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  1. This is a new one on me: 1971 Bedford MultiCruiser. Parked on a drive near the Western General Infirmary in Edinburgh. StreetView suggests it was in decent condition in 2008 but now it's had most of it's windows/lights smashed and all the loose bits like mirrors, the grille etc snapped off/nicked. Certainly a weird one and I'm guessing unique and based a CF chassis.
  2. Triumph Acclaim has been my my most efficient purchase, despite buying a rotter. With that in mind I'd say something boring, Japanese and 1990s. Corolla, Accord, Charisma, etc. Although you'd probably have to shell out a decent amount for something that's not already crusty these days.
  3. 22 front, 24 rear. Even on the Sprint! Much discussion on the Dolly forum, as those pressures make the car pretty crap to drive but deviation could invalidate your insurance. I suppose the compromise would be a set of period correct Pirelli Cinturato tyres from Longstone at £120 a corner...
  4. You'd think a few owners clubs of the defunct BL brands could band together to keep it funded. Although that wouldn't help with the copyright situation.
  5. Is it a liability thing? Less hassle to scrap it than risk somebody coming back and moaning it's worse than described?
  6. The Dolly has 24psi specced in the handbook. This is essentially useless as modern tyre construction means tyres now have a softer sidewall. I run at 30psi. Amazing what a difference it makes to the steering weight as well.
  7. Dolomite up from £85 to £125. Comparison sites suggesting I could get it down to £100ish elsewhere.
  8. That's a white rattle can away from being finished.
  9. I'd say a coil usually displays the opposite problem, is alright when cold but fails as it heats up. Not that the opposite couldn't occur. Because French.
  10. Excellent stuff. That mileage is pretty good for an elderly hobby car. Do you have any jobs planned for winter or is it just going to be stored?
  11. I'm inclined to agree, the pre-facelift cars have a significant following. Far worse examples have been restored and imported from Poland. Having said that, it'll all depend on who's following the auction.
  12. Great meet. Roads were ace, company was smashing, pies/cake were stellar. 14/10 would look at a derelict mine in the drizzle again. Took fuck all pictures as my phone cam is melted and my proper camera turned itself on and killed it's battery before we even got to the cafe but here are a couple from the girlfriend... Really hammered the Dolly, much foot to the floor action. No fluids lost, nothing noticeable fell off. The front left brake set itself on fire a bit after some steep/twisty bits so I suspect caliper rebuilds shall be my winter task...
  13. Ouch. That's grim. On my drive home from work today (31 miles) I passed two motorway based "up the arse" accidents. Likely a mix of stop start traffic and the rain. It's pretty much the same every time I go out and has led to my avoidance of motorways in any vehicle I give a shit about.
  14. Jesus. No wonder everybody uses FB marketplace these days ...
  15. My old Volvo 740 (F940 SRT) came with a boot full of spare bits. 95% of which was rusty junk that'd been put in the box of the replacement part - Which was now, also, rusty junk.
  16. Volvo 700/900 brakes. What an absolute shitshow of incompatible parts.
  17. It's some no-brand Chinesium one I've had for years. I'm not too fussed as to the exact figures as long as the readings are fairly repeatable repeatable and similar across the cylinders. Which they are. It drives fine and has plenty of shove, especially at higher rpm so I'm content to say compression is adequate, even if the gauge reads low.
  18. So. No signs of continued HGF over the last 100 miles. A mix of A-road motoring and a few 65mph motorway blats. Temp once went up to the 2/3 mark after bombing down the motorway for 20 miles and then coming to a dead stop in traffic but that's to be expected when it's 25C... It never went higher and once we were moving again dropped to 1/2. Currently have a Payen gasket sat on the shelf, just in case. On to the exhaust blow. Tightening everything did fuck all so it seemed like the manifold gasket had blown. Yes. I'd say that is done. Managed to pry the detached manifolds far enough off the studs to post the new gasket in without having to take off the carb/downpipe. Which was nice. With the exhaust blow fixed the car was now running and idling properly as well as not sounding like a farting tractor. A new issue was the oil warning light flickering on at idle... I thought it sounded a bit rattly but I'm known to err on the side of paranoia and Triumph SC units tend to sound like a washing machine full of stones at the best of times. Today I rigged up the oil pressure and compression testers despite dissolving in the heat. That's fine for a bitsa engine built by a monkey. The pressure switch is set at 5psi so it's just fried. I'm going to rig up an actual pressure gauge Currently waiting on the rain washing off this Sahara dust or whatever the fuck it is...
  19. I think @Angrydicky had an Atlantic? I've always thought the Jowett was ahead of it's time in a way the Counties Austins weren't...
  20. Ouch. That looks like a fairly significant chunk of metal to have simply vanished... I imagine the expending foam aided a lot in completely rotting it out.
  21. What a pile of shit. Wonder if it's this one:
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