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  1. I should be there, either in the Skoda or the S4 which I'll hopefully have fitted a new wheel bearing to by then.
  2. That is something I'd need to think about. I did contemplate a Kangoo "Car", will look into it further. I should be offended that you'd think I might exceed the limit on her majesties highways but I know you mean well
  3. I do indeed, i had a minor bump with it a year ago and it's been sitting in my lockup waiting for me to fix it 😟 I've got a full front suspension setup to fit but some fettling will be needed so it needs dragged back from my lockup to the garage where tools/power is which isn't easy when the front end is off🙈 It'll get done over the winter and sold come the spring to fund a Manta
  4. And of course once the Octavias gone I can set about finding a Clio 172 and a Kangoo and making my winter smoker
  5. OK, Mojo of late has been low, mainly with the dark nights creeping in and life getting in the way at weekends. If I put down on here what I want/need to achieve with the fleet then it's visible for all to see and you can all shame me when it doesn't happen. Octavia. Fraz won't be taking this off me as he found out it was a Cat D in 2011. My fault, i never checked as it was so cheap it didn't matter. There's nothing visible to my untrained eye that gives me any cause for concern, although it may explain the lack of badges on the tailgate? It might make it a bit trickier to sell as I'll need to declare it but values are strong and it'll still be the cheapest Scout with a fresh MOT, new turbo and timing belt. I've not done anything to the cosmetics of it yet but it'll clean up pretty well I'm sure. I got a new set of alloys locally due to the knackered one. They came with better tyres than were on it so win win. I'll weigh in the old ones to get some cash back. So, plan is: Replace ESP sensor(on the way) Chuck in for MOT Get it through an MOT Timing belt (if the MOT is an easy win) Haldex fluid (needs done every 40K, cheap to do and will help mine stand out in amongst all of the other ones for sale) Make it pretty Sell S4 I've been in negotiations with a boy localish to me who has brand new wheel bearings with flanges pressed in to them for sale. This saves me having to get my flange pressed out/in so is a lot less hassle. I'll hopefully get them this week and get it fitted, then I can start driving it again. I miss it. Bearing first, then once something else is on fleet I'll deal with the other things it needs-lpg service + oil check valves in the head. Driving the Octavia I'm constantly watching my average fuel economy as I tell myself it needs to be economical. Driving the S4 I don't care about the costs because LPG so I leave it on instantaneous MPG, just for a laugh MR2 Duncans been using it this last week or so so I'll give it a final coolant bleed then get the front end back together. I'll also refit the trim in the cabin to bring the noise levels down a bit. It doesn't weigh that much so won't make much difference on track, it'll make it a lot more pleasant to drive on longer journeys though.
  6. I use Carista on my MK2 Octavia and it's good-it'll read all the modules for faults and not just the ECU. Not sure what it'll do on your Volvo though but check their website and it'll tell you https://caristaapp.com/
  7. Can't say I'm bonding with the Octavia Scout. It's a decent car and comfy enough but it's not me. I'll either keep on improving it and get an MOT on it (it expires the end of next month) and then flog it in time for OMGSNOKAOS or sell it to @Fraz on here who's struggling to fit his new mutt in his Octavia hatch. Either way I think it's time to scratch an itch-I want to put Clio 182 running gear into a Kangoo van. It's not as daft as it sounds, the running gear bolts in and if you swap the loom over from the Clio you'll retain all the toys like cruise control. A Clio 182 will do near on 40mpg on a run too. Plus, doing a cambelt will be a damn site easier with the engine out.
  8. I believe Mr Wobbler sold it to a non shiter, hopefully it's still getting some love. I read this recently which made me want it back! https://jalopnik.com/matt-farahs-1996-lexus-ls-actually-made-it-to-1-million-1832770418
  9. Sad to hear. Sorry to be a vulture but please let me know about the small French vehicle you currently own...
  10. I get this totally but am torn with VAG stuff. I love the S4 but it's pretty special, however most of the rest of what they make leaves me cold. I had it in my head I wanted a modernish diesel to run through the winter so bought the cheapest fucked Scout in the country an Octavia Scout but it's just not me. I like the toys and it drives well enough but I can't help but think a £500 snotter would do the same thing. It'll get a years MOT and a timing belt and sold on and I'll find something else more suitable* On the plus side parts are cheap and easily available for VAG stuff and they'll always sell on well. Hopefully...
  11. dome

    BX Meteor

    You absolute winner! I had a 1.6 pez Meteor in the late 90s in that exact colour, absolutely loved that car. The 1.6 petrol pulled to the red line in 5th with an idiot behind the wheel. I stuck a set of 205 1.9 alloy onto it and thought I was the bees knees.
  12. A team is only as fast as its slowest member, if you let them go in front you don't have to keep stopping to wait for them 😉
  13. So, I had the S4 booked in for geometry as I knew it needed done. I was trying to get to the bottom of the noise from the rear which seemed to come from the passenger side and was getting worse. I was sure (read couldn't believe) it wasn't the wheel bearing as I'd replaced this one less than 18 months ago. However Lo and Behold-with the aid of Fraz we confirmed it does indeed seem to be the wheel bearing that has failed. Arses. It was a Meyle one as well bought as I was under the impression they were good!?! I've cancelled the alignment til I get the bearing changed for obvious reasons. I've contacted the seller and they'll need the old one back for warranty purposes. It's £40 for a decent(well actually who knows?) bearing or £60 for one with the flange pressed in which saves some fucking about with the local garage and their press. Hopefully I'll get a refund for the old one but we'll see. MR2 seems fine, would be nice to get another track day in this year but finding the time is the biggest issue. Octavia is, er, still an Octavia. The oil leak is back, as it decided to tell me 10 miles into a 200 mile journey at the weekend when the whiff of burning oil came into the cabin. Fine on the move, only noticeable when you slow down There's also a dash issue somewhere as the warning lights are playing up-at the moment the battery light is syncd to the seatbelt light, the cruise control light to the TPS light(which this car doesn't have) and the headlight to the fog light. The ESP light has also been more permanent of late. Tempted to get it through it's MOT and get it to fuck and buy something with less warning lights but we'll see. Meanwhile, it met a friend, Fraz D Roosevelt of this parish
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