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  1. Back to the Toledo. My parts arrived. So I lined everything up and discovered my 90 bend shouldn't be a 90 so time to remedy that. In total I did three cuts and stuck it back together. I also didn't want to use the clamp between the bend and straight I had bought so welded that up too. I then added the mounting tab and gave it a splash of paint. Can clearly see my 90* bend. Then fitted. Done.
  2. Have you booked the MOT yet? It is coming along well, nice that it is nearly done.
  3. Strip the stuff off ready for fitting the new bit.
  4. Excellent, a big clean should make a big difference.
  5. I've been doing other stuff for a few days, when taking the bin out yesterday I noticed the exhaust on the Toledo wasn't sitting where I normally does. A quick look underneath showed some fuckedness. I had a look online for replacement parts and the only system available if a stainless system through the club for £315. That will not be happening. I took it to the workshop and up it went. I pulled off the tailpipe that was loose. It took quite a bit of effort to remove that. This is the bit underneath that is left. I checked the whole system and it is just the last corner and tailpipe that is knackered so some bits were ordered last night. Exhaust parts are surprisingly difficult to find on the internet and I couldn't find any others apart from Jetex that @dome had recommended. So some Jetex bits from Demon Tweaks at on their way soon.
  6. Yep, I used the kit available that cleans, treats and seals the tank. It was really straightforward and easy enough to do methodically. Can't remember the name but it will come up in a search. They seem to be aimed at motorbikes more than cars.
  7. That's it ready to put in. Then it was a bit of repeat. Which brought me down to here. And the other side of the arch was at this point. I hoped to get this finished off today so end of sill area first. Cleared away all the stuff that was weak. Treated the inside. Used some card to give me an idea of the piece needed which was something like this. Quick bit of paint. In the hole ready for welding. Then welded, dressed back and a bit of paint. Now just* the rear of the arch. More panels made. Bits at the back were a bit knackered. Flange replaced. Then the squared hole to the right needed a bit, I also replaced the flange at the bottom and the rest of the arch apart from the bit around the bumper mount. That bit was done and dressed back. Then the last hole needed sorted. This. In and done. So that should be the rear arch done apart from the wing mounting nuts / holes.
  8. Please God no. If some poor fucker ever wants to actually weld it in the future then they will have a nightmare removing the stuff or a fire when they start welding.
  9. Anyone else not get pictures? Same with all the pictures in the thread, doesn't seem to be on any other thread.
  10. Just a minor delay with the way you are going with this.
  11. Tickman

    Mk1 mx-5

    £800 is very cheap for a paint job, if he is doing the rear arches as well then even better.
  12. Tickman

    Mk1 mx-5

    @gmwill hire you the black one for about £2500
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