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  1. English photographer and film director David Hamilton (1933 - 2016) with the actress Dawn Dunlop who will star in his film - 1979 edit: I'm going to delete that one, he seems to have been a very dodgy bloke, and I didn't know.
  2. 'Last Price' has to be the most caddish phrase I've ever heard.
  3. Laura Marie and her mother Cynthia Robinson of the psychedelic soul group 'Sly And The Family Stone' stand next to a car on April 3, 1973 in San Francisco
  4. sometimes referred to as 'Transit dials' I'm not sure if they are actually the same as the Transit.
  5. Kitty Brunell working on her MG F Magna. In 1933 she won the Rally of Great Britain.
  6. yup, obviously not its original number plate, but on the list. Love the L reg base, especially rare in saloon flava.
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