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  1. Sorry chancer, but I've no further comment to make on this subject. I thought my post was pretty reasonable, and not too inflammatory, but even that was not acceptable. I'm afraid it's all a bit too woke for me.
  2. I don't think chancer is being particularly angry, from what I can make out, he's asking if buying lightbulbs is the best use of state benefits. I'm on state pension, and I still go to work. I'm up at 5.30 most mornings Monday to Friday. I certainly haven't got the spare cash to spunk on lightbulbs or similar. I can see where chancer is coming from.
  3. Can anyone do a set of 16 inch wheels with tyres from Bingley to Rainham - ish, Essex. It's too far out of SmokinWaffles's catchment area.
  4. That'll be gone then. New housing estate opposite Tesco now.
  5. I didn't know there were still breakers yards in Ferry Lane. I know you can't remember the name of the yard, but can you remember where it is?
  6. I ended up with HMC's Focus Ghia. Rave actually bought it to spin for a profit, got it back here to the London area, then decided he wanted to have a crack at my airlocking / overheating Rover 75, so we did a swap about three weeks ago. All I wanted was something compliant and would get me to work without any fuss, which it did until Tuesday this week when the battery snuffed it. Due to various reasons, it wasn't until Friday when I was able to fit a nice new Bosch battery to it. What have I done to it, apart from the battery? It came with a new set of plugs, so I fitted those. You could have measured the gaps on the the old plugs in yards, rather than mm's. Cleaned the thing up a bit, lipstick on a pig, but it satisfied me. At some point, it seems to have sat for ages somewhere. There was moss on the wiper blades which had gone rock hard, got all that off and the blades are doing what they should now. The rear wiper arm, which is broken, but still does the job ok, was also moss encrusted. I've bought all the stuff to do a thermostat replacement, but don't fancy the job myself, so I'm going to put it into a local mot / repair shop to have it done. Bought everything needed for an oil change, so that'll be done sooner rather than later. Other than that, not done much at all really. As said in the ad, the clutch bites high on the pedal, but doesn't slip, so that's good to go. What I really want is a nearside rear door in Tonic blue, I'm sure that's what the colour is. Also need a complete driver's door mirror, and a good radio antenna. Anyone who has these parts laying around, please feel free to pm me, rather than clutter up HMC's thread. I'd really like to know a bit about the Focus before it came into your possession HMC, If I'm correct and it did stand for a while before you bought it, it'd would be interesting to know why someone gave up on it, because it's not a bad little bus really.
  7. Is coppergrease a good conductor of electricity? I was thinking of putting some on the battery terminals when I eventually fit the new battery, or is it a big no no?
  8. By the way, has anybody else had this issue with a petrol Focus? The engine seemed to be cranking over fine, but wouldn't fire until we put the jump pack on it. Do these 1.6 Focii needs lots of power to start them. I tried it again when I got back from my run and it wouldn't fire again. I'm using the company Insignia again now.
  9. I found out yesterday that my Focus 1.6 petrol needs a battery in tip top condition. I've only had the car a few weeks and it's been a brilliant starter until yesterday. I pick my warehouse manager up at the station most mornings - no, it's not me brown nosing, I drive past the station at the time his train arrives, so it would be rude not to. Anyway, I collected him yesterday, went to drive off, and the Focus wouldn't start. The battery spun the engine over ok, but it just wouldn't fire. The warehouse lad came out to us and brought a NoCo jumpstarter. I connected it and it fired up straight away. Drove to work absolutely fine. I had a busy day yesterday, so the warehouse manager ordered me a new battery online. He phoned me while I was out and said I could collect the battery from the Woking branch of ECP. I went to the branch and was quite surprised to see them plonk a Lion battery on the counter. Then they gave me the bill and off I went. I don't like Lion batteries. After a bad experience with Mrs T's old Pajero which had 2 fitted. She had them fitted while out one day on her own, and they really didn't last long. It wasn't until I got to my next site in Belgravia that I checked the paperwork. My boss had paid for a Bosch battery, and they gave me a Lion. Saucy bastards. He's going to try to resolve the issue today, although he's not on site. I really should have checked the bill before I left Woking, but I had the van parked awkwardly and was really in a rush to get to Central London. Check your paperwork people. Hopefully the Focus will have a nice new Bosch on it soon.
  10. I don't think he'll actually sell it. it's only done 60 odd thou. it's in Ireland at the mo, but still wearing it's British plates.
  11. I'm just pretty sad that Mayor Kahn and his oppos have stopped me having anything like this now. Even that 11 plate Insignia diesel I'm borrowing from the company at the moment is non compliant. I was talking to one of my Irish colleagues a couple of days ago. He was telling me he's got an S type 3.0 V6 Jag. I really thought we were going to crack out a deal on it until I saw photos. V reg. Non compliant. Hope someone buys this and brings it back to life. Not too many about now.
  12. Could be worth having a butchers at this. I think there was a previous video too, where they rescued it and tried to get it started.
  13. I wouldn't say that too loud mate.
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