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  1. Sadly I have no picture but I spotted a Perodua Kelisa wih a towbar last weekend and laughed all the way home.
  2. We used to live in a converted stables that we rented from an old boy that lived next door. Former engineer of some kind. He'd fitted solar panels to the roof but also a solar water system. The problem that he had was that there was no gas to the property at all so all the water heating had to be electric (or solar) and it also had under-floor heating (that we never used!). We had the electric boiler on a timer for a few hours in the morning and the evening but for the rest of the time the solar system would do all of the hot water and on a sunny day it was really very effective. Certai
  3. Useful thread. We have a pet Mk2 Focus 06 plate with the stunning, powerful and refined 1.4 petrol. Lady Grumpius has owned it for about six years and it's been very reliable despite her neglect. Rust on the OS wing and a little crusty around the wheel arches but that's about it body-work wise. Power steering pipe went about a 15 months ago and caused an alarming amount of smoke and it needed a new alternator about 3 years ago. Other than that, it's been very good. Even got a totally clean MOT pass this year. 1.4 is slow as all Hell but has mercifully short gearing so isn't so bad of
  4. On a similar tech-related note, we're rolling out MFA at work and the digital literacy of our staff is absolutely shocking. Repeated calls all day about it not working or that they can't set it up, despite the fact that we literally sent them a video of how to do it and an FAQ along with basic troubleshooting. 'Oh, my email isn't working on my phone any more. Do you know anyth...' 'Yes. Did you read the email that was sent to you warning you that your email might not work on your phone after we've enabled this and to simply remove the account and re-add it?' 'Yes, I read the
  5. It's not Google, it's the manufacturer not providing updates. Android isn't just Google. Android is the core operating system that's owned by Google but each manufacturer puts a whole load of shite on top (for some reason) and it's that that is causing the issue here as the manufacturer hasn't provided an update. Google are shits but in this case, they're not the shits you should be directing this to. Android is like the Wild West when it comes to OS updates...
  6. Car went into the garage yesterday because of screeching noises at full lock. Thought it would be the power steering belt. Nope. Alternator pulley and belt. My garage isn't cheap but I don't mind £163 for them to change it seeing as I can't even diagnose the cursed thing properly...
  7. A surprisingly good analysis of what happened (in terms of the writing, etc.) is available here: I agree with pretty much every single word of this. It's definitely worth a watch.
  8. The bottom is £3.50 but the car is £1500. Etc.
  9. I read somewhere about his pre-Congress legal career. Apparently he was very, very good at what he did. The article then followed up saying that he 'got that far, despite the fact that he has the personality of Ted Cruz'. Yeah. Tone deaf charlatan. Nothing to see here...
  10. Sorry, I couldn't see your car on that last photo. Any chance you could paint it a brighter colour?
  11. Mini-Nova in five years: 'Dad, can we go to the Wales Rugby match in Cardiff on Saturday?' 'Get back in the pit, we've got to mine the coal and there's a promising vein. I'll be able to get petrol for Bonk, then. Sing the treble part to pass the time, I'll do the baritone...' Other Welsh stereotypes are available.
  12. Oh my. Oh my, oh my. Well that's a thing! Fantastic.
  13. It's another Pontiac Trans Sport, isn't it? Please say it is.
  14. When I did my heights and ladders courses a few years back, the trainer referred to the Ladder Association's 'Idiot of the Year' award: https://ladderassociation.org.uk/ladder-exchange/idiots-ladders-competition-2015/ It's worth a look...
  15. Totally unrestricted tip at my parents so it seems. Told them I'd booked an appointment for Sunday and they were surprised I had to even book. They're in Exmouth and I'm in Kent, for context. One time I went, the bloke checking the car registrations started telling me how he'd had a car like mine and liked it until he wrote it off, merrily holding up the queue. Made me laugh. Nice chap. I try and get there at the beginning of my time slot, park near the bin where I am likely to shove the most crap and walk the rest around. It's not too bad as the tip is a 'U' shape anyway. Don't ev
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