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  1. I must be the only bloke in the country with a vehicle without an MOT. The ticket on the T2 expired in February, but it was booked in for a service & a test on 31st March. The garage closed on the 27th! In theory, I could queue up in the teeny tiny village post office & change it to historic taxation & sod the test, but I'd probably catch the pox in there.
  2. I agree, the only price lists I've studied previously relate to my '87 944. Mine would have had a base price of £24k, but the options push it up to £36k which was madness 33 years ago!
  3. I'm curious to see how much 'personal line trim' was.
  4. An am valve radio & a map.
  5. renault master curtainside. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.
  6. Both my T2 & the 944 have been parked up under my car port since November with just the occasional fire up. This would have been fine by me, had they been back on the road this month as planned. However, they look like staying there a while longer so I bought some Sta-Bil fuel presever additive stuff. This has some unexpected instructions like;' treats ten gallons, use with fresh fuel'. I have no idea how much is in the T2 since the fuel guage doesn't work. Can I just chuck the stuff in & let them both idle for ten minutes or so? Will this make things worse/open up can of worms? Or will it just do what it says on the fucking packet & preserve my fuel until I can get them both driven again? TIA
  7. Similarly mine came without a stereo as (it turned out) the head unit was filled with something sticky, like coffee. I replaced like for like & have working a radio & CD. The Sat nav tells me to 'please wait' ad infinitum & the telly displays white noise/no signal. I am happy with this arrangement and like Wuv would sooner spend £350/£450 on another car. While all you 75 radio folks are reading, does anyone know why a fan whirrs in the boot whenever I open the spare wheel lid thing? It might do it all the time, but I can't hear it from the drivers seat & it doesn't flatten the battery.
  8. I've just Sorn'd the 75, we're only using scruffy the Scirocco at the mo, so there seems little point paying for the sake of it. This is the only time we've just had one car between us in thirty five years.
  9. My T2 ran out 18th Feb. Not a bother as I wasn't planning on going anywhere in it until May, but it was booked in for test tomorrow and now the test's cancelled & my campsite's cancelled too.
  10. The 924 and 944 are based on the running gear of the 1302/1303 Superbeetles.
  11. My mother's just rung me to tell me she's found an unopened container of VIM in her kitchen cupboard!
  12. I once had the pleasure of owning an Audi 100L Avant. It was powered by a carb fed 1600 four pot and enjoyed the convenience of a four speed manual transmission. It was much better than it sounds.
  13. I learned to drive in a Morry Thou & remember the slick, sharp gearchange & the clutch which was as abrupt as an on/off switch.
  14. I met him at SF 2015, cracking bloke, shared many beers. Can't add to all that's been posted.
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