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  1. To add to that in fact, I have been mostly driving the Audi myself, it's not a 50mpg car but maybe 45 on paper, I get 33mpg running the children around. I'm blowing a bit hot and cold with the car, I really quite fancy selling it and getting an identical petrol version but its hard to find one as clean and in the same colour and a manual gearbox (as all Audi autos of this age are grenades) I've done a few bits to it, changed the fuel filter, fitted a cam sensor and set the timing and put on a 185hp*** remap. It had a fault for the cam sensor being intermittent which has now cleared. The timing is done via VCDS. The cam pulley is floating and if the correct locking tools aren't used the cam to crank sync can be off. It's the Synchro angle in this stolen screenshot. Spec is -3 to +3, mine was -3.9degrees so quite retarded. You just loosen the 3 small bolts and nudge the crank round till you get it right. As with most things TDI related there are Americans trying out different values as "tuning" FFS but I got it to 0.5deg first time so just left it at that. It starts much better and seems to drive smoother, especially below 1500rpm. I also have these wheels to go on which I just managed to get some tyres fitted to after a right chew on waiting over 2 weeks for an ebay outfit to send them. And tonight it blotted its copy book slightly by putting the DPF light on and I had to drive up and down the M62 in 4th in the name of the environment. I think it might be due a new DPF or a cleanout as after regen it still reports a fair few grams of soot which could be ash? Or they're easy enough to knock out. TBH if I can find a nice petrol one that might be a decision for the next owner. If it saw a motorway once or twice a month I doubt it would ever be an issue but I haven't been far in it since before xmas.
  2. No worries chief, I was replying to @motorpunk who was enquiring as to fuel costs vs a diesel, should have put a quote in. I concur with @Kiltox figures that a 50mpg diesel is circa 15p a mile at the minute and the Zoe will be around half that on our current electric rate. I would also add that living in a fairly hilly area I've never got much more than 35-40mpg from various diesels over the years on local runs, which tilts it further in favour of the electric.
  3. It's a shame in a way that the used car market has gone up so much because in my eyes, an early Leaf or Zoe should be like £1500-3000 considering the limited range and battery risk. If they were I think more people would consider them, even if only as a second car for local driving. I'm not an evangelist or in any way suggesting that everyone should use an EV for everything, we will still go in my clag chucking van if we're going somewhere far away because it's the best thing we currently have for the application.
  4. I don't see a 50mpg diesel as a valid comparison. This car's typical use is just under 2 miles each way for school, down and then up a big hill. Twice a day. Then most days a 5 mile each way trip to the next town over, up and down a big hill, 40 limit. Your diesel isn't doing 50mpg in those conditions and if it's a modern is at risk of DPF etc issues. The car it's replacing is a 0.9tce Captur which has a book mpg of 52 or something. On this use cycle the OBC (which never ever gets reset) reports a long term average of 33mpg. I make that to be 19p a mile at current petrol rates so we are saving 50% on fuel immediately. More like 75% if we switch to a 10p charging EV tariff later. So it is saving money, and I don't think a diesel would do anything like 50mpg over the same useage. We wouldn't want to use a diesel for the school run any more than you would want to use this to do Manchester to Glasgow every day. I wouldn't say the tailpipe emissions aspect is a big factor but I would say "fuck you in the ear buddy" to all the people who sit there waiting outside school with their engines running chucking out acrid euro 6 diesel fumes. Horses for courses innit.
  5. I too remember the Before Times. Yes it's a fair bit but the inflated price also applies to the outgoing car which offsets it a bit. Those ones I linked are about as good as it gets for a ZE40 at the moment. There are also people out there trying to get 10 grand for 22kWh ones and seemingly a lot of dealers who don't know what they've got and list 22s as 40s, battery leased as owned, etc etc.
  6. This one is newly listed, it's battery lease but that's only £59 a month if your mileage is fairly low. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202301253581326 This one was next on our list if the one we got didn't work out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314313688724 I was also a bit tempted by this one, kinda depends how much wings and lights cost and how much shenanigan to replace the airbag. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225367823694
  7. Missed replying to this one, yes it does have bottom warmers for the ultimate in toasty cheek decadence Here you go, there is a 3-point belt tucked up on the C-pillar there. I'd say it's pretty close to a 33/33/33 split as well, maybe like 35/30/35. I reckon you'd get a booster in the middle.
  8. It does have 5 seats with 3x 3-point belts in the back. Weirdly seems wider across the back and better for getting 3 in than the Captur it's replacing.
  9. There is an invoice from the guy I got it from buying it for £20k at 9 months old in 2019. New who knows, close to £30k? I wonder if it might have been a demonstrator or something as being sold at 9months old is a bit unusual? The charge was + vat so £13.something and I reckon it got me around 100-110 extra miles as it wasn't quite empty. Quite dependent on driving style though, I reckon you could get that down to 70-80 miles if you drove aggressively. When I got home having covered about 70 miles it was claiming 43% and 61 miles left but this dropped to 55 miles when my wife got in it 10min later? The charge point was 48p/kWh, some (eg motorway services) go up to 70p/kWh but this was outside a community centre on a scabby council estate v.close to J26 M1. Our home electric is currently 28p/unit so I reckon it'll be about 7-9p a mile depending what economy it gets on the school run. There are special EV tariffs that can give you a cheap overnight charging rate as low as 10p but I am on a below-cap fix till September so won't change anything yet. Overall the car seems great but the lack of DC/rapid charging means its less suited to long journeys than some of the newer stuff. For what we will use it for it seems ideal, her current car probably only goes further than 15 miles from base about 5 times a year so the lack of fast public charging is less of an issue. This is the video I saw, the laddo measured stuff and worked out that he only got 43kW from like 15-45% then it dropped right off. We definitely didn't buy it for the rapid* charging ability, would have got either R or Q if we found one we liked.
  10. Cheers for the positive comments, I think she'll be pleased with it. Underway again now, have charged to 91%/134 miles in just over an hour. I've not done the maths but it suggests I didn't get much above 22kW charge rate. 67 miles to home so no sweat.
  11. Charger is a BP pulse which I already had the app for. Pros: working and straightforward to turn on via the app Cons: instead of just charging me for the volts used you have to top up in £5 increments. £10 probably not enough and £15 might be too much, it's 48p/kWh.
  12. Charger achieved. This is an allegedly 43kW charger that seems to be giving 25kW at the minute. TBF I think that's the car charger not the point as a video I saw plotted the charge rates for the Q90 Zoe (which this is) and you only get close to the 43kW for a short part of the charge. The 80 mile range when I got in it was a bit concerning as this planned charge stop was 84 miles away. The PO had 2.7mile/kWh on the computer. Reset that and the range sprung up to 105 and sticking to Eco mode/60mph up the M1 has got me here with 22 miles to spare. The car is a 2019 Zoe Q90 I signature nav something something. High miles for 4 years old at 59k but it's battery owned and cost less than some places are asking for 2017s on battery rental. Spec is awesome, chocolate leather seats and a Bose stereo. I quite like the fact that at a time when most people were ordering these as "appliance shite in appliance white" on battery rental someone went into a Renault dealer and not only paid the extra 5 grand or whatever it was to buy the battery but went for the top spec as well. Dedication.
  13. A more detailed appraisal at the first (and hopefully only!) charge stop.
  14. Just wait for PART THE SECOND - in which our hero attempts to use the UK public charging network
  15. Tamworth achieved. Something quite sad about this station, maybe it's the epic platform/shed ratio (94% platform) or just the sheer volume of BUSINESS FOLKS waiting to get the train to London for work.
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