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  1. This is a real shame. I've had more interest at work to use you for some of our smaller equipment movements, but it's just so sporadic, we never know what needs moving or when. It does strike me that you needed to be able to promote yourself more. The service you provided for non-vehicle-movement was genuinely very useful to us.
  2. Same vehicle as Laquer Peel mentioned and I commented on above. Fiat Ducato, Citroen C25, Peugeot J5 and Talbot Express from 1982 to 1994 are *essentially* the same vehicle.
  3. LHD only. RHD had a (terrible) floor change. In production to 1994.
  4. A (recent) post has been hidden due to somewhat questionable content. It may have been (and likely was) available elsewhere on t'internet, but could well be construed as against our hosting company's policies / Ts&Cs. It's under review. Update: Review complete. It will be removed. Poster contacted.
  5. the trick is to not cut all the way through. on the extreme left of the backplate as shown, it was not cut through. You make sure there are two bolts in each half, and if you're going to pop-rivet a repair back together, make sure you've worked out which bits of the backplate the brake shoes sit against, and avoid that bit (IE go for a non-functional surface of the backplate)
  6. I did indeed do the Pacman cut and then reweld them back together, but not on the 210, it was on the 203 that I sold to @chaseracer. The rear backplates were absolutely rotten on this, and although doing a cut-and-weld is a bit of a bodge, it's a lot less of a bodge than either siliconing them back together, or bodging them in some other non-electric-glue method. I'd do the same again.. Fitting them "properly" means splitting the rear wheel bearings, which I believe needs a special tool. Rotten backplates, allowing the shoes to run on the inside face of the "drum", which sounded AWFUL. Fixed:
  7. I suspect* this is a live klekshun rather than it having happened already.
  8. ProTip: when the interviewer asks you about your background, they mean your work history, not what can be seen behind you in shot...
  9. Nowhere in the world is a "safe space" and the very suggestion that such a thing exists is somewhat offensive. If you want a flaming, then you're more than welcome to one.
  10. For a 35 year old ford, that is in stunningly good condition. The CPT / overbuffing areas on the upper body are irritating, but the rest of it is in amazing condition. It looks like a 3-5 year old car. Other than the irritation of a blowing exhaust, that could be pressed into service immediately.
  11. Guess what is happening now..... Fucksss sakes!
  12. the Dart charge setup now is utterly unacceptable IMO. Previously, it was physically impossible to make the crossing without paying. Now it is entirely possible to cross, believe you have paid, and still end up with a debt collection tosser on your doorstep at 6am demanding over £600, as the fine for not paying on time is dealt with in the same way as the fine for speeding or similar. I wonder how much additional revenue they have raised by issuing fines. Wankers.
  13. but fails to meet any of the other criteria...
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