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  1. A mates just dug this up in the garden, no idea what its off.
  2. You did well to find a good One. ?
  3. Not a bonnet for a Sunstar mk2 Escort is it? Had a few of the Ghia Ones with fragile bonnets.
  4. Yellow is on the short list but 3 spokes are thankfully unavailable. ? I was a teenager in the 90s, that's my excuse. One I actually finished, mk3 Escort with 90s body mods and custom made zetec turbo engine.
  5. On tonight's episode of models over house work is a long term project of mine. When I ended up with a 1/18 Escort Cosworth made of plastic and a mk3 Escort cab, the inner Max Power came out as did the dremel. I have a RS Turbo engine and interior for it but having trouble getting the front end right. Unfortunately lost the build pics as the forum I was on died.
  6. Well who wants another *thrilling* installment of dusty models from forgotten cabinets. Tonight a 1/18 Ford Falcon XD racer made by Biante. I had to import this One from Oz but I absolutely love it, very well made and looks like a Granada on steroids.
  7. These are all made by Autoart, Greenlight have since released a version too. I'm a big fan of Oz muscle cars and I'll post some of those another time. ?
  8. Last of the V8s. The work I've done to the 1/18 to try and make it a first movie car is reversable and why I'm reluctant to paint the decals on.
  9. My collection is mostly 1/18 with a small display of smaller scale. I'll just post a few for now don't want to flood the thread. All bought cheap when Modelzone was sadly going out of business.
  10. It has. ? I'll have a look for the other thread. All my other Ottos are boxed up in the loft but have a stray 25 in Autoshite Colours.
  11. I really need to get some original wheels for it. The plates are just water decals. Sorry don't know how to multi quote, @Asimo Otto did an Aventine and its another I missed out on. ?
  12. Still disappointed I missed the crazy BX stuff. Used to buy and sell a lot even got stuff imported from Oz. Once the house is finished I want to sort a display out.
  13. Bought cheap damaged a long time ago. I've not looked at these for ages. ?
  14. Started buying them when they first came out, so cheap back then didn't think twice about changing wheels and messing about with mods. Glad I kept the original parts with now the price of them has gone. Most are away in the loft but have a few dusty examples in cabinets. ? Darn house reservations, dust gets everywhere.
  15. Very nice! Got a fair few Ottos, my favourites being the Espace f1, 306 maxi and Sapphire Cosworths.
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