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  1. Micro machines, I used to have a great collection of over 200, I've thinned the collection down now due to exorbitant prices I now collect hot wheels only. Give me a till later today and will get a few pictures of my current collection..
  2. Wow insanely jealous, you da man..
  3. Love it, and I detest my neighbour, I've a plan forming.
  4. 1.BMW 2.Mazda 3. Mercedes 4.Vitesse 5.Sebring 6. Peugeot
  5. 1976 VW Golf 1.6 LS in Mars Red OPM717R
  6. Wow, and wow, lucky you....very interested in the progress with this.... Love Mondeos, have owned 5, I will check the garage see if I have any relevant spares..
  7. 157000 miles. Good car, Automatic , Leather , Just a bit boring like.
  8. BMW M6, Lotus Cortina Sierra Ghia And a Yorkshire terrier that sensed fear when I delivered.
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