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  1. Yes could be old stock after all. I've checked the Matchbox Cadillac One limo and it's a 2015 release https://matchbox.fandom.com/wiki/Cadillac_One As an aside: check out the 2016 US election ones in the link above! The 'Hillary for prison' one with roof showing her behind bars is quite telling....! I assume this would be a code-2?
  2. I wondered how they got hold of this MB stock
  3. I've never seen MB in a TK Maxx. Toy section at TK Maxx here is almost desolate anyhow. The rest of the shop is like a Next sale cast-off / jumble sale clothes shop Morrisons here don't even have HW. Lots of greetings cards though..
  4. Found articles https://www.tescoplc.com/news/2019/iconic-matchbox-makes-comeback-tesco/ https://www.facebook.com/MakeMatchboxGreatAgain/
  5. I remember the Tesco announcement many many months ago that they took it on because they were surprised there was no UK retail distributor of MB
  6. My dilemmas are similar. I dwell on the possibilities too much and nothing gets finished. As has happened here! My suggestion to resolve your dilemma is keep the *authentic yellow glazing, swap the broken engine stack row, swap the seat section that holds the front and third row of pipes. The stack rows are separate; the pipes are on two separate pieces Then paint the donor in an upscale similar homage Then realise the house can't fix itself, bag them up and forget about them
  7. New one on me. I have never known of this blue one! Found one on eBay for ££ so will have to wait.
  8. Eddy Ram Rod writes a book, ready for the Xmas rush. The Waterstone’s signing event lasts the weekend. David Hasselhoff is in town and pops by for a photocall with Eddy. TikTok dance videos from Joanna Lumley and Brian Blessed play on screens above. It just might happen!
  9. Yes same here. Standing in the shop, cash donation ready (might even bump it up, because: charity); but refuse to sell it to me without consulting the 'expert' who 'won't be in until Tuesday'. When pressing them, the expert is nothing more than the store manager looking up eBay listings. Please don't get me wrong, what angers me is the charity 'industry' seems to have become corrupted. Even ten years ago the NSPCC was being investigated as they were giving just 30% to the cause. The rest swallowed by advertising (25%!), board/consultant salaries and the hefty legal bills protecting th
  10. Very similar around here in the *affluent towns on the commuter belt, main examples being the locked glazed cupboards inside antique/retro halls at Hitchin/Berkhamsted/Welwyn, etc. It's clear they are rented side-line areas of the store. Nothing moves for many months but that's because it's a side-line for their day job. Perhaps I should do the same with my collection? What sells, sells; what doesn't, I take home and display for a while. Rotation for the nation. I see the same in charity shops too. Oxfam in Welwyn prices everything like it's a collector's and seller's market.
  11. Spent a few weeks this summer smoking about Cornwall and Devon in this. Also bits of Norfolk and Kent (on different weekends!) 2005 Jumper (Ducato) with the 2.8 four and auto box. Once off the line it belts along even with the tanks brimmed (has wet room). Gearbox works very well (a great pairing, must admit was surprised) and is young enough to be thoughtful to change down for you on descent. Fuel mileage proved to be surprisingly good. I likened it to driving a Luton-size van, but with (almost) the relaxing air of a down-scale American RV. Belongs to my parents, retirement
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