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  1. Doesn't really matter what you get, I'm looking forward to all the attention it will get from you as you always tinker away. That's a compliment by the way. Also I really hope it is the cheapest Yaris in the country.
  2. I've one of them and as long as you take your time it is fine. Just practice first.
  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has used the kerb to lift* one side of the car. Good job on the headlights, I need to do the Clio ones again.
  4. That is exactly how a mechanic did the belt on an auto zx I had a long time ago. Quick flick of the starter and it was loose.
  5. If you put the two holes in the other end then as you apply the force it will compress your angle iron rather than tearing it apart. Doing loads to this already.
  6. A little bit of tinker time today, giving the GSR a once over. It has been giving an egr fault quite infrequently which will just clear itself at times. I had a look at this today. Valve off and this is the mounting point on the intake. Not the greatest. Then the valve itself. Yuck. This got cleaned out, quite a bit on the side of this tub all came from there. After that I got rid of some slack in the accelerator pedal. That should make a difference. VID_20200830_121434087.mp4
  7. I've just seen this and am more than a little impressed. It looks very straight indeed.
  8. What an outstanding effort on a car that is not and will not be yours. Too many to write/10
  9. As long as you have some time for it to prove itself before relying on it for anything important it should all be fine.
  10. For getting the axle out can it roll out on its wheels? Regards the axle stands, when you remove the axle will it change the balance of the whole thing and make it unstable. I think I would take @cobblers up on the offer of the bigger stands and some wheel chocks on the front so that can't shift at all. You're asking the question which makes me think you are not sure, if you're not 100% then the answer is no.
  11. The bike has had a few miles put on it. Bar end protectors have already been fitted but a crash bar was planned. The internet was searched and nothing suitable was found so plan B was put in place. Some steel conduit and 3mm plate was dug out and some measurements taken then the frinders and welder were given some exercise. I had to do quite a few pie cuts to get the bend but it came together well. Some stand offs were needed to clear the exhaust. Done. Not bad for some scrap.
  12. Surely that bay window van is still worth a lot just because of what it is. It has the perfect patina so do not paint
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