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  1. Powertrack slot car, I have the track here ready to accommodate pretty please
  2. Is the Batmobile the red bat wheel version
  3. @bunglebus The 1982 Hot Wheels Rapid Transit city bus at the back in the HW photo That's old and faded and gone all beige
  4. FFS Been clicking the trigger finger again Commemorative 55th Anniversary, 60th Anniversary and USA edition 2015 special job thing But I'm not into buses at allᵀᴹ
  5. Yes 'Series II' that ran for the four intervening years, evolving into the IIa (horizontal slat grille, central speedo etc) The 'Series III' revision for 1956 was marketed as the 1000 from then-on
  6. Shantou Zhehong copy of Tomica's Mitsubishi Fuso 'Aero Queen' tour bus There are other colours available, including an equally eye-searing mint green
  7. When it comes to that sort of money I just buy a donor and paint the blighter
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