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  1. We'll be in Fort William next week but will do my best to get to November's.
  2. What about a Jaguar X Type? Mondeo in a fancy frock and they have a 4wd flavour. May need to beef up the suspension for towing tho as they have a reputation for being a bit soft.
  3. Does it have to be a car? You'd get a half decent Elgrand or Alphard for 7 grand. Bit older than some of the previous suggestions, maybe, but 1600-2000kg kerb weight and both come in diesel variety. Sure you can get hybrids now as well....Most are auto and the Elgrand can come with switchable AWD I believe.
  4. Shitely offered - going to Manchester tomorrow and back from Ardrossan if anyone needs anything moved on the way? Will be in the bus so quite a big load area.
  5. Could possibly be interested in the 328. How much would you be after?
  6. Flat4


    Don't have one yet but considering buying a car trailer for far away collections and would have been useful atm seeing as the Beemer is dead. I need the Granvia back with a tow bar on first tho....Like, yesterday....
  7. Brief update, sorry no pics. Granvia has been massively delayed coming back from tow bar fitting but we may need it back this week, tow bar or not, so keeping everything crossed that tame mechanic can finish it sharpish. Seriously dodgy track rod end on the Beemer has been changed with surprisingly little hassle! Manual tools only, impact gun not required! Badly needed tho as you can wiggle the old ball joint with your finger....Except it's still fucking vibrating!!!! Local mechanic has advised a control arm is also shagged so I guess that'll be the cause! Another item to add to the list of running repairs 😕 Debating putting it in for a test first and making sure there isn't anything else needed before buying any more parts. I like it so much I've kept it longer than I intended but I get fed up when I get one thing fixed and something else fucks up straight after. Narrow bean tins are currently sitting in the kitchen to repair* the hole in the Almera's exhaust....
  8. Uh oh! Hope the rest of your journey is uneventful!
  9. Might be slightly too techy but for sheer torque and waftiness I think you'd be hard pushed to beat a BMW 530d. Most of them are automatic and your budget should get you a pretty decent one. To me they don't feel fast and you don't actually notice the torque but that's mainly because as it's just effortless. Mine is a manual and you can stick it in 5th instead of 3rd by accident and not notice coz it just keeps going. Mine was only going to be a stop gap for summer til I buy another Legacy but if it goes through another test I can see myself keeping it and having both. Incidentally, I think they'll be out of budget anyway, but you DON'T want a Subaru diesel. The bottom ends fail far sooner than they should do, lots of design flaws that I'm not sure have even been ironed out in the modern ones.
  10. You said you wanted a Smart car! This'll do :p
  11. I'll take a random for @big_al_granvia 😛
  12. Something's clearly worn out then.....Shall add to the MOT list!
  13. Was reading that jets off a CMax fit but those are heated too. Shall go search for some E60 jets to add to the pile of bits! Is it normal on these for the car to roll like an inch or 2 backwards and then the handbrake bites?
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