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  1. Not the sort of thing I'm usually interested in because of high price, but I really like this faded 1971 E-type coupe. Been in long term dry storage (UK car), last taxed March 1977, reg number VEE 12J. Looks to be solid as a rock. Recommission mechanically and drive it just as it is. Take off the bonnet leaper and maybe change the wires to chrome steels. "George Best had one of those m8, and Keef Richards had a roadster convertible V12 in France. Princess Anne didn't have any, not even one". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-REGISTRATION-NUMBER-IS-VEE12J-HOW-SPECIAL-IS-THAT/273856762395?hash=item3fc322921b:g:RqcAAOSwq8tc49B7&redirect=mobile
  2. With caravan chained on the back. Ideal for short weekend breaks. Regd as a 3.5 V8. Looks to be lpg converted, the MPG must be in single figures.
  3. Great find Trigger, please post them up as and when you have time. All interesting, every single one.
  4. Humber Super Shite in need of work. Rare estate. Not been on the road for nearly 30 years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Humber-Super-Snipe-Estate/264325376774?hash=item3d8b052b06:g:dWYAAOSwJBxc3cCe&redirect=mobile
  5. It's now up for £350 BIN. £350, cheap as chips Sir, ready for collection. Or will it go to roffle again??? Another adventure. Who knows. In ten years' time this price for an e36 coupe will seem like absolute madness. Almost 12 months MOT on it too.
  6. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    This one's possibly a slight pisstake on Bullitt? It's so shite I watched it twice. Only about 1min 30.
  7. ^ Blue Merc estate 2 pics up reminds me of a dog (or a cat) about to lay a pooper.
  8. A 1986 Moskvich!! I thought production of those ended in the late 70s. Fantastic. Looks like they snapped up a consignment of Hillman Hunter grilles and headlamps. Maybe. That Anglia window-van looks lovely. My folks had a 1964 B-reg fawn coloured Anglia van when I was brought home from hospital as a brand new babba in 1968. Interesting pics.
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