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  1. Well done that man, looks a beaut! Safe travels 🙂
  2. I'm guessing it's either then purple V8 monster or Green Viking Tug and @davehedgehog31 is at it!
  3. Absolute bargain! You'll struggle to even get a council lockup roundabout that price.
  4. Looooooong car….teeny tiny description!
  5. I’ve been using my dads Hyundai IX35 the past few days and it has a front wiper de-frost function. Well posh!
  6. I spent ages last weekend and now today footering with the rear brakes on the Cav. What was supposed to be just drums ended up being shoes, fitting kit and the handbrake cables as the shoes fell to bits. With new shoes on I couldn't get a handbrake(Cable had no adjustment left). Cylinders fine so I left them. Never done drum brakes before. Don't think I want to again. What a palava. I had to mess about something awful with them to get the auto adjusters to play ball. I must have had them off about 4 times each side (including taking them off again to do the handbrake cables). Discs, pads and calipers for me please!
  7. Bloody cars! Sounds like you had a frustrating Saturday like me.
  8. Mate, please don't do anything you might regret. Please don't cut out any medication you are on. Please speak to your GP before you do anything in haste. I'm no expert AT ALL, but there is never a bad time to make changes for the sake of your health. I don't think it's ever going to be easy to swap a "bad diet" for a "healthy" one. Your body will be craving it's dopamine kick from the sugary carbs. You've already taken some positive steps to improving your health if you've been cutting out a lot of the stodge 👍. Do you try and vary what you put on your plate? Shaking up what you put on your plate (even just a little colour) and stepping away from "beige" foods will help. You'll quickly get fed up if you just eat the same 2 or 3 meals on repeat.
  9. I think for my budget it'll be a slightly dog-eared RX-8 😆.
  10. I must try harder to experience more cars. Sell the Blue Mx-5 (it will be MOTd and sold in spring) Sell the Cav (it's going up for sale in a few weeks once I've finished the rear brakes) Then get at least two from below that I haven't owned: Straight 6 V6 Wankel Boxer V12 Accepted wildcard will be another V8 (already had one but I would like another because burble)
  11. Fake listing I think. For sale on FB in Paisley, with a couple more photos at £2300
  12. These were in the box with my old Scalextric set. I don't even remember buying them but I must have . 🤣.
  13. Wasn't a fan of the pre-facelift but I really do think the facelift Vectra C is a smart looking thing. I know it was probably done to give it the same face as the Astra H, but I like it.
  14. I was slightly perplexed by the age restriction warning on the box but what a nice surprise, thank you very much Secret Santa! I shall enjoy skelpin' this at Hogmanay:
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