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  1. Sounds like it needs a 1.8t engine and box fitted
  2. I was changing an exhaust under an old corsa many moons ago. The centre section was being particularly difficult and fought me coming off. It eventually “popped” off surprising me and cracked me right in the eye. Next morning I woke up with a cracking black eye which was great as I was attending a wedding of which I was part of the wedding party 🤣 Also, not quite working on a car but working in my garage on a push bike 2 months ago I managed to burst a hand held blow torch causing it to explode and produce a jet of flame which burnt my arms and full face. That REALLY hurt and initiated a hospital visit and many weeks off work. Luckily skin heals amazing well and I’m kind of back to normal!
  3. Where did you pick up new centre caps from? My mk4 needs new ones and I was concerned eBay jobs would be cheap rubbish
  4. Any idea if the diesel for vehicles airside is dyed purple? Many years ago I bought a golf diesel from an airport fireman and the fuel filter was stained purple 🤣
  5. Aye, that’s deffo an eco wreck and not a redtop
  6. Or on the back of a low loader/recovery truck 🤣
  7. If you do fix the sills and want some mudflaps. I think I have a brand new set sitting in the garage I could be encouraged to sell cheaply…
  8. Brilliant car. I loved mine and would gladly have another. Re timing chain - These have a timing belt however the cams are linked with a small chain on the pass side. The tensioner for it fails and causes engine borkness. They tick before they die. Worthwhile watching for. If you don’t have kids buy a pack of baby wipes for the white bits of the seats. I found they clean them really well and quickly as stops them getting grubby again over time. The sills on these get hit with stone chips and rust for fun. I grinder mine right back, vatcan, stone chip then repainted then the correct colour. I bought a cheap set of oem mudflaps from Ali express or eBay. They fit really well and protect the sill for the future and look totally oem. Get it remapped!
  9. Honestly, they won’t be damaged. Just crack on and finish the job. I’ll bet it’ll be alright. If you wanted to be super duper safe you could replace that one bolt but personally - I wouldn’t bother
  10. Honest answer? Your unlikely to have Halfrauds replace a torque wrench and pay for a new gasket, bolts and a gasket without proof and a legal arguement involving solicitors. In hindsight you could have continued on using the leftover angle plate as a guide to at least get the job finished. Re the head and gasket. Someone with more experience than me will probably know better but if it was me. I’d nip into Halfrauds, get a new angle torque wrench and just redo all the bolts again and crack on with the job. If you really wanted to be super careful you could replace that bolt but the rest are unlikely to have distorted without the final angle torque. Again, I’m an amateur so someone may come along and prove me wrong. But I’d fall over sideways if one bolt being torqued would bend a head requiring skimming.
  11. My brothers currently looking for an automatic van for his gardening business. I spotted a VW caddy marked as an automatic on Facebook marketplace tonight. I always double check as the gearbox spec is just a ticky box and loads of folk wrongly advertise a manual as auto… the conversation went well. I’ve given up none the wiser …
  12. How much is a timing belt on its own and can you do the work yourself?
  13. Looks great - I still miss my old one. id have a TTID AERO estate in a heartbeat
  14. I think he’s just fettling the tuning then it’ll be on the road. I heard the left banks running abit lean…
  15. @dome and I enjoy a wander round u pullit occasionally when I’m over his way. haven’t been recently due to covid but I’m looking forward to the next trip £1 entry, can have a wander. Everything’s laid out well and you can pick loads of bits up for pennies
  16. Thankfully I stay in East Kilbride and it’s above the atmosphere. @dome reports that his fence has blown down and there’s some 21 year olds likely to invade his garden soon. I may need to make a trip to fife sooner rather than later In all seriousness - good luck to everyone.
  17. I’m a great fan of nexen nfera tyres. Used them on many of the family style barges I’ve driven and they are great. I also like avons but they were out quickly due to Avon having a weird half tread pattern in the middle. Won’t buy them again.
  18. My brother had one of those preludes and I absolutely loved it! His was an atomic but I bet they shift in manual too!
  19. Brings back bad memories of the s4 ☹️
  20. Can confirm - Mazda 3 MPS REALLY shift down the road.
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