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  1. Yeah, me too. There' s Street Machine faceook page, it'd be worth asking on there.
  2. Loved the videos and have subscribed. An Autoshite Harry's Garage, what's not to like!
  3. My old one? Good to see it still on here!
  4. dome

    106 Rallye

    Excellent work! Always loved these wee cars, can't wait to see some pics of it now.
  5. That's just not the done thing, dear boy. The Range Rover Sports with terrible mods are what gives us Full Fat Range Rover owning gentlemen a bad name I'm pretty sure half the ones in that vid aren't supercharged, ones even a diesel! Also, what kind of fucking imbecile buys the cheapest tyres possible and then paints the lettering white. FULLRUN YO!
  6. Nah, this is an early one with a BMW 4.4 V8 on LPG. 280 odd BHP so enough to surprise folk. A supercharged one must be a riot! Ironically most if the issues I've found so far relate to the BMW parts used. There's still time though!
  7. When I changed the expansion tank on this one of the orings inside the coolant hose connection didn't want to seal again. Apparently a common problem on these and BMWs of this era. I've applied some PTFE tape in the short term. It turns out BMW don't make the orings available separately and the hoses seem hard to get a hold of. I found this guy selling hose kits for BMW, he confirmed that the X5 M62 kit fits my car so I've ordered a set. Seems like A Good Thing to change them.
  8. Your statement here is, surely, the very essence of what a hot hatch should be? It's not going to compare to a Boxster which has been designed from the outset to be a rewarding sports car. The fact it can be so good when it is based on a mundane platform speaks wonders for what Renault were able to design(even if the actual building of them was a slightly haphazard affair). The Boxster will also feel special on a run to the shops when a 1*2 will never do that. I can understand where you're coming from though. On the right road/track, on the right day, a Clio 172/Civic Type R
  9. Have some pics after a quick wash. I'm much happier with it now it's looking more standard.
  10. It may well be, at least in the M62 the chain is at the front though!
  11. The noise it made sounded far worse than I'd have thought a guide knocking around the timing gear would have. Will see what it's like when I drop the sump though. It'd be untested so it'd be a gamble for the buyer.
  12. @Supernaut get your wallet out @brownnova my finders fees are reasonable for all sales resulting from this post😉
  13. If you search on ebay for Audi BBK engine you'll see what they go for. I might pull the sump and check things and list it as spares or repair...
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