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  1. Woah, I've never seen an AX as late as P reg. Surely the Saxo was out by then. I also just realised that Saxo has AX in the middle of it...
  2. Phwoar! The colour scheme of that interior is spectacular!
  3. Phwoar, all that wood* must mean it's a top of the range Gold edition then! Get you!
  4. I didn't realise these were so cheap! I still consider them brand new, even though they did actually stop making them in 2016. The parents have had 3 of these in a row. They got a 2010 1.6 HDi in blue, brand new. Then in 2015 they got a 15 reg 1.6HDi in purple, also brand new. However, last December the 15 reg was written off by a knob who went too fast round a corner on ice. Apparently he's now saying it wasn't his fault and my mum hit him, but he's also gone quiet because he had some assault charges and possible jail time outstanding (unrelated to said crash). Anyway, they got
  5. I absolutely love the colour of this. I need to find an excuse to try out a Panda sometime. My sister has a 2013 facelift one in purple and I covet it.
  6. I have a slightly less quirky 9000 myself, which I got cheap partly because it hadn't had an MOT for 3 years and partly because it's the lowly CS model with a 2.0 NA 16v. It's not particularly fast, but still faster than my other car (a BMW 316i) and honestly isn't that bad on fuel. Slightly worse than the BMW but it's not like it's drinking at an alarming rate. Probably averaging somewhere in the ballpark of 30mpg. Either way, it's definitely made me a fan of old Saabs. I bought it on a whim because it was cheap and nearby and I fell for the sea of blue velour inside it, now that I'
  7. Precisely what I was going to say. Back in 2005 when I got my licence, I spent that summer driving around in my dad's SIII. It was a farm workhorse, 88 with a safari rear door. It was that classic blue/grey colour with cream roof and wheels. It didn't have a straight panel on it, and the steering was vague at best. I remember putting my whole body weight on the brake pedal and actually lifting myself off the seat in order to pull up from anything faster than about 30mph. The top half of the doors would rattle around so much you could see glimpses of daylight between the windsc
  8. Part of me thinks the other guy did better with 2nd prize. Looks like a much more usable daily. However, that Citigo is MENTAL.
  9. Yeah, I seem to have inadvertently developed an affinity for 90s base spec chod. I love them both.
  10. I usually keep one outside the house, one round the corner. However there are roadworks starting on the street in front of the house so now they're both together in the spaces round the corner. An actual photo of them together for once!
  11. Looks tidier than another certain K reg Saab round here that was off the road for a bit before being rescued. Also, what about the other red 900 convertible you have...?
  12. My cat only cost something like £65 to be put to sleep 2 years ago. I should get another cat but currently both the kitchen and living room are in a state of being half-finished and I don't want to introduce a cat to that mess, it would be unfair on the cat.
  13. I guess he liked driving Jim Bell's Cavalier so much he wanted one of his own.
  14. Just thought I'd post some current photos of the two. The Saab looks like this. I drove it out to the parents' farm yesterday in a howling gale and pissing rain and it transported me completely serenely and comfortably. It needs a wash, but so does every car in Aberdeenshire perpetually for the entirety of winter. I suspect the exhaust is blowing again ever so slightly near the front. Probably where I repaired* it with gun gum. I have some fancy exhaust repair wrap stuff to try out on it at some point. The aux belt has decided to squeak slightly again, too. The engi
  15. Throttle cable? Ha! How it looks so far, after a couple of hours of faffing; The anoraks amongst the class may notice the carb adapter. That is so the non-original SU carb from an Austin 1800 can sit at the required 30 degrees. Apparently the original Zenith carb was worn out and the SU was far cheaper and simpler.
  16. I now see why you didn't post a photo of one. Is everybody else ready? BOOM! It's no better from the back, either.
  17. Go on then. BMW 316 keys: A Scottish National Heritage lanyard thingy because it's handy (and it was free with something). The Grand Theft Auto V keyring was also free. A company that made them posted on reddit a couple of years ago saying they had some stock they wanted rid of, so I asked for one. Then the Swan National Motors one was 50p from a stall at Morris Leslie auctions down in Errol. It's so old it has the Aberdeen area code as 0224 instead of 01224, and it's for a showroom that was less than a mile from me, but flattened long before I moved here.
  18. Grim? Sod off! Even smoll-engined E36s are a joy to drive. I may be biased, mind...
  19. Is the 6 a clue? Along with the exploding gearbox hint, I'm saying Volvo S60 Geartronic.
  20. It's also in Aberdeen, and @Saabnut has a smart car sitting around...
  21. Intriguing... My only experience with a Pi so far is getting it booted up, then going "now what? Dunno what I want to do with it"
  22. I had these emailed to me the other day. Before and after shots of the front panel! Unfortunately the radiator cannot be fitted yet. He says he filled it with water and found a couple of leaks... EDIT: He now has a quote for refurbishing the radiator. It's about 50% more than what I spend on an entire car, on average...
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