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  1. A couple of weeks ago, I took the firm's van to a hydraulics company to have the tail lift looked at as it was playing up a bit. They took a large cover plate off the back, 3 - 13 mil bolts, rubbed their chins a bit, put a new o ring on the hydraulic fluid filler cap, topped up the fluid and all was good. I even helped. How much d'you reckon for that 20 minutes work? Yep, £132 quid and some odd pence. I told the manager when I got back that it was a piss take, and if it happened again, we'd do it ourselves.
  2. The splatter trap awaits then...
  3. I think my mouse problem may be sorted. Pretty sure I only had one here. I picked up a bag with some bread in it and the little bastard jumped out, from quite high up. No parachute. It did give the floor a bit of a whack. It scurried off, but have not seen or heard it since. Hopefully the shock of it hitting the floor gave it a shock and killed it. Was quite looking forward to using those splatter traps.
  4. Saw the last ten minutes, that was quite enough.
  5. I used to use little nipper traps. Great little things, but I've just received some plastic traps. They're called 'splatter traps'. I tried one out using a screwdriver as the mouse. Jesus, it nearly broke the shaft of the screwdriver. By the way, what's the very best bait to use on a trap? While I'm at it, Northern Monkey and Stanky, I hear you.
  6. I attempted an oil and filter change on the CRV yesterday. Sump plug no problem. Filter, well that's a no go. They're in a pretty awkward place round the back of the engine. They're also quite a small filter. My three legged removal tool was too big for it, and it feels like it's welded on there. I reckon that hasn't been changed for a while due to the awkward position. I've ordered two new filter removers from ebay. I just put the new oil in and called it a day. Upside is it's going to get another oil change soon. SCROTES. While I was working round the car I noticed that some ne're
  7. If you think that's awkward, have a butchers at where the autobox dipstick is on a Honda CRV. It's down alongside the battery, but you just can't get your hand down there to extract it. I've been thinking of try to make some sort of extension to the dipstick. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. First time I've watched this since the original presenters left. My only regret is they sacked off Antiques Roadshow for this garbage. Sorry to those who like the show now, but I think that was the most painful hour I've spent in a while. Never again.
  9. Bit far then. I had visions of trying to borrow the firms van, but I've only been there a fortnight. I don't think they'd like it going up to Norwich. Why not post some pics up in the wanted/offered section, somebody may have the means to come and collect.
  10. Where are you located ProgRocker?
  11. Someone from our Saab licking community really must snap this up. I really wish I was in a position to. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/217789/1994-saab-9000-turbo-preston
  12. If you do save it and weld it, make sure it's done to a really high standard. One good smack up the arse and the tailgate will end up level with the dashboard with the family in between. Good luck with it, I hope if you have it, it serves you well.
  13. Little victories are great ain't they. Since I've had this CR-V - about last October or thereabouts - the rear screen wash wouldn't work. The wiper was ok. I've be battling with it ever since. I really needed it during the cold snap when there was salt on the roads. Well, I finally rolled my sleeves up t'other day and had another go at it. Sucked on the line - no sniggering at the back please - and pulled the water right up. Foul tasting stuff, and just kept pulling more and more through the pipe. It now works every time. Must have had air in the line or summat. I was so pleased with
  14. I'm going back to the 70's now, when these cars could be had for absolute peanuts. They weren't classics then, just old bangers. I very rarely paid over a hundred quid for a car back then. I got a freshly painted Rover P6 3500S for 200 quid. Most I paid I think. Cracking car too. Went like the clappers. The Vogues, Cambridges, HA Vivas and similar were always available for 50, 75, 95 quid. Good days.
  15. A car I always wanted, but never had. Austin Princess too. The closest I got was an Austin Cambridge Farina.
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