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  1. The most boring and derided car on Earth. MKIV Golf Diesel Estate.
  2. US Rental Car Roulette is quite a fun game. We ended up with a RAV4. A car I would never buy or drive by choice but actually made sense on American roads...
  3. It was my first car. I chucked it around local lanes with wild abandon. With 59BHP, you can't really get yourself into too much trouble. Wasn't great on the motorway runs to Lancaster from Gravesend but as a local runaround, it was great. I'd have another.
  4. My car was bought by my Grandad and I inherited it when my Grandmother died. He’a blind and 91, so unlikely to use it. Surprisingly un-grandpa. Yes it has steel wheels, wheel trims and a cloth interior but it’s the most powerful engine variant, diesel and even has climate control - and not particularly good value for money when new, although probably was second hand, when he bought it. It is an estate variant though. Which makes me look like an eternal geography teacher.
  5. Seconded. I really miss my Ka. S434 LCW may you rust in pieces...
  6. There’s a tyre place around here that I always go to (Invicta Tyres) and whilst they don’t check the settings on the car, they do tighten by hand with a torque wrench. Never had a problem removing them. Would recommend.
  7. Sounds shit mate. I’m just glad you’re ostensibly in one piece although things like this send our brains into overdrive.
  8. That was a big hit. Blimey.
  9. I think so. Some people deserve to get the fucking book thrown at them. It's a serious collision and as others have said, a modern car may have saved your life - or really serious injury in this instance. Makes me think twice about wanting an old car. Lady Grumpius got pranged today by other people being a total bellend. Cracked bumper to her and the other car is worse off (18-plate Fiat 500). Out of principle, she's going to claim because they were acting like twats going too fast down a country lane and rear-ended her Focus when she was parking in a driveway. No major damage to anyone - but that's not the point
  10. All the best to you mate. That looks properly shit. I'm not one to support being litigious but there is definitely a personal injury claim in this one...
  11. PHWOAR. All my dreams in one car.
  12. Flat fucking tyre fucking on the way to fucking work fucking fucking. Arse.
  13. Inasmuch as the Ambassador shares very little with the Princess...
  14. It’s a bit like choosing between cheddar and Wensleydale. Both are wedges with a slightly different tang...
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