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  1. Looks like ground/deck aircraft personel. Not found a match yet
  2. Went big car boot. It was packed. Zero social distancing efforts from our east european and traveller friends, who were in abundance and seem to have made it their own. Nothing worth buying either. Went to Big Clock Tower Tesco. This was the state of it. Useless.
  3. Superb! 😄 A Benz ADO16. Well I never.
  4. This early-60s Telsalda looks like a model of an Anderson prop, but it was in fact the original A number were bought, adapted and used in the series' Here is one in a Stingray episode
  5. PM me your email addr. There are much better ways than Bluetoothing across
  6. That probably rules-out iCloud then. Do you have an Outlook/Hotmail account? Google account?
  7. I think the photos were eaten, along with the pasty
  8. Notice that the base has the odd statement 'No.70½ U.S. VAN' across the range.
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