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  1. I fancied a pie for my dinner. Until I saw my reflection in the TV. I am beginning to look like I have been rogered by an omnibus. Must get back in the gym.
  2. We had a severe weather warning here yesterday - flash floods. It dribbled for about half an hour. I wonder how much the met office costs? Reading tea leaves would be cheaper.
  3. It is so hot here that when I have just sprayed lube on the BM's door locks the lube started spitting.
  4. I used the vectra for my visit to Wythenshawe hospital. The computer showed a disappointing 36.8 mpg prior to my journey. My wife does a lot of short trips. I reset the computer and kept the speed to 55 - 60. Managed 56 going and this dropped to just over 50 on the return journey. The car could do with a new air filter.
  5. Did the busa's brake pads. They had some meat but not much. Just swapped the anti rattle springs over and put it back together.
  6. While travelling down the M56 to my hospital appointment something on the other side of the motorway was smoking so badly I thought they were filming a remake of goldfinger. It was a mk 4 mondeo. And it was obviously on its last.
  7. Saw a car for sale on tinterweb. I had the temerity to ask the seller some questions to which he never replied. Am I supposed to just turn up and hand over a large amount of money?
  8. Apolgies for the multiple photos at the start. No idea why this happened.
  9. Did a couple of jobs on the vectra today despite sounding like a sith lord. The passenger side window switch was inoperative - it is always dirty contacts. You can't strip this one like the drivers side so I removed it and soaked it in switch cleaner. It cured the problem. The check arms on both front doors were very noisy - the rollers in the mechanism were worn. They are reversable - you simply unscrew the arm from the post and rotate it 180. Then undo the two nuts from the door and push the assembly into the door - you rotate the whole lot so the bracket for the door post now fits against the a post. Button it up and see if it is quiet. What you are doing is adjusting the arm so that it works against the unworn roller. Fortunately a previous owner hadn't tried this and the other roller was unworn. I did have a bit of a disaster with the drivers side when I let it fall into the door. I had to remove the door card and speaker to get it out. I seized the opportunity to lube the regulator for the window. I know vauxhalls dont have much love on here but their plastics are excellent - no broken tabs or clips unlike previous german cars we have owned. We have started to look at possible replacements. It is 15 years old and covered 154k. It runs well however it is not great on diesel and the road tax is a salty £340 a year. The lacquer is starting to peel on the roof and bonnet and too many fat arses have squashed the seat bolsters into submission. The aircon and electric sunroof still work perfectly. These arrived this morning for the 'busa. I will fit them tomorrow before I attend hospital for my two weekly injections - I call it a stab and a brew.
  10. I feel lousy today. But this has cheered me up.
  11. My dad has a new MG - 1 Litre 3 pot auto. Around town he is getting mid to high twenties.
  12. Fecking asthma. Wheezing like Darth Vader. Took 50mg of prednisilone - still waiting for them to kick in.
  13. An empty package. It was already opened - cheeky barsteward just put an empty envelope through the door.
  14. My wife ordered me some flare nut spanners from Amazon. This is what we received -
  15. Took my eldest to college today. Saw two cars fall victim to the heat. A lot of poorly maintained cars will give up today.
  16. I have had eosiniphilic asthma since 2015. It doesn't respond to normal meds - steroids, and if severe enough, biologics are required. Mine has never been so bad - even a flight of stairs becomes a major obstacle. I am finding that now, even after steroids, I am wheezing and rattling. I used to hide it but I can't anymore. Staff at the hospital think the high pollen count will have something to do with this ( I agree - to a point) - my concern is that the covid I had in January has affected me, or in particular, my lungs.
  17. You can. But it won't be easy. And the end result will be a heinz 57. I also like the MG Maestro. If I could have any MG it would be s montego turbo - red, C/D reg. Would go nice with an SD1 Vitesse.
  18. I can endorse this by being a habitual SD1 owner.
  19. I bought a few pairs of SD1 self levellers when Rover went bust. New old stock. Sold for five times what I gave for them.
  20. When I was welding for a living my foreman would state " IT WAS ALRIGHT YESTERDAY" when I told him my plant had died - which was often. Eventually I pointed out the titanic was alright when it sailed out of Southampton.
  21. Riding the busa to work this morning it slowed down as if Cyril Smith had materialsed on the pillion. Engine ran normally but then I noticed how soft the brake lever had become. A caliper strip and clean it is then.
  22. I remember my brother hammering his R5 GT turbo from the Farnborough air show back to Widnes four up. It did 23 mpg.
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