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  1. I would try using a dial test indicator with the wheel centre bolted to a hub. Shouldn't be too difficult to rig something up to get it true
  2. That's not a big list at all!
  3. But you didn't name it so it doesn't count. Two randoms please.
  4. Does this mean that the mighty Polo will be off to pastures new or just parked in the back of the Merc?
  5. Well done, seems quite an achievement with all the battle scars and neglect!
  6. Exactly the same for computer systems, your landline number is in a mobile number field. #firstworldproblems
  7. Because their phone has more than one number attached to a name and chooses to send it to the wrong number.
  8. Time to get on with fixing the fucked Volvo. I had prepared the Mrs to come and collect me when I had lost the will to carry on. Started with trepidation. I started removing the old bolts. All three bracket mounting bolts came out easily, I didn't need to remove all the bolts to get the bracket off. Old and new brackets. Look how fucked it was after a little investigation. Suspension mounting bolt out and bracket installed, all mounting bolts went back in perfectly. I had to replace a couple of bolts that hold stuff to the bracket.
  9. That's quite a replacement for the Lexus!
  10. Excellent to see the addition to your fleet. Looking forward to seeing this being used.
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