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Discussions were had today between myself and @320touring and it was decided we have a goodly number of somewhat fast and comparable cars within the core Scotoshite between his Clio 182, @dome's Kangoo 182, @jaypee's BMW 316i (Honest gov), @Supernaut's 323i and my V70 T6 and we should finally do a race. We have decided on reviving Club GLF (GANNIN LIKE FARK) and we shall be meeting at Crail Raceway for some drag racing.

This is also an open invitation to all yous who fancy coming and joining us for the day even if it's just for the bantz, plus you'll be just up the road from Anstruther - home of the chippie that's never done winning best chip shop in the UK awards. Deetz below:

Crail Raceway
Drag and Drift Thrash
15th May 2022 (Sunday)
10am - 4pm
£10 entry to the track
£20 to race (No Need to race)
Helmet required if you reckon you'll crack 100mph on the 1/4 mile. No rentals available even before covid.
Basic scrutineering will be in force - Battery must be secure, all wheel bolts / nuts present and visible, nothing significant floating about in the car that could become a missile in a crash, no significant fluid leaks... etc etc. Be sensible folks. Don't bring a unMoTable wreck.

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As a reminder for everyone coming:


The cars need to go through a basic scrutineering, so please ensure:

All wheels have all their bolts in and tightened (if you have hubcaps they may ask them to be removed to check)

Battery is properly clamped down

All tyres are in good condition

No major oil or coolant leaks

Seatbelts and seats in good condition (not rocking/broken)

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currently through no fault of my oan im taking quite a lot of time off dont wanna take the piss :D

got shizz going on two weeks after thats more essential sadly

daftly even tho i know roughly how fair it is fraim mine i put it into google forgetting where im sat at this precise moment and wondering why it would take 8 hours to get haim :D


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  • davidfowler2000 changed the title to Club GLF REVIVAL: THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!

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