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  1. Yesterday I replaced the rear brake pads, then put just a tiny dab of Kurust inside the rear arches: I also put some gummipfledge on the door seals and boot seal. Then in the afternoon I went and had a look at Glen Finglas reservoir / dam. Had to make sure the brakes were behaving themselves, of course.
  2. I still don't understand the references to China and a country that no longer exists when buying a German car, though.
  3. Aye, I'm quite partial to them myself! Next on the list is to replace the gear linkage bushings (got the parts here) and do the gearbox oil at the same time. That will involve the use of a ramp, which I don't have! I know of people with ramps, though. I just need to ask nicely.
  4. Not yet, I'll look into it... Eventually. Puts away duct tape.
  5. No you don't. They're absolute shit. I'm doing you a favour by keeping this one.
  6. That'll do, pig. That'll do. I'm collecting rear brake pads tomorrow.
  7. Oh, get you Mr Fancypants, requiring a colour-coded brick for your throttle pedal!
  8. Mk8 Honda Civic. Yes, it's a 2009 diesel. However, it has a manual gearbox, a manual handbrake, and no DPF / AdBlue or any of that shit. Surely it must be one of the last diesels to plod on without that stuff.
  9. Snap! I agree with you about the east coast part of it. Going up the west coast, through Ullapool, and around a bit of the north coast was nice. I then spent a couple of nights in a cottage west of Thurso and got rather bored. It then took me over 5 hours from Thurso to the parents' farm in Aberdeenshire, and the standards of driving on the A9 were atrocious.
  10. Those roads were fun a few weeks ago when I went round there in a diesel Civic. Must be amazing fun in a 2.5 6-pot BMW, like I originally intended to do before an MOT failure and some welding... 😅
  11. Woo! I was right. That's a proper result!
  12. I wasn't sure if I was doing them myself or not! The idea was there, but then I reminded myself how much of an arse they are. At least with my manual tools and in a car park.
  13. I picked the BMW up on Thursday. It's definitely got more metal in it than when it left. That's putting it mildly. Big thanks to @GingerNuttzfor his reasonably priced metal-based wizardry, and @Lacquer Peel for giving me a lift, plus an interesting adventure. Cruising along the motorway in the pissing rain in his Peugeot Expert, when he turns to me and says "The throttle seems to be sticking". I didn't even panic. I even said "In most other cars, I'd be concerned, but in this van, on the motorway...? Eh." It seemed the arm on the fuel pump wasn't returning quite correctly, resulting in it sticking at maybe 20% throttle, or so. This meant at every set of traffic lights everybody around us got serenaded by the dulcet tones of an XUD doing about 2 and a half grand (estimate, as it has no tachometer). Good fun. This morning I set to having a look at the other things it failed the MOT on: - both outer balljoints - front left brake binding - right hand inner track rod I have a kit consisting of both entire wishbones (as the balljoints are pressed into them), with all the bushings etc on them, plus inner and outer track rods, and drop links. I've managed to free off the front left brake. It had plenty of meat on the pads but the slider pins were dry as a bone. They got drowned in copper grease, and I cleaned up the pad carriers with a flathead screwdriver. The piston looked brand new, and it retracted far more easily than anything else I've worked on. It just seemed the pad carriers were full of crud. A lot of loose material came off with the screwdriver. The wishbones... they look fun*. I reminded myself how they go in. The rear is fine, as is the part in the hub. The inner balljoint goes through the subframe and the nut on top is in the engine bay. This was not an issue on the old white 316i as the 4-cylinder engine stopped short of being in the way of them. A long extension worked fine. However, with 2 more cylinders on the front of the engine in there, access looks tight. I've contacted a Glasgow-based mobile mechanic, but not heard back yet. I did only email him yesterday afternoon though.
  14. Fuckin' tell me about it, man. I like my spaceship Civic, it's a really good car, but Honda parts prices seem crazy.
  15. Aye, I'll have one of the most solid E36s in Scotland at this rate!
  16. On the BMW front, then. It's been on holiday with the resident welder in the central belt for the past week or so. It failed the MOT when the tester poked a hole the size of my thumbnail in the offside rear jacking point. Gingernuttz has been busy doing some digging. Both rear jacking points weren't too happy, plus the fronts too. As the rears stand now: He still needs to tidy the fronts and repair a wee bit of the exhaust, plus spray some stonechip on. However, the jacking points are now made out of 5mm steel, so they should be fairly sturdy! After I get it back I still need to fit both replacement front wishbones and track rods, plus check the front left caliper...
  17. Aye. Almost tempting to crawl under there with some Vactan...
  18. There is a part of me considering putting the BMW on SORN once it's back from its welding, then just MOT it in Spring...
  19. I went along to a car show at Fyvie Castle yesterday.
  20. Parents' neighbour has a 4-poster. Thus, the Civic has a functioning handbrake now. He also said "that's fresh underneath for a 2009 Honda!"
  21. Yep, totally tame. Was eating pecan nuts from my hand, and dribbling on me. I got to Aberdeenshire yesterday, and today I have been mostly fighting with the retaining screws on the Civic's rear discs. However, it now has new rear discs and pads, plus a left rear caliper. I even cleaned up the pad carriers with a file so that the pads now move freely. The stretched left handbrake cable got removed from the old caliper with bolt cutters, and I'll need to get the car high up on some ramps to do that job. Not today though.
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