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  1. mustn't spend any money as been put on furlough mustn't spend any money as been put on furlough mustn't spend any money as been put on furlough mustn't spend any money as got two alfas and two princesses already two randoms please.
  2. And Snickers too I see ๐Ÿ˜Ž You are making me hungry! Great weathering on the models
  3. POST LADY WEDNESDAY All the way from Spain, a Guisval Ford Mustang Iโ€™d been hankering over. Bought quite cheaply, considering how much usually gets asked. So postage didnโ€™t hurt quite as much ....and all the way from Barrow-in-Furness, a proper original Hot Wheels Custom Fleetside, now with a set of axles and wheels fitted
  4. It's a bosozoku-style fantasy, with pointers to the Datsun C110 Skyline 'Ken-Mari'; one of two takeyari-equipped bubble-flared shark-nosed zokusha in the Hot Wheels lineup since 2012. No, I doubt I could read that through again either.
  5. Plenty of slot car bodyshells you could build from, if you wanted to upscale
  6. ..Besides, just look at it... There's been more accurate scaling by a Zylmex employee on drunk Friday afternoon. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Don't forget a Triumph Acclaim is worth five Escorts. It's the rules.
  8. The difference is the two slats cut on the nose. Cavalier Coupe and Sports Hatch (despite being built on same line at Genk) had the pressing kept without the cuts being punched out. Chevair had the same front on the sedans too
  9. That's a proper Opel Manta I had a Manta in that very colour for my second car.
  10. ..and the Alfa Sei So I've answered my own question, sorry!
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