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  1. I honestly don't have the faintest idea what's going on right now. I'll just chuck some filler at the bastard, then.
  2. While doing the annual application of rust converter and stonechip to the 316's sill patches... Aha, the wire brush on the angle grinder found a hole. Ah well, it's at the edge of one of the now 5-year old patches. I've got until September to sort it, but may I take this opportunity to express interest in @Tickman's welding tutorial sessions?
  3. I was considering setting up a raffle for £9 per ticket, so...
  4. Hey, there's an idea. Just* bolt the Manta body onto an MX-5 drivetrain / frame.
  5. Well the master cylinder is in the foot well, so that's easier*. The clutch pedal still returns fine, no problems there. It's literally a judder when engaging the clutch from a standstill and only sometimes, and only when it's cold. If I drive around it, I can pull away smoothly. However, compared to the BMW, it's a bit of a twat. With the BMW, for example, I simply bring it up to a fast idle speed and let up the clutch gently, and go. The Saab is a bit more finicky. Alternatively, does anybody want a cheap Saab 9000? Seriously. I don't need two cars, and park
  6. Yes... I've been seeing things about the slave cylinder too. Eek! Admittedly, I've already had the end of the gearbox off to do the gearbox mount and it wasn't that bad. It's only a wee bit more work to take the whole thing out...
  7. I'm trying not to think about replacing the actual clutch! It does feel fine otherwise, no slippage or anything, just the weird judder / inconsistent bite point when cold.
  8. Knowledge about Saab 9000 clutches required! I thought the juddering when pulling away from a standstill was due to the knackered engine / gearbox mounts. Alas, it is not. Essentially, the car judders when pulling away from a standstill unless I do it just right. Once warmed up, the clutch operation smooths out again and all is well. I've done some research and this could be caused by the clutch master cylinder being tired and needing bled, but one person (probably an outlier) said they discovered the gearbox wasn't properly tightened against the bellhousing!
  9. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it! These are both in way nicer condition than my 9000, and they're such good prices!
  10. Thank @320touring for bringing this to my attention, as he was interested in it. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mercedes-benz-250d-diesel-a-saloon-1993-2497-cc-4-doors/1405067005 Good luck getting hold of the seller, though! We both tried!
  11. I found this in the archives... I'm fairly certain it's a friend's i10 automatic.
  12. My tactic, which seems to have worked so far, is to buy the cheapest tyres from a brand I've heard of. Thus, the 316i is on Kumho Ecowings and the Saab is on a set of Avon something or others that turned out to be A-rated for wet grip. Both cars ended up being under £200 per full set.
  13. The reason I've kept my BMW 316i for so long! I thought the road looked familiar. Last time I did that specific section of the A939 was five years ago in that bloody awful Vauxhall Omega I had. I should do it again someday in one of the current pair. I'd like to try a 205 at some point. I really rated the 306s I had... about 10 years ago. Fucking hell, time flies!
  14. An old Mazda pickup truck. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284287936027 Oh, but what's this?
  15. Anybody want a project? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363390785397
  16. Ah yes, structural MOT-spec duct tape. Just like another dark blue slightly rusty shed in the local area.
  17. A selection of photos from an afternoon drive around the Aberdeenshire coast: When leaving Fraserburgh harbour I got a couple of big smiles and thumbs ups from a couple of lads also there for a photo op, in their heavily modified JDM saloons. Looked like a Toyota Chaser and something else I couldn't identify as I passed. The exhaust is blowing a wee bit, again... from somewhere around the middle / rear it seems. Probably one of the joins on that new mid section needs nipped up again. I find myself wondering if I need to change the coolant (I probably do anyway)
  18. Even worse, it's a C3 Picasso! They're noticeably smaller than a Xsara Picasso.
  19. It's not even a Mazda, it's a Smart Forfour.
  20. Most of the gap was waiting for the centre and rear sections of exhaust to arrive from ebay. They seemingly arrived yesterday and got fitted straight away. I think everything else had been done already, and it was just waiting on the exhaust.
  21. I've never seen one in that colour before! The interior is also lovely.
  22. Hey look, the end of a Saab 9000 gearbox. Undo some bolts... Replace the gearbox bush with a powerflex item... Then take a beauty shot. It drives a lot better now. No slop in the drivetrain, and a reassuring vibration on idle. I should probably clarify. It really needed it. I could feel the whole engine and gearbox wobbling around on gearchanges or sharply lifting off the throttle. The powerflex mount was chosen due to its cheapness, availability, and the fact that it can be fitted by hand without the need for a press.
  23. I owned an ungrateful Audi A4 that I hated for 2 years because I felt tied in due to the amount of money I pissed up the wall on it. It was constantly going wrong, and eventually I sold it for a massive loss. Essentially I paid about £1,200 for it in 2014, spent more than its purchase price again on various things then sold it for £900. I was glad to see it go. My biggest regret in that whole Audi A4 saga was selling its predecessor; a Peugeot 306 estate HDi with a stage 1 map. It had comfort, handling, performance and economy, plus it was far more reliable than the Audi ever was!
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