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  1. Nice 306 DTurbo shooting brake there M9. Fun fact, this is exactly the same chassis as a Xsara Picasso, I think I read that anyway and the rear beams and wishbones are interchangeable. The front end in turn is just the 306/Xsara one widened by about 40mm by making the wishbones slightly longer at the baljoint end. To determine if Siemens or Bosch you should be able to see the ECU under the bonnet on the passenger side. Everything would need changing I think, injectors, pump, looms. There are options for the Siemens now as someone has posted but they cost more than your preferred £0. The turbo drain pipe is likely to be an absolute shitter of a job, the turbo is hidden somewhere down the back of the engine. I don't even think you can really see it because of subframes and stuff. If it were me I would take it to my tame Polish mechanic and think the £40-50 he might charge worth it it terms of keeping rust and oil out of my eyes. If you do try it yourself tho I'm pretty sure the turbo on these is an old fashioned flappy wastegate with a mechanical actuator, so you may be able to achieve some additional GLF with a few turns on the WG arm or even an eBay special bleed valve. Chodspeed sir, these are truly the car that everyone needs, but nobody actually wants.
  2. @Aston Martin and FFS are Fiat Fwends IRL I think, maybe he can confirm if the Y10 lives? My guess is yes.
  3. The official word from DVLA is that the V5 classification needs to match what the vehicle looks like in traffic, previously they would have given it to you with an airbed and a Trangia in the back more or less but on the outside it still looks like a van. The conspiracy theory version is that they are planning to make sleeping in a van not registered as a Motor Caravan illegal so they can persecute VANLIFERZ who live in a layby in a converted Luton, I'm really not that sure if Da Man is that bothered about a minority of crusties who want to opt out of The System but it does seem odd they are cracking down on it so much when there are no obvious $$ in in for them.
  4. Ref van with windows, it seems to be what people get back when they have tried to register as a camper but not met the current, seemingly way stingier guidelines. Typically this is for lack of high top - a pop top does not count. So just apply for camper classification and see what you get. Am in a few camper conversion groups on FB as fancy something like this myself, will be interested to see how it turns out.
  5. Really glad this thing is still going, I do rate the JTD lump and it wasn't 3 bad to drive, just got too many kids and too much shite.
  6. Unless you get an 8 seater the 5 seats in the back are all individual and mostly interchangable (the middle row middle seat must go there as it's the only one with a belt, but can go in other holes) I reckon if you ran with 5 seats normally you could move the middle one to a 3rd row hole and still have space for a scoot.
  7. I reckon you would get a minimum of 2 Vespas in with the seats out, may need to remove mirrors and/or tilt diagonally to get through the boot but once in there'd be loadsa space. I've definitely fitted one in a berlingo which is much smaller (but possibly a bit taller in the boot hole)
  8. Yeah I had a mate who had the 125 version, it did good service but needed a headgasket at least once and was parked up for months waiting for parts from Aprilia. This was in about 2007 when they were semi-recent so can't imagine it's got better since then.
  9. Winnerwagon, the pez could be the better choice as the diesels have some comedy issues that mean the engines can be written off if the cambelt breaks, they are also pretty flaky in general and love a random limp mode or ANTIPOLLUTION FAULT. I've also had one but bought cheap and weighed in at the first sign of trouble. Now driving a LWB version, kinda, a Scudo van/minibus version. Has been much more reliable and better on fuel but way less toys.
  10. Water pump? Some water is getting hot but is not being circulated to the sender? On the drive heat will circulate more but when driving air movement will keep it cold. Can't be much else?
  11. With a sales pitch like that you won't be short of buyers if you do decide it's not for you. Ideal for pretending you are an actual posh person of the sort who buys a car for cash then hands it down to their children complete with dog smell and bailer twine repairs
  12. I should stay away from this thread really, I'm well moist for these old barges and they are often on eBay for tempting prices. Can you get them on classic insurance yet? I don't really drive anywhere at the minute for fuel costs to be an issue but a hundred quid or 2 for classic insurance vs many thousand for real car insurance would be the deal breaker.
  13. Digital switch over I guess for the TV, can you get some sort of adaptor? When I last had an Audi I was looking at this sort of thing, looks nearly OEM although it looks like the later version (RNS-E?) https://xtrons.co.uk/audi-seat-various-android-9-0-octa-core-4gb-ram-64gb-rom-ib79aa4rp
  14. They will get you everywhere you need to go and very cheaply. A 125 or not much bigger is the one family vehicle in many parts of the world. The only thing I found on smaller bikes and/or L plates is that car drivers are more bellendy than when you are on a "big" bike eg unnecessary/close overtakes if you are doing a bit less than the speed limit, a lot like being a cyclist really.
  15. Vauxhall Agila 1.0 automatic with wheelchair ramp and beaded seat covers
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