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  1. Filters and oil change of the Golf of many dents just done as I have a day off. Picked up the VW OEM oil from eBay for £25 and the other bits from EuroCarFarts. For once they weren't used when I checked the box. Obviously managed to get more oil out than usual with my suction pump as it wanted exactly 4.5 litres back in, which is the stated capacity. Pleased with that. Forgot to prime the fuel filter as usual so it took a while starting up the second time afterwards (but fortunately can self-prime on the PD engine, unlike the VE, just don't try it with a low battery...). Took it out for a drive. Feels a bit perkier. It was well over the stated 10,000 mile interval. Whoops. MOT booked for Friday as I thought it was later in August - turns out it's the 4th and we're due to be elsewhere for a couple of days and want to take the car with air conditioning. So my tame garage managed to squeeze me in. Dropping it off with them Thursday lunchtime so it can get the earliest slot in case any work needs doing. They're great like that.
  2. Your browser isn't properly saving the authentication token even though you've asked it to. It'll be a setting somewhere in the browser or a fault with it. As others have suggested, try a different one and see what happens. An update to the browser may help too.
  3. Hah! I knew about the pressure washer prior to its gifting to you and the efforts to persuade you not to buy one... Great to see it in use and the BX looking so glorious!
  4. That is just such a nice car. I've never been a particular Mercedes fan but I remember a lot of these W123s as a kind and the imposing presence they had on the road. Like nothing else. Just quality, well-built, comfortable, solid cars. Yeah, I'm a bit envious. It's a lovely one.
  5. They are regulated. It’s just that it’s not properly enforced.
  6. That may very well be the case. Like I say, HDD failures are unpredictable because of the number of failure modes they have. On average I find SSDs to be much more robust and reliable, individual instances notwithstanding.
  7. Unexpected failures on SSDs really aren't all that high. SSDs will have a finite lifetime based on their read/write cycles like you've said but most HDDs will eventually fail mechanically. On balance, I'd expect an SSD to last longer. I've experienced a number of HDD failures and the only major SSD issues I've had are due to the drive being disconnected and data then being corrupted (which has just resulted in a reimage of the machine). HDDs in laptops nowadays is just a silly idea really. I'm always frustrated when I come across a laptop at work with an HDD because the performance difference is so noticable. In particular, it's the randomness of HDD failures I hate. A tiny drop of the device and it can completely bork it but two feet might not and it entirely depends on the angle and what the head is doing at the time...
  8. Fair enough! In which case, you can employ a small child to climb out the window with a rag to clear the windscreen for you. In all seriousness, what does the other side of the contact look like? Anything you could do with that?
  9. Could you pop a small blob of solder on the contact just to re-dome them? That's what I'd do in absence of being able to source a replacement. Might not be as durable but would be a free fix.
  10. This all sounding familiar. We hired one to take down to Devon. I've driven quite a few Transits, including an absolutely knackered X-reg N/A diesel former minibus in my old job. Liked them all except for the new one. It was total shit. I didn't notice the brakes as much as the completely binary clutch, which when you're constantly hunting for the right gear because of the enormous gap between 2nd and 3rd, didn't make for much fun. With the one we hired, it felt like the gear ratios were for a more powerful engine map, which is exactly what I think happened...
  11. Worst hire van I've ever driven. Comically bad clutch, huge gap between gear ratios on the base engine, badly screwed together and uncomfortable.
  12. I remember these being absolutely everywhere as a kid and then they all disappeared. There's one around here that gets spotted on the way into work every now and then. Doom blue, rusty and driven by a giffer in a flatcap that's probably owned it since new. Other than that the last time I saw one was down in Hastings quite a while back. The bassist in my old band had a gold Mk3 Astra that was just about the most depressing car I'd ever seen. This would have been about 2007 and they were rare enough then. The bastard deserved every minute of misery he got driving that - only had to get it because he'd crashed his Mk3 Fiesta. Didn't like him much. Did well with the kit though... Prime Autoshite.
  13. Low mileage for 16 years on the Golf. Especially considering that I've put over 100K on in the 5 years I've owned it. Just ticked over yesterday.
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