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  1. I understand that if you set up a monthly direct debit - albeit for bog all - it will renew the tax automatically!
  2. What grips my piss about MOT exemption is that you have to declare that the vehicle is unmodified. Like this example; The original 1200 engine replaced with a twin carb'd 1600 and a higher ratio gearbox. That's before you even see the lowered & narrowed front beam, the massively lowered rear and begin to wonder whether the chassis has been notched or the wheel-wells, tubbed. Someone somewhere will come such a fucking cropper with this.
  3. What? The very car from which the suspension on the 944 was derived?
  4. Autoglass - I called them out for a chip on the XJ 8, chap was the shortest bloke I have ever seen & obviously wouldn't be able to reach the bottom centre of the windscreen without I gave him a leg up. He told me it was too big to sort and to wait for it to crack, then claim for a new screen. I paid £6 for a repair kit from ebay, had a go & passed the MOT without comment.
  5. The tailgate comes away from the frame at the top, if you open it, you can squeeze Captain Tolley's into the gaps on the inside & the outside. Capillary action, you'll see it run along the joint until it finds the leak, then it'll all run into it. Leave the tailgate open whilst it dries & then do it again, and again, and again...
  6. I will be accompanying the fair wife to view popular beat combo, 'The Slipknots' on Monday night. I can't abide the row that they make, nor indeed the bloke who sings like the honey monster. However I have bought a pair of earplugs (as recommended to me by someone on here) and will be going to watch the spectacle. How crap can a flamethrower lashed to an electric guitar actually be?
  7. Two funerals in two days; no-one close, just a couple of acquaintances, but here's a couple of observations. Just because someone in your family can string together a series of rhyming couplets, it doesn't make them a poet and although, "She was my favourite Nan & I loved the way she cooked with Spam' may have been factually correct, I'm guessing that words like that don't exactly ease one's shuffle from this mortal coil. Similarly, pall bearers. To watch a team of six experienced blokes heft the coffin onto their shoulders and walk effortlessly without using their hands and perfectly in step, is a pleasure to behold. When they stick a short arsed woman amongst them or worse still, let some relatives have a go, it turns rapidly into an unbalanced, top heavy farce.
  8. Surely go to court with this & take your fare with you to your appearance.
  9. It was this version. Interesting how relatively small engined & slow Japanese cars looked so much like fast Americana.
  10. Re: Rover sat nav - I understand that your's is a DVD version. Does the BMW DVD player simply slot in in place of the original CD player or is there more to it than that? And do you have a link to one I can buy please? Ta
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