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  1. Sounds a lot like this old Exploder of mine. Fairly shonky to look at but drove well. The air con even worked. I had a pleasant summer smoking about in it til the LPG system failed. People did tend to get out of your way which was enjoyable.
  2. It started great. Switching off, with the stop solenoid vacuum pipe missing, was another thing entirely 😂
  3. Ideal, mine was registered September 2005 so is free from that headache at least👍
  4. Took a pic on the way to the shop. Just like a Golf
  5. The economy is after an easy A road/motorway run so will flatter it. I saw the chat about super unleaded with these engines. I'll need to ask the previous owner what he ran it on but I suspect regular. This is a 55 plate so about as early as they get. Boring and comfortable is what I'm looking for.
  6. I am conducting an experiment so the rest of us don't have to. I'm going to try and run a normal car for a bit to see how that is. By normal I mean not an L322 or a 20 year old Renault van with the wrong engine. No collection thread, it was delivered to my door last night. It's a mk5 Golf 1.6 SE, owned by a friend for the last 8 years. I'll get pics when I see it in daylight but here's what I have so far. #vaglife
  7. Waiting for the "Relisted due to Timewaster" ad to appear...
  8. If Cat N is the new equivalent to Cat D then it won't show on the logbook-its very much buyer beware. Cat C/S, the more serious one, should be on the logbook.
  9. What's the Derwent going in👀
  10. You need to get all that fixed. I had mine out last night and this was me.
  11. Manta Duratec block cleaned up and sprayed with hight temp aluminium paint-should last longer than trying to polish up the block. I'll give it another couple of coats and then can move on to the rebuild - I picked up new crank and big end bearings yesterday
  12. Pulled the head off it tonight. Bit of an arse of a job but not as bad as a Clio 172. Don't you love it when the tools are worth more than the car? Heed aff Heed on (bench) I've got a head set with valve stem oil seals, figured I might as well change them on this as practice for the Mantas head.
  13. Funny, I just bought another copy as I couldn't find mine. Now I know where it went😉 My other half is not a Douglas Adams fan sadly, she got confused when I said I could find the other 4 books in the trilogy but not that one...
  14. The Manta is coming along nicely in the hands of @GingerNuttz. I'll let him add more detail bit here's a couple of pics of the work to give an idea.
  15. Shiny Manta things have arrived! I get to learn the art of piston ring filing. Bet that's fun😳
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