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  1. He's not carrying a Mondeo spoiler from Halfords, either. That's how I'd identify you in public, Stu!
  2. Mine ran for 60K until it all finally gave way in spectacular fashion. I don't recommend it, mind.
  3. Someone in my road has bought a white Audi Q7. Fuck me. Bad choice. Especially around here in winter...
  4. Oh goodness me, yes. You're right.
  5. Funnily enough there's exactly the same discussion going on in Swanscombe near Gravesend. Except it was a Paramount Enterainment resort on an old quarry. First proposed in 2012, supposed to be starting construction in 2021. Paramount pulled out in 2017. Sure, that will happen... It was also delayed by the discovery of a rare species of spider on the land.
  6. I've done pretty well today, I think... Bastard child of Ovlov & Renault. Does anybody else remember when these were all over the place? This examples has only done 37,500 miles. ...and my best spot of the decade. On the A2, doing 60. An Trabant! Photo courtesy of Lady Grumpius. I got excited and she couldn't work out why. I just asked that she get a picture. This has 128,000 miles on it. Can you imagine how desperate you'd have to be to drive that much in this car? I suppose it's only 4,250 or so a year - but still.
  7. Sounds like you're getting outside at least. I only get outside walking to meetings...
  8. Does it have a battery isolator under the bonnet? Only asking because my Great Uncle had one he sold a few years ago...
  9. Jesus Christ. I'd imagine the employment decisions weren't made by an IT-literate person, either?
  10. I never disputed it mate! It was just £5,000 a year more than my old job. And they've said they'll put me through CompTIA...
  11. There is free training available and basic IT training is turned down by a lot of staff. Sadly, nobody has the balls to make it mandatory... I'm not even talking about adding printers. I'm talking about not being able to understand how dual monitors work or how to plug in a USB stick...
  12. Why are people that a gainfully employed and presumably competent so bloody useless with anything computer-related?!
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