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  1. I'm always interested when cars get to this mileage about how much of the suspension is original - has it had springs/dampers/bushes/arms etc?
  2. How socially distant was the journey across 'town'?
  3. I've given that paint work a light wet sand with 3000 grit, at least it is marginally smoother... Not sure it will survive a car wash!
  4. My Nexus 7 Android tablet from 2014 is still running well on Android 6 to be fair.
  5. I felt better about my paint job until you posted the 2nd side, that looks pretty good!
  6. The i10's rear bumper is actually slight deformed from previous impact in that there part of London that Ken is trying to leave (has he left yet?) The only fix would be replacement. So I giffered it with some high build primer... And some handpainted artisan skill* For those of you saying, why the hell didn't you leave it alone? I hear you!
  7. Just tried to get mud guards for the i10 for my 9 year old car - no longer held in the UK by Hyundai dealers! Blimey. That's not a long stock policy...
  8. Thanks for all your work on this. Profile cover pictures have become very small - but hardly a pressing issue, just something I've noticed.
  9. Don't forget the poor neglected LNA! I think it's almost a tradition that in September I post a 'golden hour' picture of a clean Mondeo. Lovely day, in another month it will become miserable to wash a car, so savour it now! I've secured some off road (outdoor) storage for December, Jan and Feb to give it a winter rest this year.
  10. I like that both for the 'engineering' and also proper old school motor factor sleuthing!
  11. Big car is big. Or camera smoll. Oh, well a Mondy 'state with yellow headlights. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-ford-mondeo-estate/174443902174?hash=item289daab4de:g:LmIAAOSwh7lfZzp8
  12. The Febler Autoroller from the early 50's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felber_Autoroller
  13. Proof that any car job eats time. i10 old number plate (broken) removed to reveal old sticky pads I use this 'kids' sticker remover stuff, which is actually quite good Still took half an hour to make acceptable. Done.
  14. I don't think there is any vehicle that could land on your driveway that wouldn't leave in someway improved!
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