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  1. lovely motors. mate had a caro diesel and took out the front seats as too hard and got some softer ones from a polonez
  2. go faster panda spotted near dover
  3. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Dodgy looking van heading towards deal, kent
  4. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Sounded like a motorbike
  5. One of the sil was car must have isofix, well in my shed I had brand new bracket I never used when I had my focus, so I genouresly gave it too her so she can go buy new seat from halfrauds
  6. Spent the day car hunting for siL, dover, deal, ashford and ended up in Cranbrook.. We viewed a clio on 07 plate looked OK, drove ok.. but.... wipers wouldnt work, fan didnt work, but if u saddled about with heating, fan knows they spring in to life then stop working.... nah ill pass.. ended up in Cranbrook buy 2003 ford focus zetec.. pez shot included......
  7. 2 brothers at work have got new motors... I prefer the mini..
  8. i always wonder if new cars will survive as long
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