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  1. Dug out the Trabant Travesty slot car effort, for a final fit-up. Typically, scuffs did happen, what with my clumsy hands and shonky eyes. So, @jon.k, it went from this : To this : With a bit of this : But missing a rear light, so if anyone can help let me know. Might have to make one out of resin if not. But for now, the badging details should help detract the eye a bit. Ten DDR Marks to who can work out what the licence plate is in homage to? Also, remember junge Frau Brunhilda from the Sassenring showroom? She popped over to take it for a sp
  2. I think I might have bought the last £5-or-under one, just this afternoon. It's all your fault.
  3. @AndyW201 Yes thanks, I was being tongue-in-cheek about Target stores ...but to be fair, I did wonder if I missed some stores opening over here and not noticed! After all, Walmart, Bunnings etc appeared overnight to me. I seem stuck in the 90s Beatties era... when Do-It-All and Bejam were still about. Also, 'TEXAS, THE BIG ONE' was blaring out the transistor radio. I looked and the cheapest terracota Merc I found on Blighty would be £10 plus post, so forget all that I'll get a 99p green job and paint it. The detailing on those cheap main-line Mercs needs doing anyway!
  4. Wait... TERRACOTTA ?!! I very nearly bought a 300TD in that colour about ten years back. Went all way down to Dorset coast to look it over - one owner car too. Was going to convert it to run off veg oil, compete with vat in rear bay and pre-heater(s). This was before the W123 values went bonkers of course. A £1000 mistake that would be worth five times as much today Apart from wearing out my old Dad's 230E saloon, last delve into W123s was sourcing this 200 carb for a mate who took it on the Plymouth > Dakar. Where it probably still is. This was the 200 after fetching it fro
  5. FARMER TOM BOUGHT A MARX TRACTOR THE OTHER DAY. He'd never owned a Marx Tractor before, but he remembered them from when he was a boy. He bought it as a non-runner and fixed it up, so it is now working order and is activated by the knob behind his seat However, the steering mechanism has a mind of its own and he regrets it wholeheartedly. Now he's desperate to get off it before he does himself an injury.
  6. That's a grille within a grille! But the outers are supposed to be lights. Mad. Baravelli did this wonderful effort too It's supposed to be a Corniche.
  7. oops late to the party - already answered, we're now over the page
  8. The Renault looks more Like a Lancia Gamma after a bender, than a Renault Agree Guisval on the Mercedes. Don't recognise those jazzy wheels though
  9. That explains the orange one in Spain and I bet @bunglebus orange one has overstamp underneath 'Made in Italy'. There was no export channel from UK as Meccano Calais and/or Polistil Chiari would have had that cover. Because EEC. Probably. Oh, and the fact that Binns Road was shut.
  10. Why would you even bother paying £16.50 postage on a broken windscreen one anyhow Must be an easier way to not having to get an egg shell with rear axle alignment issues through customs
  11. Thankfully I didn't get back into die cast until after they were old stock. Not interested in any of those really, no appeal apart from KING KUDA and I picked that up last year despite having the much nicer green Red Line 50th Anniversary re-release with the bottle top token thing.
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