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  1. Much nicer than the corgi juniors example.
  2. Not grumpy. Sad. The miniature pony centre on Dartmoor is closing due to rising costs. Went there a few times when the boys were small. It won't be the last.
  3. M56. In particular the temporary 50 limit after the airport. The road surface is so bad it will cause an accident. Holes everywhere.
  4. Bren

    End of shite?

    Car mechanics have taken on a 2010 mondeo -£2k plus fees. Chopped in because clutch failing. Needs a timing belt and other jobs. Add all this up and it's a lot for a 13 year old car. And it could still crap itself like their insignia project.
  5. I bought a genuine GM zorst for mine - iirc I paid £140 for it in 1995. The quality was impressive - made aftermarket ones look like bacofoil.
  6. A great read. Unfortunately running an old V8 has moved on a bit from beer money SD1's.
  7. Ebay sellers. Had my eye on a plastic kit before xmas - auction was finished suddenly. Now back on at reduced price. Closer inspection shows it is likely incomplete. Messaged seller to enquire. Pleaded ignorance. Just check - it's not hard.
  8. The boat gift set is one of my faves.
  9. On holiday in Devon last year I thought I had struck lucky - clocked the superfast RS2000 box amongst a pile of others. Sadly inside was a very battered phantom - I passed. I have the shell version on a blister - the boxed example is on my wish list.
  10. Pre face lift cars IMHO are better looking. Post just look like they have a cheap bodykit fitted.
  11. Surprised it lasted well in that garage.
  12. Once driven forever smitten. Dougie's red top cavalier more than likely written off on the M40 after hitting debris on the carriageway. Good job a biker didn't hit it.
  13. All but vanished. Duggie on once driven forever smitten has a very low mileage example.
  14. I'll bet they don't sell many. I was going to sell my 545 this spring - it's immaculate and low mileage. However perusing the usual places everything is utter shite - higher miles, cat N/S, some of the stuff is visibly fucked. I may as well keep it and spend some money on finishing the SD1.
  15. I was hoping home servcing would make a comeback given most people's finances and the difficulty of findjng competent workshops that don't charge the earth. Maybe it will?
  16. On talking pictures. Vanishing point.
  17. Chinese company? Pyrotechnics?
  18. I posted on a completely different thread that I really don't blame anybody for wanting brand new. It is getting more and more difficult to keep an older car on the road.
  19. Looking at RR sport on ebay. Those that can move under their own power appear to be small in number.
  20. When the valve stem oil seals failed on my 545 ( it smoked like a pope being elected on the deck of the Admiral Kuznetzov when hot ) replies from local specialists ranged from " not a repair we offer any more " to tumbleweeds. I bit the bullet and took it to a place in Nuneaton who could do valve stem seals easily. On arrival it was obvious they took on the type of work that had the rest running for the hills - they specialise in turbo rebuilds, walnut blasting - in other words they did more than just servicing and brakes which is what many "specialists" just want to "specialise" in because easy. How come they could do the job easily and cheaply (£1k) but nobody else gave a flying fook? I did notice many of techs appeared to be eastern european - maybe they have a greater skill set? Work ethic? Dunno. There are good still good specialists out there - but you need to do your homework.
  21. I used Preston auto transmissions. They were very good and appear to be well regarded.
  22. It looks nice. Sadly the thought of having to put sills on etc. put me off one of these.
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