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  1. It's meant to be distorted ...that's why you have distortion pedals. 😂......It's meant to sound fuzzy, that's why you have fuzz pedals 😁 The hum is just feedback . Nothings wrong with your ears Mally !
  2. Any cararama Grande Punto ?
  3. Why is there a tape measure on the bridge ? /\ /\
  4. I saw some tyres on eBay cheap and local . I could see where they were so I called in to ask if I could have a look at them ... As new dot 44 18 so I bought them. It was like that scrapyard Foad goes to . Kinda private scrapyard....old cars...there was a Sherpa MK1 pick up looking pretty straight buried in brambles .. I enquired if it was for sale .. Anyone want one? He's asking his father how much would it be and getting back to me..
  5. Shoe on the other foot , I did once have 1500 quid in my pocket , and saw a Scirocco in autotrader for 2800 quid. , quick sale wanted .. in the next village. And I wanted it .. I'd seen it driving about ..it was a good one . So I rang up , and said look I don't want to waste your time,. I've only got 1500...Come and look says he .Well he took me out in it and I did want it, it were lovely 😁 So he's trying to get me up a bit , but 1500 was all I had ! He gives me the keys to drive it myself ...And giving it the beans the clutch slipped .... He'd driven it perfectly to disguise the fact .When I got back , I laughed and said how well he'd driven it , I would never have guessed the clutch was fucked...And he laughed and admitted he knew it was fucked...but wanted to buy an Alfa that was advertised.. Both parties happy..I got the car for 1500 ! New clutch and cambelt for 250 and we had it for years !
  6. All the dash lights on my grande Punto multijet van were on . YouTubed " fiat doblo flashing oil light fix ..." . Floor throttle , key on, brake pressed on 7 times in 60 seconds...key off . Wait 60 seconds ...key on, start engine .. Well the engine light and all the others were out...but not the flashing oil light ..Bollox ..Did it again and fuck me even the oil light stopped flashing !! Ran like a sack of shit for a few minutes though...Might work on yours too?
  7. If you look at the other items there's some aircraft....and the same picture in that listing too ! You may not get what you think you're buying?
  8. 8428PH plate was on a 64 triumph herald , and I sold the plate, the herald was issued with another number. I can't remember what it was though. By then, the car had a kit car body fitted, but still had the herald v5 . 8428PH is now on a BMW, in the next village actually! ... Is it possible to see if the herald / kit car still exists? Plate was sold in the late 80's....
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