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  1. SAAB Sonnet III and Hairy Hustler Both Matchbox 1-75 range
  2. I have two in a stripped state, so will send one over
  3. https://matchbox.fandom.com/wiki/Vauxhall_Guildsman
  4. Check the pot soil. You might be lucky. If it was @Datsuncog, he’d find a rare Husky part and keep it 30 years, just in case πŸ˜„ and one day, it would save the day 😎
  5. Looking at mine, and the similar NSU RO80, I don't think they ever had a cover. The cell just slotted-in
  6. That Dinky Merc was a bargain! I would like to buy.
  7. Look what I have here in the spares pile
  8. Also it was an omen to spot those wheels in the box first - after the Horizon discussion earlier - before I saw it was the Fuego I was after a while ago anyway, to do the 'cars I owned collection in 1:43'.... It was fated !
  9. Thanks. I'll send you a photo of my car so he knows what colour it will be redone in It's the Renault Fuego. The idea was to repaint it black to match the car I had when I was 20. But it's nice enough to leave alone for now
  10. Dinky Fiat 2300 Familiale, ummmmed a bit over that but chanced it as both tailgate parts are intact. Wasn't cheap
  11. Also went to car boot sale I shouldn't be allowed out on my own To console the wife, the Dork Diaries was picked-up for my daughter.
  12. Convertible Caddy Hot Rodder please
  13. πŸ‘ Very likely it was me, as I drive one as a daily and don't have a model
  14. I don't know this one. Carson top too. Does it have a name?
  15. The wheels and tyres make it look more like a Dodge Omni Does is state country of manufacture on base?
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