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  1. It's a shame, but I think the majority of the serial ticket buyers have long gone, I've entered loads, but I've only seen a single raffle drawn in weeks. I think the hallykon daze are over.
  2. Can I have the same four random numbers I had last time it raffled, when you bought it out from under me.
  3. I even declared sticker bombing on the rear side window on my bay & sent a picture. I used to work in insurance.
  4. Do you have a link to the facebook (or whatever) page, so I can watch the chaos develop?
  5. Mine currently has a EPB that thinks it's working OK, but which actually has a binding OSR brake - FFS!
  6. Failed electronic ignition? These are a bit digital and are 1 or 0. When they fail they do not gradually die, they just stop. Try replacing it, even temporarily with points & a condenser?
  7. Put me down for a pissed up random please Ken, but as I've pm'd the folk doing the MGF & the W202 raffles, I'm away and totally off line on Monday for a fortnight. I will be back, and I can be trusted for eight quid... And ten & twenty! Please don't delay the drawer on my account. I can't believe it's possible to win three cars whilst away on me jolly hollies!
  8. Chitty fucking Bang Bang?
  9. All mobile phones are shit. Anyone else noticed that although phones are getting more and more clever and do more & more stuff, but as phones, they are shit. Garbled voices that sound like they're speaking through a phlanger, and that's before they drop out & miss a unk of conversati
  10. Oh look, a lucky money spider... No, it's an ant, There appear to be ants spewing out of all the gaps in the VS dashboard! What in God's name do I use & where do I put it?
  11. Thanks Sam, but I think I'm sorted.
  12. Thanks again, have a partial fleet shot.
  13. Fuck me, that's early!
  14. OK, a big thank you. I have one ordered. In addition to a couple of Macs, we have a Windows 7 laptop that hasn't been connected to the interweb for years, it just sees occasional use as a DVD player.
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