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  1. Fuelly tells me that the fair wife & I have done 7,000 miles in the Rover 75 since last September. MPG's not too bad for a 2.5 litre V6 auto.
  2. barefoot

    Civic duty

    SFQ - is that plastic ball really the point about which the gear shift mechanisms pivot, or just decorative?
  3. I understood that the ADO16 & the Rover 25 shared the same floor pan & doors.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/579913766284209/ Hmmm
  5. I had a similar experience with the Jaguar I had. Took it to Kwik fit where it spent all morning attached to something. Chap told me there was no gas left in the system so there must be a leak & he couldn't/wouldn't fill it. I took it to a local garage who sucked out a shit load of gas & refilled it. A year later, it became apparent that there was a leak when it eventually stopped working. Conclusion - Kwikfit & probably ATS are as shit as everyone says they are. Find local garage.
  6. Grump about long term testing and trousers. Do you remember when magazines would publish reccomendations for products & then the results of a long term test? So that you could buy for example a VHS or a washing machine knowing that a particular example of it hadn't failed over the course of two years. Or how about a favourite pair of trousers? They'd wear out, you'd nip back to the shop where you bought them & buy another identical pair which would fit exactly the same as the first. Those days are gone. They don't make a washing machine or a pair of trousers for much more than ten minutes now, before they replace it with a new, improved, lower cost, better featured version of something that purports to be the same item, but which clearly fucking isn't!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/731420927626290/ I don't understand what's wrong with this, but it needs to be toed !
  8. Check 'em out, there's naked pictures of her all over the internet, search for 'barefoot's perky wife'.
  9. This must surey be a group buy ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hovercraft/114277750822?hash=item1a9b7c1826:g:0XsAAOSwY3Ve7Rdo What could possibly go rong?
  10. Fuck me, I've got one of those in the back of the garage!
  11. You may remember that last year I fitted new curtains to my bay window van, and then promptly drove it back under my car port with the roof still raised. What a twat! The renewal for my other three vehicles; 75, 944 & Scirocco has just come through with Peter James. I rang up to confess my accident & there was no increase in premium! £320 the lot!
  12. I never managed to see all of Malaga files. It was on at tea time Saturday for a couple of weeks & then vanished!
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