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  1. That's beautiful. Excellent buy, you'll love it. Now you've got the choke working properly, does the choke light work? It should come on when it's time to push the choke in a bit. The intermittent wipers don't work on anyone's. Even Rover gave up on them when the cars were current - very late P6s had an electric delay instead of the vacuum bullshit, and there is a fascinating internal communiqué telling dealers to rip out the vacuum delay and install the electric one if the former stopped working. It also states that every P6 has wiper delay, except some where they just don't, and i
  2. Oh, and it had an MOT when I bought it like that. So perhaps that explains my apathy toward that particular institution in the 40yr exemption debate.
  3. I was completely lost and without satnav, so when I spotted you in your Rover I gave chase. And yes, I have a very vivid memory of that T junction that surprised us both, as I very nearly merged both cars into one Rover 2220000SLi. It was a bit of a dog. The sills were quite soft (see photo), the drivers seat bounced because, well, look at the photo, and the floor pans could be 'popped' like the lid of a baby food jar. The engine was tired and leaked so much I used the side of an old washing machine as an enormous drip tray. Incidentally, I forgot about the 'drip tray' and left it on th
  4. That is a really nice car, BRUTAL lacquer peel aside! The interior is lovely. My dude, if someone wants to offer you actual cash money for that completely anonymous numberplate, TAKE IT! Although I sympathise with Mark if he's struggling to find a plate with his name on. My christian name is Pussidry and I've never been able to find a good private plate for my car.
  5. The MOT exception was such an awful idea. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've seen since it came in. My cousin has an old Mercedes with no indicators, so he carries a loudhailer into which he yells "I am turning left" or "I am turning right" My next door neighbour is running an old Land Rover with no brakes, only a large parachute At a car show I overheard a man boasting that he 3D prints his own tyres out of hard plastic so they don't wear out so quickly My local NHS trust switched its entire ambulance fleet to Bedford CAs so they wouldn't have to MOT them any
  6. I fitted one purely to be rid of that mother. fucking. exhaust. clamp.
  7. That’s beautiful. What a lovely car. Don’t suppose it still has its leather bound book?
  8. Here's what mine looks like at the moment. Pushing on a bit now, it's been off the road too long and I want to drive it this summer. Still needs the sills doing, and loads of other stuff. RUST EVERYWHERE
  9. I'd never drive a classic Mini nowadays, they're just not safe. *eats donut while waiting in KFC drive through* I mean, do you see how thin those doors are? Imagine you get hit by a truck! Not safe at all. *vape runs out of home made 24mg nicotine juice, lights cigarette with the heating coil* And they're so small other cars don't even see them. *loops rope around door handle for auto erotic asphyxiation* Maybe they were okay in the 60s but not safe at all now.
  10. Ghosty, if you’re stuck with this floor hole I can pop round with my welder and make it worse.
  11. PLATINUM AWARD I'd probably want that plate obscured too. I'm not a white car supremacist. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2790473491207580
  12. You park a Volvo for five minutes and one of the SVM shows up...
  13. That is not bad at all! Merely sticking the rubbing strips back on will lift it substantially. Once that's got an MOT on it, it's easy profit.
  14. Surely you have bought and sold enough cars by now to have learned that the average person deals with 20-30 unexpected emergencies every day?
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