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  1. Aww man, pooping in someone's kettle. You just wouldn't. Hope it was never switched on. But then you wouldn't expect it to be in there so you would just switch on the kettle. Aaaaaaarghhhh. Whilst 'rather inebriated' a mate once pissed in his girlfriend's wardrobe. All over her handbags and fancy shoes and boots. (It was a mate, not me).
  2. Bloke was lying on the road in pain but ok. Scooter was fked. Nearly new Renner into the bodyshop for repair. All settled up, still mates today. But at the time it was a bit like a scene out of a Roadrunner cartoon.
  3. Around 1988 a friend's dad had a new black 25 auto. Gorgeous comfortable car with grey leather, they had a funeral directors business and all their cars were immaculate. My m8 aged about 19 had only recently passed his driving test and was used to driving manuals. Was chatting to another friend with a scooter in a car park. M8 left the car park at 'rapid acceleration' with the scooter in hot pursuit right behind, m8 then 'pressed the clutch pedal to change into 2nd gear'. Auto Renner stood on it's nose and screeched to a halt and there was a loud crunch as accelerating-flat-out scooter met Renner back bumper.
  4. If you don't want to disturb the tank you could always make an access hatch for tank wiring to sender from the boot. I did this about 20 years ago with a 89 Granada 2000i DOHC hatch. Careful measurements then use of electric jigsaw with metal blade, bit of aluminium plate (added lightness engineered in there for the win) and 4 self tapping countersunk screws (Imperial of course). A practical 'period' mod. Documenting your findings and experience for remaining Lanchester owners is ace BTW.
  5. Is that Jarvis Cocker's uncle Peter?
  6. Reminds me of when I was working on a country cottage renovation. Joiner tidied out his van and threw cardboard packaging and wood scraps on a little bonfire next to his van. Shortly afterwards there was a loud bang and stuff spraying and splattering everywhere and all over the van. It was a full plastic canister tube of expanding foam which had fallen in amongst the cardboard and the stuff was sizzling boiling hot. Guy had it all over his clothes and had to have a haircut to cut out the sticky bits, could have been blinded. Absolutely no chance of the mess cleaning off the van which was still quite new.
  7. The lead in their diet was to slow the dogs down and make them sluggish so they wouldn't run about and shit all over the place. The dogs often became constipated and their less-frequent poops were very heavy, but kids in the 1930s used to scoop them up and weigh them in for scrap, often making a decent price. After WW2 the Dogs' Rights Activists successfully petitioned for lead-free dogs on dogs' health grounds. So you could have a lead-free dog on a lead. Scrapyard owners no longer heard the question 'How much for half a sack of dog-poop Mister?', but the dogs were happier. And faster. Changed days, it was the end of the era of dark grey dog-poop and the start of modern fully bio-degradable light-grey and white dog-poop which emerged (literally) from about 1953 onwards. This information brought to you from the Autoshite History Files of fascination.
  8. It's a pick up, but not as we know it. WTF indeed.
  9. With a little fence round the pick-up bed. Working indicators? - maybe tomorrow. Bonus 80s Falcon.
  10. Argentina. Flamed totty-catcher custom with black windows. Fwoaaaar. The Di Tella 1500. (No, I hadn't heard of them either).
  11. New strut top plates supplied complete with special bolts.
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