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  1. Agreed, there are two here, without the broken/missing parts that Dinky and Corgi achieved So as as an appreciation: Good old Matchbox.
  2. Pretty sure that Routemaster is a Budgie or a copy of one. Does it say Made in England underneath and the number of seats?
  3. ‘Tis not Ford. Should be Bedford. Must find Bedford.
  4. Already have the blue Shadow Coupe, tidy, on Skinnyfasts. Also have the red Saloons, tidy, on all sets of wheels. Yet here you are tempting me with a gold Shadow Coupe on Lardyfasts. What to do? I rang lovely Sanna for advice, but she was out partying and I couldn't hear a thing Edit/Update: Lovely Sanna rang back and said yes I should buy it. Then started rambling off about her new job in London. I think she'd had a few drinks of Lakka. Well, it is Friday.
  5. 1957-59 Corgi 207M Standard Vanguard III Saloon is supposed to be a Primrose Yellow. Not eye-searing lemon yellow But it has a MECHANICAL MOTOR! That might be seized anyhow.
  6. I think I'll just Dremmel the glue down flatter and paint over them Didn't want to think about repainting it yet as I don't actually know what I've paid for it. It might be Market Blokey expensive paint. And Market Blokey expensive glue! Need to get my money's worth. However, if aliens are attracted to it, thinking it is a landing beacon, then I might have to think again.
  7. Got it back. Citroën BX 1:43 MC-Toy from Honk Kong. Unusual European car for them to cover, I think
  8. The best way to be, on a Friday. Oh, it is a nice colour scheme that Capri Classic. Good buy too. I like it. Are you sure it is not a Motormax Mini in the box though, because if it is, I'm out
  9. Aha! I just found out the listing you won. It lived in Chesham, not far from where I am sitting right now. So in the light of the upset, I am willing to offer to buy it from you for an offer of the winning bid. Then we can draw a line under the experience. It would be DAFt not to take me up on this offer.
  10. Was going to say he'd want at least a fiver or probably more. After all, it's not like he's had his stock laid out on the table for him, photographed and broadcast across the internets...
  11. If the small Superfast isn't taken, could I put my hand up for it please? Because tidy enough and the DAGS need feeding.
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