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  1. Autoshite is accessible in Shanghai. Hoorah! My flight leaves in nine hours and I'm stuck at the airport. Too knackered to explore.
  2. Bye cars. CityRover will also get a cover, but it's still got one run to the unit to do. That'll be at about 7am tomorrow morning. Then I'm on a coach for a scary number of hours on the way to that there London. Not sure what my comms will be like once I fly on Tuesday, but will try to report in.
  3. I don't quite understand why they targeted people who have made the decision to actually use public transport. Just odd behaviour. In other news, I'm heading to London myself on Monday for the start of this big adventure to NZ thing. Feels very odd locking this lot away. Also said goodbye to the cat, and my ex (even though we're still connected via HubNut). Most of my life is now in boxes. I'm enjoying one last night of big stereo (Liquid Drum and Bass it is then) before packing that away, then the edit suite. Have a few days to gently reflect before the big off.
  4. It has moved on since I sold it. The next owner to me refurbed the rear suspension - much needed. I think the current owner may have commented on a post the other day, but I can't find it... Actually, that was just a discussion between previous owners. Hope it hasn't become an engine donor...
  5. Can't disagree! But it's why I like them. So far, most of the internet is telling me I'm an idiot, and the rest is muttering something about Breaking Bad, which I assume is a telly thing.
  6. I knew getting a unit was a bad idea. It was clear I'd have space in it after fitting my fleet in, so I decided to fill that space... It is VERY crusty but drove well on a private road test. Will see if I can sort it out (or get someone with skills to sort it out) when I get back from NZ/Aus.
  7. In a week's time, I fly to New Zealand. Shortly after that, I'm buying a car with STUNO of this parish, and hopefully meeting JonNZ also of the beige (very busy at the moment, hence not much sign of him lately). Excitement levels are rising very rapidly indeed!
  8. Yeah, you can get yourself in trouble with them. They do a good line in lift-off oversteer. Ideal in a car designed for first-time drivers, but sadly necessary or Autocar would have panned it for not being lairy.
  9. Might be worth having a close look at the pedal box (always fun!). They're a sod for snapping. As you may recall... Could be a dry cable though. The routing is not kind on RHD.
  10. Sorry, bit out of date here, but as Barratt says, the non-stop wipers is a thing and is easily 'fixed' by just removing the park wire from the switch. Then you can also park the wipers straight up, for better* aerodynamics. #Racecar Windscreen seal would seem a likely culprit, so I'd be giving Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure an outing.
  11. I hate white cars normally, but this looks absolutely amazing.
  12. I would recommend against going on a Saturday. It's always the busiest day, by quite some margin. First one I'll be missing for some years. I reckon the March Restoration Show is more of an Autoshite fit. Question is, do we actually want to promote Autoshite by being at a show?
  13. Ah yes. I remember that brake improvement technique. The whole 'overtaking cyclists' thing is a pain though. No, putting your indicator on does not give you freedom to drive into oncoming traffic!
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