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  1. Royal mail musta made a few quid out of eddie this week ! I had this today 😎
  2. The nearest is marked DeA by Grani and partners Special edition ! Made in PRC 😭 The J top is the same as yours ,no roof ..dont think it had one anyway..
  3. Nearest one was a narrow body 2.5 mk2 police vehicle i converted to a wide body to look like my Pajero . Middle one is a Minichamps 2.8 wide body .The 32 nd ish bigger one is Made in China .. The J top is in the attic !
  4. Ive got that one too ..and these ones
  5. Got a Ford D series door ?πŸ€” Will that do ? πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Premium x 1/ 43rd but its not in the correct box . The model is mint ...shuffles off to ebay to check prices !
  7. Hillman Imps car ! From Tescos last night And a Jag A roffle runner up prize i can't love...Ford country Squire , Swap for mint unboxed Bond bug ....or a bubble car or why..
  8. Spoiler looks fantastic. Imagine if that was a Ford RS item you could retire!
  9. Bungle !!! Twin mill E !! And a blue volvo touring car
  10. That grande Punto van I've got had a live 9mm rifle bullet in the seat rail ...i wondered why the seat wouldn't go right back...instead of forcing it back , i took a look to see what the problem was ! Luckily ...eh?
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