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  1. Change of flavour today and I went all Italian. Lancia Gamma Club Lunch produced 7 Gammas including ours.
  2. I might be on the road side tomorrow waiting for the AA! I am going to a Lancia Gamma meeting tomorrow and Friday I ascertained that it starts, but did not have time for a test drive.
  3. A very successful day and the Saab 95 engine is back together including fitting the inlet manifold, carburettor, distributor, fuel pump, alternator, water pump and changing the fuel line from the pump to the carb. Thanks to Andrew from the TSSC and @chaseracer. To improve the looks of our yard Andrew added a very smart Dolomite Sprint for the duration of his visit. The next stage is who wants to help me pop the engine back in the Saab and when?
  4. There will be a few FoD dates this summer and earlier if I can persuade a group to turn out in the cold to drop the Saab 95 engine back in the car.
  5. A week ago I found two fuel filters at the house I did not recognise, put them back in the box they came out of and thought no more about them. Now your post makes me think maybe these are yours? @chaseracer
  6. There is still the fitting the engine and driving it to collect Fish & Chips to look forward to.
  7. You will have to add a bit of a detour to increase the mileage beyond the 952 miles I did taking my son to his gran's and taking her out. Buckingham to Forfar, drive out for lunch tour, Forfar to Buckingham 3am to 10pm. This Cavalier 2.0 CDi in case you wondered 44 mpg.
  8. FoD Saturday 28th January Andrew from the TSSC and I are planning to finish putting together the Saab 95 engine ready to refit at a future date. Anybody who wants a trip out Saturday is welcome to join us.
  9. If you have not joined this zoom before or lost the joining details just PM @Mrs6C for details.
  10. High number of owners can go either way. Yes some may say this is cheap car for transport I will drive it until it breaks and throw it away. While others think I love my new banger and start throwing money at it and fix a few things. When the owner is weary of spending money the next person picks up the challenge of keeping it running and because some things have been fixed are happy to spend out on a few things and so on that keeps the car alive because the cost is spread among several owners. That's my theory anyway.
  11. It is best when all owners can be identified!
  12. The 11RE was geared at 19.1 mph/1000rpm so 75mph was a comfortable 3900 rpm. They did list a 5 speed 1124cc but I don't every remember seeing one and I did sell them new in 1987. @Mrs6Chas a 1124cc 4 speed Visa Cabriolet.
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