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  1. One has to question what the electronic gubbins is even for really, I guess it's just for battery/charging management and spurious error codes. Is the forward motion control side just a big variable resistor connected to the pedal and an on/off switch for volts? I feel it must be restated that this is top level futureshiting, and when you consider that after all this our intrepid hero has still only got a 20mph plastic death trap, I am compelled to award the GOLD STAR for sheer masochism. More batteries and speed soon?
  2. Gutting to hear this, did meet Richard once at a NP meet, he had driven down to Lancashire to go down some hole or other, slept in his Volvo then did the Mining Museum near Wakefield before coming to the meet. As you do. Top man and will be missed.
  3. Google sez a 145R10 is 493mm and a 125r12 is 514mm, so a 10 inch wheel would over read by about 5% vs a 12 on the same speedo.
  4. Gotcha, think I missed that you had already tried pumping it out further. Unless you are hell bent on saving every penny a rebuilt caliper is always less faff.
  5. If you were desperate you could get it going again with some wet n dry and a bottle of brake fluid, pump the piston all the way out and disconnect the caliper and get it onto a bench. Clean the piston up with WD40 and fairly fine wet'n'dry and possibly also the bore. Get the seals out with a pick tool and clean out the grooves too. With the rust and gank cleaned up as well as you can reassemble, lube up the seals with brake fluid and the piston should go back in under firm hand pressure. If the piston is pitted after cleaning it will need replacing eventually, the pitting will wear the seal but it'll be reet until you can order a new one off eBay. Or just get a rebuilt caliper from ECP, depends on your £/time ratio.
  6. The beige BX is with Strangeangel and inching it's way towards an MOT. Updates in his thread. https://autoshite.com/topic/24265-strangeangels-citroënic-shenanigans-featuring-the-autoshite-bx-ami-break-and-some-bikes-63-bx-has-shat-itself-why-the-aixam-shat-itself/page/17/#comments My impression of the situation there is that many people chipped in for the small sum required to buy it in the first place, after which the number of people actually wanting to put any effort into fixing it dwindled to approx 1. That's likely to be the case for the rover, raising £250 or whatever to buy it is easy, everyone has paypal, actually storing and fixing it requires a bit more than that.
  7. Yeah, at the risk of sounding like a rickety old man the position on that blade was a bit much for me too, I couldn't do much more than an hour on it without stopping to relieve my wrists (fnar)
  8. Great write up, thanks. Was there 10 ish years ago, will have to see if I can dig out some pics. Went to Darjeeling which is not far from Nepal on the India side of the border, similar terrain and they also didn't have rickshaws, all their taxis were Maruti Bedford Rascals in 8 seat* people carrier flava. I just assumed that rickshaws simply can't get up the hills.
  9. Takes me back to my days as a Pizza Hut Battle Rider. They were just in the process of replacing the old SH50s (33mph indicated up hill or down) with the ultra-wank Peugeot Looxor (27 eventually on the flat, walking pace up hills) and we had one SH50 left, in about that cosmetic condition, that we all used to fight over. The 125 version must be quite the weapon.
  10. I hear @Cleon-Fonte has got loads of old Solexs now, one of them will surely fit ? Cause the French were always quite good at making things interchangable. Right?
  11. I was gonna say, I'm sure I've taken a car for test with broken/no rear screen before and no issues. What about vans eh? I think it'd be best if you had both door mirrors operational if the rear screen can't be seen through but I bet it's not taken into account provided you have 2 mirrors of some sort.
  12. Although if he could have been arsed to strip the copper out of the motor, maybe it would weigh in for more than that?
  13. Nice. Glad to hear the chap was sensible on price, at the end of the day it was either sell it to you or weigh it in.
  14. My guess is a dangerous cross border mission to the wrong side of the hill to strip out the electric gubbins and leave the rest.
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