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  1. So is the Peugeot Partner I'm driving and that is subject to the lower limits. It depends what exactly is written on the log book.
  2. Eh48 3pr is the Rowan Tree postcode. If it was Skye I wouldn't be going, probably ever!
  3. Don't overlook the lower speed limits of a van on national speed limits. Not sure if that will affect your decision making
  4. Looks very clean underneath for an Alfa. Renault 5 thermostat was my friend on the 156
  5. @Jim Bell+ @loserone What a handsome beast
  6. Admiral were who my two went with but this was their own cars, both clios and both about £1000
  7. Yes, many times. Very good service and excellent product all for a very low price
  8. Is there a thread for the scooter? Fixing stuff to the standard that you go to I don't care what it is.
  9. @cobblers Is the module on the Smart something you would know about the insides of?
  10. 320T got pulled in his Toledo when it didn't show up on the system, the screen shot of the completed transaction was plenty for him to carry on to Forfar and discover another hole had been cut in the Oxford by someone who was helping*
  11. He isn't the only one Just remember a problem shared...
  12. It is currently not raining, this may not be the situation later
  13. Look forward to the live reveal at Scotoshite.
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