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  1. This is my tool box, there are not many like it, and this one's mine...
  2. This is a bit of me this is. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2000-X-VOLVO-V70-2-3-T5-TURBO-AUTOMATIC-5-DOOR-ESTATE/183959704858?hash=item2ad4da551a:g:NiIAAOSwKgldgRPJ
  3. Howdo, I should have popped in here to say hello before steaming into threads. I have a shitey old Renault Clio from a long line of shitey Clio's. I also own a shitey old Transalp. I think that qualifies me for, if nothing else having appalling taste in motor vehicular transport. Thanks for having me.
  4. My Clio estate, Sport Tourer if you don't mind, ticks all my boxes.. I would like a shot of one of those big power RWD ricers though or mibbes an Aldi R8 just for the howl off it more than anything. No room for a big shop though..
  5. Many thanks Mally. Send me your PayPal and I'll refund your faith. Apologies for the lack of knowledge re protocol. I will try to post more shite over the coming days. I'm in Glasgow and would love that Mondeo if for no other reason to annoy my Cunto neighbor.
  6. I found this forum through reading the Brooklands R Bentley thread via the Retrorides forum. You know the one where the chap had bought the Turbo R that went pop shortly after he had applied an Autoshite dealer sticker. It was a great read.. Anyway I really want one for my old Clio. Is there any left at all?
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