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  1. Hey Ghosty, did you do a V62 for the 106 and if so have you had the logbook back yet? I am sending one off today and wondering how long they are taking at the moment.
  2. Bit more progress on the PK frame, stripped some more paint off and welded up some holes. It had a few extra holes in the legshields and floors from racks/crash bars and just one in the rear wing? Apparently this could have been from an aerial is it used to be a thing to fit an aerial and a little radio in the toolbox and some speakers in the glovebox. You can see there there seems to be rust under the original paint? This seems to be the case in a few places. I've migged up the holes and ground them back, few pinholes still but will put a skim of filler over rather
  3. Can't find it now but I saw a video once about using citric acid to flush the coolant system. It was being done on a similar age mercedes, maybe a 190d. The citric acid powder is actually available from mercedes for this procedure but you can also buy it on ebay. I think the citric acid does a good job on rust and shite (I use it for derusting steel parts) but is mild enough not to melt holes in alloy bits.
  4. I live in Brighouse but been to all these places buying parts. If they already have garages and breakers in the same building/area its probably a good sign.
  5. I'd you're in Leeds Dewsbury isn't that far, Mill street east/west which is behind Asda and Sainsburys has quite a few old mills, have been there to buy bits off eBay breakers before. Also round here heading up Bradford road towards Batley are a few breakers yards and mills. 130 Bradford Rd https://maps.app.goo.gl/CNesj3QNHwyv3rYp8
  6. Agree that there must be an old mill building or something with a suitable cash landlord. I used to live near this place and it had a sign up with a mobile number on to ring about empty units. 10 Britannia Rd https://maps.app.goo.gl/wGMxziTae1tMEc397 Batley, Dewsbury etc are full of old mill complexes like that and there will deffo be empty units but they probably won't advertise online. Get out and about and scout locations that already have car bits and breakers yards etc, find empty units and chat to their neighbours to get the landlords details.
  7. Where does the hose to the matrix come off, is it under the inlet somewhere or toward the back of the block? Can't see this bit of hose routing on realoem but if you can get to the engine end of it you could see if it's the hose that's blocked or somewhere in the engine.
  8. Seeing as you seem to reel in a few live ones is it worth playing up to them? Post a video with a title like My MG EV Actually Exploded Battery Juice All Over The Place, Click Now To See What Happened Next, then make it about a leaky AA battery you left in the glovebox by mistake and watch all the Keiths of the world explode at the same time
  9. Even if you believe there is another driver behind the grassy knoll for some of the shots, there is no way they don't pick some of it up. Filming top gear must include a decent few hours spent learning to do big skidz with the stig so even though Harris is the best driver (ref the other 2 not being able to outrun some Saxos in the last episode) they are all going to be fairly handy and just get better the more they film.
  10. Welding has happened. I started out by taking off the rivetted on strip things off the floorboards for access. There was some rust under the 2 layers of paint so I reckon I will have to strip a lot of it off. I started with the weird part drilled hole in the underside: The flap is kinda offset from where it should be, I couldnt get it to bend back so I had a go at welding over the holes/gaps. This was surprisingly successful. Couldn't get the grinder in to dress back the inside but could just about get the powerfile in, this is before grinding off t
  11. Google photos just served me this as a memory of what I was doing 4 years ago today.
  12. So this happened. I have been trawling the ads for 2 stroke shite recently and this engine popped up as local and cheap. Being sold by a local lad who is into auto scooters and didn't really know what it was. I wasn't sure but I reckoned it was well worth the asking and managed to get in first. Turns out it is a smallframe engine off of a PK50s elestart. Polini 110 kit and up gear kit and some sort of funky pipe. So I was kinda planning to sell it on and make some coin but decided I would see if I could find a suitably shite frame to put it in. Enter this thing
  13. Cheers for the advice Dick. There have been some LDs sold on eBay recently for OK coin but I also found that that one sold once before for 800. I think unless you specifically want that model it's probably worth a swerve. TBH I am not that bothered on Lammy or Vespa I just fancy some old manual 2 stroke shite to go with my modern Vespa GTS. I'm sure something will turn up eventually.
  14. Seems a good place to ask: This little heap is winking at me as a possible cheap way into a Lambretta. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lambretta-LD-150/224398868424 It doesn't have any panels with it but I see that they are pretty much all available new. If this went for a grand or so and the panels cost something like another grand, is the finished scoot still worth 2? I see these early ones are 3 speed with top speed of 50 or so, does all the go faster stuff apply the same as a new one? Do later ones have more gears? Are engine cases interchangeable? Obviously it's
  15. "Hello, can I order a headgasket set for a RELIBULL HONDA ENJIN please?" Or do you keep them in stock?
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