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  1. They have a festive menu? We've only been there every month for three years, not really enough time to learn the menu.
  2. Hello Friends Just a reminder that the next gathering will be on Tuesday 3rd December. @Dave_Q , if you read this could you update the thread title please?
  3. yo whatup Should any of you fancy this car, and you should, because it's a good one, then you'll be thrilled to know that it's available for anyone able to summon up an offer "as close to four digits as possible". The MOT is good 'til April 2020 and it's ready and waiting to be driven away in south Manchester. Super easy to get to by road, rail, air or canal. If you haven't been paying attention it's a two litre petrol auto saloon. If you want more info PM me.
  4. 1. Brownnova (& Mrs_brownnova)2. clayts4503. davidfowler20004. skattrd5. chaseracer6. catsinthewelder (probably)7. strange angel8. Ghosty9. Beko1987 (probably)10. Sporty-shite (with junior_sporty)11. Dollywobbler12. Snagglepuss13. Fumbler ((With Brother_Fumbler) Probably)14. cms20615. eifion16. Squire Dawson17 Floatylight & Floatylight Jnr in his 2003 C3.18 BL Bloke19 Bucketeer20 loser-one21 NorthernMonkey+122 SiC (Maybe)23 Wack24 JohnK25 RichBraith (tbc) 26 Conrad D. Conelrad
  5. No, I agree. I will see if it's possible to revert to the bolded unread titles and failing that certainly I can make the unread content star a lot more prominent.
  6. There's a brown circle next to the topic title, clicking this should take you to the last unread post.
  7. Try top left, there's an "Activity" tab next to "Browse" (underneath the SD1).
  8. Yes, this is a problem. For some reason the reply box is using the headline font and it shouldn't be. I will figure it out. I was asked to remove the country field because the flags were an add-on which didn't work with the new board software. All I could do was try to hide the broken "Country :" display with CSS, which IIIRC was working on the test board but doesn't seem to be working here. Yes, this is a stupid oversight, sorry. The icons are just the wrong colour, or no colour or something. Will fix. I will tweak the colours a bit and replace the font in the editor so it matches the font in posts. Name wrap looks shit, I agree. I will make the usernames a bit smaller. It's on my list!
  9. I'm really happy that we finally got Skizzer's artwork as the forum logo proper. It looks great up there, doesn't it?
  10. I know it's not perfect, but remember that everyone hated the old forum theme when it was new too. Some of it is just a matter of acclimatising, but this one will be improved as we use it. Since the forum software isn't free I had very limited access to test the theme, and there's no theming community so there was a lot of guesswork and experimentation. I'm already jotting down egregious issues, like the brown pinned icon and the illegible "quote selection" button and PM message counts.
  11. I picked up a bunch of quite nice repaint candidates from a 20p box. Two tone mint! Excuse the horrible lighting.
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