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  1. Very sadly not going to make this with work commitments and the V70's auto box taking a dislike to my caravan.... Neither the Fozzie or the Granvia would be ready by next week
  2. Will join if you're still going in an hour Actually need to do some work before I finish for the day....
  3. It's also dog-friendly, in case that's a consideration for anyone and we got parked in the shade last year.
  4. Almost, sadly. Discussing diagnosis and treatment of canine dementia. We've got a 13/14 year old showing signs of it. Just going to feed all the dogs and then I'll be on
  5. I'll be late on tonight. Watching a live on canine cognitive dysfunction and not sure what time it will finish at.
  6. After seeing the sad demise of Tock's Mk1 Focus, I thought I had best check my own example for any potential welding needed before it goes for MOT. First off, the bad bits. It will definitely need at least 1 new front wing. And it looks like the jacking point behind said wing is also rather crusty so I think that will need a patch, at the very least. I'm also concerned about the opposite side rear wheel arch at the bottom where it meets the sill, looks a tad thin to my untrained eye but may be okay. Al and I can't agree on whether it will need new complete sills
  7. They're ridiculously huge given it's meant to be a small hatch back. Bigger than a BMW 530 and my Subaru Forester.
  8. That's good for me. Won't have so much time to make up at work then for finishing early
  9. Even better, now working off BOTH keys! Murray has fixed my original key! It had some how become de-programmed from the system and re-programming it plus the new key has now given me 2 working keys! Shakey start but it's all come good in the end Thoroughly recommend this chap https://www.facebook.com/jdmsubarukeys I cannot put into words how relieved I am! Fozzie keys.mp4
  10. It breathes, it lives! Fozzie running.mp4
  11. Round 2 is now going to be tomorrow coz the sodding alarm keeps blaring every time the battery is re-connected. The repairer is going to have another go at it in the morning, by which point having the battery off overnight should hopefully have stopped the lockout on the pin pad. Now waiting on Al to collect me in the Volvo and hopefully get the car back in working order tomorrow. I bloody hope so anyway....
  12. Spoke too soon. Forester has refused to acknowledge it's pin code while trying to pair new key and has now locked us out for 30 minutes....Fucking thing! Had to disconnect battery to stop alarm blaring. Round 2 when I eventually get it home but at this rate I may end up reverting to plan B and bypassing the sodding alarm altogether!
  13. Wee Civic is looking pretty damn good, now Al put his back out washing it yesterday... I'm about to leave with the Fozzie to Hoover it and get it's new key. The faff I've had with this alarm/immobilizer nonsense, I'm genuinely worried it will throw another curve ball and won't take it's new key or something. But if I can finally get the remote central locking working, get in and start the car without entering a pin code, I'll be absolutely delighted! Wish us luck...
  14. The Saab is in front of the Volvo, behind the Granvia, but I fear that will be it's fate because no other shiter seems to want it, even for nowt and it would cost too much to transport it to storage until tame mechanic has room to diagnose it, especially as, at this point, I don't even know if it is something repairable causing the non-start.
  15. Quick fleet update. Wee Civic is finally home from MOT with 2 new Cross Climates on the rear to make up a full set, a rebuilt front caliper, a new rear caliper and discs and pads on the back Plus a well over due service, including spark plugs. It feels a bit livelier now! But I could be imagining that as it's been so long since I've driven it. Certainly hasn't hurt the MPG any Comparing this to the 22.7mpg my tame mechanic managed... And no I don't usually have all these disco lights, I just forgot to take a picture of my record MPG so turned the ignition to position 2! Still
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