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  1. Scrap the whole thing. No more MOT tests. If you're regularly seeing bald tyres in supermarket car parks, it clearly does not work. It is an excuse for crooked garages to invent failures, and inept garages to invent bizarre advisories and fat finger a mileage discrepancy onto the car's permanent history file.
  2. I'm proper upset about this branch closing. They're close to my house and even though a few of the cars I've had were not officially supported by Moss, thanks to the BL parts bin they often had what I was looking for. The staff were wonderfully helpful every time I went in and put some random P6, Allegro or Marina part on the counter and said "do you have this?" they'd take the time to figure out what it was and they usually had it. Even when the Moss website said an item was out of stock, 9 times out of 10 they had it here. Most recently I needed a bulb holder for the Marina tail lights, and they figured out what other car used it and five minutes later I walked out with one and fitted it in their car park. I saved a fortune on postage collecting large items like body panels and windscreens here, and a physical location was also useful for the tiny stuff like when I somehow lost one wheel nut, I was able to get another one within the hour.
  3. yeah thanks. Any chance you could keep something less annoying, like one of the pistons or the bootlid? https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1534123
  4. I mean this too - my manifesto pledge would be to scrap VED (instead load it entirely onto the price of a new car), drastically simplify the driving licence entitlements and scrap the photo card too. Reduce the DVLA to a website where you update keeper details.
  5. A substantially smaller organisation that doesn't have the power to pull shit like this.
  6. The hole is drilled into the the battery box, a part of the monocoque available as an off the shelf replacement part because they are rust prone. I would be surprised if you found a Mini with its original. Something here is not fit for purpose, and it's not the car. #defundtheDVLA
  7. Congruent with my figures. 27 average, 35 if driven carefully on a run. I'm pleased to see you lavishing attention on this one. They're so cheap at the moment I think a lot are being neglected, and in the blink of an eye they're going to become rare (and dare I say desirable) classic Mercedes sports cars.
  8. The Christmas special NPH was a great night out- I think we had 14 people show up in total! We certainly had the longest table in the place. Tonight’s undoubtedly much smaller gathering is a return to routine, so that’s tonight at 7pm.
  9. Okay! Show me those pictures! Thanks, but that picture doesn't show that £10,000s have been spent on the car. In fact there is no information in this picture at all. Please give me another picture. This is closer. But I can't see what the invoices are for? The leaflet for the German car specialist whose logo is an upside down Netherlands flag is in the way. Ah, no, okay... that's the same photo but reframed to include dirty cups and floor. Could you please include a photo to show thousands of pounds of receipts, please? That's what I was after. You don't buy a new Foolscap folder if you aren't spending big money on a car. I'll take it! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225278577070
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275560812108
  11. has it ever been smoked in? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165790840293
  12. Heads up: we're doing December's meet early (tomorrow, Tuesday 29th Nov). Usual time and place. @3VOM
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