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Found 322 results

  1. With the advent of this pesky virus I for one have been missing things such as car shows, Cannock chod-fests and random meet ups. Employing my crystal ball I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, Chumley will be on as the date is mid September. If kids can go back ‘safely’ to a school full of kids then I’m sure an outdoor car show will be fine. Fingers crossed. For the new and uninitiated, Chumley Castle car show is a staple of the AS calendar where we bring down the tone of a proper car show by entering rusty Renault 4s, deteriorating Dacias and crumbling Cadillacs (being literally pushed) into the show ring. The commentator makes for hilarious listening, although we’re usually placed so far away from the ring we can’t hear him. Any way who’s in for Chumley this year... if it goes ahead?
  2. Yo! I've been nominated (many times) to organise a shitefest next year, considering i can't even organise my own life then this could be a challenge but I'm happy to try and arrange something if there enough interest?. I've made enquiries at the Rose pub where we hold our East Coast Retro car meets on in Shotley near Ipswich, Suffolk (IP9 1NL) and she's more than happy for us to use the field over weekend for £5 per person per night if sleeping over, there are toilet facilities and the pub does good grub plus they have a large room for us to have a meal or maybe a quiz on the Saturday night?. I've also spoken to a friend who's a volunteer at the Ipswich Transport Museum and even though the museum is closed to the public on a Saturday he can't see no reason why we can't have the museum to ourselves for a private tour around and even the possibility of a bus ride on one of their historic buses which I'm sure a few on here would really enjoy. Now it's obviously early days yet but what i need to know roughly is how many of you shitters be interested in this and i need to give the pub a date as their field is getting booked up so that we can secure for our chosen weekend.
  3. I may be going to this, work permitting. http://www.lva-auto.fr/agenda.detail.php?id=143990 I've not been before but apparently it's a bigun. If I go I'm happy to look out for unobtainium frogchod bits.
  4. I have mentioned this to a few shiters over the year and there seems to be some interest so I thought I would make it happen. It also gets the date into the AS Calendar before anything else gets organised for the same weekend. The location is half way between Lemans and Tours in Sarthe, Pays de Loire, France, approx 300 miles and 5 hours from Calais, or 120 miles and 2.5 hours from Caen. The date of 3-5 July is the Lemans Classic weekend, where there are great cars on track (where else will you see pre-war Bentleys power sliding and GT40s with glowing brake discs at night) and the car park is probably the biggest and best classic car show in Europe. The AS site is about 25 mins drive from the circuit, with easy access. The format is basically whatever you want it to be. The AS base will be at my place in France that a few shiters have visited. I am afraid the bedrooms are already booked, but there is 6 acres of level camping ground, We will be travelling down from West Sussex via the tunnel and a combination of peage and back roads in a convoy of classics. You are welcome to join the convoy at any point or meet at the venue. We will travel down probably Thursday 2nd and most will return Monday 6th, but some will stay on for a week or two and you are welcome to stay on if you wish. The nearest bar is about 1km away, but 3km away is the famous "Hotel de France" in La Chatre sur le Loir (google it). You do not have to attend the Lemans Classic, if you would rather sit and drink beer (hopefully in the sun) that is fine. It will be up to the individuals to organise ferry/tunnel etc and getting there, I can provide camping ground, bogs, showers and a fridge for the beer. No commitment required especially at this stage, If you fancy a foreign trip with your chod, put your name down on the list. Nearer the time those still interested will get further details and the hidden location by PM. If anyone would prefer a B&B obviously they are in high demand around the classic, but I have a few contacts and could possibly find a room or two, but they would need to be booked fairly soon. No booking for camping is required. To give you an idea, whilst nothing is yet confirmed, the convoy down is likely to include a Gordon Keeble, a Rolls Royce 20/25, a Westfield, a Mk2 Jag and a Fiesta 1100. It will not be a fast convoy...... Oooh La La, I'll help destroy the French wine lake 1. Saabnut 2. Inspector Morose 3. Northern Monkey 4. Monsieur Le Hairnet 5. Bangernomics 6. Chodweaver 7.
  5. Quick poll to see who is available when. Happy to update the polls with any suggestions!
  6. It didn't happen last year because I wasn't fit enough. This year, and on the wave of having done Inverness for Christmas, I'm feeling up to a south-coast trip again. This of course means there will be the usual Shiters' lunch meet at the burger van on Portsdown Hill, most likely on Wednesday May 13th. I'll be in the wheelchair bus, sorry; MrsR has vetoed taking Hairy Pussy even before I've got it home. We will also be stopping each way at a Travelodge or Premier Inn somewhere in the Midlands, so there might be an opportunity for a Midlands Massiv Meet too. Or even two of them! It worked well enough at Cumbernauld!
  7. Thought we'd try and get a Sunday afternoon meet in before the clocks go back. Usual Cafe on the A249 northbound. I think it has changed it's name again when I went past this week, so no website link for now (was Mickey's Rock Café and then Bangers Diner). Note your interest here.
  8. Anyone else going? UKSaabs is having a show there again this year, so do stop by and say hello. One of the advantages of having a stand is you get a code so your club members can get a discount on admission prices on the Saturday and Sunday. Not a huge amount of saving but anything is welcome. They insist that only members can get the discount code, but as you lot are all* members of UKSaabs if you want the code, drop me a PM and it will come back by return.
  9. As mentioned on the thread for Northern Powerhouse Classic, I can't make it on Tuesdays anymore. I'm sure the now longstanding tradition of eating a slab o'cow at Glossop spoons will continue regardless, but would anyone be up for a more Northerner version? Proposal: 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month, so as not to clash with NP Classic. Place: The White House Pub & Restaurant, Littleborough, OL15 0LG: https://thewhitehousepub.co.uk/ https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/The+White+House/@53.6573352,-2.0493041,16z/ Motorway access isn't great but who wants to drive on motorways? Has big car park and beer and food. First meeting on Wednesday 13th Feb? 7ish PM? Any takers?
  10. As title, my home town so I'll be going http://www.lesbiellesdemai.com/
  11. Hi all, Bit of a random one but do any Manchester/Derbyshire/South or West Yorkshire based Shiters fancy a meetup sometime in Glossop? I know it's not exactly a sprawling metropolis but it has a reasonably priced car park, a Wetherspoons, a caff, etc. Main reason for suggesting it is it's a nice drive in from most directions - over Holme Moss from the North or Snake Pass from Sheffield direction. The A624 from the south isn't too bad either. Something like a Thursday evening would be best for me but open to suggestions.
  12. Has anyone had a go at auto testing? I have seen that there is an event at Blackburn Services in Feb . I quite fancy taking starlet along, but would like to know what is involved.
  13. Anyone going? https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/the-bmc-and-leyland-show Might go with the FiL and the MGB.
  14. Thoroughly recommend this. A massive broad collection of everything from supercars to daily rides held together with gaffer tape. Also Brooklands is a lovely place to spend the day. £11 from 10am. http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/index.php?/events/details/new-years-day/ Last year there were about 1200 old, amazing, shite and interesting cars. The year before still worth going even in appalling weather. Last year: http://autoshite.com/topic/14237-chod-bothering-swiss-style/?p=684439 The year before: http://autoshite.com/topic/14237-chod-bothering-swiss-style/?p=503313 Weather is looking good for tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there.
  15. For the first time this year we were actually able to attend this show. It's only 8 miles from home but in previous years we'd always managed to avoid finding out about it until a few days afterwards A free event in the Market Square and High Street, there were probably about 150 cars there including a lot I hadn't seen before, so here's some highlights. You know it's going to be a good show when you park next to a beige Wartburg H633 LJO - 1990 Wartburg 1.3 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr This Hunter is lovely CUJ 339L - 1972 Hillman Hunter 1500 DL estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Not sure if this shonky ZX was supposed to be part of the show or just left here L704 NFC - 1994 Citroen ZX 1.8i Aura by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Genuine patina here, makes a change from fake rat look B143 NLT - 1985 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 CL estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr SVM people carrier G441 RGA - 1989 Volvo 740 GLE Nilsson limousine by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Mini on a mission from Brackley's German twin town WW-MC 666 - Austin Mini Mayfair by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Bono's Lotus? OHU 2F - 1968 Lotus Elan +2 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Great colour 1 - I've never seen a turquoise Volvo before but it's original KNF 55F - 1968 Volvo P1800S by Adam Floyd, on Flickr JDMYO! J488 TBW - 1992 Toyota Celica GT Cabriolet by Adam Floyd, on Flickr The least shite version of the R5 B777 YJO - 1984 Renault 5 Turbo 2 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Electric XK. Nicely done but doesn't seem right. 837 YUM - 1953 Jaguar XK120 Lunaz Electric by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Great colour 2 - a Suzuki metallic purple KAV 976G - 1968 Ford Cortina 1600 Super by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Late registration madness. Made in 1996 but not registered until 2001 for some reason. X148 YOO - 1996 MGF 1.8 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Ours wasn't the only Maxi there ULK 789M - 1972 Austin Maxi 1750 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Tennis-themed 205s Anyone for tennis? by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Slightly shonky Capri C291 KHJ - 1986 Ford Capri 2.0 Laser by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Like Dick Strawbridge but boxier A1 LTB - 1989 Asquith box van by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Clubvan? That never existed from the factory. JGK 328T - 1979 Austin-Morris Mini Clubman van by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Bristols are odd. I don't think any of them look good but they have an endearing strangeness. MPL 18L - 1972 Bristol 411 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr @Six-cylinder lowered the tone with his immaculate* Vanden Plah JRV 328P - 1976 Vanden Plas 1500 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Panda looked like the daily of a young lady L160 AOD - 1994 Fiat Panda Selecta by Adam Floyd, on Flickr Hot Serck action! YFC 145V - 1979 Austin-Morris Mini 1000 van by Adam Floyd, on Flickr More on Flickr
  16. New venue just announced for FOTU 2019 - Saturday 20 July, 10am to 4pm at Claydon House, MK18 2EX (same general area as Stowe). Would make a nice 6-mile jaunt through the north Bucks countryside from the Field of Dreams. Concours applications open in January and general spectator/classic tickets will be available in March. Entry criteria has been widended too and it now says it's open to "unexceptional classics from 1966 to 1996".
  17. This years NEC Classic Motor show November 8-10 is almost with us. Who is going? Myself and No1 son are looking at going Saturday 9th, I haven't been for about 9 years.
  18. These discussions happened over in Squire Dawson's thread about his gorgeous Humber... eddyramrod, on 23 Sept 2018 - 12:10 PM, said: chaseracer, on 23 Sept 2018 - 1:20 PM, said: eddyramrod, on 23 Sept 2018 - 8:01 PM, said: Hooli, on 25 Sept 2018 - 9:33 PM, said: That was five years ago, and I could drive then! However, yes, the principle is sound and you would all be most welcome. New thread on way... And lo, here is that new thread, specifically for the purpose. A single day is going to be enough. What do we think of Sunday October 21st at the Lakeland Motor Museum?
  19. While I’m feeling sociable and non stressed. Does anyone fancy meeting up at Staplefield on the 3rd November to watch the veteran car rally? The pub does a good bbq breakfast.
  20. EDIT - Key info 16th-18th May 2014 Hafod Hotel, Devil's Bridge, nr Aberystwyth, SY23 3JL. Go to the rear car park, on the road to Cwmystwyth. If you come over the mountain road from Rhayader, look for the car park on the left-hand side, shortly after the 30mph sign in Devil's Bridge. There is a pub quiz at about 9pm on the Friday. If there's no-one in the car park, this is why. There will be a trip out to The Internal Fire Museum (www.internalfire.com) on the Saturday evening, departing the hotel at 5pm-ish. Return will not be until gone 9pm in all probability, so don't arrive between these two times! Hotel phone number: 01970 890232 Original Post There has been discussion about the possibility of a Welsh Shitefest. Possibly to take place conveniently close to my house. Now, I know it's a bloody long way for many people, so I'd be looking to make it at least a two-nighter - it's a lovely place for a holiday if you fancied making a proper holiday out of it. But is it a stretch too far? From pretty much any entry point into Wales from England, I'm about 2hrs away. Birmingham is comfortably 3hrs away, Liverpool, Taunton and Bristol about the same. Six-cylinder knows how far away it is as he and his chums visit the area every year. I have cunning plans already, which largely involve some very scenic drives (with the possibility of a bit of very soft greenlaning that cars could cope with) and a possible visit to the Internal Fire Museum. It has engines. I'd probably look to do something earlier in the year, before the summer season really gets underway - so April or May. I would appreciate your thoughts. Typical scenery.
  21. So it looks like it’s going to be good news for East Coast Retros and Trigger’s army of followers. I’m going to take my little 190 down to the coast. If anyone fancies a really relaxed Thursday night with a great mix of cars then it’d be lovely to see you there and have a beer and a burger together. It’s the Rose Pub at Shotley, nr Ipswich and you can arrive from about 1600 hours. Coming?
  22. The annual Chumley meet up is but a mere 2 1/2 months away... Last years line up... Chumley always brings highlights like the year we pushed Huggy into the ring! And happy shiters from the many corners of the UK congregating for fun and chod related chatting! Anywho, reminiscing over... The facts are as follows: The festival of 1000 classic cars at Chlomondoley castle in Cheshire Sunday September 1st. The Autoshambles club will once again be represented. Tickets bought as part of the ‘club’ display are £4.50. I am happy to sort out tickets again this year. Linky to the website: http://www.classicshows.org/festival-1000-classic-cars-sun-1-september-2019/ And linky back to last years thread: So... Who’s in? 1. Brownnova
  23. I have mentioned this before but we are booked on to the Knockhill trcak day on 3rd July. http://trackdays.knockhill.com/hot-hatch-car-trackday-july3 It is a hot hatch day so we are taking the Starlet - as what could be hottier and hatchier. The day is also german day so I imagine there will be one or two golfs! Anyone else fancy it?
  24. As above: days, venues, etc. - all suggestions welcome. Three Spires Retros? (sorry, Trig...)
  25. Last Citroen show of the year a great for all those interested in Citroens.
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