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  1. When I was at Art School in the last century, me & another lad used to take it in turns to drive. I had a Datsun 100a & Richard had a 15TL.
  2. I was planning to show my face at this one, but my fair wife informs me that I've previously signed up for something far more* interesting.
  3. 944s - needy little fuckers aren't they?
  4. I hate with a passion this naming your cars bollocks, but in yet another attempt to fit in on here, here's a pic of Boris (the black loan car) just before 'he' went home, and then... Followed by a lovely shot of Billy (the blue car) & Sue ( the silver car) back together again... Cue Billy/Sue singing a cover version of Peaches & Herb, 're-united'. Makes me want to puke my fucking ring up.
  5. Woo, fucking Hoo! Phone call tonight - Suzy is done & dusted. I'm taking Boris back in the morning for the big swap-over. Anyone want pictures?
  6. Thanks, I was totally unaware of fake tips.
  7. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for that? In other news; Sue is still down at Mark's garage waiting for parts, so it looks like I'm stuck with Boris for another few days. You know, I don't mind a courtesy car once in a while as long as it's half decent, but Boz is seriously shite. And I still can't get on with all this naming your fucking cars idiocy.
  8. You'll feel differently about it, if you re-name it Belinda and start saying things like, 'she needs her sills fettling'
  9. Minor technical failures this week; The loan car - a VW Boris, is still here & bleeps & flashes an intermittant red warning light if I go above 15mph - my reading glasses revealed that all the commotion was caused by a seat belt warning alarm thing. Then my breathalyzer device refused to refused to recharge & was lined up for the bin. Just before it was chucked, I found the box & the instructions which revealed that the USB was for updating & calibrating it, and it was powered by 3 x AAA's.
  10. Who is it after a CF? https://www.ebay.com/itm/265345781696?hash=item3dc7d74fc0:g:WicAAOSwKQZhRbaP
  11. As you may recall, I administer a small fleet of mini-buses. I got a phone call to let me know that the tail lift on one of them had failed leaving an old dear in a wheelchair stuck on board. I'm no mechanic, so I fired up an alternate bus with a working lift, thinking I'd be able to scoop her out of the back. I carefully mashed a flask of sweet, milky tea & two mugs and set off for what can best be described as 'a mercy dash'...
  12. Although built at Neckarsulm, it was never to be an Audi. It was designed as a relacement for the previous joint effort, the VW/Porsche 914.
  13. Susan, (I think that's what I'm calling the silver car this week) is in for an MOT which appears to involve a spot of welding, so I'm pottering about in my courtesy car, a 60 plate VW Boris with a blowing exhaust & non-funtioning power-steering.
  14. At the risk of being thought an awful pendant, that's not a 944, that's a 924 Carerra & worth about a millionty pounds.
  15. My Trabbie ran modern, synthetic 2 stroke oil & never smoked anything like that, it's a myth.
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