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  1. Excellent. I knew it wouldn't be long before another Jag hoved into view. This looks like a cracker
  2. I haven't updated my thread in a while but, after a lot of fucking about and quite a few long nights, this thing has an MOT on it. I've done a whopping 30 miles in it today and while there's still a long way still to go it's definitely got potential. It's great fun on the twisty roads around mine and 60mph feels like 150-exactly what I hoped for!
  3. I've just shown my dog this, he wants to move to Henfield...
  4. @brownnova has Birkenhead still got the chopped up German U-boat on display somewhere? Saw it years ago, was pretty impressive
  5. Good work man. Think the working 4wd will help at Crail? You'll need another showdown with @rml2345 to find out...
  6. What does this old Porsche think it is, a Peugeot 405?
  7. That C10 looks ace. Right decision in getting rid of the Caddy I'd say, even if @GingerNuttz has to cancel his Carribbean holiday next year.
  8. dome

    Jim Clark.

    I'd love to have been down there but sadly have other stuff on. Enjoy!
  9. Oh and the Jag went off to its new home tonight. Sad times but you can't keep them all
  10. Porsche up next. Because there was so much to do on this I was running the risk of getting overwhelmed. Last Saturday i decided to be a bit more methodical. First up, lights. I'd removed them all so it looked a bit unhappy. Indicators were first, these were cleaned up and refitted along with the driving/fog lights(I forget what these actually do) No after pics but they got cleaned up and put back in. Next up, headlights. these had dried out from their waterlogging so i refitted them and replaced the worst one with the spare I had. That's better. The motors not connected at this point so they're a bit skelly eyed just now. Plugging the the motor in and it turned for a few seconds then stopped, I'm guessing at what it thinks is up or down. It won't do anything else at present though so I need to delve back into the motor. The new light switch also arrived, overnight parts from 1985 I have a full set of functioning lights now, I just need to get them to go up and down. I then moved onto the throttle body which I'd pulled off. It looked pretty crusty so i gave it a clean up. That's better. I'd bought a new intake boot to replace the split one so fitted that and thought I'd see how it ran. VID_20220514_142725.mp4 A lot better as it turned out! I let it run for a while and then dropped the oil. The capacity is 5 litres but about 9 or 10 came out. it seemed to be oil too with no signs of water or fuel in it so no idea what's been going on there! I fitted a new filter and some fresh oil and ran it up to temp again and then dropped the coolant. It was full of rusty water so I flushed out the radiator and refilled it. It'll take a few more flushes to get it cleaned but I've ordered up a new water pump, thermostat and timing belt kit so I'll flush the block when i do that. Next up, the washer pump. I stripped it apart(remember when you could do that to car parts?) and freed off stuck gears. I stuck it back together and it kinda worked VID_20220507_160507.mp4 The trouble was that it only worked with the bolts loosely tightened up, at which point it was quite feeble. Tighten the bolts further to improve the seal just resulted in it sticking. I tried cutting an oring and fitting it to space things out but to no avail. I'm ashamed to say I bit the bullet and bough t new pump Next up, brakes. One of the rear lines wasn't too clever so I spent a lunchbrake (see what I did there? Sorry) making up a new line. The flexis weren't too clever either but being the hoarder I am I discovered these which i had from one of my 944s I'm 99% sure these will fit which is handy I've got a front solid line to replace too (the other side at the rear and front have been replaced already) and then I can flush out the master cylinder and lines and reassemble everything. I've had one drum off so far and there's plenty of meat on the shoes and the cylinder seems fine so I'll check the other one and hopefully get some working brakes soon Next up Finish off brakes Timing belt/water pump/thermostat. Gearbox oil change Clean interior and refit seats.
  11. Kangoo gets a look in next. It was due to run down the drag strip at Crail with the Scotoshiters so i decided to do an engine and gearbox oil change. Of course the wind decided to help rust proof the driveway as I dropped the engine oil... Gearbox oil required some hose leading up to the engine bay and careful chopping of the first oil bottle to let air in and then act as a funnel for the next two. And yes, I spilt some of this too... Back together and off to Crail along with an MR2 also with fresh oil. And yes, the wind caught that too, further waterproofing the driveway... There are pics and vids on this thread but in summary the Kangoo ran a 15.7 quarter when I learned how to get it off the line. The MR2 ran high 14s which I was happy with. It's much easier to get off the line but the track suspension didn't like the bumpy surface at Crail. Good fun though, I need to get the MR2 on track, we've not done that yet this year.
  12. Time for an update. First up, Rangey problems. I know, right? Whoda thunk it? A few weeks ago on the way to work I was treated to the ABS kicking in at weird times at low speeds. Before long I had the ABS and Traction control lights. At work i read the codes OK then, new sensor time I guess. I ordered one up and set about removing the old one. Thar she blows Bolt came out easily, although I'm battle hardened to putting heat on pretty much any bolt i can before attempting to undo it. The sensor of course was stuck in there but with just the right amount of brute force i got it out But wait, what do w have here? Only to find the ABS ring had broken and was rotating on the CV joint. Baws. These are known to fail and new ABS rings are available, trouble is it involves removing the driveshaft to get it out. First problem was this. Yep, that bolt had been on there a while. I also didn't have a socket to fit it. What followed was a bit of fucking about. My mate Craig had a big boy Milwaukee gun and said he'd pop by to try and undo it. Which he did but it turned out not to be a 32mm or 36mm 12 pointed nut. Arses. More delays followed while i bought a selection of impact sockets including a 34mm one. My small Milwaukee wouldn't look at it and neither would my breaker bar. Craig popped in next time he was passing and his gun took it straight off. Safe to say I've bought a big boy Milwaukee M18 gun now. Nut off And the driveshaft out. I had to get brutal with this, it was stuck right in there. Big hammer time. When Craig had been over I undid the two strut bolts but hadn't wound them right out. Turned out one was seized in the hub. I tried to get the driveshaft out with it in place but no joy. I rigged this setup up and left it overnight after applying copious amounts of Plusgas. Nice bend on the breaker here. I left it overnight like than and guess what. Yep, next morning it was loose! Bolt out Driveshaft could then be extracted and the offending ABS ring removed. Yep, that'll be the problem. CV joint cleaned up and the new ABS ring fitted. It's an interference fit so took some gentle persuasion to get it on. I had a fierce hangover the day I was doing this, turns out beating fuck out of a hub to get the driveshaft back in will cure that. It was a fucking nightmare to get it back in, harder than getting it out.. Eventually though we were there. And behold, a (almost) fault free dash on an L322. The airbag light is intermittent, I don't count that as it stayed off for the MOT
  13. Kangoo would've been a contender for slowest of the day!
  14. MR2 was exactly a second quicker than the van. I can't complain too much about getting beaten by it, I did build the fucking thing!
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