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  1. Sweet. You've got a good one there Look forward to updates and seeing this at Scotoshite.
  2. Want a nice Jag? there's probably still some of it on your workshop floor, the rest could join it...
  3. Nice car. 306 GTi6 engine and box should fit. Crack on with fitting one then
  4. Phwoar. That is a splendid knob. Excellent work on this, would be a shame to see you have to move it on.
  5. Nope, I'll just wait til you get your app going. In the meantime I'll just wait for the bulb to fail 😉 PM me if you want to get in touch with my tame Clio licker
  6. I've no idea, how do I read them? I've only got torque lite or carista and neither of those read more than the engine ECU
  7. Drop me a PM with your number and I'll put you in touch with my mate, he should be able to get you what you need. I'd be interested to find out how to get the SERV light to go out on mine, other than waiting for the bulb to fail🤔
  8. Excellent work guys. Bonus points for the hot cam and headwork IS RACECAR NAO
  9. I can ask him. Are you basically wanting a full Clios worth of electrics? loom, modules and all ECUs? That's a whole lot of shonk right there.
  10. Took the Kangoo of much rortiness to work the other day. On the way home I reset the trip and then promptly got stuck in traffic. Better mpg than the Jazz, allegedly...
  11. They're broken too aren't they?
  12. Do these need coded to the car/key or are they plug and play?
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