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  1. Politoys 350 GT? You must have broken the bank on that!
  2. Had one of those as a child. Had lift-up engine lid in blue rinse plastic, IIRC Never gelled-with it, it always seemed bloated and I had no real-world reference. It was probably in the fantasy car pile...
  3. This one is a die-cast base with blank I wonder if it's one of the Fujicar releases that doesn't mention Zee or Zylmex on the box?
  4. There is one here but unbranded, came from Eddy. Clearly a (ex) Zylmez casting as it has the same issue number on base 'HONDA 600 P-305 HONG KONG . Is missing back bumper and restoration never did get started. Quite rough but never seen another Should look like this as a Zylmex: While Playart did this: And Tomica did this N360: Yes it was by the late Ryu Asada. There are some posthumous designs that are to be released, if not already, not least the Raijin Express
  5. It seems they did mix and match and confused themselves.... The ones here are given 'range' names Road-Master Impy Super Cars, Road-Master Flyers, Road-Master Flyers Super Cars - or versions of each with words taken away and blanked-over on the base casting! Yet the wheels are not consistent across the 'ranges' Tiny Tom said he could give your nicer one a home quite quickly if possible
  6. Good news! - Post Lady delivered something the other day. It's since been repaired and got working Bad news - Simon Templar is RUBBISH AT PARKING Disaster.
  7. Well I never! That car has never known FTP status until now Started first time every time, hot or cold. Apart from when the battery went down during lockdown 1
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