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  1. DVLA says no if they're P-reg. Some possibly valid results if you make them N-reg. All last taxed 1980s.
  2. Am not sure if we've had this one but brace yourselves, it's serious. I can't say I've ever seen that model of Mercedes before, maybe they didn't make them for very long. The design and general styling was certainly a departure from the rest of the 1999 model range.
  3. Mamos bought 10 of the slow-selling pre-1980 Chevette 2300HS's, sprayed them black, and sold them as the HS-X. Looks like it was a cosmetic exercise. One was on Ebay years ago.
  4. Beer mats printed in 1975. Rather odd product advertising association but it was the 70s.
  5. As a change from the sporty and modified cars, it's 18th January 1968 and the introduction of the new Ford Escort 1100 Super. 53 years ago ! With a 4.11 diff and 12 inch wheels it did 25mpg at 70mph. Overall mpg, 27.6, for a 49.5bhp car. 1100 estates and vans were probably worse as they had a 4.44 diff ratio. The 1100 engine really did have to work hard. Inflation multiplier 1968 to 2020 is around 17.5. Thanks to Trigger for original scan.
  6. 1972 ad. Precision made strut top strengthening plates supplied with special bolts. (Did that really say bolts??). Rot never gets any better, only worse. Buy today.
  7. FFS, a doctor with a bubble-arched Mex? Having said that, our call-out doc had an 80s Nissan Sylvia Turbo.
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