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  1. Approval granted. Amazed I haven't owned one yet. Maybe the Triangle of Doom is why (see also Xantia).
  2. Actually out for a drive! Yes, I need some tail-light bulbs. Spent far too many hours trying to replace the exhaust flexi yesterday. Angle grinder couldn't cut right through the exhaust, so that was a ballache. Then the new flexi was longer, and the one I'd been sent didn't fit either! So I had to go and buy another one. That was then a right sod to fit, but got there in the end. The result? It still sounds like the exhaust is blowing. Well done me! Couldn't care less by this point, so chucked the 2CV in the unit (which had refused to start at roadworks on the way) and drove home in the Vectra. Can't really hear the leak inside the car, it's very peaceful in fact. Goes well being the 2.2, though has that annoying modern tendency for the revs to not drop away quickly, which makes fast acceleration tricky to do smoothly. WIll torque steer in the wet. But it's deliciously lazy too, pottering along at 40mph in top gear and being generally effortless to drive. Clutch travel is far too long (typically German) and the steering is comfortably numb, but it certainly does what I need it to do. Covers ground with minimal effort. Tiny mirrors are a pain though. May need to fit my reversing camera.
  3. If the cap doesn't do 'owt, maybe have a word with a garage that has a pressure system. Had to do that on the old W124 to try and trace a leak. It was a tiny one, but the pressure kit quickly identified it.
  4. Exhaust flexi has arrived. You chop the old one out, then clamp in the replacement (welding also an option if you're not me). Never fitted one before, will probably be chopping with a hacksaw, so we'll see how that goes tomorrow. Then I can actually DRIVE my new car! I hope I don't hate it.
  5. Gosh this place is delivering this week. Excellent!
  6. Yup, seems likely, but I'm still saying 'Because French.'
  7. Excellent! I believe Mr Freeman of this parish has a fairly recent shot of it, looking very dejected. I thought it had been sitting for much longer!
  8. Good news! The seller finally had the V5C come through today, so the necessary numbers were sent to me and I did the owner change online. Happy days! Which also means I've been able to tax it. After my current insurer kindly offered to insure it for £540, I went with Esure instead for £177. Happy days! I even got underneath it in my pit, to check the blown flexi. Yup, wrapped in aluminium tape to pass the MOT but that did not survive a 200-mile drive to Wales. Have a £26 Ebay Flexi on its way, which I think you fit by chopping the pipe - it's in the section that goes from downpipe to middle, including cat, so didn't want to do that. The tyres, for those who haven't seen the video, are Lanvigator Catchgre GP100s, which I expect to be absolutely bloody awful. If they are, I'll consider some all-seasons. EDIT Here's a pic from Saturday. Guessing I didn't take it as I appear to be in it...
  9. Such a cool mirror design, but one which leaves the mirrors next to useless for actually showing you what's going on behind you. I might install crystal ball as that'd probably be more accurate.
  10. No towbar, but it may need to acquire one. That said, I'm really good at wasting money on towbars that get used once. Or not at all in the case of the Delica...
  11. Nice. Thank you. Will give that a go tomorrow.
  12. Ha! Thanks. Not a car I imagined I'd own. Look forward to actually being able to drive it. Seller reckons the V5 is still with DVLA after three weeks, which is entirely possible at the moment, so I'm not sure how I can tax it. Can't insure it until tomorrow anyway, so I guess there's no rush. It's a 2000 Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 LS petrol, so lowly spec with a beefy engine. Might come in useful. Has a blowing flexi-pipe that was gacked up mightily to pass the MOT, but has blown again since. 57k miles, backed up by MOT history and seems good overall.
  13. Back to carbs, interesting stuff Zel. I did meet someone at Bicester Heritage last year with a Steyr-Puch 500 but sadly wasn't able to arrange a drive. Can't be many over here! Unfortunately, a planned drive of a Haflinger fell through at the last minute and I've not been able to rearrange.
  14. Can confirm, as I organised that photoshoot. (but didn't take the pics as I'm rubbish). Every detail on that car is utterly amazing. I love what Retropower do.
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