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  1. Looking unlikely we'll be at this one as work hours have had to change and my usual shift swap isn't available Will see if anyone else can help in the mean time tho.
  2. Don't think I saved it from the scrappy but I've spent £1700 on the Granvia so far and it still isn't MOT'd yet. Unlikely to ever get that back as it's done over 240,000 miles now. Still going strong tho, touch wood and I'm looking forward to having it back again coz it's proven very reliable. Don't mind spending money on them when you know they're good and you're going to keep them.
  3. Go on then, I'll have another one to take me up to 3
  4. You're a star, thank you! I've managed to hold the bloke off for tonight, I think, just waiting for a time for tomorrow and hoping I can go look at it myself. Otherwise I will PM?
  5. Sorry to keep asking but I'm getting a bit desperate for another daily drive that can actually hold it's water....Have the choice of 2 from the same seller in Dundee and rather urgently need some one to check them out. Happy to pay the fella remotely for later collection but don't want to shell out cash on something with a knackered engine. Can anyone help assess them for me? Petrol and beer tokens covered
  6. Thank you both The auction finishes today so will need to see if it gets a bid or not. I saw it very late! Hopefully going to look at something else a bit more local in the mean time
  7. Is there anyone who could visit a car in Beaconfield to give me an opinion on it? It looks ideal at a very good price but has been relisted for "not being as described".... So I would rather have an honest pair of eyes check it out before I arrange a 400 mile transport. Happy to pay petrol and beer tokens Can any Shiters assist?
  8. Flat4

    Impreza Wagon SOLD

    Where is this located again? Deffo be up for a couple of tickets.
  9. Why do you have to be so far away? If that had had a tow bar it would have been worth the transport.
  10. It sold within 2 hours of pictures being added to the advert! Probably just as well tho coz it was going to need about 2 days work to pass an MOT....
  11. I believe there's a fair few of you up North. I may be in need of a local pair of eyes to take a look at a car for me. Would anyone be kind enough to oblige? Potentially quite urgent as it appears to be too cheap so I don't expect it to hang around long. Unless it's cheap for a reason.... Petrol and beer tokens covered of course.
  12. Flat4

    BMW 320 coupe

    Safe travels home!
  13. There used to an auction at the cattle market in Stirling, either Saturday or Sunday morning. Not sure if it's still there but it was cheap. Prices seem to be pretty strong on eBay atm!
  14. Flat4

    eBay tat volume 3.

    That's a shame. It would certainly make an, erm, interesting project....
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