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  1. I'm not aware of any legal restrictions of car age or proving garage servicing. Is this something new?
  2. I genuinely believe that could never happen. There's no way in the world that any lawyer or judge would be able to say that if someone had been in a different car, they would still be alive today. I still use my 23-year-old E300 for business. I put part-worn tyres on it, service it myself and run it on veg oil when I can. Other than ensuring it has business use insurance on it, and that I hold a current valid drivers licence, there's no more that a company needs to do to ensure the safety of their employee. I believe I had to sign a statement that indicated I would ensure that any veh
  3. This is indeed something that is checked for at my company, and at previous places I've worked. the expenses claim I would suggest is actually easier to administer than a hire car plus fuel. I suspect it's more the issue with insurance. Maybe I've just not worked for companies that are big enough to just say "no private car business miles evAr"
  4. Strange. Most companies are happy to spend 45p/mile for someone to use their own car. Usually works out cheaper than hire car + fuel. Or have they seen your car(s) and suddenly made up a new rule, just for you?
  5. As Arthur Scargill found out in the 1984 coal miners strike: If you picket, it won't get better. Also, that's rot in the sill section just ahead of the B-pillar isn't it? Given how ridiculously easy it was to fold one of these up even when it was new, do please get that repaired properly. It's a very easy repair to do as you've got a seam to work to, and access is very good.
  6. Went to look at this today with a view to actually doing something with it, and it's developed the most odd fault: When you turn the ignition on, the starter motor immediately engages and will not stop. So the engine starts, and you can hear the starter still spinning away with it's one-way clutch meaning the engine isn't driving it round. The starter stays engaged the whole time the ignition is on. Turn the ignition off and the engine stops, and so does the starter motor. Is there a starter motor additional relay somewhere that's possibly jammed on? Beginning to think I shou
  7. If you ask in most tesco shops they will give you a complimentary disposable mask.
  8. Ignoring this guy's haircut and accent, the information he has in the video is fairly good. The strut brace cannot transfer vertical loads, it only transfers horizontal loads, of which there are practically zero on a vehicle with double wishbones. A strut brace will also not make any difference in body roll, it only serves to maintain the correct suspension geometry (IE reduce body flexing) The only real benefit on a dual-wishbone car is if you hit a bump with both wheels at the same time. In that case the towers are both forced towards the centre of the vehicle at the sa
  9. and is completely pointless on a car that doesn't have McPherson strut suspension. If you get strut flex on a McPherson strut car, the geometry of the suspension changes, so a strut-brace fixes (reduces) it. On an MX5 with wishbones, the flex doesn't change the geometry, so the only thing a strut-brace might possibly do on an MX5 is reduce the likelihood of stress cracks in the towers.
  10. Tea/monitor interface there. Really?? 9.3MPG? Even in real gallons that's still only 11.4mpg. That cannot be running right, surely?
  11. Probably wasn't full when you got it. Edit: First thing I do whenever I get a hire car is immediately go to the nearest fuel station and absolutely brim it. Usually get at least 8-10 litres in. That way I know how much I can drive with the needle still saying full, and I'll know to judge how much fuel to have in it when it goes back. Worst one was an Ashtray I hired at Edinburgh Airport. That took something like 18 litres to be absolutely brim-full IIRC. I drove it about 200 miles and the needle had barely moved down from it's top-stop. (and still showed full) So I returned it
  12. How near Southampton?
  13. A most superb name indeed! Very sorry for your loss, and even more sorry regarding the circumstances of the funeral. The knock-on effects of 2020 in general really are just pants.
  14. I'm assuming so too, given that you can buy a brand-new car with ABS fitted for not a lot more than the cost of that ABS setup.
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