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  1. Thanks. This was sitting in the yard at the Garage today, it's often there, gives a flavour of the sort of place it is.
  2. Funny you should say that, handbrake is fine, but footbrake less so, steering a bit stiff he suspects sticky wheel cylinder on nearside. I've felt it myself, about time the brakes were gone through. Also needs new tyres, as he mentioned wear on inside fronts. Rears are from 2008!
  3. Pandemic means only 294 miles this year (shocking!), but to be fair 3 months it was on SORN. Just nowhere to go in the past year. But a clean pass is a clean pass....
  4. Local spots, next to each other. Clearly an owner of taste.
  5. I'll have a dig around here just in case my memory is faulty, but not hopeful!
  6. Here's what it used to look like. There are a few on ebay in this style.
  7. It was an MOT phail, and tester took the pragmatic solution of removing the switch. I don't have it unfortunately.
  8. Things I want that I can't afford - Danish Tekno Lloyd models Siku Zundapp Janus
  9. Another Steve Saxty pic, hatch and saloon comparison...
  10. egg

    Youtube moments

    As an aside I think the VW XL1 that Doug tested recently is the exact same car that @dollywobbler tested for Hubnut. Probably the one and only time there will be a Hubnut/DeMuro crossover.
  11. What's good about them is at least the inner lenses aren't discolouring, unlike on a certain Ford. Good stuff.
  12. egg

    Youtube moments

    Here's the thing, Doug does like shite cars like we do, but he has 4m subs so has to pretend it's all a big laugh that these cars are so shit not shite. I'd say he needs a second channel to review the chod on, but he already has three if you include carsandbids.
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