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  1. Looks alright, that. Prepare for your mpgs to halve...
  2. I'm torn because the smiley plate looks fucking massive and gets on my tits but a regular plate looks just as wrong in a different way... Did the P6 not also have an oddly sized rear plate?
  3. Back when I used to browse eBay for classic motors and lived in Aberdeenshire I sorted cars by "Nearest first" and was looking at examples in England by the end of the first page. All the shite has been long run into the ground and destroyed by the shit climate and road conditions, the odd interesting giffer owned motor crops up occasionally but they're rapidly vanishing. The sheer abundance of pre-2000s motors south of border is mind blowing... I used to be really confused by people saying Moggy Minors and MGBs were common and boring when I was lucky to see a couple in the wild a year. I imagine the Highlands are worse, but you kind of expect that, Aberdeenshire is pretending to be part of civilisation... The handy thing about being in Glasgow is that the North of England is no longer a million miles away and they have loads of shit cars to choose from.
  4. I'd admit they'd look smart on an early 60s car, and you have removed the headlight peaks... Although, IIRC you do have a boggo spec car for plebs, not a DeLuxe.
  5. The Doloshite's heater blower had gone a bit past 'lightly patinated' and starting to look 'noticeably' shit. Brutalising it with 80 grit for a half arsed respray. Numerous bits aren't easily removable so they aren't coming off (main linkage), don't have anything to hand to drill out the rivets so the ballast resistor has to stay for now, the tube won't come off becuase the screws just round. Haven't quite decided if I want to keep the original stickers. You can get similar reproduction ones...
  6. I seem to recall @davidfowler2000 rented a trailer from somewhere for something silly like £40 a day to shift his 205.
  7. From Pug's "we've styled a good front end, put it on everything" era. Excellent purchase, can't remember the last time I saw one.
  8. Looks good, you'd never be able to tell it was a DIY affair!
  9. Excellent stuff. Looks like far less folk have suffered unfortunate trouser accidents in there now!
  10. Not a whole lot judging the spelling of "peace's". Dollys are shit at bangering anyway, they have no structure behind the C pillar and the front's aren't much tougher. Somebody needs to rescue this before the ZTEC mob ruin it irreparably. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-ford-100e-barn-find-/124181728831
  11. Ideally the entire front end will end up being GRP at some point because racecar, the N/S wing is fairly far gone in awkwardly shaped places and the O/S isn't massively better, the valance is crusty all over and the nose panel is a mixture of rot (TADTS) and filler where I suspect it's had a bump on the nose. The panels for that will be £500 odd though, by the time you factor in collecting them from the Midlands, so in the short term (ie:, the next 5 to 40 years...) it'll be a mixture of patching and filler I suspect. Wings are welded on, although if I end up cutting them off (or going GRP) I'll convert to bolt on, for ease of future works. They aren't structural on a Dolly. I'm not entirely sure what constitutes "chassis leg" and "inner wing box section" as per the repair panels. I'd consider the whole thing as being a chassis leg but at some point one evidently becomes the other. I think the bits I need need are the actually inner wing box sections.
  12. Starting? Both of the front wings are 95% filler south of the bumper. Wings are £135 a side in GRP, £300-400ish each for NOS steel.
  13. So, we're now on version 3.0 of the repair plan... @GingerNuttz PM'd me on Monday offering use of his workshop just t'other side of Glasgow. Working on a car 30mins away rather than 3 hours is a considerably cheaper/faster/easier endeavour + he seems to know what he's going and has a Herald 13/60 so you know he's sound as fuck. Once the world is slightly less completely fucked the plan of action will be something like this: 1 - Move car to location. 2 - Get the engine and subframe tae fuck 3 - Weld the bastard 4 - Reattach subframe and install new engine. 5 - With car now in movable state work through remainder of rust as money/time/convenience allows. I have no doubt that by the time it's actually possible to do anything to to thing we'll be on plan version 12.8.03b or something, but bear with me... In the meantime have some HARDCORE GROT. Kinda' nuts to think cars used to look like this at 8 year old...
  14. I've also heard the fake whitewalls scrub the tyres, I've also seen them go all warped and wavy so they stick off the tyre and look utterly shite. I feel the only right whitewall tyre for a car of that era is the narrow band ones: I find the "full fat" ones look really fussy and tacky.
  15. That looks like a lovely old barge. I think the wood dashes were fitted to the fancier "Deluxe" models, although I could be wrong... It certainly looks like it'd be tarted up a bit bit pre accident as it also has wheel trims. The colour scheme really suits it, even the not-so-stock duo-tone interior. I bet it's great to waft about in with the 3 on the tree.
  16. I've actually ordered quite a few things from Rimmers over the years, much to my shame. The Dolomite 1300 exhaust downpipe which had no chance of fitting, 3 DoA starter solenoids and 1 DoA fuel pump has rather put me off them to be honest...
  17. There is indeed a flap, mine is jammed open and the cable had snapped. It is a fairly big fucker though (human hand for scale) Mine also seems to have been a bit on fire.
  18. Not for the sort of price I could live with, also if he has any sense of professionalism it'll be a huge job... Aye, I can't imagine it having been much better when last in regular use... Sitting hasn't helped though, those box sections will never dry out once moisture is trapped inside... Unsure on parts collection yet, that's a fair bit in the distance so far but I'll keep you in mind fella! I'm self limiting to two active project cars at any one time. My girlfriend it limiting me more by threatening to leave if I continue buying money pits... Never even knew Rimmer Bros did them. I was just looking at the TDC examples... As SiC says the TDC stuff is pretty much universally higher quality.
  19. So, t'was a sunny Saturday and I had decided to strip down some more of the Doloshite's engine bay for rust treatment/painting before the engine swap. To facilitate this I'd ran an extension cable (or two) down from my bedroom window down to the street below, it was as I was setting up the angle grinder I noticed something... With the wheels at full lock and turned into the kerb I saw a moist looking area of peeling underseal in the F/N/S wheel well. A compulsion came over me, I leaned over and pressed my thumb gently against the suspicious area, the was a wet crunch and my thumb vanished into the chassis leg right next to the front subframe mount. I started poking about by hand... Oh yes, that's really rather fucked. I then applied the grinder. The other side was assaulted with a wire wheel and then attacked with a scrwdriver. Alright. That's all quite bad, the outer edge of the chassis leg is fucked all the way back to the brake pipe mount, the inside edge is rough but I can't hole it, ditto the bottom the top is fairly decent, the grot on the top is because that's where the battery lives. The leading edge is also all fucked, I suspect this is where it initially failed and water/dirt has piled in and rotted it from the inside out. Perhaps this is an isolated issue though, the other side might be fine? Aye, no. That's worse, and it's already been patched up at some point prior to my ownership. Okay, time to step back from the poking for now I think... So, I wire brushed all the loose rust from inside the engine bay, Vactan'd everything and then splashed some red oxide over it all to prevent further nightmares. I then removed the heater blower motor and windscreen washer bottle, because they look like shit and hey, while I'm here... So. So... Soooooooooooooo... Aye, that's a bit grim to be honest. Obviously my original plan of simply working on the car at the roadside just isn't going to work, I contemplated welding it at it's current location but the drawbacks are... extreme and negative consequences are likely. The way I see it there are 3 options from here for the car: 1 - Break it for spares. 2 - Patch it up. 3 - Drop the subframe and replace the chassis legs*. Obviously the plan is going to be either 2 or 3, I haven't decided which one yet. I have secured a place to work on the car, somewhere indoors, with electricity. Yes, it's my parent's garage. Again. Not the exact same one that I started my Triumph tinkering endeavours in, but my parent's garage nonetheless. People who know me may also know my parents live in the middle of nowhere, in the Cairngorm National Park, 130 miles and 3 hours drive away from my Glasgow flat. This is inconvenient, but as they also live there I can kip on the sofa, for long weekends of automotive grafting. Transport will be by the medium of rented car trailer and an official SVM Assist technician and tow vehicle. I have also acquired AN WELDER for the princely sum of £free, this is coming from the chap who has my old 1850HL in a field, he's upgrading his setup and lives a mere 40 mile 1 hour drive further North than my parent's place... I've not yet decided how much work I'm going to do to sort this out. I could patch it, the top and bottom of the legs are solid enough to take a weld, and it needs never see an MOT station again (gr8 idea m8). The subframe might not even fall off... However, if the car is already in the garage, and the engine is already out, and I know the rear mounts always rot out first (that's what sent my 1850HL off the road) and I haven't even glanced at them yet... Welp. The subframe might have to come off... And all the front panels because the headlight retainers are essentially gone... New sills would be ideal... Those rear arches, obviously. Yeah, I don't know how far this is going yet... The engine swap and tart up was only ever going to last until I had my own garage to actually do proper work to the car. I knew it was frilly, I was just counting on this being a couple more years down the line... We'll see once it's in my parent's garage and up in the air, which isn't going to be until after lockdown is lifted regardless. So yup, the project has snowballed, again. It's going back up the country to where it fucking was before I rescued it the first time and I'm going to have to throw acres of MIG wire, money and time at the thing to get it anywhere near the road. So everything is going about as well as can be expected. *As a hilarious aside, the main panels I'd need from the TDC are all "collection only" from the West Midlands.
  20. Quality video content of me moving a car 20ft. More to come later of me finding it's totally fucking fucked m8.
  21. Outer sides and fronts of the box sections are FUBAR, top and inner sides are mostly decent, bottoms are marginal. O/S has already been plated prior to my ownership, both sides could be patched again without removing the subframe, but would need further (better) repairs down the line. I haven't even looked at the rear mounts, which always rot first, because the only way you're repairing them is by dropping the whole subframe and for now I'm content pretending they don't exist... I shall do a proper write up tomorrow when I can be arsed, I'm still sneezing grinder dust currently... Given the lack of structure left, I've no doubt a big pothole (of the sort Glasgow is littered with) would probably have bent the chassis leg and caused the subframe to shif. As the car can't be driven in it's current state (engine status irrelevant) as the subframe could make a bid for freedom after a sharp bump and even just tugging it onto a trailer could potentially fuck it further I'm looking into acquiring a not stick welder to plate it up at the side of the road like a complete and utter lunatic. 3 people stopped to chat about the cars while I was tinkering and said they had "admired" them when going past, so at least the public seem to like them...
  22. Poked massive holes in the Doloshite's front subframe mounts. It's fuckerated, probably actually quite good the engine exploderated before the front end made a bid for freedom at speed...
  23. I'm sure somebody released a special edition of their album on 8-track not long ago, but that was using NOS blank tapes IIRC... Hipster appeal is limited because 8-tracks are too much hard work, cassettes and vinyl give the appearance of individuality and retro chic with none of the effort, hence their popularity.
  24. Apparently back in the day it wasn't uncommon to see streams of tape blowing around the motorways from where frustrated motorists had lobbed tapes out of the window after they'd been eaten. You'd really need the patience of a saint to be able to wind one back. The actual format itself is quite interesting, the way you have 4 'programs' on each tape with 2 stereo tracks each, thus "8 track" with the head just clicking into a different position to read different bits of the tape. However the very precise movements required do not lend themselves well to 45 year old equipment... I suspect the head in my machine being free to move back and forth so much is a large reason as to why it doesn't sound very good as it's not lining up with the tracks correctly, you also get bleed through from adjacent tracks and adjusting the head position is little help as it changes whenever a new tape goes in. The machine running slow is almost certainly the new belt not being correct for the machine, I did try putting the old one back in but once it'd been unstuck from the capstan and flywheel it'd just slip. The tapes also degrade badly if not ideally stored. Given most of them spent their lives rattling around in glove boxes and parcel shelves it's no wonder they all seem to be shagged. The adhesive used to fix the labels on to the carts also goes bad with age and causes the labels to bubble, which is why almost all 8-track tapes look like garbage.
  25. Some rare non-car content: New video/posts coming this weekend on car related things. Namely me moving the Dolomite up the street with just myself to get the job done.
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