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  1. Lid wearage full stop. Come along, I hope you drive like you type😁
  2. Get in, it'd be rude not to! Bit far for me sadly We've booked Trackscotland at Knockhill on 7th November. There's still spaces if you fancy😉
  3. What's going on with that exhaust?
  4. 140 miles completed in the Jag tonight, on a collection mission for another shifter that you may here about elsewhere on here. It was pretty much flawless, although I arrived home with one less wheel trim than I left with thanks to potholes on the M90 🙁 I'll give it another coolant flush and get some antifreeze into it and also another oil change now it's had a good run. It was great to get some miles on it and reminds me how much I love these things. It also gives me some confidence to get some more miles on it. 😁
  5. I have what looks like small speakers where the rear passenger heels would be, is that them? Thanks for the offer though!
  6. Have some pics. I've yet to attack the chrome properly but she's looking good, if I do say so myself...
  7. So, yesterday i decided to do a bit of methodical* working through some possibilities for the hesitation. Ideally I'd do one thing at a time and test it but the reality went as follows Decided to remove and clean the throttle body and check the TPS at the same time. I marked the TPS so I could refit it in the correct place. Checking the resistance on this and it changed uniformly as I moved it through it's travel so that was all good. I also cleaned the connectors, these didn't seem too bad. I cleaned that and the throttle body and assembled it all. The throttle body wasn't bad
  8. I may have worded that badly. I meant more letting the car get properly warmed up and get some miles on it. I've replaced the thermostat and it's getting warm with heat coming through the heaters pretty quickly, the temp gauge doesn't quite get to the half way point though, not sure what is normal on these? It does have two temperature sensors, these are pretty cheap so replacement is an option, especially of the one which drives the ECU. I have the resistance values of the x300 ones somewhere, I'll check mine out.
  9. On the ignition side I've replaced Dizzy cap Rotor arm Leads Plugs. That only leaves the coil I reckon. Throttle body I gave a quick clean today but didn't go beyond cleaning around the throttle butterfly. Injection side I've done nothing, and remembering that the thing only started when I whacked the injectors it's safe to assume some work is needed. I've read about replacing the XJ40 injectors with those from an x300. Whether or not that's worthwhile I'm not sure but an injector clean/overhaul was on the list. It does also have cats which I'd li
  10. It definitely made it further and feels better with a new crank sensor! What do I do next to try and cure the misfire under load? It's like the problems still there but not as bad.
  11. Ok so thanks to @mercedade today I carried on removing the filter housing complete with oil cooler sandwich plate I chopped the lines to make it easier to get out. A quick whack with a rubber mallet and it was apart. Interestingly there was silicone sealant holding it all together. Factory or had someone been there before? I cleaned up the filter housing removing the old silicon and applied some fresh. Back on with shorter bolts and I put the filter back on and topped up the oil. You can see the small* amount of oil it had leaked and the badly fitted hose that h
  12. This is an excellent shout, I've looked into this and it does look like I can bypass the cooler completely by removing the sandwich plate. I made a start tonight after work-oil filter removed to aid access and the bolts holding the filter housing and sandwich plate cracked off. It looks like I can remove the cooler feed and slap it back together. Hopefully!
  13. Well, somewhat inevitably, the first drive ended with a walk home😪 My GF called me after picking it up from the garage, saying it was running badly and misfiring. I thought it was low on fuel again having sat running during the test-I'd not had a chance to put fuel in it before dropping it off. I stuck a couple of gallons in and it started and ran fine so off we went. It was fine for the first few miles then started to run rough. I limped it in to the next village and walked home. After dinner I got a lift along to collect it, again it started and ran fine from cold and I made it t
  14. I dropped this off for an MOT last night at my local station as I was in the office today. Frankly, anything could happen. It's not been driven more than a mile nor has it ran for more than about 15 minutes. Who knows what would happen when it sat in a testing station for an hour running. Anyway, it appears that what happens is that it passes I'll send my girlfriend round to pick up the keys (and pay for it) and we can try an exploratory drive tonight!
  15. What a winner wagon! 2 randoms please.
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