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  1. Thankfully the owner wasn't around.
  2. Yeah couldn't say no at that price, a fair few the same as I had as a kid. BMW looks like a stolen recovered.
  3. Had some luck today, B&M only had a drop bin buy these were on top. Charity shop box of random had these in the bottom, all heavily play worn but £4 for the lot.
  4. Thanks to @bunglebus for the heads up on these, picked up all the crushed car ones to go with the others.
  5. Sums up my hunting for the last couple of weeks.
  6. But if anyone does don't forget your old pal Zie. 😆
  7. That is very very cool! Been watching Roadkill since the first few episodes.
  8. My Mum collected the James Bond DB5 as a surprise for me. Cost a fortune ,didn't fit together properly and was a few different shades of Silver. Now lives in the loft in shame.
  9. I'll keep an eye out, our B&M normally have a good range of monster trucks.
  10. Thanks to @bunglebus for these Two. Found this in B&M for little-un. I like the squashed cars these come with.
  11. A good week for Hot wheels hunting. Still after the Green RS2000 if anyone has a spare. Seen this posted on Facebook, if anyone finds one I'd be most grateful as I've never seen a twin pack in real life.
  12. Success at last, thanks Aldi. First GTV I've found.
  13. B&M had no singles and this was ASDA. Thought sod it and took a trip to Smyths.
  14. This sums up another fruitless week of diecast hunting.
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