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  1. Nailed it. Milk bottle used as infill/bridge then a sandwich of p38 and p40. It was stinking when breaking it up....I mean I knew it had a bit of clag in the arch, but I hadn't realised it was that much 😂. It's a Saab 900.
  2. Are the scotch government now using these special ones in their iPads?
  3. GMcD


    Money is money and if other shitters ain't bitting then tough. You can't keep everything on the forum. Do other members get stick for selling on car & classic or eBay? @RetroShite Well done man. I think it's fucking brave of you to change things up and sack in your old job. I wish I could do the same at times. You've found your niche with the raffles. Instead of YouTube how about a shite equivalent of DriveDad'sCar? "DriveYerDa'sBanger" A choice collection of exquisite chod for driving at 20 quid a go for 10/15 minutes? Sign me up!
  4. I'm in no rush, but hopefully it won't take that long!
  5. So with winter here the Saab has been sorned. I decided to do a @SiC and start picking at some scabs. Here is how it looks just now. This has taken all weekend. Every single torx bolt on the arch trims needed a slot dremeled into them to remove. There are a few hex bolt that have just dissolved to nubs. Some electrical connections were fused solid even after soaking in diesel for two days. I've uncovered some interesting bits. I probably would have picked all this up had I bothered going down on my knees when I collected it, but I wasn't really giving a shit as I knew it was coming home regardless. Dissolved tow eye on the slam panel. Chemical metal and fibreglass(?) on a seam. Inner n/s arch - white mastic with underseal slathered on top Dissolved holder thingy for the oil cooler l Holes in the driveshaft tunnels. Arch I knew about: Battery tray slightly* tired (I knew this from when I was doing the fan): So yeah she is foosty alright! I think my next step is to pull the engine and take it all back to bare metal and see what's left. I want to do this right anyway and make the engine bay look a bit nicer (not just the rust, it's got about a million different shades of paint and underseal on it) so it makes sense. In for a penny. This is going to a slow burner. I think I'll be lucky if it gets back on the road within a couple of years as once the engine bay is done I'll have the rest of the car to do 🤣.
  6. Oh no. What happened? It looks great though, I love a tan interior.
  7. Beautiful morning so decided to take the Saab to work. Probably coming of the road at the end of the week so I can start taking it to bits. Then I went home and finished what I started yesterday and lobbed sand on the now clean drive. Put far too much on, took ages to brush off. But done. Now burst.
  8. Wowsers, what a buy. Looks flipping lovely! 😊
  9. 🤣I like his style! I've said before I think. My neighbour likes to park on the pavement across my steps, sometimes leaving a bawhair to squeeze past and walk up to them, which I think is just plain rude. No objection to them parking on the road, but the pavement is a red line. My wife snapped and barked at them yesterday (my wife is normally lovely, but when she bites - run and take cover! 😂) to move their car and in fairness they did, but I am finding it extremely difficult to resist the urge to buy an old van and park it a bawhair from their driveway just to make it awkward AF for them to get in and out. Or obtain an MOT exempt and pretty thing (as it's in my eyeline) to park and permanently bag the space. Petty but I can live with petty.
  10. Cheers. ID mobile is who I use for my own phone. They seem ok for my usage. The voxi sim was the best bang for buck (90 gigashoogles for £15) for a few months for my sister (no free roaming on her aussie sim) who seems to just use her phone for scrolling through endless dross on Instagram (glasshouses I know!). I'll be pointing her elsewhere next time!
  11. Well it took about 2 hours this morning but eventual success going back to the chat. If you use the "report lost or stolen" function, it seems to put you in touch with a human straight away. Still, after explaining for the umpteenth time I don't have the sim so don't send a OTP.... they tried to send the OTP another two times. I also got cut of by them during the chat, and re-assigned to another person (possibly they got fed up dealing with me ) They then tried to get me to go through the whole rigmarole again. I have an email now confirming it's done. Will not be using that mob again.
  12. Trying to cancel a sim card from voxi that I setup for my sister to use whilst she was here for a few months. You would think it would be easy to cancel it. But I cannot log into the account as it insists on a one time password sent by text. I don't have the sim. You cannot reset the account without sending a one time password by text. There is no email or memorable answer alternative. The online chat is a bag of fucking wank. I'm now on their alternative contact (social media) and I've been waiting since yesterday afternoon for someone to message me back on Facebook because perish the thought they have an actual fucking last resort phone number you can call to speak to a fucking human. Online chat, Facebook or Twitter are the options (Musk and Zucker fans only please, get fucked if you don't subscribe to fake news) Normally in such circumstances I would just cancel the direct debit and ignore the threats, but they have my credit card details not direct debit details. What a palava.
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