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  1. That definitely is something that can happen with these. I suspect it's got a cat in the manifold though, like the Charade, so not very easy to isolate it. Worth a look though. Video is up taking a first look around it.
  2. Something doesn't feel 100% right. It really does hate steep hills and you have to absolutely floor it to get up them. It kicks down to first, so you ease off and it changes up to second, and doesn't have the torque to pull it, so you floor it again repeat etc. You can't lock it in first, only restrict it to second, third or fourth. Does the same thing on the motorways if you hit an incline, loses momentum, kickdown to get back to 70, changes up, loses momentum... I can't really rule out it just being because its a 59bhp 1-litre allied to a slushbox, but it doesn't feel quite right. Will have some findings in a video probably tomorrow so don't want to get too spoily.
  3. Cheers folks. A rare win! Though it's nowhere near as much fun as the manual! If it wasn't so nice, I'd consider converting it.
  4. Nope. 7pm tonight. Only the second car collection caper of 2022! I bought more cars during lockdown...
  5. Ugh. The day did not go well. While I was still hunting for somewhere to film the initial walkaround, the engine started missing badly and I was limping along at 20mph. Then not even that. Had to pull over on the side of a 60mph road and slap my hand down on the top of the carb to try and clear a blockage. Then it conked out again where I filmed the intro... Could not get it to start, but managed to wriggle the fuel feed pipe from the pump so I could use it to effectively prime the carburettor by cranking the engine a little. By this time, typically, it had stopped raining and the screenwash proved to be broken... But mostly, I ran out of time. I had to film the Panhard, then the AU Ute, then had to load up the Berlingo and hot-foot it 300-miles back to Wales. It was a very long day! I was gutted, because Panhard wipers are just so hypnotic. I did record a TikTok, because I'm cool and down with da kids.
  6. Turns out you can fit quite a lot of Aussie Ford inside a Berlingo. A fruitful 620-mile drive to Essex and back. Rear doors, bootlid, headlining, four wheels and tyres, front bumper and various engine ancilliaries and interior oddments. Also got to drive an AU Ute with the Windsor V8 (taken from the XR8 that donated these parts). And a Panhard. It's been a good week.
  7. Power is exciting, don't get me wrong, but there's a time and a place for it, and I increasingly feel roads are not that. The Alpine GTA had about the perfect amount of power, but even with that I wasn't fully able to exploit it, and found myself the wrong side of the limit (off camera) on occasion. There's definitely more fun in driving a slow car fast than fast car slow. Despite that, I am giving very serious thought to a 720 engine for the 2CV next year...
  8. Genuinely not interested. It's impossible to exploit such power on public roads, and so becomes an exercise in sheer frustration.
  9. Yes, I turned down an Audi S4 in New Zealand (I think it was an R4). Then the owner mentioned he also owned an Isuzu Mu Wizard and I was I WANT IT! Also got offered a more modern Audi recently with over 470bhp - just not right for the channel, so declined. More often, folk end up in my 'pending' email folder and I never actually find myself anywhere near them. Frustrating that, for both parties!
  10. Crikey. That Monza was some time ago! Glad it's still going. Please email ian@hubnut.org and I'll see what I can arrange. Actually already done an eGolf! Liked it a lot.
  11. Oh and thanks to everyone else for their comments. One rule I've always stuck to is to make videos I'd actually want to watch myself, so it has always been a bit personal to me, and kind of ignores what would probably do well for views. I love that freedom, even if it probably costs me... That's not to say I utterly ignore comments about what content people would like to see though, I enjoy that feedback loop and it does have an impact somewhere in the depths of my mind. The camping videos have been an interesting experiment - very Marmite in the comments but certainly not a direction we'd be jumping into full-time. I miss Collection Capers, but don't so much miss the results... (ie a load of cars I struggle to move on)
  12. Sorry WTC. We were away over the weekend and I've only just seen this. Classic rags are all about 'pickbait' which is why it's always a red MGB. Always. Videos are the same, but can throw up some odd curve balls. Yes, my red MGB video did quite well tis year, but so did the Renault Espace and Vauxhall Senator. How the frig are you meant to predict that? Driving a DS on 3 wheels? Almost 1 million views. Doing the same in my GSA? Utterly MEH. The Jaguar S-Type did quite nicely, but not as well as the Austin 3-Litre. Didn't predict that one either. Going clickbait would probably work, but I'm shit at it, and people tend to see through it and get annoyed if it seems to clickbaity. I just like to engage with comments, and spend far too much of my life doing so. But I think there is a factor in the algorithm, so it'll promote a video with loads of comments ahead of one that doesn't. Though I'm not sure what happens if you disable comments... I think there's definitely something to be said for doing a video on something that isn't yet getting much love. The Berlingo videos have done surprisingly well, so I suspect a Saxo VTR video would be a great idea. I'd ruin it by arranging to do a 1.5D instead... Late 1980s/early 1990s is a massive area of growth at the moment - Retro Rides, Radwood, FOTU and the like tapping into that vein very nicely. I guess the problem for me is this growth is driving values up, so they're no longer the cheap cars HubNut was all about. Quite what the HubNut cars of ten years time will be, I've no idea at all.
  13. Cheers Maxxo. A few have said that. Quite relieving in a way! I'm still trying to understand how it works, but it clearly detects the current flow through the reverse lamps so the rear wiper comes on with the fronts when you reverse. But having two blown bulbs confuses it into thinking the reverse lights are on, so the rear wiper comes on with the fronts even going forwards... Anyway, all sorted now. 6000 miles covered since May, the subject of today's video. Pic taken this morning when I was on kiddie taxi duty.
  14. Yeah, got caught out by the Berlingo but I was actually right. Replacing the reverse light bulbs did stop the rear wiper coming on while going forwards. All very odd.
  15. I fear I've utterly missed the boat for an Ami 6 sadly. But I'm really looking forward to gaining some working space around the cars. It'll make a serious difference to have more room.
  16. Yeah, though I wonder about moving the GSA on as well. It doesn't really fit the fleet and I panic constantly about scratching it. Not rushing into that one, but something to consider next year. Not finding it hard to avoid buying cars to be honest. Only one vehicular purchase this year ignoring the camper!
  17. Took deposits for the good Oltcit and Fox last night. Downsizing is actually happening! Naturally mixed emotions, but in truth, I had far too many cars, most of which were going nowhere. Now I can focus on core fleet members, especially the 2CV (needs an engine rebuild) and Invacar (total sympathetic restoration). Burnt Oltcit will be picked over for spares by the owner of the good one, but is then FOC to anyone who can make use of it. In other news, hoping to finally gave the Charade up and driving today. It has been far too long - rather indicative of how little tinkering time I have these days.
  18. They are dangerous, but people like doing dangerous things. I'd say more dangerous than a motorbike in some ways. Especially the way they catch a crosswind.
  19. I'm not doing much better. Four on the road out of ten, one utterly dead, one (2CV) pretty dead. Invacar and Fox far from happy mechanically (though both still driving). Apart from the GSA and Invacar (one outing), only the Berlingo and Fairmont have actually moved under their own steam in the past four months. I really need a clearout (Oltcits still for sale, Fox likely to be).
  20. It's the best way to get a feel for a car... LBF - I only paid a quid each for the lamps, and was more interested in the boxes than the lamps themselves. We're preferring rechargeable LED lamps for lighting to be honest. You'd be welcome to the lamps if we can get them to you, before they disappear into the abyss that is my storage unit.
  21. Exactly this. I don't think it's fair to discuss the details of the person, especially when so much is unknown or may want to be kept private. Offline, I've made enquiries but it's not fair to discuss that in public. Whereas the car is there to be discussed, and hopefully saved. While the parts may have a theoretical potential of over £5000, I find it highly unlikely that much would actually sell and do hope the car can find a new home.
  22. An amazing story with a sad end. I genuinely hope he's ok as we've not really heard from him for about a year.
  23. In sad news. Bother. A rather famous Cedric. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144699657034?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=OFRhPSGuQ2S&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=iZ3IIUXiRZa&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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