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  1. Do not paint. What a gorgeous coupe shape. Those rocket tail-lights actually provide extra thrust upon acceleration if you switch them on. Vulg on here fitted 4 to his Austin Princess.
  2. It looks like he's crossed the middle line of the road. You're not supposed to do that.
  3. Two door versions of the Audi 100 C1 and C2. (But not C3). They are gorgeous.
  4. I know where that is. Interesting big-wing Mk1 there.
  5. Someone really has to shout "SHARK" there.
  6. Makes you realise how fragile the 17 sunroof model must have been in a car crash.
  7. I think it is an Avenger after zooming in on the door-handles.
  8. Pic taken in 1940. Ford Model A body (1929/30) on a Ford AA truck chassis with aircraft wheels & tyres. Built for snowy Nebraska winter.
  9. Like driving up the east coast of the Isle of Skye. Many times.
  10. Green TB2, on the streets. Any more info on it?
  11. Well I think that's being very considerate, the dog must get very lonely during the day.
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