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  1. It's about then. As an example, a late Xantia Hdi is a superb car, the replacement C5 more complex, uglier and struggling to deliver any real benefit over the car it replaced. Much as I liked ours, it just didn't seem to move the game onwards. I love GSAs and BXs, but the Xantia is more rounded than either as daily transport.
  2. We made it to East Coast Retros, but apparently me and Mrs Trigger weren't cool enough to park with her husband... Also, it looks like someone is inflating my T-shirt... Still, over 400 miles covered on this trip now and this car is still jolly pleasant. A bit more filming tomorrow, then we can consider the 300-mile drive home. Economy after the first tank-to-tank (range about 300 miles) was 41mpg, which isn't bad. I've not been sparing the horses, and we had some truly horrible traffic in Hertfordshire. It's so nice to be on an adventure again, even if it's just crossing the UK.
  3. Wow. Well overdue another visit here. Is that a Leyland or Volvo on the axle stands? I seem to recall Smiths had both (E plate and H plate I think).
  4. Good work. Pretty sure there was never a BX semi-auto though, just manual or auto? So that lamp is a bit baffling.
  5. Good to see folk. Sorry I had to dash off. Now at Chez Trigger. Enjoyed the GS/GSA comparison. And the XJ6/GS comparison.
  6. Took the GSA to Chevronics today. They had some epic shite floating about. Singer SM 1500. Very rare and odd. Saw loads of them in NZ. Barely see any here. We were there to fix the suspension leak, which turned out to be a piston/cylinder fault on the opposite side, but then Rob noticed the engine was running a bit lumpy and we discovered the valve clearances were all too tight, and there was an inlet manifold leak, so ended up being quite the session. He also fixed a known leak on the exhaust and got the rear silencer to look less like it was about to fall off. Both rear suspension gaiters needed replacing too. Oh and the fuel tank breather system was sorted out to hopefully banish the petrol stink. The difference in the way the car drives is truly magical. Less pissing-about at traffic-jam speeds, much cleaner pick-up and gone is the farty exhaust blow I've been meaning to sort for ages. Turns out there was a spring support missing for the exhaust near where the leak was, that probably didn't help. Tomorrow, yet more driving as it's off to see the Trigger, the wonderful Trigger of Cars.
  7. Thanks folks. Matiz does not use OBD format, which is why the airbag light (not check engine) bulb was removed. I really would like to find a computer that can talk to it for various reasons. Not sure the Multiplas height will be too much of an issue, but I do need to remember the silly spoiler. Side pipes will be coming off as I simply don't trust them not to fall off. We will keep them but they will be removed for general use. Oil leak is an odd one. It's pretty huge and now has a drip tray under it. But the oil lever is still about 1cm, maybe even 2 over where it should be. I need to sniff it to make sure it isn't filling the sump with diesel. Won't get any tinkering time until next week now though as I'm off to visit Mr Trigger ahead of his East Coast Retros meet (via Chevronics for more GSA fettling).
  8. Charade easily passed the emissions as it doesn't tend to burn oil when warm. We're planning an engine rebuild on that.
  9. More video soon, and then we can start talking issues. In other news, the Matiz is still struggling with emissions. Like really badly. Local garage has given up and wants me to collect the car, which is a little dispiriting. It is definitely not running right, still has a lumpy idle and is way, way over on hydrocarbons. So far, this MOT is going to have cost me about £200 and it hasn't actually got a pass... So I'm not sure what to do. I doubt anyone local is going to be able to sort it, as their approach to cheap cars is to throw them away when they can't pass an MOT. Not an option.
  10. Cheers folks. The video. Spotted it after driving a Multipla for a test last week. Ummed and aaah'd a bit too long, then it sold. But of course, it sold* on Ebay! I dropped a message to the seller and sure enough, TWUNTS a-plenty were attempting to ruin his day. So, £200 off and she was mine. Deal done last night, jumped on public transport this morning, got back home all good? Not entirely. Afraid the 'wrong' list will have to wait for tomorrow's video, but there is a piece of me hoping this isn't going to be an utter disaster... (the usual post-purchase sensation!).
  11. As far as I know, Vauxhall still owns 50 cars, but they're now on display at the British Motor Museum as they no longer have anywhere to house them.
  12. Cor! Just lovely. That was about two months of catch up for me there. Annoyed I'd missed it for so long, but actually quite nice to see it go from pre-paint to fairly assembled!
  13. Excellent. I have fond memories of sitting under that tree and not doing very much. A fine spot indeed.
  14. Ah, hold on. We have a new contender. I thought the pistons felt very light yesterday. That's because they're phenolic - or plastic! Apparently they can absorb brake fluid over time, which naturally makes them just slightly larger than they were originally...
  15. I must admit, I have been wondering about Daily Shite of late, mostly because I have an entire fleet of duffers at the moment. Maybe buying a huge Aussie Ford with almost 200,000 miles on it and no UK parts or dealer support was a daft idea after all...
  16. I think so! Watched an Aussie tutorial. "Screw the bugger in."
  17. Yesterday, we refurbished the rear calipers on the Fairmont. This led to no improvement with the mild binding issue, though we did clear a lot of crud out of the calipers, so it was work worth doing. After bleeding the rear lines through, we discovered that the front brakes were now binding! Perhaps because of the high pressure applied while bleeding. I've had no sign of them getting hot before, but we decided to bleed through the fronts and make sure everything was loose. The pistons seemed a bit sticky, but after reassembly, bleeding and a test drive, we found the fronts were not generating heat, while the rears still did. Today, remembering a comment from Twosmoke much earlier in this thread, and also prompted by a friend in Aus, I adjusted the pushrod between pedal and master cylinder. A common issue on Aussie Fords of this era apparently. This made absolutely no difference at all. To confirm, the heat build up is on both sides at the back, so I don't think it's anything to do with spinny roundabouts. Judging by the lack of material on the old pads, it must have been going on for a while. Everything is moving nicely in the calipers themselves. Heat built up even when we backed the handbrake right off. The only culprits I can think of now are the flexis (which seems a little unlikely given the heat is pretty even each side) or the master cylinder itself. Problem is, playing 'guess the part' is getting quite expensive given bits are coming from Aus. Incidentally, the caliper refurb kit for this Australian car came from Spain... That was well-travelled then!
  18. To be honest, swapping new bits into an engine that's creating slushy metal doesn't seem the best move. How sad that it was neglected to this degree. "It's a Merc (Toyota/Lexus etc), they run forever" so often seems to mean people don't bother looking after them at all.
  19. I seem to recall my W123 dropped oil pressure rather a lot on idle, but it soon picked up again. I wouldn't fret just yet unless the pressure fails to rise with revs. If that was your first oil change on this car there's no knowing what grade was previously used. Maybe something thicker?
  20. I've bought a full set of four for TWC, but I don't think I need all of them. Would be willing send one on if it helps you stave off the day you have to buy a set.
  21. Woke up this morning not knowing what to do, so I did some admin, packed some merchandise, vacuumed out the GSA (which was looking a bit too 'family lived in' for comfort) and then drove 100 miles in TWC. This is Fishguard. Took her all the way down to St Davids, and it was lovely. She's running well, the temperature was just about comfortable (as long as we kept moving) and there was plenty of sunshine. St Davids was chaotic though, so after grabbing a few pics, I retreated inland for lunch before driving home. Got quite a few "Don't see them anymore" comments, and one HubNutter stopped while I was pausing along the way. Good to put some miles on her as she's travelled very little this year.
  22. Because I'm stupid, I sent the Matiz in for MOT two months early. New garage to try, though they actually farm out the test. Failed on emissions and a few brake pipes, though the remaining brake pipes were advisories, so I guess I'll be replacing the lot. Emissions is annoying as the cat was brand new 3 years ago. It struggled to pass last year, so I had an inkling it would fail. Any good companies to get cats from? Or could it be a running issue that's throwing it out? The idle is still iffy. At least I've got plenty of time to sort it out! Rear axle and suspension arms were also advisories for rust, and I can't really complain. They do look like they've been parked in the sea, as do the rear springs (powder coating has entirely flaked off them). How I replace all of that lot I'm not sure. I'm not sure they'll clean up, but might be worth a go. The day before the test, I tried replacing the rear shockers. I got one changed. The second one had the bolt seized in the bush. Access is crap so I let the garage tackle that too.
  23. dollywobbler

    E10 Fuel

    Various clever folk in the club recommend upping the primary to a 107 jet anyway, so if you've not done that, probably worth it. That said, carbs get leaky with age so actually getting the jetting spot on isn't easy!
  24. dollywobbler

    E10 Fuel

    Just filled the 2CV with E10 as around here, it's E10 or diesel. Will see how it goes. Planning to use additives in the lesser-used cars on the fleet.
  25. Excellent. How do you find the gearchange? That and the truly awful column stalks were the only real bugbears for me. They're actually a rather bonny drive. As you say though, the steering is not great - very twitchy. Amusingly, that's one of the things Rover changed. I'd love to try an Indica to see how it compares.
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