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  1. Not just obtaining the parts, but fitting them too. @Tickman had a right war fitting a rear strut to that 147 he bought off me, and he's fairly competent and owns a 4-post lift! The strut itself wasn't particularly cheap either, IIRC.
  2. Saying "this car has an electrical fault" is about as helpful as saying "this car has wheels" when a P38 Range Rover is involved.
  3. Erm... Hmm. That didn't go well. It seems fine without it, as it still has an electric fan in front of the radiator. 3 runs at Crail and sitting in the queue for the drag strip did nothing to the temperature gauge. It even drives better, like having a lighter flywheel. No more hanging the revs between gears. On the advice of an Australian acquaintance running an M3 in their climate I shall do the same as him. No viscous fan, but the electric fan switch from a 4 pot. The 4 pot fan switch operates about 5 Celsius lower than the 6 pot one. It also looks easy to do, as it's at the very top of the radiator and even has a huge space under it for a container to catch any coolant.
  4. About a week ago now, I checked the viscous coupling on the 323i's cooling fan, after it got a little bit toasty during its 4-wheel alignment the other week (the temperature dropped again as soon as I got it moving). I discovered the coupling was fine, but the fan only had 10 of its 11 blades. Cue, a new fan: The more astute of you may notice it has 3 mounting lugs. That's normal. That's what RealOEM lists for this car, and it is the correct fan for an M52B25 engine from 1998. Nope. Somehow, the one in the car had 4 mounting lugs, and the viscous coupling had 4 bolts. So I ordered a new viscous coupling, and got it delivered to my parents' farm as I was up there for the past few days (I just drove back to Stirling this morning). So this happened: Now it's in the car and all is well. I had to do without the shroud as the new fan has significantly more aggressively pitched blades, so is deeper. It sits right behind the radiator anyway. Not like the old 316i I had, where the shroud was almost a foot deep! On the first fire-up it was whooshing away in a somewhat concerning fashion, but it soon calmed down when taken out for a run to get the oil in the coupling circulating. I reckon the old coupling was perhaps more worn than I thought, as the fan would never whoosh when started from cold before... 5 grand in second gear didn't yield any plastic shrapnel, so I'll call it a success. I also then adjusted the Civic's handbrake (tightened up the cable adjuster under the lever) as the hills up in Turriff proved just how crap it was. After driving the Civic and my parents' Kia Sorento the past few days, the BMW feels like a big burly beast with heavy controls. Still GR9 fun though!
  5. Oh aye. Because it's an exact copy that didn't need integrated into the design of the newer Ignis. It was just thrown on there. Aye. Right. Anyway, I'll contribute to the thread. Peugeot 306 arch liners. For some reason the mk 1 and 2 didn't have a left rear wheel arch liner, which resulted in catastrophic hidden rust on the left rear seat belt mount. Mk 3s got a full compliment of arch liners.
  6. That is a styling cue hinting at an earlier model, as many other manufacturers do. Not penny pinching. Of all the people to know what is penny pinching and what isn't...
  7. Yes, PM me some details please. I'd be interested in two nights after shitefest.
  8. For a second, I thought the PARK light actually said PANIC.
  9. Still more structurally sound than that MG Midget.
  10. Might want to blank out your address, there @Split_Pin
  11. I get the impression that insurance companies in Germany and Norway are less of a bunch of absolute cunts who seem to have free reign to come up with reasons to print money, though.
  12. @Sunny Jim Put me down for Friday and Saturday night, camping in a tent. Arriving mid-afternoon with the rest of the Scotoshite lot. I may be interested in the chalet for a couple of nights post-shitefest, mind.
  13. I am a definite for attending, and camping on site. Any recommendations for somewhere to stay for a couple of nights after shitefest? I might hang around in the area for a few days before heading back north to haggisland.
  14. Good old Oyster Silver. I had a mk3 in that colour, it was clearly beige but because it was called Oyster Silver, the v5 said silver.
  15. In another fit of enthusiasm today, @Split_Pin showed me how to polish a car properly. He also did most of the work: Having the alignment sorted definitely makes a huge difference. I was cruising along the motorway at 'motorway speeds' with just one hand on the wheel, and it sat there beautifully. No pulling or tugging even on the rough bits. Now to not touch either car for several days!
  16. Civic done too. The steering wheel is bob-on and it even feels like it has less rolling resistance. Is it bad that I find myself driving the Civic even quicker than the BMW on some roads? That huge windscreen gives great visibility, and it corners flatter than it has any right to. It's also very easy to keep it on boost. All in all: get your tracking done!
  17. With the steering wheel removed and re-attached in the right place, it drives very nicely indeed now. I can remove an E36 steering wheel in my sleep at this point. Now to head off and get the Civic done too. Just the front wheels this time, and I have a half price voucher for a front wheel alignment.
  18. The section of steering column in the engine bay could potentially get rusty and fail, so they recalled a shitload of E36s a few years ago. My one was missed in the initial recall then called in late last year / early this year.
  19. I got a 4-wheel alignment done on the BMW this morning. This is true centre on the steering: Keen readers may recall - ha - this car was subject to a recall regarding the steering column. Douglas Park BMW Stirling were a complete bunch of BIG FUCKING STINKING CUNTS about the whole thing. It seems their handiwork consisted of throwing a section of steering column vaguely in the car's direction. With the alignment done, it drives spot-on otherwise. I currently have the battery disconnected, then I shall drink a cup of tea, then I shall remove and refit the steering wheel. The boys at National Tyres were a bit concerned about this too: They reckon the new section of steering column isn't all the way on the splines. However, I had a look and it seems the new part is potentially redesigned, or whatever, and has roughly 5mm shorter joins. The splines are all the way through, and the domed bit is actually ever so slightly protruding at the other side. I'd say that's fully engaged on the splines, myself. It could be a bit further on there but it also doesn't look to be at risk of coming detached imminently. However, I don't want to go anywhere within 200 yards of Douglas Park BMW Stirling (bunch of cunts they are, hello Google search results). I'm also not sure how to sort it. Loosen the bolt and twat it with an extension bar and a hammer, but access isn't the best. it's crammed down the side of a rather large inline-6.
  20. Admittedly I just came along for the day out. I still have zero social life outside AS in the Central Belt... 🤣 That whole bit of coastline down in Ayrshire was rather nice. I'll need to make a point to go back to that area at some point.
  21. I'm not going to bother. My car doesn't qualify (one year too new) and all the modernz tickets have sold out already. I also can't really be arsed. I'll be going to Shitefest in Wales a couple of weeks before this. At the time of FoTU I'll likely be in Aberdeenshire instead. There are several birthdays in my circles that all fall at the end of July.
  22. I'm guessing some sort of hydropneumatic Citroen. Most other cars can simply be pushed if they aren't running.
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