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  1. Non car-related grump. Trial in Canterbury today for a prominent event that happened just over a year ago. The bastard is denying murder, despite brutally killing the victim. Without giving away too much, the bastard lived quite close to me and I wish I could go back in time and throw him in the river...
  2. And if you're halfway decent, you can take an early retirement and work as a locum. I remember my Dad considering that when he retired a few years ago. In the end, the cost of registration and insurance meant that he'd have to work more than he wanted to cover it but if you want to semi-retire, there's plenty of locum work. Walk in, do a shift, piss off and leave the job at work.
  3. Something something, clutch, something something, other half, something something, on their way to work, something something, recovery by AA, something something, hopefully by Monday. Great morning.
  4. The main issue I see is totally unroadworthy vehicles through lack of basic maintenance. Go around any pubilc car park you care to mention and look at cars bought new in 2020. I'll bet you that at least a few have utterly fucked tyres. Look at all the cars in the car park and I'll bet you at least 10% have fucked tyres. The issue is, they're just not picked up by the Police. So whilst most of us might ocassionally let them get a bit lower than they should, we're not running cars with totally bald tyres and you can't see the cord. It's alarmingly common. So bi-annual MOTs are stupid. Not only that, it doesn't help the 'cost of living' in any meaningful way. The price of an MOT is fixed at about £55. Any additional cost is due to an MOT failure - so what the government are in fact saying here is that they're happy for cars that would otherwise fail an MOT to be on the road.
  5. If I need evidence of that assertion, I need look no further than a mirror.
  6. Millions of years of Human evolution and these people somehow still exist.
  7. Yes. See also the drivers that pull out in front of you on fast A-roads but then don't put their foot down so you end up having to brake heavily and crawl along behind them at 25 MPH.
  8. 8 hours of driving according to Google. Just how petty do you think I am? On second thoughts, don't answer that.
  9. Plot twist. Just checked. There's now another visitor car in that space that has nothing to do with me. Let's hope it stays for the whole Bank Holiday and they get stranded on the Isle of Sheppey and have to go into a 'local pub' for shelter.
  10. They know who owns the dirty, battered and somewhat knackered Golf. And I'm far too big to pretend I'm not in when they knock...
  11. These are the same people that bought an electric car without the capacity to charge it and then expect it to be my problem. I don't think they're the brains of Britain or particularly amenable to such an arrangement...
  12. What really boils my piss is that the parking spaces here are designated. I have two (I can get a third on my drive) and every house has at least one. They have two parking spaces. Other spaces are 'Visitor' spaces and are specifically designated as such and it's agreed as a covenant to not park on them (and to use your parking spaces). It's bloody irritating and like I say, not the first time that this particular lot have taken the piss. So why then did the fire engine have to spend five minutes doing a three million point turn to get out of the development during a call out a few weeks ago? Oh right, that's because half the residents still park in the road despite the fact that this isn't permitted and we've had letters through the door telling them not to. It's only when a fire engine has to get to something sharpish and all the cars get moved out of the way forcibly that they might learn.
  13. I don't have an issue with electric cars per se and I think that there has to be an improvement in the viability (and reliability) of public charging spaces to make it work. After all, if the range is 250/300 miles you don't need to plug it in every single day - just as you don't visit the petrol station every time you use your car. Just go to a public station, plug the car in and charge. Doesn't take all that long in real terms - especially if it's in the supermarket car park and you're popping in to do your shopping - but for that to work, charging points have to be almost ubiquitous. What I do have an issue with are selfish cunts and over the last four years I've lived here, this couple have always been selfish cunts. I must admit, I did deliberately park in that specific space to make the point that it doesn't actually belong to them just because they've made a stupid purchase and drilled a hole in their fence. And I think I made my point to some extent this morning...
  14. Idiots down the road have bought an electric car despite having no access to outside charging on their house. Instead, they've decided to drill a hole in their back fence and are using one of the designated 'visitor' spaces to regularly park their car. I have a visitor, so moved my car to that space last night so our guest could park on our drive. They knocked this morning to ask if I could move my car. I did point out that we have a guest and that is a visitor space. Told me they had nowhere else to charge their car and asked if I could move to a (now free) adjacent space. I made the point quite firmly that I have a visitor and they are visitor spaces. They have two spaces designated but don't use them because they're not right outside their house. I didn't quite turn around and say 'well, if you don't have anywhere to charge it, then don't buy one you absolute clusterfuck' but seeing as I live here and they know where I live, it's not worth it. I wouldn't mind so much but this is the third time they've taken liberties with the space around their house. They illegally extended their garden a couple of years back and stole land from a communal area, then they decided to leave their bin store in the same communal area and digging up all the plants that were planted there as a result. Selfish fucking idiots. If you can't charge an electric car, don't fucking buy one. Or work out a system that doesn't involve pissing off all of your neighbours.
  15. Canterbury is like this too. We've got two Park and Rides but nobody really wants to use them. They've cranked up the parking costs in town and are now complaining that the City Centre is dying on its arse. Not only do the Council charge ridiculous rates for retailers, the Church also own a lot of them around the Cathedral and their rates are even higher - not even tourist shops can remain open. Naturally their own shop sits there gratis. When I worked in Canterbury I used to park a mile away outside a load of Council houses and walk in instead of trying to park in town or at work because work was just as bad and had permitted parking with ridiculous criteria... Thank fuck my new job is remote.
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