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  1. Excellent! Bet that feels good after all this time?
  2. Top thread this, just spent far too long reading through it as it had passed me by I'm ashamed to admit. Keep up the good work!
  3. Fuck! I feel bad for liking earlier posts when I got to the fireball pictures.
  4. My usual answer to "what's your best price" is "the full asking price, clearly"
  5. At least you're giving it a go! My welding is far from good. I only got into a rythym about 3/4 of the way through welding the Manta jig together, I'm not looking forward to starting on the manta itself. More practice is needed! If the jig doesn't collapse first...
  6. Did a bit more on this today. I did a bit of stripping down the front end with a view to getting ready to make the body mounts for the jig. Headlights, bumper, headlight wipers and indicators removed. I'm guessing these aren't the original indicators-they're mint! I decided to remove the drivers side front wing with a view to removing the valance-as you can see it's pretty rotten and has been repaired* before Luckily all the bolts for the wing came off ok-it might look fucked (and it is) but I've had very few sheared bolts. So far. Wing off. Carpet was co
  7. We love a 205 round here! I had no idea this model existed. More pics please! How far off being a GTi is it?
  8. If I'm buying and I think it should be cheaper I'll sound the seller out with "is there any movement on price" I don't need a number, I just need to know that there is. I've had a lot of success by viewing, leaving and messaging an offer the next day. It works both ways, the Manta was paid for in full on the basis of some pics and a video from a seller 500 miles away. For the Rangey the seller was so fed up with gumtree mongs messaging him that after I viewed he lowered his price as I was the only one who'd strung a sentence together and actually looked at the car.
  9. Small update. Options for a sump are pretty limited. £500+ for a bespoke one to fit a Duratec into a MK2 Escort which may or may not fit the Manta. Or for a fraction of that you can get a sump for a US market Ford Ranger which had this engine mounted the correct way. Bet you can guess which one I've gone for? It's winging its way from Rockauto as we speak along with an oil pickup to match. I'll fit that to the engine and see where we are fitment wise. If it's a no-go I'll flog it to the escort boys and go back to the drawing board. Tonight I cracked on with assembling my rollove
  10. You're impressed how I* managed to hold the camera whilst driving the MR2* up the hill, aren't you?
  11. Also, to get to Biggar ignore the A702 and take the A701 up from Moffat then across. Much more fun!
  12. That looks a cracking wee thing, red too for maximum Alfa. Small car/big engine FTW! Also, when you're talking about your new location, don't forget Doune Hillclimb is a hop, skip and a jump away. If you've not been you NEED to go see it. It's mental. https://youtu.be/9kufacVXlSc
  13. Top purchase! These were also sold as the Mazda Tribute which may help your search. I'm not sure if they were sold over here though
  14. Bit more done today. Firstly, the other side of the front suspension was stripped down leaving the bare crossmember. Then I could remove the old engine and box from it. Once that was done I got the new engine and box out of the Kangoo and sat them side by side to see how they compared Not too dissimilar overall. In for a penny, in for a pound. Obvious things are sump will need changed and the oil filter may need relocated. Most importantly thought the gearbox fits in the tunnel, although as you can see from the side by side pics the shifter hol
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