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  1. Well that's a strong start, for sure. Particularly the 480. They all just disappeared off the roads suddenly. I last saw one in the wild February last year Oof.
  2. Fifth gear costs more because it's never been used. Cracking buy.
  3. The three-door option makes this for me. 1.3 opulence. Still faster than our 1.4 Focus, I guarantee....
  4. Those Tascams are decent. My old job included the extensive use of hand-held recorders and I've always liked them. If you stump up for a Tascam with an XLR input, even better.
  5. Spoke to my cousin and her husband the other day. He (her husband) is a former Ford mechanic and big enthusiast. 'So, how are you getting on with your cars?' 'I've sold a couple' 'Yeah, he's managed to get it under 40. 36 is the current count I think...'
  6. I picked up an air filter from there once, got home, pulled it out of the box to find it was jet black and heavily used. Took it back and the person behind the till just rolled their eyes. 'It happens all the time...' while they swapped it out. Didn't quite say, 'so why don't you fucking check them when the box isn't sealed, then?' but should have. Evidently people take the filter, fit it to their car, put the old one back in the box and claim a refund because it the 'wrong part'. So they've failed to check it twice...
  7. We have a laptop scheme for students at work and some students are eligible to have a Mac loaned to them for the academic year. We bought 40 A2289 MacBook Pros back in about September for the scheme. That's all I have to say about that... I think me pointing out that the base MacBook air is capable of out-performing a 2020 i7 iMac may have been what made Dad realise what I was saying.
  8. They are, rightly, proving very popular. They will have some stock in but they do move to manufacture and shipping very quickly. He accepted my point this morning and is exchanging the Intel for an M1. I win the 'stubborn wars'.
  9. I've even been saying to my colleague at work (the 'other' Mac fan on my team) that buying anything other than an M1 Mac new at the moment is a boneheaded move...
  10. We'll have to see how stubborn he decides to be... not too late, it hasn't even been delivered yet. An Air with a 16GB RAM upgrade (i.e. at £1,350) is something I'm eyeing up (but can't afford) at the moment. I'm a bit sore that he didn't bother to check because it just seems like a waste of money for him to get an Intel one...
  11. Dad's Mac laptop broke. He's bought another one as the timescale for getting his current one repaired is several weeks, if not months. 'Which one have you bought, Dad?' 'The 2020 Intel one, 13-inch.' '...' 'What?' 'You've spent more money on a much less capable machine.' 'But it is more compatibl....' *Shakes head* 'Only if you want to run Windows, and you have a ThinkPad...' 'Well it's done now.' I mean, it's not like I work in IT or anything and have been using Macs every day for the last 15 years and read reviews and technology news daily. Wh
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