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  1. That seems helluva cheap in today's market!
  2. LPG'd S-Class! Needs a few bits but seems like a cracking deal! https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-benz-s-class-2004-w220-s350-l-long-lpg-gas-petrol-auto-ulez/1435635992
  3. Depends how close they are to me but I won't need any till the Granvia is back on the road, and that's likely to be August at the earliest.
  4. Um, can I ask where used veg is available for 30p a litre?
  5. What time does the event usually go on until? I'm mantrailling with one of the dogs at lunch time but considering popping over afterwards. Won't be driving anything interesting tho....a Saab or a Volvo.
  6. Today the incoming Big Blue Bastard was introduced to the outgoing Silver Bullshit, and the rest of the fleet - these are the 4 road legal ones. The Fozzie is just out of MOT and will be heading to tame mechanic shortly, followed by the Granvia and then the Almera. The plan for today was merely to swap the silver wheels on the front of the silver one on to the back of the blue one, for obvious reasons.... This would also have the added benefit of rotating the tyres, once the black wheels on the back of the silver one have been painted silver too. What actually happened was, the lock nut for the silver one got chewed to fuck trying to remove a very stuck nut and we had at it with the ugga dugga, not realising we were actually just spinning the locking key and not turning the nut with it :/ So the silver wheel on the passenger side is stuck until we can take both up to tame mechanic and swap the remaining wheel there. In the mean time, I've chucked a black one on the back because, of course, we'd already changed the passenger side rear before the calamity with the lock nut.... Can I call this a fashion statement and be done with it? 😆 Anyway, the Big Blue Bastard now has a matching pair of Crossclimates on the rear, replacing a Triangle and a Goodyear Eagle F1, which has a 2018 date code so I reckon I'll keep that for my spare. The front tyres are Event Roadx which are apparently okay in the dry but have a distinct lack of grip in the wet! Glad it's summer...which also means paint should dry quickly! It also needs a pair of discs and pads on the rear. Which I kinda suspected when I test drove it as the handbrake points at the sky and discovered today when trying to replace the wheel on the driver's side that it isn't holding at all on that side I did manage to get £150 off the screen price even tho the dealer said it was a fixed price, mainly because of that and the odd wheels, so the deal ended up being good enough to sort out these little niggles Not sure atm if it's worth swapping the relatively fresh discs and pads off the silver one, which also arrived with a similar handbrake pointing at the sky, or just shelling out for new. It depends really, whether we scrap or sell the silver one. We're going to swap it's Xenons and the dog guard on to the blue one, but if it goes for scrap then I may pinch the rear calipers as well, as I believe these are a weak point on V70s. If anyone is interested in an AWD D5 auto with a missing 2nd gear, 177,000 miles and MOT till next March, feel free to give me a nudge. I'll take scrap price from a Shiter if anyone wants to attempt to fix, replace or manual swap the box. It's been a great car but just not financially viable for us to fix. Very much looking forward to getting to know the Big Blue Bastard, and hope it behaves itself! Thus far, it's started both times we've moved it again with no need to prime the fuel pump but we'll see once it's in regular use if it keeps going and hope it doesn't cut out again!
  7. Bargain Pug diesel! Looks like very good value for an honest car. https://facebook.com/groups/2506840689545455/permalink/3258741427688707/?m_entstream_source=feed_mobile&anchor_composer=false
  8. Cheap wee trailer tent. Dunno anything about it but looks decent and good value.
  9. Mazda RX-7 for me!
  10. Err swap all 4 wheels once you've painted the black pair silver again.
  11. You know you've repatriated a Volvo to Scotland when you realise the amount of dead midges you collected on your last 100 miles 😆 Incidentally, if anyone sees chrome versions of these corner trim pieces for sale, can you give me a shout? I'm also looking for colour coded bump strips for the doors, and a front passenger door if it's the right colour. It has a dent in the lower half and some scuffs and scratches on top that I missed when I initially viewed (because it was wet at the time 🙄) which I think would be easier to tidy up with a replacement door rather than trying to pull the dent, fill, paint, etc. In other news, the big blue bastard just started first go after being sat slightly downhill all day! I was going down hill when it cut out this morning so it's a relief it's behaving, for now. Also... 😁
  12. Saloon tho. Not as many of them as the hatch.
  13. Personally I'd just stick an LPG conversion on the T5 but the D5 is a fabulous engine, when it's not being strangled by a Chinese auto box! Even that did an average of 45mpg. This one was showing 50.2 average mpg when I collected it so hopefully the nice long run to stretch it's legs has helped, aside from the possible air lock.
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