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  1. Not at all. Just undo the two front mountings, and that's enough space to feed pipework through.
  2. I'm not sure I would do that. There's a good chance you'll destroy any strength these had and possibly make them as brittle as glass. A bit of heat is one thing, but red hot might be a bit too much. One of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stud-Bolt-Extractor-Remover-8-19mm-Studs-Loosening-Tightening-1-2-Drive-Tool/303849827021?hash=item46bedc6acd:g:R4gAAOSw1V9gAuBm Or, if you're feeing a bit posh, a set of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stud-extractor-set/164652007714?hash=item2656064122:g:KqgAAOSwf3ZgBXU1 Will be far more effective than anything else. I have
  3. I thought I had replied to this thread.. evidently not. Worst car I have ever owned was a Renault 9 TD 1.6 diesel. It was utter utter crap in every possible way, and even in some ways I didn't think possible. Woefully underpowered, clattery as hell, awful gearchange, not economical, abysmal driving position, interior that was dissolving into powder, brakes from a BMX bike, damp, cold, no equipment and just utterly rubbish. The most miserable car I've ever driven, never mind owned. I've had less reliable cars, I've had slower cars, I've had all manner of chod that could be consider
  4. They're illegal in some countries aren't they?
  5. Not the point though. We're talking about a home market model being sold in it's own market. Also, Cars in both Australia and Japan seem to be worth more than the UK, so the whole "RHD cars are valueless" thing doesn't really stack up.
  6. You also have to take into account that the UK seems to be the exeption for old cars being valueless. Just about everywhere else in the world, older cars seem to keep their value significantly better than here. I've only really looked at the US and EU, (and some other areas based on comments I've seen here and there) but in general, what is considered to be a valueless old shunter in the UK would be worth many thousands just about anywhere else in the world. Hence the reason there is so much export of older rammel from the UK to elsewhere. Great for us, as it means there are cheap cars
  7. Talbot

    Car chases

    Some fairly shit camera and editing work on that one. Also, how empty are those streets?
  8. That escalated quickly. 22 to 41 in 4 days? That's amazing.
  9. Mini is something like 47 inches, so yes very close indeed. With the Model 70 being 1160mm track, you then have to take off two half-tyre widths to get the gap inbetween runners on a trailer. Technically 1035mm, but realistically (as you can't really load a car millimeter perfect) you need a maximum of a meter between runners. It's difficult to tell from a digital photo, but the runners on that trailer look quite a bit more than a meter apart. The track on an MGB is 1250mm, so if the runners are a bit close to the dimensions of the track of an MGB, an Invacar might not fit.
  10. Are you sure? I think the existing wheel runners might be too far apart for the rear track of the invacar.
  11. I honestly think it would be quicker and easier, maybe even cheaper too, to design and build something new. Having a think about this one. Edit: anyone know what the clearance height is for the front bumper and front wings is on an invacar (height from ground to bodywork) Edit2: Also, is there any information as to the weight distribution? I'm guessing it's remarkably rear heavy, but have no data.
  12. Blimey is that it? I may have to look at a design for a 300-ish KG three-wheeler trailer. Could be very simple indeed: Only needs one full-length runner (for the front wheel) and then two short stubs for the rear wheels. It needn't have brakes, could be towed by most people even with a post-97 licence, and could easily be designed for quick/easy loading and unloading. Hmmmmmmmmmm...
  13. Looking at the pictures, that looks very much like a home-brew trailer to me. Certainly it's made from standard sections of steel, so rather than needing to find one, it's just as easy (if not much easier) just to fabricate something up. Given the popularity* of invacars at the moment, I did wonder about making a trailer for them. It would be very easy to do. Could be single axle, and (depending on the kerb weight of an invacar, which I don't know) might even be able to be unbraked. It wouldn't be a lot more than a motorcycle trailer, and they're dead simple to make.
  14. It won't need to pass many more. That's lovely! I've always hankered after an S123 300TD. Just a shame we never got the turbo variety in RHD. Still, a good excuse to go and find a LHD one somewhere on the continent and bring it over.
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