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  1. ...Smyths didn't have any Cadillac Sevilles after all. Drives me potty, trying to look down into the racks of Hot Wheels mainlines and having to pull each aside to find a particular model when half of them came of the runner and fell down, as usual. Grrr. So in a fit of despair ended up with these just the cheer myself up. The Boulevard Rover P6 and the AutoStrasse Mercedes The shame of it all At least the petrol wasn't wasted. That's what I told myself, at the tills. Managed to make it back without getting shot, not even once. And why spend that sort of money and take such a risk? Well I also told myself (still at the tills as there was a queue) that tonight is the monthly pub quiz at my local. Will probably be putting that money behind the bar anyhow. But we might win like last month! Still, the shame of it all.
  2. ...anyway Big Tesco was a big waste of time. I don't know why other parts of the country are better supported. I mean, just look at that mess. The top tags are for Matchbox 5 packs and next to them the Hot Wheels 5 packs. No singles whatsoever, even of Hot Wheels. But why? Which meant having to drive all the way to the nearest Smiths. In GUNSMOKE LUTON.
  3. Ohh... didn't know there had been a retool of the Bustleback Seville. Oh no, that meant having to check https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/Cadillac_Seville and then start fussing about getting into town to try and get hold of one In the meantime, your post made Tom pop into the boxes of tat to fish out an original first-release casting example from the eighties to get a quick fix Also hadn't realised the was some value in these The temptation to paint over the silver part with gold is being suppressed! For now.
  4. When was that photo taken though? It's been on a SORN since autumn 2020
  5. Yes, but none left on the road https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/lancia_thema_v6_auto
  6. Then pair-up your military AEC cab with one of these loads
  7. Hoynor Car Transporter Presume 'SC' was Silcock & Colling Ltd who were in vehicle haulage 1945-84 and merged with Tolemans Were a major player apparently, had the Ford contract (as we can see above) and eventually were brought into Ford Transport Operations division. Which means only one thing - you can only put Fords on the back when you fix it to the Hoynor car trailer you already own!
  8. If you've not sent my DanBox yet, please yes that's the sort of thing my Daughter will laugh at, at breakfast It's Rotwheeler, new for 1995 along with another oddball for your Tat Menagerie, named Stinger. The year before, you had Tailgator and Rhino Rod. Drugs.
  9. Cotton buds to do the inside of the windows and interiors
  10. It seems there was a whole fleet! Harry Ferguson Formula and Dunlop Maxaret ABS for safety. But no rear seat belts... And Vanguards have never modelled it, because...?
  11. Now that's thrown me. I had assumed the outer bumper device was the siren louspeaker and the inset device the pass light. Like these So what is on the Corgi Zephyr then? Big blue light and a bell? A flat design large electric bell? It also seems odd this Zephyr IV from almost a decade later would be fitted with a pair of Winkworth bells from another era Corgi's own advertising drawing shows an old Winkworth on the other side too This Zephyr III wears a trio as well What a racket
  12. Not surprised that is really smart. For a moment there I was going to re-subscribe! Glad you posted that. Hadn't realised about the tools in the back! Made me have a dig. Ok, looks like the white was in fact a white not cream, although the lighting/cheap mobile phone metering has pulled a yellowing out in the first photo that isn't really there in the flesh! Will see about painting this first I think, rather than buy another (famous last words). Had thought about making it a civilian, but the cast-in siren and light don't deserve being cut out. They did a civilian casting variation anyway? So perhaps opportunity* to do in a blue to match the Commer Police van? The Spot-On Zodiac agreed So much so, it was lit up with excitement at the prospect
  13. Bit spooky the Mercury gets a mention, as I found this out earlier, didn't know I had it! Anyway, gave it a papping It's not a Fire Chief, that's something like a Bull's head on the hood. The Fire Chief was the Park Lane sedan, sticker on the 1974 're-sticker' is similar colouring but of a helmet and axes. Which of course means that repro Fire Chief stickers need to go onto a repainted in red Police Car Wagon! To create a 'Missing Link' variation to photograph, put up on the web and make old men in Connecticut have a fit
  14. It was a response to Zephyr IV I now realised the Matchbox release was in fact the upgraded Zodiac IV !
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