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  1. 👀 My phone took a shart while trying to process the sunset so it's all a bit blurry but I'll post it anyway. It is also now clean. I realised there was a jet wash bay directly opposite the Lidl I've only been shopping in since I moved down here... What an idiot.
  2. I drove the Alfa Romeo for the first time in probably a fortnight today. It's still a perfectly civilised little hatchback for running about in. It's just thirsty and incredibly reactive to every change in road surface. That behaviour would be fun in a sports car but it's just annoying in a hatchback. It's still going up for sale once the paperwork is sorted, even though there's nothing actually wrong with it, I just want something civilised and relatively economical for bashing about in and using for general stuff and things. I drove the 323i up the Gleneagles road yesterday, as a few people have mentioned how good it is. It was rather good. I even snapped a couple of photos outside the station there. Even though it's "only" 170hp it still makes me grin with the sheer amount of grunt it has. I've driven cars before that make more power as a headline figure, but usually from a smaller, more highly-strung engine. They're just nowhere near as fun as this. The gear ratios are like a diesel, and 4th in the 323i is almost exactly the same as 5th in the Alfa, but it just goes from almost any RPM and sails right up to the top of the tachometer no bother. Hell, you can nudge the NSL in 2nd, and ripping it right out in 3rd is definitely illegal. I'm embarrassed to admit that I only recently found the steering column adjustment too. Even though I've owned two other E36s! I've finally got the driving position just so. Now I can heel-toe it, things have got a bit more interesting... Yes, I still need to do something about the wheels. Just out of curiosity I looked up prices on two sizes of tyres; If I were to go for a set of 15" wheels I'd need 205/60/R15 tyres. They're more expensive than 205/55/R16s which would be used on 16" wheels. Hmmm. While it doesn't look offensively bad right now, a set of period correct 16s would be ideal, if any come up at a reasonable price. As is always the problem with old BMWs and parts associated with them... (Admittedly the pair of mirrors were only £40 so some wheels may not be too much) One last thing. When I parked up the 323i yesterday, the odometer was sitting on 176,999...
  3. That looks familiar. Pretty sure I saw that at Morris Leslie a couple of years ago. Then I also noticed it's in Perth, so very near Morris Leslie.
  4. OOF! That won't hang about long at that price.
  5. I need to take you up on that offer to go exploring photo opportunity locations at some point. I have absolutely no idea where you went to take those photos, but they look ace.
  6. I'm disappointed I wasn't quick enough to see this in person when Tickman et al collected that 4 post lift from you. We just rendezvoused with them on the road outside. However, I also didn't realise how close you are. For some reason I thought you were down in the borders... Top work as always though!
  7. Woof, those are a bit too bling for my taste! Just some that match the spare would be nice.
  8. Not really much to misunderstand! I'm just considering whether to buy those other wheels. They're 15" and have winter tyres, so are appealing. I'm just not sure how shit they'd look on a black E36.
  9. Indeed. The main issue is that I'm in a 2nd floor flat and have nowhere to keep wheels (other than in my spare room). I know plenty of people nearby with units, but I'm not sure I'd get the wheels to one of them instantly. I mean, if I were to put the 15s on immediately I'd still have the 16" E46 wheels to store somewhere (and potentially sell).
  10. I find myself debating whether to go down to Blantyre to get these: https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/full-set-of-bmw-15-alloys-winter-tyres-hankook-continental-wheels-/1417431925 They're 15" BMW wheels with 205/60/R15 winter tyres, for £120. Squishy. Surely they can't look any worse than the E46 wheels currently on it. They do look like they're from a fairly modrin one, the offset could be all to pot though.
  11. "Let's go live to Ollie Williams, and see what the weather is like at the peak of Glen Shee. Ollie?" "Thanks Ollie"
  12. Genuine barn find m9. Aha, but what are those? Yes, proper rectangular mirrors rather than the M3 replica mirrors. I picked these up on Thursday, fitted them yesterday when they were still Boston Green, then painted the caps today: Just a few coats of generic gloss black, plus a few coats of lacquer. Sorted. These even work properly on the switch and everything. My acreage of mirror glass has basically doubled with these. The M3 replica mirrors were actually electric but the wiring didn't have plugs on the end, and were instead shoved down the back of the door cards. I shake my head at whoever did that. The less said about the self tappers holding them on, the better. Land Rover things also occurred today. It fired up and drove under its own power for the first time in about 30 years. Once it was running it was properly quiet, and on restarting the second time took all of half a crank of starter to fire. It got reversed all the way to the back of the shed, and we spent the afternoon drilling rivets out of the rear tub. Look, video proof of it running!
  13. Was it going to be a thread about short-term memory loss?
  14. Spent a few hours at the brothers touring's unit yesterday evening, along with a few other Scotoshiters. We managed to bring the lighter socket in the 323 back to life. It wasn't the wiring. The socket itself was absolutely minging, so the centre pin wasn't making contact. Some scraping with sandpaper and a small flathead screwdriver saw functionality restored. I'm also picking up a pair of standard mirrors this evening. They've got Boston Green caps on them, but a quick coat of generic gloss black will have them sorted in no time. Part of me is tempted to just fit them, then take the caps off and paint them later, when I have somewhere to do it. The M3 mirrors really are awful. While they may look good to some, the functionality of them leaves something to be desired. While I'm here: BUY MORE TICKETS FOR THE ALFA PLZ. I want to get shot of it and buy something utilitarian.
  15. I can say from personal experience that M3 style mirrors are complete wank for actually seeing anything, though. I'll be picking up a pair of standard mirrors for my E36 this evening.
  16. I'd love to do that. What a holiday! Cruising through beautiful scenery with all the luggage space you'd ever need. Brilliant.
  17. If I had a unit, that's exactly the sort of crap I'd buy and slowly work on getting running again, with something idiotic like a drivetrain out of a Fiesta 1.1, or an XUD.
  18. I take no issue with the engine swap. However, those wheels are criminally terrible.
  19. It's even more ripe than I first suspected! There's something very deadpan about the way you just quietly grab that pick-axe and start bashing holes in things. It gets me laughing every time.
  20. I would suggest looking at the sills, particularly around the rear jacking points.
  21. Hence my (unsuccessful so far) attempt to swap my Alfa for a more ordinary car on here, as trying to buy something else on the open market will be soul destroying.
  22. My mk8 civic was quite pleasant... Until I realised it was rusted to fuck and the clutch hydraulics were dodgy.
  23. I have been half-thinking about getting a wee drone to do some photography. I even studied the CAA regulations around them in my postgrad. I also have the perfect GT car for it now. A tall-geared, straight-6, leather-lined coupe.
  24. It does seem like an LED. One LED. In orange too, not even a white one.
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