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  1. My memory is a little hazy, they're not the same error codes as yours. I do have knock sensor codes though, Juular had some good input on my thread though: 21 - main oxygen sensor left bank 52 - #1 knock sensor signal 55 - #2 knock sensor signal
  2. I was gazumped in Scotland a few weeks before the agreed move in date and after we had signed the missives for selling our old place. Came close to leaving us homeless. It's shit but something @Schaefft and Mrs Schaefft loves will come along eventually. £50k's worth of work to get the gaff up to scratch sounds like a headache nicely avoided. Cracking read catching up on your fleet Schaefft. Celsior/LS400s seem to attract a lot of retired Alan Partridge types who talk bollocks. My favourite comment so far has been 'nice Mercedes!' I have the exact same set of error codes on my LS and have been driving in limp mode for a long time, I'm fairly convinced it's a leak on the exhaust/cats. The flanges where they join love a bit of rust.
  3. Clues: Modern. Down south. Jimmy Shand tape. Guinea pigs. Volvofans. Conclusions: Volvo
  4. Have they got autoaid cover? Might be able to get a beavertail out
  5. This is perfection. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166597201734
  6. PROTIP: instead of going to TGI Friday's and spending £70 on a meal, simply sit down next to a bin for 60mins and then pay a tramp to fart in your mouth.
  7. Can't believe this is all your fault @loserone
  8. "Keys missing however can be replaced. Unable to confirm if vehicle will start." https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225978473228
  9. I offer a two week, intensive, residential course in 'lowering your automotive standards'. First week involves getting to grips with a high mileage Passat with front wings you could stab dry spaghetti through and 2 doors that don't open. The instructors will ensure that you do absolutely ZERO preventative maintenance whilst you're here. From here, I don't think this looks like a lemon. You're the right man to improve it as you've got exacting standards. Godspeed, hope you start to gel with the car soon.
  10. Phwooar, that's very lovely. If I got that, I'd leave it in a worse state than the banger racer but I'd do it slowly and unintentionally. I'm pro 'do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want-with-your-own-things'. Bon chance to the guy.
  11. https://gooloo.uk/collections/top-sellers/products/gp4000 Gooloo and don't look back. They're class. Project farms on YouTube seemed to rate them in his testing
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