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  1. 1993 Vauxhall Carlton 2.0i by any chance?
  2. Has anybody got the cylinder head bolt torques for a 1993 Vauxhall Carlton 2.0i cat? A bonus would be the torque setting for the cam carrier and torqueing down sequence diagram for the head.
  3. Today was the beheading of the Carlton, Talbot took his axe and sliced it clean off. Turns out it was pretty straight forward and nothing was really stuck. In fact some bolts seemed quite loose. There is just a bit of corrosion on the head, but it should be fine again with a skim. Talbot has stripped the head and the next stage is for me to get it skimmed.
  4. Looking though the Carlton paperwork today I found the original service book stamped up July 2003, 76,000 miles.
  5. As long as it did not mean collect me from the station!
  6. A plan is coming together to take the head off the Carlton tomorrow (Sunday) morning with @Talbot. If anybody wants to come along to the FoD and help/witness the event then please pm me.
  7. You knew I was thinking about making a claim, only 2 years and it has broken already.
  8. I am looking for a front wiper motor for our Citroen XM? My garage says it is getting power but all functions only work when they feel like it and they have asked me to find a replacement motor. 1997 XM 2.0 16v auto RHD. Has anybody got one they can sell me?
  9. Carlton parts came in today, just the oil filter to go.
  10. This has peaked my interest in a PT Cruiser, maybe it is time to sell my Beetle and try one.
  11. I got my MX5 back yesterday with a fresh MOT and serviced. Last year in storage had killed the battery and after a 20 mile drive it was still flat so I had to ask for a new one to be fitted. Unfortunately a bit of welding was necessary at the back of the nearside sill. They also welded the exhaust but tell me I really needs a new one. Changing the oil has not cured the tick from the engine on cold start up. My favourite garage tell me the old oil looked like new anyway and while it has been in there 2 years has only done 1,000 miles. I took it shopping yesterday and as ever is great
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