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  1. Vactan seems very situation/environment dependant. I sanded/brush painted the Dolly's front valance and spots on the sills with it one summer as it was rusty all over. Stuck on and lasted well with no top coat, the ginger didn't bleed back through for over a year despite being left with no top coat outside on an exposed bit of the car. You can see the dark patches in this picture: Eventually it came back through, but I reckon with a top coat it'd have been pretty robust. Really has to go on pitted metal to adhere decently. I did some bits of the Acclaim one winter and it was rusty again within a week or so, presumably due to lower temps. I think @GingerNuttz is a big fan of aciding everything as the best rust removal method.
  2. You have a PM! I found K-Jet confusing at first but these early style pre ECU style systems, like I have on the 740, are actually pretty straightforward and intuitive once you understand the function of the various components. They did really outlive their design life though, fully electronic wasn't an option in 1974, but it was 15 years later... In fairness I don't think anything has been apart/replaced on my system and it's done 190k and sat for over a decade.
  3. Body sold? The last hurrah. Also, how fucking much?
  4. Aye. House is easily identified by driveway covered in scrap. The girlfriend got spooked the other week as somebody knocked on the door asking if the Acclaim was for sale. I don't think he was a "dag enthusiast" as he left a name and number and was seemingly asking questions about previous owners and stuff. One imagines the cars were spotted and the potential of buying a tidy car off a clueless old duffer for a quick flip was spied and immediately thwarted by the owner being 30. Jokes on them, everything on fleet is fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked*. Dolomite: Situation unchanged, garage ornament, drips oil on the garage floor. #BLlyfe Acclaim: Was driving around with the heater maxed out due to tired rad. Many plans were formulated for swapping in a rad from another car through various means. Realised I'd never actually get around to doing it because I'm a knob so found a place called ScotRad in Edinburgh who would recore it. Slightly past it's best. Money's worth was had at least... A week or so later... Back in the car and the Acclaim is now the go-to car for going anywhere again. I still need to do some work to the rear brakes, timing belt and various other bits and bobs but it is now functional considering the low miles I do. It did briefly block a carb jet after being sat for a few weeks and lost it's idle, but a some foot-to-the-floor accelerations along the M9 saw it cleared. Volvo: The novelty of having to jump start it whenever I needed to move it got tiresome. Goodbye old battery. Hello new battery. The rear wiper motor was also refitted (removed back when a lose earth connection was causing electrical senility), new wiper blades all round and replacement of some dead bulbs. I also washed it, as it was quite green. While the new battery freed it up for use while the Acclaim's (the jump starter of choice) rad was away it didn't cure the hot start issue which required me to faff about under the bonnet while Girlfriend_70's turned the key, making use of the car a 2 person operation... Discussion was had with @juular, the K Jet wizard, about potential causes. First was the potential of the metering plate sticking. As can be seen it was immaculate, but I made marginal improvements. The plate was also off centre and catching on the surround causing it to stick. So, that's the problem. Engine gets hot, plate expands a little, when it drops back down when the car is shut off it gets stuck. Sorted. Nope. Made fuck all difference. @juularthen attached his pressure measuring stuff to make sure the system was actually coming up to pressure. This showed when running the pressure was fine but on shutoff it immediately dropped instead of holding, suggesting the either the non-return valve or accumulator has failed. However this would suggest if you ran the pump manually it'd eventually bring fuel up to start the car, even if it had to pump it all the way from the tank, but even with fuel up the lines it wouldn't fire. As a bonus the banjo bolt for the fuel return snapped when resembled. Thankfully the remains of the thread were spun out using a hex key, and a quick run to @juular's place in the 205 meant a spare* could be used to regain functionality. *Deffo not stolen from his 240... So the next potential culprit was the plunger in the metering head. This meant it had to come apart. Obviously all the fixings were utterly fucked. So I ended up pulling the whole system out. Which at least let me clean 30 years worth of crap off the engine. So now it's been doused in carb cleaner, everything is moving freely and the O-rings for the primary pressure regulator are to be replaced once they arrive. The warm up regulator will also get a dousing in cleaning fluid. The benefit of this system playing up is that I am at least learning how this new-fangled mechanical continuous fuel injection works, hopefully cars never get more complex...
  5. 2022 Morris Minor, a Moggy/Beetle/2CV mashup...
  6. People are just scared of any encounter on the road and have no idea of the capabilities of their vehicle I regularly find motorway traffic will slow when approaching bridges and then pick back up once the "obstacle" has been cleared...
  7. Keep it clean, keep it watertight. The biggest issue is water getting in and not getting out, blocked drains and leaky seals etc. If the seals are knackered and can't be replaced decent cover and regular airing is probably a decent course of action. If the car is parked and not out on salty roads most of your traditional winter damage is already avoided. A damp garage or bad car cover is worse than storing a car outside I reckon. Disconnect the battery, over pressurise the tyres, leave it in gear, handbrake off and give it a spin around the block occasionally. Job jobbed.
  8. I collected a sunroof cut out of an AX from him a few months back on behalf of somebody else. Certainly stands out on the estate!
  9. Compared to a Jowett Javelin, Standard Vanguard, Morris Oxford or Austin A40 of the same period they look 10 years older. Very odd that a company as big as Ford would launch a car that looked 10 years old when new, especially given the modernity of their US lineup. The only thing I can think of that was equally as outdated was Triumph's Renown.
  10. I did consider it but the rearmost uprights are screwed into the wall and there is a electricity breaker box in the way. (And the roof leaks on that side in heavy rain...) Not going to ask the landlady to mod things as we've already notified them about the rotten garden fence falling over and the windows/door frames of the house being so rotten they're falling to bits. We're delaying informing them about the washing machine with the failing motherboard and dishwasher that doesn't. Trying to avoid immediately being branded one of "those" tenants and risking getting booted or a major rent increase after 12 months. This place is fairly near the top of our budget, and as my flat that I was renting for £550 a month has just reappeared on the market at £800 I don't much fancy rocking the boat... The garden behind us is also at the higher height and a few extra feet would be right up to their fence. I'd be worried about their garden sliding into ours if I dug it out.
  11. The issue with ramps is that the height difference is considerable, the patio is 37cm lower than the slabs bordering the grass on all sides. Most ramps only seem to give 20cm or so of lift. I actually had two sets of ramps at one point and I gave them away because they were too much of a pain to store, I can't even remember who to... Removing/reinstalling the doors is a potential option in the pins come out, but they'll be heavy. Not entertaining the idea of unscrewing 36 year old screws in 36 year old wood...
  12. Fleet update. The lawn mower. I cleaned it, pulled the flywheel off and cleaned the points. It generates enough electricity to zap me but not enough to spark. Feeler gauges were lost so I hastily reassembled to look at another day. The Volvo The battery has never been great and with the cold weather drawing in it finally gave up. Frequently draining over the course of a couple of days to the point where the engine wouldn't turn over. Both the van and Acclaim have spent a lot of time jump starting it lately... It did prove useful for moving house though... A few weeks ago me and Girlfriend_70s went in to Glasgow to look around charity shops for furniture for her office. We found a decent sideboard and set about carrying it to the car which was in a car park a few streets away. After one street Girlfriend_70's announced she couldn't feel her hands and carrying it any further was a no go. At least we'd made it to a non-pedestrianised area. So I could dash off, grab the Volvo and we could bung it in the boot at the side of the road. Easy. Naturally it decided today was the day it'd develop a bout of unreliability. It'd crank but not a cough. Then the battery died. Thankfully @jaypee came to the rescue to help carry the sideboard back to the car and provide jump leads. Obviously once we were all at the car is started first turn of the key... Drove home, parked up, shut it off, turned key. Fired up fine. Alright then. Went inside for 20 mins, came out and tried to start it again. Cranking but wouldn't fire, pulled a plug, had spark. Sprayed some easy start down it and it briefly ran. Left it another 30 mins. Started fine. So something is causing a lack of fuel when it's hot. Either an issue with the pumps/pressure or the injectors not firing. I've a list of stuff to test to narrow down the point of failure, a new battery for it landed tonight. So will be able to do investigations without the thing going flat every 5 cranks... The Acclaim Took advantage of the under cover workspace to start getting this thing unfucked. Yes. That'll not be helping the whole overheating thing. New rad and hoses going in shortly. It also needs the timing belt rejigged as it's jumped a tooth or two. Not sure if the tensioner has failed or come loose somehow but removal requires an ugga dugga gun and removal of engine mounts/a wheel so I've been putting off doing it at the roadside. The Dolomite Still suffering from mullered thrust washers. I was considering dropping the sump at the side of the road outside my flat, sticking new ones in and driving it to the house. Then I came to my senses and asked @davidfowler2000 if he fancied towing it. Again. Handily the night before the move Girlfriend_70s fell down the stairs and buggered her foot royally. So he also gave us a lift to the minor injuries unit in Stirling... Most of my time lately has actually been spent prepping the garage as measuring suggested that the gap between the internal stairs and the shelving was 1cm wider than the Dolly... So it was removed. The high value* contents carefully** stored in the back garden. The shelves reduced in depth by half. And reassembled. Perfect. I also tested the theory of putting the Dolly out the back to work on another car. Closing the doors is thwarted by the patio ending and a sudden jump in height. I am sort of considering putting in some ramps to allow the car back another few feet as the current windbreak method is a bit basic... It also means any car being worked on has to be mobile so the Dolly can go back in and the garage locked for the night. However I'd also quite like to shove a shed at the back of the patio for storing shit that is currently in the garage... Decisions, decisions. Sheds are silly money at the moment, as well as everything else. It's actually crazy how much stuff I'd managed to squeeze in to a one bed flat. This place is now packed out... Once parts start arriving I've got cars to fix. In this order: Acclaim, Volvo, Dolomite. Should keep me occupied over the winter.
  13. Moving house. Not even once*.... *(This is my 11th house move) Will try to get back to you tonight!
  14. The last, and only, car I bought from a breakers looked excellent, had 3 owners but was utterly hanging underneath. It was however very cheap. I feel that Rav is likely the same, without the cheap bit...
  15. It shouldn't be the customer who has to pay up for the incompetence. If you sent your car for a service and the apprentice filled the sump with antifreeze you wouldn't expect to pay for the resultant replacement engine they had to fit...
  16. Well remembered! I reckon that's exactly what's happened as the bolt came out with the old filter again...
  17. Pug 306 Cab with a hardtop. Never knew that was a thing until I moved and there is one lives the next street over.
  18. I hate them. I usually don't mind period alloys (aside from Minilites because they're dull as fuck), but they have a weird optical illusion quality whereby I can't see them as symmetrical
  19. From a for sale advert on Facebook Marketplace.
  20. It is, however I have already been out with a measuring tape and the patio is too short to fit a car and shut the doors. It does mean, however, that the Dolly can go out the back and another car can go in the front for work as needed as long as the back doors are open. I may stick a shed there for storing stuff. Those shelves in the garage have to go too, between them and the stairs protruding from the door into the house it's too narrow for even a Dolomite sized car. They seem to be largely screwed together so dismantling should be straightforward.
  21. So aye, tis an Atco 12". Probably late 1950s, as I think by 1960 they'd ditched the cylindrical fuel tank. Ran when parked, spins but no spark, should be a fun wee project. The eagle eyed amongst you have spotted it in a garage. I have indeed acquired AN HOUSE, collected the keys yesterday. The rent would make a grown man cry and I had to move out towards Falkirk to get a decent place for the dosh but hey-ho, it's a big place for two... A garage for a 70s sized car and a driveway for three. Obviously I have a garden now so slammed "vintage lawn mower" into eBay and bought the cheapest one that was nearest. £10, 5 miles away, can't argue with that.
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