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  1. What an ungrateful bastard of a car, at least you know the next owner will get it easy as it is just punishing you.
  2. The 19 disappeared over a week ago with Scott and today was the first day I could get the gsr in for MOT in the hope to get it out of the way. Happy with that, it has some advisories which will need attended to. The rear sill on the driver's side looks like a patch is needed, he wasn't too aggressive when looking and the front subframe is looking sorry for itself in places which I think a wire wheel in a grinder would make some holes. I was informed that plating it would not be allowed under the current MOT rules and hopes of finding one for it were not high but two minutes on Google shows availability from Germany for less than £150 delivered so that is probably the most sensible route to take. I will get round to it all at some point!
  3. Not seen one of these before until today.
  4. That spit looks quite decent quality too. Ace work going on.
  5. Work and general life are occupying more of my car tinkering time so I'm getting realistic with what I have. First up is the Renault 19. Ex Bramz7 and Jim Bell. Details: Renault 19 RSI 1.8 8v. MOT 11/08/19 I really like this car but my MOT guy (who does cash in hand work) is too busy to take on the clutch change it needs and I have projects galore that have to be put before this so it has to go Branz7 roffle thread here: He couldn't get it insured sensibly but I managed it for just over £100. Price: £300 including the sporty alloys. I can just put the steels on and shift the alloys on their own. Secondly the Octavia 1.8 Turbo 4x4 Petrol without a towbar. This was picked up from a friend of Saabnut having been off the road for 18 months it proved to be stubborn and didn't want to play but throwing parts at it so far has made it into the trusted workhorse I needed. It has had: Rear calipers, discs and pads all round, rear wheel bearing, brake lines, alternator general service stuff and a whole lot more that I don't want to add up. MOT 13/09/19 Price £550. I can get photos and other details if anyone is even remotely interested. If not I shall brave the public after our holiday. Details start from about here:
  6. You have given this car some serious attention. All my cars are envious of this!
  7. This one has been a brilliant buy. I would go as far as saying this has been the best car purchase I have made! Just to prove how useless a statement that is the Alfa 156 I got from 320touring is probably the second best car purchase I've made.
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