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  1. Started on the boot floor repairs. I had a quick poke with just fingers first and it was quite crispy. Grinder out and find the good edge. I started on the left smaller hole first. Then over to the other side Still more to be done there but I'd had enough so thought about tidying up And decided that looked fine as it was so went home.
  2. I've just done the front bearing on mine. If you don't have a decent press then get someone else to press it out/in. There is a good YouTube video on it that was easily findable. If it is the rear then I have no idea!
  3. The J and the 2 should have the same spacing between them as the 2 and the C. The gap between numbers and letters has to be twice the gap between letters and letters etc. Still reads perfectly fine so a very harsh fail
  4. No because that will be an extra £80. I guess the plates failed because of the spacing.
  5. Liked the post for it getting sorted not the quick escalation of events
  6. When I got the C1 off @davehedgehog31 he said that a wheel bearing was starting to make noise. It has taken about 6 months of use to get to the point of being bad enough to need changing. That was yesterday's job. Car in and on the ramp and jacked up. Disconnect enough stuff to get the hub off. Spend far too long pressing the old bearing out, realising that you need to cut some metal to prop the hub up high enough, realise that the little 6 ton press is not strong enough to get the bearing moving, regret not spending more and buying a better one, get some hammers, put the hub in a vice and batter fuck out of it, put it back in the press and eventually get it to move. Old one out, new one in, race cut off the hub flange and that all back together. Think of a way of lowering the lower are to get the ball joint back together. A scissor jack works perfectly. Get it all bolted back together. Disc and caliper back on, wheel on and done. In short, either buy the best tools you can when you can or pay a man. I may* have exceeded the book time slightly!
  7. Hope you've been out for a chat
  8. Good luck getting 7 seated in that and no it is staying outside mine.
  9. In the interest of adding more to the tradition can I publicly call dibs for when you sell and at that time I will be completely unresponsive as if you were trying to sell the plague? Please...
  10. Peugeot 205 diesel C1 diesel SLK
  11. In the continued fun* with engine mounts I ordered the two for the top even though @Supernaut had changed them already. The gearbox side was delivered a day earlier than the engine side one so that got removed and compared. New one is the taller one which got fitted. I had received good pictures from @juular to compare to what I had. This showed that mine was fucked despite being only a few months old. As the replacement hadn't arrived I cut 20mm off the old gearbox side mount and fitted that on top of the existing mount. Today the mount was ready for collection so I picked it up on the way home from work and stopped at the workshop. I'll let you guess which is the old one. Completely collapsed. Good news was that the timing belt looks decent. Time taken from pulling up to driving off finished was 10 minutes. I'd had a bit* of practice!
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