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  1. I vaguely remember some people rate Mannol oils so this may be of interest - https://www.ebay.co.uk/e/_sponsored-events/mannol-sponsored-event 15% off until Saturday.
  2. I need you to fix our Granvia! It has a fair few bumps and scrapes, including one very similar to that. Nice work!
  3. Is there enough in the kitty to buy this now? Happy to contribute £50 too if needed.
  4. Some stunning machines right there!
  5. Is anyone still venturing out atm? Seen a full set of decent quality tyres for sale in Hounslow. I can pay seller directly but they are collect only. Could anyone grab them for me and stick some bin bags round them? I can send a courier to get them from there, unless anyone is heading North in the mean time.
  6. That gives me a bit longer to save up for new shocks for the Granvia. It was due in June.
  7. Sad times but I'm hoping to spend a month in Wales in September. I'm sure I can tag an extra week or 2 on the end
  8. Caravan Club have just closed all their sites until the end of June so we could be looking at long term disruption.
  9. Excellent news on a rare Sunday off - the Fozzie has passed it's first MOT with me, first go with only 2 advisories and it even passed the emissions test TWICE because the tester didn't believe a Subaru could be so well within the emissions limits lol Getting it back again on my next day off on Tuesday and going for a run I appear to have bought a rather good car/ convertible 4x4 - look at the size of this sun roof! I love it!
  10. Just seen this in a camper van group I am a member of. Are most of you guys already resident in Wales?
  11. So very sad to read this. Heartfelt condolences to Robin and family.
  12. How can such a well kept car be worth so little these days???
  13. Jammy sod! That looks the business!
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