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  1. Ripped up the flooring in the Utility and Study. I've got it pretty dry now through using the dehumidifier, fan heaters and central heating on full pelt. My mate has a damp meter I can borrow to check it's actually dried out. New build concrete floors so no basement to worry about. I could go through insurance, but unless I run into issues I'll probably be able to fix it over a weekend for less the excess, increased premiums and general fucking hassle of it all. (£550 excess for escape of water..must remember to check the small print of my renewal next time!). LVT will be used instead of laminate as it least that won't be immediately fucked should it happen again. Annoying but could've been worse.
  2. Spent the last hour pulling the washing machine out as it's decided to lose all its water and soak the utility. Even better waters seeped into both the toilet and my study through the wall. My study floor is squelching. Fuck sakes!
  3. I tripped walking up the stairs last night whilst holding a full cup of tea and managed to fling it EVERYWHERE. Tonight's job is to repaint the hall.
  4. Glad they are alright. That's proper scary!
  5. I just did the same! I'm on the corner with an apartment/flats car park across the road so it's a bit open to the wind wooshing across it. The wind is howling, so we've decanted into a spare room at the back to get some peace. I went out after dinner and moved the residents bins (who have left them out all week in the car park because they are lazy fecks) into their bin store before they inevitably blow into someones car (probably mine).
  6. A diesel Montego Countryman. In green.
  7. 1995? A Volvo 850 T5 Estate. Manual box. It would last and be all the car I'd need really.
  8. Very nice!. I do have pangs of regret about selling mine (ex @SiC). It was a lovely thing to tootle about in. Never had more attention, compliments or random chats with strangers about a car. Almost made the world a nicer place to be in.
  9. Been slowly dismantling more of the Saab. Tank and rear axle out as I'm not welding beside a fuel tank and I want to replace all the bushes and dampers on the axle: Underneath is not a complete horror show (well not found anything here I didn't know about already but time will tell).... Most of the interior out : Ventilation: Found some more quality repairs in the driver's footwell:
  10. Electric folding mirrors - They should either fold when the vehicle is locked or fold by pushing the button on the door without the ignition being on. The Navara has neither option which is great when getting out of it on a tight busy road as you don't have a huge mirror to glance at before opening the door in traffic. So it's the Dutch reach each time. The rear tailgate doesn't operate with the central locking which I suppose is normal for a pickup with an open bed but you need to disassemble the key every time you want to lock it which is just silly as it's footery AF:
  11. Started with 4. Finished with 4. Out: Out after almost 7 years: In/out: In: Back after being away a decade: Still goat: Red Mx-5 and Navara.
  12. My cousin sent me a photo from her local supermarket in NZ. That's £45 for a watermelon 😂.
  13. I've been out the game for nearly three weeks after having a minor accident* and pulling muscles in my lower back. Still sair but Mrs GMcD is away for 3 nights at a work thing, so been chipping away at the Saab. Out with it's heart: *Don't jump over things in the pitch black in your garden shed at 8pm at night. It never goes well.
  14. Nailed it. Milk bottle used as infill/bridge then a sandwich of p38 and p40. It was stinking when breaking it up....I mean I knew it had a bit of clag in the arch, but I hadn't realised it was that much 😂. It's a Saab 900.
  15. Anyone hungry for some pudding? Yummy.
  16. Are the scotch government now using these special ones in their iPads?
  17. Money is money and if other shitters ain't bitting then tough. You can't keep everything on the forum. Do other members get stick for selling on car & classic or eBay? @RetroShite Well done man. I think it's fucking brave of you to change things up and sack in your old job. I wish I could do the same at times. You've found your niche with the raffles. Instead of YouTube how about a shite equivalent of DriveDad'sCar? "DriveYerDa'sBanger" A choice collection of exquisite chod for driving at 20 quid a go for 10/15 minutes? Sign me up!
  18. Oh no. What happened? It looks great though, I love a tan interior.
  19. Beautiful morning so decided to take the Saab to work. Probably coming of the road at the end of the week so I can start taking it to bits. Then I went home and finished what I started yesterday and lobbed sand on the now clean drive. Put far too much on, took ages to brush off. But done. Now burst.
  20. Wowsers, what a buy. Looks flipping lovely! 😊
  21. 🤣I like his style! I've said before I think. My neighbour likes to park on the pavement across my steps, sometimes leaving a bawhair to squeeze past and walk up to them, which I think is just plain rude. No objection to them parking on the road, but the pavement is a red line. My wife snapped and barked at them yesterday (my wife is normally lovely, but when she bites - run and take cover! 😂) to move their car and in fairness they did, but I am finding it extremely difficult to resist the urge to buy an old van and park it a bawhair from their driveway just to make it awkward AF for them to get in and out. Or obtain an MOT exempt and pretty thing (as it's in my eyeline) to park and permanently bag the space. Petty but I can live with petty.
  22. Cheers. ID mobile is who I use for my own phone. They seem ok for my usage. The voxi sim was the best bang for buck (90 gigashoogles for £15) for a few months for my sister (no free roaming on her aussie sim) who seems to just use her phone for scrolling through endless dross on Instagram (glasshouses I know!). I'll be pointing her elsewhere next time!
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