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  1. I used to mend things - very badly but now, some of my best friends are very skilled and well paid mechanics.
  2. I used to work with a bloke who had one of these. His was the V6 auto Monaco version. I only went in it the once, on a long, long motorway trip. It was silent and effortless. I had a soft spot for them for many, many years, but then I won a Vel Satis. Well bort.
  3. This site might be worth a quick look Dan. http://www.aircontopup.com
  4. Me & Bobby Magee... 'Bobby flagged a diesel down...' 'He played every song that driver knew...' What? On an electric with a huge amplifier? Bring his own generator? Or did they make the journey in the fucking cab?
  5. It controlled the instrument illumination - on or off - in my old man's '66.
  6. I taxed the 944 at the start of this month & went out in it immediately. returned to find it was still showing as SORN. The following evening I got an email to tell me it was taxed from 08:06 the previous morning. I suspect there's nothing to worry about at all.
  7. Curiously I filled up with fuel yesterday next to a Corsair with a five litre V-8.
  8. That's not really fair. I was custodian of the Autoshite Moon Mileage special for a couple of years & my fair wife drove it for 18,000 miles as her daily. The EML would come on every so often & the parking brake was a twat, but it only actually FTP with her on one occasion when a siezed front brake caliper caused hidious vibration on the motorway. The electric multiway, heated opera seats, the curious radio & the clock were superb and you can't see its ugly arse when you're sat inside it. It was also deceptively brisk and I wish you'd posted this a couple of weeks ago. A local bloke, who's garage I frequent, bought an MOT'd automatic diesel version to use as a parts donor for his father's example. His old man subsequently decided to get rid of his Renault and the silver one has I think, been sold for scrap!
  9. My 944 feels like a VW, the number of parts that are interchangeable with various VAG models. I've just bought it a pair of Audi 100 C2 fog lights to replace its cracked & chipped originals.
  10. I seem to be delivering curries in a plastic pig - hardly fucking aspirational, is it?
  11. Does he supply actual 'new' IPK's or does he just re-juvenate the old one? I sent mine away to a specialist shortly after I bought it and it was momentarily improved, but has rapidly turned back to crap.
  12. Chap across the road has a gardener in. Day one parked almost oposite my 75 - which lives on the street - just about in everybodies way & blocking another blokes drive. I had to nip out & when I got back he'd parked directly opposite so I had to park elsewhere. Day two the wife was out in the Rover all day, he parked opposite. This morning the 75 was back in its spot & he finally managed to run two wheels up the kerb. 'Sorted the parking' he announced cheerfully. I wonder if he thought of it himself or if he had to phone a friend.
  13. We had a similar issue at work with a Renault Master equipped with a bizarre robotised manual gearbox. It would never change gear when you expected it to, it would slur the changes instead of changing ratios smartly & I once even managed to stall the bloody thing. Finally it would do nothing, not even start so we had it recovered to a garage who about a week later found a bad earth to the gearbox and all the running issues were solved in one fell swoop.
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