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  1. That has felt good, my MX5 MOT expired 2 days ago and now checker says 8th Oct 2020. Shame the car is locked away so I can't get it!
  2. Brochure wise do you have any to cover: 2002 Peugeot 306 convertible 2001 Alfa 156 V6 1999 Mercedes CLK 320 convertible 1995 Rover 216 Auto
  3. Mrs6C was not impressed with my choice of a sharply dressed Italian man either!
  4. Just think about have you would get to Milton Keynes if we we not in Lockdown, would you get a friend to drive you, bus or train! If you want to pm a photo of yourself I can add it a picture of our drive! PM me your address and I will send you the 1;43 model.
  5. Imber was an interesting visit, we did it Dec 2009 with B.O.R.G. 4x4 Club.
  6. When I get me moped out on the roadI'm gonna ride, ride, ride!
  7. Yes we have seen it, but with 3 running and two under reconstruction we need to STOP!
  8. All but one of the Volvo 400 series cars I had were very young, never needed any water and if they had the workshop would have taken care of that. The one I have owned was a 1990 480ES in 2010 and that had blue in it. Not sure even then if that was correct as it did not have any real problems with its water works.
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