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  1. I always have a lot of car stuff on the go so there is always something to go wrong, it reminds me when Agent K from the Men in Black film said “There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about .....
  2. I will let you know when I have found out!
  3. I agree sounds ok in the VP so I have ordered two more, one ready for the Gamma and the other for my MGB GT as the radio started to get hot and I had to remove it last year.
  4. That 960 does look posh, can we an an interior shot please.
  5. My favorite garage has taken the heads off the Gamma today and it has revealed a broken off valve head on the o/s. He says o/s head is scrap, but piston and bore ok. Also camshaft plus rockers are badly worn on the n/s.
  6. News of the day is the Gamma has been taken back to the garage that returned it to the road to investigate why the engine made such a horrible noise and bought the car to a halt. Our Metro now has a new MOT just needed one repeater bulb. Due to drive congestion the 2CV has gone back into storage already.
  7. I like it when a plan comes together! The VP 1500 came without music not even the string quartet that I believe was standard on these cars! It is a 1976 car and my spare 1990s radio CD looked hideous in it and a period radio with FM costs a fortune so I decided to fit the cheap Radio with USB, jack plus SD card slot I had bought for the Gamma. While very cheap and looks it, much better than the 1990s alternative. I had pushed the new radio in the open hole last Sunday to take it to the Allegro show and tonight I set about wiring it in as the plug left in the dash did not fit my radio. The plug there was simply wired into chock blocks both for power and speakers so I changed the old plug for the new ones that came with the radio and bingo it all worked first time with one speaker in the front and two in the rear parcel shelve. Even my ipod plugged straight in to the USB and played now controlled from the radio unit. Now for me the next bit is a step too far in an Allegro, a remote control for the radio!
  8. And I thought you were a reformed character!
  9. Nothing changes, 1979 into the 1980s I used to commute into London on the M40 in my Vitesse, only difference the modern cars around me were Mk4 Cortinas etc! I couldn’t do it today and yesterday I had a few local errands so took the 2CV out in the sunshine.
  10. I have ours on Classic car insurance, fine for rushing along A roads but not covered for agricultural use!
  11. That is my Dad, but I don't know the year. My guess is 1950s as the Standard was quite old when he got it.
  12. You are correct by 1999 it will have antisink valves and should stay up for weeks.
  13. My father’s first car was a Standard Flying 9. Early years included a Phase one Vanguard, BedfordCA van while building his own house and a company Anglia 105E (no Photos) 1963 was a brand new company Morris 1100 then the Cambridge estate was a hand me down company car from his boss so not brand new, followed by a new 1965 Victor 101 estate, 1968 Victor FD 2000SL saloon and back to used by choice Mercedes 220 SB. This was followed by a couple of stop gap cars while he was on probation to find a new job as a building manager, after the company he had been working for failed and his Mercedes went. First was his own 1960 VW Beetle and the second a company MK1 Escort 1100 until his new Cortina arrived but he did not stay and started his own business which I will leave for another chapter.
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