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  1. egg

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Maybe they rust a bit less in Spain? https://www.autoscout24.fr/offres/mg-others-austin-1300-s-essence-blanc-1b9beda9-3d26-f378-e053-0100007f23a0
  2. @KWhite - its in the Mk1+2 Mondeo cars and parts for sale uk group.
  3. Another early k reg for sale with a cracked cylinder head
  4. egg

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Have I said, I really like the goona 3 coupe? V6 auto dizzle, in GT spec 230bhp. Low cost, high liability? Mebbe. But I can't imagine a better looking modern car for £4.5k. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006180277797 (I even prefer the looks to the 406 coupe). Why would you buy Bavarian instead?
  5. egg

    Ford timelord

    I'm following Cauty's latest art work on Instagram - he's building a set of model brutalist towerblocks. I asked him a question....he responded....😂
  6. @greengartside did another junk-yard parts raid for me - more long term stock odds and ends! Many thanks to him.
  7. egg

    eBay tat volume 3.

    £10k and open a trade account with Rock Auto. https://www.autoscout24.fr/offres/ford-thunderbird-4-0-v8-convertible-automaat-145-000mls-retro-nieu-essence-gris-180cb81c-5eed-486d-935c-45d4ecb0560a
  8. I did not know that there was a Pug 505 coupe concept. If they had built it, I might have transferred my ovlov 780 lust on to this objet de désir...
  9. Is that the tank itself or metal surrounding it - deflector?
  10. Yes, looks like that plate might be part of the homebrew bumper solution! Amazing...
  11. Thanks....aghhh....that's a Base! That's two that need saving...
  12. I guess it's all these cars sitting on the old runway!
  13. Ah that doesn't sound like me Eddy! I think it was @TheDoctor - at this post...
  14. Oh, I'd forgotten that Eddy - which ones please?!
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