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  1. A busy car afternoon with the help of @Slowsilver Metro and Toledo have been taken to storage. To fit them in the Daimler Sovereign S1, Ami, GS and AX had to be started and moved. I think it is good to get them up to temperature once in a while. A quick look at the interior of Mrs6C’s Volvo V70 T5 while I popped the new cam sensor and crank sensor inside in preparation to restarting it and fitting them to try and put out the pesky engine light. To be continued……. The first inspection for putting up a shelve in the storage shed was done, but I forgot the ladder. I am not allowed to drill holes in the wall as it is rented and don’t want a free standing shelve unit because we are short of floor space. I am thinking about some wall plate strapping bent into a hook for the top of the concrete wall and a 90° bend to form a support for the shelve. I was surprised to find the Toledo had a flat battery at the house, a jump and it was away but it had always started off its own battery before. It when into the dark end of the shed and I switched the engine off and noticed the radio was lit, it is not ignition switched and I had left it on with no volume for 2 ½ weeks! The BMW 3.0S was taken from the FoD to the house garage to see what can be done with all the rust bubbles. Very ugly when I rubbed the paint bubbles! If anybody wanted to join me in the garage in the next few weeks I plan to go round the car rub back and use Rust Converter on all the bubbles.
  2. Our drive at lunchtime today. If anybody spotted the newcomer its not what you think. Yes there is a black MK4 Astra on my drive, I have not purchased it, just a kind loan from @Andyrew . So if you are cut up badly on a roundabout by it don't blame Andyrew as I am going to be driving it for a while.
  3. Saying good bye to another old friend today after 11 years. E36 328i Msport coupe manual, seems to have gone to a good home where it will return to the road.
  4. When you misjudge the size of an object for sale and turn up with the wrong car!
  5. Wonderful to use, every journey is special. It does need a bit more road space and Tesco car park you need a bit more than a single parking space, but no worse than a Range Rover. If it cuts out across a road it takes a whole ruby team to push it up a mild gradient! (Turned out to be the after market battery cut off switch) It was fitted with side exit exhaust and set the alarm off on Mrs6C's Volvo v70. The only real down side is fuel consumption, this car was fitted with a 390 cu inch that had been breathed on. Unfortunately there was a bit of a miss match and with no extra performance it only did 10 mpg! I was expecting around 15 mpg and on my first decent drive the engine cut on a roundabout, fortunately it recovered enough to make a filling station 2 miles away. I liked it in my garage, even if it did fill it.
  6. I was loaned this 1964 Galaxie for a year, a while ago, what a wonderful experience.
  7. Interesting, we both shot my MGB in a similar position. I think I like your lower angle better.
  8. Sounds good, but 86 miles just a bit far for a breakfast meet. I declared SORN for the Trevi and BiTurbo today, but still have the Seicento and have been thinking about a longer trip for it. Then there is always the Alfa 156.
  9. Anybody want to save a Mazda Bongo Frendee! A near neighbour wants to sell their Bongo, I think it will probably end up scrapped but if anybody is interested I can put you in touch. It has sat for the last 3 years. MOT history,Check mileage recorded at test, MOT expiry date, and test outcome,Hidethis section Date tested 28 June 2018 PASS Mileage 180,608 miles Test location View test location MOT test number 6797 0166 4534 Expiry date 27 June 2019 Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Nearside Front Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c)) Offside Front tyre perrished both headlamps weathered oil leak front axle Rear Coil spring corroded both (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Front Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge both (5.2.3 (e)) Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e)) Offside Rear chassis corroded underbody corroded Offside Outer sill corroded and holed Nearside Outer sill corroded and holed
  10. Parting with old friends! The Visa 17RD we have had for 7+ years. This car was very much duplication of the other Visa 17RD we have had for the last 13 years. I still have an unnatural liking for Citroen Visas, which I first owned 20 years ago and sold them new from a Citroen dealer in 1987. We have had the BMW 735i SE 14+ years. Following Mrs6C's purchase of an E46 we joined the BMW Car club and our local group leader was a strong promoter of the E32 7 series. I was sucked into E32 ownership and valentine's day 2008 we placed a blind eBay bid on this 735i and won. Lots of memories followed, I have driven it at a steady 125 mph on a German Autobahn and taken it round the Nürburgring ring at full tilt following my friend in a Mercedes 450 SEL. The longest single non stop drive of any car I have driven was in this BMW 735i SE, 7 1/4 hours Milton Keynes to Edinburgh on a Friday after work and I still felt comfortable on arrival. It will be missed but I have a 1971 BMW 3.0 S which I plan to use more. Both are sold to a Film car supply company and will be available for you to rent for your filming needs!
  11. Once again @Slowsilver helped me today with some winter preparation for our cars that are going to be stored for the winter. It was a busy afternoon moving cars about. We took the BMW 735i to storage as it is being collected in the morning. Much tyre pumping was done. We had to move the E reg Visa, Trevi and BiTurbo to get out the Gamma. Last time I used the Gamma I forgot to switch on the electric fan and it spat out water while sitting idling. We refilled it with 33% antifreeze and all seemed fine, but there was not enough petrol to give it a proper test drive. Following past rodent damage I prepared bait boxes and put them round the shed. While I did this slowsilver checked the antifreeze in the 308 GT4, E Type and 2 Daimler Sovereigns. One section was sweep and the cars put away. More to do next week........
  12. Yesterday was a nice outing for the Metro at Wicken Classic car gathering.
  13. Its a nightmare when Facebook reminds me of LBF! Buckingham Car Boot Rachel Bezdek · · Our warehouse has relocated and we kept behind anything that had 20 or less in stock . So looking to sell as one whole job lot, great potential to make some cash in selling on. Everything pictured, worth over £4,000 Also included is lots of PLL, PLC, PLS and PLT lamps which are being phased out in March, so if you’re lucky enough to have stock of these you could make some good money. Welcome to come and have a look. Located at The lightbulb company 41 Murdock Road Bicester OX26 4PP
  14. Volvo 960 estate for me please.
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