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  1. oh and here's another ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324836218314?hash=item4ba1bf55ca:g:JzcAAOSwnaFhbGIq
  2. DW saw this and thought of Rachel and her Nippa , sorry to hear that Rachel's Nippa died .facebook.com/marketplace/item/393934399105408/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post
  3. what ooc was there out of interest
  4. I say to the kids if they are going to be rude to me or others the bus will turn round back to the school Ironically. I may have the C***D19 at the moment !
  5. had a 2019 Irizar i6s DAF engined thing today did not even play ABBA today!
  6. had 2009 VH t916 Triaxle C58ft this morning 2008 VH T9 c53f this afternoon , Covid protest outside school one protester arrested and tasered . They put sign through the driver behind's window ! the kid to front was effing and jeffing , so NO Music tonight as punishment, This morning a student started to sing with me we pass a church on the route , on the churchyard wall , there is a chopping board LOL one kid had handcuffs other kid asked where he got them from , I jokingly said off the police lol. one kid was accusing me of shouting at the kids well , after some AS School bus stories , I turned around and said I used to teach at that school and they said Oh Youre Mr .............. I said does it matter
  7. hi Mr Lobster I hopeĀ  you are well

  8. enjoying it alot , BUT I drive the contract to my old school I taught at so they all know who Iam though..
  9. not driving today , only started on tuesday but was called in to take a swimming trip for a primary school then back on my schools route They all loved my music . 2 kids put the swear finger up so squirted them with screenwash Lol! Todays coach was DAF Engined (YES ITS NOT VDL) Van Hool T916 C58ft trixale . was lovely
  10. the teachers were singing to voulez Vous , as well as me ! the kids were singing Final Countdown they are only Primary Kids , they said i was the best bus driver
  11. if mine didnt theyd be drawing D!**S on the seatbacks ripping curtains....
  12. tonight they were fine had a 2006 Volvo B12B Van Hool T9 C57F even did my first school trip aswell today !! they loved my music lol !
  13. Thank you , dont know what Coach I am on Tomorrow , same contract as The route passes my Village so they Kindly assumed i Knew the route which was nice. Hope the Coach is an Irizar i6 / i6s Or Van Hool not one of them Autosan Eagle SH1TBOXES
  14. I had my playlist on the radio off AUX with Spotify THe final Countdown (Europe) Voulez Vous (ABBA) Dont look back in Anger (OASIS) Waterloo (ABBA) Venus (Bananarama) The kids told me to turn ABBA and Oasis off but they all liked the Final Countdown and Venus Voulez vous , Aha Aha. Aha , Voulez Vous... The kids to the front and behind the driver seat were singing all the way and had one agressive Year 8 I think he was , he clearly had SEMH Issues ( Was a Teacher ) told child to shut his phone up as it kept ringing , he said to me "YOU shut up or else " (else being a threat of knife or something" He called me a Grumpy old Git , another boy called me "fat" I said "Huh You think i'm Fat do you?" I refused "u fat r U " to travel tonight the Teacher was disappointed and apologetic but that just pushed my buttons "Fat" happened this afternoon "or Else" was this morning . I managed to stay calm . Just . I said to them would they like the SH1T bus tonight ? , The VH T9 was not SH1T but threatened to kick them off at first stop , On the Irizar this Morning , kid kicked football towards Windscreen , BL00DY HELL! i said If you hit my windscreen again .. Kicked the ball off and left it , was still there this afternoon.
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