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  1. ( Picture 25 in Broadstone )at the other end of that parking bay ,is another International shop too ! I wonder if the Tippen owner is in the shoe shop having an extra thick built up sole put on one of his shoes ?
  2. Yes , SADLY it must have lived there , i think there's another shot but different cars next to it ..Or the owner was sadly dead slow getting his shopping with a gammy leg or something. SADLY,notice the street light went missing from outside International /Sommerfields in Tonbridge ..sadly just a rubbish bin now
  3. On a tablet , how do i get an image in my files, on to a forum post ? I can see " clipboard "if i touch the picture for a few seconds and a tick on the picture comes up ..what do you do next?
  4. I looked on Streetview , its much the same .. Tonbridge High Street .. 2009 was Somerfield , now it's Poundland ! Place in Castle Street repaired them .
  5. Yes, correct , it did. Search , tower blocks 1960 1970 monochrome , they're often outside the flat entry/ exit, coz they were allowed to park close i suppose..? That is a cracking photo despite the chariot . 35mm slr no doubt !
  6. Have you got the Bournemouth Echo one ?
  7. there's one of those pushchair things in the Carriage Museum in Maidstone..
  8. Barretts house ? No it's just a post war prefab . They built thousands of them as temporary housing just after WW2. See Isle of Dogs ...hundreds of them , in rows upon rows . That poor lady probably had her legs blown off by a German bomb .. and lost her house , and pet dog . So she was given a prefab and new dog like most of them . That' s why it's got called Isle of Dogs ( I love dogs...) get it ? maybe..
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