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  1. Nothing better, stunning cars. Edit - Maybe two are better! Coffee time so a trip to the front door as I can't see the second one from my desk. I would also get the rump view of my 306 Cabriolet if it wasn't for those pesky dustbins.
  2. Sat at my desk this morning -1.9 ᵒC and the snow is about the same as yesterday. A little melt yesterday afternoon and then light snow in the night.
  3. More occasion moving a toggle!
  4. Some of us can only dream about sitting behind a Daimler dash like that at the moment with the car put away and not at home. I know, I know you got toggles and we only have rockers.
  5. I know I am pathetic compared to some of you, but a sprinkle of snow is better than none here in North Bucks. Forecast says it will snow until 1pm but the temp is +1ᵒ C so it may melt faster than it falls.
  6. Some have said my 2016 Range Rover is not suitable copy for this forum, the MOT man said you are wrong! 4 years 8 months and 41,307 miles and the rear brake pipes are dangerous.
  7. What a collection, I read the list and know I would be happy if it was my list. The closest we have to the same cars is the BMW E30 although mine is a late 325i 4 door. Also we both have Gammas although mine is a saloon and body wise very different. I absolutely loved your YouTube XJS and Honda Aerodeck reviews. I have always shied away from V12s but now the end of petrol engines has been announced maybe it would be good to have one. In 1987 I worked for a Volvo dealer and met the owner of the local Honda dealer, I told him I would come and work for him if he would give me an Aerodeck to
  8. Have you tried EE Jaguar in MK? I was very pleased with the brake work they did for us on our 1973 XJ6, but they did say they didn't usually do older cars.
  9. Toledo SORN update I got an email to say call DVLA so I did, the lady says she can see where I had SORNed the Toledo and got the successful reply. She says will make sure I get no more letters threatening to fine me. I never answered the phone when they called me because currently we are getting 3/4 unwelcome calls a day, all sorts of country codes including USA and Norway. Who called web site says dangerous about some of them. I think the DVLA ones were the "unknown number" that I will not answer.
  10. It has been noted before and we have used this Forum as a method of communication because even after business hours we tend to do stuff in our own studies and Mrs6C is in the upstairs of the old part of the house and me downstairs in the new part of the house. Sometimes we meet in the kitchen, but not always!
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