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  • broken 2CV / 2001 Scania Van Hool T9 Alizee II 55 seat

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  1. I'm Back! I've found another* car. 36K Miles on a 55 Reg Ford Ka and it's been welded very nicely according to the dealer. Current fleet is: Connie the Celerio (2016) and Tilly the 2cv (1987) along with Taylor the Swift (22 reg)  

  2. I am Still alive and well .   

     I will eventually find time to return to ClubAS , Possibele new cars next year - Either a K11/12 Micra or A Metro 111/114/100 series

    For those of you who wonder where I am, I am also on Facebook - Cerys Carpenter | Facebook

  3. I'm still here but becoming a carer means I'll be even quieter than I was. New car here. Want another Ignis at some point. Puma is actually ok , Celerio on 20k Miles now and clean test , 2CV still laid up

    1. 2cvspecial


      Puma gone back. It had a load of EML lights on so it went back to FordUK as  rejected.


  4. Apologies for late reply! (personal stuff going on) I couldnt even remember which one I was on about but IIRC it was the Micra after looking at pics again
  5. Hi All , I'm still around , Health issues over the past month unfortunately mean my return isnt going well . I still use Twitter (my preferred Medium these days) @motormad87 on Twitter , I now have They/Them Pronouns - NO Rudeness Please!!

  6. For some reason , I have a bit of a thing about "Carpenters" lately - been singing "I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation And the only explanation I can find"   


  7. I have made a return , I had many family issues , 2 relatives dying , health issues and work , I hope to post a bit and I had to take care of my mental state due to bullying on here but I didn’t feed the troll and I am ready for the return of @2cvspecial. 


     I hope to post soon , thanks for understanding Diolch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 

    1. egg


      Sorry to here about your life issues, hope you continue to post on here :-)

    2. 2cvspecial


      @eggmaybe my return isn't welcome! (From the way I've been treated tonight!)

  8. I’m still doing the job and on the same coach and loving it , not a lot has changed other than I left and returned to the job
  9. anyone here have the Oxford diecast Invacar yet? I have one -received yesterday. released last week
  10. My friend has positive covid , so will be doing an lfd , if  + I will do pcr if thats + I will be more active for a while !


  11. the coach I was driving (yep back there again! this time for good !) had retired yesterday - the trusty SCANIA VAN HOOL T9 (W REG) much loved that one so today was interesting yep , on the VH's sibling ! the 70 seat Y reg  this morning this afternoon was interesting 2004/53 Iveco Vehixel schoolbus (looks like one you'd have drawn when you were 8 or 9 ) the first week on the coaches has been lovely so far  , I do not have an allocated vehicle , so I get whatever is left over in morning.

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