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  1. I remember a 1970s or early 80s custom magazine reader's cars feature where a guy had done all the work on his car (welding new custom bodywork, fibreglassing, filling, sanding, spraying, interior) in the public car park below his flat - he lived on something like the seventh floor of a tower block and ran extension leads out the window. IIRC it was something like a Toyota Celica or a FD Victor with a Rover V8.
  2. Another cartoon but I think a 2-dr Zodiac would have worked. Rear screen is still in original position. Slightly longer doors, electric side windows x 4. Similar to late 60s Taunus coupes but with Zode style.
  3. Who's that in the top pic? Can he actually fit in a car? Nice slippers. (Would be a bit pointless having shoes with shoelaces).
  4. HLD injection. (Around 1988 a mate inherited a high mileage X-reg Peugeot 305 diesel from his dad as his first car, m8 put an 'INJECTION' backflash sticker across the back window).
  5. Interesting styling at half-time. Slightly Fuego-ish with the wraparound window. But look what happens if you put the 100 coupe top on a 924. I like it, a lot. Like a slightly scaled-down early 70s supercar, with a neat body-size and great handling. I want one.
  6. More Ovlov, a 1989 740 estate claiming 46k miles. But wait, what's this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Project-Lexus-v8-engine-swap-Volvo-740-estate-46k-miles-from-new-2-owners-/203639812681?hash=item2f69e0f249:g:CycAAOSw2QZhXIvo&pageci=8aa64382-febd-48da-9ee7-93f91767f258&redirect=mobile Unfinished project.
  7. Looks really tidy. Interior is in fantastic condition for being light-coloured and 32 years old. Some welding may be expected for next mot in January according to dvla. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-townace-1989-classic/185085758299?hash=item2b17f88b5b:g:0iYAAOSwkzFhSjhT&pageci=98f83c60-86d9-4064-aaad-16af4f8b2e50&redirect=mobile Edit, Tuesday Oct 5th, price £2495 and still zero bids.
  8. Interesting story with that Pontiac.
  9. Old Corsair V4 on ebay recently, (now ended). But check this out. Ooooooh yeah!!!! And look at the seat headrests. Like something from a dentist's surgery. Some sort of conversion? Maybe they're complete aftermarket seats as they don't quite match the rears. Edit, apparently you could buy headrest kits which included a bracket to be fixed inside the seat to the metal seat frame once you took the back panel off, popular on Minis and Imps, etc. You can buy modern retro period-looking kits for 1960s Mustangs.
  10. Found these 2 random pics and thought it was just some old clown-car conversion. But, fuck me, there are loads of them. They were for real. The Cadillac Seville Milan Hardtop / Roadster. At least the handling and performance should be much improved, I think they'd be a bit of a laugh to drive. But just look at the state of this . . . . .
  11. Could it be a broken one of these?
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