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  1. Bollocks. We've all been there when a snapped bolt stops the fun. Good luck getting it sorted!
  2. Felt all smug this morning as the neighbours were scraping their cars in the minus 4 April weather. Opened the Rangey passenger door to chuck my stuff in and fired it up, switched on the heated screen and went to find the dug to stick him in the back. Came back, ready to go and the fucking door mechanism was frozen open. ARSE Luckily it defrosted after a few miles and latched so I could release the ratchet strap I'd used to hold it shut🙈
  3. May I humbly offer. YER MAWS GOT BAWS AND YER DA LOVES IT or the equally suitable YER DA SELLS AVON
  4. Thanks! It was a Victor Reinz gasket. It could've been a genuine OEM BMW gasket hand delivered by the Quandt family in a gold plated M5 and I'd still have made a horses arse of fitting it. Still got the other side to do too🙈
  5. It definitely needs to live again and absolutely not donate it's engine and seats to my Kangoo. What's happening with the Granada? Maybe a thread on that will get you some motivation. I don't know if for me it's so much motivation that gets me going or the fact I've had no mojo/spare daylight all winter and the jobs all just pile up. Fuck, I've still got gearbox oil to change on the Kangoo🤦
  6. Oh, and Duncan popped by with the MR2, which he's gone and had painted without telling me. Its looking braw!
  7. And I'm 3 hours south of Saabnut sadly!
  8. Range Rover next. The LPG system on it had been partly removed at some point and the recommissioned by the guy I bought it from. While it worked ok I wasn't happy about the hose used in the engine bay. I found a local specialist and too it to him to get it assessed. He pointed out a couple of things needing done and sold me the require parts to do it. The system runs copper pipe to the engine bay and then hose to the vaporizer. As you can see though, the unions and hose were questionable and not LPG suitable. New correct LPG hose cut to size with unions fitted. On at the
  9. Got some stuff done today. Boring stuff first, Ibiza got a clean and a polish aswell as a hoover. It came up pretty well. I was going to go and take some pics of it but then it started snowing. Again!
  10. Looking forward to updates on these! I think my dream XJ6 would be an XJ40 built with a supercharged manual drivetrain. I'm guessing it'd all fit into a later XJ40?
  11. Excellent purchase! Good to see some more yank metal on here
  12. Me too, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing
  13. The road down from Strathaven is good too, as is the road across from the M74.
  14. This is the one! Uses to do sprints and autotests here back in the day. It's a tight little track but good fun.
  15. Welcome! Tell us more about the Corvette, please!
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