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  1. Which was the roffle that almost everyone donated their tickets to Purplebargeken, and he was odds-on to win it, but then didn't?
  2. Worth checking, as I'll be close enough to Edinburgh, and that would be exactly on my return journey to bring it to you/FOD.
  3. It has central locking. The button for it is on the driver's door. And no speedo? Bumhats. Fate must have killed that during delivery, as I'm absolutely sure that was working. I recall seeing 50mph on a local lane near me and being slightly surprised at how fast I was going.
  4. Talbot

    Austin Maxi

    Does that gearbox-in-sump not look incredibly vulnerable hanging out that much below the car in the pic above? Absolutely anything dropped in the road is going to clang that properly hard. There must be 100mm of "stuff" hanging out below the front valence. I never saw the appeal of a maxi. Always struck me as a very "old fashioned" car, even when just a few years old. They look like they should be from the 60s, despite being sold as recently as the early 80s.
  5. Does anyone need anything brought south at the moment? From anywhere at all? It looks like I will be going up to Scottish borders area this weekend and coming all the way back south with an empty car transporter trailer. Happy to divert my return journey as necessary. Can bring just about anything back with me.
  6. Shove him in the boot so there's a steel bulkhead between you.
  7. The whole rule about no more than 6 people together, but you still have to maintain 2m distancing seems absolutely absurd when you consider how many people are in any Tesco store at any one time and how many of those are within 2m of each other. Granted, the less you expose yourself to that sort of situation the better, but it still seems like the rules on what you can/can't do under certain circumstances are utterly dis-proportionate. mat_the_cat's example above is a prime example. "You must stay within 5 miles of home and not interact with anyone". "Except if you're going to work, then travel all you want and do what you have to in proximity of others at work". "Oh, or if you're going shopping, then again you can travel and do your best to stay away from others if you can" That said, probably best to just wait a bit longer until the risk related to this situation is further reduced. We've all made it nearly 11 weeks so far, another few might make all the difference.
  8. Is that good, bad or indifferent? They were on the car when I got it, and they still have tread, which is all I'm worried about. The only reason I've got a matching pair on the front is because when I went to get a pair of part-worns for it, they only had one the correct size, so did me a deal on a cheapo pair of new ones. Maybe the part-worn places near you aren't as good, but I get superb service from one not far from me. Their tyres are all a minimum 4mm remaining tread and the often have pairs in. Last ones I bought were only 18 months old according to the date marker.
  9. Way. They don't so much rub or flap about, just fret very slightly, which is enough to wear the rubber away. You either have to bond them on (not recommended) or make sure there is rubber grease between the pretend whitewalls and the real tyres. It's a bit like the gearbox output shaft splines on an early discovery. You wouldn't think there's enough movement to cause wear, but the fretting causes the splines to completely wear away.
  10. Would you not just wallop 4 part-worns on it for £80 fitted or thereabouts? A massive improvement on what's on it at the moment. That said I'd probably be stupid enough to just drive what's on it at the moment. They might even pass an MOT.. I think any crack has to be through to the cords to be a fail doesn't it?
  11. A fair & valid point. I think the worry is that if it was nicked by someone who tried to give it a new identity or sell it or something similar, it would quite possibly be able to be tracked, and it turn up intact and be able to be recovered. Were it nicked for banger racing it would be devastating to see it ripped to pieces within seconds and then smashed to smithereens. I've nothing against banger racing at all, in fact I quite like it. What pisses me off is the very few who openly brag about smashing up something rare/valuable/in astonishingly good condition. Three categories this car would fall squarely into. (Amongst many others)
  12. This. And a very effective immobiliser. It would be really quite awful to hear that some scrote has decided to nick this and then banger race it.
  13. It is, and with an idle speed of about 1500rpm at the moment it launches itself off the line like nothing else. from 0-10 it's astonishingly quick. .... and then it isn't.
  14. Horizons were actually remarkably high mechanical specification cars. They had double-wishbone front suspension, independent trailing arm rear suspension, torsion bar front springing and two-piston fixed front brake calipers on fairly large discs. The brakes, as you mention, were astonishingly powerful for such a humdrum car and you had to be a bit careful with them. As a Horizon was the first vehicle I really worked on, I was genuinely surprised to see that so many other cars have a "lesser" specification when it comes to braking and suspension.
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