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  1. Nice find, as that's a diesel it has probably be retrofitted with a particulate filter to get it up to Eu6 standard. https://www.mthlfleetservices.com/ultra-low-emissions/ Seems a slightly bizarre choice for such an upgrade but I guess that's a bit rich coming from us...
  2. Yeah that seems like a pretty big loophole. I reckon that they will have to police it by having cameras on so many routes that avoiding them is impractical.
  3. Also a bit of a theoretical, but if they police the thing with cameras at the border and you live inside the zone, could you drive around inside for free? I imagine they would use the current congestion cameras as part of the charging network but outside that zone you might be able to get away with quite a lot?
  4. As far as I can remember the e46 cab ones are the same, just made of sterner rubber than the stock ones.
  5. Dave_Q

    Brand new 405

    There is a drivetribe article which says the engines are euro 5, as such you might struggle to register them here.
  6. Seems well suspect that Riverbank could not tell you anything due to "confidentiality" and all the car places are basically saying do one and buy a new car. Could you try to get an MP on the case? Seems like scrapping off cars that meet the ULEZ is incredibly wasteful and damaging to the environment. What do you reckon the odds someone at TFL is a scooterboi and set up Riverbank to give a route for 2 strokes without considering cars.... You could get round it by rebuilding/ringing your MGF onto a euro 4 TF shell/ID but it seems mad this would be the only option left.
  7. If we managed to generate a large excess of electricity through renewable means only, then maybe we would be OK with the terrible inefficiency of the hydrogen generation and extraction process. As it is I agree that this is just the pretend eco face of the fossil fuel industry - all the ways you have listed to make it are either wholly or partially powered by fossil fuels.
  8. Rot is definitely the biggie, if looking at one make sure to lift up the seats and check the suspension mountings. I bought one once for £56 on ebay, was described as "MOT just out" which of course is ebay talk for "MOT failed on epic rust" I still drove it home and used it as a shed for a couple of years, sold it for £80 in the end so that's a win of sorts.
  9. I think the problem with this is that the NOx number on the VIN plate and logbook is averaged over some sort of cycle, not based on a static test. TFL have clearly managed to figure something out for motorbikes, can you get in touch with the magazine the article is from and ask them for some contacts at TFL/DVLA? Good thread though, keep us posted.
  10. I think that's also the Aixam way tbh. I guess there's not much left if the controller is OK, possibly the motor? I guess it's a good opportunity to upgrade...
  11. Shameless plug OK by me, will give it a listen on my way to work one day.
  12. DAB aerials seem really hit and miss, I've always used stick on ones and got pretty good reception, but I'm not far from that fuckoff mast at Emley Moor.
  13. Done sir. As ever I won't be available but might be able to make 1st week of Jan. I think the Wetherspoons festive menu might be in play, I'm sure you lot will enjoy ignoring it to order the same steak as always.
  14. I was going to suggest £20, honestly their market for selling anything off this thing must be pretty much just you.
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