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  1. I've seen threads suggesting DVLA are after the Escort folks too, using social media to find out just how modified some cars are. Bit worrying but then some folk in some scenes do take the piss. After all, haven't Escort Mexicos got a 140% survival rate or something? The whole EV conversion thing is an intriguing one. Will watch with interest.
  2. Watching with great interest.
  3. Can confirm that 150 miles in a day in an Invacar feels like about 600 miles in any other car. And if it's windy, just forget it. Will be there. No idea in what.
  4. Thanks folks. Very happy. Actual wedding planning still at very early stages.
  5. Always nice to see a car moving to the right home. The new owner of the Sana has put some videos out too. Including buying ANOTHER Sana... In still-on-the-fleet news, after getting woefully stuck on ice with the electric Fiat I'm testing, today I relied on my own cars for gadding about. Fairmont was first up. If the arse looks saggy, that's because it is packed full of groceries and had just had the tank filled (143.9 - huzzah!). It does need a suspension overhaul next year though. All that weight certainly helped in that icy car park! No traction issues. The other steed was the Berlingo. Utterly joyous to drive on snow and ice, even on summer tyres. The low power output is easily adjusted once wheelspin kicks in on inclines, and the ABS-less brakes are progressive and easily controlled. Marvellous. ABS still optional on these, and the facelift ones apparently! Not a fat lot else happening, but the Berlingo did tow the camper to the unit yesterday, somehow, up the same icy incline. Momentum was the key! Camper finally indoors. It's too bloody cold for anything else. Thankfully warmer weather on the way from the weekend, but we have family visiting, meaning precious little tinkering time. Doesn't feel like much point rushing when it's bloody winter though.
  6. Which is surely fine for us lot on here? Because we always have something else as well. Mind you, the cost would REALLY grate if it was sitting around not doing anything...
  7. Cheers. The little Austin was terrifying! Especially when some old giffer almost drove into me. Wish I had some fleet news, but other than a very pleasant drive to Shropshire in the Fairmont, not much has been occurring. Did wash the Fairmont after that mucky trip. It was doing 23.5mpg. Photograph BEFORE the wash. Our local gets stupidly foamy. First car of the day was a delightful Zastava 750 currently for sale at Brightwells.
  8. Brilliant. It was a search for a Renault 25 for a mag feature that brought me to Autoshite many years ago, yet still a car rarely seen even here.
  9. Missed this arrival. I absolutely love it! Incredible cars.
  10. I have someone tracking them down in Greece and Japan, so a fair chance I'll soon have more than I need. Which is better than none.
  11. Tried Amayama, 'found' the gaskets in the UAE, ordered them, a few days later, order cancelled as they didn't actually have stock. Marvellous.
  12. Preparations for the NEC Classic Motor Show are going well*. That is not where the exhaust should be. I was replacing some particularly iffy-looking exhaust mounts (bought replacements in January...) when a weak bit of exhaust (MOT advisory) just snapped off. New exhaust ordered and should be here Wednesday. We drive to the NEC on Thursday. Also, my co-driver has broken a rib... On the plus side, I've been loaned an engine to get the 2CV back on the road and it's AMAZING to have it back. So much better than the clattering, knackered engine I took out. Will do a postmortem on that but something crankshafty is broken.
  13. Farewell. Peeing petrol all over the truck, dropping rust flakes everywhere. Poor thing. I fear all I did in taking it on was delay the inevitable, but it did provide some useful bits for the good Oltcit to be fair. But that's me hopefully out of hopeless projects now. Pending actually getting hold of Daihatsu parts...
  14. What the heck is going on with the wipers?!
  15. Entirely ghosted by the chap who was having the spares Oltcit, so it's awaiting collection by the local scrappy. At least they'll give folk the chance to nab bits off it before it is baled, though the market for Oltcit parts is not a particularly large one. Now getting stuck into yet another engine change on the 2CV. Two hours from bonnet off to new engine in, but thwarted by iffy wiring and I'd left my new wiring bundles at home. In theory, connect a couple of wires, fit starter, connect fuel, NOISE. Hopefully tomorrow.
  16. Hard to say. It really doesn't actually fit a requirement of the fleet. None of the family want to learn to drive in it because it's an auto. As the Charade project is dragging so much, we are contemplating swapping to the Berlingo. Depends if someone 4ft8 can drive it...
  17. My Berlingo is too early for the fancy computer. Came with the next generation that came out a few months later. Only top models I think but you can nick one from a 206 or 207 and fit it I think. Went on a 100-mile road run in the Sirion today. Great fun, even with the frustrations of a tiny-engined automatic. Burnt Oltcit will be away to a new home tomorrow, to another Oltcit licker - they exist! That's us then down to 8 cars and a camper. Feels more manageable. 2CV lined up for an engine swap very soon.
  18. Yes, Premium was bottom of the range. Odd it had PAS as the 1.6LS didn't. My dad had one. It did have four electric windows, central locking and an electric sunroof though!
  19. Yeah, quite a few comments suggested similar. I even have one somewhere! If there is to be a Round 2, I'll dig it out and use it. It's actually looking pretty good after Round 1.
  20. An FBHVC study found that the average classic covers 900 miles a year... So you're doing it right. Several of mine are below average this year. ☹️
  21. Proteus is still there I think, but the building has subsided... Still open weekends until 30th October. I was there the day before! Two stroke Fiesta still survived and is under a car cover.
  22. That definitely is something that can happen with these. I suspect it's got a cat in the manifold though, like the Charade, so not very easy to isolate it. Worth a look though. Video is up taking a first look around it.
  23. Something doesn't feel 100% right. It really does hate steep hills and you have to absolutely floor it to get up them. It kicks down to first, so you ease off and it changes up to second, and doesn't have the torque to pull it, so you floor it again repeat etc. You can't lock it in first, only restrict it to second, third or fourth. Does the same thing on the motorways if you hit an incline, loses momentum, kickdown to get back to 70, changes up, loses momentum... I can't really rule out it just being because its a 59bhp 1-litre allied to a slushbox, but it doesn't feel quite right. Will have some findings in a video probably tomorrow so don't want to get too spoily.
  24. Cheers folks. A rare win! Though it's nowhere near as much fun as the manual! If it wasn't so nice, I'd consider converting it.
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