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  1. Our C15 Van has been very difficult to start from cold turning but not starting. Talbot had a look and thinks it is the diesel filter seal allowing air in but I didn’t have one so have ordered one. . Sunday tinkering was spoilt by long periods drizzly rain. . Yesterday we started preparing the BMW 323i for sale, we polished out some scratches and n-s interior door card was repaired because the bolts on the arm rest were not fitted and all the pull was through the door card. We put some new wheel bolts on as the old ones were rusty and looked horrid. Then rain stopped play.
  2. Lack of use is causing the problems, the last time I used it was Sep 2019 because of Covid. It had stood in a nice dry garage from Oct 2007 when my mother was taken ill until April 2017 when I revived it. The plan is to take it to the local Citroen Show in September.
  3. A few weeks ago my BX failed to start in storage. When I returned for another attempt a couple of weeks later the started motor would not even turn. Yesterday @Talbot came over to help me and the BX would not still would not turn its Starter even with my jump pack connected. Talbot had to remove the inlet manifold to get to the starter motor and found it was simply a furred up connector by the starter. The car now started easily, but as Talbot started putting some air ducking in place the engine cut out. Wiggling some wires by the air duck the engine cut in and out and he found another co
  4. Anybody want a broken bus! Engine was running but it did not seem to want to move. They were sat on the grass when I moved on, I am guessing waiting for the tow truck as they had closed the engine cover.
  5. http://www.headlinemk.co.uk/ This is the Carlton that had to be welded in 3 places, £80 cash.
  6. It is worth the £35 skim to save you doing the job again.
  7. Friends Miata he bought used in the USA and imported it to UK when he returned to the UK.
  8. One stage closer to getting back on the road after winter storage.
  9. 10 years ago my friends were doing track days and I wanted to join in so bought an E36 328i Coupe manual Msport. I never did the track days but bonded with that car and E36s. The black 323i Msport of many regs was my friends daily car and was maintained to a high standard. When he went to sell it he said he could not bear the idea of idiots coming to his house to kick the tyres and made me an offer I could not refuse to spare him the pain. My son took it over, then went to Canada and it is now back with me, but I really don't need it so I am going to get it ready to sell. Photo is f
  10. Lie on the couch and I will explain how it all happened.............
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