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  1. Get a bit stuck in the Wantsum Channel to say the least...
  2. The Dunning-Kruger effect in full operation. Behold the glory.
  3. I remember this one doing the rounds when I used to hang around a local sailing club: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/man-sails-round-isle-of-sheppey--a85754/
  4. I also learned how to properly collimate my astro binoculars and perfected my parallelogram mount too. So we're definitely going to have 100% cloud cover for the next month. Sorry.
  5. My partner is a teacher and this is why we have to go and find weird places to stay, especially since we take the dog. Finding anywhere half decent that doesn't also simultaneously bankrupt us in the school holidays is a pain in the arse.
  6. Highly, highly recommend Orkney. Although stay away from South Ronaldsay. You might have the misfortune to run into my Aunt...
  7. I had a friend over for tea a couple of years ago and my other half mentioned I liked old, shit cars. I mentioned I was on a forum where this was the general topic and the friend asked me which forum it was. Turned out, her other half (now husband) is on this very forum. They came over the next day with their particularly fantastic car and had a good look around. Small World! I won't name the innocent party but it was a very welcome co-incidence.
  8. Bini is making a tapping noise under revs (2009 Diesel). I'd love to go and check the oil level in case it's got a bit low without me noticing but now the fucking bonnet catch has seized, as they are prone to do. I'd be less miffed if I hadn't pointed this out a while ago and when the catch was supposedly 'fixed' last year. I'm not going to massacre it, so farming it out and for them to check the noise. Ironically car was booked in for a service next Saturday (I can't get under it to do the oil filter on my drive safely)...
  9. Cakes go dry when stale, biscuits get soggy. And not because they're in a public school dormitory.
  10. 'Oh. That's weird, I assumed you were looking at porn...' 'I was.'
  11. Give it fifteen years and they'll be an unusual sight. I've always loved them since they were first on the market. They're a Golf in a frock but what a frock.
  12. I bloody love that generation of Scirocco and I'd have it in an instant if I had an understanding partner and more to my name. GLWTS, looks like a corker.
  13. The issue is that our reputation is also at risk if there are repeated security issues, even if they're self-inflicted. It's very easy for a customer to 'blame IT' even if we're not directly at fault and unfortunately, people will believe them. I'm in the middle of project planning some of this and there's a halfway house to your suggestion that I think might work and potentially increase revenue.
  14. @GhostyI really hate IoT for shit like this. Hard-coded admin passwords that get leaked, basic security overlooked on every level and there it is controlling your lights, your fridge and your fucking toaster for no good reason. Add in that just how utterly lax some people are about even the most basic account security and you've got a disaster on your hands. Governments and criminals are licking their lips at the possibilities. At least once a week we get an email saying 'Oh... I clicked on this link in an email...' and then muggins here has to go and sort it out, including auditing the SharePoint. People have absolutely no idea how much of a pain in the arse it is for the twat that has to trawl through everything. Then the company aren't interested in basic security like MFA. I told our MD a few weeks ago that if customers refused MFA implementations then we ought to refuse their custom. Fortunately, he agrees with me even though it would be his back pocket it stings the most. Then people think it's some badge of honour that they're shit with technology. I don't care if you're a bit shit with tech if it's in your personal time or isn't an important part of your job but with our customer base it is usually important for their jobs and it puts their entire business - and our entire business at risk. But to some people it's just a punchline to the shittest joke ever and they have absolutely no idea what chaos they cause. In my old job we had a member of staff that got phished three times in three months. Every time we took her through what she could have done differently (like maybe just going and talking to the trees instead of sitting at her computer) and even though we had free IT training from dedicated IT trainers, she wouldn't take us up on it. At that point if I had been her manager I would be having serious words but because everybody was shit, it was fine. In my view, that's verging on gross negligence...
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