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  1. I love Autoart, have a few from back when I could afford them.
  2. Another day of scraps but did manage to find an EB 110.
  3. Thanks @bunglebus arrived today. With the other Sierras and a few for me and Little-un to play with.
  4. Went to Four shops today and nothing but scraps.
  5. Not found an Rs2000 or the Red Sierra yet but have found the others I wanted from this case.
  6. I finally managed to find something new! 😆 While this was my local shopping centre as a kid I didn't ever seen that One. I do remember One like yours that parked in the bus stop on the other side almost every time I was there.
  7. I'm sure @LightBulbFun has already been it.
  8. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/220134/bond-equipe-gt4s-unexpected-ebay
  9. This brought back some memories.
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