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  1. Went out to an aca with a flat tyre and unable too undo the locking wheel bolt, I thought I'll just pop out with wheel brace and bish bash bosh be ace.... no... nailing down with rain main A road blocking a live lane and so I swapped cars and called recovery who said they won't do nowt till the old bill are called to make it safe, called the old bill they said can I drive it a bit too make it safer for me so I drove it 200yds and turned into a lane, called recovery, AA came said nuts fubared and he would temporarily plug the puncture.. What fun... and least a ­čîł came out to say hello..lol
  2. or jewish racing gold.... please im not anti religious just read somewhere
  3. and she just signed the revised will the night before.. lifted this is when you smoked a few blunts, and you high as hell. we was blowin so lovely today, im lifted as hell
  4. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Spotted yesterday
  5. my dad had 1 brand new as a company car in henna red... wonder if i still got a picture
  6. i rember when GSi ment sporty vehicles
  7. my brothers got quite new one and they like 4 door 2 plus 2
  8. Bil not blood related...lol oh he has one of these too..
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