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  1. FFS man hurry up and post a picture of the goods. Even if you have to pin a polaroid of it to the opposite wall then take a photo of that using a 2002 Nokia and a mirror
  2. Yes it's basically a squarer Picasso the rear axle and front suspension/engine are the same.
  3. What on earth are you bringing back with it that needs a big boy van? Surely a postie bike would fit in the back of a Berlingo? Or maybe a Polo with the seats folded down? Chodspeed anyway sir
  4. Dave_Q

    Ford timelord

    Not impossible to get via trade HPI etc.
  5. "I might come today or tomorrow" is very fucking far from a binding contract, this sort of shit is first there with the cash. I saw your thread with the wheels, they seemed a bit cheap, (or at least reasonably priced rather than usual FB dreamer money) so it's definitely implied in the price that there are no bagsies or messing about.
  6. No I will put all the lights on to ride it on the road, it's just that it's looking like £150 worth of bits (£50 loom, £50 indicators, 20ish headlight, £10 reg/rec £20 battery) and I still can't ride it on the road for about 8 weeks after getting it tested as I'll be waiting for DVLA to do their bit. So the plan is to MOT it on the bare minimum and then keep an eye out for cheaper second hand bits (not that I've seen any so far) or at least spread the cost.
  7. Dave_Q

    Vespa 50 Special

    Looks awesome, my PK has a 102 kit as well, what gearing have you gone for? Mine came with I think 24:72 primary which should mean about 50mph top speed I think? Obviously speed is a secondary consideration to looking cool as fuck.
  8. Oh yeah I also took my van for mot, needed a wishbone due to floppy ball joint and a CV boot. Advisory for drop links which were new only 2 years/ about 8k miles ago. Normally we would be off to the Netherlands for holiday but they are not accepting visitors from Plague Island so we're off to Wales instead, slightly fewer miles but good to know everything is tip top.
  9. Slow progress but I think this thing is ready for an MOT. My bodywork is pretty rough in places but meh. I've been over and over the MOT manual and reckon that the minimum for a pass is horn and reflector. It's an 83 so indicators are not required. I also couldn't find a requirement to have a way to turn it off but regardless I have wired up the ignition switch direct to the CDI so it switches off on the key. Yes the horn is running off a 9v battery. Seems fine and no less pathetic than factory horns on some scooters. Annoyingly I definitely have a stick on reflector in stock somewhere but can't find it so have had to order one. Hopefully get it in for test this week.
  10. @UltraWomble I are also joining the Honda slowshite gang. CF70 Chaly, a slightly taller step-thru version of the monkey/Dax. It's had an engine swap, the engine number is standard C50 but the clutch cover says AT like a full auto, yet there appears to be a hole where the gearshift should go? Haven't actually got it home yet to see what's what. Anyone clued up on these engines? Same as a C70/90 I think, not something I've dabbled in before. TBH it's looking easiest to rip it out and put in a Chinese 110, then maybe I can keep up with @hairnet, we could be slow wobbly Honda fwends
  11. It's green because you don't have to mine lithium to make it....
  12. XUD conversion, bin BSI, operate critical lighting systems from big switches glued to the dash. Sorted.
  13. All the finest internet minds can't manage to capitalize their own names, in my experience
  14. Kamm tail innit, very common on top speed type machines. It's not just the front profile you also need to try and make sure air leaves the back of the machine in a streamlined fashion as turbulent air causes drag
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