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  1. Wise choice, liked for it bursting on test and not on you after.
  2. Adventure bag, excellent title. Same parent company going by the clues so Opel Manta just to annoy @dome
  3. Get the advert up for the Fiesta, @Mrcentosaid earlier that he is car less at the moment and it might fit the bill even if it is in Fife. (Fife bit in relation to his grump)
  4. Just caught up on this thread, quite a diverse range of stuff you go through. If for any reason the Baleno's future is bleak then I could possibly do with a few bits for mine but they are very much a surprise to drive.
  5. As the frozen wasteland has returned to almost normal it was time to pull my finger out and get something done. First up Bailey hasn't had a service in a while. Air filter wasn't available but I checked and it is still looking fairly clean so can wait a bit. So up in the air and take off the splash guard that hides the oil filter. Drain tray ready and oil draining nicely. Close up of my new Lidl light, well impressed with it. Filter off and new one fitted and a filled back up with oil. Next was the fuel filter, I don't think it had been changed before,
  6. The running issues certainly don't help the save it case.
  7. I have to ask, what next? Is there another car you would consider? You will have a huge amount of free time on your hands if you don't get something else.
  8. I think @Saabnut might be at least one of them.
  9. Think we have all been there at some point. My best was when out of all the cars available a 1968 Morris Minor was the most trusted
  10. I have been informed that my account is no longer valid as I no longer have a sufficient number of vehicles as per the terms and conditions section 3 subsection 4 paragraph two. Devastated...
  11. I had this on Saturday when I listed the SS1 and thought oh dear, here we go. He viewed, paid and took the car away within a couple of hours of listing. I was more than pleasantly surprised.
  12. That does look ace and probably lucky it ended up with someone like you who is happy to spend what is needed
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