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  1. This. Marina Coupe shell, Ital front, Turbo’d A-plus. The perfect ingredients for the ultimate driving machine. Actually, mild piss-taking aside, would that be such a bad car? Priced at the same level as, say, a 1.6 Capri, and with a bit of fettling to the suspension to make it vaguely sporty in feel, and it could have been the early ‘80s equivalent of a Rover Tomcat. All the ingredients were there, save for the suspension development (which could have been applied to the main Ital range anyway), so would it have been worth a roll of the dice for BL? It would have been no more outd
  2. As the originator of this thread, I can’t help but think it’s degenerated into a catalogue of eBay listings terminology. Oh well ....
  3. How about a tie up with a tool company/supplier? That would be pretty easy sponsorship to get into the videos without too much faff (by, say, putting a banner of theirs up on the unit’s wall behind the Sana, and by actually using the tools). Plus it would save you having to buy your own tools, and might solve a few issues along the way if they could give you bespoke tools for specific jobs on your cars, or give you something like a generator so you can kind-of have power in a far-flung unit. Win-win? Provided you could find a company who would do that. HubNut viewers are probably a good d
  4. No more Holden!? https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51499775 edit: juuuust beaten to it!
  5. There was a MadMax replica Falcon coupe in a front garden in Whitehaven, Cumbria for a few years. The guy who owned it always had some interesting classics in his garden, in various states of disrepair, and as this is opposite a petrol station I used to have a look when I was filling up to see what he had. The Falcon disappeared about 5 years ago, but could well be in his garage being restored. No reg or pics, sadly. I’d be surprised if it was one of the two Scottish Falcons - it didn’t seem anywhere near that rusty. It was almost a full-on replica too, with the droopsnoot style nos
  6. The Asquith, a Ford Transit derived “retro” van from the early ‘80s was originally a movie prop, designed for a reboot of the “Confessions of” series of films which was to be called “Confessions of a Kit Car Builder”. The proposed star of the film, Robin Asquith, reprising earlier roles, stipulated the name of the vehicle in his contract. Although the film never materialised, canny old Robin received royalties on every Asquith produced.
  7. With what looked like (from the way the programme was edited at least) an unfixed chemical loo plonked in the back corner, allowing the Strawbridges to take a dump in full view of the other occupants of the camper van (and anyone passing, due to the windows) right next to their cooking facilities. Classy! Also, for all of Angel/Angela’s insistence on everything being “vintage” she seemed very accepting of what is very obviously an ‘80s pastiche of a vintage van. Anyway, back to obscure cars ......
  8. Vanden Plas magazine was banned in the UK due to its extreme content. Often involving much leather and wood.
  9. Not forgetting the Isuzu Big Horn (AKA the JDM Trooper)
  10. My Uncle got stuck in a situation where he could only justify buying another nearly-new Toyota off the local main dealer's lot time and again in the '80s. No other dealer would offer him a decent part-ex on his current one. "Japanese, innit mate?Nobody wants 'em." Eventually he bit the bullet, took a hit on a part-ex for his Corolla, and "upgraded" to a Mk3 Escort Laser.
  11. In the later (Ray as minder - '91 to '94) series of Minder Arthur Daley's car lot was renamed "Daley into Europe", and Arthur was importing RHD cars at a substantial discount. Fiction, I know, but there was usually some truth behind the ideas in the series. I'd imagine importing cars like this was a relatively common thing for savvy consumers back then. Back when some people actually bought new cars. With cash. Imagine a Daily Mail Motor Review now - there'd probably be no list prices, just from £xxx per month after each description.
  12. I listened to it and quite enjoyed it. By no means something that should be taken as the gospel truth on the matter though, and no doubt OK'd by the KLF to further add to their legend. There's enough truth in it though to make me think at least some of the more outlandish things might also be true. In which case, they're both head cases.
  13. Licence to Kill - the second Timothy Dalton Bond film, from 1989.
  14. I saw one of these at a car show once and was talking to the owner about it. He loved the thing, but said getting parts was interesting - they were often available, but you had to figure out where you recognised some of them from if they didn't have any makers' marks on them. The grille on his, for instance, always struck him as being slightly familiar. I think he said he'd owned it a few years before he realised it was a Vauxhall Senator grille, fitted upside down. The rear lights were off another Vauxhall I think as well, and the alloys on his were the same as the one in the photo posted
  15. A good few years ago I experienced first hand how difficult base spec can make selling a car. Especially a "premium" one, as this one was. A neighbour in the cul-de-sac where I lived was trying to sell his F reg black 2 door E30 BMW 316i. His half-arsed attempts st selling it extended no further than telling anyone he met that he was selling it, and putting a for sale sign in the rear side window (on the drivers' side, so rarely seen by pedestrians either). Which meant the sign was only really seen outside his house, in the works car park, and at the petrol station. He didn't go anywhere el
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