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  1. To clarify, obviously a level of understanding of how it works is required in some jobs (probably including mine) but nowhere in any industrial setting are they going to sit you down with a biro and a Casio and ask you to find the integral of 4x^5 - 3x^2 + 41 within the limits 0>40000, or the slope of the graph 4t^3 - 9t where t = 10 because computers are a thing. My point is the hand methods they make you do at college/university are unlikely to ever be used again once you have completed the module, I certainly can't remember any of it although I suppose I can begrudingly admit that it did teach me enough to folow along where required.
  2. I would post something like but it's not really funny when it's true. Have you ever had problems with the insurance companies when you change cars with them every 72 hours? I recall some other chronic shiters have been accused of being car dealers and had insurers refuse them any more changes in a policy year.
  3. Calculus is useless and nobody will ever make you do any of that fourier or euler business with a pen and paper (or possibly at all) once you finish college. HTH
  4. Call it 10% of mug sales and I reckon I can knock out a few more like this
  5. Is this not a bit like arguing whether Lidl, Morrisons or Asda own brand lemonade is the best?
  6. Honestly that's probably better than many first attempts. Turn up both power and wire a bit and weld in tacks/blobs. You can't really do continuous beads on car thickness steel.
  7. Sorry, won't be buying any merch till the official licenced jazzy shirts come out
  8. Yes bandits are pretty good too, if you can find one that hasn't had loads of rubbish chrome tat bolted to it. Better pillion seat that the MT07 et al as well.
  9. If you put 1500 down you can get a brand new MT07 on PCP for £75 a month for 3 years, granted thats a total of about 5 grand to borrow the thing for 3 years but I probably spend more than £75 a month on fixing my assorted 2 wheeled heaps so you can see why people go for it.
  10. Soz not exactly land cruiser related but before spending out many GBPs on some behemoth of a buggy have you considered using slings instead? Just tying the baby onto your front or back (depending on size of child) is not only way easier but the babies tend to be happier attached to mum or dad as well. Works up to walking size or longer if required and there are people who will show you how to use them and rent you one to try (there are various different types/designs as well as the fact babies grow really fast so you won't keep the smallest size ones for very long) https://happyslinglady.co.uk/ is apparently localish to you. Whenever we were out in town watching someone struggle to manouvre round a shop with some beast of a buggy that takes up the same amount of space as our entire family of 5 I always wondered why anyone bothered.
  11. My experience is mostly with the Japanese brands and it's fair to say they cracked making a reliable bike in about 1978, not much to choose between them on that front. The MT07s are fairly new so the cheapest around would be maybe £3-3.5k? There was an older model the MT-03 with a 660cc single cylinder that would be cheaper. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144079538871?hash=item218bcf4ab7:g:QnIAAOSwVplhVknF Also look at the Suzuki SV650/Gladius or Kawasaki ER-6N for similar style, both are popular first "big" bike choices and have been around a little longer so might be cheaper second hand, none of these have quite got the looks of the MT-07 though IMO. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133881179033?hash=item1f2bf0ab99:g:OAUAAOSwwZBhRx6H https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284478444135?hash=item423c3c9267:g:N-YAAOSwE6lhP0DF
  12. Do try to test ride as many as possible, I have found that the sportsbike riding position is not for me, too much weight on the wrists so I need a rest after an hour. I ride a big moped now but if I was buying a new bike I would get a "supernaked" like the Yamaha MT series, I think they look fantastic and the more upright riding position should be more comfortable and suited to the real world, unless you are planning to spend many hours riding at 80mph+ you don't need a fairing really. https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/products/motorcycles/hyper-naked/mt-07/ Also Kawasaki Z650 looks quite good: https://www.kawasaki.co.uk/en/products/Supernaked/2022/Z650/overview
  13. The general motorcycling press would have you think that a 600cc is a good starter bike that you can ride for a year or 2 before trading up to a 1000. Realistically you would be much better starting on a smaller machine as even a 600cc sportsbike is ridiculously fast. Something in the 300-500cc range is still faster than almost all cars and much better for getting used to and learning some limits. Most of the big manufacturers do something that looks like the 1000cc halo bike in a variety of engine sizes eg: CBR1000RR, 150hp and 0-60 in 3ish seconds CBR600RR, 120hp 0-60 still 3ish seconds CBR500R, 46hp 0-60 5 seconds CBR300R, 30hp 0-60 6ish seconds Having said that my first big bike was a 750cc and the second a 900cc Fireblade so I can hardly talk. So actually what I mean is get whatever you like, you can always make it go slower by turning the throttle less and if you are talking about brand new they will have traction control and abs and whatnot making it a little harder to fall off. Spending a year or 2 on a smaller bike will certainly help insurance costs though. Another thing to consider is engine layout, most sportsbikes are inline 4 cylinder which tend to require lots of revs to make the power, V-twins tend to have high torque at low revs so a lot of shove of the line without having to thrash it, having some idea of use and riding style will help you choose what will work for you.
  14. I think L1 is right, I found it in a Land Cruiser manual: https://carmanuals2.com/toyota/land-cruiser-2006-occupant-restraint-systems-6602 On page 52 I think what it's saying is once you pull the belt all the way out (or beyond a certain point - those seats need more belt than any human so maybe it knows?) then it enters this lock mode, it's deliberate to lock the child seat in place.
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