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  1. Sorry I don't remember any Texalarms although I was selling Citroens when your car was born.
  2. @catsinthewelder is trying to repair the Jingling ATV's broken engine casing that connects to gearbox, his chosen method of repair is to plant the gearbox and wait for the casing to grow. He assures me that the secret of success is watering with EP80 oil!
  3. I did think about buying it and was glad the roffle started so quickly and went so well!
  4. I have checked the wheel and it is not there. Does anybody have a PSA 13 inch fitting ring they can sell me?
  5. PM me your address and I will post it back.
  6. Only found half the wheel trim so can't refit it. Have Mr Hubnuts video when it had 4 wheel trims!
  7. Today Mrs6C came out with me as spotter, yes spotter we were looking for the lost AX wheel trim. The good new is we found it but the bad news was the plastic ring with metal band that pushes into the wheel is still lost. This gave the VP1500 a chance for a run out and while it took quite a bit of cranking to start it from cold, it ran very nicely and restarted easily several times while running errands. I hope I did not get caught by Quicksilver's stasi police this time!
  8. Lost Property Found in the VP1500 today? @Catsinthewelder is it yours? @Beko1987 is it yours?
  9. Where is the 20/50, this runny oil is no good to most of my cars!
  10. Yes I like the AX as it easy to park and yet not cramped. Filled it up today 43.2 mpg. Sorry I did not see you quicksilver.
  11. My first driving lesson was in High Wycombe and I choose a Mini, I was disappointed after the lesson the slot I needed to fit in with my collage timetable was not available and I would have to change to another car/instructor. This meant my further lessons and test were taken with Mr Churchill in a L reg Triumph Toledo 4 door in white. I never took a photo, but this is a very similar car. At the same time I did my driving practice with my father in his L reg Citroen 1220 Club, new to driving I struggled with the differences between the cars especially the GS could not pull away from walking pace without dipping the clutch or kangaroo jolts followed and the Toledo pulled cleanly from no revs and I got into trouble with my instructor for dipped the clutch! The GS is the actual one.
  12. So two charge up and 2 miles to spare when you get home! Edit - having been to SA towers and remember there are hills I think you would run out 2 miles short!
  13. Looks good, but a bit expensive for FoD hack. I am hoping Cats will succeed with repairing the Jingling or the kittens are going to be very disappointed.
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