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  1. Bleeding these things takes me back, have had a few 4 pot E30s. My method did not involve a pop bottle but doing it too would probably help. Heaters set to full hot in the car Start her up Open the bleed screw on the rad and hold her at about 2krpm for a couple of minutes. You should see a jet of water out of the rad screw that should have gaps in as the air comes out. Keep it up for a couple of mins/until covered in coolant from head to toe and then do up the bleed screw (while still revving) then let go and check the heater.
  2. I presume the rear plate thing is due to some type approval blah which says the rear lights and plate must be rearward of the wheel. Obviously they know 99% of them get binned immediately, I know Yamaha sell the tail tidy as an aftermarket part for the MT series.
  3. It does seem a bit random, my understanding is that DPFs weren't actually required to hit the particle limits until Euro 5 (2009ish) but some cars got them much earlier. Possibly because the greenness was a selling point (was tax slightly lower?) or possibly because the car/engine combo couldn't hit Euro 4 without one (eg heavy car, auto transmission, or a high soot engine) They were allowed to continue registering old stock at Euro 4 for a year afterwards, my Scudo is 2010 reg but has a euro 4 engine with no DPF, yet other engines/ratings of the same model at the same time did have one. In the case of the CROMER I would be well tempted to get it gutted and mapped out as I've seen improvements in mpg in the past on early DPF cars.
  4. For what it's worth when I had the Multipla that Bangernomics now has it used to regularly bing on the EML with an EGR code (because the valve was electrically dead) but it never affected the driving one jot. So ignoring the light and just knocking it off at MOT time could be an option as well. I don't think it has any feedback of the type suggested by Jonny, it's a 2 wire solenoid controlled by PWM, any feedback would be via the ECU looking at the amount of air through the MAF and checking if it's within expected levels.
  5. Dave_Q

    Fuel gauge arrow

    I would be happy if this just ended up as a list of cars this isn't true for, I've seen it as a bit of clickbait on FB quite a few times and knew it wasn't true for many of my previous cars.
  6. The adjustment is in the pump, longer duration (VP44 style mechanical pump with electronic control)
  7. Bodgery IMO, nothing wrong with it as such but why bother using x% more fuel everywhere when remapping is accessible and not even much more expensive on most of these lumps? The resistor goes across the fuel temp sensor, there is a correction for fuel density vs temperature so if you trick it into thinking the fuel is hot it lobs more in (at all times) to compensate.
  8. That rear floorpan is standard for one of these, I welded one up once, not too bad as you can get away with just using flat sheets but the inside is coated with some rank sound deadening stuff that smells bad when on fire. I wonder if you would get away with repair patch, Sikaflex and pop rivets?
  9. Good luck to you the doctor, hope it all works out. One upside (?) of reading the last few pages is I now quite want a Yaris. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Yaris-1-0-16v-VVTi-S-3-door-WHAT-A-CAR-WHAT-A-PRICE/323870449063
  10. Theres a fair bit of top shelf rammel on custojusto for under 500, no idea how to tell whether it's MOT'd or equivalent. Pogweasel Lancia https://www.custojusto.pt/setubal/ligeiros-passageiros/lancia-delta-1-4-29986766 Mazda 323 https://www.custojusto.pt/vila-real/ligeiros-passageiros/mazda-323-sedan-29985241 Tipo https://www.custojusto.pt/lisboa/ligeiros-passageiros/fiat-tipo-1-7d-29948460 Jetta https://www.custojusto.pt/faro/ligeiros-passageiros/vw-jetta-mk2-cl-29455811 Astravan! https://www.custojusto.pt/porto/comerciais/opel-kadett-van-29945722 To be honest, unless you manage to pick up some scene taxed 90s or earlier thing like the Jetta you will not get your money back in the UK, simply because the process to register here costs money and you still end up with a LHD car. Still, you would get something back for the car, whereas doing it the other way you would almost certainly have to scrap the UK car in Portugal.
  11. On a J plate can you not just ditch the insides of the cat?
  12. Hey Bollox, for one of these you probably want a £5 eBay VCDS cable and multiecuscan (free download). Should do a bit more than the Delphi thing. On your no power/noise situation, check the boost hoses. I had a Multipla with a 120 MJet engine with similar noise/power issues, turned out to be a split in the hose from intercooler to inlet. It was a relatively big bucks part but I got one that was close enough and bodged it. On the flaps, I think they are only used to reduce NOx at a specific low load point in the old emissions cycle and can be binned with no penalty to mpg, performance or MOT.
  13. Would anyone be keen on my SV650? It's just not getting used, probably done 100 miles or less since MOT in April. W835VRE for checkage. 50ish k miles, runs great but the choke plungers are seized so no choke. Still starts in sub zero temperatures with a bit of throttle, you just have to hold it on for 20 seconds or so from cold. Yellow, naked version. Has been a cat D in the past and has a tank dent and bar scrapes to show it. £700? Can get pics for anyone interested. Location West Yorkshire, J25 M62.
  14. Sorry I didn't make it, my wife didn't get home till 9:15. It really is a lovely pub and other than a 60th birthday party the first time we went, we typically more or less have it to ourselves.
  15. It's at the White House, OL15 0LG. It's the pub at the top of the hill on the A58 between Littleborough and Ripponden. Probably won't be there myself this month but will do my best to make a late appearance.
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