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  1. I am working on a complete transmission swap, which is more within my skillset than taking one apart. I'm concerned that my spare transmission might be rather far from good if it has locked in gear - damp ingress perhaps.
  2. TPA's gearbox is locked in forward gear, though the diff may well still be good, and certainly has fewer miles on it than TWC's. Just not entirely sure what's involved with a diff swap. Probably torque wrenches and stuff.
  3. Ah nuts! I failed to notice that. I am hoping to do a big birthday roadtrip this year, but I'm thinking I really need to sort that noisy diff out before I do. Or maybe it's just sawdust time...
  4. Reminds me of driving my 2CV across western France in 35 degree heat three years ago. Unpleasant! But lovely when your tiny automobile just keeps on going regardless.
  5. To be honest, Raptor on something like the inside of a 2CV rear wing would probably be alright. Where it really struggled was over sharp edges. But, the problem with rubbery coatings is that once moisture gets in, it never leaves other than by rotting out the panel, often out of sight. With wax, you can always just apply more wax.
  6. Waxoyl and Hammerite are shite and have no place near a car. I'd paint them and then soak them in anti-corrosion wax - Bilt Hamber Dynax UB would be good. Make sure you give the inner wings and good soak at the same time, and between wing and body.
  7. I saw a photo recently of us all at Shitefest 2014, standing around the two-stroke Fiesta and did feel quite the pang of sadness at the sight of your old man. Hope you do manage to revisit that project. The result would be awesome.
  8. Hooked up diagnostics yesterday. Had one code for crank sensor, but I think that was an anomaly or dirty connection, as it didn't come back. Diagnostics showed the engine speed when cranking, so at least confirmed the sensor was working. Video coming tonight on what was going wrong. It's been one heck of a project! Never felt so clueless in my life.
  9. You do know that a burst manifold gasket isn't an essential requirement for Shitefest? Remembering a certain Stellar...
  10. I clock up over 25,000 miles a year, possibly more, and genuinely can't imagine not owning old shite. Most modern car is a 2006, and it's undergoing an engine swap. Most trusty car on the fleet is an Aussie Ford and a Citroen GSA - 14,000 miles between them over the past year. Staying on top of mechanical woes is the biggest issue, and the stress from that does get me down. But, importantly during such economic times, I can shut down expenditure to very, very little if need be, because everything is paid for. Nothing is depreciating, nothing is committing me to a monthly payment.
  11. Just popping in to say I'm really keen to try a two-stroke invalid carriage and see how it compares. And we really just have a meet up! Shame we are all very spread out in terms of geography, but we could always invade a National Microcar Rally perhaps?
  12. Ah, good to know I'm not the only one. TWC squeals quite badly at very slow speeds, but tends to quieten down as speed builds. Or maybe it's drowned out by the howling diff...
  13. Suspect it is the diff LBF, but the belts keep getting rather noisy. Mind you, I've not cleaned the pulleys or anything since the new belt and pulleys were fitted in 2019 (and yes, the spacing is spot on).
  14. Yeah, Kitch owns the Fox. I helped him collect it. I do not need another! Toyota is still here, but has been sold to the chap who has a pair of cylinder heads for it. Decided that was better than me battling to fix a car this complex, that I don't need and which is ruinously expensive on fuel. I already have a ruinously expensive on fuel barge! (which hasn't moved for over a week now...) Yugo Sana has gone, to the second person to express an interest in it. Expect a video on YouTube (FuelPower) tonight. Charade edging closer to having an engine again, 2CV awaiting a replacement engine because the crank has gone, Invacar working but transmission sounds absolutely awful, Oltcits awaiting their turn after all this, GSA away for paint, Matiz running like crap but still in occasional use. Have a set of injectors to try.
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