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  1. Aye. I used the brothers touring's one a fair few times. I've ordered a 6L one. Ordered it all from a certain hardware chain store a friend works at, so got the 20% staff discount on all it. A significant chunk saved!
  2. I've now ordered some stuff. - low profile trolley jack - extra axle stands - vaccuum oil extractor thingy The first two are so I can get the BMW up in the air for the winter while I chip away at the to-do list. The oil extractor is just a nice thing to have.
  3. That looks amazing! Some small part of me likes the idea of a big wafty diesel auto barge too. As long as it was veg friendly too. I'm not suggesting you do that to this (or am I?)
  4. I've only been at one for a week and a half but I want to leave already. I never wanted to go back into IT at all, TBH.
  5. I should probably do something with this at some point.
  6. Is this cheap enough for @wuvvum ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/335125819643 It's only mildly damaged.
  7. Oh, I know! I've driven series Landys before and their seats are shite! That wooden chair is almost comfy...
  8. We did some Land Rover stuff today. Loosely tried the tub and doors on it. We also drove it. With no bodywork. In late November. I've just been washing mud out from my teeth with a cup of tea. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1162428052119236758/1178002631789121647/VID_20231125_143448.mp4 See if that link works... HERITAGE
  9. Number plate says WAA. Waluigi says WAA.
  10. Surely they just mean that the first owner had it for 52 years, and it was taken to the UK in 1963 which was during those 52 years.
  11. Hell's teeth, didn't know you could get carbs on a disco!
  12. I never got into b3ta... I feel like I missed out.
  13. It's been 20 years! Now I feel old too.
  14. It's an oddly coloured Jelly Belly air freshener. However your explanation is better so we'll go with that.
  15. Winterised. 60+ miles of flat out driving around the muddy back roads of Aberdeenshire and the fuel gauge is only just starting to think about moving. Not bad. EML is permanently on, but was informed about it and provided with an OBD tool to clear it for the MOT. In May! It can wait until then. For now I treat it as a light that tells me there is indeed an engine somewhere nearby.
  16. It is a surprisingly spacious wee car. However, I just got two 205/55/16 tyres on their sides in the Astra's boot, and the parcel shelf is still in place.
  17. Your trademark huge rubber floor mats are still in it too. Bonus! Saves me buying some myself.
  18. The 1.6 TWINPORT picks up nicely at 3k. Good clutch, goes and stops arrow straight. Went round the AWPR at 70* perfectly. Obviously not as fast as the Clio was, but not slow. Zero drama, cheaper road tax, quieter. It's what I need right now. If it lasts until the MOT in May I'll be happy.
  19. Friends don't let friends buy fast Clios.
  20. I should elaborate. On Thursday the Clio decided it couldn't tell whether it was locked or unlocked. Thus, it started putting the hazards on. At random. While driving at speed. The only way to switch them off is to shut the car down completely. They would come back on again within about 30 seconds sometimes. I don't have time for this kind of bullshit. My solution to this can be seen above.
  21. Improvements have happened already. Radio replaced, seat repaired*, windows rainxed and headlights polished. I shall be scouring gumtree for some winter wheels and tyres over the next couple of weeks. Where I live now, chunky winter tyres are almost a necessity.
  22. I fixed* the Clio! I even got some cash my way too.
  23. They went to all that work, then couldn't be arsed to find matching alloys so instead shoved some steelies and trims on there, as if nobody would notice? Probably the most annoying part of it, to me.
  24. How much is that these days? Enough for a round trip to the nearest petrol station if you're careful?
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