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  1. This brings back happy memories. I had a 1990 Ardennes Green 3.9 V8 Vogue SE in rare manual flavour-it was more than capable of surprising other cars with how well it could shift. It and an 88 3.5 Auto I owned at the same time cemented my love for Range Rovers. It's not a coincidence I now drive an Epsom Green L322.
  2. An actual physical one or an internet one?
  3. Sorry I couldn't make it, my first weekend working an event in 2 years coincided. I'll come up once it's set up and we can test it out on one of my heaps though😉
  4. The retail side of the company I work for used to send out Haribo with all orders, however post brexit they got caught out on international orders when the bag of Haribo wasn't declared on the customs invoice causing all hell to break loose when thousands of pounds worth of orders were delayed because of a small bag of sweets.
  5. I'm all for upgrading an older car whilst keeping the feel of the original. I think it pisses off the rivet counters but fuck 'em. Why not have heater and wipers that actually work and an engine that starts? The only place my Manta project is online is here, I can't be fucked with beardy cunts with stains on their trousers telling me that a real Manta 400 has blah blah blah. My standard response to this is "Man, you'll fucking hate the digi dash I'm fitting then" I'm building it for me and no-one else.
  6. Welcome everyone, especially those of you who like fitting inappropriate engines into cars/vans. Yes, I'm looking at you @aotb Here's my 2zz MR2 alongside its stablemate, my Kangoo van with Clio 182 running gear. Get a thread up on your projects, they look very cool
  7. Having a bit of a clear out of my garage so I decided to move the old Manta engine and box to my lockup to make space. The sensible thing would be to crane it into the van and drive it up but my lockup is only a few hundred yards away and it'd mean moving the engine crane up there to unload it. Onto a trolley it went. This went fine, apart from pushing it up this bastard slope. I've came from the top left corner of the picture. It's not that steep, until you try and push an all iron CIH engine and box up it yourself. Nearly there Got it in. I'm sweating like a teenage girl who's just been introduced to Prince Andrew
  8. The steering columns with EPAS are a common mod with the rally boys/classic car folk who want to add power steering to a car which doesn't have it.
  9. Fuck, that's rough. Shame but you can't save them all. Is there much of a market in breaking these? It could be profitable, if you can be arsed
  10. Turbo xud you say? @reb when you've got a spare half hour get this swapped into your 205.
  11. Ah, in that case ignore everything I said! Would EPAS be a solution though? No hydraulics to worry about, just some wiring.
  12. EPAS conversions are common for classic and competition cars so there may be a way to make it work. I fitted one to the Kangoo using a kit like this to fool the existing ECU with regards to the speed sensor which was missing from my setup. It gives me a rheostat which I can use to Vary the assistance. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251838446769?hash=item3aa2bdbcb1:g:HGYAAOSwPzpZda1d A quick search on ebay doesn't show the Saxo kit as being available but a quick google brought up this link to Pistonheads Before you click, Pistonheads started life as a TVR forum and there a plenty of non cunty types on there, they just hide themselves away from the main pages... https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1260691 Maybe worth investigating further, it looks like it might be made to work easier than the normal Clio/Corsa setups that folk normally use.
  13. The Pre 67 Ford (car) owners day they host used to be a little gem of a show, hopefully it'll be back on next year
  14. It's still there, PM sent!
  15. I bet you say that to all the boys you lure back to your flat.
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