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  1. My 944 failed & passed its MOT today. The headlamp surrounds are decaying but the alignment was succesfully adjusted, the rear fog lamp is on the nearside, the left hand side, and has been since 1987 when it was built. Chap failed it, but when I pointed out there was no wiring, bulb holder or anything on the O/S he relented and it passed.
  2. Sadly I have never been a passenger in this or any other i10, however the fair wife & I continued our staycation with another trip out in the Rover, today we went to Rutland water. I love the wuffle of the V6 through the autobox, the leisurely way the revs rise & fall. I'm also particularly enamoured of the way that it drops just a single ratio, from fifth to forth to negotiate slowish roundabouts & powers away from them by just slurring the torque convertor. Although I forgot to take any photographs of the 75, I did manage to snap this relatively exciting ice cream van.
  3. We're on 'holiday' this week and our flight down to Rio appears to have been put on hold so we nipped out for a day in the Southwolds. We saw baby seals basking in the saltmarshes and folk forming orderly queues for a pint outside. Pubs are still off for us then. The Rover performed faultlessly, but because it has such a poxy little 65 litre tank & generally returns 27mpg I doubted its ability to cover 360 miles, so I refuelled it when we arrived at the seaside to avoid stress on the return journey. I needn't have bothered.
  4. But that's part of the experience, the scene, the camaraderie, the actual fun. And that's in third gear. And if it slows a bit more to 35mph, there's nothing you can do but wait for it to drop to 25mph before you can use second.
  5. I own a VW and although I am a dedicated and very keen wanker, having been inspired by this very forum to 'stranglewank with my own beard'. I'm much happier doing stuff like that in my T2 with the curtains drawn, than in a tent pitched up next to a RAV4.
  6. My 75 drips quite impressively, but my man with the spanners tells me that it's just condensation from the AC, it's nothing to worry about and They, (all airconditioned cars) All Do That, Sir.
  7. And I wouldn't take my 944 back, because everyone I've ever spoken to at a Porsche dealership, has been a nob.
  8. I haven't had any yet, but I've a recent October 19 SORN and a couple of much older ones, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  9. I didn't know that... It still looks shit though, the screen rail is far too wide and the new roof looks like a fucking caravan awning.
  10. Look at the state of this. Nice car until someone cut the roof off & mackled up a fabric one! Look how much roof's been left over the windscreen. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/336876704166348/
  11. I saw Cock Johnson's convoy speeding away from Loughborough this afternoon - 3 Range Rovers & 4 motorcycle outriders. Apparently for a 7 minute speech at a school.
  12. That's just wrong. FSO's in the UK came scruffy as fuck, brand new from the dealer.
  13. I think, 'an aquired taste' sums it up quite well. Above 40mph, there's no changing down and there's no acceleration. I've learned to just tuck in behind a lorry and potter along.
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