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  1. Thanks. I disconnected the cable and it did seem to return properly. With the cable connected, no dice. Barry Lee was selling a cable on Ebay, so I nabbed it. Handy! You are right though. The rod does have a very close 'tolerance' on the chassis, not helped on mine by forklift damage from that first field. No real rush to sort it out as I really need to get the window fitted before doing much more driving. Chilly... In other news, the Rover was still flickering the alternator light, but this was just dirty contacts on the replacement alternator - I spotted the verdigris, but failed to do
  2. Ball joints - Barry Lee has one STY balljoint. He had the stash of spares that he sold to Mark but has a few things left. He's trying to discover if there are any clues to what they were shared with.
  3. The Daimler mostly didn't work. Developed some sort of running fault so I sold it. At the time, I wasn't very good at doing videos about getting rid. Which also explains why the caravan just vanished. I hated towing it, and hated reversing it into our narrow driveway entrance even more. It was quite nice to have places though! The Daimler was broken for spares. The rear diff now lives in an AC Cobra kit car replica. The caravan was sold to some classic caravan buffs and has been restored. I'm very happy about that. Video production at the moment has been hard hit by home educati
  4. The tinkering videos keep funds ticking in, so reviews aren't really essential. I'm very reluctant to travel at the moment, so am happy to wait. After shooting so many reviews in NZ and Aus, I'm actually enjoying the break.
  5. Thanks. I wrote yesterday off almost completely, drove a lot of trucks, a few trains and today got things back together again. CONTAINS SPOILERS - if you're a video fan and want to wait for the vids, stop reading. Refitted the exhaust, got the 2CV out of the way and used TWC for a post run. Refitting the exhaust went fairly well now I've sussed the technique - in short, leave the manifold bolts loose and get the silencer on first! I had to swap out the throttle return spring as it's slacker than a daytime telly addict. Performance was pretty grim though, even more
  6. Had a proper mardy on today, for reasons I don't fully understand but may be related to the unit flooding - BEFORE this horrible storm had really hit. I may have to try and put some effort into making it waterproof. Or find another unit (which I've been looking for for months - no joy.) But I refitted the Rover's acoustic cover and air filter intake, decided I couldn't be arsed with the wheel arch liner (given I'm not really driving anywhere and it was pissing it down), had a bit of a play with the Invacar and then headed home to edit videos and play Euro Truck Simulator. Hope I feel bett
  7. Which engine? My garage had some success communicating with my 75 by telling the computer it was talking to a BMW 3-Series E46 (I think). That was to investigate the ABS issue. Which seems to have come back again. (joy).
  8. The one I bought really isn't long enough, so you pull on it has hard as you absolutely can, all the while aware that the F8cker might just leap off and smack you in the eyeball while you punch the subframe. In conclusion, don't do what I did as I did this job the wrong way. Not that you can avoid disturbing the serpentine belt. Or just call a garage. A decent mechanic who has done this job before can probably get it done in just over an hour. Rather than three days...
  9. If you want a diesel, make sure the alternator works...
  10. After being parked up for a week, the Matiz failed to crank into life the other day. It got jumped by the 2CV and eventually caught, before merrily driving back home. Next time I tried it, spinny spinny no firey. Hmmm. Had somewhere to be so jumped into the Charade instead. I've not had chance to investigate due to the 'joy' of home learning, but today, I had to nip out and thought I'd just try the Matiz. It fired straight up and ran fine. I've ordered a new dizzy cap and rotor arm as I suspect they've been in place for a very long time, as well as a service kit as that hasn't happe
  11. Heart-warming. Do like the various AS bikes. Yes, pretty much, though how much wisdom there was in building an MPV-coupe at all is certainly something to question. Certainly, it was a bit odd to set Matra to building the Avantime, while launching a second large luxury car (albeit a rather more practical one). I suspect they were trying to soften Matra up before taking the Escape from them altogether.
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