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  1. I think DavidB is the seller? I kinda get the buyers point that expecting him to drive however many hours to then drive home and bid on the auction is not something I'd be up for. As the seller you must have a price in mind and if he can come and pay cash so you don't get bummed for ebay fees this sounds like a win to me. The numpties that bid on it sight unseen must have a 5% chance of ever turning up and collecting and you just sent a fairly genuine sounding buyer away? TBF if I was the buyer I wouldn't have bothered sending #8 I would have just left it and moved onto the next one, whatever it is if its a PD130 sport its one of many.
  2. Yes I realized when I was writing up the post that I had made it much harder for myself by typing one word at a time into my phone 🤦‍♂️ I do have the app as well as used it on holiday.
  3. It's fixed. Doesn't look like I took many pictures. I did take the other 2 injectors out, thought I'd see if they would come out easily and they did. I used the injector seat cutting tool to clean up the holes a bit, combined with lots of waving my phone about under there to see down the holes as I had no chance with my actual head. The grease/oil/etc was further cleaned out of the holes with a rag on a stick before it all went together. I also made this precision injector face cleaning rig from a bit of scotchbrite and a bit of wood. I'm not afraid to admit I was shitting it when doing the bolts back up. I had to have several attempts to tap out the holes, I thought I had done it alright but when I put number 1 bolt in it clicked for 7Nm when it was several mm above the clamp. I was especially shitting it when putting the 17Nm on number 2 the M8, but maths turned out to be right this time and it was all fine. I further clenched as the bastard did not want to start after reassembly. Flattened the battery attempting but a charged battery, a squizz of brake cleaner and a foot on the floor got it going with a big cloud of smoke. Seems to be running fine and I might be imagining it but it seems slightly smoother/quieter on idle and may even start a bit faster. This evening I started giving it an electronic talking to. @strangeangel who is similarly afflicted with a Vito brought round his diagnostic multiplexer job. There are assorted lights on the dash and I couldn't get much sense out of the Wurth WOW software. The main issue was something to do with Variant coding on the ESP leading to ABS and traction control lights permanently on. Ah of course, the old wheelbase implausibility fault. For reasons known only to Mercedes, almost every module needs to be coded with relevant information about the vehicle and it throws a wobbler if they don't all agree. This fault was telling me the ignition switch was not coded to the right van length or wheelbase. Its a replacement for some reason, there is another in the glovebox. All this shite lives in developer settings, in German only. Telling the ignition switch it is fitted to an XLWB version made the ESP happy. I still have an SRS/airbag fault for similar reasons, which I'll look at another time. Going through the coding is painful as all the words are in German so I have to google translate them all to find out what to change.
  4. Hope its nothing major, it certainly never did it to me. Anyway glad it got you up the road OK, enjoy Chinese and Eurovision and let me know how you get on with it.
  5. Yikes, sorry to hear that mate. I am more of a £20 at a time man but its definitely had a full tank in once or twice since I've had it, any idea if its the tank or filler neck?
  6. Good to see you both albeit breifly. Just catching up, did it actually have a fuel leak or is that some scottish phrase to describe it taking a lot to fill?
  7. Bit of progress today. Went to Merc in Bradford to pick up my bits, splashed out on a service kit while I was there. £42 or so for air/oil/fuel filters which seemed OK. The air filter was deffo ready for it. The OEM filter is just a Mann with extra writing on. Also: victory Number 2, the chuffer, must have had a bolt snapped in the hole at some point as it's been retapped to M8 and a shorter bolt. Luckily I can actually use my engineering degree to work out that I need 16.9Nm on the M8 to get the same preload as the M6 at yield. Do wonder if the wrong bolt has contributed to the chuffing somehow. Not sure if I will bother taking 3 and 4 out at this stage as they are further under and my back doesn't like it.
  8. Injected and equipped with ABS in a time when both were considered fancy enough to put on the boot, ya posh bastard
  9. Thanks, I have ordered a long M6 tap to clean the threads out, the stuff I can get to seems to be coming off pretty easy with carb cleaner and a warm engine.
  10. Had an hour or so on the van today. Wing first. Here is how it came: Under the tape is just a big hole in the wing. Presumably a crash or summat and only the bumper was replaced? I managed to score a sh wing in the same colour, it arrived excellently* well wrapped. Pretty easy job to swap over. Panel gaps are a bit wonky but they probably were before. Also had a go at some of the black death crud, with a warm engine and a squizz of brake cleaner it came off pretty easily. Before: After: One of the biggest problems is access, I can't get my head under there to see what's what, gonna have to order a little mirror I think. It's deffo number 2 that's chuffing, but unless it all goes wrong I'll put new seals on all 4.
  11. To be fair, either is probably accurate considering the state of the van
  12. Cheers both, yeah I think it's relatively early. I am gonna spend a few hours this week on the clean up and if that goes OK might as well crack on. £9 for bolts and seals from Merc, £35 on some tools, got brake cleaner and a little steamer so WCPGW? All the YouTube videos make it look pretty straightforward.
  13. Having paid for a set to be powdercoated for about the same price as I would have paid for the rattle cans (yay being Northern) - never again will I do them by hand.
  14. Here she is, in all her glory* It's a Vito 109cdi, XTRALONGBOI. And long it is: Although it's only 10-15cm longer than my former Scudo according to t'internet. It was used by a bricklayer to cart his crew around and it looked like it inside. We spent much of last weekend cleaning the inside to get to this stage: One thing that attracted me to it, other than the price, was the fact it has the Viano seat rails in the back. You can adjust the rear seats backwards and forwards, one thing I found a little restricting about the scudo was you could only fit the rear seats in 2 fixed positions. It came with 2 rows of rear seats but I'll bin one off as we only really need 5 seats. Condition wise it's like a 2004 van with nearly 250k up made from 2004 Mercedes steel. Has these lovely alloys which I gather are off an SL or SLK, one tyre goes down very quickly as the wheel has been cracked and welded together and re-cracked again. Also: now paying out on all bets on YES to black death. I am still pleased with the van overall. The bits of rust are just cosmetic, sills etc are still present and it drives fine so should get through an MOT. Plans are, to fix the black death (possibly via paying a man), further clean up the inside, and if it's still proving reliable in a few months do a mostly removable camper conversion including pop top roof. I've watched some YouTube videos on fixing black death that make it look super easy, so for starters I'm gonna fire some oven cleaner, brake cleaner and any other potions I think of at the clag to get the area cleaned up and if this goes well I'll tackle it myself.
  15. Yeah that does make sense, and makes a bit of a mockery of the regs if its that easy to get on the DB then just undo the conversion. I've got some socks, does anyone know a Tory MP so we can get a licence to operate one of these rackets?
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