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  1. I had to double check wikipedia - but as I thought both 45 and 55 were sold here (55 with larger engine). Also a 65 with 1.3 engine (they were rare when they were new I think).
  2. Agreed. It's probably next on the list.
  3. Good news that. Given the rate at which even MK2s are disappearing.
  4. 53,000 miles at the last MOT. Cor. If I could find an Atlantis blue rear seat back with headrests I would fit it (at least temporarily) as Mrs Egg and mini-Egg would prefer a bit of improved safety*, and it was an available as part of the safety option pack (rear headrests, ABS and passenger airbag) from the start IIRC.
  5. This. I'm afraid it can be necessary these days. I've had similar experiences with education (which I won't go into here) an in the end we have had to escalate through several layers of complaint which has worked. Also, please consider speaking to your MP if you haven't already. You may not believe it, but sometimes this has direct results.
  6. The jet car colours are as follows Edit, more info
  7. Here's what my French Norev book says about MK3 escy models
  8. Well, will it survive another MOT like that? If so, could it still a usable car for a bit (especially if garaged)? (Hope springs eternal)
  9. Ah sunvisors, oh for such luxury (MK12 owner) I wonder how much big Al is going to want for that MK12 door by the time I ask him.... This is all good stuff Oli.
  10. I guess priority of events re: attempting to re-register: 1. Ask for help from invalid carriage register 2. try again myself with a V62 3. Try Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs help 4. Register it with any old age appropriate plate as a new vehicle
  11. You could do that mate. Or you could share it with us all, get lots of likes, generate content for the forum and generally further the interest in this obscure area of motoring history. Your shout.
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