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  1. I was going to say I can tell you all the exhaust part numbers I've used to order my replacement bits...so you can avoid them. πŸ˜‚
  2. Parcelfarce can get in the sea. I know they were on strike last week (or at least impacted?) but it's been over a week and I've still not received my timing belt kit for the Cav. 48 hour delivery my hole. Knowing my luck it'll be lost.
  3. Started removing the alternator belt in prep for next week. HBOL says: What HBOL doesn't say is you need to remove 2x15mm bolts on the frame and 3x15mm bolts on the engine block to get the whole mounting bracket off, so you can then get access to the 4x Allen key bolts you need to remove to split the rubber mount from the bracket and then split the bracket in half to get the belt out. Bit of heat and the gun helped for the other 3x: It's a bit of a naff design I thought? It's all simple stuff though that I can take my time with. Much more enjoyable than laying on my back scraping off old underseal. Alternator belt well past it. With the cover off, the timing belt looks like a recent replacement or hasn't done many miles. The water pump has more fur on it than my 😺.
  4. Could I get the fecking centre cap off the rear wheel? I exploded the removal key. It appears the wee bolt was cross threaded. Ended up just cutting a slot into it with a Dremel and using a small chisel and spanner to get it off. Hardly a big deal and better to discover it now rather than with a flat. Dampers on: Centre and cat on: Although it will need more footering with as I'm getting a bit of a blow between the cat and downpipe. The centre is hitting the floor behind the fuel tank. I don't think the existing rear box is quite the right unit and is pushing the centre up a bit. So I might need take a bit out the centre or rear box. I never seem to have much luck with pattern parts. Maybe I should just get a cherry bomb and have done with it 🀣. I then used all 11 stone of me to try and bend the driver's door closer to the roof gutter (it was broken into a couple months back) and got it sitting pretty good compared to the passenger side. Waiting for the timing belt kit to arrive and that will be next to get done.
  5. Bought and worked a champ. Mask and goggles on this evening scraping off underseal and the goggles stayed mist free. πŸ‘
  6. My asthma been flaring up all week so I've not made lots of progress. I'm sure all the cutting, grinding, welding and wire brushing has nothing to do with it....😐. I wear a dust mask for most activities although I don't for welding as my goggles/ welding mask just steam up something awful, especially when wedged underneath a dashboard. I need to figure something out. Anyway, I finished the welding and drowned it in zinc primer, stone chip, hammerite paint and sealant today. Just what I had on the shelf. It will outlast the rest of the car. I didn't burn the interior and only set fire to underseal a couple of times! I used disposable bottles again after trying flux (I was just making and chasing holes) that are done already. False economy, I really need to stop fannying about and get a hobby bottle and regulator with a gauge. I had been soaking the crankshaft pulley bolts in WD-40 since Friday (I know it's shit, but again it was on the shelf). Over lunch I gave them each a good heat up with a blow torch then whizzed them off no bother with the impact. What a relief. I've been shopping so have lots of new bits. Centre exhaust, Cat, 2x rear shocks and various gaskets/ bolts. I've ordered the timing belt kit (including waterpump) , auxillary belt and rocker gasket that should arrive next week. I would like to get it out the garage for next weekend.... hopefully.
  7. Sorry I was being a tit, I meant engine number! Euro Car Farts/AutoDoc list two. 111 and later 146 tooth belts. (Most of their info is duff so I’ll take the cover off an confirm before ordering but assume it’s the one with an auto tensioner as I think the older engines were tensioned by the waterpump).
  8. Did a wee bit more work on the Cav. I separated the holed mid section from the cat, although I needn't have bothered as it's hollow inside. I found what looks like the remains of the cat in the back box . I've ordered a new cat alongside the centre section as I'll need it for MOT. Also ordered the dampers. Will need to figure out the correct timing belt and waterpump kit as there are multiple options depending on engine code. I then cut out the bad metal. I didn't set anything on fire although one disc failed whilst I was doing it and I nearly shit my pants. I then started forming shapes using 1.2mm steel. The big hole will need two bits as the floor was spot welded onto a brace-thingy under the car (you can see it in the hole, it's had better days but it's solid) I'll then start welding. I'm not looking forward to it but needs must πŸ˜‚.
  9. I'm surprised it didn't fall off when hitting a pot hole! I did a much better job with the Mx-5 sill, so this should be done to a reasonable standard. Least nobody but the man from the ministry will see it!
  10. This evening I jacked it up and put it on stands (which took feckin ages!) Pulled the exhaust as it was blowing on the centre section which I knew about. The weld from the pipe to the silencer is gone and the pipe itself is swiss cheese. New one needed. I started having a good luck underneath to see if there are any nasties. There is a pretty good drip of coolant from the waterpump area, that can be sorted along with the belts. One rear shock is kaput so I'll replace in pairs Fuel hose. I might replace these as they have a wiff about them, they aren't gummy or cracked. I'll keep an eye on them for now. I then had to go poking πŸ˜‚ .... The rear of both sills have been done previously. They aren't pretty but they seem solid enough as does everything (I can't find any holes) else except the drivers footwell which looked pretty nasty (layers and layers of underseal) and felt a bit soft: The carpet and insulation in the footwell was soaking. I pulled it back and cut out the insulation. The bitumen sound deadening came of in big chunks: I think it looks worse than it is, but it will be a pain in the hoop to weld as I will need to take out the seat and remove more of the carpet so I avoid setting it on fire, plus there are fuel hoses right underneath the area. I've got a couple of welding blankets I can use in the interior and I'll get my dad down to be on firewatch.
  11. Electrics do make me nervous but once the glovebox was out and I got eyes on it, it was straightforward to trace, only one cable needed to be reconnected, several splices for the indicators needed snipped, then pull everything out. Think it took about about an 1 hour going slow to do it. Holiday was great πŸ™‚ I should be there but likely in a MX-5 as I don't think I'll get the exhaust fixed on the Cav before then, but I'll see!
  12. It's been ages since I've updated this . This is a long update so bare with me! The Austin 1100 and Toledo are away to new owners. I had a space on the driveway and money burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to live out my 90s print toner salesman's dream and buy a Cavalier from @cpjitservices: Handily it arrived via transporter last week just as I was leaving for a weeks holiday in Italy. I got my first look at it yesterday. It seems that a previously dormant alarm decided to go full zombie and erect itself from the dead (I think from a weak battery) and wind-up the neighbours whilst I was away. My dad pulled the battery to stop it's reign of terror. I got back on Tuesday and re-attached the battery and was presented with another problem. It wouldn't start! The battery did seem pretty low as it would barely turn over. I put a fresh battery on it and it turned over strong on the starter but didn't catch. The Vauxhall immobiliser seemed ok as the barrel was sensing the transponder. I was getting spark, but no fuel. All the while the alarm was sounding off, although I soon pulled the wire from the siren to stop it! I put 3 gallons into it just incase it was a low fuel issue. I threw some easy start down the intake and it would catch for a split second. So it's gotta be the aftermarket alarm that's cutting fuel. Maybe the weak battery erased it's memory which is why it came back and immobilised it? Hoot knows. A pamphlet in the records showed it was a JR car alarm. It appeared from searching online it should have an immobiliser fob like this to kill it, but @cpjitservices didn't get one from the previous owner. So I gave up and washed it. After work this evening I pulled the glove box out to find the bastard: I found the most obvious cable and jumpered it using a a wire and couple of crocodile clips. Thank fuck for that! I removed it completely and tidied up the wiring. Next up will be to see why the passenger door doesn't work on the central locking. The exhaust has a blow so I'll need to fix. The tyres will want replacing but I might put the Bini steelies I have in the shed on as a temporary measure as it has new tyres on them. I'll MOT it then all being well I'll replace the cambelt/ auxiliary and rocker gasket as it's weeping slightly. I've got a Mx-5 I need to finish undersealing too. Plenty to be getting on with. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was flustered troubleshooting the alarm and it was pissing it down tonight. Cheers to @cpjitservices, who has been a gent throughout the purchase. He wasn't aware this alarm was still hooked in. It drove on and off the Beavertail no bother. Shit happens and thankfully it was sorted relatively simply!
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