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  1. It's the original Honda Jazz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_City_(AA)
  2. Until this week.... BANZAI ! YONEZAWA GANGU ! DIAPET ! HONDA PRERUDE ! RAKUSATSU: £3.20 ! ARIGATŌ GOZAIMASHITA ! / other daft xenophobic humour available on request
  3. Never had a Yonezawa toy. The Diapets seem to command strong money, can't get near them
  4. Crikey I missed that job lot!
  5. So, @155V6 is yours going to be a 'silent' pumper or a 'noisy' pumper, I wonder? Can't bear the suspense...!
  6. It's the stress of Ken that gave her that bit of alopecia, I reckon.
  7. Bertie thought this looked right at home in Ken's refurbished garage, going under the cut-n-shut ringer Escort he drove in there 40 years ago, took to bits and then piled his life on top of it; until just last month it was exhumed at last and given a dusting
  8. The Summer House got this last week, to go with Ken's 'trucking' theme in there, because no model lorries or buses are allowed in the house in case the Vicar comes round
  9. Most of this was chosen for the hall, landing and the turn on the stairs
  10. So much so, the lounge got one too
  11. Dolly loves her new dining room carpet
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