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  1. when the 2nd engine started to fail on my 1.6 sle, i eye up fitting the 2.0 twincam from a fiat mirafiori ... only stopped me was a cheap mk2 cavalier i was offered
  2. in a C5 id always fear to get run over by a hgv
  3. stuboy

    Harrison's Garage

    loving the galaxy 'galaxy'
  4. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Couldn't get decent one of the 8 series but is yellow m3 shite yet?
  5. i hoped for extension but mines due after august 1st
  6. £805 and its urs..lol
  7. dam more tape than plastic
  8. welcome aboard, where u located?
  9. lots of ventilation into the cabin..lol
  10. stuboy

    my spots.....

    what you in nowadays
  11. i was hoping for an boris extension
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