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  1. Some cunt almost blocked two pumps here recently while he nipped in to buy coffee, with an electric car. Couldn't slip a fag paper between it and the scruffiest Scirocco in the world when he came back out.
  2. Don't record it, report it! Here in sunny Leicestershire we have a form to complete. You click on the map where there's a hole in the road and a couple of days later a bloke turns up & puts shovel full of tarmac into it before backing over it in his lorry. I normally enter my postcode as one of the maintenance hangers up at EMA to avoid getting too involved with anyone. https://leicestershirecc-self.achieveservice.com/AchieveForms/?mode=fill&consentMessage=yes&form_uri=sandbox-publish://AF-Process-566d0db1-a780-40ec-a830-b17262c5ab3e/AF-Stage-082df4a7-2f45-4423-9cc0-a3390e945fe6/definition.json&process=1&process_uri=sandbox-processes://AF-Process-566d0db1-a780-40ec-a830-b17262c5ab3e&process_id=AF-Process-566d0db1-a780-40ec-a830-b17262c5ab3e
  3. I agree, but I suspect it’s what we grew up with. The Mk IV Spitfire always looked more modern with its Stag flavoured rear end, and of course it had a bigger engine.
  4. This happened to my Rover 75 yesterday; I'll sort it some stainless pipes & boxes in the new year.
  5. There is; 2 litres of Gin, 3 litres of Fever tree, 24 bottles of whine, 7 bottles of Prosecco, 108 cans of ale & 4 of cider. If I buy a bottle of sherry for the fair wife it may well see me through to when I stop again - January to April. It gives me a warm feeling when I complete forms about how much I drink at the doctor's & the dentist's - with a big fat zero for 6 months of the year!
  6. All xmas cards in the village delivered this morning and all others chucked in the post box. This evening the fair wife will be installing decorations and I shall be watching her, whilst consuming my first alcoholic drink in 3 months. Although I haven't actually had a drink I haven't stopped buying the stuff, so I've managed to build up a bit of a buffer for the xmas period. Today is the first day of xmas, so let me be the very first to wish you all a reasonable festive period.
  7. Honda Jazz in Leicester with a year's ticket but no exhaust - £400? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/539556577679403/?hoisted=false&ref=product_details&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  8. How much thought did you put in to reading my post?
  9. I'm going to grump about petrol this morning. Last time I filled up I was obliged to chuck in some E10 because they had no proper fuel. I only bought half a tank because reasons, and this morning bobbed out for some super in the Scirocco. Again, they'd none left. Being fill up day, I then bobbed out to fuel the Rover, this time I drove up to EMA, they always have fuel... This morning, the fucking fuel was being delivered by the tanker at the very moment I arrived so I had to turn round, in front of one of those airport camera vans that nick you for anything, and drive down to the motorway services. I paid just £20.03 for a frighteningly small quantity of E10 and was about to give the young woman on the till two crisp twenties to pay for it, when I noticed that she had a pretty smile & a lovely pair of spectacularly firm looking, round tits.
  10. It is if he can't get C1 re-instated.
  11. 2 X RO80 in Burton. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/465890004899824/?hoisted=false&ref=product_details&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  12. Are the CVT versions any good, and does the transmission last as long as the rest of the car?
  13. Beyond a big sign saying 'Minibus Parking Only' I found these three twats. So I made getting out comparatively awkward for them. Fucktards.
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