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  1. There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  2. W201 was the C-class, not a direct replacement for the W124, which was the E-class. However, the W210 (e-class replacement) was well into production, as they were available on an N, so this has hung around for at least a year, if not a bit more, before being registered.
  3. Had you hit said cyclist, I'm fairly sure you'd not have been held responsible. This reminds me of a similar incident that was shown on some police-camera-action type programme where a car had hit a completely invisible cyclist, not realised what had happened and just driven home. The cyclist was killed, the driver not held responsible. It astounds me that some cyclists chose to be so utterly stupid. Like richardmorris above, when I cycle I have two powerful headlamps, two excellent rear lamps and an additional OK one, and some reflective strikes on my backpack. I also cycle correctly in terms of road use, cycling like I would drive. and still some drivers are hell-bent on driving like complete tossers and putting me at risk that they really don't need to. I'm in two minds as to whether a car dashcam or a cyclecam is more important right now. Possibly the latter.
  4. Warmer with you than it is with me then. -3°c this morning. and I cycled in to the office.
  5. Thing is, realistically you could leave an oil filter on for a lot longer than their normal service life: A filter (almost any filter) works just as well, if not better, the older it gets. Right up until it plugs and then you have no oil pressure. The point of a service interval on the filter is that you change is waaaaaaaaay before you risk plugging it solid, and hence losing oil pressure. In theory, on a fairly well maintained engine, the oil filter might last 50k, 80k, maybe 100k miles before it actually plugs solid, but the damage that would cause means that it gets changed every 10k miles so that there's zero chance of that happening. I've fairly often skipped an oil filter change when doing shorter (ie 5k) services, particularly on things like XUD engines which like an oil change every 5k. I do drain the 300ml of oil out of the filter and let it dribble for as long as possible, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with re-using it for another 5k. The chances of it blocking in that time are infinitesimally small. The only filter I've ever plugged was a fuel filter (also on an XUD) as it had been on there for about 100k miles, filtering out all manner of crap that comes through with pump diesel. That just meant I had less and less power available (from all 92hp down to about 20hp over the course of maybe 25 miles!) so had to wallop a new one in. Got my money's worth out of that filter.
  6. Typical. I locked this topic too soon, but thanks to a very helpful PM, I'm now looking at ko-fi.com They appear to be set up as one of these "buy me a coffee" type fundraiser sites, but the major benefit is that they offer donations fee-free. Over the course of a year that might save something like £30, so seems very worthwhile to me.
  7. That definitely needs the twat being charged for a new door.
  8. Right. Having had a look around and looked at several options, it appears that fee-free collections are not a thing any more. So: www.collectionpot.com Their fees are 1.9% and 20p per transaction, which appears to be the lowest of anyone I can find (and quite significantly less than fundrazr and others) Which is what I'll use for this month's contributions. I'll open this thread up again when it's time.
  9. Having a Bank Account would be complexity that simply isn't needed. All I'm looking for is a level of transparency as to the donations made and the costs paid for, which is easiest using a moneypool-type service. I'm just looking for one that doesn't decide they want 8% of what's donated. Paypal Moneypool was good for being fee-free, there must be another one somewhere. I'll look at Revolut Not heard of them before.
  10. As many of you will be aware, Stanky has now stepped down as forum treasurer. I ummed-and-ahhed for a fair while before putting myself up for the position, but AS has done a lot for me over the years, so I felt it only fair to put something back in, something I can actually do: Numbers. There are two major running costs for the forum: Hosting and Software. These are fairly independent of each other, but work like this: Hosting. This is the major cost, and usually works out at somewhere around £50 a month, depending on the amount of traffic to the site. Forum Software. This is a lesser cost, and is billed every 6 months, at a cost of about £30 for 6 months. This works out at give-or-take £55/month, although all the above figures will vary, as the hosting is billed in Euros and the Forum Software is billed in Dollars. The main issue I have is that the previous method that Stanky used to accept funds in was PayPal moneypool. This is now a discontinued service, so that's a no-go. The major benefit of it, however, was that it was fee-free, so everything donated went to the forum. Alternatives like gofundme and fundraizr are cost-options, meaning we lose a fairly significant % of the money donated to their fees (under 10%, but still more than I'd like. I'm also looking at a service called Collectiv, as apparently it's fee-free, but I know very little about it. The alternative is that people just send money direct by paypal or by bank transfer. I'm less comfortable with this as an option, as I want to maintain the same (excellent!) level of transparency that Stanky had. I'd welcome people's opinions on this. Also, if anyone is aware of any fee-free (or indeed very low-fee) moneypool-type services, I'd welcome any recommendations. Once a service has been selected, I'll be doing essentially exactly the same as before.. opening the floor to donations, then reporting back with a statement of account.
  11. Have you got a link for that? Despite knowing that the OM606 I run will do just as well as your OM602 on SVO, it would be interesting to have a read-up on that.
  12. the garage isin RH14. Too far?
  13. Depends if you have a 2-post lift and a gearbox stand. Without them, it's a bastard of a job, as you have to get the car high enough on axle stands to get the gearbox out. You're then scrabbling around under the car to get it out. With a 2-post and a gearbox stand, 3-4hrs work. My local merc specialist would likely do that job for the cost of the parts plus about 3-4hrs labour, which probably works out at about £200. Assuming the clutch isn't stupid money, you'll likely have change from £500. But yes, it does depend on the DMF, and whether it's shagged, and how expensive it is. I can ask for a quote if you're interested.
  14. That's not in the spirit of things! Record 5-10 minutes of yourself at the webcam and then play it on a loop as your video feed. Makes everyone think you're still there. Just as long as there's not a clock in the background, or the sun never moves from the same angle in the sky. Or you keep taking a drink from the same coffee mug for 3hrs.. You just need a completely generic "resting bitch face" video of yourself. no-one will ever know.
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