days while the fleet is sorted out for the year. 1994 Dennis Javelin. I don't know what powers it, but it goes well and has a smooth 6 speed gearbox, nice drive .
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