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  1. I bought the carpets from Bognor, please can you take them their beach back!
  2. You are about there. The idea is members can vote anonymously, if the black balls exceed the white you are out! Your crime is being found in possession of a new car! Only kidding of course for a bit of fun because work is so boring!
  3. Being car mad and reaching driving age in the 1970s I was aware of them, but not very interested. Fast forward to 1982 and my friends girlfriend's father had a 2 Litre. I got asked to move the car across Aylesbury and my memory is while I like driving different cars this one was very dull. I remember being more impressed because out of the group I had been trusted to do the driving on a car that was not an old banger quite yet. 6/10 must do better, enter the Tagora!
  4. Everybody would have to get 42 inch screens to fit them in!
  5. Speaking to a Gamma owner who also owns a Trevi he says check if the coil is 12V, his was fitted with a 12V coil but still had ballast resistor.
  6. The green Range Rover is still not running and now I think it needs an autosparks to workout why there is no sparks. Today @ianbmw bought over a gift of his old wheels and tyres for it because the tyres on it are are cracked and not going pass a MOT. This is optimism that one day it will run!
  7. The Trevi is in disgrace as it is refusing to start. I thought it was just Italian temperament and if I kept trying it would eventually go , but no. Today @ianbmw came to help me, we squirted easy start in but not a cough. Next we tried for a spark and the HT lead from the coil gives a fat spark. From the spark plug leads we got the weakest of sparks. This evening I have ordered spark plugs, HT Leads, Distributor cap and rotor arm.
  8. I find having a car legally mobile makes doing stuff so much easier. If it was mine I would concentrate on MOT stuff, then get it an MOT asap.
  9. They are stalking me! This one turned up on a 25 sec FB clip posted by Gareth Abbott on the pre 1994 spotted group. I cannot work out how to link the video so have a screen shot.
  10. @TheDoctor I did not realise you had modernised to one of these!
  11. Sorry it was rather nice. Just console yourself at how expensive it was to run, apart from the insurance and fuel I changed the plugs, HT leads and distributor caps and that was £550.
  12. Ask the garage to collect and deliver?
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