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  1. Blimey. My first car was a silver Ka, registration S434 LCW. Not too far off this one. Great to see such a pristine example, even if it is in Australia.
  2. Cocking seat adjustment isn't locking in the Golf of Many Dents. Apparently this isn't that unusual. Got to get the seat out and cock around with it. Will see how much bits are - apparently not much. Pain in the arse though.
  3. I wasn't but *double-checks* that is definitely doom blue... Really rather like that.
  4. Wing mirror knocked off last Thursday - glass and casing. Genuine used replacement for £30 on eBay. Arrived today, took the bits off I needed. Thought it would take a while to get it sorted but it took literally 20 seconds to fit to the car. Genuine shell is much better than cheap pattern which took me ages to do last time. Did it in a pinch as Lady Grumpius needs a replacement sewing machine and I’m not driving to Bluewater in her car and I don’t want to drive without all mirrors...
  5. Christ, I know I have bad colour perception but I have no idea what to pin this one on...
  6. I haven’t seen a Doom Blue that Doom Blue on a Mondeo in ages. I approve.
  7. If you meet a twat in the morning, they're probably a twat. If you meet twats all day, then you're the twat. I'm definitely a twat.
  8. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/sevenoaks/news/mclaren-supercar-trashed-in-sainsburys-car-park-235828/ Could be worse.
  9. My car came with two replacements anyway... so it's just keeping a trend. New mirrors every 4/5 years...
  10. Fucking wing mirror. Fucking narrow road. Fucking bloke in a fucking Focus chatting to his (presumably) fucking girlfriend rather than fucking pulling over to his side of the fucking road. And then not fucking stopping and fucking driving off. I've got a second-hand one on order already from eBay. Due Monday. Fortunately the electric heater wires disconnected at the spade and nothing has snapped or sheared in the mechanism - so I can just take the bits off the replacement rather than fucking about with trim to get it in. Fucks me right off though. And I've had a properly shit week
  11. As Parky awoke one one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in a bed into a man with tubes...
  12. As long as you don't try and share this video on Napster, you'll be fine.
  13. An Escape from shit driving? Sorry, couldn't resist. Proper shit that.
  14. Sorry to hear that @Parky how are you doing today and have you had any news on the passport front?
  15. My old landlord had a red Prisma that sat on the drive next to the house we rented from him. Lovely looking thing. 1.6 with an understated, grey interior. Always wanted it. Nice!
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