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  1. Ah, winter. What a beautiful time of year Or, if you've been in Scotland for the last month it's been constantly pishing down and blowing a gale so motivation for anything car fettling has been low. I had a rare moment of motivation on Friday night and decided to service the S4s LPG system and fit a set of spark plugs. I'd only had these sitting for about 4 months so not so bad... I'd serviced the LPG on my Grand Cherokee many years ago and was somewhat taken aback by the amount of gas which was released when I undid the filter, even though I'd closed off the tank and ran it till it conked out. Therefore it was with a due sense of trepidation that I undid the first hose onto the filter housing, at arms length, whilst wearing several pairs of gloves. And... nothing. A wee bubble from the hose an that was it. First filter off. This has a large inlet and splits into two to feed each bank It also has a pressure/temp sensor built in which I had to swap over to the new unit Whilst in here I changed the plugs. This bank was fairly straightforward once I was in there The other bank was a bit more of a faff as I had to remove intake pipework. This gave me a chance to replace the air filter-I'd ordered one last year but been sent the wrong one and by the time I got the correct one I never bothered fitting it, putting it off a I often do... There's a second filter on these systems which had came with the kit, this one did release some gas when I undid it which is always terrifying. It was due for changing though. It was a bit of a faff to get the orings all in the right place but after that it went together fairly easily. Fired it up and let it warm up, it switched to LPG fine with no leaks. Win! Oh and check out the old plugs. Spot the difference? Full VAG service history on this thing...
  2. My S-Type Jag had a curry hook, handy as my local curry house is in the next village and involves 2 miles of hoonage to get back!
  3. Hmm, maybe i should knock the door of the house near me with the Capri 2.8 languishing on the drive...
  4. Looking for a pickup? Got no sense of smell? Urine luck!
  5. It's been an exciting* year here at Dome Mansions The S4 is still here and was a fabulous companion for the North Coast 500. It's going nowhere The A2 of my drunken roffle win where I bought most of the tickets anyway and was gifted some more(thnks guys!) went to @320touring of this parish. I was able to drive around the coolant leak problem and the car in general didn't inspire me enough to pull the head off it to fix it. The MR2 engine swap was completed and did us well. It's also going nowhere, a suspension refresh is on the cards and some more track days are in its future This lovely old heap came and went. It went through an MOT with a bit of work and was a very pleasant way to plod about. The killer blow for me was the LPG system failing followed by my local LPG station closing. Shame, I did like this thing. As above it went to @NorthernMonkey who passed it to @barmatt, I'd be keen to hear how it's going? This little honey came and went fairly quickly. One owner, 26k. I passed it to a mate who still has it and it's still going well. In the search for a sensible commuter to keep the miles off the Audi I bought this. Octavia Scout 4x4 TDi-think Aldi Allroad. It was broken, I fixed it. i decided I didn't actually like it so it's for sale. Enter stage left sensible commuter no 2. Bought cheap with a noisy gearbox it's only done 63k miles. I serviced it, rebuilt the gearbox and apart from an ABS light and needing the backbox replaced it's pretty good. So I'll probably sell it. Oh and the Locost is still in my lockup and has been for over a year. I need to dig it out and sell it. I'm looking at you @gm...
  6. I think it's been improved for you. Get driving it!
  7. I quite fancy heading down this evening, it'll be after dinner though. What's the location?
  8. Haha for the fisting rooms, obvs. Not the fail!
  9. Local Land Rover specialist has rocked up at the garage across the road. Their courtesy car/work hack? A Jeep...
  10. Is yours the Ex Wack one? Prob more than the Skoda is TBH.
  11. So did I. It's a good spec and it's cheap. Although it was a Cat D, which I didn't know about. Out of all the rammel I've bought broken, fixed and sold I thought this would be a walk in the park. I've taken the ad down and will try again after Christmas.
  12. Normally I'm totally with you on this but with the Octavia I'm trying to sell being as easy to get rid of as syphilis I've resorted to asking people selling L322 Range rovers if they'll swap. I'll keep you all posted...
  13. dome

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Open to swaps. He clearly* needs a nice Jazz in his life...
  14. What a rollercoaster! The jazz had an eml for the egr on when I got it. 2 bolts had it off and a good clean got it working again. No idea if the Panda is as simple buy might be worth a try.
  15. That's too work! Never tried refurbing alloys but that kit looks decent
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