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  1. My old Westminster has been on telly! I'm thrilled about that. It appeared on Ebay a few years back, looking quite rotten and a bit sad. Still shows as 2660cc because some idiot (perhaps when it was plate raped) put the previous four-cylinder A90 engine size.
  2. Today, I thought I'd better do something with the Fox. So I took its top off. Naturally, it then started raining. The roof came off because I had made a key decision - sort out the paint! The buzzy sandy thing got a good workout. Tomorrow, I hope to set about fixing the one or two fibreglass issues it has, before chucking on some paint. I was going to do the fibreglass stuff this evening, but somehow managed to slice my index finger open on something, which is making doing anything at all an absolute pain in the arse. I have absolutely no idea how I did it, just suddenly noticed that everything I touched seemed to turn red. UGH.
  3. Ok, now I'm feeling bad. I know I dropped the strainer on one of my engines. Did I do it on both? Er, no idea...
  4. It has leccy, no water other than what's in the pit...
  5. I have a unit! Pretty much living the dream then. It's not on my doorstep, but then my doorstep won't exist from October. Should easily swallow up my fleet and all my associated crap as well.
  6. I bought a saw horse a few years ago. Chainsaw bolts to it and is covered except when cutting logs. It's bloody ace and feels many times safer than any other chainsaw method. https://www.toolstation.com/sip-chainsaw-log-horse/p68225
  7. One year ago, two hairy Autoshiters jumped on a plane to Bulgaria.
  8. Third and final part goes live at 8pm, but live chat is now in operation.
  9. Yes. He scared the living wotsit out of me in Belgium through a set of hairpins in that thing...
  10. No, but I'm very grateful you swapped to a venue with a rapid car charger just for me last time. Thank you.
  11. The owner did originally offer it to the club, so I did likewise. Wasn't expecting it to get snapped up so quickly, but will frankly be glad to get this saga out or my hair. I just don't have headspace for another project. The Fox is languishing at the moment while I've been fretting about other things. Hopefully now I can focus a bit.
  12. Just had a deposit in. Going to someone who digs Maestros and already has an 800. Got something for it, better than nothing. This time, I really do mean it when I say no more free cars!
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