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  1. It does look like the size of carb the Visa Cab and LNA use. Just the screw holes for the air filter etc are different.
  2. Never heard of the brand, but I see it has jack pin. It looks useful to me as I am more keen to fit Radio/cass than Radio/CD in appropriate cars. I want another battery like I had last time and 2 x 20 LTR blue antifreeze please.
  3. Yes your lad, a great photo for advertising our event and he is most welcome to visit again.
  4. No it's about getting the best lap times of the orchard!
  5. Had I caught a man stealing my car, no he was rescuing me! On a BMW trip we stopped at Chipping Norton in a public car park to pick up another car in the party. My n-s rear indicator had been playing up so I decided to take the opportunity to have a look at it. I left the engine running so I did not flatten the battery and closed the door as there was a bit of drizzle. I cleaned the bulb holder contacts and I had a n-s rear indicator again. I shut the boot, then the Toad alarm decided to save a carjacking all doors should be locked with the engine running! The Guys from the BMW specialist we were visiting came out to save me so I did make it to the ball. The car sat idling for nearly 1 hour and held its temperature perfectly, I did look in through the window anxiously to see what the gauge was saying.
  6. Anybody know the tyre pressures for a Westwood W8 ride on mower? I have a PDF manual and can't find them in there. Googling gives me 10 PSi to 14 PSi general for mowers, but does any know the correct pressures for a Westwood W8? It is an early 1980s machine. It has different size tyres front to back a bit like a drag car! Yesterday @Slowsilver took some wheels off for me to take to the menders so we can cut the grass for the FoD event.
  7. I had 200 messages, but I have cleared them all now. Instructions sent.
  8. At the weekend the Gamma club bought me over a rebuilt rear caliper for my Gamma Berlina and volunteered to pop it on for me. It turns out to be more complicated than it looks because the piston has to be twisted to line up with the handbrake mechanism. Also the the handbrake the other side had to be backed off to get the cable back on the piston. I now have brakes that don't bind. @dozeydustman Thanks for the offer to help and don't worry there are plenty of other things that need doing. The next problem is the Gamma fluffs when pulling away and they started to sort that but ran out of time. Also the n-s front indicator needs some careful attention to make the indicator work again as the earth is broken in the unit.
  9. This weekend has been a sort of FoD event but with Gamma Consortium (club) people. It was for the parts recovery of the Gamma Berlina lodging with us and donated to the club as a parts car. Glorious weather made it a very pleasant weekend and interesting to see two later Deltas and a ypsilon. We were worried that the Spitfire would think we were Italian and straife us!
  10. We have owned the 735i for 12 years, I have been shopping in it, round the Nurburgring flat out, maxed it out on a German autobahn and set a personal record of spending 7 hours solid behind the wheel driving to Edinburgh on a Friday night without even a fuel stop. You go before the 735i goes!
  11. Saturday they came, raked the hay into rows and bailed it so we are ready for FoD open day. I could not help myself and had to have a drive round , wish you all could have been here. Now we have to see if the weather will cooperate because it was a lovely day up there yesterday.
  12. You only get one go at this life, don't be a "I nearly got a Traction Avant"!
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