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  1. The so-called "foreman's friend" as described in Alex Haley's "Wheels". I'm sure it did happen.
  2. Up to a point, and I think that point was about 2002 though I've only been in a few more recent Chinese Volvos. I had a succession in the 1980s and 1990s that had superb seats but the (very) last was a 2004 V70 that was (a) very uncomfortable, (b) hugely unreliable, (c ) thrown together, and (d) exceptionally noisy. SAABs always had good seats if memory serves. For a modern Mrs BN's CX-3 seems to have decent seats but I rarely go far in it so probably not the best judgement. I miss the DS, great seats and fantastic ride comfort (when it worked).
  3. To the halfwit driving the large yellow truck earlier today, So sorry that by travelling at the speed limit and then having to stop due to oncoming traffic to make a legal right turn we disturbed you from your phone, tablet, satnav or whatever was so much more important. At least you managed the emergency stop when you finally paid attention to the road. You weren't to know that my driver was a retired (very) senior police officer. I'll leave you to think about whether that small Abarth may have had cameras front and back...... You shouted something about seeing us next Tuesday, we've both checked our diaries and have no appointments so maybe you are mistaken.
  4. But what did VW call it, or rather what did they not call it?
  5. It's not a f*****g 'coupe', VW made a two door Passat. Sounds stupid but they did,. It's no more a 'coupe' than an E30 2 door SALOON.
  6. A 5TL was the fiirst brand new car I bought (82 on X suffix). I'd actually love one now but at the time I didn't appreciate it. The first Mrs BN had an accident in it when a van drove into her while parked. She took it with her as part of her half* when we went our seperate ways.
  7. I had a similar bizarre exchange back in 2016 when I bought my KIA. Along the lines of 'your annual premium has reduced by £50 so that'll be £75 extra for the change and the remianing 3 months of cover....'. An interesting* exchange of views took place.
  8. All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away shirt
  9. I agree, though the Roadster runs it close. Strangely I saw one of these vans earlier in the week near Warminster and my first thought was how neat it looked. No idea if BMW sold many or even if it was anything other than a limited run but a nice idea though I'm sure it cost squillions.
  10. Note to seller, it's an A60 not an A55 Farina so not a fin tail.
  11. 'unique registration number.......' that's the point of a registration number M35, this car is the only one with it. Nice through.
  12. Graffiti seen on a wall in Salisbury today. Three things I hate: 1. Graffiti 2. Lists 3. Irony
  13. Wartburg was East German rather than Russian wasn't it?
  14. My first car was a Peugeot 404, even then (late 1970s) there were very few around and mine must have been one of the last ones as it was on an L plate. As a teenager I really didn't appreciate it for what it was. About 15 years ago I was offered a yellow SAAB 95 on a K plate that had done about 15k miles and was in lovely condition. I really regret not buying it.
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