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  1. Rubbish, the cool factor makes all that just pale into insignificance. You'll look BOSS in shorts, stood next to a T4 whether it runs or not.
  2. The handbrake is a fucking nightmare. Almost everything has been replaced including the very expensive control box thing. It once applied itself in a box junction with the fair wife driving & I had to ensure that it never happened again! There is an emergency release handle, underneath the centre cubby. My OBD (although it could delete the frequent 'O2 sensor not operating at peak effiiency' which trips the engine fault light, but doesn't affect how it runs) couldn't see the handbrake controller, so I had to become very good friends with a local Renault licker. He used to reset the unit fo
  3. The heater blower is new - I had that fitted, the previous one made screechy bearing noises before making no noises at all.
  4. I bought the rear light cluster thing, I was idly browsing ebay thinking, 'I'll bet light clusters are like rocking horse shit' and there it was - eight quid! There's also a replacement washer tank with a selection of sensors that may or may not work, although I understand that it takes more than the removal of one bolt to replace. Incidentally, although you say that its not fast, it certainly doesn't feel fast, but I often used to look in the mirror exiting a junction/roundabout/etc to find that I'd left a lot of traffic a long way behind without really trying. It is a totally bizarre v
  6. My first Audi 200T was a nightmare. None of the local garages seemed to know anything about turbocharged cars back then, and although everyone was amazed at how terrifyingly fast it was, no one seemed to work out until it was far too late that the waste gate hadn't been doing its job and the thing was overboosting to buggery - and back! There was so much wrong with it... It pinked like a bastard on anything more than a light throttle, and the autobox changed up far earlier than anyone ever expected it to with the bizarre experience of absolutely unbelievable acceleration during the change of
  7. I had a Mk2 Cavalier hatch in 1.3/4 speed flavour. I traded it in for a Porsche 944S, which was noticably more brisk.
  8. I have not driven a V10/12/16 or a straight eight and don't have the income or the social standing to do so.
  9. Iceberg lettuce has gone up at Sainsbury's from 43p to £1.09 in a week - Dry bummed by Brexit week 1.
  10. This little bastard was a shocker. Granted it was brisk, but in part that was due to the speedometer over reading by 50%, the worst part by far was the ride, it drove like the wheelbase was about five feet long. Pitched like a small boat, it even made the fair wife swear!
  11. Went to Loughborough this morning, the Scirocco was a bit spluttery, but made it home OK to cough & die on the drive. It's an air leak from a bady fitted carburettor, my man with the spanners mackled it up for me about six months ago & I asked him to do it properly when he had a moment. It looks like he'll be finding a convenient moment in the next couple of days!
  12. Nothing much changes here at barefoot Towers, I've still got the four motor cars in my signature & a 1303. I did however, tot up all the cars I have ever had to discover a dismal total over forty years of just 23 owned plus 6 company cars. So to make up, I thought I'd post a picture of my attempt, some years ago at combining colour matching and A framing. That's a 610kg Trabant & a 70kg Honda ST on the back of my bay, so certainly well within the 750 kg unbraked trailer rules. It was never going to go brilliantly, but the steering geometry of the Trabbie meant that it didn't
  13. I found a pic of my old Cortina. bean tin exhaust trim FTW
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