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  1. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    1985 Austin Rover promotional vid focussing on the competition Rover SD1s. Some nice V8 noises.
  2. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    The Bedford HA van was in an episode of the US drifting competition series Hyperdrive, filmed last year on a massive TV setting. The only entry from the UK. Don't know which episode but the whole series (10 or 12 episodes) is on Netflix. (The HA didn't do very well, he went the wrong way and got lost, but it's an impressive little van).
  3. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    Zero to 150mph in 9 seconds. 1200bhp straight 6, driven to and from race track, raced in street trim. Just needs a taxi sign on the roof.
  4. JeeExEll

    Youtube moments

    Narrated by Tarrant. Includes some Alpine Solara production-line action.
  5. Travel back in time to 1988. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-Ford-Granada-GL-4dr-Saloon-2-3-Petrol-Red-CLASSIC-FORD/362957397390?hash=item5481f25d8e:g:y8MAAOSw~Qtef5aM
  6. WOW!!! Stunned. Thanks for that. Don't know when her family sold the number but her grandad died in 1986. Can I ask where in Scotland it is now (if you know)?
  7. Red Cortina badges were on the Mk2 series 1 (1966 till summer 68) and the blue ones for series 2 cars until summer 1970. Red badges were 2-piece with the top push-in bit being the bonnet release button. Meaning anyone could click open your bonnet. Later blue ones were just a one-piece badge but the style was very similar and the bonnet was opened by cable-pull under the dash (the plastic handle of which was usually broken). Instead of 'C' badges the Uren Savage 3-litres had badges of their own.
  8. 3.0 litre Essex 5-speed. In a Mk2.
  9. Family pic from 1968/69. Scuff marks at rear door are on the old photo, not the car. My wife's dad (on the right) and his brother. Both brothers died within 6 months of each other 2015/16. DVLA says reg number is currently on a Mercedes. Is there any way of tracing the history of a reg number?
  10. That's one of the LLH ...D Heinz Wolseley Hornets.
  11. DVLA says 1964 red Austin 848cc. Last changed owners 2015. No MOT results. Awwwww. But, . . . it's currently road taxed yaaaaayyy. Tax due in August 2020. Result. Oh, just Googled it, it's the one from the 60s Randall And Hopkirk tv series. Didn't know that. Have never watched any of these but look forward to seeing them one day, maybe on Netflix? Fabtastic. I think there may be some FD Ventora 3.3 rubbing-thigh moments there.
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