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  1. I had to go to the pub. It was terrible* We won the quiz
  2. dome

    Stance hilarity

    The P6 is ok but to me old school stance means the front should sit higher than the rear by a bawhair(officially recognised unit of measurement in Scotland) I humbly submit my shonky old e28 for your consideration. Lower at the rear than the front so it looks like it's going fast when it's standing still. Stick an inch taller springs on the front of that P6 and it's a winner. Oh and it needs the spare wheel on the boot lid, because that's fucking cool on those.
  3. Good work here, you're really getting this wee car sorted out. You can get similar door bush things for MR2s, be interested to here your thoughts on yours. When do you fit the turbo?
  4. So, as reported on the Grin thread this little beasty passed an MOT on Monday๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ I spent Saturday afternoon generally fettling it for its MOT. We fitted the road wheels to it (Not gold. Boo) and at the same time I checked over everything. I was also trying to work out why the ABS light was on. Turns out I'd nicked a sensor wire whilst grinding off a recalcitrant drop link. It wasn't cut right the way through so I nearly missed it. I've connected it together and put heatshrink over it to keep it clean. I also took the exhaust back off to chase a few holes that became apparent in the manifold once I'd made up the system. It's a lot better, and good enough to pass a test but there's still some wee holes I'd like to fix. I'd also like to clean up my frankly terrible welding from modifying the manifold especially. It was running rough, idling with a slight misfire when cold and missing on initial throttle application. i chased air leaks and then put some fresh fuel in it, this seemed to cure it. Back together and dropped off on Sunday night after a very brief test drive with no EMLs so I was happy. After a nervous Monday spent mostly checking the MOT checker online i was eventually greeted with this That'll do me! Off to pick it up and here she is. It's tatty but presentable and doesn't hint at being non standard, just the way I like them! The idle from cold was still an issue but I'd managed to find one potential cause. The MAF housing I'd fitted was a larger diameter than the stock one and this can cause a false reading of how much air is going through it. I had some reducer rings which came with the cone filter so chopped up the smallest one and fitted it, this seems to have cured it. So, I guess you all want to know if all the hassle was worth it? FUCK YES! Imagine your small sports car which had 140bhp at 6000rpm suddenly had an extra 2000rpm and 50bhp to play with? Well that's exactly what we have here. The 2zz feels a bit more urgent at lower revs than the 1zz, probably down to the exhaust/filter. Put the foot down and it goes well with the lift kicking in around 6krpm with a noticeable shove and change in exhaust/induction noise and pulling strongly all the way to the 8200rpm redline. It's addictive! The exhaust isn't too loud for normal driving but put the foot down though and it makes a great noise. Then it hits lift and sounds like an old Escort rallycar with a BDA๐Ÿ˜ฒ Having the air filter jammed in the side vent adds to the fun, just open the passenger window for full effect! Here's a video recorded from the passenger seat. It doesn't do it justice but you get the idea. It's only done about 40 miles or so between Duncan and I but we're both smitten. Although both have commented that we seem to be arriving at corners a lot quicker than we used to ๐Ÿ˜ So, next up is tidy up the exhaust and make sure it's well hung. Also I'll need to refit the heatshield as with the cat in the bay it gets fooking hot in there. There's a couple of EML codes now, this being a Toyota at least one of these is for lambda heater wiring. I'd like to bleed the brakes before we go on track, the rear caliper and discs/pads all round were new about 4 years ago before it was laid up but he feel isn't great. I did forget to try and bed the pads in though which might not have helped...
  5. Finally this little beasty has an MOT. Had a brief drive in it (it's insured but not taxed yet) and safe to say it goes like fuck and sounds epic๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  6. Good to see you getting some confidence in this thing. Keep racking up the miles!
  7. I've saved a fair few from getting scrapped in the last few years. Sometimes done for profit Fusion Auris Sometimes because it was the cheapest way to get a car I wanted Clio 182 Civic Type R Exploder MR2 (X2) Sometimes just because I was bored Freelander
  8. Yep, nail on head. Lots of thought went into the design then they put a lawn mower engine in it. On the other hand, think of it as a quirky Polo/Fabia that won't rust. With a 4 cylinder TDi (hint, hint, Neil) it'd be a giggle.
  9. I had my Type R at the same time as the black MR2 and I did squint very hard at both cars with a view to doing that. It is VERY expensive though as you need custom EVERYTHING. Driveshafts, mounts, ECU. The costs were wild especially as it all has to come from the U.S. where it's a more common swap. The 2zz will be similar performance as standard for less than half the costs. The K20 is much more tuneable though so would be the way to go if you wanted 200bhp+ naturally aspirated.
  10. Exhaust mount fabrication* completed tonight. Not pretty but it'll do. Don't worry, the bit of silicone hose is temporary. The other hanger in the picture will be getting scrapped. Also patched up the manifold so it's less blowy. It's sounding better. Still running a wee bit rough, I suspect an air leak somewhere. Which will be fun to find as the inlet manifold is now up against the bulkhead...
  11. I remember mine being a bit like that too. Worth checking the earths, especially if your battery is in the boot? I think it is just a feature though
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