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  1. Fumbler says an old guy opens the doors and dusts the inside..sometimes it even moves /\ Its been there for years .. I live a mile from there..
  2. I had 1600 KR , well i got the logbook..... to ring up to a Mini Scamp i had..
  3. Fox hunting stopped near 20 years ago . it doesn't happen anymore
  4. The Smartie tube lid does have an L on it , dunnit ?.... or is it a R ? 4 Rochdale.?
  5. Daf with a roofrack . Its so low the engine must be in the back ! or its a boxer..
  6. I don't like Smarties anyway .. Gis a clue , what letter is on the lid of the Smarties ? Is it the same letter the name of the car starts with ? Chris , i sent the van picture to John , the previous owner .. he reckons its a Spitfire too !!!
  7. Too low for an Amphicar..Spitfire, GT 6 ?
  8. So Fake Taxi could be Philip ? Or the Nonce son borrows it ..
  9. It certainly did have some grunt .. and graunch... Lotus 47 ?
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