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  1. Wet mini roundabout, slipped the clutch in 2nd, arse end kicked out, over-corrected, fishtailed. Over the kerb sideways and into a concrete/steel fence backwards. Parking in the unlit car park at work, span the car around to reverse into the space. Never noticed it was occupied by a red Fiesta until I slammed into it backwards at 10mph and bent all the decent panels on my car... Going along the motorway in a queue of traffic about to merge right, a few cars in front somebody weighs anchor and I slam on the brakes. A Corsa E behind me doesn't stop and ra
  2. I'm the one running the hobbyweld stuff, £60 odd deposit on the bottle and £38 a fill or something? For the amount I'm using it's not bad value...
  3. My main goal in life is to not buy another turd, with that in mind I promise nothing.
  4. I reckon that's probably what the Beemer driver said shortly before winding it up to 90 and smearing his car into the scenery.
  5. Fixed. Old boys who rebuild Jowett Javelins in sheds don't sell their cars, for profit or otherwise. That sort of restored car is becoming a thing of the past, as now old motors are worth real money for every 1 bloke who wants to sort one out properly there are 10 looking to tart it up and flip it. Even with the current high values there is no money in genuine restoration, most work being done to classic cars is rubbish on top of 40 years worth of "it'll see it through another MOT" garage repairs. You only need to look at the "professionally restored" cars for sale with a keen eye to
  6. We never really poked at the Volvo as much, but I'd wager it'd not be far off. Drivers and passenger side floors were holed (passenger side had a .8 plate tacked in from the inside Front inner wheel arches were a half inch of silicone over rust Both front chassis legs were just patches over patches Rear of the sills was gone from the jacking points right up into the boot floor The inner sills were suspect and patched down the full length of the car Both rear wheel arch tubs were rotten though into the boot Centre crossmember was rotten at the outer edges That was just fro
  7. Admittedly it'll take more self control, but I ditched the Volvo with that reasoning. The Volvo was bought as a daily hack, needed too much work and got punted. To be honest the Acclaim is just too old/small to run daily. Its fun to take on holiday and blast around A/B roads but on the motorway doing 3,500rpm at 70mph surrounded by Nissan Micras that dwarf you and being passed by BMWs and Range Rovers doing 90mph its no fun at all. Really the Acclaim should be sold, but with MOT/tax exemption landing in 2023 it feels a bit daft to ditch a minimal upkeep car when it already costs pean
  8. It'll still do a few thousand miles a year, but ragging it along the motorway in the depths of winter while other road users try to kill you isn't a fun experience and is just a waste of a car. To be honest I've had several near-misses recently courtesy of other road users, there is a reason car insurance is £800 a year for almost anything that isn't classic here, and having done all this work I'm not keen on some fucktard in a Kia Sportage wiping the car out... It's worse. Much worse... Large chunks were pulled off by hand, some bits of car just fell off while we were cutting/grinding
  9. This sounds about right. The metal used is properly flimsy. They were, but the presses, machinery and specs of the build are identical. As much as Triumph would have people believe they'd modified the designs for the better...
  10. The same reason you want one, nostalgia. Loads of people remember them growing up, more people would like a Mk2 'Scrote than there are surviving cars so pricing gets competitive. Fords in particular have a particular draw to the misty eyed middle aged man, probably due to Ford's massive pushes in terms of motorsport, product placement and advertising.
  11. God why... Rear sill, cut along top, fell off and took the inner with it. Rear floor, with added T piece to brace the jacking point... No T piece on the other side, might be alright? It wasn't. While we were under the car we realised the jacking point had sunk into the cabin a good inch or so as the whole floor buckled. The bitumen sound deadening pad is structural. No matter, sills and floors can be made... Valances are also a thing that tend to be shit on Acclaims... Thankfully @GingerNuttzis An Wizard or some shit
  12. Pictures of the cars in question.
  13. You'll be paying for them from now on so I wouldn't smile too hard...
  14. If the new cylinders are anything like the ones available for Dolomites I'd definitely go down the rebuild route if it's possible - The repo ones have a fairly dire reputation for longevity...
  15. My last two android phones have done this too. I just turn the volume back up... My iPod Classic has a much more annoying variant why by it sets it's volume lock at about 5/6ths if you listen at full blast for too long. To undo this you have to navigate the menus and reset the volume lock, ideal when you're driving. I have the bloody thing specifically because the interface can be used without looking at it ffs...
  16. This doesn't surprise me, Japanese companies tend to be shit hot when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. I'm pretty sure some companies (BMW spring to mind here?) actually have aspects of their car designs copyrighted, silhouettes, styling flourishes, wheel designs etc, so even removing all badging isn't enough as it's still a recognisable brand property. I'm very surprised at the amount of "hippy camper" type stuff that exists which is obviously a VW, although they certainly seem to be on the decline. I think it is technically a copyright breach to sell a photo or draw
  17. Man, that is properly SHITE. Check the complete absence of styling at the back, just a flat slab of a tailgate with some lights haphazardly flung on. Madness. Well purchased.
  18. Enough BL engines shat themselves in less than 10k that I'd not be surprised that some would need a light rebuild at 70k...
  19. Is the sump droppable in situ or is it burried in gearbox and subframe and shit?
  20. Nah, I knew the rear seatbelt mounts and floors were shagged. Granted I didn't think I'd be able to tear them out by hand... It looks insane but its really just two big plates and a few little ones to plug the gaps. Due to the curves in the large pieces they're stiff enough to avoid drumming without running them through the bead roller. The chassis legs were the real concern and were a surprise, and are a more complex bit of car. That's why I didn't do that bit. 😂
  21. Mostly underseal and bitumen sound deadening pads, occasionally myself. I suspect due to being so cold things simply freeze and the air is dryer. In the UK on top of the road being salted for no real reason for most of the winter our milder winters tend to be more wet than freezing. Then the rest of the year is also fairly humid and not massively warm. Nothing really dries out, everything rusts, we're an island, lots of sea air. Garbarge. All hail The Cause. Underseal can get fucked. It's shit, lasts a couple of years if you're lucky before it starts cracking/coming awa
  22. The rear wheel tubs could have done inside the car quite easily, aside from the fact the extension cables would melt... The underside it'd be a struggle to even bodge it outside.
  23. So, having finished welding up the front of the Acclaim last weekend I rolled over to the workshop today with the aim of sorting the rear seatbelt mounting area, ARB mount and possibly starting the rear valance. As the car was jacked up and axle stands applied a conversation occurred. "Eeeeeeeh, this isn't getting an MOT" "How?" "There's a chunk missing out of this chassis leg." "What? How? We mashed the entire lot with hammers last week." "It was there last week, now it's fucking gone." And it was. Our best guess is that our mullering it with hammers disturbe
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