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  1. That is a win, looks tidy which is always good when you're the new neighbor.
  2. @Bucketeer I have sent this gentleman money before and he certainly knows where Scotland is...
  3. I asked my MOT guy about a modus I had looked at, he gave me the look that said 'fuck no' so good luck. You will not keep it long enough to worry anyway, enjoy the 'boot chute'
  4. At least a dozen of them parked in every available space and where there weren't really spaces. They didn't appear to move but they all looked the same from the top of a bus or the train. Access to it was from the road bridge that goes over the canal and railway line.
  5. @LightBulbFun I went past that place in Stretford every school day for 5 years, it never looked like any work got done there.
  6. That looks a great space. Glad the house is ok too
  7. They are quite stable so no real need for an extra stand. I does take a bit of effort to get the right spot but once the car is up it is great. A decent drill will also help otherwise it can be a bit of a workout
  8. If you planned a drum brake clean and adjust every 1,000 miles that should be more than enough. An hour's work once you are well practiced, think you have already proven you are capable with the work you have done.
  9. How many miles a year are you planning to do? Manually adjusting the brakes is not difficult and is quite a good routine to get into with drums. Well adjusted drums can be great, poorly adjusted and you might as well not bother.
  10. Big tow car so it must be something big...
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