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  1. Tickman

    Merc thread

    I've used ratchet straps to secure wheels to ramps before and that worked well. Also you should only have to lift one rear wheel to turn the prop.
  2. Nope, not mine, I shall have to have a wander around over there, you have found a mountain of shite already!
  3. Two out of six currently, I really should do something about that but my usual way of changing the ratio is buying something!
  4. At least I know where this one is, the others not so much! I'm also waiting for you finding my camper and posting it in this thread too!
  5. Stunning levels of work yet again.
  6. Just a small update, Richards funeral is tomorrow 1st April and because of the restrictions it immediate family only. I'm not sure what time but I know I will have a quiet moment to remember him. Thoughts are with Robin and the rest of the family.
  7. There is a waterjet place in Fife (Leven) that I have used a few times that I can recommend
  8. Excellent, updates of working on what many think is scrap are most welcome
  9. I'm in. @stereotype did the little Princess trust thing a few years ago and raised about £800 as well as donating the hair. I had the job of shaving it all off!
  10. Thanks to @ruffgeezer I found the hole, made up a little locking pin and reassembled. I've just done the first fire after winding the engine over a couple of time and checking the pins went back in. Now to put the covers and stuff back together and fill with water for a flush!
  11. My 10mm drill bit is too long for locking the cam so making a pin it is.
  12. Picture from next to the oil filter
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