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Found 22 results

  1. Our collection story begins 21 years ago, the lovely Mrs Spart had just passed her test at the tender age of 17 and bought her first car, like most first cars it left a lasting impression. Unfortunately, as is often the way, life and finances took over and it had to go. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and while idly browsing one evening Mrs Spart entered the reg number of the car in question. Unbelievably, not only is it still on the road but it's for sale! After a bit of a false start from myself, making contact with the seller, then him inexplicably not answering calls, texts or emails, Mrs Spart takes matters into her own hands. The seller is much more forthcoming and we make a date to view and potentially collect. That date is tomorrow! I've hired a flatbed trailer from a local company in Worksop and we're currently bedded down for the night in Alnwick, en-route to the land of the SVM, specifically, Perth. For those in the mood for a guessing game I'll not reveal the model of car until tomorrow but suffice to say, it shares one particular part, at least very closely in design, with my LDV Convoy camper tow vehicle. Here we are just leaving Halfords in Worksop, as I forgot to take a rear plate to the trailer hire place. The man in Halfords was very helpful, bearing in mind the regulations regarding having a plate made. I was able to locate my insurance details on my phone and he used that info and my driving licence to whip up a rear plate. I note that according to davidfowler2000 that this collection is classed as 'close', it'll total 600+miles, so it's going to be enough for one weekend!
  2. It is car shopping eve. I've done the important research, namely look at past live collection capers. And found a suitable car (here's hoping I do/don't win the Gallant steed roffle) I have a lift in a shittier car than one to be viewed sorted, a rendezvous with the seller (not autoshite member I don't think) Buy criteria: If it's not a total shitbox and if I think it will get me to where I need to be for the next week or so while my BMW is being fettled with then it will be a buy. Live collection caper criteria as laid out by @Jim Bell on a previous collection caper: "Collection thread tick list. Breakfast pic Car pic Petrol station pic Woolard pic (And for bonus points) Pic of a dog A pic of a car worse than the one you're collecting. " I also believe a poo count is normally required. Does that requirement also include photo of results? I will be travelling with a dog more than likely in a shit car. Not sure what a woolard is to take a pic though. This thread will have the added live excitement that if when I get there and the guy is trying to sell me a nail I have to reject it and start again! This is my first buy since being on this forum so if I go off piste feel free to shit-post. Anyway it's nearly 11 at night car-shopping-eve so I am going to get some shut-eye (as much as one can with a 10-month-old who hates sleeping) so if my cunning plan to sleep is interloped upon by said plentyn (thats wain in Scotts, bairn in North Eastern and child-faced daemon in Englandshire-ish) I'll here reading posts no doubt. See you all in a minute then.
  3. Hi all, i'm after some advice. I know there are at least a couple of us on here that reside over the channel and that the general wisdom level for collectioneering is pretty damn impressive. So what would your advice be in my situation? How do I go about getting a hydraulic Citroen in unknown condition (only that it is certainly not roadworthy atm) from France, near the swiss border in Héricort to me in Somerset? I REALLY REALLY WANT IT, and am quite happy to pay. In an ideal world i'd just hire/purchase a trailer and rock on into France - but I cannot drive a trailer on my licence (to young...). I've used shiply before but i've been fucked around once and had success once. Are there alternatives? I need to call the seller, but won't be able to until after work this evening - the ad says no emails (fucking irritating)
  4. In a more essential trip than Mr Cummings, I am off to collect a car. Been in isolation for about 8 weeks now, so flame me if you must. Masks, gloves and sanatiser packed as my journey essentials Taxi to the station (no buses). Now on the train to London, on which I have a carriage all to mysellf
  5. @TheMokritehas not eaten. I have had one Pringle. He may have bought shite. Heading South... About 2 minutes in car. May have to jump it of Fleur but remains to be seen...
  6. Ladies and Gents. Yes, it's me. The man who pops up rarely, solely to irritate folk by spouting nonsense about his Daewoo Leganza, then disappears as quick as he arrived. Like Coronavirus, but with added Daewoo class*. I am here with news. I have, within the last 3 hours, made an irreversible purchase. I'm £300 lighter already on a car that I have not seen. This is typical behaviour - heart before head! Yet, the heart doth not yearn for what hearts normally do. The car in question has probably never had a look of desire cast in its direction since the day it was built. I suspect the first owner probably signed on the line in a dealership (if you can call it a dealership) with a very matter-of-fact look on his face and not one glint in his (probably) deteriorating eye. Yet still, I am intrigued. I am willing to pay £300 just to find out how it stands up against my now beloved Leganza. I'm currently researching exactly how I'm going to get from Cornwall to Hampshire without infecting anyone, and preferably without becoming infected myself! I have until Wednesday...
  7. In nine hours (ish) I am collecting a new car. Some of you know what it is. Others don't. What is important at this time is that I am awake, and that means that poo count equals... one.
  8. As I am determined to reduce* my fleet, and it is over a week since my last collection, I am off again tomorrow. This should* mean there is only one outstanding collection that I hope to complete before the end of the year. Does give me an excuse not to do the end of year stats though... I have just loaded the straps into the Disco, hooked on the trailer and tested the lights ready for the off. Trailer required as despite being MOTed and running, it has a fault that prevents driving. It is likely to be dark when I leave, have a photo as it was getting dark tonight. As for the collectee, I have owned one many years ago, but at the opposite end of the trim/performance level, though did not drive it much. The last one I swapped for a 1987 V12 XJS, the latest one was purchased for scrap money.....
  9. Good morning. I have been clearing out* for a while now. Today, a Volvo left. I have made tentative arrangements to have two others leave, so those are sold pending collection. Last week the Council Estate died at 5am when I was leaving work. The daily for some time, the ever reliable Montego EFi, started haemorraging fuel AND water in alarming amounts, as well as overheating in traffic as the fan switch has breathed it's last. A new water pump will be on order when I can be arsed but the fuel leak has been sorted. Bother. Neither Hyundai is currently MOT'd as my tame mechanic is on a bender. This can only mean one thing... I am boarding the first of four trains at 10.25am - IT'S NEW CAR SATURDAY! But first, a salute to a fallen comrade. Goodnight, sweet prince. 10-11-87 to 26-10-19.
  10. An international kolleckshun in reverse, the car is located in the UK but I am not! My friends arrived from the Bahamas to stay in France for a couple of months so the first thing they did was to ask me to source transport. The only sensible* thing to do was to buy shite from here, so as I am heading home today, they are coming along to kollect. They will probably spend a week or so in the UK before returning to France. For added bonus shite points, the transport is of course the bargainous AS Saab of many warning lamps! Will update when I can, which may not be often!
  11. I told myself I don't need any more cars, I've got enough and I'll get some fixed and have loads to choose from. Then you end up working too many hours, one cars breaks the week after getting it through an MOT, then another breaks and you're back to one working/legal car. Instead of getting them fixed you end up browsing ebay and bidding on yet another car. Today in pictures: … good night folks.
  12. FFS. Will I never learn? Wetherspoons, Friday night, steak consumed along with several pitchers of Long Island iced tea is NOT the time to check the ‘for sale’ thread on your handheld communications device for new posts, kids. Alarm duly set for 05.00.....
  13. A few weeks ago whilst in a foreign country I bought some new (to me) chod, a version of which has been conspicious by its absence in my collection, so tomorrow I set off to fetch this vehicle I have never seen, WCPGW? The quickest public transport to travel the 400 miles there will take 9 hours, so I have decided to spend tomorrow night with a friend in a city I have never driven to or in, and last visited about 20 years ago. Should be fun. My nearest public transport is 8 miles away, so the first 8 miles will be done in this, which will remain in the car park until I return... Due to the ungodly hour I have to leave in the morning, I will not have time or inclination to post the breakfast shot, so have one of the breakfast I have prepared for tomorrow If I can work out how to operate my new phone, I will attempt to update as the day(s) progress!
  14. I've acquired a new car. It's not the first time I've done this since joining Autoshite, but I've never done a collection thread so thought I should do something to rectify that. I don't think I've quite got the hang of it though so I'll apologise now. I viewed and bought it Sunday, collected yesterday and am posting now. With very few pictures. Backstory After rattling through hopefully the most pressing jobs required on my daily 307 prior to the MOT next month I started thinking to myself that I was happy with the car. Then over the bank holiday weekend I headed down to Dorson Towers to visit my brother @DaveDorson for a car show and a BBQ at his. It was a hot bank holiday weekend, like really hot. And my lack of air con made the 160 mile journey less comfortable than it could have been. I parked up in town and headed to the car show. After browsing some cars, Dave, our cousin and I headed to my car which I'd parked in town with the plan of buying some last minute BBQ supplies then proceeding to Dave's place to prepare for the OMGBBQ! At this point the 307 decided it didn't much enjoy being a 5 door car and was refusing to unlock the rear doors. After I'd just spent the last few hours looking at some very cool and varied cars I was feeling that the little Pug ought to buck it's ideas up as working rear doors isn't asking too much of a 5 door car. Eventually we all got in and aside from the on board temp reading 46 degrees and the air con not working all was well. The following day on the return trip home I decided that I do actually like the 307, it's mostly reliable and generally does what a daily should whilst being cheap to run. And so like any sensible shiter I started browsing the cars for sale board 🙄 Steed Selection A car had already caught my attention, I'd been trying to ignore it as it was high miles and had some bodywork issues. However anyone that knows me knows that I'm not bothered by mileage so long as the engine has been serviced and runs well. The body issues do not yet require welding, so I should be able to sort those out without too much drama. So I messaged the seller to ask if the car was still avialable. It was so a viewing was arranged. The next step was to get an insurance quote for it. Our current cars are insured on a multicar policy so I logged in to see about sorting out a quote. My insurance didn't recognise the reg. Arse. Euro Car Parts and the MOT history worked with the reg so it was just a problem with my insurer. One phone call later and a quote was in place, they told me that they'd be able to swap cover by calling them up and mentioning this quote. The following afternoon my wife and I headed off to sunnny Bolton to view the car. The seller seemed sound and has a good reputation on here, the car was present, started and drove fine, although I requested to just be a passenger for the test ride as I hadn't yet swapped my insurance over. I had a cursory look under the bonnet but there wasn't really space to have a good look around the car so I agreed to buy it and transfer the funds with a view to collect the following evening. Collection I had a few things to do on collection day, some of those had fixed times and others were more flexible. The seller had offered to collect me from Bolton train station and take me to the car so that was the initial plan. However plans change. I felt bad for asking them to meet me as I'd already bought the car and the agreed time was close to when they had other things to be getting on with. I decided that if I picked the car up early afternoon I could do the rest of the stuff I'd planned for the day later on. I checked the public transport times and my options were a bus, two trains and a walk across what looked to be a field, or 3 busses I'd never used before. Both options came in at just under two hours assuming I didn't miss a connection somewhere. I'll be honest, I wasn't overly keen on this. So I considered option 3 My bike. 22 miles with around 1000 feet of elevation, that didn't seem too bad. Google suggested it would take just over 2 hours, but I wasn't tied to bus or train timetables so for me it was the option of choice. What could possibly go wrong? The photo above was taken a few miles into the journey, beside the Ribble and under the M6. Things were going well, I was making good time and I was coming to the end of the cycle path before using roads for the rest of the journey, so hopefully my progress would be a bit quicker. I got into the rhythm of cycling and was enjoying taking in the scenery along the route and looking forward to the drive home. Inevitably, this happened. That milky splatter up the back of the seat tube (ooh err) was sealant. Sealant that's supposed to remain inside the tyre and fix any small puctures as they occur. Unfortunately it was escaping. I was 9.5 miles in to the 22 mile ride so thought a road side repair with a plan to continue was the best course of action. I stopped by a bus stop to see how flat the tyre was and although it still had some air in it I'd lost a fair bit so thought I'd top it up. Once the tyre was inflated enough to commence riding I disconnected the pump, rotated the tyre and saw more sealant escaping under pressure. Bugger. I'd bought a tubeless repair kit with me and although I'd not used it before the principle is that it's a rubberised piece of sticky stringy material that you force into the hole in the tyre and it helps seal it. My first attempt did not go well. The sticky rubber strip did not want to fit in the applicator and ripped as I tried to shove it in the tyre. I pumped the tyre up and it help air so I thought I'd see if it work as a repair. Around 30 metres down the road the tyre was deflating, and much faster than before. Arse. Attempt number two was a little more successful. I was able to get more of the horrible rubber strip into the tyre and it felt like it was a snug fit. I reinflated the tyre again and gingerly rode down the road. This seemed to be working, although I could hear the repair strip hitting the road with each rotation of the wheel. I was hoping the loose section of the repair strip would wear down and break off, but was concerned it could get pulled out the tyre. Fortunately for me the repair held out, and I completed the journey in around 2.25 hours, 1 hour 53 moving time. Brown and sticky tyre repair. The car So, as you've probably already worked out I bought the high mileage Bora Highline that @jamiechod had for sale. I bought the car and the wing, as the original wing really needs replacing. Once collected the car drove home OK, but I've not had a chance to look over it properly yet as the puncture delayed me more than I had hoped and I had other stuff that needed doing. Today was my wife's birthday so we've been out doing birthday related things. I'll take a look at it tomorow. I didn't take any pictures of the car as I was covered in bike tubeless sealant and didn't want to cover my phone in it. I did manage to keep the car interior clean though ☺️ Here's a pic from Jamie's original ad
  15. Probably not, driving this lot to here........ to collect this
  16. So a couple of weeks ago I was up at Mathewsons for the auction. I’d bid on a couple of things that didn’t meet reserve. Getting towards the end and this came through. Still didn’t meet reserve but got the call a couple of days later to say my bid had been accepted. Anyway, we have a caravan at Primrose Valley so had arranged collection for today. First stint is just from Thornton-le-Dale to Filey which is about 18miles. Then tomorrow will be Filey to Leicester either via Humber bridge and Lincoln or Driffield then M18 and M1. Choice of route will depend on how it behaves today and how confident I am that it will be happy on the motorway. Car collected now and refreshments of Tea and Scones consumed, we are off for petrol with Mrs Foxache following in the modern.
  17. Heading south on an empty stomach because honestly I just forgot to eat again. Making use of the stupid economic power of the Xantia and the extra hands of Father Tickman. Off we go... Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  18. Here’s how this thread is going to work. Attached pic is what I have sold. You don’t have to guess what the vehicle is, you have to guess which two well known Shiters are coming to pick it up, what pile of crap they’re coming in and where the mugs they are coming from. They’re arriving at 2pm on Saturday. Go! I have hints to drop including detailed personal descriptions and I’m funny so this thread will be funny.
  19. It's foggy and we are running late... We stay within Bavaria, going to beautiful Deggendorf at the blue river danube. Guessing is now officially open. Hint: it's blue, of course French and as a pshome first OMG it decides itself what gear is best.
  20. Today a dual reverse collection is supposed to start. Unfortunately, it does not go well, one car failed to start. By now its flooded and the battery is empty. It obviously has character and refuses to leave from a good home. We have a ferry to not miss that is far away, as you may know, no seaports in Bavaria... For added misery, it rains... no it pours. While i have more coffee, some clues: - Great circle distance to destination; 1444 km - Involves not one but two cars - Destination is outside the EU - Destination does not use € - a lot of driviing and a 20 hour ferry trip is included - train, fellow shiter car borrowing and flight tickets assure the return journey Public guessing of destination and cars involved is now open. P.S. Proper collection tool kit is on board.
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