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  1. Tried other folders but none come close tbh, this was fairly (Brompton) cheap used (as in about £400) and still needed some bits. I've upgraded to a mildly bodgy 9 speed setup so I can get up hills. If you're keen I can get 10% off Halfords vouchers which makes a brand new 3-speed A-line £765, the prices people charge for second hand ones it's not bad value. There are occasional bargains but not many. You can also get a replica* off of AliExpress for about 600 new.
  2. Thanks, these are canbus so the basic/lie version doesn't work, I've bought a replica* hex-v2 off a bloke on FB marketplace which seems to be working well and should have everything. But yeah let me know about the keys, can still get those sorted for you.
  3. Also got my daughter to help with some logging, didn't manage to save it but the actual boost seems to lag requested significantly when you put your foot down then massively overshoot, so that does also seem to confirm that the VG vanes aren't doing their thing good.
  4. Got my VAGCOM cable and had a poke. Was able to turn the EML off but there are definitely codes there that suggest all is not well with the turbo vanes or inlet system. The only thing to come back was the camshaft position sensor so that definitely needs a look. Still not sure whether it has a DPF or not, some of those codes seem to relate to one but the DPF measuring blocks don't seen right: 80km since last regen but 0 total regens and 0 failed? There is a can of a suitable size just behind the turbo but with no sensors on/around it, I'm leaning towards no DPF but maybe it was an option hence being kinda partially in the software.
  5. I think I'm pretty happy that the turbo isn't dead on the Audi. After I was furtling about with the turbo and pipes I went out in it again to do some child taxiing and the noise was definitely mostly gone. Before it was pretty consistently there on boost but now its more when you let off the throttle. The boost pipes have some O-rings which are cheap to replace so I think the plan is to whip off the hoses and leak test them, reassemble with new O-rings and Mr Muscle the turbo vanes, and call it done. Still have EML on but not in limp so need to VAGCOM it up when the lead arrives.
  6. I've done it on a slightly earlier Fabia which is probably similar. The EGR cooler was down the end/RHS of the block and shared some bolts with the thermostat. I recall the EGR pipes having little V-bands on which were very difficult to get to. The main thing that helped was removing the battery and battery box to get some space.
  7. Yes it's so endemic I am surprised that they haven't tried to fix it (or been made to)
  8. Was looking for something else diagnostic related.
  9. Ferritic and martensitic stainless are magnetic but austenitic not, the internet tells me. Generally exhaust pipes and boxes are made from 409 or similar which will be ferritic/magnetic. It could be that the boxes are made of 304, 316 etc which are austenitic so might not be magnetic. Sounds fairly legit.
  10. I put it up on an Ignis group as well as here and a localish bloke has bought it. He said he might fix it or he might break it. It's not that it's not saveable, I could have got it through an MOT but it had already been sat there a couple of months with no action so would undoubtedly have been there till next year deteriorating further. It wasn't particularly rusty but it needed a few suspension bits, possibly brakes all round and a clutch. The clutch might be the thing that tips it from save to break as they are not cheap and apparently it can be difficult to source the correct clutch for the Sport. As some bits like the seats go for decent money, and the car was fairly rough as a former cat C, its one of those where to a breaker it was a £400 car, to get everything sorted it probably needed £3-400 spending and a few days work to get you a car that is worth maybe £600 on a good day. I do feel a bit of a failure having got it from the forum but it's not like it was a legendary forum bike, @Ghosty I think got it in a swap deal for something else and hadn't had it that long.
  11. Did try to check this as well, nothing popped off, the hoses have a robust looking quickfit type connection. But it's a contender for sure. The thing also has a DPF so could be clogged etc, needs to be on a computer. Also waved off the Ignis just now.
  12. Yeah you could be on track here. Had to have a feel of the turbo to convince myself if it is/isn't the problem and the spinny bit seems fine with no detectable play or rubbing. Normal levels of oil in pipes. Hilariously I can't find any of my VAGCOM wires so can't investigate codes etc till a replacement turns up.
  13. Back home now. Slight issue in that pulling onto the A1 brought on flashing glowplug light and a sort of whistly turbo noise and limp mode. Didn't have any tools or diag gear so just had to keep on trucking. Light went away with the key on/off but the turbo noise hasn't. Trying hard to think of reasons why the turbos not dead but there aren't many. Otherwise (lol) it seems like a great car.
  14. Currently in Leeds. Have achieved a shitty McDonald's breakfast and now sat waiting for a train that I could have been on if I just waited at Huddersfield for another hour. Or stayed in bed.
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