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  1. I'm donating my giant NGK spark plug mobile.... The local car shop closed down and the guy gave it to me. I also have a Castrol oil pavement 0pen & closed sign.... Perhaps she,d like that too !
  2. I only did because I saw you putting yours in it ! I saw the lady afterwards , l,m donating my NGK sparkplug mobile to the museum .it came from the local car accessories shop that closed down.
  3. Great day thanks for organising egg. Just read the first page though about you being banker... I put my fiver in the donation box..
  4. Taking my Fiesta back to storage this morning , I met a Google street view camera car down a single track road...I braked hard, and my dog hit the windscreen and fell in the footwell .. as per usual . We passed and the driver grinned . Can't wait till they update Palesgate Lane ,Crowborough street view . It's gonna look funny !!
  5. He's holding something back , I reckon they had it running
  6. I've got a spare , it'll cost you a Fender mug
  7. Kids have smaller eyes ,so they can see inside the small windows better...
  8. We did a fast trip to Pevensey Castle , around the houses journey ,burning up as much petrol as we could to make people aware of historic cars ... I saw a navy mk2 Polo breadvan parked up on a layby and he saw me and we acknowledged each other .. Many MX5s ,but there's always lots of those anyway. Coming home we saw a red drophead E type and a Ford A ? hotrod . Oh and saw a gold Granny or Mk3 Cortina estate in Lewis Tunnel. From the castle wall..
  9. Drive it day ! I'm smokin' around in the Fiesta
  10. 300 ! There was a fuck ton of villiers engine stuff , and an engine , on model engineer forum classified t'other day ,so i just looked again , but it was only for a 1F https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/classifieds/view_ad.asp?ad=16857
  11. Even more limited now then !! No problem I've got 2 more ,you can have one for £20 posted if they're so desirable . I sent Steve ( with the 12" to the foot one ) all the period press cuttings from Motoring News ... or did he sell it ?
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