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  1. Still going with 'project keep yourself busy and thank god you aren't a key worker'....
  2. Yes, bought last year before all this kicked off. Postage is £3 for orders under £10 and £5 for orders over £10. I normally find it easiest to 'phone in my order (when they are open!).
  3. I did one of these last year, and the model supplies replacement door took a lot of fettling work. This is another model, and another door, it has gone straight in, so should be a straightforward repaint.
  4. Obviously essential work in lockdown too?
  5. This has fought me quite a bit, but something presentable has resulted... As was...
  6. Looks great. DMB graphics made up my Mondeo dealer Sticker and Mazda GLX badges - but I gave them something to work from. https://www.dmb.uk.com/
  7. egg

    Youtube moments

    @11001010 linked to this guy earlier on. Here he is reviewing a Vauxhall Hindustan Contessa Izuzu dizzle. It's intense, he talks at a million miles a minute and then takes it out into mad Indian traffic. An experience.
  8. The arm above has now been painted, and is back on the car. One more to do!
  9. Oh and just found out they made the Santana in China until 2012... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Santana#Fourth_generation_(Vista;_2008–2012)
  10. That's pretty. Really pretty. PAG Chubby anyone? It's a Santana.
  11. Driver's wiper arm off, and the bit I'm going to paint, stripped
  12. Fantastic. It's in Herne Bay? If there is anything I can do to help without breaking the curfew, I'd be happy to.
  13. Back in August, I asked on one of the French Renault 16 groups whether anyone actually had original air conditioning on a TX that functioned, at last I had a reply (in French timescales!) Here it is, and the air comes out at 11 degrees C. Damn I'd like one so equipped.
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