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  1. That Xsara looks a very VERY sensible option. So naturally, I'm unleashing two entirely separate plans that aren't as good, starting Wednesday.
  2. Had an explore of the PT Cruiser's engine bay today, as the oil pressure sender needs replacing. Access is wonderful*. Right down the back of the engine, underneath the exhaust manifold. Toasty. Sadly, I also discovered that if I ever did have a deep 27mm socket, I no longer know where it is. Have had to pause while I buy a new one. In other news, my paintwork improvements on the 2CV are going well* with further rot discovered and primer that's reacting very badly. So I thought I'd fire up the Rover just to make sure the battery is ok. It wasn't. So I jump started it wit
  3. I'd say leafers are a bit too agricultural compared even to a 90. They also have a turning circle of rather a lot. The Independents are good - for proper off-roading, they're a little short of axle articulation and ground clearance but they can be modified to good effect. Really, the only big downside is the rot - as this thread neatly demonstrates! Still a good number of them in use in rural Wales.
  4. Wow. That's certainly special... As was this. I remember seeing it about in Coventry.
  5. I found mine on Facebook market place. £300 but it's not entirely weather proof. Still better than nowt. I spent MONTHS looking.
  6. I'd try before you buy. If the gearchange in all of them is as bad as this, it's one to avoid. Apparently even the autos can have shifter issues! It utterly spoils the driving experience.
  7. YES! If you do Facebook, this group will be very helpful. https://www.facebook.com/groups/330067390415255
  8. I think I prefer the PT Cruiser's looks to the Rover 75...
  9. I'm keen to know whether the gearchange should be as shit as it is. It's very stiff, worse when warm. Otherwise, I can't see why scorn is poured upon these cars. I get that the looks are Marmite but it does the job of being a car very well. It doesn't really excel at anything but not is it that crap at anything. Bar gearchange and the feel of the indicator stalk. I guess, given that those two items get used a lot, they could away opinion.
  10. Aye. Chevrolet and Chrysler very different. Videos are live on HubNut and HubNotes about this latest motor for those interested.
  11. Well looky-here. Someone on Twitter remembers seeing your Pontiac in its previous life. Pontiac Google.jfif
  12. What, such as a Chrysler Neon? I love the looks myself. I applaud companies that do things differently.
  13. This thing looks absolutely delicious. Sadly bank balance and space requirements firmly say no. Would be fun to put Vauxhall badges on it.
  14. Good stuff. TWC is well overdue some bodywork. 2021 will be her year, because it's her 50th next year! I don't want her looking immaculate, but I do want her crack free and with a decent covering of paint.
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