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  1. Yeah, bit of play in the wishbones, but not enough to fail. One number plate bulb out. Last time I looked they were both ok. Couple of other minor bits. Well pleased.
  2. My CR-V just passed the mot. Jan 31st 2022. Now that's grinworthy. Couple of advisories, but they can wait 'til it's warmer.
  3. Been there, done that. Good car for someone though.
  4. Love that Krampus picture. It's a sort of grim anti merriment image. Santa must have really pissed the Krampus off. Got the image as my screensaver now. Hope that's ok.
  5. Now this is where it gets confusing. When I removed the old light fitting, the earth and neutral were joined. Not good thought I, so I separated them and wired the new fitting correctly. Maybe they were joined for a reason. I'll try a new light fitting in the hallway and see what happens. Could've done without this
  6. New ceiling light works absolutely fine. So looks like coincidence. Can't go and buy a new light fitting today as all non essential shops closed around here now. Oh well, ebay and a few days wait.
  7. I fitted a new ceiling light in the lounge yesterday. Turned off the power to lights down. Had a helluva job fitting the new unit, but got there in the end. Now the ceiling light in the hall by the front door refuses to work. Changed the bulb, but no, won't work. Seems weird it happened at the same time I fitted the new unit in the lounge. Co-incidence? Anybody else had this happen?
  8. It does seem rather daft, but I'd say there's less chance of that large packet getting lost in transit, rather than a fag packet sized parcel. Especially at this time of year. So, possibly makes sense.
  9. I had one collapse on a Reliant Scimitar, you know, like the one Princess Anne used to drive. I had crossed over a railway level crossing minutes before it happened. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had collapsed midway over the crossing
  10. Have you ever driven a Rover P6 with leaky rear inboard rear calipers and lost your brakes on the horrendous A13 at Limehouse, East London?
  11. I recently did a few weeks for a company here in Rainham pulling cable winches and cable drum frame trailers. I had an Isuzu 4x4 pickup truck - an 18 plate - to do the pulling with. However, I went in one day to be presented with a trailer identical to yours, but not the same make, with 2 - 30 ton cable drum frames on it with associated gubbins. The gubbins were bottle jacks, levers etc etc. But there were also 2 spindles that go through the drum. They looked like torpedos but were probably heavier. The frames were huge and made of solid iron (I think). I had to take them to Willenhall in the
  12. Well, I took a couple of days off, and ended up putting together flat pack furniture. Absolute fecking nightmare as only 2 parts out of a total of 950,000 were numbered. Just sitting there thinking 'is that the part in the picture'. It came together in the end though. Mrs Tet's Pajero rear brakes still not done. They'll have to wait until next weekend now. Oh joy.
  13. I've got absolutely no mo-jo whatsoever for working on cars at the moment. That's got to change this coming weekend though as Mrs Tet's Pajero now needs rear brake pads. Got all the parts on order, pads, fitting kit and brake grease. Not looking forward to it though. At 67 and still working five days a week, I really don't want to do anything at weekends. Might take a few days off if required though. I'm only an agency driver now.
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