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  1. Chichester is nice and posh you wont catch it there
  2. So Vulg gets a threat if he draws a car picture these days because copyright ..What about models ? Are they now paying manufacturers before tooling up to make a miniature?
  3. I converted one of those Hotwheels Volvos into a Honda HRv....Egg will post the pics as i can't on this tablet !
  4. Needs 2 sporting hounds looking out of the back !
  5. It does look to have thin windscreen rubber though.. the only way to tell for sure would be the strut tops . Flat tops its pre facelift ,rounded tops its a ringer!
  6. 1977 ? Facelift bumpers. ? Facelift seats ? 13" wheels? Jasmine yellow facelift colour
  7. What about Square hill ? That was a good short cut , Now its the main route through !
  8. If you have a bad back you wont be hand cranking a twin believe me.. l struggled with a Morgan
  9. Didn't a child get run down ? They put a bridge over it ? Or traffic lights or something?
  10. The diner will be closed an I ain't sharing me flask of coffee .
  11. My Grandfather spent a bit of his life in Maidstone too . He was a prisoner at the nick
  12. Panic bought 2 Volvo estate hotwheels in Tesco if anyone wants 2 Volvo estates hotwheels ?? .... £1.75 each plus post, virus free home ! One left now . Also have Autosport Touring car year book with TWR Volvo 850 Estate ....94 95 season excellent condition . Virus free ! £5 plus post.
  13. Being plastic, a fire alarm might be better...along with armoured glass to stop bricks being lobbed at it and breaking windscreen s
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