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  1. We're on Plan B ourselves because the Berlingo has ruled itself out...
  2. We may have to rename the Mighty Dacia... Bums! Bear in mind if you have an £11 ticket, you need a pass to enter the show or it's likely the museum will demand an extra fiver to not be in the show (not our rule). We genuinely do not mind if you bring a daily.
  3. Well this is my cup of tea! Often see these over in NL. I may be heading over there later this year if parts still need fetching over.
  4. Holy shit. You can actually get colourful ones?!
  5. I think the museum can take an additional fiver on the day to change your booking but please don't worry about the car being a 2020. We've got more modern than that coming. It fits the open vibe.
  6. Bit of an issue with that. The museum is expecting anyone with an exhibitor ticket to be parking in the show (only found this out ourselves yesterday during a site visit). We have zero problems with moderns in the show. All wheels are welcome! Just put a Q&A video up on the channel and we've got lots of info at rustival.co.uk - we'll be sold out of exhibitor spots very soon!
  7. Drove a Nissan (actually Mitsubishi) kei truck last year and it really surprised me. 660 automatic (not CVT) and it went surprisingly well, albeit unladen. Wouldn't want to drive down a motorway in one but more than a match for a VW T2 I'd say in performance terms.
  8. Yes, because we're trying to get an idea of the cars there ahead of the show, though you can change the vehicle by emailing - preferably at least a few days ahead.
  9. Knew it had moved on and I've been tagged now it's up for sale again. Hope someone saves it. I know of three survivors out there now (including my old one)
  10. The Sierra would be very welcome. This isn't your typical show, so cars don't have to be a certain age, or a certain standard. But, no reason why you can't choose one of our discounted tickets and ask to park in the main car park.
  11. Please check junk mail. Quite a few seem to have ended up there.
  12. Good stuff! Sorry for the delay. As you can imagine, it's been a bit hectic. Someone has gone through every single application. As it happens, the museum is letting us have more space so the 350 is one section and then the overflow will, I suspect, be just as interesting and diverse again.
  13. I think the main reason I sold my Scimitar (12 bloody years ago!) was the obvious reason...
  14. Pleased to say that diversity seems to be winning so far. Everything from pre war to brand new pretty much!
  15. Sorry folks. Bit late to the party. I'm one of the organisers of Rustival and I'm chuffed folk actually want to come! Autoshiters very welcome. Cost is £11 which includes museum access. We've sold out the main 350 car display area already but we'll have more space thankfully. The main reason for having an "open to all" policy is to bring an end to the infuriating "does it qualify?" comments. Whether this is a sensible policy remains to be seen. No obligation to use friendship corner and YouTubers are easily ignored. 😉
  16. I thought these also had a conventional master cylinder backup or was that only the Silver Spirit? I am loving this RR. So many of the cars on this place are hovering between scrapman and salvation but few are this glamorous.
  17. Wow. Didn't know there were now green BJmasters. What are they actually like to drive? Have they ditched the hybrid bits? Oh and well done for getting back into the saddle after the near-squish. Not an easy shift.
  18. The scrap Charade went for baling three two days before the bump... That smash is terrifying! Two days after I was filming there. Quite fancying a Volvo XC60 as it happens...
  19. Cheers. Last thing I need is another project, so I need to try and keep the momentum up. And somehow still fix the rest of the fleet as they all have issues too... A mixed week though... Hit while parked. Miss HubNut in bits as we're getting closer to her driving test. Thankfully, we have very good friends. Hoping the neighbour will pay as they said but we had to get the Charade straightened out and back into action ASAP. Still work to do after the driving test.
  20. Good call on YouTube. People love collection capers and a new car walkaround. It's why Chops Garage and High Peak Autos are successful. I constantly get people asking when my next camper is - unfortunately I've only bought one car this year as I've got to the stage of not wanting to sell anything... There's content to be made here. Having been watching with interest. The raffles seem to have been a real success as the Facebook page has quite the following. Well done.
  21. In TWC news, she hasn't been out much this year. Too much else going on and the single seat option isn't great for a family... Hope to boost the number of driving family members in the coming months. But, the winter project is to finally do something about the bodywork, which has been getting worse since she returned to the road. More on that once we get started. I also hope to go over the mechanicals. I've managed to acquire (courtesy of Adam) a stripped engine. I know it rotates but haven't yet assessed whether the distributor moves. That is very much my hope. The engine appears to be an early one with the old-style filter, correct for TWC. I also need to do something about the transmission. I do have a spare, but it is locked in gear. Considering swapping just the diff, but that could well be beyond my meagre abilities.
  22. Hope you get to enjoy some travels together. Such a rare, almost utterly unloved car these days. Which makes it prime for this place. Did see one advertised in Belgium with a BMW flat twin crammed into it... Fast and rare!
  23. Incredible. The sign writing is absolutely gorgeous. The weather might be meh, but at least you can just sit there and look at it.
  24. LS V8 Vs Barra turbo - surprisingly little in it and both can take a lot of tuning...
  25. Nice pics. Four years since I went down that way. Which is frankly terrifying.
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