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  1. There should be a min thickness on the discs, can you measure them? If these have handbrake shoes in the middle then the inside could also be worn, I guess you could measure that too if there are specs available.
  2. Guess you may have seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-C1-2000-15k-miles-Spares-or-repair-No-reserve/233743771995
  3. Hmm. I was wondering if there was a size you could go up to and get a machine shop to bore it out, but all I can find from a quick search is 37x15x9 and there may not be enough meat for that? There are several imperial sizes in the 35.something - 36mm range but they obviously all have imperial inner races as well so would just move the problem. I reckon a machine shop could maybe bore it out and press in a sleeve? I've seen this ad on my occasional searches for a lathe, can't figure out how to link it from the mobile app and don't know if you do FB but can ask for a number if not.
  4. Do you know what bearing number it is and have you got some calipers to estimate the size of the hole? I'm not sure if that seat really is worn, it's very unlikely to get movement between the outer race and the seat. Could the peenage be bodgery where someone has tried to fit a slightly too small bearing?
  5. You know you live near Bradford when Facebook's advertising algorithm thinks one person would be interested in all 4 of these things. Window tinting services Broken clio on a truck Rusty Maxus Lambo Gallardo
  6. Yes the C5 allroad pez options are either a 2.7 twin turbo which is basically the same lump as a B5 S4 or the 4.2 V8. Manuals are out there, mine was a manual. The lowest liability option would probably be a PD130 in 2wd manual flava, there seem to be quite a few of those about and may be fast enough with a remap? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324280225578
  7. Should add I would happily have another if I had less children and shite to haul around, would probably go pez though as I reckon you wouldn't be far off the mpg in reality particularly if your commute is fairly long. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124346758821 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193655168982
  8. From your list I have briefly owned an allroad. Must say I did like it, a decent steer with plenty of power (for me), mine was a C5 shape 2.5tdi (180). Not amazing on fuel, I got low 30s but all my driving is local and in a hilly area. Air suspension is leaky but not hard/expensive to fix any more, auto boxes are generally not good. Don't think it's specific to the allroad but you see lots for sale spears or reapers with borked gearboxes. Obviously lots of allroads get abused for towing too, I would suggest that maybe a non-allroad A6 quattro would be as good, especially if it has recent his
  9. Would guess the trumpet was first registered in 2011, whether that is imported or dragged out of a hedge and put on the computerized system. Could it have been on a Q and now been put on age related? Or imported 2011, motd on chassis number, sat since then and now registered without an MOT as not needed.
  10. So wait, is this a factory conversion or a shed built bastard lovechild of a caravan and a recovery truck?
  11. I have actually ridden a C1 briefly as it happens, when I was about 18/19 (approx y2k) I went to the NEC motorbike show with a mate. They had a try a ped stand where you could test the latest plastic on a slightly too small oval in the car park. Sadly for the Bimmer I went on a Gilera runner 200cc 2 stroke just before so the performance was disappointing. But actually the C1 was pretty normal to ride, it looks like it should be top heavy but isn't really. It's a WOULD from me, well bought.
  12. I used an app called FAPlite with a ELM OBD reader when I had a C8, worked well. The ELM things are a bit of a minefield as loads of them are stripped down and barely work. Spend slightly more and hopefully you can get one that works. No experience of this one but it should be OK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proscan-OBD2-ELM-327-Bluetooth-google-Android-Car-Scanner-Torque-Auto-Scan-Tool/301205091809 This one specifies FAP lite but you're probably not getting anything different to the above for your extra tenner: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELM-327-Bluetooth-Scan-To
  13. What car(s) is it for? Do you want a standalone or something that works with your phone or something that works off a laptop?
  14. From https://www.gov.uk/getting-an-mot This doesn't even say the repairs have to be pre-booked like an MOT does, if you still have police in your area and they happen to stop you you could offer for them to follow you to the garage.
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