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  1. How many miles had those pads done before I bought it tho?
  2. Seems to pull a bit better when on boost now but this has had the consequence of sticking a front calliper on... FML... Oh the joys of Subaru ownership!
  3. Some positive news from Scooby specialist - compression test done on the Fozzie and no issues found So it's getting some new spark plugs while they're in there anyway. Didn't have time to do a leak down test today as well but he's '70% sure' it's a coil pack causing the misfire. Such a good garage he gave me the option of ordering in his own brand coil packs for £50 each plus VAT or ordering them off Import Car Parts for £35 a piece. Interested to see if it drives any better when I get it back in about an hour
  4. Today's job - musical tyres! These ones are coming off the Fozzie to be put on to the Civic until my first full pay day at new job, at which point they will both likely get a full new set all round. Wheels off revealed I need front pads like yesterday It also needs a thicker anti roll bar because, let's face it, this one is rather weedy! Also found it's had Peddars shocks put on the back, which is mildy disappointing as I don't think these are self-levelling. All in all tho, quite nice to get under a car and not find masses of extra work to do That could all change tomorrow tho as it's off for a 2nd opinion on the misfire at another Scooby specialist. And typical, the disco lights which have been on all week, have gone off today! It now looks like this - stealth Scooby! I can't decide if I like it or not....
  5. I've got Hankook Vantras on the Granvia which are good and grippy but the Hankooks which came on the Volvo have worn out very prematurely. They're about 3 years old and while the tread is still good, the sidewalls are crazed to the point I wouldn't feel safe using them. Did have Falkens on a previous Legacy and liked those alot. They would be worth looking into.
  6. Fantastic, thank you! Are you restricted how far you can travel in Wales atm? I didn't realise it I wouldn't have been so blase about it.
  7. Anyone near Boncath, where ever that is, SA37 post code? I think I've just seen my dream car but don't want to buy it completely blind. Would anyone be able to give it the once over in exchange for beer tokens?
  8. Can't do 3rd 4th 10th 11th 30th or 1st. All others okay for now, subject to getting time off work approved.
  9. Yes, as long as it's the weekend of the 17th or 24th. Al is at Knockhill before and after. Altho is one of those weeks not the school October week? Probably best to avoid that one?
  10. This evening's entertainment was to do a temp fix on this little problem. This bit did 337 miles home supported only by 2 exhaust hangers and the rear ARB A most inconvenient place for it to fail as there was nothing really left the other side of the flange to get in line with the centre section. So @big_al_granvia had the admittedly rather good idea of using a bit of pipe a slightly smaller diameter than the exhaust, sticking one end in the broken flange section and the other end into the centre section to at least line up the break and give us something to bosh the 2 ends together. Except Al cut the bit of pipe slightly too long for the limited space available.... So that got chopped in half and we tried again. Success!!! Exhaust is now back in one piece Okay it's held together by exhaust paste, exhaust bandage and wire but it no longer makes your ears bleed! This will do until we can get the new, 2nd hand exhaust fitted, which does appear to be much needed as the bottom of this one appears to be quite rusty. I'm surprised how thin the metal is! Added a few items to the list of running repairs, as we took the rear wheel off for better access - rear discs (warped), drop links, a few perished bushes, rear pads and a good stripped down clean up of the rear calliper. Plenty of meat on one side of the pads but not a lot on the other so doesn't seem to braking evenly. Still drove quite nicely on the test drive to dry out and harden the exhaust bosh
  11. I think it's going to need a proper valet to get it back to good because it's smelling mouldy already I bettered my personal best on the mpg front tho Will work that out manually when the fuel light comes on and see how accurate the on board computer is. VSA light was on when I started it but went off by the first roundabout. There's a brake squeaking now which is hugely annoying but not affecting performance at all. Can still put yourself through the windscreen!
  12. Aye it's Kwik Fits own brand rubbish. Arrowspeed 's are now made by Nexen. There's an Aptany, whatever the fuck that is, on the other side on the front but the back are okay - a Pirelli and a Nokian. It'll be getting a pair of Cross Climates on the front at the very least, by this time next week. Looking forward to seeing how much more fun it is with decent rubber I did wonder about the calliper but there's no discernible difference in disc or wheel temperature between the 2 fronts so it can't be that sticky if it is.
  13. So how come I drove 337 miles home without activating the VSA once?!
  14. That's not electrics playing up, that's the bloody Arrowspeed and your size 14s!
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