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  1. Sorry, at work, been driving. Yep, 1998 V70 2.5 turbo. Full details in shite for sale and wanted.
  2. I want this, but unfortunately have to move my V70 on first, so it looks like I,'ll be missing out again, unless anyone fancies my V70. See the for sale section, it's listed there. Since listing it, I've put a pair of replacment headlamps in, idle control valve and rear exhaust hanger. I''d stick my neck out and say it just about sorted now. Still needs an uprated dipstick though.
  3. I just wish the Beemer was a petrol. I'd have been sniffing.
  4. I think these look the bollocks as a saloon. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905198103701?onesearchad=Used&make=VOLVO&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=rm139al&radius=1500&page=2
  5. Could be a nice project for someone. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/320325098639494/
  6. Your chance to own a Tetleymobile. Same as mine, but without the turbot. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201904046611046?radius=1500&postcode=rm139al&make=VOLVO&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  7. Oh, and I found a good few inlet/exhaust nuts loose too. That didn't help.
  8. During my absence from the site, I managed to get the tractor through the mot. I cleaned out the intercooler with carb cleaner, removed the egr valve and blanked off the ports, and put a bottle of Cataclean diesel system cleaner in it. It starts now with virtually no smoke. Actually it's the best I've seen it. Fly in the ointment was it was left for a week after the pass, as Mrs Tet had a few days off. She went to use it on Wednesday, and....flat battery. It's also got a brand new battery on it now.
  9. I was driving either a Mk 1 or Mk 2 Triumph 2000, a Wolseley 6 landcrab, Austin 1100 or something entirely different.
  10. I'm back. Now look out. Did you all miss me?
  11. I had one exactly the same as this back in the 70's, except mine was a manual. Absolutely loved the car and polished it every weekend without fail. Unfortunately rust took it in the end. Looking back, I wish I'd got it fixed, but these, Landcrabs, 1100's etc were plentiful at the time. I think I bought a Triumph 2000 Mk1 after the Cambridge.
  12. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you all last night, but Game of Thrones took over. Mrs Tet and me normally stay up and watch the 2am showing, but we had the 8am mot slot on Monday morning, so had to retire a tad earlier. EGR blanking kit, Cataclean diesel and paraffin ordered. Hope it all shows up pretty quickly, as we're hoping to get this re-tested before the 7 day deadline. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions, they've certainly helped.
  13. I know so little about the workings of a diesel, I'd probably bugger it completely if I did all that. Thanks for the advice though. Does a '93 2.5 TD have an egr, and if so, where is it?
  14. Sorry, bit of an omission there - it's a 1993 L reg.
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