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  1. Erith Morrisons? I can think of no more appropriately grim place! Well bought, that looks like an absolute cracker.
  2. My Mum had a 1.4 Diesel Fusion, 53 plate. It's amazing how Ford made a car as good as that generation Fiesta (I loved mine), stuck a slightly different body on it and utterly ruined it. It was gutless and dull. Returned fantastic MPG - but that was about it. I'd have one in a heartbeat.
  3. I'd close the account in that circumstance too. I had a similar message a few weeks ago - changed password immediately and set up 2FA and I haven't had any issues with it since. PayPal is a bit of a shitstorm, though.
  4. Have you set up 2FA on PayPal? Really would recommend doing so.
  5. Getting fucked off with work the last week. I'm still working full-time from home, doing my full job remotely and treating it like I'm in the office. Taking breaks at the usual times and usual lengths and doing my usual workload. Not so my immediate colleagues, it would seem. I keep picking up the slack and sorting out their mistakes. I made a couple of my own the other day because I was stressed out but I've got back on it. My boss only points it out to me because it's unusual that I do. Going back in next Tuesday and suddenly the rest of my team are going to have to pick it the fuck up when I'm not doing my 'usual' job for a bit. A few of us are going back on site to get things ready for a full-time return and I won't be doing my normal job...
  6. Fancy cleaning my car? Only moderate dog hair infestation. Ok, major dog hair infestation.
  7. The 6N Polo estate is just a really odd car and I chuckle every time I see it. Saw another one the other day actually and my other half wondered why I was laughing. It is a really bizarre load cover. Unfortunately, you've just made me think that maybe it's time I actually cleaned my Golf. Oh dear.
  8. There's an orange Mk3 Polo Estate knocking around Deal which I see from time-to-time, that's even more rare. There are a couple of Mk3s around here and a few more Mk4s (including mine). My favourite of which is the absolute boggo base one in white with the naturally-aspirated 1.9 SDI engine and mismatching wheels. Irritatingly, when I was looking for a boot cover for my Mk4, Mk3 boot covers were much easier to come by on eBay. Not a factory option on the Mk4 but probably was on the Mk3? I really like these Mk3s...
  9. Well, maybe it's not just ice cream that he's selling given your other issue?
  10. Have reached an agreement with my other half for us to save for a camper van. She showed me a picture of 'the sort of thing I mean'. A K-reg Talbot 2.5D. Might take us a while to get there - but I've wanted one for years and now I might be able to get one if we're careful with our Pennies... Today has been a good day.
  11. Autoglass were very good the other day with me, same with the 'Shatterprufe' windscreen though. Can't really complain, the bloke worked through the rain outside my house to do it. started five minutes after he'd got going on my screen. Sorry you've had so much bother with it mate but it really is a lovely car. Brought an enormous smile to my face when I last saw it and the blue interior is a thing of beauty. Absolutely worth it.
  12. That's got to be one of the first off the line. An absolute survivor.
  13. Don't forget the first aid kit that's kept in an old ice cream tub. The one in my Golf dates from 1997...
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