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  1. These pics are fantastic. It's like 1996 with lots of drugs.
  2. Oh Autoshite, what has happened to you . . . Pistonheads discussing £40k Porsches is that way > >
  3. Hey I'd love to use one of those as a daily. It's like something out of Doctor Who.
  4. A trailer with automatic transmission? ? Classic pic there with the strange garden-shears haircut and lad with silver shoes and pyjama trousers. £50. Between 3? WTF, why bother? Which one of them can even count to 50 ? 'Is that a lot more than a hundred?' Take it back to where you found it. If anyone on here buys it wash the duvet. Thoroughly.
  5. Is Steff still on here. I can't remember username. I've just got back into Youtube car vids after many months away. Thanks for vids Steff and hope you had a great time making them. They are fantastic.
  6. Firenza. Ventora. Cresta. "Get out of my way, I have a Vauxhall Magnum. I used to have a Fiat 131 but the name was too boring".
  7. Am not sure where that pic was taken (possibly Finland or Sweden?) but check out the front grille. The UK indicator positions have inserts the same style as the grille and it has orange indicators below the bumper instead. Maybe the UK white lenses weren't visible enough. Never seen that before.
  8. Good find egg, thanks. From my early years too (am 55). Ladybird books were brilliant. As were the Observer books. The mum in the pic is expecting the Revival of Jesus within the next 10 minutes. If my mum looked like that I'd be quite concerned and would ask her not to attend school-parents'-evening. From the book 'We're Fucking Going On Holiday Mate'.
  9. That is quite a strange unsettling pic. There's no way all that stuff will fit in the boot. Are they all on drugs or have they been brainwashed by aliens. The mum is off her face playing songs on an umbrella. That cat has been on the dope. I can't identify the car though.
  10. Late Herald 13/60. There are 2 on ebay. I recognised it, probably an age thing. I haven't seen one on the road for years. Fantastic access to the engine for servicing, the whole front end tilts on that bar below the front grille. You could have a van version too, a local shopkeeper had one, the Triumph Courier. Googled Herald just out of interest - I didn't realise they did a neat little coupe version of the earlier model.
  11. Can you imagine parking this in your works car park in between the Fiestas and Dacias.
  12. My parents found the remains of a Fiat 127 when digging for the installation of a new waste-pipe. WTF? Why not just scrap it and get some £££ ? It's still there. Will take a bit of work for it to be presentable and get through a MOT.
  13. Black bumper very early GT. Not seen that before. Interesting . (Sorry, Ford geek alert).
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