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  1. If it was a sports train, would it not have bigger wheels, lower profile tyres and dropped suspension leading to a harsher ride?
  2. And 1500 Beetles used to come with a semi-auto, although I seem to recall that ratios 2,3 & 4 from the manual box were marked L, 1 & 2 and you were supposed to set off in 1 & shift into 2, with L just used for silly steep hills. To make that work, I assume that there must have been a torque convertor involved as well somehow.
  3. On Loughborough market today. There was a Renault estaffete cheese van. Photos if it's back next week.
  4. Anyone else struggling to make 12 ft ladder tall enough to climb over paywalls? I’m certainly having probs reading the daily telegraph.
  5. Can't you put him and his cage outside in the back yard so he is kept entertained?
  6. I think that's what people call gardening.
  7. How much did you pay? Has it got a wooden dash? And what does it really do to the galleon, when not towing? tia
  8. You can't miss me, I'm the one with no shoes.
  9. Because I'm covering the event for VWBus magazine, I got a press pass for the fair wife. She took some spectacular photographs, like this little SEAT clagging like a bastard. Didn't see anyone from here, but managed to say goodbye to Brian, Chris, Kevo & Jenson amongst others. Will it ever be the same?
  10. I'll perhaps see you there, I'll be in the orange bay of joy.
  11. Hitting a cat is (probably) like hitting a rabbit, in that I suspect you are barely aware that you've hit one, on account of they weigh the square root of fuck all until they are old enough not to stray into the path of a car. This post is brought to you from the endlessly worried owner of a couple of adolescent cats.
  12. I last saw a Datsun 120Y coupe - at Bugfreeze when I went in my Trabbie.
  13. I had some minor work done to the Scirocco last week, new engine & gearbox mountings, new alternator belt, brakes re-built, Oh, and a brand new hard to get fuel tank and filler neck. This obviously requires the back axle to be removed, so I also had new axle mounts and all new rubbery bits. Yesterday the ungrateful bastard broke down. I was quite grumpy, but the problem was quickly resolved by adding a can of petrol. Odd because the gauge still indicated a quarter of a tank. I drove it to the garage where I managed to squeeze in another 34.87 litres. It appears I'm probably the only bloke in the world who owns a late model Scirocco with a fuel tank from a much earlier one. 40 litres with a full size spare Vs 55 litres with a spacesaver - fuck sticks.
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