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  1. Dave_Q

    Stance hilarity

    I would hazard a guess that due to harmonisation of regs and such they know which bits of the TUV apply in any EU state and can apply some sense. Having said that if the shoe was on the other foot and a foreign registered car was pulled on suspicion of dangerous issues, would our plod/DVSA/etc want it inspecting/repairing to UK standards?
  2. Dave_Q

    Stance hilarity

    I reckon you could get all those cars through a UK MOT, swap the wheels over and set the airbags so they don't foul the body, maybe unbolt whatever adaptors etc they use to make the camber like a shit cartoon, et voila. As many have pointed out those cars are illegal in the UK as they stand, but yes there is a near zero chance of getting pulled here, hence the shock of going somewhere with policing done by humans not cameras. Shane the drivers are too daft/ignorant about the laws in either their home country or the one they've gone to, and will probably just bleat about H8RS or something. If I was Kent police I would meet them off the ferry/tunnel and do the same again if they ever make it home, just to reinforce that actually that daft shit is illegal here too .
  3. Dave_Q


    What surprises me is the reports that they're unreliable? When I was in India 10 years ago they were one of the most popular taxis, would have expected them to be pretty hardy.
  4. Not quite then but it's more than just windows, I recall you are doing the camper bit anyway so you will have ticked all the boxes eventually.
  5. Think motor caravan is a bit more involved than that featuring permanent cooker and sink. You may be thinking of dual purpose vehicle.
  6. Painted tape is underselling yourself there captain, I would call that an advanced cold welded composite repair method.
  7. mrdelmonti, do you know the reg for your C90? If so it should be possible to find out the frame number. If not there is still a process for registering it, if you ring DVLA they will issue you with a VIN for something that currently doesn't have one, and you can register as normal, although it would be on a Q plate due to age not known. Not ideal I know, but the process is there, it really isn't ever the case that the only way out is ringing. P.S, would probably still do so myself in your situation so please don't think I'm having a go.
  8. I think if you actually have the car, or remains of, then rebuild or reshell it that is fair game, and entirely legal. What the eBay ringing kits are used for is not that - they are either for pretending an Escort L is a Mexico and therefore worth lots more money, or for ringing a stolen car. That is illegal and there are few reasons really why anyone who is not doing something illegal would need to buy them. I get your point that in principle they're not that different from a reshell or rebuild with new parts, but 99% of people buying one will be up to no good. I also used to report them to eBay, but gave up after not too long when all the fucks they don't give became apparent.
  9. Check the wiring to the N75, have had a tdi Audi before where the wiring had broke just before the connector, it was mounted by the radiator so probably got brittle over time. Same symptoms, no power, fixed it and the turbo turned back on.
  10. Nice one Tet. When I was looking for the Paj I had a few years ago I looked at a mk1, (same 2.5 engine I think) I had the horn for the truck but it was smoking like an absolute beagle. The seller insisted it was just the EGR but I gave it a swerve. I think they are quite common problems on these though.
  11. I'm driving a 9 year old French van, badged as a Fiat but it's definitely a Citroen really, so I guess the equivalent would be a 1970 HY van with some suitably dangerous benches bodged into the back for the children.
  12. Here is a labelled engine bay pic stolen from here. I did own one of these briefly and seem to recall the EGRs do clag up, you can remove it and clean with whatever solvent you decide on.
  13. Paraffin and kero are pretty much the same thing. Either of those or petrol would be OK for cleaning the intercooler. They do have an EGR, if you can post a pic of the top of the engine should be able to point it out. Attached to the inlet manifold with a saucer thing on it with a little vac hose attached.
  14. If you don't already have one, I use this type of tool for flaring pipes: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183643990246 Can also do the steel pipes on the car but requires a bit more arm power. Best way is to just cut off the crusty end and flare a union on, and replace just the rusty bit.
  15. Sorry to hear this mate, hope you can get it sorted easily. For what it's worth I think the leaking from caliper and hose may be the same thing, because of the position of the hose it may look like the hose is leaking, but I was pretty sure it was just the caliper: The only mild concern for me would be the emissions, maybe with the exhaust leaks fixed and an Italian tune up it will be OK? Did you get a printout to show how far off the emissions were?
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