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  1. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    There are several episodes in the 'Big Car' series.
  2. Bob left the motor trade and went on to become Coughing Bob Fleming from The Fast Show.
  3. ^ Dave used to live next door to George and Mildred out of, errr, George and Mildred.
  4. Almost as big as a castle. Directly side-on it's probably about the same.
  5. This one's more annoying if you own one (which we do, it's been in dry storage for some time). Pug alloys from around 2000, available on 206, 406, etc. Not directional, same on both sides. Grrrrr! Looks odd once you know about it.
  6. Free cassette player to every employee who orders a new car before 31st December. Hurry now, get your free cassette player before the voucher ends, you may NEVER get the chance again. Phone DIALaDEAL today.
  7. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    UK rally cars filmed in 1980.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nPQ-kFLafKw Click on the link, for some reason it won't embed. It's the Triumph TR7.
  9. It is indeed an old one. The ebay listing was from earlier this year and I just saved the interesting pic at the time so no further info. My dad had a fabby 1970 Cortina 1600E, JSO 300H, which was written off by the next owner in winter 1978, long before the records were computerised. Still showing on DVLA records.
  10. 1971 E-type on ebay recently. Road tax was due 1st March 1977.
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