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  1. Crikey that was a quick win! I expected the wheels to confuse at it's sitting on a Micro Scalextric chassis. Race & Chase had the white Corvette, while this is from a Powertrack LaneChanger set, hence the wide front arches
  2. SuperKings Saturday Spectacle 1975 'Transporter', I assume a fantasy model despite wearing registration AKB 546M. The load isn't labelled anywhere but I always thought it was the Folland Gnat used by the Red Arrows RAF display team. Arguments welcome. Aside it is the 1972 'Racing Car Transporter' more likely fantasy but looked period with the grille. This one the more valuable in the white Martini Racing livery. It's lost its canopy and the Martini livery 'Hi-Tailer' load, so I've substituted something else which will win you *ten points* if you can identify maker, range and model ! The excitement heats up.
  3. ahem..... There's a Tomica effort too
  4. Very! I live right next door so can help you escape and take you for a pint 😎
  5. Interesting that Matchbox did a completely different front end casting for this
  6. Not until you fetch one of these you can't
  7. Airfix wheels indeed...! They are off the Scalextric Porsche 804 Yes please with a cherry on top, it will (should) have a proper sixties RX motor and I need one of those anyhow. Has Triang stamp so has the earlier loop braids, perhaps metal contrate gear and brass bushes too Repro exhausts available for the price of a pint of eurofizz
  8. My ElectroMaestro is also missing bulbs and the cell carrier.
  9. Some hot Corgi BENZ action. eBay trigger finger purchase W114 DIESEL RALLY CAR arrived yesterday Found in a 50p distressed state at car boot sale the other week, complete with its windows put through; a W123 BONNA AMBULANCE. May become slot car, in banger livery, with added bonus of being heavy enough to uproot the plastic armco and clout the skirting.
  10. Anyone driving south passing Sheffield? Or just nearby to collect a box of Scalextric Pretty please, etc You're welcome to set it all up and play with it for a while if it helps. The missus will love* it all out on the lounge floor. Cheers
  11. Can confirm Torino and Radio Luxembourg use PP3 too
  12. Glue is a worry, indicating it's been taken to bits over and over... I have guides and wheels so if the motor is in there perhaps £8
  13. Thanks for checking them over, I think I 'll leave them for now 😎
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