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  1. « И привет с игр Красной площади ! « « Первым событием дня является перетягивание каната ! « [ TR: " And hello from the Red Square games ! " "The first event of the day is the TUG OF WAR ! " ]
  2. Ts is a less strong CH sound So to our English ear, it would be nearer chAYKer I am no expert though. I’m just trying to learn to read other alphabets, before the zombies come
  3. Looks like me and JYD will be having a Galant bidding war
  4. Nice. It’s not ‘Yanka’ though The first letter is the Ts sound, the third the iY sound So what you have there is a Tsaiyka, otherwise translated as ‘Chaika’ - the name given to the GAZ 13 So it’s unbranded and I didn’t help at all really Tidy cabinets, where from?
  5. A bit more shopping and another visit from Post Lady
  6. Thanks for checking them out. I’ll give the green rally raid thing a miss this time The Disco, however, is identical to the one Dolly and Ken have, and it’s been a right pain keeping it reliable. This was just yesterday. The recovery company sent a very nice man out. Very, very nice man. Before you ask - the gearbox was already ruined
  7. Alfa Sprotwagon aside in my name please
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