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  1. This should explain a lot of what you need to know
  2. @gm worth cutting it off before someone else finishes what they started?
  3. Tickman

    Being sensible

    That's a new one, if you press the clear button the display should return to DTE, distance to empty. Fuel light came on with about 50 ish miles till empty for me.
  4. Needs fixed with fire. It is the only way!
  5. Some people have too much time on their hands don't they!
  6. Good result finding someone that will do the necessary for a very reasonable price.
  7. Trailer returned this morning and I had to go the the workshop to drop off and pick up some stuff. I put the lift on some wheel skates and got it to roughly where I wanted it Then I had a quick look at how the uprights fit. That was quite easy. Next the fun* bit of getting the wiring sorted.
  8. At least I wasn't using all the throttle as I still had to return the trailer!
  9. I've already had my first booking haven't I @Supernaut
  10. That would not be trailered, only trailer things that can't move themselves. Does not look at the SLK that was trailered up...
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