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  1. If I said ‘Heller Cliclac’ what would you say? Would you say ‘Mon dieu, avec les Renault Trafic modele reduits super!’ ? Maybe not. But here we have FOUR examples, two of which had been converted to 1/32 slot cars. The Ambulance has a roof bulb wired in. The Africa Safari one has two motors, driving independent axles; so has independent* 4WD, shocker. The custom blue one is tacky mental and the bare one I am pondering to dress in ELF Tyrrell team livery, for the hell of it. Bought from eBay.fr for a few pounds; the intention is to also motorise them both... when time is found I’ll go now.
  2. I must have blown £20 in fuel chasing Matchbox W123 Wagons in multiple Tescos across two counties now Ghosty mentioned on the forum of wob that he’s been paying £1.20 for Matchbox... however in my southernish town Tesco were £1.75 on Wednesday but I went in on Friday they were now at £1.80. But HW still at £1.50 though. All I want is the elusive Merc W123 Wagon. But, no. Just Trekkers, '61 Rancheros and typical Camaros etc and that Banana car in abundance /obsession
  3. Great news! Glad wife is back at 10% baseline too Join Alfaowner forum as everything is on there to assist with upkeep #11 and #34 in the bank please
  4. Prepare for memory de-hazing! Mine is missing the little hose that attaches to the rear
  5. No I doubt that, the examples for sale aren’t in bulk. It would only make sense to buy in bulk and from the importer directly. More likely just folks like me that buy something(s) to get out their system and then sell on
  6. Had this shipped over from France Majorette 1/32. Ford Econoline (I think). I liked the colour scheme l thought it unusual and that is my excuse
  7. I feel robbed! I saw this for sale and, ....well I never.
  8. I could do something with the CF, custom van idea thing I’ve a tidy one already and don’t want to spoil it
  9. Here's an idea. Might even be a commission if I ask nicely? And why? Because it was a real car. https://www.aronline.co.uk/cars/bmc/1800-2200/bmc-18002200-mg-version/ Also why? Because a mate made this out of a Vanguards Wolseley
  10. Well shite-minders are looking at something at yr-10 with 120k I reckons. So that's Tagoras right out. 159 it is, then,
  11. They just don't stock them down here Feeling like I'm missing out on something. I go to sleep at night worrying about how I'm going to achieve a Merc W123 purchase.
  12. The Me too, ever since I caught glimpse of one Nasty three-quarter view
  13. I would rather the Creepy Make Up
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