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  1. I looked for one of these a year or so ago but couldn't find one for sale anywhere in the UK so had to downgrade to a Range Rover.
  2. It hasn't affected working on it too much, even doing an F4R timing belt wasn't too bad. Changing the radiator might be a different thing though!
  3. For a second I feared this mighty beast was to become bean cans. Glad that's not the case!
  4. Awkwardly opening bonnets together. I woke the Jag from its winter slumber with a jump to check it. All's well and the battery is off it and in the lockup on charge.
  5. Porsche 944 S2 Felt special to drive, went well, averaged 30mpg on a run and I could get a bike in it. Audi S4 B6 Before the timing chain shat itself it was a great car. Understated, comfy, cheap to fuel (on LPG) and went like fuck
  6. I'll nominate L322 Range Rovers based on this. So much so that after a year of ownership I'll have to just keep mine to avoid rehashed comments of OMG IT'LL BRAKE DOWN M8 that would no doubt appear on a for sale thread.
  7. Aye, it was a bit of a bodge job I'm sure. It sounded, for want of a better term, shite
  8. Hmm, I remember first time buying a used car. Something fishy here...
  9. Sorry, I should've differentiated between back street cobbled together and main dealer cobbled together. There's cunts everywhere selling stuff like this, some just have nicer coffee machines.
  10. I like this kind of Facebook page but it doesn't differentiate between the cars that have been properly repaired and the back street cobbled together jobs. I'd rock another cat c car(previous was an e34 M5) but it all depends how it was fixed
  11. Looking amazing! ATCNBE Must be the hat... For seals, it's worth looking here to see if you can get a universal one that'd do the job. https://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/ https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/car-boot-and-door-seals
  12. As with a lot of folk I didn't think this year had been particularly busy but a scroll through my camera roll would suggest otherwise. Still on fleet. The Kangoo 182 is still here. It plods along nicely, goes like fuck when required and is useful for tat hauling. Also makes me smile when I drive it so what's not to like? The Range Rover is not without its foibles but it's surprised me by doing around 8k miles this year in blissful comfort. I love it. The 2zz powered MR2 I built a few years ago (shared with a friend) is still here. As always too few track days were done with it but it did get a respray. Goes like fuck and has been pretty reliable. Needs a new exhaust and a few other bits and also driven more! This lovely big hunk of Britishness is still here and sorned for the winter. I saved it from 20 years in a garage and resurrected it. It's had too little use but is a lovely thing to drive. It'll likely get moved on next year though. Don't all rush at once... In and still here. After threatening for years to buy an Opel Manta the right one turned up at the right time. Shipped from God knows where in the southwest by @worldofceri/ @Inspector Morose it's 1 owner car from new but was pretty rusty, although I have taxed worse examples of these. Over 20 years ago... I stripped it down and it's currently with @GingerNuttz for a wee* bit of work. Bought with a hangover because it seemed like a good idea. A Mégane 1.5dci. it had a dodgy clutch which I fixed, also had new brakes and glow plugs/glow plug relay and an MOT. Currently undergoing proving trials to make sure it works before some cosmetics and getting flogged. In and out A Seat Ibiza 1.4 TDI with the 3 cylinder PD engine. Offered to me by someone local as it had ran out of MOT I took it on, fixed it up and sold it. Fairly horrible little car but it sold quickly. Sacrificed to the Manta mission. The Manta is getting slightly* modified and a modern running gear is on the cards. This MX5 donated a 2 litre Duratec (fucked) as well as gearbox and other parts to make the Duratec work in the Manta. Don't worry, it was fucking rotten. 2009 with 85k miles on it... Why buy one with a fucked engine, I hear no-one ask? Because of this. A Mazda6 Sport. This was broken (more rust) but more importantly came with a 2.5 version of the Duratec in the MX5. The engine will be rebuilt, mated to the rwd gubbins from the MX5 and slotted into the Manta.
  13. Wooft. Halfers? You can have the broken half...
  14. Well, I say myself. I had some help. Here's @Fraz holding my shafts.
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