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  1. That's a decent price from car take back. I would just take it to save a lot of hassle
  2. Had to laugh, probably not the same reaction as you though
  3. Good to see progress and mostly positive there.
  4. That picture compared to one not long ago at all is very impressive as has all the graft you've put into these two.
  5. That's impressive mpg, mine* got 35 mpg everywhere. 55plate 1.9 and I thought it was ace.
  6. That's been quite a rollercoaster, glad it worked out and hope to see loads of epic shite after the isolation.
  7. I can recommend getting a shrinker/stretcher, makes some impossible bits quite easy to make.
  8. A brake pipe, cv joint boot and some plates seems like a decent result, the front one especially could not be clearly read so fair enough but it does sound like you had incorrect font plates not deteriorated plates.
  9. This is looking tremendous
  10. It was that day. The man from the ministry says despite it having a Boris MOT and hadn't been seen for 18 months it isn't a death trap. Now it can get timing belt and associated stuff as we as two shiny new tyres ready for the winter.
  11. Just make sure you have a fog light telltail and that kind of thing. No reason why an old switch clearly relabeled wouldn't be acceptable. Looking forward to seeing this at knockhill in the future!
  12. I've taken advantage of the extension on two of mine, it has been convenient. If I have an MOT exempt car I don't get that tested either. I also don't consider any of mine to be roadworthy just because it passed an MOT at some point in the past.
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