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  1. I want a Grande Punto 1/43 or bigger .Cararama have gone up a bit haven't they?
  2. Garelli bi matic 50 cc had a curious expanding rubber clutch . One inside the other . Hence the " Bi .."
  3. I,m liking the Ignis, I'm thinking of getting one and selling our Hrv. I'll wait for your report on how long the second half lasts!
  4. Is it unbelievably economical? That Baleno 1600 I had from vince70 was..Even the tailpipe was shiny on the inside..like it ran on fresh air !
  5. Well that was a surprise !:-) All it does is tow me daughters horse....
  6. If you wanna stalk it my Pajero is in for mot. 1 pm ish. It's been sat for ten months...... It's a bit smokey....I'm going for a thrash first but it looks a bit dire ! K 247 OYJ
  7. An I've got a Lotus Europa , in blue with skinny wheels, just like I had 50 years ago...cripes that long????
  8. I welded up the MK3 Astra spring seats today.. it is slightly different to the cavalier . Once the disc part is drilled off ,and the chassis top hat cut , the re-enforing under that . is just a 3mm angled bar . As luck would have it , it was still sound !
  9. I had that bugger in my workshop yesterday . I screamed. And the dog ran away too..
  10. Another mot today another P for pass ! 20,000 more miles !! Bullet proof .... Just tyres and droplinks and ARB bushes...and a ton of fuel and oil .. Recommend.
  11. Bo Peep lane...it's closed farther up but they park you in a farmer's field as you drive down it.. take shooting stick or a rug to sit on ! It's tiring standing up .
  12. Later they sent out 2 Triumph 1300s ......I think you have their engines !
  13. There was a demo at brands hatch years ago . Two capris were drained of oil and sent out around the track...One had been treated with Slick 50 the other nothing.. One seized up after half a lap but the Slick 50 car kept going for 20 laps before pitting. Then the shells were inspected, and the treated engine shells were better than new , Apparently..;-)
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