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  1. In the early 80s, when I had not long started secondary school, a young lad who I think was an apprentice mechanic used to terrorise the local streets in a jacked up Mk2 1600E just like this. It was a S1 in dark midnight blue with the 4 instruments on the dash top and it had a V6 Essex, wolfrace slot mags (slots painted red), black film windows, huge furry seat covers, and for some reason he'd cut the bottom edges of the over-large home-made rear mudflaps in a jaggy pattern with a hacksaw. A red light lit up the rear underside at night to reveal a standard axle painted bright red. The leaf
  2. Opel Manta B concept from 1972. What could have been. Scrapyards would have been full of them in the 90s.
  3. Some more ghosts captured on GhostCCTV last night. Two streetracers waiting for the buses to clear.
  4. Ghost cars haunt the streets of London every night. This Landcrab 2-door was captured on GhostCCTV on Monday night.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284279286196?hash=item42305da9b4:g:yewAAOSw2XVgjaMv
  6. Later that day a minor accident occurred which involved (co-incidentally) another manufacturer's Morris-Minor-based 1962 prototype which was out being vigorously road-tested . What were the chances of that happening? After a brief fight both drivers went their separate ways.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294144762761?hash=item447c64e389:g:k5sAAOSw6clghvKo
  8. Mid 80s UK car stuntmen. And a stuntwoman. Don't try this at home folks, it's Stunt Crazy. The bloke blowing himself up after around 8.00 is class. PMSL. Why do that??? The Jag stunt driver bloke is very Michael Caine. It's a 4.2 automatic BTW.
  9. Some more HA Viva concepts from around 1960. Looks like some sort of miniaturised Bristol. Can you imagine a GPO postie's Bedford HA van with this front on it? The headlights must have been tiny, like bicycle lamps. A bit like an Americanised Austin ADO16 coupe, in 1960. Loads more pics and info on here http://vauxpedia.net/vauxhall-ha---viva-part-1
  10. WTF is it??? Headlight air-intakes. ??? Looks almost Hillman Imp-ish. Does my arse look big in this? It was actually one of the XP 714 design concepts from 1960 for what was to become the HA Viva. Fantastic. It has a Rootes Group styling vibe about it though. From Vauxpedia.
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