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  1. How Coronavirus flows through a Capri. In reality there's less room in the rear than this pic would make you believe, but it was still ok. My mum had a 1970 1600L 1982-90, totally standard with Anglia style hubcaps, wheels later replaced with refurbished Rostyles. Bought off my dad's mate with something like 50k miles on it, a Christmas pressie - ' Have a Capri'. Resprayed in 1983 with new front wings. Hot black vinyl interior, blah, etc. I passed my driving test in it April 1986, same week as the Chernobyl disaster.
  2. My uncle had a red Alpine 1442 S which he managed to crash into his own house around 1983. New Zealand ad with Alpine.
  3. Am not sure what this is, a Mazda from around 1980? There seems to have been some sort of disagreement over the design of the side windows which was never resolved. Estate has the 'stage 1 pineappled' spec straight from the factory in Japan.
  4. Aluminium air-filter casings for less weight and more mpg / increased performance. Sell your existing car and buy a NEW 77 Ford.
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