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  1. Have you got a link to the gear box fluid please? We've got the same box in the V70 and it's flaring as well.
  2. "Tried to kill it at Knockhill and it wouldn't die" 😆 Please some one save it! Only £150 but I have 3 cars to get through MOTs next month.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/357215248704280
  3. That would potentially save @rusty998 a long trip. Will PM you, thanks
  4. Long overdue fleet update. Fozzie still doesn't have a tow bar fitted. I may get the rectified next week as I am off Monday to Friday before I move into my promoted role It disgraced itself in spectacular fashion on Tuesday, on the way to a vets appointment with 2 dogs and a pouched rat with attitude on board! The remote fob is broken so to start the bugger you need to enter a code into the pin pad under the dash, twice. Once to lock the car, then again to unlock the car then you can start it without the alarm blaring....I'll bet you can guess what happened...It accepted the pin the firs
  5. Fantastic, thank you! I'll PM shortly.
  6. Try Movex as well, if it ends up needing done by a third party. Slightly cheaper than Shipley ime.
  7. You sure that's not too far? Fair old round trip. Tyre in question is 225 50 17.
  8. Rather like the trims on those arches! They kinda follow the line on the doors.
  9. I could do with a tyre collecting from the above location. Is anyone local able to grab it and wrap it so I can arrange a courier? Beer tokens supplied and petrol covered, of course.
  10. Never seen one of those before but I like it! Here to present this cheap 405, no eBay but FB - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1638973872948312
  11. This is exactly why I will always have a Subaru on the fleet. Their only draw back for me is the MPG and that can be made more bearable with an LPG conversion. The current Forester XT does an average of 28-30mpg and has seen 32 on a long run which is better than previous Legacy twin turbos got and isn't bad for a 226bhp 2.5l turbo petrol. If I could only have one car then it would still be a Subaru, and it may as well be a turbo as the normally aspirateds get the same mpg. That being said, if I'm doing a longer run and don't need an estate then I'll take the Civic Type S. It CAN do 40mpg
  12. Some updates for the Fozzie. First up - Tail gate guard for the dogs, which I just happened to pop up on FB Marketplace and the seller kindly agreed to keep it for me until I had a day off to collect it. It is lockable and feels very well made, manufactured by Guardsman, but will be used almost exclusively when we're mantrailling in summer and need to leave a dog, or 2, in the car while the other is working. There is usually other participants around to keep an eye on the dogs anyway but means the boot can be left open to keep some air flow and hopefully keep the car coo
  13. See also I'm not usually in to rap music but saw them supporting Deaf Havana and they are one of the very few support acts I've actually looked up after the gig. Rather like it.
  14. Would a collection from Kent be too far from your start point? My geography is rubbish...
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