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  1. And in exciting news, the Vel Satis passed its MOT this morning. I can feel a raffle coming on...
  2. Right enough of this road kill bollocks. My campervan was returned from Dormobile this morning. Although I've not had it up yet, the roof looks OK, but they've managed to rip the headlining! Does anyone have any advice on the best way forward? I have taken pictures this morning, and because I am a complete smart arse, I took photographs a fortnight ago before it went. The headlining is only about five years old, I paid a fortune for it to be fitted. TIA
  3. I may have told this story before, but my wife's grandfather, along with his mate, used to be good friends with George Brough and used to test ride the newly built bikes straight out of the factory. It all came to an abrupt end when Ernest's parents forbade him to do the job any more after his mate was killed after he, 'became fast in a cow'!
  4. I hit only a pheasant in an old Beetle once. I got home & the dent in the bonnet looked like someone had swung a frozen chicken around their head before welting the fuck out of the VW with it!
  5. 944 with shitty idle, no power & curious water consumption collected and taken away for repair this morning...
  6. I have just seen the future, in the daily mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7592485/Father-eight-invents-electric-car-battery-drivers-1-500-miles-without-charging-it.html
  7. I went to a Rover 75 meet today. I go to a lot of VW air-cooled shows and although they're all the same, they really are, despite the opinions expressed on here, all very different. Leaving that argument for another day, all Rover 75's really are the same, and the things folk do to them are essentially pointless. I saw an early W plate with the much later smokestone, graphite grey dash fitted and an 06 plate which looked earlier than all the others put together with a proper wooden dash & those early oval 2.5 litre badges. All the V8 examples seemed to have crappy V8 badges all over them & silly big chrome exhausts. Folk were friendly enough and gave me a jack and a plenum rodding tool. Here's an exciting photograph of lots of the same car in a field on a dull day.
  8. I'm off to a funeral in a mo. Nothing serious/personal, just my mother in law's neighbour - they'd lived next door to each other for a hundred years or somesuch & Margaret was truly ancient. Anyway, the weather looks just right for a proper rainy, windswept graveside moment. I've got my brolly, my thick black woollen coat and some very dark sunglasses - I do love a good funeral.
  9. I've been to Sheffield twice too, to see popular beat combo; the U2's Up the M1, turn left, venue on the left - will go again.
  10. Filled 944 with fuel and the bastard didn't want to restart - backfired! What is that about. Managed to drive it slowly home where it sits in disgrace. I've phoned the local specialist who has so far failed to return my call...
  11. Well, the bit of metal that it failed on was actually a couple of teeny tiny bits of metal, one on each side. They were just a bit awkward to get to, underneath the bodykit where the back of the sills meets the front of the inner wheel-arch, but Mick the MIG has managed a sterling job. Sadly the replacement driveshaft was just as fucked as the original, just in a very slightly different way so it wasn't fitted and the high speed vibration presumably still remains. On a more positive note the Corrado seats were an easy swap and the old shed is looking... Every bit as shed like as it did before. It's just a bit nicer to sit in.
  12. A silly quid says that all the money in the world won't insure a blue three wheeler as your first & only vehicle.
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