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  1. Got around to fixing the Golf. A common fault is for the lugs on the intercooler pipe into the EGR to wear which means that it pops out under induction. Happened to me last Sunday on A23, turned out I didn't have a valid MOT and cost me the best part of £500 to get recovered home as the AA wouldn't fix it at the roadside (fair enough). Hell of a noise when it came off and suddenly losing power going for an overtake with smoke coming out of the back like a destroyer running from Yamato is not entirely entertaining... £25 later on eBay for a replacement pattern part and about half an hour of my time. The only tricky thing was getting the circular clip off the bottom of the pipe with a pair of mole grips, as the access is fiddly and I'm a ham-fisted idiot. Popped the car into gear on the drive, left the handbrake on and got the turbo to spin up and it didn't pop off - so as far as I can legally test it, it's working. MOT next Saturday morning so we'll see how it goes. Going down to Bath for work the week after that for a couple of days and I don't want to get the train, really. Intercooler pipe: Corroded lugs: Fixerated
  2. I didn't mind the Queen but I've taken to describing it as 'National Mourning for an Organised Crime Boss'. Because that's how they became Royalty in the first place...
  3. As long as we can do a one-minute cheer when Andrew kicks the bucket. Only seems fair.
  4. My Mum did exactly the same a few years ago. I honestly thought I had another month or so to go. Home now. Car recovered, parts on order, MOT booked in for a couple of weeks away. I work from home anyway so no big deal there and the Mini will be our chariot of choice for a bit. The money stings but I’ve just got a backdated pay rise, so it’s not the end of the World. Just a rough couple of hours I’ll laugh about in a few months.
  5. Put it this way. I’ve bought cars that are cheaper than this recovery. But at least I won’t forget my MOT next time. And I really like my car. EDIT: I’m actually a dozy cunt.
  6. Fuck you too! Ahaha. Yeah, you’ve got me… You all get a free shot right now.
  7. Lesson for you here kids. Check your MOT hasn’t expired and if you have a PD based car, check the Intercooler hose isn’t worn. Can’t even bodge it. At least the van is new. For a £25 part that even a ham-fisted twat like me can do in less than half an hour.
  8. Guess which twit has to get recovered at his own expense from Pease Pottage to Canterbury. That right, this twit.
  9. I went for one about ten years ago for my shoulder. I got to choose the music from a book of albums. What I didn’t realise was that ‘Cowboys’ by Portishead was in the same key as the MRI scanner. That was surreal.
  10. When our houses were built a few years ago, some wazzock decided to register the wrong serial number for each gas meter on our cul-de-sac. They may have even registered the same serial number more than once. As a result, it took three years of telling British Gas that our gas bill was wrong before they finally admitted what had happened (as a road, we'd figured it out) and managed to alter their system. Each time we got a bill, my other half had to tell them why it was wrong and they kept on claiming that they couldn't fix it (call centre staff without any authority - the worst job to be in). Luckily the bills weren't too far off what we had used but if we'd ended up paying for next door (family of four, two kids) that would have been a very different story. No apology, nothing. It's been sorted but it took three years despite regularly sending them pictures of our meter with the serial number clearly on display...
  11. @jamescarruthersNext time go in and ask for a 12-pack of LR6 batteries and watch the meltdown...
  12. You've got the Folsom Car Show Blues.
  13. According to some rumours, various military personnel were asked to return to their units just before 1430 today. Read into that what you will.
  14. I liked the Queen. I dislike the Monarchy but I liked the Queen. I think this view is shared by many.
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