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  1. We bought a cheap double one from a camping warehouse a couple of years ago and it's been absolutely fine. We stick a normal bedsheet on it and it just works. Does deflate a bit -TADTS but not much. Most are utterly shite though, you're right.
  2. Is this the time to mention my other half's Focus again? 1.4 N/A Studio spec with 78BHP and a 0-60 of 13.6 when new in 2006?
  3. My Dad had an Audi A4 and I distinctly remember overtaking him on the M4 once - just for kicks. We were both driving to Herefordshire, had gone different ways and ended up at the same point. So I went for it. My proudest overtake in my Ka was a Pagani Zonda back in about 2007. It got stuck on the inside doing 60, so I went for it. I am still delighted to this day.
  4. Following a Subaru doing 70 down a country lane (far enough ahead that he's clearing a path, not so close as to be a danger to you) in one of these really is great, great fun. Unless it's on fire, obviously.
  5. It depends on the Local Mind Association's provision. I used to work for one. Each local Mind is an independent charity that does its own fundraising and service provision. The services therefore vary between different areas. In effect, 'Mind' charities are a franchise system that signs up to a set of policies and procedures but are otherwise independent. The Local Mind Association I used to work for did offer free (and paid-for) counselling, as well as drop-ins, activity sessions, housing, employment support, etc. - but we were a bigger one with good financials. It depends.
  6. EDIT: Realised I've been significantly beaten to it - but nevertheless, I'll say it again! I would strongly recommend (if you have a smartphone) downloading the app 'What3Words'. Some clever sod has written an algorithm that breaks down the entire globe into a series of 3x3 metre squares and randomly assigned three words to each square. You just read the three words of the location you need, they can search for it and find where you are. It really is that simple - and most emergency services now use it. Case in point - a few months ago I was out walking the dog and saw a small fire turn nasty in the far distance. Didn't know the road, just roughly where it was. Called the fire brigade, gave them the rough location using What3Words (which would have taken a minute or two to describe) and they sent several appliances. Turned out a barn had caught fire when a bonfire had gone awry - and they got it in time to save the barn. Would seriously, seriously recommend the app. It works and doesn't require any geographic knowledge of any area to be effective.
  7. Other half forgot her MOT was due. Borrowing Dad’s Alfa. He’s just had a knee replacement. Nobody has bothered to start it in three weeks. So of course I get pulled away from seeing some mates. Flat as a fucking pancake. And it’s cold.
  8. I think that's how it's supposed to work, yeah. Apparently. Wack must be worth a lot to his local restaurant economy.
  9. The base-spec 1.9 SDI, invariably white MKIV Golf Estates are absolutely miserable looking. There's one around the corner from me. It's surprising what a difference trim level makes - mine is the 130 TDI mid-range spec with climate control. Usual teutonic interior (subject to taste) but the driving experience is hugely, hugely different because of the engine specifications.
  10. I had a base-spec one. S434 LCW. Ended up lasting until 2013 (we PX'd it in 2010) when rust finally caught up with it according to the MOT. Great car except for two things. Being 6'2", on long journeys I'd get a numb right foot from the driving position - even with the seat right back (probably my 'configuration') and the lack of air conditioning during the summer of 2006, stuck on the M25 for four hours in about 35C was utterly, utterly hellish. Nothing has come close around the country lanes though. I could crank it up to silly speeds and it handled like an absolute dream. I once got a drum kit, guitar amplifier, guitar and 3 people in mine to do a gig. At college they called it 'Car Tetris'. It's amazing how much you could get in one. The gearing was good, too - so when I was doing a theatre gig I brought back most of my gear in one go. To the point where I couldn't use first or third because there was a drum stool in the way. Still drove fine and was quite decent with only 2, 4 and 5.
  11. I think the Acclaim was one of the best cars that BL made...
  12. Basic doesn't even cover it for an '06 car made by a mainstream manufacturer. It is a genuine throwback. Apart from the electric windows and fitted radio.
  13. We have a Focus MK2 1.4 Studio at home. It’s basic. It does have electric front windows though as there is nowhere to put a manual winder. Wing mirrors are black, door handles are black, it’s a three door and has a hard plastic steering wheel. I don’t even think it was ever advertised. I’ve never seen another one in that spec. LX is as low as I usually see and certainly never a three door if I do see one without painted door handles.
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