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  1. Pontins to close two of it's sites including the one in Prestatyn.
  2. I got two thirds of the way through this and was surprised nothing had happened to the frontera.
  3. X 10 in the public sector.
  4. I passed my mod 4 of my CPC this morning. Mucho happy.
  5. Visited my gym. After battling through Widnes traffic ( it seems to have got worse in the last few months) I stopped for fuel on the way home at Bold Heath. Petrol station was rammed - I parked with the filler away from the pump because I and many on here realise you can pull the pipe out! A white juke was parked next to me - so far from the pump I opened my door and realised I would have to do the lambada to get out - I honestly thought osmosis was the only way I would get out of the car. The Juke was replaced by a mini whose driver got the car much nearer to his pump.
  6. Royal Mail. Wife does Avon. Box delivered the other day - obvious it had been opened. Same again today - one end of the box completely missing and taped up. Some cosmetics in various states of damage along with two hilka magnetic tool trays ( Avon don't sell tools) and a box with omron on the inside ( something electronic but the contents were missing). Evri damage things but this really takes the piss.
  7. Our old estate is still on the road. My brothers' saloon which my dad inherited - looks to have been scrapped. The saloon's gearbox failed big time - even getting first gear to get it on a low loader took some doing. Guy who bought it put a box in it but it only lasted another few years. 3rd gear on our estate started to baulk - I dropped the gearbox oil and replaced it with fuchs titan sinto fluid ( used on later passats) which made a hell of a difference. However no oil will fix worn parts so it was punted on. I would look on marketplace for a used alloy - but a car that age I would do nothing more than that.
  8. I attempted to have a look at the insignia's glove box illumination. It only worked when I pulled the glovebox to do the cabin filter. The theory is sound but the execution can be best described as "shit". Everytime I put the glovebox back it stopped working. In the end I gave up. It's a common problem. This is the first car I have ever owned that does not give me any pride - I feel the same about this as I would a freezer or a cooker. I felt more pride in the utter nails I have owned in the past. Hopefully I can chop it in in the new year.
  9. Near the end of the Clarkson/May/Hammond era I stopped watching because, for me anyway, it became about egos and certainly not about cars. Three blokes fucking about - albeit with cars in the background - deffo has a shelf life. Still room for top gear - but not like the one of the last twenty years.
  10. MOT'd for another 12 months. It will however need new rubber in the new year.
  11. If the box is still fine then I wouldn't worry - both of ours developed gearbox issues which meant it was time to go.
  12. Sue's father gave the greatest quote in movie history. " ....iv'e done some things..."
  13. Yes - but I think it needs tech 2 and a VX specialist.
  14. Had a couple of ditchfinders fitted to the insignia. It had a fault code - and light - for a faulty TPMS. Imagine my disgust to find car has no sensors fitted - the fault code obviously a red herring from before somebody fitted the VXR wheels. That's £50 wasted on a sensor. Then a couple of the nuts decided to give up their threads - I drove home with three nuts on one wheel - my arse was like pingu's mouth. Euro crap arts provided two new nuts. Lookers simply stated they had nothing for a car " that old". On this forum 2014 is brand new.
  15. Cheshire police stopped a zafira on the M62 at Warrington as it appeared "overloaded". There were fifteen people onboard.All unrestrained. It must have looked like a hydrofoil.
  16. When the local bin men are on strike Thinking of getting professor Brian Cox out to our blue bin - so much shite in it it defies all known physical laws.
  17. Looks lovely. I really miss my e60. Even 60mpg and £35 road tax that goes with my vauxhall does not compensate for the absence of a bent eight.
  18. Before I buy tyres I need a new tyre pressure sensor as one has failed. I am wary of the cheap chinese items - the cheapest I can get a genuine item is £50. Unnecessary tech because people cannkt check tyre pressures.
  19. I get the shakes when I see polybushes - having fitted them to the rear subframe on a mk3 mondeo. Never again.....
  20. Bren

    New purchase

    The paint on this was making my teeth itch - the weather and me doing my LGV meant it was lucky to get even a wash. I took a clay bar to it. I don't think the poor car has ever seen a coat of polish - the lubricant looked like gravy after I had applied the clay. I then applied some poorboys black hole. Sadly only a full repaint will make it perfect which isn't going to happen. The car has had money spent on it - but no love. It really needs tyres - all are legal but not by much - wheelspin in second gear is easy - a combination of quality tyres and cheapo ditchfinders plus the rubber is hard enough to roller skate on. Even mid - range ones are over £130 a corner so I am unsure what I will do.
  21. I know. I look like I have piles.
  22. Passed my C+E today. Zero minors. To say I am happy is an understatement.
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