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  1. I think I'd be tempted to check the stop solenoid. Trying to remember if these have an immobiliser on them that might have got upset by the battery swap.
  2. I've been dicing with death in South Wales today. A run out in the Charade to collect Rover bits. Fine on the way out, absolutely stunning in fact, but two emergency manoeuvre moments on the way back. First one, dual carriage way. Slip road to the left, with two cars. I'm overtaking two cars, the first one STOPS DEAD to allow the cars to enter. I'm now right in the way of the swerving the vehicles behind want to do and was forced to drive into the central reservation space - thankfully there was quite a bit of space. Phew. Second one, I'm second in a queue of cars behind a
  3. The door gaps remind me of a tale from a friend who worked at Longbridge in the 1970s. Apparently every Allegro bodyshell had to be 'dressed' (with Brummie screwdrivers) to make the doors fit properly...
  4. Thank you! Appreciate your efforts.
  5. No tinkering today, but there was something momentous nonetheless... Yes, I'm now a driving instructor! Not quite as terrifying as I expected and she did well for her first drive on the road in eight years. The Charade is pretty handy as a vehicle to learn to drive in - very forgiving with excellent mirrors. That was on the way back from a run to Cardigan, which is the first chance to really put some miles on it rather than just local pottering. It goes well, no smoke to be seen once warm.
  6. For doing long distance in an Invacar, I would seriously recommend some mirror improvements. The noise is just about bearable, but on motorways, aside from crosswinds, the big fear is generated by the enormous blind spots. No point looking over your shoulder, as all you see is the sides of the roof.
  7. Nigel seems pretty active on Facebook. He's been kindly trying to help me with the Sana.
  8. The ride isn't bad. Better than the Sirion, but I understand the Sirion 2 has better manners as well. It's far superior to the Matiz, which gets so bouncy it feels dangerous at time (it was like that when new). The Matiz also feels like it's done more miles than the Charade, but the complete opposite is true. I've done sod all this week on the fleet. Struggling with motivation and lacking parts. Mr Bickle has very kindly sent me an ignition barrel for the Sana which will make life easier. The Charade is definitely improving in smoke terms. It can be provoked very dramatically when co
  9. I'm going for another attempt. A friend, the one who Mrs6Cyl got some spares from (assuming that happened?) actually visited a DHSS store before it shut down. They obviously didn't care much about oil leaks! Also, yes, the Fox uses Viva HA van wheels. Not sure that's what's on that banger Invacar though. Too many slots?
  10. Oops. I got Oxford and Cambridge mixed up! I failed to get to Oxford because of many landslides...
  11. Oxford is lovely. I wish I'd been able to explore it more. Not a million miles from Stuno and JonNZ. Take the laquer peel as a serious warning though. NZ UV is harsh stuff!
  12. Cheers. I think I've seen that one. Top pic was the camera.
  13. I honestly thought for a moment there that you'd opted for Zebra skin door cards!
  14. The biggest tip I can give is try to do your editing with the record button. There's no way I could face editing four hours of footage down! Takes a while to learn what you actually want recording, and there are annoying moments where something interesting happens off camera, but it's how I operate. And I certainly learned very quickly that content is king, not production values. I admire stuff like Retropower where a proper videographer is involved, but one of my go-to channels is still Mustie1, who has a very simple approach.
  15. Yes, on its way. Which one do you reckon was the phone shot vs actual camera? In other news, had one of those days where you just seem to keep dropping shit in your eyes from the underside of a vehicle, with the occasional tool for good measure. Prep work ahead of the new fuel tank going in, and a pair of new rear dampers. Hope to get it all finished tomorrow.
  16. It's certainly the one listed with several different sources. It looks shit though, so I've got a 13" blade to fit. Somewhere...
  17. Seems to be getting better. Couldn't see much smoke today. Wasn't great yesterday.
  18. Daihatsu friends. These leafer Fourtraks are getting rare now!
  19. Cheers. I think it has to be the focus of my enquiries. It's very hard to trace the wire runs without a diagram, but I have a few to go off now.
  20. To be fair, we were driving it very slowly around the main field. I have driven it through that tight section though, and it does focus the mind.
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