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  1. Will certainly want some bits, I shall have a think.
  2. Fantastic day and many thanks to Mike for all the organisation. Great turn out and well worth the effort. I had the pleasure with no * of driving both the best 205 and best AXE show winners thanks to James. Ben the Merc is ace but you and everyone else that had a go know that. A final thanks to my personal chauffeur for the day without him the day could have been a lot less enjoyable. Until next time.
  3. They appear to put them at a funky* angle
  4. Can you just 'MOT patch' the area instead of ripping it all apart? Might be enough breathing space getting a ticket on it and it being of use and not a drain
  5. Count me in. I will look at getting a lift some of the way to make it more enjoyable and not just 8 hours of driving
  6. Pete, this is looking like excellent progress.
  7. Can you sort the bulb and drive there and reset the code then point to both issues being sorted?
  8. I've corrected that for you.
  9. Excellent work still going on.
  10. Either lie your gas bottle down or tie it do something, it is quite annoying when it falls and destroys the gauges.
  11. The wiring by the radiator will only affect things at the front of the car. With the complex* design you should have a very straightforward route to follow. Thankfully the wiring predates me as I don't really understand all the magic that wires contain. A power probe is an excellent and really useful tool, not cheap but invaluable if it helps find problems.
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