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  1. If it's not a range rover for the ultimate "is he a pub landlord or a farmer" combo then I'll be disappoint.
  2. If it's any use I don't think it does need a cat test. If it didn't have a cat and you follow the flowchart, if would probably fail the BET, then first used before 1/8/1995 = yes (you've actually got a date of 1st use on the DVLA record, comes up as 16/5/1994) Exact match in the BGA database is No, there don't appear to be any W140s listed: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5a81bcf5ed915d74e6233d90/in-service-exhaust-emission-standards-for-road-vehicles-19th-edition.pdf So at the end of all that you get down to non-cat test. I guess that removing it may not be entirely straightforward and it might need remapping? Or maybe not if it doesn't have a downstream lambda sensor.
  3. No, but as per @cobblers the sentiment that there is some sort of malevolent force attempting to suppress or delete "Britishness" underpins a lot of these posts, TBF maybe it's someone from the Politics section's IRL name.
  4. One I quite like for misery is the local area Facebook groups, a couple from this week: Post about a Santa float and where it will be going when. 70% of the comments are people moaning how disgusting it is the thing is not going to their house/street AGAIN this year, the evil bastards As a bonus, one of the organizers patiently replies to the thread saying they could go to more streets with more volunteers to help - 0 moaners volunteer. Post about this years xmas tree which TBF is a bit smaller than previously 100-odd comments of moaning about how shit it is. I quite liked this one: Well Ken, I can assure you that the most important English tradition of being a miserable old bastard and moaning about absolutely everything, is alive and well!
  5. Another tank down and the score on this one is 18.75mpg. The slight misfire at idle is still there, I do think the snake oil has make it a little better and it sounds a little smoother overall but if you stick VCDS on with it warm it still counts misfires on cylinder 1. Not plug or coil as they were swapped with other cylinders. Think the plan will be to get on with some inlet cleaning and send the injectors off sooner rather than later.
  6. One of my wife's friends asked me why I had bought yet another car the other week, she says "is it just some kind of compulsion?" The only answer I could give was: yes.
  7. Here's a picture from doing the cambelt on the petrol one showing the access, it's somewhere around 10-15min to get the bumper and front clip off with a bit of practice then you can literally pull up a chair and do the cambelt at your leisure.
  8. Yes it was mine, I bought it from a bloke in Middlesborough on FB marketplace. Because of the careful and detailed inspection I always undertake when buying a new heap, it put the engine light on and went into limp mode on the A19 on the way back. After some investigation I found the turbo had a seized up VG mechanism (from damage, not the usual soot) and a chewed up turbine wheel so I put a refurb unit on. I found that it regularly put the DPF light on and had to be blasted down the M62 to clear it, so the DPF was replaced with a bypass pipe and mapped out, power wise it's somewhere around stage 0.5-1, I got a stage 1 file from an online file service but it was a bit too smoky for me so I dialled it back a bit. I do still have original/stage 1 with/without DPF files if needed. The turbo/exhaust got louder when the DPF pipe went on, the rest of the exhaust is standard. I did think at the time that a cat off a non-DPF B5, B6 Passat or A4 looked like it would fit in place of the bypass and this would quiet it down a bit. I don't think the noise is too bad but it was noticeably quieter with the DPF on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325623711014 As @Split_Pin mentions it deffo needs a cambelt but it's about £70-80 for a kit and pretty easy DIY if you take the front off. Hit me up if you want a petrol friend for it lol.
  9. Is this not the one which was on the forum previously? I think maybe @phil_lihp or @philibusmo owned it? Possibly also @For Fiats Sake? And may have spent time on loan with @Ohdearme?
  10. Side post batteries? What witchcraft is this? Why can't a man just charge up one of the part-worn Lion brand badboys from the not-entirely-dead battery pile when a battery is needed? It's a conspiracy from Big Battery to get you to buy a new one I tells ya
  11. A few cars ago my wife wanted me to help her choose a new car. She wanted it to be small outside, but decent size inside for carting around children and stuff, small petrol engine, reliable etc. So I applied logic to the situation, and we got her a Honda Jazz. She hated the poor little thing. So yeah, head over heart is sensible advice but if you go too far towards head, you end up with a grey Honda Jazz and TBH even a broken Jag is better.
  12. Thanks guys, apparently they've managed to get it booked in somewhere now so it will live on. I was never going to volunteer, I still have traumatic memories of the last time I volunteered to do a clutch for someone on a Vectra B which included a golf ball sized lump on my forehead where the subframe hit me, and the final insult of the thing being weighed in anyway a few weeks later because it was pissing fluid out the concentric slave.
  13. Big up Mondeo Massive. A friend of the family has a 61 plate Galaxy 2.0 pez which one assumes is the same underneath as a mk3/4 Mondeo? Their clutch is slipping. How much of an arseache is a clutch on one of these? I watched that mentalist who does clutches on drives do one, the video is an hour and a half long and it looks like there's a massive subframe in the way, that one was a diesel though. Any advice? I can't see this costing them any less than a grand, which they also can't really afford, but £1000 + the weigh in value of the car doesn't get them into anything better either. If it does go to frag, is there anything that's worth keeping off it that still allows them to collect the £389 from removemycar?
  14. One thing that's not in the history is anything relating to inlet cleaning so it's going to want doing. I was planning to do it next year when the weathers better, I have a small compressor, shop vac and a 3D printer so I reckon I can lash up a walnut blasting arrangement DIY. I don't feel like this is a major issue as surely I'd notice something other than a minor stumble at idle? I also read that carbon related misfires tend to be better warm, this is there both warm and cold. But if I should be more concerned I can pull the inlet sooner rather than later.
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