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  1. Oooh. I hope that's another mk3 Mondeo under there.
  2. sdkrc

    Old classifieds

    Holy crap. What year is that? 1969? XK150 estate. Never knew that was a thing.
  3. sdkrc

    Old classifieds

    Wonder what £650 would buy in 70s Sheffield. You could probably have a couple of shite houses. £70 for a 9 yr old Lada Riva with 4months test. No pictures because $$$
  4. sdkrc

    Old classifieds

    I think this could be my dad's old dodgy garage. They were on garages from hell once for a cut and shut Escort cabriolet
  5. sdkrc

    Old classifieds

    Vauxhall Brava??? News to me
  6. sdkrc

    Old classifieds

    I couldn't find a decent home for this in one of the other threads so please prepare your eyes, your minds and your bodies for this visual treat of late 90s Yorkshire autotrader and other miscellany. Please chime in with your own crap if you have any
  7. RIP T4 axle 1997-2018
  8. sdkrc

    eBay tat volume 3.

  9. Got it in 1. I saw this handsome unit on the other side of the RI. Storming past at 25mph + 4500 revs.
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