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  1. I think I get 3 months out of wipers on the Acclaim if I'm lucky. They start squeaking after a couple of weeks, suspect the screen might be pitted enough to be mildly abrasive...
  2. Unsure if I'll be doing shows in '21. It'll still be socially distanced with face masks and one-way systems etc, sounds like bad vibes.
  3. Surprised its a sender on these, I knew a fella with a mk1 2000 that announced the failure of it's oil gauge by filling the driver's footwell with 20w50 at 60mph.
  4. I'd deffo advocate painting it purely as so much original paint is missing and flaking off in chunks that there is little left to preserve, matching new paint to old will be a major pain and the remaining old paint is going to be doing a poor job of actually protecting the metal underneath. I believe @sdkrcis having a similar issue with the sun baked Galaxie where patina that'd last 40 years in Arizona will last 5 years exposed to UK weather and start compromising the metalwork.
  5. My Dad had one of these for a few years, 2.0 manual estate, silver with steelies and wheeltrims. It was a decent and spacious thing, replaced with an Octavia 4x4 estate which in comparison rode like it had no suspension.
  6. She's a bit crusty to be sure. The UK climate really is dire for automotive preservation, humid summers and mild winters for a constantly damp environment where nothing ever dries out or freezes. Grim. +1 on flashing indicators, they look like garbage but are pretty essentially for any car that's going to see use in modern traffic. I need to rig up high level brake lights on the Triumphs, compared to modern LED units the rear lights are pathetic and the dual filament style rear/brake combo mounted low are a recipe for disaster.
  7. Semi rusty, red oxided corrugated sheets obviously.
  8. Mega progress on the car port, also gaining fame on Facebook spotters pages.
  9. The levels of post war austerity oozing from this thing are making me want to treat myself to some tinned meat.
  10. This. After I pulled the belt and reverted my 740 to PROPER STEERING (entirely usable) it continued to dribble PAS fluid for days, including leaving a big fuck off puddle on Girlfriend_70's parent's driveway. Marvellous given that this was the first she knew of the car and my buying it without telling her nearly ended our relationship even without it staining the mono blocking...
  11. 155/80r13 is my jam. Standard on steel wheel Dollys and the Acclaim. I sampled @blackboilersuit's Toledo on bigger fatter wheels and wasn't a fan of their effect on the handling...
  12. It's simply the modern inability to parse any sort of context within language. Too hard, too complex. Far easier to simply declare entire words evil and ban their use than have any reasonable discourse. Of course at least we know it's alright to tar the travelling community as scum as long as we don't use the P word,because it's the word that's offensive, not the context.
  13. Can confirm. My Acclaim has been reconstructed entirely out of lead roof flashing, and the sound deadening is tarmac left over from another job m8
  14. BROWN. Well bought. These things give me the fear with their sideways suspension and inside out brakes, I'm sure they're great when they work but the idea of trying to pull on apart sounds like an arse. That V8 burble is proper nice though.
  15. Pretty much this. These cars were cheap for a reason and it is still 1950s tech despite the '89 reg. Looks like it only did 40 odd miles last year between MOTs, so chances are the dealer never drove it, or only took it a spin around the block.
  16. Where did you get the condenser/points? Not unknown for cheaper ones to fail almost instantly. I frequently buy brand new repo parts that are simply dead on arrival or so bad they don't fit/work.
  17. This is the difference, and the use of the term "tribal" is apt. TG has/had a massive audience and people take what they say as a gospel, it introduced a whole new generation to the concept the BL cars are shit and that the people who bother preserving them are stupid. Plenty of those folk are happy to tell you online or in person and it get's fairly tiring and TG played a considerable part in it. If you want examples of tribalism try saying BL cars aren't actually as bad as being forced to drink sulphuric acid. Much like the recent "Dad cars" bit. It only happened because the cars in que
  18. The subframe on my Dolly 1850 had sunk into a rotten chassis leg and was resting on the steering column. It was like that for a good year and still passed MOTs.
  19. Went back through photos and it's been cracked since it came out the workshop, so it passed it's MOT like that. The screen is delaminating in all four corners to varying degrees and the stress of the car being jacked up repeatedly on all four corners during welding probably didn't sit too well with it.
  20. This is true, and is the one glimmer of hope in the whole situation.
  21. A return to daily duties for this thing as the Saab's ignition switch seems to be getting increasingly unreliable and I nearly ended up stuck at Rutherglen Tesco with a flat battery earlier in the week. Naturally it had to end in tears and I came out to the car at the end of my shift tonight to find the windscreen had cracked. How? No idea. No signs of rust around the screen, not been particularly cold/hot, probably a fucking pothole given the roads around here look like they've been fucking carpet bombed. So, windscreens are apparently a pig to remove and usually break in the
  22. A "BARN" FIND. I fucking hate it when my barn is actually a waterlogged patch of overgrown, wooded marshland.
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