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  1. A box arrived today. A big one. In fact it was so heavy I could barely lift the bastard- Rear pads and discs for the 545. Even the rear discs are a whopping 345mm in diameter - I believe they are the same as the M5. The pads also fit certain bentleys.
  2. Tesco widnes. Petrol station closed. Tried one nearby - many of the pumps off. Lack of tanker drivers? Dog pissed up my punchbag. And I havn't even got to work yet.
  3. Commiserations to those sacked from government. Must be especially painful knowing you were sacked from a cabinet that has Nadine Dorries.
  4. The sun is setting on V8's - at some point they will be legislated to death. Get one now. Any one.
  5. The professionals sacraficed quite a few FD's
  6. Great news. A bit of attention with a strobe should see your top speed increase.
  7. Fantastic. Late father in law had one. My uncle also - my dad said it was lovely metallic red ( garnet starmist?). His wife said it was lovely until they drove through water and she got her feet wet. Yep rot killed most of these. I always thought the styling cried out for a modest V8 under the bonnet.
  8. Things just get better. The vectra needs another tyre. Same side as the other. It was completely flat overnight. Another inner side wall. Trying to explain to wife about driving over pot holes and other things has been a waste of time - I feel like Blackadder teaching baldrick how to count beans.
  9. The chase is on youtube. The car looks fab. I would love an american but the boat has sailed. I saw a 1971 Galaxie custom on tinterweb last night - £13k. Lovely metallic green four door but salty price wise. I would have lost the trims and just drove it like Burt Reynolds.
  10. From the frenche film " Le Marginal" driven by Jean Paul Belmondo. I think it looks the canines' knackers.
  11. Despite being under a specialist for my asthma it has got much worse over the last two months - it is even keeping me awake at night. I was recalled to the hospital for an emergency review - was told my eosiniphils and FeNo were very high. I am waiting to go on a different shot. I have also been suffering with aching joints, bones, headache, earache and nausea - it didn't register this started when my asthma got worse. I cannot even get through to my doctor and I have rang the unit that looks after me but they havn't returned my calls. My concern is that something like vasculitis is on the horizon. It is so long since I felt well I cannot recall what it feels like.
  12. Is this the one with expensive road tax?
  13. I managed to start the SD1. Twongallins of momentum and turning the dizzy anti clockwise had it going eventually. I need to top the coolant off and get the strobe on it tomorrow. I celebrated by going to the gym. On the way the Idrive informed me my rear pads need replacing. The lord giveth. And the lord taketh away.....
  14. My 545 is 17 years old. It is used most days and not bad on fuel. 96 k on the clock and in excellent condition - it gets a lot of comments. I still get " when are you changing your car ?" off work colleagues. My answer is when it becomes uneconomical to fix. I could go and buy something like a focus but I like my driving to be an experience - a V8 car, even an oldie like mine, must be more satisfying to drive than a new focus for a fraction of the cost. Yes, my car has chucked up a couple of big bills but that is to be expected on an old e60. The problem is getting somebody to do the big jobs - replacing the valve stem oil seals required taking the car to Nuneaton from Warrington - the local specialists didn't wan't to know. And this can be the issue with any older car - once you start having issues beyond servicing and minor repairs finding somebody to do repairs can be a pain - our vectra demonstrated this - 8 broken rockers and a crank pulley had it running but you would think I had asked for the hubble space telescope to be fixed. My parents were one of millions caught up in the high interest rates of 1990 (15%) - I remember the for sale sign going up in the front garden. Waiting for people to knock on the door puts you off ever having too much debt - it did with me.
  15. I have never bought from a scrappy for years - their prices were no longer cheap enough - not their fault - somebody has to pay for all the environmental controls imposed on them. The final straw was buying a brake caliper for a galant - they sent the wrong side and it was utterly fucked.
  16. Bren

    E10 Fuel

    My e60 prefers V power but round here it is more expensive than diesel.
  17. I think it would respond well to a four barrel and some tubular fanny moulds - you could get hi po versions of the 289.
  18. What does it go like with the 289 and two barrel carb?
  19. I have only ever been in one omega - a company car that my mate borrowed. He remarked the 2.5 V6 was not much good from the lights but one it was going it was ok. The car was moved one when the engine developed a rattle - dealer said he would need it for a week...
  20. Much jealous. I would even settle for a fox bodied mustang but even the value of those has risen significantly.
  21. Lovely colour with my favourite wheels. The look so much better than the post facelift which to me look like they have a cheap bodykit fitted.
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