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  1. I was down in Dover harbour about three weeks ago and a boy racer went by in a lowered, bodykit-strewn, cherrybombed Nova. I laughed like a drain because I hadn't see that in years. This. This is special. Saloon is a major force multiplier. You are a winner.
  2. Thank you. She probably won't and she is very, very elderly. It is what it is.
  3. My grump is related to my 'grump' on Tuesday. I went to see my Gran on Tuesday before she had her stroke (I must have said something...) in the local 'Cottage Hospital' in Exmouth. My Mum had been sorting out the visits and booking us in and they were being very strict. One visitor per day, only two visitors at the same time in the ward, etc. My gran had mentioned in passing that she'd had another visitor just before me but I didn't think anything of it and put it down to her being confused. Turns out that her friend had stopped by just before me. They'd booked in, etc. but the rules
  4. If it's any consolation, my partner's Mum once recommended that we visit Danson Lido to cool off during a particularly hot summer's afternoon. Only snag is that it closed in 1979...
  5. As suspected, Grandmother has had a stroke. Possibly had a small one a couple of weeks ago. Won’t recover and we’ll see if it’s going to finish her off in the next couple of days.
  6. Driven to Devon to see family this holiday. Went to see Grandmother in the local community hospital and they've found a 'mass' in the brain - as she was having stroke symptoms but no actual stroke. Since I went to see her yesterday afternoon her face has fallen and she's been taken to the big hospital under emergency care. She's now in the same ward that hosted my Grandad's last days. Keep reminding myself that my grandparents have a habit of dying the day after I visit them in hospital. Purely co-incidence but I seem to have some sort of talent...
  7. The second-poshest person I've ever met was when I worked at John Lewis. I carried his shopping half-way around Bluewater to his knackered, red Sierra. This was back in 2008, so even then it was on old car and most of them had disappeared. The poshest person I've ever met owned and lived in an ancestral castle...
  8. Golf went in for its MOT yesterday. I have an extension until the 1st of October (my MOT was due on the 1st April - literally the first day that was given the extension, I believe) but wanted to get it done before the rush. Thought it might need new shocks. Nope. 100% clean, no advisories. Brake pads down to about 50% - which isn't bad given that they were last changed 3 1/2 years and 75K miles ago! I treated the car to an oil and filters change this afternoon to celebrate...
  9. This brings back a memory. I was a trainee teacher back in about 2012 and I lost the keys to my Ford Fiesta in the Primary School car park, which was - predictably - right outside my classroom. I fished around in my bag for ages and looked and couldn't find them. So I called the AA and they sent somebody around in double-quick time. He connected a battery up to a terminal just behind the front bumper, used plastic wedges to open the door and then used a long metal rod to let the (fortunately electric) window down - evidently the terminal that he connected the battery to was for the win
  10. Lady Grumpius' sister has one of these. Only car she's ever owned and she absolutely loves it. Cracking buy.
  11. I learned to drive in a 1.4HDI back in 2006. My memories are vague and I didn't know much about cars then (or even now...) but I remember it being fine. You don't know any different when you're learning to drive but it must have been a very slow car indeed. Gear change was ok, steering very light, visibility fine. The more I think about it, then more I want one out of curiosity value but they're inoffensive and quite simple.
  12. I remember trying to hammer one of these up Bluebell Hill with my copper mate. Rarely has such a glorious cacophony been created in the pursuit of such futility. No chance of breaking any speed limits. Good fun!
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