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  1. It would have been an excellent choice, it is such a comfy old bus and I have taken it there before. It holds a personal record for me, for remaining comfortable to drive it continuously for 7 1/4 hours, I didn't even have to refuel Milton Keynes to Edinburgh on a Friday night. This trip is mapped out a bit different as I am flying to Inverness and collecting a newish modern for myself. I will then drive my new car down to the Rowan Tree for dinner and stay in a hotel with the Premier Inn at Bathgate being favourite at the moment. Thursday I will drive home.
  2. I totally understand why having a V12 XJS especially such a good looking one is inspiring you to take lots of photos.
  3. Is this going to happen 29th Jan as I have to come upto Scotland that week and would try and coordinate my visit so I can attend?
  4. Another outing for the VP1500 today to a small gathering at Cardington, Bedfordshire. The MG Midget 1500 following me on the way over remarked how well the VP went! Only trouble is I have lost my tailpipe somewhere along the line.
  5. Triumph 1500, Spitfire 1500 Ford Cortina Mk1 and MK2 1500
  6. I have been all over western Europe in my Visa!
  7. I was hoping sdkrc also owned the 67 plate Merc, that would make an oddest trio.
  8. I had to look it up! TOP DEFINITION Choonz Derived from the common cotton wood tree. When fully grown, an excellent picker of her kind. Liked by none, hated by all, this creature is one of the most bizzare organisms on the planet. Often of the mixed variety.
  9. I had forgot all about it until I used the car Tuesday so yesterday I ordered a couple of bulbs. I can't remember did we check if there was power to it?
  10. The weather forecast for today was dry and sunny so I decided it was the day to tackle the dull headlights on the Mercedes CLK. I have had a Meguiriar's kit ready and waiting, starting with a wash, then sanding with the pads provided in 4 grades, which left them misty. Next was the polish plastX, which brightened them up no end. Then the heavens opened while I was still planning a bit more polishing and then the application of "Headlight Protectant" which claims to help maintain clarity and provide UV protection as part of the kit. The result is the headlights are much improved and should be fine for the MOT that is only 5 weeks away. We have had a reasonable amount of rain lately so that it is now flooding the farm land opposite our house. There is a stream that flows in the valley bottom just in front of the fence and is only a 1 or 2 feet deep in summer, now the whole valley is a lake. We like the way it looks and are in no danger of flooding as we are quite a bit higher, but I guess the farmer would like his pasture back!
  11. Another dull day with wind and rain so an ideal day for giving a convertible a run out! I have not said anything about Mercedes CLK convertible since I got in November because it has sat around doing nothing. It has not turned a wheel for a month so I thought it was time it did to do todays 60 miles for errands. It started up right away on its own battery and drives well, just the sidelight failed warning light to annoy me and I have looked and it is a bit more than a bulb as the holder is melted away. While most of the errands were boring work stuff I did manage to get in a trip to my favourite garage to take them a new fuel gauge sender I had ordered and 20 LTR of petrol for the blue AX14TRS. Slow progress they have had it running but the carb just filled up again with muck so they are in the process of cleaning out the tank. The 306 convertible is currently grounded as some of the stitching that holds the plastic rear window in the hood has bust open on the left hand side. I have ordered “Stormsure” which claims to be a Flexible and waterproof repair adhesive. I have also ordered some red strong thread and Mrs6C has offered to sew it back in for me. 14 days into 2020 and no purchases!
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