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  1. Rover now has a sill and an MOT, so collecting it tomorrow. Have insured the Matiz, so I can swap that over so it can also be tested. I think the Rover and Matiz will be my winter fleet. Assuming the Matiz passes...
  2. I'd have a look at the calipers just in case they can be freed off. Could just be sticky sliders or something.
  3. We generally do lap heads on 2CVs. I'll get the head off and see how it looks. Good call on using the old engine for that! Hadn't even crossed my mind. TWC is still REALLY hard to push, so I think it's the resistance that's slowing her down. 60mph is easy enough on the flat, but the slightest gradient has her slowing down.
  4. Invacar news. Good and bad. The good news is that I did a compression test, and she seems fairly healthy. 110psi one side, just over 120 the other. Given the feeble compression ratio, I think that'll do. I also found the oil leak. It's the cooler. Will try the spare I have. Sadly, I think the compression tester finished off the dodgy spark plug thread on the offside head. When I went to start her up again, there was an impressive bang as she fired the spark plug out. Bad times. It's really not easy to access the offside head, as the engine isn't centrally mounted. I think
  5. New manifold on order. In Rover news, the 75's new outer sill is apparently shite and hasn't got many of the necessary pressings in it - like for the chrome sill trim. Garage are going to see what they can do.
  6. Only one side. Getting the studs brazed in is a thing apparently but I may just try to get another manifold instead.
  7. Today's action. Invacar window channel. It fell out. I've watched Zel tackling with the same job. Awaiting new rubber window channel. Fox. It's been blowing from here since it was put back on the road. Kind MOT there. But it's about time I tackled it. Aye. That's a blow! Two knackered threads mean it isn't tightening up properly. Horrible to get at, which is why this job keeps getting put off... Still not entirely sure how I'm fixing it.
  8. All Reliants have hardened valve seats due to the ally head.
  9. Not sure I feel totally in control of the fleet at the moment to be honest. Hoping to have a strong week as there are fewer distractions at the moment.
  10. The weekend lacked great success. Utterly wiped out yesterday, so enjoyed a sofa break. Today, got the Yugo's engine turning better, but with no wiring diagram, I was having a right game trying to suss the wiring. The ignition barrel is seized, so hot wiring was the order of the day, but I was getting no power (well, 0.10v) at the ignition switch connector and trying to hot wire the starter motor achieved sod all. I have a manual on the way, with wiring diagram (cheers Mr Bickle) so hopefully I can make sense of everything. I did also refit all the relays I could find to the fuse board, but am
  11. I'm going to attempt to get the Sana running this weekend. It could happen.
  12. I think mine is an SGS. Very good bit of kit, but the 'instructions' are hopeless. The assembly diagram looks like it was originally 50x50 pixels and enlarged from there.
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