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  1. I'm not surprised. They were abysmal. Compared to a ZX they were smaller, less headroom (I can't even sit in the back of a hatchback one), rubbish styling (especially the facelift) with rot problems and staggeringly uncomfortable seats. I ran a 1.9TD Exclusive for just over a year. I had to jam a box between the back seat and my drivers seat for it to not give me backache. The best bit of the car was the engine, and the fact that it had working AC. Other than that it was pants.
  2. For cleaning up welds in inaccessable places, I recommend using a welshman. Dai Grinder. The surprisingly-cheap air DieGrinder I picked up at a car show about 15 years ago has been utterly invaluable for getting at hard-to-access areas. Slower than an angle-grinder, but much easier to get to stuff. Also a lovely cool breeze on a summers day when you've just cooked yourself by welding.
  3. Rare when they were new, Not seen one in forever, doubt I ever will again. Mazda 929 anyone? I think about 4 were sold here.
  4. Talbot anything these days. Can't remember the last time I saw a T badge on the road. (that wasn't a portaloo welded to a Badge-enginered J5 van.)
  5. Talbot


    So close to Tax/MOT exemption. I really quite like these early 80's japanese shunters.. they just seem to work.
  6. A close family friend gets phesants from a shoot that happens locally to us. Over the phesant shooting season there are *thousands* of phesants shot, and they are all available. They get fed to dogs, stripped for meat, frozen and kepts for a bit, etc.etc. There are always more than we can deal with. If anyone localish wants any (next year now) then they are welcome to some birds. Rather embarrasingly we had to bin a depressing number this year as they weren't stored properly and went manky. Got a fair few frozen ones too.. could bring to shitefest for an impromptu barbecue.
  7. Any possibility of photos of the rot? This is dangerously tempting.
  8. On describing the thread to Mrs. T. (including the Shamen reference) : A philosopher once wrote: "Torquey Torquey, very Torquey".
  9. HHhhhnnnnnnggggggg. Much want. If I were employed I would have bought this already. As it is, I'd be in for two randoms if that's how it ends up.
  10. Absolutely love a sleeper like this, especially with essentially zero external visual references to any changes. That said, is that running lower than standard? Very tempted to take a ticket. Maybe when I'm feeling less sensible. (give it an hour or two)
  11. That are cheap. Seriously tempted. The pump repair would take minutes.
  12. Willing to divulge how much that was? The shaft seal on non-turbo injekshun pumps are easy to change with the pump in situ, and the O-rings are a standard component, so are pence from a bearing supplier. 309s are just about the cheapest motoring possible. 309 1.9D is a bit of an oddball as the 309 continued using the XUD9 square-port engine well into the 90s, whereas every other PSA product had moved on to the XUD9A Oval-Port engine by the latter part of the 80s.
  13. What scale are you set on? Supressed leads can have resistances in the Mega-ohm range, which is not a problem as of course the ignition pulse may be many kV, but is uA, so the resistance of the leads can be high.
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