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  1. I can sort of visualise that as a Princess. Custom Car magazine did something similar in the late 70s. Where's all that steam coming from?
  2. That one's been around for a few years, interesting project. Internet search for Vauxhall Cresta Jaguar XJR.
  3. Some pics of the Consul Capri being made, metalwork done at Pressed Steel Co Ltd, then final assembly at Dagenham. Sorry it's a bit of a photo-dump but these pics belong together. All done.
  4. ABZ cars, Aberdeen registered. That's at the north east end of Union Street / Castle Street. 'Fit like, callin' aaw caurs, thir's some kont on eh pavemint tikkin pikters oh lasses in eh street. Wir awa ti mak an arrest bit if ee diz a runner wul let ye ken, like. Over'.
  5. Standard Atlas was badged as a Triumph in USA .
  6. This was the actual photographer leaving for work that fateful morning. It was August 11th 1974, National Walk-Backwards Day.
  7. 'Look right you fool!'. A split-second later the cameraman was run over by a steamroller and killed to death. He was found on the road, flat as a pancake, looking like a life-size cut-out photo of himself with a surprised look on his face. They peeled him up and buried him in an envelope.
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